David Perston's vintage aeroplanes

David originates originally from Scotland, but came to Canada over 25 years ago (date stamp Feb.2022)
and now lives west of Toronto.
He describes himself as 'a scribbler in the plane spotting community', i.e. spending most of his time chasing new aircraft registrations and for years spent mostly, while traveling for work (with BlackBerry) to many exotic places in the world in Asia, South America and Europe.
After ending with BlackBerry, he joined another start up which brought on more travelling during the next 6 years to Korea, China, Taiwan and Singapore.
He writes: "I do take some photographs but not too many.
I'm now semi retired and last year given all the craziness in the world only did three trips with a couple of fellow spotters all in Ontario.
Given the number of Beavers, Otters, Norsemen and other goodies I saw, I decided I really needed to do some more investigating of whats in my own back yard. Hence why I looked at your website and then saw the piece on the two Norsemen in Sarnia (Chris Hadfield) Airport (YZR).

Where applicable, David has added his comments.
Much, if not most, of the historic data is learned from my (RL) database, the online database ATDB.aero and 'Piston Engined Airliner Production List' / J. Roach & A.B. Eastwood (TAHS, 2007).

Photos © David Perston

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David Perston shared some 2021 images of vintage air transports he came across in Canada's province Ontario
HS.748 C-FFFS at Thunder Bay, 2021
HS.748 C-FFFS at Thunder Bay, 31Oct2021 - photo by David Perston
BAe (Hawker Siddeley) HS.748 c/n 1663 is ex/ G-BHCJ) and its last operator was Wasaya Airways.
See my Photos by Friends & Guests #11 of many years ago, operational with Wasaya A/W.

HS.748 C-FCSE at Thunder Bay, 2021
HS.748 C-FCSE (c/n 1679) at Thunder Bay (YQT), 31Oct2021
I have a photo of C-FCSE, operated by Air North, seen on 18Jun2007 on my: Photos by Friends & Guests #8

HS.748 C-GANA at Thunder Bay, 2021
HS.748-335 (Srs 2A), C-GANA (c/n 1758) at Thunder Bay, 31Oct21.
Reported in 2017 for conversion to freighter with expected operations in 2018... Alas?!

HS.748 C-GANA at Thunder Bay, 2021
"Some nice gentleman opened up GANA to let me get onboard."

HS.748 C-GANA at Thunder Bay, 2021
David: "Despite coming from the UK it was my first time on a HS748!"
Seems (almost) good to go!

HS.748 C-GANA at Thunder Bay, 2021
David: "Seen on departure from YQT (01Nov21) were these two in the fire training area. Have asked around
and it is believed that it's a CL.215/415 beside the HS.748 C-GBCY."
For C-GBCY (c/n 1803) see flickr.com/

HS.748's stored at BAR RIVER - 12FEB2021
HS.748 C-FGET at Bar River 12Feb2021
HS.748 C-FGET at Bar River 12Feb2021
See also photos at my Photos by Friends & Guests #50

From my database:
Avro 748-244 SRS 2, c/n 1724 (ex/ D-AFSG)
C-FGET Air Inuit, owned by Makivik, the Inuit Nation of the region. Active during 2006, 2007, reported stored @Bar River (Ontario) 2016.

History HS.748 C-FGET by ATDB.aero
History HS.748 C-FGET (c/n 1724) by ATDB.aero

HS.748 C-FDOX at Bar River 12Feb2021
HS.748 C-FDOX at Bar River 12Feb2021

From my database: C-FDOX Air Inuit, owned by Makivik, the Inuit Nation of the region (2002). Current in 2007.

History HS.748 C-FDOX (c/n 1749) by ATDB.aero
History HS.748 C-FDOX by ATDB.aero

HS.748 C-FKTL at Bar River 12Feb2021
HS.748 C-FKTL at Bar River 12Feb2021

From my database: C-FKTL Wasaya A/w, std Bar River,ONT (nr Sault Ste Marie). Pic @Flickr.com. L/n 22May16. Seen moved by road from Big Trout Lake to Bar River, Ontario.

History HS.748 C-FKTL (c/n 1613) by ATDB.aero
History HS.748 C-FKTL by ATDB.aero



Thunder Bay Waterdrome (CKE6) - An Otter and a couple of Beavers.
The Beavers were locked up in a compound and there was no one around to get access.
DHC-2 C-FOCC by David Perston (2021)
DHC-2 C-FOCC Sapawe Air Ltd. of Atikokan,ONT R15Jul99. A March 2012 photo by Rich Hulina HERE...
I came across C-FOCC at Fort Francis in 2007: ruudleeuw.com/canada07-fort_frances.

DHC-2 C-FLPL by David Perston (2021)
DHC-2 c/n 1313, for full history see Neil Aird's www.dhc-2.com

DHC-3T C-FYCX by David Perston (2021)
DeHavilland Turbine Otter DHC-3T, C-FYCX (c/n 44)

Otter c/n 44 was delivered to the RCAF on 20Sep1954 with serial 3683, its first tasking being with the Central Experimental & Proving Establishment (CEPE) Air Armament Evaluation Detachment, based at Cold Lake, Alberta passing on two months later, in November 1954, to the Station Flight at RCAF base Cold Lake. I
t was joined in February 1955 by 3698 (65) and together these two Otters served the Station Flight at Cold Lake until May 1957, when they were replaced by another two Otters, 3685 and 3661.

A jump in time sees 3683 having served with 402 Squadron, Winnipeg for seven years until transferred in May 1973 to 401 Squadron, St.Hubert.
Its military career came to an end in November 1975 when it flew to the AMDU, Saskatoon and was handed over to the Crown Assets Disposal Corporation for disposal. It was to remain in government service, however, as after two years in storage it was one of seven Otters at Saskatoon allocated to the Province of Ontario, Ministry of Natural Resources and after a complete refurbish at the Ministry's base at Sault Ste.Marie, Ontario was registered to the Ministry as CGOFC in April 1978.

Through various owners this Otter was sold to Wilderness North Air Ltd of Armstrong-Waweig Lake, Ontario, to whom it was registered C-FYCX in May 1996. It had been delivered by Mr Wesley to Oshkosh, Wisconsin in August 1995, where a company associated with Wilderness North Air is based.
The Otter was converted to a Vazar turbine Otter during 1997.

After a lease in Alaska c/n 44 was re-reg'd on 23May2003 as C-FYCX to Waweig Air of Armstrong, Ontario on its return to Canada, a company 115 associated with Wilderness North Air. It joined turbine Otter C-FQND (233) with Waweig Air.
[Source -much abbreviated- 'De Havilland Canada DHC-3 OTTER - A HISTORY' monograph, by Karl E. Hayes, current by latest update 2008].

DHC-2 N590RS by David Perston
DHC-2 Beaver, N590RS (c/n 84) by David Perston [275 River Road, Sault Saint Marie 12Feb2021]

From Neil Aird's www.dhc-2.com ¬
• CF-GQJ Saskatchewan Government Airways, Prince Albert, SAS. Delivered 30Jun1950.

Accident: @Lac La Ronge, MAN. 19May1956.
While taking off the aircraft struck Cessna 180 CF-HZE. It suffered minor damage to the propeller, and port float strut and the belly of the fuselage was slightly damaged. The Cessna had its port wing sheared off and rear part of thefuselage and complete tail section was cut off.
There were no injuries to persons on board.
Note: Last aircraft built without a porthole window

• CF-GQJ & C-FGQJ Norcanair/North Canada Air Ltd., Prince Albert, BC. Reg'd prior to C of A issued 16Dec1970. Registration format changed prior to Jun-1976.
Canx 27May1982

Accident 26Apr74: South end of Scott Lake, SK near Tait Lake.
The aircraft slid over a patch of glare ice during the landing roll. It left the glare ice while skidding sideways and the right ski struck an ice ridge. The right undercarriage leg collapsed. Aircraft suffered substantial damage.
Pilot and two passengers uninjured.

• C-FGQJ Northern Manitoba Outfitters & Air Service Ltd., Berens River, MAN. Reg'd 04Aug83. Canx 05Sep96.
Airworthiness Date: 11May98
• C-FGQJ Allen Airways Ltd., Sioux Lookout, ONT. Reg'd 05Sep96.
• C-FGQJ Northern Manitoba Outfitters Ltd., Berens River, MAN. Reg'd 24Sep97. Canx 20Jan98 on export to US.
N590RS Randy's Olde Towne Service Inc., Traverse City, MI. Reg'd 13-Feb-1998.


DHC-2 C-FOCV by David Perston
deHavilland DHC-2, C-FOCV (c/n 74, ex/ CF-OCV) - by David Perston [275 River Rd., Sault Saint Marie 12Feb2021]

From Neil Aird's www.dhc-2.com ¬
• CF-OCV Province of Ontario Government, Department of Lands and Forests, Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Certificate of Registration #8668 issued 20Apr1950.
Delivered 26Apr1950 and operated until 1967.
Aircraft Allocated to Orient Bay, 1954-55
• CF-OCV Nuttall Airways, (Nuttal’s Charter Service), Hurkett, ON. On CCAR for May-1980. Canx 08Jun1994.
• CF-OCV William Ferring, Armstrong, ON. Canx 29-Apr-1988.
• CF-OCV Ignace Airways Ltd., Ignace, ON. Regd 29-Apr-1988.
• Total Time: 10,525.8 at Jul-1995 • Canx 28-Aug-1996.

• C-FOCV Ignace Airways (1996) Ltd., Ignace, ON. Regd 18-Aug-1996 & 08-Feb-1999. Canx 26-Feb-1999.
• C-FOCV Armstrong Air Charter Service (Armstrong Outposts and Air).Thunder Bay, ON. Based Mackenzie Lake. Regd 13-Jul-1999 & Canx 22-Jul-2002. Regd 17-Mar-2003.

For sale: Dec-2011, $220,000CDN. Total Time: 13,880 at Dec-2011. Mods include: EDO4580 floats; Battery forward kit; Bubble window on rear cabin doors; Enlarged cargo compartment.
• Sold - being delivered by road to new owner 22Aug2014.
• C-FOCV Mervyn L. Punkari, Sault Ste Marie, ONT • Reg'd 02Sep2014.





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