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Drag-em-Oot, home away from home

The BankGiro Loterij / Aviodrome Airtour 2009 visited most Dutch airports & airfields this year, celebrating 100 year of motorized aviation in the Netherlands. Today Lelystad, the Aviodrome's homebase, hosted the BGL Airtour but the Aviodrome invited some additional parties to make this weekend even more special.

One such special guest was C-47A N473DC (c/n 19345), which is a true WW2 warbird and dropped a load of para's. The Focke Wulf resides in France. People walked (and sat) around in WW2 uniforms. The 'Luftwaffe major' with the white cap is H.J. Vrielink.

Historu come alive at the Aviodrome
WW2 at the Aviodrome


Seen here arriving is a 1943-vintage Stinson AT-19 Reliant N1943S (77-463), owned by Remco Sijben. It is painted in Royal Navy colours, with its original serial FB735.
During World War II the English Forces used 500 of these "Gullwings". After the war 350 were returned to the USA. An astounding 120 are reportedly still active. The Stinson has a Lycoming radial engine (290hp) and its presence here at the Aviodrome was much appreciated.

Douglas Invader
Another true warbird is this Douglas A-26B Invader 43-4602/S (N167B c/n 27881)

This Invader was built in 1944 as a TB-26B trainer, fitted with dual controls. Serial 44-34602 was issued when it was handed over to the US Army.
Its military career ended on 01Jul1958 when it was stored at Davis-Monthan in Arizona. Storage ended when bought by Jack Lysdale Air Service in 1964, registered as N8392H.
In 1966 it was converted to a Rock Island Monarch 26 corporate aircraft, when it was bought by Stahman Farms Inc (Las Cruces, NM). In 1986 this Invader was bought by the Scandinavian Historic Flight ( and brought to RLS 51 Ltd in San Francisco. The 8-gun nose was placed too, which was done in 1987 at Grand Junction, CO. The restoration was completed by Hamilton Aircraft of Tucson, AZ.
The flight to Oslo was made in May 1988 and in 1989 registerd as N167B. She is painted in the colours of "Sugerland Express" of the 533rd Bomb Squadron, 386th Bomb Group "The Crusaders".

Unfortunately the Invader returned from the runway, as one engine did not run during pre-take off runup as it should have done. The flight was aborted, but as I had to leave before the air event ended, it may well have flown later that day.

UPDATE May 2019: On 29Apr19 it arrived at Sandefjord Torp in Norway, ex/ Västerås, and will be based at the Dakota Norway hangar.

Douglas Invader

Classic plane in historic setting
Battle of Britain?
The Beech D18 G-BKRG was acquired from a British filmproduction company in 2003. Its claim to fame is a star performance in a James Bond film, 'Octopussy'. It is no longer airworthy, but certainly fits in here.
It could be a Battle of Britain scene, crew waiting to scramble, but there are some items which don't fit in...

DC-3 and trucks A field camp has been erected next to the T2 hangar. The Spitfire is a replica.
Spitfire and motorcycle
DC-3 and trucks
I would assume that the trucks and motorcycles belong to "Keep Them Rolling".

C-47B 'PH-ALR' was previously G-AMCA (c/n 32966) of Air Atlantique. It has been painted as KLM's 'Reiger' (=Heron) which was delivered in 1937 and diverted to England for WW II; it was used by BOAC as G-AGBC, written off at Heston,UK on 21sep1940 as result of an accident.

WW2 scene

Para awaiting boarding DC-3
Para jumpers with Drag-em-Oot
More photos featuring C-47A "Drag-em-Oot".
Drag-em-Oot off blocks

N473DC returns from para drop


A quick look at some local residents. Doomed to static display
Douglas C-54A PH-DDY (c/n 7488) sits in the back; its history can be read on my page Aviodrome Dec. 2003
And the South Coast Airways G-DAKK (C-47A c/n 9798), which on previous visits I saw with one prop short, is 'whole' again. More on G-DAKK can be read HERE.

G-DAKK found its way to the 'Oorlogsmuseum Overloon' in 2017
G-DAKK at Overloon War Museum
More on my page South Coast Airways

PH-AJU 'Uiver'
Douglas DC-2 'PH-AJU' sits comfortably under the admiring stares of people who climbed the tower


Connie: will she ever fly?
Lockheed L.749A Constellation 'PH-FLE' (N749NL c/n 2604) could and should have flown this year, but KLM stepped in as main sponsor, initiated the merger of the Aviodrome and DDA Airlines and put an embargo on flights with the 'Dutch Connie'. One can only hope that this will lead to flights-carrying -paying-passengers at some point in the future: if the Swiss can do it and Lufthansa is restoring a Lockheed Starliner for that purpose, why would KLM and the Dutch Civil Aviation Authorities deny 'the Dutch Connie' such a participation to the Dutch Industrial & Aviation Heritage...?


The Rotterdam Blitz...
This refers to the aerial bombardment of Rotterdam by the German Airforce on 14 May 1940, during the German invasion of the Netherlands in World War II. The objective was to support the German troops fighting in the city, break Dutch resistance, and to force the Dutch to surrender. [Wikipedia]
More photos of this display on my report in April 2009.
WW2 display - Aviodrome
WW2 display - Aviodrome

Fokker display

Fokker F.27-100 Friendship PH-FHF (c/n 10105) has it stailcone removed and sits with other Fokker aircraft now inside the museum. It was meant to have it among the flying collection of the Aviodrome, but after a brief season in 2005 it remained grounded.

On 03Dec2004 the Aviodrome concluded the purchase of VH-NLS from Aircruising Australia. The Aviodrome had bought the oldest flying Fokker F.27, in cooperation with the F27 Friendship Association (FFA). Restoration and operation of VH-NLS was to be shared by both in the Fokker Heritage Flight.
A ferry crew from Aircruising Australia brought VH-NLS in 10 days (departure 06Dec, arrival 15Dec.2004) back to its roots, back to the Netherlands. READ MORE..



A restoration which has been going for a few years, is the Fokker S-IV project. The only original parts are the landing gear, the seats, most of the steelframe (even some of metal cover) and the engine... The rest is being manufactured. More on this on my earlier visit this year.


Noorduyn Norseman

Restoration of the Noorduyn Norseman is progressing steadily. Restoration is as much a part of the Aviodrome as educational display, preservation and flying historical aircraft. Much of the work is done by an enthusiastic and dedicated workforce, let us hope that KLM does not spoil this.

Read my March 2018 UPDATE!


What is left of G-ALYW, Comet 1 c/n 6009.
Fouga Magister
Briefing in progress for a flight with the Fouga Magister

In May 2018 the following was published on Facebook: "Today the Dutch Fouga made its last flight in the Netherlands, prior to its departure to its new owner.
More than 15 years the Dutch Fouga (Dutch Historic Jet Association) was a resident at Lelystad's Aviodrome with many joint memories, such as flights back from the Air Force Open Days, the BGL Air Tour and many events at the Aviodrome. We will miss the characteristic whistle of the Fouga!
Bon voyage Fouga! Merci Fons Hemmelder, Arjan Dros, Rob Goedhart et autres!"
The Fouga Magister will return to France.
In april 2018 I came across 4 (!) privately owned Fouga Magisters at California City Mun'l Airport in California.


Back to the flying display and action..
Actually, the airport authorities were very restrictive and opted for not closing the airport for a two hour or so display by the participating aircraft. Normal flight operations into the airfield by light aircraft proceeded as normal, but this private Supermarine Spitfire F-AZJS ('PS890/UM-E', c/n 6S/585110) did an inspiring air display nevertheless, on a slightly higher altitude than otherwise.


Catalina PH-PBY off blocks
Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina PH-PBY (c/n 300) participated in the movements as well. Flights could be booked for a "Splash-'n-Go", which I had been fortunate to undergo earlier this month (REPORT).
Consolidated Catalina
When I visited its early stages of restoration in 2004 I started a webpage on PH-PBY, following its years of operation by 'de Stichting Exploitatie Catalina' over many years.


And there was music too..!
The Band play historic tunes

PH-PBA DDA Airlines
The DC-3 represented here as an airliner, the PH-PBA of DDA Airlines, and warbird, N473DC.
The latter is being put up for the night, the owner Mr Patrick Green helping a hand.
The Owner and the Director

Patrick Green, owner of "Drag-em-Oot", in conversation with Arno van der Holst, Director of the Aviodrome. In the background pilot Peter Kuypers talks with the unlucky parachutist who ended up in the trees, fortunately without ill effects.
More on this splendid Douglas Dakota a.k.a. Skytrain: HERE and HERE..


Engine trouble

Focke Fw-190A8/N Wulf F-AZZJ (c/n 990013) was supposed to do an engine run up, but a seal was broken and it was leaking quite severely. It is seen here under repairs. I had to leave before a 2nd attempt was to be made at the end of the afternoon.

It had been another fine day, brimming with activities and photo opportunities, at the Aviodrome


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