Aviodrome Aviation Theme Park (Lelystad),
September 10th - 2005

Photos © R.Leeuw
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C-47B PH-ALR (cn16218/32966) and C-47A N47FK (cn 9700) have found positions in front of Aviodrome's T2-hangar.
The Grumman Tracker in the background sat for a long outside the Aviodome at Amsterdam IAP and upon the move to Lelystad (EHLE) found this spot, with its wings forever folded.

PH-ALR is now under tender loving care by the ROCvA, the educations center Amsterdam Airport; students can study Aviation, Travel and Tourism here. Work by students here have progressed well and it now seems not impossible to consider putting engines on it for ground runs... Well done !
N47FK "Fifi Kate" has become a resident here, since 2004, and is reportedly still for sale.

N47FK was ferried to the USA and sold again: it became HK-4700X and was ferried as such through Opa Locka,FL (KOPF) 02may10 - http://spotters.net.ua/file/?id=29162

A 1946 photo was supplied to me, operating as NC49538 for Mt.McKinley Airfreight in Alaska: see my Photos by Friends & Guests page 35.

Erling Brom, speaker of the day with a zillion details to share with the public, has another duty to perform here: directing the guys in the cockpit on the engine testruns; here, 4 fingers, engine no.4 treats the public on the right radial tunes of days of vintage air transport.

Lockheed VC-121B (L.749A) N749NL (cn2604) is seen here running with tremendous power.
No.2 engine was run as well, but ran rough, backfired with huge explosions, so it was shut down; impressive all the same!
No.3 engine, troubling the aircraft since its restoration was completed at Amsterdam IAP, will definitely need replacing. But it seems recent EU-legislation concerning aircraft insurance and liability will ground this plane and maybe halt final restoration altogether.... that would indeed be a grim prospect!
So for the time being these engine runs are next best.

Antonov An-2 D-FONL of Classic Wings provided sightseeing flights

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