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Aeroflot Russian International Airlines
Photos © R.Leeuw

Tu-134A RA-65717
This sleek Tupolev Tu-134A-3 RA-65717 (c/n 63657) shows the first colourscheme I witnessed at Amsterdam IAP (1996)

RA-85634 Tu-154M
Tupolev Tu-154M RA-85634 (c/n 763) has just landed at runway 06 at Amsterdam's Schiphol IAP (1996).

RA-85661 Tu-154M
Tupolev Tu-154M RA-85661 (c/n 811) is gaining speed for take off on runway 24 at Amsterdam IAP (1998).
The colourscheme on the tailsection has seen a subtle revision.

737-4M0 VP-BAM
Aargghh... not a good day when Aeroflot began introducing Boeings and this dreadful colourscheme !
(SPL Feb.2001)
Due to high import taxes in Russia (to discourage import) these 737s were kept on the Bermuda register as shown here by 737-4Y0 VP-BAM (c/n 29205/3056)

During March 2003 Aeroflot introduced this new colourscheme, which I quite like !
Unfortunately aircraft produced by the Russian industry had become quite rare at Amsterdam by this time, so better get used to types such as this Airbus A320-214 VP-BWD (c/n 2116) on Aeroflot's services.
Amsterdam IAP 08Jun04.

The typical Russian symbols have remained, very good !

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