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Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
North American B-25N Mitchell bomber seen arriving. It is officially registered as PH-XXV and has markings '232511' and 'N5-149' as well as 'Sarinah' on it (see more of this bottom page). Its construction number (c/n) is 108-32782. It flew in less than 40 minutes from its home base at Gilze Rijen AB and it was indeed a very nice gesture that it ran up its Wright R-2600 radial engines before completely shutting down.

Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
This Mitchell bomber is being operated by the 'Stichting Koninklijke Luchtmacht Historische Vlucht'.
Read more on the SKHV, in English: Royal Netherlands Air Force Historical Flight.

Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
North American AT-6A Texan N13FY '16544 - FY'; c/n 78-6922, manufactured in 1941.
When I googled I found in 2012 it was flown by owner Hanno Wesdorp, so he could be up front there.
'FY' seems to be based in Hilversum. Must be real nice to do air-to-air photography from this plane!

Before the Aviodrome was taken over by the present owners, its target was to become a museum with a lot of flying airplanes; alas, this target was never really met.
First the Lockheed Constellation was cut short for various reasons and the Fokker F.27 acquired in -and flown from- Australia could not be kept in the air.
The Dutch aviation authorities are of no help either, their lack of cooperation is very obvious esspecially if one compares their attitude with other EU countries.
Anyway, the global economic crisis for the past six years almost meant the end of this museum, when KLM cut its support short, limiting it to the DDA DC-3 sporting KLM vintage livery. This also meant the unwinding of the young merger of the Aviodrome and the DDA.

The new owner of the Aviodrome seems to have put new life in the museum and the amount of people visiting this day was certainly very promising. But it does mean that in general this museum caters rather more for family with kids and the hard core aviation enthusiasts have to hope for events such on this weekend, with much of the flying done by participating parties, e.g. the B-25 Mitchell, Catalina PH-PBY and privat owners of such aircraft as the AT-6A Texan and the Yak-5.
Well, if that means this museum lives on than that is good enough for me!

Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
deHavilland U-6A Beaver S-9 (c/n 965, manufactured in 1955), also operated by the SKHV.

Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
This is how you park an aircraft of this size! But no mistake: it is treated with utmost care!

Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014

Information from the SKHV website:

In 1947, the Canadian branch  of de Havilland developed an all-metal, high-wing monoplane with semi-cantilever wings, which was especially suited for the Canadian “bush” area, where it was often necessary to operate from small and rather bumpy fields. The Beaver, therefore, is a sturdy machine that can take off from small airfields and likewise needs only a limited landing-run. The prototype made its maiden flight on 16Aug1947.

In the Netherlands the Beaver was assigned, at Valkenburg at the end of 1956, to 334 (Transport) Squadron, which subsequently moved to Ypenburg. In 1966 the Beavers were transferred to 300 Squadron at Deelen, which formed part of the Light Aircraft Group (GPLV).The planes were used for a variety of tasks, such as transport missions, liaison flights and the like. When, in winter-time, the Wadden islands were isolated, the Air Force Beavers took care of the daily mail- and passenger communications with the mainland, just as the Austers had donepreviously! During very severe winters the aircraft were also used to feed birds trapped in the ice that were not able to feed themselves.

The Beaver can also be adapted for carrying sick or injured people; sufficient room for two stretchers is available. The Beaver was occasionally used for dropping paratroopers.

Note: the 334 Transport Squadron celebrates its 70th anniversary this year!


Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
Well, while a highly welcome guest here, it is a sad tale that needs to be told. This Yakovlev Yak-3U F-AZZK (c/n 003) did not fly in, it merely taxied from its hangar to the Aviodrome ramp, because it has been grounded by these infuriatingly obstructive Dutch civil aviation authorities! In other EU countries it would be welcome, but Dutch civil aviation authorities refuse to issue a Certificate and so it cannot fly! It is based here at Lelystad (EHLE) and I hope the owner, 'Yak Association' / Rian Holding BV, can settle this exasperating dispute with the hindering Dutch CAA.

Upon my visit to the 2015 Aviation Fair here at the Aviodrome (see report further below) I learned that this
Yak-3U was disassembled and trucked to Belgium, to Antwerp. Thanks but no thanks to those Dutch burocrats!


Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
North American P-51D Mustang '413578' / 'Trusty Rusty'. Restoration by 'Stichting Vroege Vogels' of this WW2 fighter started in Dec.2004 and on 17Nov2010 resulted in a successful engine testrun. While their website has a detailed history, here are some hightlights: USAAF military career 1945 - 1957, registered N5438V; various US owners, to FA Salvadorena Air Force as FAS 410 in 1969; returned (presumed identity 44-11353) to the US 1974 (at first N132, later N100DD), restored by Dave Clinton & Don Anderson; 1980s named 'Tipsy Too' and used in air races ('28'); tailnumber N345 for Gary R. Levitz 1984-1994; aug. 1988-1994 N6395 for Shelly R. Levitz; 1995 shipped from Kissimmee,FL to Lelystad, stored.


Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
The restoration of this Noorduyn Norseman came a long way, but seems to have been discontinued for now.
In 2010 this C-64 Norseman 44-70509 was owned by 'Stichting (Foundation) Norseman' and being worked
on by Roland van Haarlem and a team of volunteers.
After the take over by Libéma groep no work seems to have been done on this Norseman Mk.V N4474.

Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
The less obvious sides of the DC-4 as well as the 747 tail (for obvious reasons) haven't been cleaned for a while.
The Dutch climate doesn't help much, it is often wet here. And cleaning such high surfaces is arduous work and no picnic.

Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
Haven't yet seen it fly but it is the first time I saw it outside: it hung for years on the ceiling in the exhibition area
of the Aviodrome and later it changed places with the Auster and restoration work started on the Piper Cub.
On 21Mar09 it was restored to airworthiness. This Piper Cub was built in 1940, delivered on July 09th and mainly used
as a trainer. Its last flight before preservation was made in march 1988, in Californië. Its present tailnumber is N16623.
To start the engine takes a little work as it isn't equipped with an electric starter: you have to swing the prop!

Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014


Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
The titles 'PME Legend - American Classic' titles have been removed and a 'family friendly' advertisement for
an upcoming film has replaced it. Both Reims F172M planes did a brisk business performing scenic flights.

Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
Bit of a sad sight this Grumman Tracker, but there isn't enough parking space in the hangars.

Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
Douglas DC-2 'PH-AJU' remains firmly put in the hangar; you will find its history on the other webpages I
have dedicated to visits to the Aviodrome. Pity its flights have been reduced to a rather rare event.

DDA Classic Airlines owns the Douglas DC-2 seen stored in the back; far from airworthy...
This airframe, with constructionnumber 1288, was built in 1934 and was delivered in October of the same year to Eastern Airways as NC13738.
During WW2 she was mobilized by the US government and in 1941 transferred to the Australian Air Force, as A30-14 with radio callsign VH-CRH. From 13Oct1943 to 15Feb1944 the Airforce lent her to Australian National Airways.
After her return to the RAAF, they withdrew her from use on 20Jan1947.
In November that same year the company Macair acquired the airplane and her radiocallsign became her new registration, VH-CRH. Eight months later Macair sold VH-CRH to S.D. Marshall.
With time she flew less and less and eventually she was stored as an unairworthy airframe.
In the fall of 1987 DDA Classic Airlines bought this DC-2.
With the help of NedLloyd and the Royal Dutch Navy this sistership of the famous DC-3 'Uiver' was transported to the Netherlands and stored in the hangar of the DDA at Amsterdam's Schiphol IAP.
After a study into the possibility of restoring her to airworthy conditions this was deemed impossible.
Hence at this time she is still stored, in the T-2 Hangar of the Aviodrome Museum. 

UPDATE June 2018:
This Douglas DC-2 fuselage was acquired by the DDA when still at Schiphol, later it moved to the Aviodrome here in Lelystad for storage. Then claimed by its rightful owner Anne Cor Groeneveld (ex boss of DDA) and moved to Eindhoven Air Base for safekeeping.
On 31May2018 it was moved by road to Nieuw Vennep,NL for display in the newly established Nederlands Transport Museum. A donation by the same Mr Groeneveld, I am told.
After some work the Museum is hopeful to offer the new airplane on display by the end of the summer. But was seeking donations to complete the work...

For further updates see my page on the NATIONAAL TRANSPORT MUSEUM (NL).


Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014

The Spijker V.2 (sometimes anglicized to Spyker V.2 or Spyker-Trompenburg V.2) was a low powered, tandem seat biplane designed and built for the Dutch government for pilot training towards the end of World War I. More than seventy were built.
The Spyker V.2 was the only aeroplane of Dutch design built in numbers during WWI. When the Dutch Aviation Dept. found they needed in 1917 a new flight trainer, they turned to Trompenburg, who had previously assembled various types of aircraft designed by (e.g.) Farman and Nieuport.
The Trompenburg-Spyker V.2 was a convential biplane, seating two with dual controls. The engine was a Thulin A delivering 80hp, which had been bought in Sweden (also declared neutral from the ongoing war). A replica is being built here.

In 2018 I stood in awe of the finished product: my march 2018 visit

Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014

Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014

Fokker D.VII (Replica) with registration '256' and named 'Fiets van Messel'. Herman Dekker's website provided the following information (translation by webmaster):
08Aug2005 registration PH-LVA reserved by 'Stichting Vroege Vogels' of Lelystad. But cancelled by IVW (Dutch CAA) 13Jul07.
Fuselage acquired in 1998 in the US and completed here in the Netherlands. Taxi trials were performed and '256' applied to the aircraft:
Registered again as PH-LVA Fokker D.VII (Replica) 7761 on 18Aug2011 for 'Stichting Vroege Vogels, Lelystad'.
Name 'Fiets van Messel' also applied, the aircraft has been painted in the colourscheme of the Dutch LVA:
Only on the request for Certificate of Airworthiness a constructionnumber was mentioned: 7761

Gerson 'Fiets' van Messel was an aviation pioneer in the Netherlands. On 15aug1999 he flew in the DC-2 acquired by the Aviodrome on the last leg of the ferry flight from South Carolina to the Netherlands. He died 24jan2000, aged 97. There is an award in his name.


Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
Lambach H.L.2 (replica)


Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014

After WW2 the Royal Netherlands Air Force acquired from the RAF 150 Harvard IIB and another 20 for spares; they would serve training facilities (VVO- Voortgezette Vlieg Opleiding) for the 'Leger Luchtmacht Nederland', as the 'Koninklijke Luchtmacht' was known then.
These Harvards replaced the deHavilland Tiger Moth.
Compare the above yellow Harvard with the blue 'FY' previously: note the wheel covers missing on the Dutch Harvard here.
This particular Harvard, FT228, started service with the VVO in july 1947 and based at Woensdrecht, registered B-73. This tailnumber was not found on the aircraft, but after removal of the yellow paint the original war serial FT228 was discovered.
In 1951 it was transferred to the Luchtmacht Electronische School (LETS) in Deelden, for educational purposes. In 1952 it was handed over to the TU Delft, for gravity tests and for this it remained whole and complete.
In 1983 the TU Delft handed this Harvard as a gift to the Aviodome at Schiphol IAP, where the name 'Cathy' was applied, in honour of Catherine O' Brien; she was a female aviation engineer as well as an aviator, who tragically got killed in an aircrash in England.
In 2003 it was part of the move to Lelystad and newly named Aviodrome and has again joined the exhibition.

See my March 2018 report for the '100 JAAR M.L.D.' exposition and note the change of livery.

Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
PH-TCB, details on its history can be found on my 2003 report.

Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
Quite a number of classic cars have been added since my last visit; the owner of the Aviodrome has
car museums in its portfolio as well so it is merely a redistribution of wealth!

Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
Fokker F.VII H-NADP of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.
The one on the right is another restoration project seemingly on hold; this is a Fokker S.IV trainer
and I wrote something on this Fokker S.IV in 2009.

Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
This Fokker F.2 replica ('H-NABC') was built for Fokker's jubileum in 1989. Wings and engines were attached at a later date, finished by 2001. The F.2 was Fokker's first airliner, 1918-19 and KLM was one of the
operators of this aircraft. The car has not been recemtly added as I have it on my 2007 page.

See my 2015 update further down this page, for the positive change on this display.


Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
This scene always brings me back to when I devoured the books of Biggles!


Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014

Transported over water from the ROC (the ROC van Amsterdam, the educations center of Amsterdam Airport; students can study Aviation, Travel and Tourism there) to the Aviodrome in 2010. Libéma, the owner of the Aviodrome, was
caught in a dispute about the propellors as they had been put up for inspection and who was going to pay the bill?
Not sure how that ended, probably just put back on as it won't ever fly and most likely not even have its
engines run. Grumman Tracker 151 has been previously used by KLM 'Technische Opleiding'.

Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
Fokker PH-FHF (c/n 10105) still looks great in NLM colours, but the Fokker Heritage Flight F.27 has been grounded for far too long. For more of its history see my page on VH-NLS

Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
Fokker 50 U-05 of 334 Transport Squadron (KLu) celebrates its 70th anniversary and joined the festivities.

Part of the KLu VIP fleet consisted of 2 Fokker 50 aircraft. Both aircraft entered service in 1996 and were operated by 334 squadron out of Eindhoven Air Base.
Lockheed Hercules aircraft, DC-10 jets, 4 Fokker 60s and these 2 F.50s replaced 3 Fokker F-27-100 Friendships and 9 F-27 300M Troopships which had a long career with the KLu.
Both Fokker 50 aircraft were equiped with communication, navigation and identification equipment. F.50 U-05 allowed accommodation of 25 passengers, its sistership U-06 could accommodate 30 pax.
Fokker F.27  c/n 20253 flew first on 18May1992.
U-05 is named after Fons Aler, one of the architects of the postwar Dutch Air Force.
While still complete in its Koninklijke Luchtmacht (KLu) livery, it has been up for withdrawal since 2010, same as U-06. Both were officially retired on 08Aug2012 and stored at Lelystad, awaiting sale. I did not see the U-06 during my visit.



Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina PH-PBY (c/n 300) prepares for departure.
A whiff of smoke rises over no.2 engine upon start up, a normal thing for piston engines and always a nice sight.

Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014

Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014

Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014

Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
A detailed report on its history can be read on my website HERE..

UPDATE (may 2017)): The Dutch Catalina Club had a bad start for the 2017 season!
The first flight, about an hour long on 20Apr17, proceeded uneventful. Then on the 2nd flight that day abnormal vibrations were observed on the starboard engine and an immediate landing was made.
A check found a cracked cylinder and an oil filter was saturated with metal parts: they were in for a complete engine change!
It remained grounded for almost a year and brought expensive repairs; it led to the decision in 2018 to end the activities of 'Stichting Exploitatie Catalina'by 01Oct2018 and put the Catalina up for sale...



Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
The B-25 Mitchell with WW2 period markings; that type of humor would be frowned upon these days!

Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
The re-enactors added to the fun and festivities here!

Aviodrome Fly In: Planes & Trucks aug.2014
Erling Brom provided for the running commentary as usual and indeed with his usual eloquence, but this time he also had to deal with the elements when the wind tore away his tent cover!




A chance to stock up on aviation books, memorabilia, dvd's, photographs and many more.
And of course to meet up with fellow minded enthusiasts, some familiar faces and introduction to new ones!

Aviodrome aviation fair 2015
Plenty on offer here, be it dvd's, books, photographs, etc. Everything on aviation

Aviodrome aviation fair 2015

Aviodrome aviation fair 2015

Aviodrome aviation fair 2015
Talked a bit with this sympathetic couple, they were not disappointed in interest of their goods on display.
There was indeed a good crowd here in the museum, families with their kids escaping the miserable weather
and plenty of people sorting the goods on display on these tables. Glad I went too, if not for talking to people.

Aviodrome aviation fair 2015
An astounding amount of aviation kits on offer today.

Aviodrome aviation fair 2015
The magnificent Lockheed Constellation (the 'Dutch Connie') creates a very fine background here.
Plenty of planes and helicopters allow entry here in the Aviodrome.

Aviodrome aviation fair 2015
A very appealing setting for such a fair.

Aviodrome aviation fair 2015

Aviodrome aviation fair 2015
There were presentations here too. Here a helicopter pilot talks about flying helicopters and
his tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Aviodrome aviation fair 2015
Since 2011 this museum is 'under new management'. The big change was much more focus on families with
kids than aviation enthusiasts. Less depending on sponsors (e.g. KLM, who stepped in but when the economy
went down they pulled the plus: Royal Dutch = Royal Pain), more focus on a regular flow of museum visitors.
Now we see various places and opportunities for kids to loose their excess energy; so families stay around
longer, spend money probably and at least make it more enjoyable for the young ones.

Aviodrome aviation fair 2015

Aviodrome aviation fair 2015

Aviodrome aviation fair 2015
Getting the feel of steering a plane up & down, left & right.

Aviodrome aviation fair 2015
The first time I noticed this ATC display. Each time I visit the Aviodrome I notice something new.

Aviodrome aviation fair 2015
Fokker F.VIIa H-NADP

Aviodrome aviation fair 2015
Fokker F.2 H-NABC (replica) in a different display compared to my last visit to the Aviodrome.
This setup enables walking around the display, nice.

Aviodrome aviation fair 2015
Quite a climb for people to board here!

Aviodrome aviation fair 2015
Nieuport II chasing a Fokker DR.1 Dreidecker (Triplane)

Aviodrome aviation fair 2015
We cross to the other side of the museum.
Plenty of KLM colours on the Aviodrome grounds. There is a giant KLM 747 here too.
So if KLM disappears, into Air France, we have their heritage preserved!

Aviodrome aviation fair 2015
The workplace. Pity we don't see this unique Douglas DC-2 flying anymore. Hoping for a return to the skies one day!

Aviodrome aviation fair 2015

Aviodrome 28Mar2015
That camouflaged Noorduyn Norseman is still being worked on, albeit with slow progress.
I was told we may see her fly in 2016!

Aviodrome aviation fair 2015

Aviodrome aviation fair 2015
Thought this was a library, but it is in fact Aviodrome's surplus of books, for sale. I walked away with a
1979 edition of Jane's All The World's Aircraft, for a mere 20 euro! Very pleased.
1979 was the year I started working for Martinair, a special year for me, now a chapter about to close most like.




Aviodrome, Aviation Fair 26Mar2016
A good crowd had decided to visit the Aviodrome on this sunny saturday!

Aviodrome, Aviation Fair 26Mar2016
The 2016 Aviation Fair seemed to me had fewer stall than in 2015, possibly having to do with the 'competition'
(DSC - Dutch Spotters Convention at Rotterdam airport, april 19th), or a decreasing interest in such items (books,
photographs, slides, magazine, memorabilia, etc), or the sunny conditions today (rain has been forecasted).. or a
combination ot it all. It did give the 'browsers' more room to investigate all the items for sale and grab a good deal.

Aviodrome, Aviation Fair 26Mar2016

Aviodrome, Aviation Fair 26Mar2016
Trading, talking or some quiet contemplation in 'the Uiver Hall'.

Aviodrome, Aviation Fair 26Mar2016
Came away with a good deal on a book about 'Flying the Hump' in WW2.

Aviodrome, Aviation Fair 26Mar2016
An excellent day to take the family out and enjoy historic aviation in shapes, sorts & sizes.

Aviodrome, Aviation Fair 26Mar2016

Inside the 'T2 Hangar', the happening place for restorations and projects here at the Aviodrome.
The DC-2 fuselage which lay in store here at the back of the hangar for many years, was transported quite recently to Eindhoven and stored with the Air Force; someone told me that this was an initiative by Anne-Cor Groeneveld, of DDA fame, who probably was the owner in the first place.
This DC-2-112 (c/n 1288) was last flown some 70 years ago, as RAAF A30-14, in Australia. In 1987 the DDA acquired it as a future 'project'. In 1988 it sailed on board the HMS Zuiderkruis from Sydney to the Netherlands. Soon it was clear that it could never be made to fly again. Since then it moved a number of times: at Schiphol-East from the DDA hangar to storage in Badhoevedorp and to Hal 6 of the former Fokker factories in Oude Meer. When Aviodome moved to Lelystad and became Aviodrome this DC-2 moved to Aviodrome's T-2 hangar. It was never owned by the Aviodrome and now it has found a new home at Eindhoven.

That part fuselage, with a 2-tone cheatline, is a Fokker F.27 (c/n 10101, F27-100 PH-NIV).
The airframe in front is a 'kit' and when completed will be a rare Spyker V.2; actually there is no kit for such a rare breed, but a kit for a Sopwith Pup was acquired and the people working on it are converting it to a Spyker V.2. 'Kits' sometimes make it to actual airworthiness (in the US)!
The Spyker V.2 will be equipped with an engine that has actually fitted a Spyker and an original propellor was recently bought. A restoration to watch with anticipation!

Note that on the left, the fuselage on pontoons, is the slowly progressing replica of the Van Berkel WA, now painted and adorned with registration 'W57' and orange circles: the Dutch military markings of its days.
In 2018 I stood in awe with the finished product! See my Aviodrome 2018 report.
[Wikipedia, Dutch].

Aviodrome, Aviation Fair 26Mar2016
Update on the Spyker V.2 from Verenigde Vleugels magazine (may 2016): the 80hp Thulin engine that will be fitted
on this 1:1 replica was identified by its serial number to actually have been fitted on a Spyker V.2 (registered C-16).
The story of the propellor is even more fantastic: for almost 60 years it decorated a wall in a pub in Den Bosch! Oma
Sjaan was the proprietor of a café, while her husband Piet was a carpenter. With help by volunteer Hans Mooren and
funding from an inheritance made available by Mrs Van der Pluym-Lodewyckx we see the prop restored to its original use.

Aviodrome, Aviation Fair 26Mar2016
Work continues on the Noordyun Norseman, but the main progress made in the past year was compiling all the
required schematics and convert them into manuals; this will facilitate further restoration and the operation of
the Norseman. The next important step, hopefully, will be actually putting the wiring into the aircraft.

Aviodrome, Aviation Fair 26Mar2016
It has been a few years since the DC-2 'PH-AJU' has flown, but hopefully that day approaches.
I was told that the Aviodrome museum has had recent changes in management (Serena van Kammen
started in Dec.2015 as the new 'Manager on site' for Libéma here at the Aviodrome Theme Park; Albert
Kraai has been General Manager since 2012). Plans are still in place to fly these planes, participate in events.

Aviodrome, Aviation Fair 26Mar2016
Plans and work are being discussed. Prudent Staal seems to send a prayer skyward..?

Aviodrome, Aviation Fair 26Mar2016
The 'T2 Hangar' is a real work place.

Aviodrome, Aviation Fair 26Mar2016
For many years this Grumman S-2 Tracker stood outside and some of the 'weathering' will be adressed.

Aviodrome, Aviation Fair 26Mar2016
Erling 'Mr Speaker' Brom lectured on the subject 'From Shed to Hangar', and Aviodrome's T2 Hangar in particular.

It was another pleasant visit to Lelystad's Aviodrome, educational and nice to meet with friends & familiar faces!






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