Convair CV5800

Kelowna Flightcraft was kind enough to provide me with a photo of CV5800

CV5800 is the latest in a long line of ConvairLiners
© Kelowna Flightcraft.

The following information was obtained from their website; for more detailed info I refer to (no longer an active link - the program was not a success and terminated).


  • Kelowna Flightcraft R&D Ltd., Allison Gas Turbine and General Dynamics teamed to launch the Convair 5800 Program.
  • Proven Convair Model 340, 440, and 580 Airplanes converted with a fourteen foot, three inch stretch to provide increased capacity.
  • The Convair 5800 is powered by the Allison 501-D22G (Series III) Propjet Engine, derated to 4300 TSHP
  • 22,000 pound payload with 750 statute miles payload range capability. /li>
  • 325 miles per hour cruise speed.


  • Allison 501-D22G Engine
  • Hamilton Standard 54H60-164 Propeller
  • Advanced Flight Deck - Honeywell EFIS
  • Reconditioned Airframe - Projected life in excess of 100,000 hours
  • Modern, all new lightweight electrical wiring
  • Passenger Model - 78 seats, modern wide body interior with overhead bins
  • All new flight control system cables
  • Dual point underwing pressure refueling
  • Cargo or Combi Model - approved Class E cabin
  • Roller floor system
  • 120 inch cargo door
  • Productivity:
    - 21,000 lb payload, 750 statute miles
    - 20,000 lb payload, 900 statute miles
    -6.5 / 88" X 108" pallets
  • Pallets and containers are compatible with DC-9 and B-727 aircraft
  • 9-G Tie-down system
  • Meets Stage III Noise Limitations

Wayne Grant kindly sent me this photo of this enlarged Convair CV5800 (ex/C-131F, cn277):
(c)Wayne Grant It was ferried from Canada to New Zealand in Oct.2004 and is seen on a lease by Airfreight NZ from Kelowna Flightcraft. On 07Jun16 ZK-KFS was seen at Kelowna in B.C., Canada: obviously returned to KF.
Air Freight NZ ceased operations in 2016.

I have a March 2018 photo of this CV5800, as C-GKFS, shared on my Photos by Friends & Guests #55,
at Vancouver IAP ramp for KF Aerospace.

I came across C-GKFS at Victoria IAP and Vancouver IAP - see my CANADA 2019 report.

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