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Transavia Airlines

Photos © R.Leeuw

(c) R. Leeuw

The early generation 737s with Transavia ! Boeing 737-222 (19955/210) is seen here at Amsterdam-Schiphol on a sunny day in 1984, one of my earliest civil aviation photos.

(c) R.Leeuw

The fact that in the background another Transavia has the old colorscheme, I assume that the changeover took part in 1995. As 737-3L9 PH-TSW (24219/1600) was photographed by me at Transavia's homebase, Amsterdam Int'l Airport Schiphol, in July 1995.

When BasiqAir ceased to exist early 2005 (integrated into Transavia), there did not seem to be a plan for a new colourscheme.
True to their new identity as a "no-frills"-airline, Transavia saw this livery appear in its fleet: all white with titles.
Boeing 737-7K2 PH-XRE (c/n 30668/1482) is seen here taking off from Amsterdam in April 2005.


By December 2005 Transavia published the new name of the company: In itself not a big surprise as this name had been written on most of their stark white airplanes all year, but a brand new colourscheme was introduced that same month as well.
Boeing 737-7K2 PH-XRA (c/n 30784/873) is seen here taking off from Amsterdam IAP on 14Jan06.

PH-HZL 14Jan06
The new colourscheme coincided with a fleet wide program to fit winglets on all of Transavia's 737-700s and -800s.
Those winglets certainly add a fast style to the aircraft.
PH-HZL is a Boeing 737-8K2 with c/n 30391/814, photographed on 14Jan06.

PH-XRV (c) R.Leeuw
PH-XRV (c/n 34170/1701) is a Boeing 737-7K2 and looks good with those winglets.

Transavia, changed livery, 2015
An early departure from Amsterdam IAP brought me the opportunity to register the changed
livery, introduced in 2015. Photo taken in july 2015.

Frits Klinkhamer sent me this photo of Reims/Cessna F.150K PH-KAV (c/n 0569)
(Hilversum,NL early-1970s)

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