Changed Airline Liveries

Southwest Airlines

N306SW Boeing 737-3H4 (c/n 22946/1148) while being pushed from the gate on its departure from Seattle (SEA) on 12Aug03.
Southwest is the most successful low-cost operator for a long time now and many (European) companies tried to follow in SWA's footsteps, some with more success than others. This colourscheme was worn while the company grew to a tremendous size.

N402WN Boeing 737-7H4 (29814/811), on finals into Seattle's Sea-Tac Int'l Airport on 12Aug03. The blue livery was introduced during 2001.

N609SW Boeing 737-3H4 (27929/2744) SEA 12Aug03

SWA was never shy of painting some of their aircraft in special colours, mainly in dedication to certain US States. This one is in Californian flag livery: "California One".

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