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El Al Israel Airlines

Photos © R.Leeuw

4X-EBR 757-258 24254/185 SPL apr99

By 1999 El Al began to introduce in a low pace the new colorscheme; it is indeed very different and may take a bit getting used to.

4X-EAA 767-258 (22972/62) SPL 13Aug02

(c) Ruud Leeuw

4X-AXK Boeing 747-245F(SCD) (msn 22151/478) was not able to brake on time and skidded over the end of runway 01L on 08Feb99 at Amsterdam's airport Schiphol; the aircraft was repaired in a matter of weeks.

El Al also operates a fleet of Boeing 747 freighters, but these are often without any form of colourscheme and sometimes even have to do without the "Cargo"-titles.

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