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DC-6 in a disco in Punta Cana This Douglas DC-6B, or what is left of it, survives in a disco in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
Christian Amado allowed me the use of this photo here, for a larger photo go to
HI-474CT (cn 43529) is Ex TRADO/Trans Dominican Airways and was transferred from Santo Domingo in 1994 and has been put in the limelight in Disco DC6 in the Hotel Iberostar Dominicana (Punta Cana).

This Fairchild C-123 Provider has found a home in Costa Rica, at hotel Costa Verde

Click here for external link Photo © Jesus Vazquez Basilio - click on photo for a link to larger size image on Published with permission.
Caption: XPT-1-06 This airplane this located in the park Tangamanga I of San Luis Potosi

Alfonso Flores wrote (apr.2006): "This airplane was impounded in early 1980s near San Luis Potosi, it transported contraband. Then it was donated to Tangamanga Park. Unfortunately I can´t identify it because no c/n reference is available and the cockpit area its closed; possibly the plate may survived remain there.".
It has been suggested this is (but not confirmed) msn 2220.

See also my page Plane Mysteries in Mexico, which has this DC-3 in two other liveries!

click here Michael Prophet supplied this photo of a NAMC YS-11 (published with permission), taken in Aug.2004

Michael wrote: "P4-YSA (c/n 2131) can be found on the island of Curacao, on the other side of the island from where the airport is, at Super Club Breezes, restaurant/bar (road: Koraalspechtweg) and it may look different now (with an exotic coat of paint)."

P4-YSA on

Arjen Burgart sent me a photo taken in June 2010, which shows a bit of paint and titles added. See Photos by Friends and Guests (25).

Stef Slavujevic sent me this image in July 2011 (no date to the photo though):
P4-YSA YS-11 Restautant (closed) @Curacao
Stef wrote: "the restaurant has been closed a long time and the property is for sale".

Paul Koopman took these photos on 06Sep14:
YS-11 at Curacao, former restaurant
The small insert is a photo by Ton de Haan, for comparison; you will find one in much larger size at
Ravaged innard of YS-11 former restaurant at Curacao

YS-11 'Air Curacao', former restaurant
YS-11 'Air Curacao', former restaurant. To think people wined-and-dined here!

RP-C1420 by Dirk Septer
Dirk Septer photographed this NAMC YS-11 PJ-WIK (c/n 2025) early 2007.
It is part of a restaurant at St.Maarten (Dutch Antilles); my records showed the name as Restaurant Air Lekkerbek (a fried fish, battered & fried cod, I think). Dirk enjoyed the 'special': bami goreng, his (and many others', I am sure!) favourite Indonesian food.
Dirk Septer has more photos by him, on Dirk's pages on this website.

Aad van der Voet supplied me with more historical details of this grounded bird:
"This YS-11 carried tailnumber RP-C1420 from 1977 to 1985, but was reregistered N107MP and later again to PJ-WIK. With that last identification it arrived at St.Maarten (for Winair - Windward Island Airways)."
I also found that c/n 2025 was originally delivered to All Nippon Airways, as JA8661 on 29Jul66, before it went to Philippine Airlines as RP-C1420 in 1977. [Turbo Prop Airliner Production List, TAHS 2003]

Matthew Anderson sent this photo, made by his friend Janet (2009):
YS-11 Air Lekkerbek - St Maarten
Matthew wrote:
"I saw this aircraft on the side of the road, when I got off the 'Carnival Miracle' cruise ship in St Maarten. It was a cloudy day, and I was touring St. Maarten with some friends of mine, on our way to Princess Juliana Int'l Airport in attempt to see some low flying aircraft.
We came across this plane in Heineken colors. On the way back my friend, Janet, managed to snap a good photograph in the rain (!) of it.
I never thought I would see an old turboprop with my own eyes!
I could just imagine what it would look like with the wings still attached, and the Rolls Royce Dart engines hanging off the wings. I wondered about the aircraft until I came across your website."

Rolf Keller brought me up to date with these images. The exif data shows the date as 27Jan2015.
YS-11 Air Lekkerbek - St Maarten restaurant
The 'Heineken' brand has been removed, so much is clear.

"Welcome to Philipsburg, St.Maarten"
YS-11 Air Lekkerbek - St Maarten restaurant

YS-11 Air Lekkerbek - St Maarten restaurant
Rolf wrote: "Air Lekkerbek, it still exists! Even seems to have got a new paint some time. We couldn't visit the restaurant itself, as it was not open during the hours we passed by, but the lot does not seem to be abandoned."
Perhaps under new ownership???

Another image, dated 23Feb15, was sent to me by Phil Brooks (also reporting the establishment appeared closed). See Photos by Friends & Guests (42)

Dirk Septer wrote in March 2015: "the fuselage has been repainted at least twice since 2007; it is open and that on several occasions I've had some of the best Bami Goreng, Krupuk and the works there. And yes, they also serve Heineken!"

In Oct.2016 Dirk sent me another update:
YS-11 Air Lekkerbek at St Maarten

Dirk wrote me in Oct.2016, about this last visit:
"Here are a few shots of NAMC YS-11 c/n 2025, built 1966. Ex WinAir PJ-WIK at Philipsburg, St. Maarten taken on 14Apr2013 (top) and 28Sep2016, respectively.
The most recent one does not show any Heineken advertisements any more. Also the welcome sign is different.
I'm not sure whether the restaurant is still open. I wanted to stop by for some bami goreng and a Heineken, but found the door locked.
They show both different paint schemes than my first picture taken in 2007 and the Dec2009 one taken by Matthew Anderson's girlfriend."

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Michael Prophet photographed this B-25J Mitchell bomber in March 2006 and provided the follwoig information: FAB542, static display since 1983, ex Fuerza Aerea Boliviano; parked on Plaza Cap W Arce, Cochabamba,Bolivia. Photos © Michael S. Prophet.

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This is truly one that could be overlooked but is worth the detour: Convair T-29 / C-131, ex CP-1356 Frigorifico Reyes (c/n 329). This aircraft is now used as a children's library; it is parked on Ave 6 de Agosto, Cochabamba,Bolivia. Photos © M.S.Prophet (March 2006).

Pop Art DC-3 in Brasil This photo was published on, taken on 25Sep06 and offers the following information:
DC-3 / C-47 Romero Britto
Pátio da AESO
Peixinhos, Olinda, Pernambuco, Brasil

A.Avrane of ATDB (online database) offered the following info:
"ATDB shows this as PT-BFU, an original DC-3 (not C-47). Was painted as such in mid-2001."

Vito Alexandre Cedrini took it from here: "This is a true DC-3, to be exact a DC-3-277C (c/n 2248), note the right hand door!
Originally operated by American Airlines as NC15592, it was used by several operators in Brazil (among them Willys Overland and Ford do Brasil / Ford Motor Company) as an Executive DC-3; last registration was PT-BFU.
It was the only Brazilian registered DC-3 which had a semi-enclosed undercarriage.
Would be better if it could be preserved inside a Museum, as out in the open who knows how long it will survive..."

Charlie Pyles shed a different light on the above DC-3 once being NC15592:
"Although possible, I doubt NC15592 on your web site is the original. Photos were donated to our museum by Cyril Ketterer after he died."
DC-3 NC15592

Note the passengerdoor on this side, the righthand side.

Charlie Pyles
Cincinnati Aviation Heritage Society & Museum

Seems it was rebuild after all (at time of accident there wasn't yet a susplus of DC-3 airliners); this email exchange was done on Air-Britain's ABIX forum:

Hello Ruud,
Googling NC 15592 I found this on\

August 1941 1121

Aircraft accidents. Report of Civil Aeronautics Board of investigation of acci-
dent involving civil aircraft of United States NC 15592, which occurred near
Cincinnati, Ohio, Mar. 10, 1941; docket no. SA-34, adopted July 16, 1941.
[1941.] [1] +27+ [3] p. 1 pi. 4° [Processed.] t C 31.213:049

Also according to the 1984 A-B DC-3 bible this aircraft was with American until

with best regards,
Pétur P. Johnson


According to the CAB accident report, the wreck was indeed moved to American's
hangar. It also says "At the termination of the hearing on March 20, 1941, the
aircraft was released to American".

I can email the full report to you if you want it.


Aad van der Voet (AB #19394)


Thank you for completing the circle. Do not need the accident report; and, as Petur noted previously c/n 2248 served with American for a further eight years.
John M. Davis

Vito Cedrini sent some images of PT-BFU from his archives, see Photos by Friends & Guests (25)

PT-BFU came up on my Q&A-page, in Feb.2016, when looking for identities of DC-3 remaining at Forteleza; PT-BFU at on time was such a resident, but was obviously dismissed as per the above. I copy some of the information as it includes a fairly recent sighting:
"PT-BFU cn2248 was also stored at Fortaleza, since about 1983. Last noted there in Dec1991, with its wings separate. About a year later it was moved to Paulista in Pernambuco, Brazil, to be used as an eyecatcher outside a bar/restaurant. In 2001 it moved to nearby Olinda, where it went on display in a parking lot, painted in a special scheme by artist Romero Britto. It was still there in those colours by 2015."

PP-YPU at Canarana
PP-YPU monument CooperCol
Photos of C-47A PP-YPU at Canarana,Brasil; courtesy Jones Cesar Dalazen.
For information see my page Photos by Friends & Guests, page 12

Vickers Viscount off-airport PP-SRJ This image by André Bonacin was published on, which links images to locations on Google Earth.

Details of this photo are listed as Cine Avião JK (Vickers Viscount 701 - PP-SRJ, c/n 15) - Araçariguama, SP, Brasil.


Klaus Hoppe sent me this photo of airliner-turned-restaurant:
YS-11 PP-CTI in use as restaurant, pizzaria

Klaus wrote me the following in March 2011:
" Here is a photo I took in July 2007, driving the BR101 highway, just around Porto Bello in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil.
Unfortunately the place was closed, so I have no more information to pass on, neither do I know for sure type of aircraft or which historic airline now serves pizza…
Their home site certainly disregards the special premises."
Klaus Hoppe
Jureré, Brasil

I found the following information, and here is more on
NAMC YS-11 PP-CTI c/n 2080. In use as restaurant 'Pizzaria Aviao'. Ex/ Cruzeiro aircraft.


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