History of Vickers Viscount c/n 374, by Gil White

VH-TVN C/n 374

Manufactured by Vickers-Armstrong (Aircraft) Limited at Hurn in the United Kingdom. Aircraft flew its inaugural flight on 2/7/1958. Purchased new by Trans Australia Airlines and registered VH-TVN to Australian National Airlines Commission on 8/7/1958. Arrived at Essendon after the delivery flight on 18/7/1958. Crew for the delivery flight were Captains C H Gray, R L Roberts, Navigator M Ostwald and Radio Operator D Dunn. Whilst in service with the company aircraft was named 'William Dampier'.

Its first revenue earning service with the company was flown on 23/7/1958. The last revenue earning flight was flown on 9/10/1968 when it was withdrawn from service and placed in storage at Port Hedland to await its fate.

This Type 700 series of Viscount was the only one of its type to be sold overseas as all the other Type 700s were scrapped at various locations around Australia. Sold to Botswana National Airways on 21/3/1969 and reregistered A2-ZEL. Struck off the Australian civil register on 3/4/1969.

Sold to Overseas Holidays & Aircraft Hire (Pty) in January 1972 and reregistered VP-YNI. Resold to Air Rhodesia on 13/2/1972. Whilst in service with the company aircraft was named 'Sabie'. In February 1980 company was renamed Air Zimbabwe. During October 1983 aircraft was reregistered Z-YNI to the company.

In July 1984 aircraft was withdrawn from service with the company and placed in storage at Harare International Airport. Later donated to the Harare Airport Fire Service as a training aid.

Final fate of aircraft has not been ascertained.

© Gil White

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