Vintage Transports, photos by Friends & Guests (50)


On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.

With the ever growing popularity of Social Media (Flickr, Facebook, Instagram) the barrier has become much lower for people to share their photographs or scans of slides; imperfection to post aviation images is no longer an issue.
I noticed a decline in requests for publication on my website (a decline I welcome, as I struggle with the workflow) on my 'Guest Pages', so now some of these images shared below will be copied from Facebook & Flickr by me. For preservation of their historic value as I see it; always with proper credit to the photographer, of course!

Btw, while I am on social media, picking up on aviation news, I use it mainly for other interests while my website remains my main focus to share my interest in vintage aviation.



Joe Chrom sent me this fine photo of HU-16 N7026C seen last weekend (15/16Jul) at Candlewood Lake.
HU-16 N7026C, by Joe Chrom
Joe mentioned he'd like to thank '... Bass Man Jed, as without him we wouldn't have the picture.
And if it's not too shameless, mention'

N7026C is a Grumman HU-16 Albatross (c/n G-90, ex/ BuNo. 149836). has as its owner 'Tom Casey - Storage Specialized Aircraft, Tucson' but this is probably outdated. FAA's N-inquiry page now shows ownership reg'd 16Nov2011 to Candlewood Clipper LLC of Carson City,NV.
The only Candlewood Lake I found on Google Maps is in Connecticut... From Wikipedia: 'Candlewood Lake is a manmade lake located in Fairfield and Litchfield counties of western Connecticut, in the northeastern United States. At 8.4 square miles, it is the largest lake in Connecticut.'
I had come across N7026C in the desert sands of a salvage yard in Tucson,AZ in 2008: USA 2008 - Tucson. Nice to see it doing so well again!

Tim Chaloner sent me this photo, which is also featured on my Off-Airport N.America gallery
DC-7 N6321C of-airport, by Tim Chaloner

Tim wrote: "This image is confirmation of the continued existence of the fuselage from DC-7 N6321C (c/n 44285).
It is still located at the East Iliff Preschool in Denver.
The children were otherwise occupied and blissfully unaware of me taking a photo over the fence!" (14Jun2017)

Tim Chaloner visited the McChord AFB museum; in 2014 I was refused at the gate because I was a foreigner and they have to be screened before a permit can be issued. I left dusgusted! But Tim was more fortunate.

Tim wrote: "I was finally able to visit this museum after a long wait. It was closed to non-military visitors for 10 years or so, but recently began accepting visits from non-military people, albeit with a US passport only.
The staff informed me it took around 10 years to complete the restoration of the Catalina and it was only put
on display a year or two ago. They did a very nice job!"
Date of visit 17May2017.

McChord AFB museum
1. Catalina OA-10A, painted as '434033', but is 43-43847 (c/n 1547) - source: Survivors 2017 book.
2. Fairchild C-82A Packet painted as '857574', but is really 48-0574 (c/n 10209) - source: the new Survivors book.
3. Douglas B-18A Bolo marked as '717B', but believed to be N18AC (c/n 2505)
4. Douglas TC-47B 476502 (c/n 32834/16086)

Douglas DC-2 NC13711 (c/n 1368) is now in place inside the Museum of Flight’s pavilion at Boeing Field.
This Douglas DC-2 was preserved wearing the tailnumber NC1934D, but at some point flew registered
N4867V, fitted out as a sprayer and was also used as a smoke jumper platform, to drop parachutists near
large fires. Its history is well documented on

"I saw on your website that you visited the Seattle area in 2014. I was there last month (may 2017), and also
visited the Kenmore harbour facility. Top is Otter N709KA in non-standard colours. My favourite photo, from
the visit, is of Otter N50KA in special colours. I also visited Lake Union that day, but alas: all the floatplanes
had departed before I got there!"
I paid a visit to Kenmore in 2014 and also bagged a lot of Beavers and Otters (and more!). Also I did
a complete account of N50KA's history (courtesy Karl E. Hayes) on my page USA 2014 - Visit to Kenmore

A photo of deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver N188JG (c/n 1103) in an unusual 'US Army' grey paint job.
Even the floats are done in camo! Certificate Issue Date 09Sep2016, for 'Mach DHC-2 Inc' (Coral Gables,FL)

Tim noted here: "You saw Otter N90422 with floats attached. Here it is now with wheels!"

My 2014 photo of N90422, plus an expanded history, on my USA 2014 - Visit to Kenmore

Alex Huber shared this info & images on Facebook (Beech 18/C45/AT11/SNB) and I snatched it for my Off-airport gallery (see link for more info)
PT-TAR in the Surinam jungle
Beech G18S PT-TAR (c/n BA-584) of Surinam Airways saw its flightplan terminated in the Surinam jungle.

In June 2017 I became aware that the (facebook page) 'Rädda DC-3' (for me about the 'Norrtälje DC-3') had been moved from Hotell Roslagen in Norrtälje to another location.
While my Swedish is not good enough to understand it all, I have tried to give it some hands and feet...

I must admit that I was confused by the word 'Rädda", I thought it was a location but actually means save or
rescue... The new spot is only some 4 minutes walk from the old spot. But great this initiative had a great result!

I believe the restaurant may have existed from 1949 to 1975? It had been bought by Karl Östman and opened konditori DC-3 'Fritze' on 12Jul1949 at the Societetspark in Norrtälje.
Not sure when when the restaurant exactly closed.
My records show it was owned by Luftfartmuseet at Stockholm-Arlanda, left the museum on 19Dec2002 by truck for Norrtälje. Reported a year later under restoration and parked near Hotell Roslagen.
I may have this in the wrong order: first at Hotell Roslagen, then moved to Arlanda's aviation museum, then to its new spot... But I found the DC-3 stationary on Google Earth 2007, 2008, 2010, 2014 and present day.

A project was started (2016?) to save the DC-3 ('Rädda DC3' on Facebook) when the city council refused to step in. A Facebook page was started Save the DC3 in Norrtälje.
Many showed their sympathy and even outrage that the city council did not understand the value of the plane and the need to preserve it. It had been a symbol for the café in Norrtälje (the café in het park but closed in 1972?). Since then it was moved, as I understand it by initiative of enthusiasts to a spot by the harbour? But the county said no and then by initiative of a privat enthusiast it was saved yet again though the city council had to contribute yet again(note: I am not entirely sur eof the correctness and timeline here).
This was the situation by Dec.2016. A Mr Kjell Jansson suggested the DC-3 to be stored somewhere in Norrtälje. The urgency to do this grew, a race against time. Pressure through local politics was applied.

So someone or a group managed to pull it off to find funding for disassembly and transport and it was brought over to a new spot in Norrtällje during the night of 20/21 June 2017...?
Info & corrections appreciated! EMAIL

Annika Boxström wrote me: "This C-47 flew in WW2.
It became a café by the Societets-park for many years. Norrtälje was famous for its airplane café!
Safety regulations required it had to be removed, to a place where they took parts from it to repair other planes.
A group called "Rädda DC-3 an' worked very hard to get it back to Norrtälje and made a great job to restore it and it was put up near OK hotel. (The OK Hotel may be the same as Hotell Roslagen -Webmaster)
The landowner needed the land, so Rädda DC3 ('Save the DC-3') worked hard to find somewhere else to put her,
got sponsors and now it has been moved to a place near Biltema - where you can see it from the road from Stockholm!"


Radda DC-3 moved (Norrtälje restaurant)
DC 3 KONDITORI NORRTÄLJE, in 'Socitetsparken', an opportunity to drink coffee
This is the original 'DC-3 restaurant'

From my files I have the following infrmation:
DC-3 / C-47A (c/n 9911)
42-24049 SE-AYM
'42-24049 stored by Luftfartmuseet at Stockholm-Arlanda (info by 2001). Left Arlanda Museum 19Dec02 by truck, reportedly to Norrtälje.
Under restoration in Norrtälje,Sweden (reported early 2003). Once used as café, to be restored for static display again and for this parts (nose section) of DC-3 N2401 (c/n 26263/14818) has been used.


Radda DC-3 moved (Norrtälje)
The 'Save DC-3' Facebook page.

Radda DC-3 moved (Norrtälje)
As it once was...

Through I came to this:
Konditori DC-3 Fritze i Norrtälje DC-3:an Munin i Karlsborg
Typ: C-47A-40-DL Skytrain Typ: C-47-DL Skytrain
Tillverkad: 1943 i Long Beach Tillverkad: 1943 i Long Beach
Tillverkningsnummer: 9911 Tillverkningsnummer: 9103
Den första flygningen ägde rum den 19 juli 1943. (EN: first flight)

Flygplanet levererades den 21 juli 1943 till US Army Air Forces som 42-24049 och det deltog bland annat vid invasionen i Normandie i juni 1944.
(EN: The aircraft was delivered to the US Army Air Forces on July 21, 1943, as 42-24049 and participated in the invasion of Normandy in June 1944.)

1946 köptes flygplanet av Skandinaviska Aero AB och tilldelades interimsregistreringen SE-AYM och namnet Svea. Flygplanet flögs aldrig utan användes som reservdelsflygplan.
(EN: In 1946, the aircraft was purchased by Scandinavian Aero AB and was awarded the interim registration SE-AYM and the name 'Svea'. The aircraft never flew without being used as spare parts.)

Flygplanet köptes sedan av affärsmannen Karl Östman och den 12 juli 1949 invigdes det välkända Konditori DC-3 'Fritze' vid Societetsparken i Norrtälje.
(EN: The aircraft was then bought by the businessman Karl Östman and on 12 July 1949 the well-known konditori DC-3 'Fritze' was opened at the Societetspark in Norrtälje.)

This translation is courtesy Howard J Curtiss, through Google Translate.
You'll see where Google Translate fails, I think what is meant that this C-47 never operated as SE-AYM,
but was used for spare parts supply.


Radda DC-3 moved (Norrtälje)
Transport from Hotell Roslagen in Norrtälje to its new location, in June 2017
From: (Swedish)

Stefan Bjärkemark ('NASB Aviation') wrote: "C-47A-40-DL 224049 (USAF s/n 42-24049) c/n 9911,on
its new location in town Norrtälje, north of Stockholm. This was an old café in a park in Norrtälje.
Due to damages of cockpitsection a new cockpit was collected in Florida from N2401 (c/n 26263),
which was damaged in a hurricane."
Photo by Stefan Bjärkemark — bij NorrteljePorten.

Radda DC-3 moved (Norrtälje)
C-47A 42-24049 (c/n 9911) has found a new spot!
Photo: Henrik Ismarker @Stora Coop Norrteljeporten.

Radda DC-3 moved (Norrtälje)
Photo: Henrik Ismarker

And sofar I have found out it is near this location: a 4 minute walk form Hotell Roslagen! Still in Norrtälje.
C-47A-40-DL 224049 at Norrtälje
But this image is old, the spot is right in the center of that map. Now there is a big shopping center at that location...

C-47A-40-DL 224049 at Norrtälje
So the new spot is only a few minutes walk from the old spot (see DC-3 just visible under the hotel's name).
The above image is from Google Earth (screendump 23Jun2017 but I don't know how to establish the date of this image).




Dirk Septer sent me this photo, of a 27May2017 visit to Campbell River, B.C.
deHavilland Dragon Rapide G-AHXW
deHavilland Dragon Rapide G-AHXW / N683DH

Dirk saw this DeHavilland Dragon Rapide at Campbell River (CYBL), for some fabric work done and then G-AHXW is to head back to the Historic Flight Foundation at Seattle,WA.
Might be here for a month or so.

For more info and more photos by Dirk Septer, see PAGE 2 | PAGE 1

Besides a Save the Skymaster project at Johannesburg-Rand (PH-DDS) here we have another 'Save the Skymaster': at North Weald in England!

North Weald's Save the Skymaster

North Weald's Save the Skymaster
Click on the above image for a link to their Facebook page

This was posted 15May3017:
"Over the last few days we have had a great development and I can now declare that the Skymaster has been saved ! The owner has kindly gifted the aircraft to Save the Skymaster group and I will form a trust with the owner and others being trustees and fully supportive of it's restoration back to flight.
This is a huge weight off my shoulders as we now can breath a sigh of relief that the aircraft will be preserved.

I am meeting with press, media and sponsors over the next few weeks.
However we have a long way to go and fundraising from supporters and sponsors is the only way we are going to get her airworthy. The target to aim for is £350,000 and I have produced a brochure detailing the restoration plan and should you want to receive a brochure or would like to find out how you can help out in anyway with this project, please email me at allan [ATsign]
Thank you all who believe in this project and who have kindly donated so far.

Let the journey begin ! Come and visit us at North Weald on the 17th & 18th of June and see for yourself !"

Ken Ettie wrote me many years ago in response to my Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the Arctic North and here her is in june 2017 aganin with added information. The B-17 that landed at Bennett (or Bennet Lake, but Google Maps uses the former) was salvaged in as much that it was brought to shore, as we can see on below photo.

And here is a 2017 response to the B-17 at Bennett (or Bennet) Lake, also by Ken Ettie, he emailed me this links:
xB-17 salvaged at Bennet Lake

From by Don Fisher (Posted: Jun 21, 2017 12:02 AM).
Neptune's Takner10 on display at Missoula
For recognizance read 'reconnaissance'. The devil is in the detail...

"Missoula International Airport travelers will now be greeted by an iconic air tanker.
This P2V Tanker 10 will stand guard at the airport terminal entrance on a new display.
The tanker has quite the history, and has been with Neptune Aviation for more than 50 years!
The plane served as a patrol aircraft, submarine hunter and recognizance aircraft for the Navy before flying hundreds of firefighting missions around the country.

In a two-year process, Neptune Aviation partnered with the airport to restore the plane and make it suitable for display. Neptune Aviation COO Dan Snyder says he's pleased that the legacy of this plane will stay intact. 'Realistically when an aircraft is done with its useful life you have a couple different options for it. Put it in a place where people can enjoy it or ultimately just chop it up and recycle it. And we didn't want to do that.'
'It's an opportunity for people to see something that has been in aerial firefighting for a long time.'

Tanker 10 was given a fresh paint job, stripped of still usable avionics and equipped with some solar-powered lights so you can see it at night."
More on this aircraft and my 2014 visit to Missoula and Neptune Aviaton on my page HERE...

I couldn't resist adding this photo shared on Facebook also here...
DC-3 PH-SSM Fairways-Rotterdam

Douglas DC-3 PH-SSM seen at Schiphol in 1965 (no name of the photographer). In the background 2 Martin Air Charter (MAC) Convairs.
Fairways operated until 1964, not sure when it started. It may or may not have had something to do with Transaero Rotterdam, which started in 1961. It seems they both ended up being taken over by Martin's Air Charter (MAC; later Martinair Holland).

This WW2 C-47A (c/n 13182) first served the USAAF (42-93287), went to Anglo-Vaal Air Transport (ZS-BCA), to Mercury Avn Svcs (ZS-BCA), to Skyways (G-AJDE), back to Africa for Skyways East Africa (VP-KGL), to Wenela Air Svcs (ZS-DBV), to BEA (again G-AJDE), Fairways (PH-SSM) and to Martinair (PH-SSM); it ended being scrapped.

Francis Blake did me the pleasure of sending this batch of vintage Alaska propliners! After he sent me the Interior Airways C-46 drowing in 'NoLuck Lake' (see Photos by Friends & Guests - 49) he found a few more photos taken during his 1972 stint on 'the Last Frontier'.

DC-3 taking off at unimproved airfield in Alaska
DC-3 taking off or landing at Driftwood, a remote and primitive site in western parts of Alaska's vast North Slope.
Marc Hookerman wrote: "Great action photo of the DC-3 at Driftwood Airstrip!
Driftwood (not to be confused with Driftwood Bay) was a research camp, just east/southeast of Icy Cape and
Point Lay LRRS along the Utukok River. Very remote area!

Now, which DC-3 / C-47 operator could this be..? Interior perhaps?
Interior Airways operated between 1947-1972. Interior Enterprises had merged with the former and operated only between 1946-1948. The former merged in turn with (an operator which later merged into) Alaska Airlines.
Unfortunately I was unable to find a fleetlist for Interior A/W, but I have to say that the name 'Interior' seems
to have been painted over here, erased, indicating this DC-3 is a former Interior Airways DC-3/C-47..?

Marc Hookerman remarked: "Interior was absorbed into Alaska Industries by 1972 (became Alaska International Air and only flew the Lockheed 382B Hercules by that point).
Their C-46s went to Fairbanks Air Service, if memory serves...
Photos of Interior Aws DC-3s are rare. Tough one to figure out as the Alaskan air cargo non-sked start-ups and mergers at that point were numerous!"

Fairbanks Air Service operated during 1946-1976, was renamed 06Jan76 to Great Northern Airlines (1976-1980).
The photos discussed here were taken during 1972.

Jim Magoffin, who founded Interior Airways in 1946, wrote a book (my list of books) about his life in aviation: 'Triumph over Turbulence'. On page 225 is a photo (b&w) with the caption: "Longtime Interior Airways arctic pilot Bob Jacobs with a DC-3 at Arctic Village, Alaska. 'Jake' was originally based at Umiat, but moved to Sagwon as oil company interest increased in that area'.
Sagwon was the location picked by Magoffin for Interior's own airport. It was inland far enough to escape the coastal fog but close to the area of most interest to the oil companies. At times it was a restless beehive of actitiy!
C-47 N46496
From the photo I could make out the tailnumber: N46496. Which is one of two Douglas C-47A aircraft operated by Great Northern Airlines (leased). The other one was N345A (c/n 9397).
While the ATDB aero database remarks on the latter that it moved to Air Florida Sunshine / Air Sunshine ('ultimate obscure'), N46496 went to Air Pacific Int'l, to DHL Island AW, to Basler (als ending as 'ultimate obscure').
N345A served with Aspen AW before moving to Alaska ('To Great Northern Airlines Fairbanks AS').
The photo above shows titles but I was unable to make out what ('AIR ..' in fat lettering?). The insignia on the tail however is not the waving flag of Interior A/W but rather a US flag...

I don't have a fleetlist of Fairbanks Air Service, so am unable to check which (if any) DC-3's operated with Fairbanks Air Service (1946-1972). Was Magoffin involved with Fairbanks Air Service in any way?

Elsewhere in the book (page 156, a colour photo) N46496 (c/n 9499) shows a very different colourscheme; the caption reads 'The Dewliner', Interior Airways' first DC-3, N46496. This plane put in 16 years of hard work for Interior before being sold. Here it is shown on take off at Point Barrow.'
DC-3 N49496 from 'Triumph over Turbulence'

C-46 N1663M
Curtiss C-46F Commando N1663M (c/n 22548) - Fairbanks Airport in June 1972.
The C-46 was in use at the time this photo was taken.
A photo taken at Laredo,TX a few months earlier showed N1663M in an anonymous colours, sans titles: Ron Mak #3

A bit of history on c/n 22548:
USAF (44-78725), Resort AL (N1663M), Transamerica AL (N1663M), 'Alaska AL' (N1663M), Great
Northern AL (N1663M), Northern Pacific Transport (N1663M), San Francisco Ferreteria & Implementos (N1663M) and Everts Air Fuel, but unused: N1663M was scrapped at Midland-Odessa,TX though the cockpit section was moved for Everts to Fairbanks. [-ATDB]
San Francisco Ferreteria & Implementos (1982-2009) was based in Laredo,TX.
The service with Alaska Airlines mentioned above probably refers to Interior Airways (which operated between
Great Northern Airlines (formerly, during 1946-1976, known as Fairbanks Air Service) operated
during the years 1976-1980.
Interior's C-46A N4860V (c/n 30240) can be seen at my Alaska 1995 and Fairbanks 2003 reports.
I have to say that while the 'Interior'-titles could be blocked by that wing, it could equally be erased and this
Curtiss C-46F may have being operated by another operator post-1972, same as the DC-3 above!
(Mind 1972 was the year Francis Blake spent up in Alaska!).

Great Northern AL, operated several C-46s aircraft but no DC-3 (Source:
Northern Pacific Transport (1984-1992), ceased ops Aug,1992 when assets were repossessed. Before that the Ball Brothers owned and operated both C-46s & C-47 (also C-118s & DC-6), 1978-1984, had been formed by Albert Newton Ball; renamed Nov.1984 to Northern Pacific. Would this timespan make a better fot for when the photos were taken..?

Francis added on the above aircraft: "The rapid turn overs and merges of airline companies in Alaska back then
was amazing!
The painted over names were confusing. I was never sure who was our cargo service that day.
Somewhere in the history mix is 'Wien'. We saw a few planes and facilities with that name, but I don't think they involved us."

While browsing my bookcase I came across this book: 'Alaskan Props' by Karl-Heinz Morawietz & Jörg Weier: staring me in the face on the frontcover is Curtiss C-46 N1663M 'sans' Interior titles!
C-46 N1663M
The book has 'Front Cover: Resident in Alaska since 1964. Curtiss C-46 Commando N1663M is
currently registered to John O'Magoffin but retains the patriotic blue and gold livery of the now
defunct Interior Airways. The snow covered peaks of the Chugach Mountains can be seen in the background'.
No indication of date and location, but that last line may indicate Anchorage or Palmer.
Alaska Props was published by Osprey Publishing Ltd (London,UK) in 1988.

Jim Magoffin, who founded Interior Airways in 1946, wrote a book about his life in aviation: 'Triumph over Turbulence' and is an excellent source to read about these airlines and aviation in Alaska.
I am assuming the John O'Magoffin mentioned is the same person as Jim Magoffin.

C-130 Hercules N9265R of Interior
Lockheed L.100-20 Hercules N9265R (c/n 4300) of Interior Airways
Delivered as N9265R to Alaska Airlines, but probably operated by Interior Airways(as we see that tailnumber and
titles 'Interior' on the photo). Ownership changed to Markair, reregistering as N104AK, and later various owners
brought this airframe to many continents: Transamerica AL, Southern Air Transport (N908SJ), Air Foyle, Pacific
Rim A/W (leased), Transafrik (S9-CAW), United Nations Organisation (leased), National AL (leased, based based Iraq/Afghanistan) and Transafrik Uganda (5x-TUB, Stored at Fujairah-FJR anno 2017).

A little bit more on Interior Airways:
The airline began its life in late 1946, founded by James Magoffin (Fairbanks,AK), carrying cargo throughout the American territory of Alaska.
In the late 1960s the airline bought Lockheed L-382 Hercules aircraft to service construction of the Alaska Pipeline.
In 1972 it changed its name to Alaska International Air, to reflect its international charter business.
In 1980 Alaska International Air bought a regional passenger/cargo airline named Great Northern Airways.
In 1984 new colors and the name MarkAir were brought to the airline as it inaugurated passenger/cargo service from Anchorage to the Alaska bush communities


Boeing C-97s stored at salvage yard
Boeing C-97s stored at a salvage yard; where could this have been..?

Paul van der Horst offered: "The 'C-97's' appear to be Boeing 377 Stratocruisers. I can see 2 Transocean (TAA)
examples and 5 Northwest 'Strats'. My guess would be the Mojave B377 boneyard!"

David responded on the Classic-Propliner forum (Yahoo): "This location was used in an episode of Cannon in a shooting scene.
(Frank) Cannon was an American 1960’s detective TV-series. They filmed a chase scene a Mojave in and around the C-97s.
YouTube: Cannon Series 3 Episode 7 'Night Flight to Murder'. Look for aprox 36 mins and the scene ends around 44.
Boeing 377s as background to filming a Frank Cannon epsiode
Boeing 377s suggested as background to filming a Frank Cannon episode. But closer examination makes it unlikely.

Having seen this, Francis Blake insists that his photo of the Stratocruisers was taken at Fairbanks!
On damaged Boeing's on the YouTube screendumps are not to be found on Blake's photo. Nor did I see
the one sitting on his tail in Cannon's shoot-out... So two major salvage yards here...?

More Classic Propliners by Francis Blake on my website

Beech 18 N5600D for sale (2017)
At the auction site of Gallivan (@Mason City, Iowa) I found Beech E18S N5600D (c/n BA-296) - for sale at Mason City, Iowa.
This data was included on the website-
N5600D – 1956 BEECH E-18S, SN BA-296.
TT: 16,526 Time to Engine O/H – L=17,121 – R=17,325.

A recent online encounter: Greenwood Lake airport still has the Constellation on display. I visited it in 2009.
Greenwood Lake Airport and Constellation
See my tripreport USA & Canada 2009

Michael Menard wrote me (june 2017) that he found out this C-119 still stored at Asmara, Eritrea; when he googled for information he came across the page I created in 2005 - HERE...
C-119 at Asmara (GE 2017)
C-119 at Asmara (Google Earth)

Ron Mak recently shared some images from his impressive collection.
One I share here (for the others go HERE) for I have come across this N67017 a few times (2008 at Mesa's
Falcon Field
and at Greybul 2014), but before 2008 this damaged forward fuselage must have been replaced and I
would welcome information on 'the donor' - for I have no information on this. (EMAIL)

N67017 at Mesa Falcon Field, by Ron Mak (1978)
Douglas C-54 N67017 at Mesa Falcon Field near Phoenix (AZ), by Ron Mak (1978)
I wondered which aircraft supplied the forward fuselage for N67017 was later repaired...
Malcolm Nason provided the answer!
N67017 in Oct.1982 - by Malcolm Nason
"N44913 was the donor - incident date not known but repairs were prior to October 1982, when I took this photo
at Mesa of N44913 fitted with the damaged nose of N67017! Obviously they did a test grafting with it."
Link to image above on Flickr or


Terry Fletcher sent me this exquisite image of Stinson AT-19 NC33543 and WACO UEC NC12467; he wrote: "Yesterday (april 29th) morning, I drove over to Wolverhampton (Halfpenny Green) Airport and caught the first 3 hours of the 2-day event: 2017 Radial and Trainer Fly-In.

Stinso and WACO at Wolverhampton 2017 Fly In
NC12467 is a 1932 Waco UEC and Stinson AT-19 / V-77 NC33543 (ex/ FB645) dates from 1944.

 Wolverhampton 2017 Fly In
For a Terry's full coverage see
One can only envy England for such occasions! The British do have a special appreciation for heritage & history.

Provenance of NC12467 is covered at
Provenance of NC33543 is covered at
An-2 HA-MKF was giving pleasure rides.

Lockheed Constellation N90831 of Lake Havasu City
This is one photo of 12 I uploaded & updated today (07Jun2017) to Bill Hill's gallery.
The operator 'Lake Havasu City' is little known and this particular aircraft is the only surviving C-69, preserved..

I came across this museum, easily overlooked probably and so a small spotlight here on Museu de Bebedouro / Museu Eduardo André Matarazzo
Museu de Bebedouro

You'll find a list on LINK
Here's an article, unfortunately not in English
This Wikipedia page does not (yet) have an english version

Museu Eduardo André Matarazzo
Museu Eduardo André Matarazzo

Michel van Voorst sent me this photo, taken during a chance opportunity while enjoying holidays in Malaysia.CL.415 74-01 Maylasian Navy
CL.415 M71-01 Maritim Malaysia @Langkawi Airport, on 03May2017

The Canadair CL-415, later known as the Bombardier 415, is an amphibious aircraft from Canada purpose-built as a water bomber.
It is an aircraft designed and built specifically for aerial firefighting and is based on the company's CL-215.
In Malaysia the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency ordered two CL-415MP and Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor received two CL-415MPs.

'Two colourful CL-415MPs were accepted by the APMM in 2009. They are based at Subang.' -Scramble, OrBat

Two HS.748s are stored at Bar River (Echo Bay, Ontario P0S 1C0, Canada) where you will also find Springer Aerospace which does much of Basler's paintwork. One shouldn't neglect a visit when in the area of Sault Ste. Marie!

The bare metal one is C-FKTL (c/n 1613), ex/ Wasaya A/W; see also my Photos by Friend & Guests (22)HS.748s stored at Bar River, near Sault Ste Marie
The other one (white top, near the runway) must be HS.748 C-FGET (c/n 1724).

Phil Brooks sent me this in may 2017, he wrote: "American Airlines DC-3 photo taken at Buffalo, New York; taken by André Vallee, the father of a friend of ours (no date given)."

DC-3 NC16009 American Airlines 'Flagship", contributed by Phil Brooks provided the history of this Douglas DC-3A (c/n 1545)-
After Douglas' delivery to American Airlines and operations as NC16009 (note the 'U.S. Mail Air Express'-titles),
it saw use by Parks Air Lines on a lease), was also flown apparently by American A/L also as N16009, then moved to
Latin America for VASP and was registered as PP-SQH. After VASP c/n 1545 went to Nacional and it was reg'd
as PP-ANU and later this DC-3A-178 went to VARIG.

Below photos show a period of neglect but apparently, I suppose, the move to VARIG was to preserve it
and this has taken place: 'Preserved at POA @Museo do Varig, as PP-VRG.'
PP-ANU turned PP-VRG for preservation

Peter C. Hill sent me some great photos in reference to his visit to the crashsite of C-46 CF-HEI; for more you'll need to visit my gallery Abandoned Wrecks of the Arctic North
CF-HEI by Peter C. Hill
This was on 05Sep1978, a long walk to civilization if you got stranded here.

In the May 2017 edition of Scramble magazine #456) I read that HK-3349 had moved from Villivicencio (where it had been stored from around 2004 -ex/VIARCO Colombia- to around 2014) to Tiuma Park near Meta.
HK-.. at Tiuma Park, Colombia

See my Off-airport Latin America for more

You might want to keep track of Lufthansa's Starliner 'Super Star' restoration, which is hopefully nearing its completion

Lufthansa's Starliner restoration project

I have visited this location twice: see MY REPORT

Planned highlights for the year 2017

  • Installation of the engine cowlings, simultaneously serving as the main landing gear wheel wells. 
  • Installation of the main landing gears.
  • The scaffolding will be removed and the Super Star will sit again on its own wheels.
  • Installation of the overhauled rudders.
  • Installation of flight deck instrumentation.
  • Installation of electric and hydraulic systems.
  • Installation of flight control devices.

Follow it here but Ralph Pettersen's (N7316C) also follows it closely!

Came across this image by Warren Reed on Facebook, seems a recent one of DC-3 N56V undergoing restoration.

N56V by Warren Reed (Facebook)
The 'Piedmont DC-3 undergoing a cosmetic restoration at North Carolina Transportation Museum, Spencer, NC.

The tailnumber N56V causes some confusion! This is c/n 4900 while another N56V is c/n 33153 which
is preserved at the Erickson Aircraft Collection of Madras,OR.

C/n 4900 was previously on display in Durham,NC: preserved by the, North Carolina Museum of Life & Science.
Delivered on 24Mar42 to the USAAF (41-20130), as NC18600 it was leased by Western A/L (bt 01Aug49) and
became N56V Piedmont A/L named "Potomac Pacemaker" (bt 12Jan56).
It will be restored for static display, in a former railroad barn I understand!

History of the Piedmont Airlines DC-3 on
DC-3 airplane is being worked on at the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer on 01Apr2017 here: - - - museum-aviation-day/

Savannah Ford wrote me in Dec.2017: "I was doing some DC-3 research tonight, and I happened upon your page.  And lo and behold: N56V is on there!
I am one of the volunteers on that airplane. 
Here's the Facebook page for the restoration, which I run.

It is true that she will be a static display at the NCTM, but our current plans are (cross your fingers!) obtaining one of Piedmont Airlines' original hangars, which is still in existence, and build an 'airport' on the property, to house N56V and our Wright Flyer replica !
Let me know if you have any questions."

Piedmont Pacemaker DC-3 - courtesy Savannah York
Piedmont Pacemaker DC-3 - courtesy Savannah York, NCTM Aviation Team

Pierre Gillard shared this photo (a.o.) for Phase 1 of restoring DC-3 C-FDTD at St.Hubert, Canada
DC-3 C-FDTD in restoration 2017
More on C-FDTD on my 2009 report USCAN 2009 and the gallery I host for Ken Swartz HERE...

Here's an update of C-119 N8501W by 'JoeJoe' Prince, dated 28May2017:
C-119 N8501W at Palmer 2017
More on both C-119s, long time residents of Palmer,AK on my 2003 report (w/ link to updates)

I have a gallery hosted on my website of Martin 'JoeJoe' Prince Jr: PAGE 1 + PAGE 2

This is N1394N, some parts have been removed; does not look good...
C-119 N1394

Arjan van Willigenburg sent me these photos taken on 29Mar2017 at the War Memorial in Seoul, South Korea.

C-46 War Memorial Seoul, S.Korea

C-46 War Memorial Seoul, S.Korea
Curtiss C-46D Commando, registration 10-541 (c/n 22364)

C-46 War Memorial Seoul, S.Korea
The 'Remove Before Flight'pin & banner: in Korean, of course!

The 'War Memorial of Korea' is located in Yongsan-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
It opened in 1994 on the former site of the army headquarters to exhibit and memorialize the military history of Korea. The memorial building has six indoor exhibition rooms and an outdoor exhibition centre displaying war memorabilia and military equipment.

You'll find more military aircraft preserved in S.Korea (a.o) on my gallery Off-airport Asia.
Air Force Curtiss C-46D Commando (CW-20B-2) Reg.: 10-541 MSN: 22364

C-46 10-541 also on (15Jun2009)

Korean War Memorial, Seoul

Paul shared this on his Facebook:
1970s @Sitka
Paul Weston here: "This is @Sitka in the late 1970s.
Eagle Air had a USFS support contract with 5 Beavers and a few helicopters. Since it was not under FAR 135
regulations, our flight time was not limited. I flew this Beaver 800 hours in about 5 months!"

Tim Chaloner opens this new page Photos by Friends and Guests with images he took last 21-22-23 april (2017).

Unidentified C-47 at Yanks Museum
Tim remarked: "This WW2 DC-3 is outside the Yanks Air Museum at Chino. No registration visible."
This is Douglas C-47D Skytrain N60480 (c/n 9530); ex/ USAF 42-23668. That USAAF serial will
probably be added at some later date: 223668 or maybe in full?
My visit & report to Chino in 2008 still showed it as '0-23668' in grey/white colourscheme: HERE...

Yanks Museum
EXIF data show the date of the above photos to be 21Apr2017.

The Lockheed VC-121A Constellation 'Bataan' was been sold to Lewis Air Legends of Texas. In January 2016,
the 'Bataan' was flown to Planes of Fame Air Museum in Chino, CA for restoration by Fighter Rebuilders.
The restoration is expected to be completed in 2018.

On the above images Tim wrote: "I recently had an enjoyable trip to the greater Los Angeles area, and
thought I would send a few photos of the various propliners I saw. Apologies as some of the photos aren't great!

"The bare metal DC-3 is believed to be N47TF and was seen at Planes of Fame, Chino. Identity confirmation needed!" N47TF Preserved by Planes of Fame Air Museum at Chino.
That stripe on the rudder clinches the identityin my opinion to former N47TF in PSA colours; it seems that warbirds are far more popular at air shows, so I think this one will also be put in in inevitable WW2 scheme with invasion stripes...
C/n 12317 was ex/ 42-92509 (USAF), KG320 (RAF & RCAF), was reg'd CF-BVF (C-FBVF) for Terra Mining & Exploration, to Icarus Aviation, to Cotenair, leased by Avn Boréal and ATDB shows it being rereg'd N47TF "DAC Organization; Cinema Air Jet Center; Chino Warbirds / David Tallichet; Air Museum Inc (30Jan09)".
It was previously restored to a Pacific Southwest colourscheme - see my photo in that c/s or my 2008 report of the visit to Chino.

Next is Connie N422NA 'Bataan'. This was also at Planes of Fame @Chino. It had it's tail removed for inspection and restoration. As it has been on (open) display in Valle,AZ for some time, I was not aware it was actually airworthy, but it managed to fly to Chino somehow!"
[Note from the Webmaster- Lockheed C-121A Constellation N422NA / '8613' (c/n 2605) was preserved Planes of Fame Museum at Valle Airport Grand Canyon and was indeed quite the eye-catcher for people driving by. See my 2008 report including the history of 'Bataan']

Tim: "I got the distinct impression that the PoF and Yanks Museums are trying to out-do each other, as they both had quite a few of the same aircraft types on display. The main difference was the very new and air conditioned hangars at the Yanks Museum!"
And with both adding recently a Connie to their collection one does indeed get an impression of competition!

Constellation N548GF at Chino by Tim Chaloner
Constellation C-121T N548GF (c/n 4363) at Chino's Yanks Museum, by Tim Chaloner. Ex/ USAF 53-0548.
This Super Connie (L.1049) was on display at the Pima Air Museum '81-'94, and I came across it in 1995 having
moved to Camarillo,CA and N548GF was reg'd 07apr95 to Waynes Aviation Inc. Restored by
Wayne (!) Jones (of Global Aeronautical Foundation), but airworthiness work may have been done by Lockheed
Aeromod of Tucson,AZ) & this C-121T was subsequently flown on a limited show circuit on US Westcoast 1995-2000.
Then the owner (Wayne Jones?) died in 2001 and '548' was up for sale in March 2002 (usd 595.000,-). I think by
that time it had been grounded because wing corrosion was found. It remained for many years at Camarillo, grounded. Reg'd 24Jan06 to Yanks Air Museum. And it was ferried from Camrillo to Chino on 14Jan2012. In 2013 the museum
started a fundraiser to get 53-0458 back into the air but will probably need more doing, dollars & time...

See my April 2018 visit to the Yanks Air Museum

Propliners at Chino by Tim Chaloner

Tim: "The Martin 4-O-4 nose is also in the boneyard at Yanks in Chino, identity unknown; but presumably it was from one of the ex-PBA aircraft stored in Stennis? [RL: See my report on my 2001 visit to Stennis HERE..]
The unmarked C-123 is believed to be N87DT, which is stored in the 'boneyard' at the Yanks Museum."
Replies to the above: Martin 404 N40407, c/n 14107; indeed ex/ Provincetown-Boston Airline (PBA).

The Fairchild C-123K Provider is indeed N87DT (c/n 20030); ex/ USAF 54-0581.
I have N87DT with faded markings on my Propliners & Warbirds at Chino,CA (2008); at that time I had found that it had been registered to the Military Aircraft Restoration Corporation (MARC) since 12mar87.
Founder & President of MARC (a.k.a. Yesterday Air Force - YAF) David Tallichet died on 31Oct2007. Vice President is/was Cecilla Tallichet and the Chief Engineer Joe Krzeminski. The base was/is here at Chino Airport, California.
I found this on the website Pacific Wrecks ( which also included the following information: "Founded in the early 1970s as 'Yesterday's Air Force'. It is one of the longest running aircraft recovery and salvage companies, with hangers and storage space at Chino Airport.
Later renamed 'Military Aircraft Restoration Corporation' (MARC), they have been involved in dozens of recoveries, and a few restoration projects.
Tallichet is a WWII veteran himself, who served in Europe, and a successful businessman with a passion for old airplanes.
MARC is a private company, there is no museum open to the public, or displays."
N87DT was reg'd 17Apr17 to Yanks Air Museum.

See my April 2018 visit to the Yanks Air Museum

Tim continued his travels.

DC-3 N2298C
This 'Catalina Flying Boats' DC-3 is seen here at Long Beach, and not going anywhere for a while..!
Douglas C-47B N2298C c/n 33201/16453. Even in Aug.2009 it was reported @Long Beach in this state.
On 17Jul2017 it was reg'd to Preferred Air Parts (Kidron,OH), with DC-3's N882TP and N403JB.

DC-3 NC1005 'American Flagship'
DC-3 NC1005 'American Flagship', former ERA Classic Aviation N1944M.
"American DC-3 NC16005 in immaculate condition at the Lyon Air Museum in Santa Ana-Orange County/SNA.

C/n 19394 was once flown by Salair (Spokane, WA) as N394CA, until it moved in 1995 to Anchorage,AK for ERA Aviation which reconfigured it to freighter and it was rereg'd N1944M.
I came across it in ERA Classic Aviation c/s in Alaska (see my report) and I have it on my website Walt Brubaker looking back on flying ERA's N1944H.

In Oct.2003 I learned that both ERA Classic Aviation's N1944H and N1944M had moved to Reno,NV for the costs of the compulsory cockpitdoor reinforcement did not warrant their keep and both were offered for sale.
On 09May2008 it was reg'd N1944M LLC (Deleware,DE), rereg'd N16005 02Dec08 and noted in august 2009 at the newly established Lyon Air Museum in California.
N1944H was restored as a fine vintage airliner in PAA livery, see my D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019) report.

" The interior shot is from this aircraft also."
DC-3 NC1005 'American Flagship'
The above photos date from 22Apr2017

Next is Palm Springs (23Apr2017)
C-47 476423 at Palm Springs
C-47 476423 (N60154, c/n 32755/16007) at Palm Springs,CA.
Its previous identities were: 44-76423 KN381 OT-CWR/K-39 476423 4X-FNV/035 4X-DCE

C-119 preserved at Palm Springs Air Museum
C-119 '927' preserved at Palm Springs Air Museum
"This C-119G nose was also at the museum. I attach a photo of the construction plate, which appears to show # 257."

I could keep my research for this C-119 close to home as I have quite a dossier on it on my own website!

'927' belonged for many years to Ed Rachanski 's Vintage Racing Car and Aviation Museum in Henderson,NV.
Ed flew a C-119G from Ashiya (Japan) and modified this airframe to resemble 'his' plane.
But it is in fact 53-8154 (USAF, C-119G converted to C-119L in 1973) which he acquired from H&P of Greybull,WY (N90267, c/n 257).
Joe Baugher's website ( added: 'To civil register as N4999P, then as N90267, Stebbins Air Transport, broken up at Anchorage, AK.  Forward fuselage on display at Palm Springs Air Museum, California in May 2013.'
My C-119 Dossier, page 2 has links to how I found it still at Greybull as well as a pic of '927'  going on transport to California and its initial display outside the Palm Spring Aviation Museum.



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