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Trans World Airlines (TWA)

Photos © R.Leeuw
Tristar N31023 TWA (c) Ruud Leeuw
Lockheed L.1011-385-1 TriStar 50 (converted TriStar 1) N31023 (c/n 193B-1080) seen at Amsterdam in the early 1990s.

Originally founded on Oct. 1st 1930 as Transcontinental and Western Air, it was one of the major airlines in the United States right from the start (together with American Airlines and United Airlines). Unfortunately, TWA is no more. A short history is written on my page: TWA

767 N610TW TWA (c) Ruud Leeuw
Boeing 767-231(ER) N610TW (c/n 22573/70) on final approach

Although I started taking photos from airliners late in the 1990s, after a few hesitant tries earlier on, I have never seen a colour scheme other than this one and the new one. And I have been working in civil aviation since 1979. Email me if you know when this colourscheme was introduced, early 1970s ?!

MD-82 N921TW TWA (c) R. Leeuw
MD-82 N921TW (c/n 49101/1051) in the new colourscheme at Miami,FL in 1999.

In 1995 this new colour scheme was introduced, but the fleet was not fully redecorated when American Airlines stepped in to take over in 2001.

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