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On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I would like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.

Rich Hulina stepped into the dark and cold to capture some 'frozen' seaplanes..
Rich Hulina, Bush Flying Captured


Mark Schroeder did me the pleasure of sending me these images from his collection; he wrote:
"I have some assorted photographs and back stories on some planes you may find interesting. I live in Anchorage and am from Fairbanks, so I am no stranger to the old prop planes!"
I dont have a whole lot, but I am more than willing to share them with you. He flew a variety of single engine and PBJ-1 (B-25) in WW2.

Niels Helmoe Larsen sent me in response to this photo:
"MKA is Mt McKinley Air Freight Inc of Anchorage, Alaska; it operated two DC-3s NC49538 and NC74678."
From 'DC-3 The First Seventy Years Vol. 1', page 232.

See below for further details on the operator 'MKA' and this Douglas which still operates today!

DC-3 / C-47
Probably the same airline, as I can read 'Airfreight' on it. The word before it ends on '..LEY' and Alexandre Avrane (of AeroTransport Data Bank / came up with the answer:
this is Douglas C-47A of Mt McKinley Air Freight, NC49538 (c/n 9700).
The funeral is that of Lee Chesterfield (President of MKA) and John Campbell with a military rifle salute.

C-47A c/n 9700 had quite a career, which continues to this very day!
This plane was delivered to the USAAF as 42023838 and Mt McKinley Airfreight was the first civilian operator having it registered as NC49538. As N49538 it flew for Plainsair Survey Corp. ( Ralph S Johnson 30Dec50; Remmert-Werner Corp. (02Jan51), reg'd as N3W for Proctor & Gamble, further changing to N3PG for obvious reasons, 14Jan54.
Atlantic Aviation reg'd it as N308FN and as such it changed hands to First Nat'l Stores, 13Feb69.
It became CF-EEX for Air Cardinal and C-FEEX for Golfe Air Québec and later on for AirGava.
Century Airlines put it back in the US Registry, as N2669A, 26May82.

It crossed the Atlantic to Spain and was reg'd as EC-187 for ARM Palfe, rereg'd as EC-FNS on 03Aug92.
While remaining in Europe, it became N47FK for Mistair and continued under that tailnumber for MLP Aviation / Edwards Brothers Avtn; Kilo Avtn per 22Sep98 / General Technics Ltd / Tony Holden.
It became nicknamed 'Fifi Kate'.
While based at Lee-on-Solent, UK it operated in RAF colourscheme and was operated by European Flyers/General Airline Ltd.
At some point it was leased by Mistair to South Coast Airways; I came across this outfit in 2002 (operating G-DAKK c/n 9798), see my page SOUTH COAST AIRWAYS.

N47FK 'Fifi Kate' was flown to Lelystad (EHLE), Netherlands in 2004 for display at the Aviodrome, and for sale, while still reg'd to Kilo Aviation.
I registered its presence at Lelystad in 2004 (HERE) and 2005: HERE and HERE.
Others sent me their photos of c/n 9700: Photos by Friends & Guests Page 10 and Page 32.
After years of storage it went back to the USA, having been bought by Martin Avtn (11May06) and it continued on to LASER Aéro Colombia and was reg'd HK-4700X, which later changed to HK-4700.
Anno 2012 it was owned by Aliansa Colombia.
(The above history by and some dates added from 'DC-3 The First Seventy Years, Vol.2').

Air-Britain's publication 'DC-3 the First Seventy Years, Vol.3' adds: "N47FK operated by Martin Aviation of Santa Ana,CA May06 (...) at Orange County,CA with Lyon Air Museum Aug09 - To HK-4700X. delivered 11May10 to LASER Colombia. R08Jul10 to Combustibles y Transportes Hernandez y Cia Ltda as HK-4700."

See also my page History of Alaska Air Carriers, an attempt to document more about the early and sometimes obscure Alaskan operators.

On 08May2014 it crashed in Colombia, all occupants fatal; Aviation Safety Network database

"Colombian investigators believe a Douglas DC-3 crew's failure to verify minimum safe altitudes during an unscheduled commercial domestic flight led to a fatal collision with high terrain.
Neither the two crew members nor the three other occupants of the Aerolineas Andinas aircraft (HK-4700) survived after it struck a mountain at an altitude of 6,500ft.
It had been operating a flight between Villavicencio, near Bogota, and Florencia, in southern Colombia, on 8 May 2014.
Colombia's Grupo de Investigacion de Accidentes e Incidentes Aereos attributes the crash to a failure to assess hazards while planning for the visual flight.
... ... ... "


C-119's US Marines Corp
Mark:"My father in law, USMC Major Lynn Griffitts, was a WW2 & Korean War USMC aviator and I have some images of his travels that include a C-119 being loaded in Japan, a flock of surplus B-17 in Brasil.
He flew a variety of single engine aircraft and the PBJ-1 (B-25) in WW2. "

B-17s of Brazil

Drake Dill sent me this photo of deHavilland DHC-2 C-FSRX; he wrote-
Here is a picture of our DHC-2 Beaver FSRX. It was completely rebuilt and we operate it today.
Our summer base is Armstrong Station, Ontario; our website is
DHC-2 C-FSRX of Thunderhook

Here is some history on this DHC-2 c/n 1531, which was learned from Neil Aird's wonderful website

C/n 1531 was delivered on 25Oct63 as VH-IDC to Hawker DH Australia.
And registered on 09Jan64 to Superspread Aviation Australia, Leafair P/L., Moorabbin, VIC.
The registration was cancelled on 19Dec95 and the Beaver was exported.
Tailnumber N6266M was reg'd on 24Apr96 in Nashville, TN. It had been sold to John F. Jordan III.

Next is a long leap in time: on 31Jan07 N6266M was reg'd (again?) to John F. Jordan, Nashville, TN. Or passed on in the family? Or merely reregistered in order to sell it?
Soon a move to Canada followed: as C-FPWH it was reg'd to Structures Unlimited Inc. of Edmonton, ALB on 25Apr07.
What followed must have been the rebuild Drake mentions, because as C-FSRX Thunderhook Camps Inc. (of Armstrong, ONt) is was reg'd on 06Apr09.

Al Furneaux, Chief Pilot Convair for Kelowna Flightcraft, wrote the closing chapter for my page on CONVAIRLINER STORED AT SASKATOON (click link for full details)
Ferry of CL-66 Cosmo 11157
11157 ready to depart Albrook airport Panama: Trevor, Kirk, Ryan and Al Furneaux

Unidentified DC-3, by Rolf Larsson

Rolf Larsson asked for help in identifying this DC-3; he wrote:

"On 20 October 1975 I took this picture of an R4D-5 at Davis Monthan AFB , an US Army Missile Command aircraft in storage.
Unfortunately no identity is visible.
A number of US Army Missile Command R4D-5s were apparently in storage , a few being 43-8950 c/n 26211/14766 and 43-9095 c/n 19066, for this aircraft (43-9095) see also your section 'Vintage Transports by Friends & Guests' page eleven, page eighteen and page twentysix (N47060 and photo/story by Jürgen Scherbarth).
For reasons of deduction I'll post this link for 43-8950, as the US Military Missile Command titles don't match (note the windows)

Unfortunately I have been unable to identify my aircraft.
According to Air-Britain´s big DC-3 books, 43-8950 was stored at DMAFB until 19 June 1975 and 43-9095 was registered N47060 on 19 August 1975, so probably my picture depicts another aircraft.
Any help would be very much appreciated !"

Terry Fletcher wrote me in aid to find out about the identity of this hulk at Concrete,WA:
Unidentified plane at Concrete,WA

"Wonder if you could help me identify this cockpit section - is it from a DC-4 ? Or DC-6?
It was located at the rear of a locked hangar at Mears Airfield , Concrete , Washington State ( east of Burington) - "

Suggestions led to one of the DC-4 / C-54's from Falcon Field, Phoenix, AZ: LINK
This would then be N99AS, as the pickup as seen on the photo in that link is the same as the one who hauled it away.., see my Photos by Friends & Guests (23)

Dirk Septer sent me this nice photo of a Pacific Coastal Grumman G.21 Goose and a deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver at the dock, taken in Sep.2012-
Pacific Coastal dockside

But in autumn 2012 Pacific Coastal published this news item on their website:
"Over the past 25 years, the Grumman Goose has been the flagship aircraft of the Pacific Coastal Airlines Seaplane division based in Port Hardy. During this time, the ‘Goose’ has proven to be a reliable effective workhorse for the fleet and has done a great job doing the type of work needed to serve the many communities, logging camps and fishing resorts on the rugged Central Coast.

As the aircraft age, our inability to acquire certified parts has made it impossible for us to continue to maintain and operate the Grumman Goose to Pacific Coastal Airlines and Transport Canada standards. This obstacle puts the ongoing, long-term viability of operating the Grumman Goose into question.

With this in mind, we have made the decision to park the Grumman fleet while we determine the options before us in relation to accessing certified parts, as well, we will be evaluating the ongoing sustainability of the aircraft. In the meantime, we are working at providing short-term alternative solutions with a goal of having a clearly defined long-term plan in the near future.

The Grumman Goose has been such an icon for Pacific Coastal Airlines; making a decision like this does not come without a sentimental sense of loss, however, we feel it is an important step in the ongoing evolution of our company and I look forward to the next chapter in our world."

Kenneth 'Ken' Swartz sent me these Oshkosh 2012 photos, of the Grumman G.21 Goose and G.44 Widgeon:
Grumman Goose at Oshkosh

  • N42GL is a Grumman G-21A Goose c/n B-52 (mfr 1944, reg'd to Amphib Inc since 12Sep2002))
  • N744G is a Grumman G-44 Widgeon c/n 1394 (mfr 1944, reg'd 18Feb98 to Frank M. Marzich)
  • N402E is a Grumman G-44A Widgeon c/n 1444 (mfr 1946, reg'd 18jan2001 to Lost in Time LLC)
  • N444M is a Grumman G-44A Widgeon c/n 1411 (mfr ?, reg'd 23aug2010 to Randy J. Wilhite)
  • N70AL is a McKinnon G-21G Turbo Goose c/n 1226 (mfr 1970, reg'd 02Jul2004 to Killa Katchka Inc)
  • N7491 is a Grumman G-44 Widgeon c/n 1240 (mfr 1942, reg'd 30Mar2004 to Brian J. Vanwagnen)

    Data from FAA's N-inquiry website

David H. Marion (of came with a correction and additional information:
"In regard to Ken Swartz’ Oshkosh 2012 photos, the G-44 Widgeon in the last photo of the right hand column is not N741. In fact N741 is actually a G-21A Goose (with serial number B-97) and reg'd 07Jan2010 to Samuel P. Damico.
I also very much doubt that N741 (the Goose) was at Oshkosh in 2012; it was wrecked in April 2008 and having talked to its current owner Sam Damico several times since then I’m pretty sure that it’s nowhere near being restored to flying condition again...
Below are some photos that Sam sent me of N741 being unloaded from a shipping container in 2010, after he bought the salvaged wreck from Pen Air’s insurance company."
Grumman Goose N741
Back to the subject..
"After a brief check of Widgeon registrations and comparing likely N-numbers to photos on a Google image search, I came up with one which matches the paint scheme of the one in Ken Swartz’ photo: N7491 is Grumman G-44 Widgeon s/n 1240" - see photo on

David also provided the following 'educational':
"What’s with the dots/periods? That seems to be a European thing and I’ve seen it (the use of periods instead of dashes) done to Goose B-series serial numbers too – fortunately your B-series Goose serial numbers above have the correct format.
In any case, they are Grumman models G-21A, G-44, or G-44A aircraft (not “G.21A” or “G.44” or “G.44A”.)

Also, the very last Goose ever built by Grumman rolled off the assembly line in August 1945, so there is no such thing as a Goose manufactured in 1946 or later.
In the case of N42GL, (s/n B-52) Mitch Mayborn’s Grumman Guidebook lists its date of manufacture as April 1944 and in the case of N741 (s/n B-97) it was built in November 1944."



And this one I couldn't quite place, the tailnumber N40022 showed on the FAA website as an Italian design: Piaggo P.136-L1.
N40022 has c/n 200 and was manufatured in 1956, reg'd to Aerolyn of Vadnais Heights,MN on 30Jun1999.
Wikipedia writes:
'The Piaggio P.136 was an Italian twin-engine amphibian flying-boat, with an all-metal hull, pusher propellers, a gull wing, and retractable landing gear.
The prototype first flew in late 1948, and completed certification tests in spring 1949.
The Italian air force contracted 14 P.136s for coastal patrol and air-sea rescue. The aircraft was marketed in the United States as the Royal Gull, by Kearney and Trecker.
Trecker received three aircraft, and components for another 29, but they also built a few on their own, under license.

Oshosh 2012

Frans Truyens found this T-6 Texan during a visit to Greece.
T-6 Texan, Greece air force

This North American T-6 Texan 92751 was 'found' at a building of administrative services of the Greece Air Force in Agia Skepi (near Athens).
Frans found everything closed but by ringing a bell and explaining his interest he was admitted for some photography.
There was also a Mirage F-1 on display in the same garden and the remains of an aircraft engine, a Bristol Hercules Mark VI (1941).

More vintage planes by Frans Truyens on this website HERE..

Kenneth Swartz sent me this photo taken at Oshkosh during the summer of 2012 of SeaBee CF-EVE:
SeaBee CF-EVE is a Robinson Special, V8 engine conversion with serial 8. It was registered in 2011 to André Durocher of Gatineau,QUE. It was previously registered as C-FZYL.
More details on

Dirk Septer sent me this SeaBee, he wrote:
SeaBee CF-GAD at Yellowknife

"Here is an unusual visitor to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories on 10Jul12: Ontario-based Seabee CF-GAD (s/n 965)."

More photos by Dirk Septer on this website HERE and HERE..

When I came upon a SeaBee myself, at Sioux Lookout (2007), I wrote some background info on this remarkable plane.

Pascal did an overland trip in Ontario, Canada and visited the wreck of C-46 CF-ILQ. No mean feat to get here!
For the history and other details of C-46 CF-ILQ see my page Abandoned Wrecks of the North

Stewart Lanham did the pleasure of sending me these images:
Curtiss EC-46A Commando on display at Tokorozawa
Curtiss EC-46A-60-CK Commando 91-1143 (c/n 293, ex/ 43-47222)
Curtiss EC-46A Commando on display at Tokorozawa, Japan

Stewart added: "Tokorozawa is known as the 'birthplace of Japanese aviation', being the location of the first powered flight in Japan.
Saitama Prefecture is proud of its history and the council has built the Tokorozawa Aviation Museum on the site of Japan's first airfield which is now part of a larger recreational area.
The nearest railway station is Kokukoen, designed to look like a Henri Farman Biplane, and easily reached from central Tokyo.
This C-46A Commando 91-1143 is on permanent external display outside the museum, which itself is sited to one side of the former runway."

Photos of NAMC YS11 on display here can be seen on Photos by Friends & Guests (38)

Dirk Septer sent me (dec.2012) this DHC-3 Turbo Otter in a nice 'Vancouver Island Winterwonderland'..
DHC-3T Otter of Vancouver Island Air
More photos by Dirk Septer on this website HERE..

Ron Lund sent me this photo in dec.2012, he wrote:
"I'm thinking this photo was taken some time before 2005 since it's unlikely that I would have been at Ft. Wainwright in March. I worked there as a pilot only in the summers. It was probably taken the previous summer's fire season."
PB4Y Privateer, firefighter in Alaska

PB4Y-2 Privateer #126 wore tailnumber N7962C. It was owned and operated by Hawkins & Powers of Greybull until that type of aircraft was grounded for firefighting duties after one Privateer suffered a structural failure during flight operations.
C/n 59882 was reported stored at Greybull,WY as late as nov.2008; it had been offered for sale during 2005 for usd 550.000,-

C-119 at Da Nang

Robert Jordan sent me this in nov.2012, and he wrote:
"Here’s a C-119 I photographed landing at DaNang in 1971 or 72. It has '161' on the nose."

Robert Jordan, Radar Operator at the 620th TCS
71-72 'Motel' TACC, 620th TCS Monkey Mtn Vietnam ASM ISO/T
72-74 Kindsbach COC, Germany (Det 1, 615th AC&W) SDO
77-78 Watertown, NY, 655th AC&W

Have a look at my pages dedicated to the C-119 Flying Boxcar, ONE - TWO & THREE

Richard Nash sent me this nice shot of a Kar Air (1957-1995) DC-6BF on take off from London-LHR.
Kar-Air from Finland

Kar-Air (IATA KR, ICAO KAR) was formed to succeed 1951-born Karhumäki AW (itself formed originally in 1933 as Avoin Yhtio Veljekset Karhumäki).
27% and later 51% stake was taken by Finnair in 1962 (later 29.8% increased 1990 to 90%), along with 45% with Selen Shipping Co.
Renamed KarAir in 1980.
Integrated into Finnair in Dec.1995.
Information from a.k.a.

And here is another vintage photo, sent by Richard; comments: 'C-4 Argonauts for scrapping at Redhill'
Scrapping at Redhill
The following I found on (link above) :
Air Links (1958-1966) was renamed/merged to Transglobe AW (United Kingdom, London-Gatwick), which existed from 1966 to 1969.
The following C-4 Argonauts were listed as having served Transglobe Airways: G-ALHC, G-ALHH, G-ALHI, G-ALHM, G-ALHT and G-ALHW.

Ron Mak sent me these in Sep.2012, he wrote:
"These were all taken at La Aurora Airport, Guatemala City, in oct. 1980."

DC-3 Guatamala
This DC-3 held no identifying markings, help appreciated! It had just been painted.
I've noticed that Aero Express, checking old JP publications, also had TG-PAW, TG-GER, and N49454 but I did not see those upon my visit. Perhaps it is one of those three..?


Beech 18 Guatamala
This Beech 18 TG-BAW. For more info see Ron's page.

John Olafson sent me these nice shots taken at Hemet,CA this year.
Beech N933GM at Hemet,CA

John wrote: "I came across this beautiful Beech G18S, N933GM at Hemet last March 20th and really enjoyed looking at those exposed engines.
The usual two DC-3's were there as well and one looks like it is going to have something done to it as they have been polishing it up and it looks real nice."

This 1960 Beech G18S has c/n BA-533; and it has been registered 31Jan2007 to Glen W. Ernst of Bend,OR.

Dirk Septer sent me 12Jul12 this photo of the remains of CF-HTV:
Wreck of CF-HTV

Dirk wrote: "I noticed the tail section of Merlyn Carter's Model 10-C Electra CF-HTV (c/n 1005) in the Buffalo Airways' yard in Yellowknife.
Carter bought this aircraft in March 1964 to haul fish. It burned in July 1972, near Birch Lake,NWT.
Interesting history: it was originally NC14258 of Pan American Airways."

"Merlyn Carter was a well known bushpilot who had come to Hay River, NWT in the 1950s. Establishing Carter Air Services, he did not only open up the North as a bushpilot, but he also pioneered the tourism industry in the area by opening the first sport fishing camps there.
In 2005, Merlyn was killed by a black bear. In his honour the Hay River (YHY) airport was renamed 'Hay River Merlyn Carter Airport' in 2012."

Considerable history of this Lockheed 10-A Electra c/n 1005 can be found here:

Dirk also sent me some photos take at the Havana's 'Museum of the Revolution' (more on his webpage)

Havana aviation museum

Roger Botting sent me these in nov.2011:

DC-6 TG-WOP stored
Douglas DC-6B/F TG-WOP (c/n 45539) stored at Guatamala City.
Once flew for Olympic Airlines as SX-DAD! (Info by

Fokker F.27 FA Guatemalteca

Basler BT-67 FA Guatemalteca

Roger wrote: "A few shots from the military ramp of Guatamala City airport; they have an area for stored aircraft which resulted in some interesting pictures. As you can see the military also operate the turbo DC3's."

Richard Nash sent me this (undated) photo of HeavyLift Cargo Airlines' Canadair CL-44 Guppy EI-BND.
Canadair CL-44 EI-BND

Canadair CL-44 EI-BND (c/n 16) showing its remarkable feature: the swing-tail. Operated under this registration from Aug82 till Aug97 when leased to Azerbaijan Airlines as 4K-GUP, having latterly flown for Buffalo Airways with their titles and logo (info from

In 2003 I visited a converted Canadair CL-44 at Bournemouth, 9G-LCA - see HERE..

Fernand van de Plas sent me this:
"Here is a nice photo from an interesting angle: nighttime maintenance work at Brussels in the 1960s.
Including DC-7C OO-CFF, DC-6B OO-CTM and Belgian AF C-54 OT-CWV."
(Photo SABENA)
SABENA propliners
DC-7C OO-CFF (c/n 45162) became EC-ATQ of Spantax; it was destroyed in Madrid in 1970.
DC-6B OO-CTM (c/n 44175) became CA+024, 13+02 (Luftwaffe), OY-STY (Sterling Aws, Joint Church Aid),
N515TY (Bellomy-Lawson Aviation , Flagship Express AL, Trans Air Link) and 9Q-CRH (ATO Air). Scrapped.
C-54 OT-CWV went to Belgian Air Force, became OO-CBS for deployment in Belgian Congo, scrapped Torhout '84.

9Q-CDY at Emblem, Belgium
Frans Truyens sent me this undated photo of HS.780 Andover C.1 (c/n Set 11) at Emblem, Belgium.
Photo was made by Hugo De Backer, on 21Aug08.
It was transported here from Antwerp during 2006, to serve as a fire fighting training facility.
Photos by Frans Truyens on this website

Photos of the above airframe Set 11 on



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