Changed Airline Liveries

Virgin Express

Virgin Express started its operations from Brussels,Belgium in 1996. It rose from the ashes of EuroBelgium, through an initiative and investment of the Virgin Group (UK).

OO-VEX (c) R.Leeuw
Boeing 737-36N OO-VEX (c/n 28670/2948) at Amsterdam IAP on 25Jan05.

When Virgin started Virgin Blue in Australia (on 31 Aug. 2000), the colourscheme must have inspired Virgin Express in adapting their version; by late 2002 or early 2003 the new colourscheme was introduced on the Belgian 737s.

OO-VEP (c) R.Leeuw
Boeing 737-43Q OO-VEP (c/n 28489/2827) at Amsterdam IAP taking off on runway 36L ( 01Nov04).

In 2004 the news was published that SN Brussels and Virgin Express would merge to SN Airholding; Virgin Express operated under their own identity for the next 2 years (Virgin has 11 aicraft, SN has 38; the former targeted the low-cost passenger marker, while the latter aimed for the more traditional passenger).
In 2007 both airlines merged into the new company: Brussels Airlines.

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