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Bushplanes Captured

Bush Flying Captured by Rich Hulina
In 2011 Rich Hulina published an exquiste coffee table photobook on his bushplane photography
over the past decades. Filled with the most marvellous photos, many taken air-to-air, against a
backdrop of the most glorious landscapes, with captions often including interesting history details
on previous operators and/or events.
The book can be ordered through or

Photos shown on this page depict bushplanes as Rich comes across them: working or parked somewhere.
While Rich is an accomplished photographer, with his own website, I thought a tribute on my website was in order!

Photos © Rich Hulina



Winter at Sioux Lookout SPB
Winterscene at Sioux Lookout Seaplane base, home of Rich' company Slate Falls Airways. March 2012.
Rich wrote: "This was on March 18th, we pulled the airplanes off a few days after, you can see the two new dock frames which are now complete, 12 X 44ft each.
The Lake should be ice free in a about two weeks at the rate its going at. That will be an all time record early ice out!"

DHC-2 N191Z
deHavilland DHC-2 N191Z (c/n 1006); USDA Forest Service (registered since 05Feb1957)
More info:

Above and below taken at Ely, Minnesota - 05March12
DHC-2 N192Z
deHavilland DHC-2 N192Z (c/n 1347); USDA Forest Service (registered since 02Mar1959)
More info:

DHC-3T C-FCZP c/n 69 - Slate Falls Airways. Reg'd 09Oct07.
Quote from the book:"FCZP spent years in the Northwest Territories with Canadian Pacific Airlines, Northward Aviation,, Carter Air Service, Raecom, and Air Tindi before joining Walsten Air Service of Kenora,ONT in 1998. Slate Falls added it to their fleet in 2007 after a complete rebuild and Vazar engine conversion by Lakeland Aviation of Fort Frances,ONT. As seen on my 2007 webpage, with an extended history written by Karl E. Hayes.
Photo taken at Sioux Lookout on March 13th, 2012

C-FODQ DHC-3T c/n 111 - Peter Hagedorn Investments Ltd. (Chimo Air Service, Red Lake,Ont) Reg'd 22Jul97.

Spring 2018 I read the following: "CHIMO AIR SERVICE and CHIMO LODGE AND OUTPOSTS have been purchased by Superior Air.
Watch for big changes in the near future for the air service.
After building 2 very successful businesses, Peter has decided to retire. Birgit Wilson will be working for another float plane business operating in the area.
Ian Partridge and Steve Rickli are staying on as pilots after the takeover. The rest of the staff have found other employment in the area.
The 2 turbine otters are painted blue and white, while 'SMS and Peter's plane, 'NPO will stay as they are. To all our friends and customers,it is so hard to say goodbye. We wish you well on all your adventures!"
./end quote

I received an update in June 2019 by Scott Alford, with photo, showing C-FODQ having received a new colourscheme: PHOTOS BY FRIENDS & GUESTS #57 (ODQ was rereg'd to Superior Airways 16Apr2018).

The photo above and below were taken at Fort Frances,ONT. - 02March12

deHavilland DHC-3 C-GMDG c/n 302 - Fort Frances Sportsmen Airways Ltd. (Fort Frances,Ont) R19Apr84.
Quote from the book:"C-GMDG spent time in Vietnam for the US Army. Upon returning to the USA it flew in Fairbanks,AK with Frontier Flying Service as N98T, then joined Sportsmen Airways of Ft.Frances in 1984."
A more expanded history can be read on my visit Fort Frances 2007 page, written by Karl E. Hayes .


deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver C-FEYR c/n 497 - Sapawe Air Ltd. (Eva Lake, Atikokan,Ont) R16apr10
Taken at Fort Frances,ONT. - 02March12
More info:

DHC-2 Beaver C-FOCC c/n 23 - Sapawe Air Ltd. (Eva Lake, Atikokan,Ont) R16Apr10
Taken at Fort Frances,ONT. - 02March12
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deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver C-FOCP c/n 49 - Tudhope Airways Ltd (Hudson,Ont) R07May87
Seen in Hudson on March 10th, 2012
More info:


DHC-2 Mk.III C-FOER c/n 1671TB41 - Province Of Ontario, Ministry Of Natural Resources R28Jul67.
Quote from the book:"In 1956 the Ontario Provincial Air Service operated 40 deHavilland Beavers.
When the Turbo Beaver was launched the OPAS took 17 of the 60 that dHavilland Canada had built.
OPAS (meanwhile renamed 'Aviation and Fire Management Branch of the Ministry Of Natural Resources' - Webmaster) still operates 5 Turbo Beavers in 2011.
C-FOER was seen in Sioux Lookout 10Mar12.
More info:

DHC-2 Mk.III 'Turbo Beaver' C-GDCN c/n 1661-TB35 - Emo Investments Ltd (Emo,Ont) R14Apr97
Seen at at Fort Frances,ONT. - 02March12
More info:

Found Brothers FBA-2C C-FSDC c/n 17 - Tudhope Airways Ltd (Hudson,Ont) Reg'd 30Oct84
A quote from the book: "Glen Tudhope is the owner of this 1965 Found Brothers FBA-2C. Tudhope Air is the second operator of C-FSDC, which was delivered new to Starratt Airways in 1965.
It was the no.17 of only 27 produced before the company shut down in 1968."
C-FSDC seen at Sioux Lookout airport on 15March12.


Rich Hulina's book Bush Flying Captured

The book can be ordered through or


A few more from Rusty Myers at Fort Frances base, on 02 March 2012.
Bushplanes in the snow..

Beech 18 C-FERM

Beech 18 C-FRVL

Beech 18 C-FZRI
I have visited the area in 2007 and have described the history of these 'Twin Beeches' HERE..

Rich published this marvellous photo on his Facebook page.
Rich Hulina's Bush Flying Captured

Rich wrote: "Bob Lutz flies his Super Cub next to the Gorge of the Knik Glacier east of Palmer,AK."

Rich wrote:
"Mark Stachowiak holds Bamaji Air's Beaver C-GDYD steady for this great April 2011 winter shot!
Check out page 163 of 'Bush Flying Captured' to see what shot I chose for the book."
Rich Hulina air-to-air
Read all about C-GDYD's history on Neil Aird's wonderful website



Rich Hulina shared this fine winter photo on his Bush Flying Captured Facebook-page
Bushplanes in the snow at Selkirk,MAN
"A quick visit to Riverside Maintenance in Selkirk, Manitoba today (March 01st or 2nd, 2019 -Webmaster).
All kinds of round engines present including these four Beavers, C-GPHI, C-FQQC, C-GMAM, and C-GFIQ."

I visited Selkirk myself in 2007, during the summer, and came across a number of vintage bushplanes; see my 2016 report.

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