Propliners, warbirds and bushplanes by Ken Swartz

Photos © Ken Swartz

Ken Swartz shares my interest in vintage aircraft and aviation history. His focus includes the vintage large multi propellor aircraft as well as 'sky trucking' bushplanes.
Comments with the photographs are mainly Ken's, additional information is sometimes added by the webmaster.

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Zantop's Electra's languishing at Willow Run
Lockheed Electra's at YIP

Ken wrote: "I visited the Detroit area in June 2009 and came across propliners at The Henry Ford Museum and Willow Run Airport.
At the latter I was disappointed by the declining population of propliners, with the five remaining Zantop L-188s appear to be destined for the scrapyard.
In the mid-1990s, you could walk amongst 30+ propliners (CV580, CV600, DC-4, DC-6, Convair 240, L-188, Beech 18, Volpar) but the scrapman has taken most of these aircraft away, after they were first stripped of their engines. See Ian MacFarlane's page.
On these photos are five remaining L-188s, all without engines.
There were still a couple of Convairs at the north end of the field, but they were too far away to identify." 

Several of these made it to Keystone Heights Air Park in Florida, for MDHD Rockland Aerospace; early 2018 the following were reported: N282F, N286F, N340HA and N346HA. See Photos by Friends & Guests #54

C-7 Caribou at Willow Run, being restored

The Yankee Air Museum's DHC-4 (c/n 2) was recently painted up in U.S. Army colours. A Toronto group tried to bring this, the second prototype DHC-4, back to the de Havilland Canada (DHC) factory at Downsview in 2008, but without success alas.
The serial of '24171' is false, the original 62-4171 (c/n 110) was transferred to the South Vietnam Air Force in 1972.


The Detroit News ran an item on DetNews.Com 15Sep09, reporting the Willow Run Airport 'in dire straights':
Nathan Hurst / The Detroit News
Van Buren Township -- Willow Run airport is facing severe financial problems and officials are considering a number of cost-saving options, from leasing the facility to possibly closing it.
The airport's future essentially depends on how quickly the economy rebounds and whether Willow Run can hang on until then.
It's a far cry from the heyday at the airport, which provided a major cargo launching point for Detroit's "Arsenal of Democracy" weaponry during World War II, and was carrying passengers before Metro Airport.
The authority cut Willow Run's budget to $5.88 million for fiscal year 2009, which ends Sept. 30, and is looking to cut it again in 2010, to $3.26 million.
In the end, the airlines pick up the overrun for Willow Run, since the authority doesn't take taxpayer dollars.
This year, the amount of cargo shuttling in and out of Willow Run has been running at less than half the levels seen last year, which were far below levels seen in 2007.
The number of operations at the airport -- a count of how many take-offs and landings -- is down significantly as well. That's due to a falloff in business from the Big Three automakers, as well as waning interest from general aviation and private charter operations.
Willow Run used to handle scheduled passenger service, but an agreement with the airlines operating at Metro Airport prohibits it from serving such flights, along with charter flights where tickets are sold publicly. So the airport's business relies on cargo and private air traffic.

B-17 'Yankee" B-17 Flying Fortress 'Yankee Lady'
The Yankee Air Museum has an excellent collection and is worthy of a visit. Part of its (flying) collection is this World war 2 bomber, "Yankee Lady".

The museum offered the following information:
B-17G-110-VE, N3193G, was delivered to the U. S. Army Air Corps as 44-85829, then transferred to the U. S. Coast Guard as PB-1G, BuNo 77255 in September 1946.
It served at NAS Elizabeth City, North Carolina until May 1959.
Ace Smelting Incorporated of Phoenix, Arizona bought it on May 11, 1959, gave it its current registration, then sold it to Fairchild Aerial Surveys of Los Angeles, CA the same month.
Aero Services Corporation of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania acquired it on August 2, 1965 and sold it to Beigert Brothers of Shickley, Nebraska on October 1, 1965.
Aircraft Specialties Incorporated of Mesa, Arizona bought it on March 19, 1966 and flew it as tanker c34 and later tanker #34.
It was flown to Hawaii in January 1969 to appear in the movie Tora Tora Tora.
Globe Air Incorporated of Mesa, AZ acquired it along with B-17G-85-DL, N9563Z on February 18, 1981. It is now named "Yankee Lady" and flies for the Yankee Air Museum at Yspilanti, Michigan.

C-47 476716

The Yankee Air Museum (YAM) is the owner and operator of this Douglas C-47 transport which is available for airshows, flybys & film and is also available for Member trips.
476716 (N8704) is a C-47D 'Skytrain' with c/n 16300/33048 and wears its original USAAF serial.
More info on the museum's website.

The Henry Ford (they have dropped the word 'Museum' from the name) is a must visit attraction on the scale of the Smithsonian in DC, with a rare collection of aircraft and a large park (Greenfield Village) full of historic buidings including the original bicycle shop and family home of the Wright brothers....
Fokker Universal

On May 9, 1926, Byrd and pilot Floyd Bennett attempted a flight over the North Pole in a Fokker F-VII Tri-motor called the 'Josephine Ford'. This flight went from Spitsbergen (Svalbard) and back to its take-off airfield. Byrd claimed to have reached the Pole. [Josephine Ford Arctic Expedition, Wikipedia]
The Fokker Universal of "Standard" was the first aircraft built in the United States that was based on the designs of Dutch-born Anthony Fokker, who had designed aircraft for the Germans during World War I. About half of the 44 Universals that were built between 1926 and 1931 in the United States were used in Canada. Among the famous pilots who flew the Fokker Universal were Punch Dickins and Walter Gilbert.


The Aviation Galleries of The Henry Ford museum were re-modeled in 2003 to celebrate the U.S. Centennial of Flight.
These photos show a DC-3, Boeing 40, Ford Trimotor and Fokker Trimotor, plus the original Wright brothers bicycle shop where they did their early aviation work.
This brick building and the wooden Wright family home were moved from Dayton to Greenfield Village in Dearborn by Ford.
The museum is located across the street from what was the Ford Airport. The site is now used by Ford for design and development and includes a test track.

DC-3 in the Henry Ford
Douglas DC-3-201B N21728 (c/n 2144) in the Heroes of the Sky gallery.


Kenneth I. Swartz visited the Canadian Bushplane Museum_Sault Ste Marie on 07Oct2014 and submitted photos of his visit. Due to time constraints and being museum aircraft and rather static I made the following compilations.

 Canadian Bushplane Museumat Sault Sainte Marie, visit by Ken Swartz

 Canadian Bushplane Museum_Sault Ste Marie

Ken Swartz added some notes on his visit to the Canadian Bushplane Museum:
"I found the following aircraft of most interest at the Museum:
1) CF-EIR_Fairchild F-11 Husky
Fairchild Aircraft of Canada built 12 F-11 Husky's at Longueuil, Quebec after the war.
The aircraft competed against the Beaver and lost a big order from the Ontario government.
The Husky had a rear loading hatch and could carry a canoe internally .. or sticking out the back of the aircraft. The cabin had more volume than the Beaver but it was underpowered (or often overloaded).
In the early 1960's former wartime Fairchild test pilot Archie MacKenzie reengined Husky CF-EIM in Vancouver with a British Alvis Leonides radial engine to provide more power. In the mid-1970s, Harrison Airways announced plans to put the Husky back into production.
The second Husky, C-FEIL was rebuilt using the original Fairchild tooling by Saunders Aircraft at their factory at Gimli, Manitoba and outfitted with a Alvis Leonides and flown to Vancouver as C-GCYV. When Harrison Airways went bankrupt in about 1977-1978, this aircraft sat outside at YVR and was acquired by the Western Canada Aviation Museum.

The WCAM was very active salvaging bush planes from crash sites in the 1970s and early 1980s. This included the prototype CF-BQC which crashed in BC and CF-MAN which crashed in the Yukon. Both these wrecks were seen on October 2014 in the WCAM storage yard at St Andrews Airport north of Winnipeg.

Two other Leonides Husky's on the west coast - CF-EIR and CF-SAQ - last flew with Island Air at the Campbell River, which became part of Air BC. In August 1980 both aircraft were were retired and dismantled at the Campbell River spit seaplane awaiting donations to museums.
Air BC donated CF-EIR to the WCAM and it later went to the Bushplane Museum. And AirBC CF-SAQ went to the Canadian Museum of Flight near Vancouver.

The last Husky in service was CF-EIM which spent most of its career from the late 1960s flying with Jack Anderson's North Coast Air Service at Seal Cove in Prince Rupert. It was the last airworthy Husky by 1980 and in about 1984-1985 had a landing accident and sank near Seal Cove. It was salvaged and donated in the summer of 1985 to the Canadian Museum of Flight and Transportation which already had CF-SAQ in its collection.

Vazar owns the STC for the most popular DHC-3 Turbo Otter kit.
In the 1990s, Vazar announced plans put the F-11 back into production as a single engine turboprop with a PT6 and bought a couple F-11s from Museums and these aircraft are reportedly stored on a farm in the Langley, or Abbotsford area, east of Vancouver.
There has been no recent news on this project. Vazar bought one or two Fairchild F-11s from museums.

2) C-FAYE DH 87 Dragon Rapide
This aircraft was acquired by the Museum from the family of George Lemay in Alberta after his death. It carries the registration of an earlier Canadian DH.87

This is the prototype Turbo Beaver. It was used as a chase plane at DHC until it was involved in an accident in the late 1980s. It was moved to the DHC bone yard, accident sold for scrap, bought back by Boeing DHC and given initially to the DHC Employees Sports Club. It was displayed briefly at the Toronto Aerospace Museum in the Early 2000s, then donated to the Canadian Bushplane Museum where it was restored in about 2014 to its original markings.

4) The Saunders ST-27 was stretched twin PT-6 conversion of a four engine DH 114 Heron developed by David Saunders.
The first prototype ST-27, CF-YBM-X powered by PT6-A27s flew on 28May1969; 12 conversions were completed. Saunders Aircraft moved from Montreal-Dorval to Gimili Manitoba in early 1971.
The new ST-28 was being developed when the company folded in 1976.

 Canadian Bushplane Museum_Sault Ste Marie

 Canadian Bushplane Museum_Sault Ste Marie

Most of the aircraft of the Canadian Bushplane Museum listed below are found among the photos above:
CF-EIR Fairchild F-11 Husky
CF-BNI DH 83C__Sault Ste Marie_20141007
C-FAYE DH 87 Dragon Rapide
CF-... Buhl, wreck
Beech 18
C-FUWE Beech 18
S-2 Firecat
C-FIXY FBA-2C1 Canadian Timberlands (CPX8) Bushplane Museum Dock, Sault Ste Marie
N378V DHC-2 - Bushplane Museum Dock, Sault Ste Marie (2014-10-07)



Ken Swartz recently shared these images (sent Feb.2017) with me as he had been on a glorious propliner roadtrip on the US westcoast last year.

Aerometal's restoration facility at Aurora Airport, Oregon.
N18121, on the left (behind yellow Stearman), on the right with blue strip and US flag: N341A and in the
back, without wings, an unidentified one.

C-47A N115SA at Aurora Airport, Oregon
Douglas C-47A N115SA at Aurora Airport on 09Aug2016. Still ways to go for restoration.
In 2012 I saw it at the Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum, but the museum wasn't open, had closed shop by then?

N115SA was registered 03Dec03 for First Flight Out Inc., Charlotte,NC. By Nov04 First Flight Out had ceased to operate and N115SA was offered for sale on eBay during Nov.2004; with a recorded ttl 27.863hrs.
Soon after it was located on private airstrip near Hondo,TX.
Reg'd 23Feb07 to James T.Hunt of La Habra Heights,CA. Reported on 26Oct07 at Chino,CA.
Then 25Jun09 it was reported as N1159, but this could be a mispole.
Since 12Nov09 registered to Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum of Portland, OR.

Roy Blewett advised me:"N115SA moved to Aurora from Hillsboro in Oct.2012 and is now owned by the Down Ampney Project. It will be restored into RAF D-Day markings and eventually go to the UK.
Further information here: (Info by Feb.2017)

I came across this N115SA in 2012 (see MY 2012 REPORT, which also has a link to a .pdf doc intercepted when it was offered for sale, providing interesting details.
My 2012 page also has details of its career since it started as C-47A and joined the war effort in 1944.

In Scramble #479 (April 2019) I read that N115SA was reg'd to Aerometal in May 2018 but spotted on 03Mar19 at Basler's Oshkosh facility (wings fitted but various parts missing).

C-49 N15748 unmarked fuselage at Aerometal, Aurora, OR
This is Douglas C-49K N15748 (c/n 6337); it will never fly again.
Once exhibited inside the 'Museum of Flight' on Boeing Field, Seattle,WA. More on my Photo by Friends & Guests (46)

Ken wrote:
"Aerometal International is dedicated to the restoration, maintenance, and preservation of classic, vintage and warbird historic aircraft.
During my visit to Aurora Airport on August 2016, there were three DC-3s being restored inside the hangar for private clients. The restoration work we saw was extensive and included in-depth airframe inspections, anti-corrosion treatment, complete rewiring and the restoration of classic airline and VIP interiors.
A couple of the people working in the workshop on the day of our tour have also restored historic aircraft at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in nearby McMinnville, OR".

Republic RC-3 Seabee N6481K
This Republic RC-3 SeaBee N6481K (c/n 736) is preserved at the Evergreen Air Museum in McMinnville, Oregon.
Date of visit was 09Aug2016.
I am very fond of this peculiar aircraft, the Seabee, which enjoyed a second career as a bushplane.
I visited this impressive museum in 2012, see My REPORT; the museum ran into financial difficulties and since 2012
various planes of the collection, were sold but I think there is till a lot to see and enjoy.

CV580 N580HW
Convair CV580 N580HW (c/n 2), operated by Honeywell Int'l Inc (registered to them since 1992!). PAE 08Aug16

Honeywell's CV580 is one of the oldest in the world. It is used to test fly modern avionics.
Several flight test aircraft are based at PAE, including the CV580 and an Eurocopter AS350 helicopter.
Paine Field, also known as Snohomish County Airport (IATA: PAE, ICAO: KPAE) is a small international airport
located in Snohomish County, between Mukilteo and Everett,WA.
The Honeywell PAE-base is supposed to close and these aircraft are expected to move to Arizona (or New Mexico?).

Beech 18 N103AF
Beech G18S N103AF (c/n BA-526); it is operated by Point-to-Point Air, a Seattle area charter service.
N013AF is seen here at Arlington (KAWO),WA on 08Aug2016. That is where I came across it too, my USA 2014


This update was added on 27Feb2017:

DHC-3 C-FSUB by Ken Swartz
deHavilland DHC-3 C-FSUB (c/n 8) of Air Mount Laurier at Sainte-Veronique (27May2016)

Air Mount Laurier has a float plane base in the Village of Sainte Veronique in the Rivière Rouge area.
The bush flying service has 6 fly-in camps on isolated lakes north of Sainte Veronique for hunting, fishing and wilderness adventures.

The company also has a float plane base at LG4, which is a northern logistics hub serving Hydro-Québec's James Bay Project. The name refers to the the La Grande-4 hydroelectric generating station on the La Grande River.
The air service also has a remote caribou hunting camp in the far north of Quebec.

Sainte-Veronique is located 62 km north of St Jovite (now part of Mont-Tremblant) and 192 km Northwest of Montreal, Quebec.
Lake Ouimet in St Jovite was the site of the famous Grey Oaks resort founded by the Wheeler family in a wilderness area north of Montreal.
Grey Oaks resort was one of the first companies in Canada to use aircraft to fly guests to remote hunting and fishing camps, and Grey Oaks was one of the first Canadian resorts to have an airstrip and invite US pilots in the 1930s to fly directly to the resort for a holiday.

Wheeler Air Service operated a large fleet of floatplanes in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s to serve its guests and for charter to natural resource industries and government agencies.
Wheeler was a major contractor supporting construction of early warning radar lines in northern Canada in the 1950s and a prime contractor on the massive budworm spraying contracts in New Brunswick in the 1950.
After the Second World War, the Wheeler family helped develop the Mount Tremblant resort which ultimately became a bigger attraction than Grey Oaks.
The grass airport Wheeler build at Lake Ouimet still exists but float planes are no longer allowed on the lake and the famous Grey Oaks resources burnt down in the last decade...
No Bush planes or Propliners can be found at Lake Ouimet today, but Air Mount Laurier to the north carries on a tradition that Tom Wheeler began in the 1920s!

Karl E. Hayes wrote a lengthy article on Otter c/n 8 in his DHC-3 monograph, like 3 pages of text. I have cut it down a bit.

Msn 8 was delivered to the RCAF with serial 3662 on 28th March 1953, the same day as 3661, the Force's first Otter.
Its first assignment was to 408 Squadron, Rockcliffe, carrying the unit's MN code, the squadron history recording that by 2nd April '53 3662 was engaged on local pilot familiarisation flights. It was transferred to 102 Communications Unit, Trenton in September 1953.
Subsequently, date?, it joined 111 Communications & Rescue Flight at Winnipeg, taking that unit's PW code. It was involved in the rescue activity for USAF B-47 tail number 17013 which crashed in the Big Sandy Lake, Saskatchewan area on 12th February 1955

The Otters operated out of Winnipeg on wheel-skis during the winter, and on floats from Lac du Bonnet during the summer; 3662 continued in service with 111 Communications & Rescue Flight at Winnipeg until September 1957, when it went to No.6 Repair Depot at Trenton for storage as a reserve aircraft.

It was sold to DHC in June 1965, who converted it to civilian configuration.
The Otter was then sold to Coast Range Airways Ltd of Atlin,BC to whom it was registered on 7th February 1966 as CF-SUB. Atlin is in the northern part of the Province, near to the Yukon border. The Otter was hauling fuel, diamond drills and supplies for mining and exploration camps.
In the spring of 1967 Coast Range Airways was purchased by Trans North Turbo Air Ltd of Whitehorse, Yukon principally for its helicopter charter licence and its one Bell 47G helicopter.

Otter SUB continued to serve the mining industry, remaining registered to Coast Range Airways, then a subsidiary of Trans North Turbo Air. At that time, it was the only Otter in the vicinity of the Yukon and
was much in demand.
It was also used during the summers of 1966 and 1967 for water-bombing forest fires with a 'torpedo-type' tank hung under the fuselage. On 16th November 1967, the Otter received some damage at its Atlin base but was repaired.

In the fall of 1967, Trans North Turbo Air sold the fixed-wing portion of their fleet, a Super Cub, Beaver and the Otter SUB to Great Northern Airways Ltd of Calgary.
The Otter was reg'd to Great Northern Airways on 17th July 1968 and painted in a blue colour scheme with red cheat line.
During the summer of that year, a blown jug caused a forced landing onto Margaret Lake, a small lake north of Mayo in the Yukon. After the necessary repairs were made to the engine, the take-off was not so successful and the Otter went careening into the bush at the end of the lake, tearing the floats off and doing much damage to the fuselage.
The aircraft had to be slung out in pieces to a nearby strip and bushrepaired, using parts from a steel bed frame to re-enforce it for the ferry flight out. It headed south to Field Aviation, Calgary for repair and was then temporarily fitted with a set of borrowed amphibious floats, so that it could finish the season based out of Inuvik in the Northwest Territories.

CF-SUB continued to fly for Great Northern Airways until that carrier went bankrupt in December 1970. Its assets and licences were bought by International Jet Air Ltd of Calgary.
Their main interest was the 'E'-category licence which Great Northern had held, which enabled International Jet Air to establish a scheduled and charter service over the routes Great Northern had operated, using a fleet of Lockheed L188 Electras.
On 5th April 1971 Otter CF-SUB was registered to International Jet Air, but it was not operated by them and was kept in storage at Calgary.
They sold on the 'D'-licence (for DC-3 operations) to Northward Airlines of Edmonton, and the 'A-', 'B-' and
'C-'licences which Great Northern Airways had held (for operation of aircraft in the Cessna 185 up to Otter category) to Trans North Turbo Air, and included in the sale were four Beavers, two Aztecs and Otter SUB.
The Otter was registered C-FSUB to Trans North Turbo Air (1971) Ltd on 4th May 1972 and painted in an all yellow colour scheme with red trim.

The Otter was operated by Trans North Turbo Air alongside a fleet of Beavers and Turbo Beavers for the next seven years. For winter 1972 it was based out of Inuvik on wheel-skis, for reindeer management, seismic and oil exploration support.
During the summers it flew from Schwatka Lake, Whitehorse on floats.
During this period of operation with Trans North Turbo Air, there were a few incidents recorded but damages were repaired.

In 1978 Trans North Turbo Air decided to get out of single-engined fixed wing bush flying.
Otter C-FSUB was sold in the fall of 1978 to a Vancouver man named Walter Davidson, who was in the logging business, but its next operator was Tyee Airways Ltd of Sechelt, BC to whom it was registered on 23rd April 1979.
The Otter flew down to Sechelt, which is just north of Vancouver, where it joined the Tyee fleet of Beavers and Cessna 185s. Sechelt is a native word for 'place of shelter from the sea'.

The Otter did not stay long with Tyee Airways, and its next posting was in fact back to Whitehorse in the Yukon, where it joined the fleet of Air North Charter & Training Ltd, to whom it was registered on 12th June 1980, named 'Bert'.

Air North are one of the major operators in the Yukon and C-FSUB resumed its charter operations throughout the Territory, flying alongside Air North's other Otter C-FQOQ.
Only one incident is recorded while SUB was flying for Air North, exact date unknown, but it was not long after the Otter entered service with them. The accident site was about 250 miles from Dawson City. The Otter landed on a section of the Dempster Highway, which also served as an airstrip, but had run off the strip, causing considerable damage to the propeller, engine mount, cabin roof and a bent right wing.
The repairs were carried out by Denny McCartney, the whole episode being well described in his excellent book 'Picking Up The Pieces'. This book is a great and recommended read!

After 4 years of service in the Yukon with Air North, 'SUB returned to the Vancouver area when it was purchased by Harbour Air Ltd. It arrived in Vancouver on 4th October 1984
It emerged from the hangar on 21st March 1985 in full Harbour Air colours, on floats. It was registered to Harbour Air on 30th April 1985.
It flew with them for that summer, before heading north up the BC coast to Prince Rupert, where it was registered to North Coast Air Services Ltd on 1st November 1985. It joined their fleet of 4 Beavers, a Fairchild Husky and a Grumman Mallard and flew for North Coast for nearly 2 years.

Having served all of its commercial existence thus far in Western Canada, it then moved eastwards, where its next operator was V.Kelner Airways of Pickle Lake,ONT to whom it was registered on 3rd June 1987.
It flew that summer out of Pickle Lake and then moved further east, when it was acquired by Cargair Ltee of Quebec, to whom it was registered on 1st October 1987.
Since then, SUB has served with Cargair, based at St.Michel-des-Saints during the summer months on floats, being put into storage each winter.
The Otter was used to fly tourists, hunters and fishermen into the beautiful wilderness areas of Quebec. It also supports exploration camps in the James Bay area.

During the caribou hunting season of August/September each year, the Otter flies out of the LG-4 base on the La Grande river, flying the hunters to the James Bay region in search of their prey, before returning to St.Michel-des-Saints for winter storage.
As of May 2001, the Otter had accumulated 21,000 airframe hours.
' SUB was noted in the hangar at St.Michel-des-Saintes on 4th May 2004 having just had a new R-1340 engine installed. It entered the water the following day for the first flight of the 2004 summer season.

In 2007 the bush aircraft division of Cargair, including the Otter, was purchased by Air Mont Laurier (1985) Inc of Ste.Veronique, Quebec to whom C-FSUB was registered on 5th April 2007.
Air Mont Laurier also operate Otter C-GGSC (366), both Otters still with their original R-1340 engines.


DHC-3 C-GGSC by Ken Swartz (2016)
deHavilland DHC-3 C-GGSC (c/n 366) of Air Mount Laurier; also at Sainte-Veronique (27May2016)

Karl E. Hayes wrote a lengthy article on Otter c/n 366 in his DHC-3 Otter monograph. I have cut it down a bit to fit the purpose of this website and –page. It describes nicely its history and use over the years.

Otter msn 366 was delivered to the United States Army on 25th March 1960 with serial 59-2222.
It was allocated to Fort Riley,KS as an operational support aircraft and in April 1962 it joined the 17th Aviation Company, Fort Ord, California.
In February 1966 92222 joined the Otter Transition School at Fort Ord, CA where it acquired the nick name 'Quad Deuce'. Its role was to transport soldiers to and from Travis AFB and to transport VIPs and cargo to other military installations, notably Crissy Field, San Francisco.
Also included was aerial medical evacuation for wounded soldiers returning from Vietnam and participated in air shows and displays throughout California and Nevada.

92222 continued flying for the School until it closed. With the withdrawal of the Otter from service in Vietnam in the early part of 1971, there was no longer a need for an Otter Transition School.
In May '71 'Quad Deuce' moved to Fort Lewis, Seattle,WA as an operational support aircraft. In July 1972 its official record describes it as being loaned out for non-military use, which was the Environmental Protection Agency survey project.
This lasted until February 1976, when it joined the Army Electronics Command at Lakehurst NAS,NJ as a test aircraft.

In August 1976 'Quad Deuce' headed west, crossed the country to its new base at Fort Huachuca,AZ where it served as a test aircraft supporting the Electronic Proving Ground. The Otter continued flying from Fort Huachuca until its military career came to an end in April 1979.

On 24th April '79 it was transferred to the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) registered N5072F and assigned to the CAP's Southwest Region,TX.
It was put up for sale the following year, and by Bill of Sale dated 1st May 1980 was sold by the CAP to Waggoner Aircraft Inc of Wiley Post Airport, Bethany,OK.
At that stage of its career, it had 6,116 hours on the airframe.

On 8th July 1980 it was sold on by Waggoner Aircraft Inc to Air Ranger Ltd of Winnipeg. It appears that the Otter had remained in Texas, as it was ferried from there to Winnipeg, where it was overhauled by Manwest Aviation and registered C-GGSC to Air Ranger.
It was then sold to Raecom Air Ltd and headed north to its new base at Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories.

For the next seven years it flew out of Yellowknife, on floats during the summer and on wheel-skis in winter.
It was sold in August 1987 to Air Mont-Laurier (1985) Inc of Ste.Veronique - Lac Tiberiade,QUE.
At that stage, its airframe hours had increased to 8,272 and it was described as being in 'rough condition', after many years service in the harsh conditions of the Northwest Territories.
Between 5th and 7th August 1987 it was ferried Yellowknife-Stony Rapids-Thompson-Pickle Lake-Val D'Or-Laval for complete overhaul.

On 27th May '88 it arrived at its new base at Ste.Veronique and entered service with Air Mont Laurier.
Air Mont Laurier is a family business run by Norman Ouellette together with his wife and two sons, both bush pilots. As well as the Otter, the fleet comprised two Beavers and a Cessna 206. The aircraft were active during the summer months only, May to end September and were used to bring fishermen and hunters into the bush country to the north of Ste.Veronique. The company runs 4 fishing camps, the furthest away at Lac du Male, a flight of one hour 15 minutes.
Each year, from mid August to end September, the Otter heads north to Fort Chimo, Quebec for the annual caribou hunt, before returning to base where it is stored for the winter.

As at April 2001 the total time had increased to 13,031 hours. The Otter was still in service during the summer of 2004 and as we can see continues to do until the present day (2016).

Source: 'DHC-2 Otter - a history' by Karl E. Hayes (published 2005, with subsequent updates in 2007 & 2008).


DC-3 C-FDTD by Ken Swartz (2016)
Douglas DC-3 C-FDTD at St Hubert (YHU) - 21May2016
Note that the DC-3 is painted grey and only on this side; apparently it had graffiti all over it.
Montréal/Saint-Hubert Airport (IATA: YHU, ICAO: CYHU) is located in the Saint-Hubert borough of Longueuil, QUE..
The airport is located 16 km (9.9 mi) east of Downtown Montreal. [-Wikipedia]

The original plan was to establish a museum and Aerovision acquired a DC-3, Canso and Viscount.
The museum plans suffered a set back when the St Hubert air base was sold.
Fondation Aérovision Québec (FAQ) shifted its focus to the creation of a Quebec aviation hall of fame and the Viscount was sold to a college in Laval.
The DC-3 and Canso are still stored at St Hubert airport.
See how I found these aircraft on my US-Canada 2009 trip.

Here's how 2017 progress is made for another restoration effort:
C-FDTD Douglas DC-3 MSN 12253, Avialogs - Saint-Hubert, QC - CYHU - 20-05-2017. 1 restoration - unfortunately it did NOT work out..

See also

This project did not work out and in Dec.2018 C-FDTD was put on eBay: buy or it gets scrapped!
See my item on Photos by Friends & Guests #56 (Dec.2018)

Convair without markings, inviting identification!
Convair CV580 N??? at Rickenbacker Airport (LCK),OH (05Mar2016).
Anyone with an idea of its identity & owner? N589X has been suggested as most likely candidate: EMAIL

I thought N584E to be a candidate (reported Opa Locka/KOPF 10Nov2010, all white and no titles), but that one was reported in 2011 as "On 11/03/2011 it left for Guadalajara, Mexico MMGL and was subsequently parked there still in an all white colour scheme. During January 2012 it was re-reg as XA-UPL and reportedly about to join the Airlink fleet."
N581P (c/n 29) was all white in 2014, but reportedly stored at Opa Locka.FL (2014 image).
Next I thought N582P a candidate, but I have that one as 'at Columbus-LCK 28Sep2007 minus tail'. Then I looked down at the next photo and there it is on this very page (repaired!).
And N585P? Can't be because Kenneth Meegan has it (here, a/w & stored in 2014) on Flickr and during the same visit had the unmarked also, here.

The AoC of Air Tahoma revoked in Jan.2009, after a CV580 crashed on a post-maintenance test flight (probably N587X 01Sep08 - see ASN report) and subsequent audit.
I ran out of 'stored @LCK' Convair on the database... Anyone?
See below copied thread of Classic-Propliners where N589X was offered a candidate!

On Yahoo's Classic-Propliners forum a thread was started 07Feb17, with the following report posted and query by 'Bell47g3' (alias for Ken Swartz):
I photographed 8 Convair airframes in a fenced compound at LCK Rickenbacker International Airport, Ohio on 05Mar16. Assume most are ex-Air Tahoma.
I've managed to ID seven of the eight aircraft, three of which had no tails. Still need to identify the all white CV580 freighter parked between between N582P and N585P?

East Side of Compound
Convair CV580, N582P, intact, white with blue/red cheat line, engine cowlings, no props, (ex-RCAF)
Convair CV580, ????, intact, all white, engine cowlings, no props, parked between N582P and N585P
Convair CV580 N585P, intact, all white, engine cowlings, no props
Convair CV580 EC-GSJ, no US reg visible, DHL red/white c/s & titles, no engines, cowlings or rudder

West Side of Compound
Convair C-131A, N882P?, white/blue/red, on landing gear, but wings and tail cut off
Convair CV580, N73104, white with blue/grey cheat line, but wings and tail cut off (markings matched to photo)
Convair N13126, white with blue/grey cheat line, but wings and tail cut off
Convair VT-29B, N156PA, white/blue/red, on landing gear, but with outboard wings cut off and no rudder
George Armstrong suggested on C-P: "The all white one I think is N589X, through a process of elimination. Mexico sale did not come to pass ('ntu'). Re-regd to N589X Inc, as N589X, date 19Jun14."
Chris Trott posted:"N589X was supposed to be flown to Mexico as the spares aircraft for N584E and N588X (which became XA-UPL and XA-TRB)."
A little bit of history on N589X c/n 459 from my (RL/ webmaster) files
Ex/C-GGWF, dlvd to EAT/DHL 22Jan1988 reg'd OO-DHL; current in 1996.
Leased to Swiftair may00 as EC-HMS.
Ln NCE 10Dec01. Ln 27Dec03 DHL @BRU.
Rr 22Aug06 N589X (=Air Tahoma) N589X. Passed thru SNN 15Sep06.
Ln Rickenbacker,OH ..Sep06 in DHL c/s.
Reg canx 21Oct08, sold to Mexico XA-...
Reg N589X current on FAA's N-inquiry website, R19Jun14; no mention of exported. ./end.


CV580 N582P by Ken Swartz (2016)
Convair CV580 N582P (c/n 475; ex/CF-LMN -once ex/ RCAF) at Rickenbacker Airport (LCK),OH (05Mar2016)
I came across N582P in 2006 at Vancouver Int'l Airport, while being unloaded.

This aircraft was completed by Canadair as a CV540 with Napier Eland turboprops

The Electric Boat Company bought of Groton,CT bought Canadair Ltd. from the Canadian Government after the World War Two.
Electric Boat Company and Canadair became the nucleus around which General Dynamics Corp was formed in 1952.
General Dynamics owned Convair and Canadair.
When Convair cleared out the CV440 line in San Diego to build the CV880, the unsold CV440 and production tools and jigs were acquired by Canadair.
Three inherited Convair 440s became Canadair CL-66s (CV540s) and completed with 3,500 hp Napier Eland turboprop engines
These were CF-LMA, CF-LMN and CF-MKO …
These aircraft made extensive demo tours of North and South America and in Europe.
One was also flown experimentally by Allegheny Airlines.
And the two or three aircraft were later flown by Quebecair in 1961 and 1962.

The three early civil aircraft were returned to Canadair in 1962 or 1963 and then flown by the RCAF as serial 11161 (CF-LMN), 11162 (CF-LMA) and 11163 (CF-MKO)
CF-LMN and CF-MKO were sold to Allison, re-engined with 501s turboprops and sold to North Central Airlines.
The third, CF-LMA was sold to a broker, re-engined and sold to Avensa in Venezuela

The RCAF ordered 10 new CL-66s delivered with Napier Eland turboprop engines which were extremely unreliable.
Seven of the 10 new CL-66s were later re-engined with Allison 501s.
Two others 11155 and 11158 were used for spares and 11153 was destroyed during an oxygen fire during maintenance.
(One can find info & fate of these CL66s on my page dedicated to my visit to Saskatoon in 2007).

Information Source: Canadian Aircraft Since 1909 by K.M Molson and H.A. Taylor, Putnam, 1982

CV580 EC-GSJ by Ken Swartz (2016)
Convair CV580 (N??) EC-GSJ (ex/ C-GGWG) at Rickenbacker Airport (LCK),OH (05Mar2016)
Ken wrote: "This aircraft apparently received an N-number when it arrived in the US from Europe, but I
could not see it on the airframe. I first saw this aircraft when it was in service with Air Ontario."
A.Avrane: "EC-GSJ was reg'd N590X 14aug06 but never applied."

Convairs or scrap at LCK; by Ken Swartz (2016)
Convairs N73126 - N882P - N73104 at Rickenbacker Airport (LCK),OH (05Mar2016)

I have N73126 (CV580 c/n 63) as 'Ln Columbus, Ohio/Rickenbacker in various states of disrepair ..Sep03.'
And while it was reported also on 02Aug05 I have 'B/u aug09, reg canx 01Dec10.' Hmmm, not quite broken up.

N882P: a photo on + Flickr confirm the identity of this Convair C-131A Samaritan (240; c/n 53-23).
It is an ex/ USAF bird: 52-5803 and was reg'd 21may84 Condor Aviation of Spanaway,WA. In 2000 it was
reported operating for Air Tahoma, based here at LCK. On 19Sep04 already reported @LCK: no tailtip, no engines..
And N73104 is CV580 c/n 4, flew passengers (then CV340-31) with Renown Aviation. Ended up in 2000 with
Air Tahoma; noted @LCK in disrepair during Sep.2003, and I have it as 'B/u aug09 - reg canx 01Dec10.'
Well, almost but not quite.

Screendump (29Feb2017) of depicting Air Tahoma's fleet:
Air Tahoma fleet
N588X (c/n 52) went to Air Tribe (XA-TRB) and N584E (24) was also listed by ATDB with Air Tribe (XA-UPL)
More on Air Tribe and its owner, Noel Rude, see further down this item.

George Armstrong supplied this helpful aerial look through Google Earth:
Air Tahoma fleet stored

I wondered how come N589X was reg'd in 2014 to (to N589X INC, but that was the signature of Air Tahoma’s operations) while Air Tahoma ceased operations in 2009.
Chris provided a likely explanation: "Air Tahoma closed, but not because of bankruptcy. The airplanes were all owned outright by the Rude family business(es), and Air Tahoma ran as debt free as possible anyway, so I’m sure that small amount of time between closing it and getting Air Tribe going wasn’t a big issue for them. I’m sure now the payment for storage of the remaining airframes is being paid from that operation anyway."

Googling I came across the Linked In page of Noel Rude: "Owner, Air Tahoma, Inc. - Air Tribe Arizona State University Columbus,OH, USA." Subitems: Owner Air Tribe sep. 2011 – present / Air Tahoma, Inc. may 1996 – present / Owner R&R Holdings jun. 1990 – present / Owner Cool Air jun. 1986 - President Flying Fireman sep. 1985 – present." That 'Arizona State University' is where he got part of his training (MBA 1984-85).

On a forum I found quoted: "Guadalajara, Mexico,- USMX AirLink ( announced today that it has formed Air Tribe; a new division dedicated to air cargo and specializing in ACMI and ad-hock [sic] regional cargo.
Air Tribe will start by offering small jet and large turbo prop solutions throughout Mexico and its surrounding neighbors.
Air Tribe will be headed by Noel Rude, a long time veteran of the aviation industry, with the stated goal of making Air Tribe the leading regional cargo carrier in Mexico.
Since 1994, USMX AirLink has built a global reputation for providing reliable cost effective air cargo services. Today, AirLink’s reputation as one of the industry’s most reliable ‘solutions providers’ with their own fleet, has earned the company a growing client base of international freight forwarders and logistic companies."
[Airlink Executive quotes several types of aircraft at its disposal: Hawker800XP, Citation III, Lear Jet 40XR, Lear Jet 25D, Beechjet 400A & Pilatus PC-12].

The link between Airlink and Air Tribe/N.Rude is probably the first invested in the latter. While Noel Rude is CEO of Air Tribe, one Jesus Hernandez is the CFO.
Mr Hernandez has his business, USMX Airlink, also reg'd in the USA: US-MX Airlink L.C. is a Nevada Domestic Limited-Liability Company filed on January 19, 1999. The company has 4 principals on record. .... Jessica Faubert from Carson City NV, Jesus Hernandez Campos from Carson City NV, Monica Faubert from Carson City NV, and Raymond H Faubert from Carson City NV. (A lot of 'Fauberts'..!)

From (only in part copied here):
Air Tahoma - wiki
Note that last sentence 'In 2011 Noel Rude resumed cargo operations under new company name Air
Tribe currently based in Guadalajara
, Mexico.'
ATDB lists as Air Tribe's entire current (Feb.2017) fleet:
XA-TRB (c/n 52, ex/ N588X) and XA-UPL (c/n 24, ex/ N584E).


Convair XA-UMI by Ken Swartz (2016)
Convair CV640(F/SCD) XA-UMI (c/n of T.S.M. (Aeronaves TSM) seen at Louisville,KY (SDF) on 28Feb016

A few notes from my (RL /webmaster) files:
Delivered new to Braniff in 1953 and N3417 went through various owners, ended up with Zantop Int'l Airlines, at Detroit-Willow Run,MI. By now a freighter, converted from CV340-32. Note the Rolls Royce Dart 542 engines.
Zantop ceased operations in 1997.
In Nov.1997 N3417 was reg'd to Century A/l, operated as C & M Airways (homebase El Paso,TX).
I have a report on 18Mar02 at El Paso,TX as probly stored. Again on 07Oct02 still at El Paso, reported all C&M CV640s stored/forsale and airworthy.
Similar reports on 20Feb04 'std El Paso' and 15Nov07 'std El Paso', same 29Jun08.
Then, as miracles do happen: sold to Aeronaves TSM, rr XA-??? by Frontera Flight Holdings 07Jul09 made official as reg'd 21Aug09 to XA-UMI.
XA-UMI seems in splendid working order!

Rolf Larsson sent me in Mar.2017 a photo of PH-CGD in Martinair livery, during the 1960s. It is another aircraft presently operating with Aeronaves, as XA URL. Photos by Friends & Guests (48).


Lockheed 18 N119J by Ken Swartz (2016)
Lockheed L18 N119J at Bowman Field,KY (KLOU/LOU) on 27Feb2016.

W.L Paris piloted this Lockheed L.18 N119J on its last flight into Bowman Field in Louisville, Kentucky on July 22, 1975.
The aircraft was originally a corporate aircraft owned by Pratt & Whitney Aircraft or United Technologies (?). W.L Paris is the general manager of Central American Airways FBO, a family owned business at Bowman Field.
N119J (c/n 18-2359) was stored by Casablanca Airlines.
The Lockheed has sat on the FBO ramp now for over 40 years!

DC-3 C-GRSB Warplane Heritage Museum; by Ken Swartz (2016)
Douglas C-47A (c/n 12295) C-GRSB, now owned by Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum (YMH, 19Mar2016)

A few notes from my (RL /webmaster) files:
C-GRSB was noted stored at an inactive airfield, FB Uplands (nr Ottawa) during the early-1990s.
'RSB went to Innotech Avtn/Canadian Center for Remote Sensing and reported at Ottawa in march 1997.
It was used for investigating the SWR111 MD11 crash in Sep.1998, though I have no details of what that would have entailed for this DC-3.
At some point it was donated by Environment Canada to Canadian Warplane Heritage; it is an actual D-day C-47!
It participated at Normandy as FZ947 (RAF) named 'Kwicherbichen'; in Sep.1947 it joined RCAF 437 Sqdn, later became 12945 CAF with no.424 Sqd @Trenton.
Probably ferried in 2014 to the museum.

Kenneth Swartz wrote me the following update (30Mar17):
"REF: Douglas C-47A (c/n 12295) C-GRSB, now owned by Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum (YMH, 19Mar2016)
The use of this C-47 as a government airborne research platform between ca.1985 and 2014 is not very well documented and it carried several colour schemes during its years of service.

After leaving RCAF service, this C-47 was first operated by the Department of Energy Mines and Resources as an airborne Remote Sensing platform (note "RS" in registration) alongside a Falcon 20 C-GRSD and a Convair 580
C-GRSC from an aircraft hangar located in the 'Uplands' area of the airport, on Hunt Club Road (which is now used by SGL, Sander Geophysics Ltd)
Department of Energy Mines and Resources previously flew a Short Skyvan CF-GSC (the registration refers to Geological Survey of Canada) and a Beech 65-B80 C-FWSG that were retired in the early 1980s (needs confirmation).
Innotech Aviation received a contract in the mid-1980s to manage the flight operations and maintenance of the Department of Energy Mines and Resources DC-3, Falcon and Convair fleet based in Ottawa, while Canadian government scientists continued to utilize these aircraft for their research work.
Canada was a pioneer in the airborne use of magnetometers to detect ore bodies. This gave rise to a large airborne geophysics industry which developed other airborne systems to detect mineral deposits, map vegetation, arctic ice flows and pollution such as oil spills.

I believe that Environment Canada absorbed the Department of Energy Mines and Resources in the mid-1990s which may have expanded the scope of the missions flown by the aircraft to include anti pollution patrols.
'Uplands' refers to north end of Ottawa's MacDonald Cartier International Airport, which was established by the Ottawa Flying Club (which has been in continuous operation since 1928) and became part of the RCAF Uplands air force training base during the Second World War.
The current Ottawa airport terminal and longer runways were built a couple kilometers to the south of the original Uplands area of Ottawa the airport, but the two parts are connected by a taxiway."



Ken Swartz wrote me and sent this photo of Canso C-FPQK, taken early 03Apr2017 at Montreal-St. Hubért:
"Canso C-FPQK is being dismantled at RCAF base at St Hubert, by same guy who dismantled & moved the Vickers Viscount to Laval, btw."
Canso C-FPQK by Ken Swartz april 2017
C-FPQK is being disassembled for transport south, to the USA, for the Collings Foundation.
More on its history can be read on my page USA-Canada 2009, which was regularly updated.
An update I read early-Feb.'20 was C-FPQK reregd' to N983CF for the Collings Foundation, but
restoration in their hangar at New Smyrna Beach,FL Airport ceased after purchase of PH-PBY (N459CF).


This update was added 09Apr2017

Barksdale AFB, preservation line up; by Ken Swartz

Ken wrote me late March 2017: "Just returned from my 5.000 km road trip to Texas and Louisiana in search of helicopters and propliners. Lots as helicopters but not as many piston or turboprops as I would have liked to see!
Here is a selection of props from Barksdale AFB, Abbevile and Houma,LA."
(Note from websmaster: I made a selection of the images sent to me)

Barksdale AFB, preservation line up; by Ken Swartz
Beech AT-11 'Kansan' N3983C '232' (c/n 3267)
Former US Air Force AT-11 (42-36887) is now preserved with the Eigth Air Force Museum

The Global Power Museum is located at Barksdale Air Force Base and is a major national repository of historic Air Force airplanes.
It is free and open to the public, accessible via the Barksdale AFB north gate. (This may not be applicable to non-US residents /- Webmaster)
It was formerly known as the 8th Air Force Museum until 2012.
The facility features a series of indoor exhibits and displays, and an outdoor airpark of restored, historic aircraft and related equipment. The airpark also includes numerous sculptures and monuments to various individuals and groups of the Eighth Air Force.
It is one of nearly twenty official field units of the Museum of the United States Air Force located at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio.

Dedicated in 1979, the Barksdale Global Power Museum hosts 50,000 visitors annually. It is located at 88 Shreveport Road, in Bossier City, accessible via the North Gate Road.


Barksdale AFB, preservation line up; by Ken Swartz
Douglas C-47A Skytrain 'Hi Honey' 43-16130; preserved at the Barksdale AFB airpark, Bossier City

'This C-47A is on loan from the NMUSAF. It was flown for a short time in the Army Airforces and then flown to Spain under the Lend-Lease Agreement. It was returned to the USA and purchased as surplus in the 1970s.
This Skytrain was flown to the 8th AF Museum in 1983.
It is displayed as a C-47A of the 315th Troop Carrier Group, which was one of three Troop Carrier Groups assigned to the Eighth Air Force in 1942.' (Copied from a sign posted with this C-47A)

From 'To civil registry as N86453, then T.3-33 with Spanish Air Force.
Registered G-BGCF 20Nov1978 then N3753C Apr 1980.
In 1987 preserved at 8th Air Force Museum, Barksdale AFB, LA although nominally on charge of USAFM.'

And from some add'l details: 'Ca. 1943 United States Army Air Force with s/n 43-16130.
To unknown owner with reg'd N86453.
Taken on Strength/Charge with the Ejercito de Aire with s/n T.3-33.
1978 to unknown owner reg'd G-BGCF.
11Apr1980 to West Air International, Monument, CO reg'd N3753C.
05May1983 Civil registration N3753C cancelled.' Rest as above.


Barksdale AFB, preservation line up; by Ken Swartz
Boeing KC-97 0-30240
Joe Baugher USAF Serials 1953: '240 (msn 17022) to MASDC 07Jun1966. Returned to service Apr 6, 1970.
Now on display at 8th Air Force Museum, Barksdale AFB, Louisiana.'

After WWII Boeing developed the Model 367, a military transport airplane based on the B-29 Superfortress bomber. Its civilian counterpart was the Model 377 Stratocruiser.
The C-97 Stratofreighter had a double-lobe fuselage consisting of two intersecting circular sections, so that the 74-foot-long upper deck had a larger diameter. Cargo was loaded through large clamshell-type doors in the belly of the aircraft using a built-in ramp and a hoist.
Its wings, engine gear and other parts were similar to the B-29.

The C-97 was designated KC-97 when it was equipped with the Boeing-designed flying boom for aerial refueling -- the boom had controls so the boom operator could literally "fly" the end of the boom from the KC-97 aerial tanker into the receiving airplane.
There were 888 C-97s built between 1947 and 1958. Of those, 219 were adapted as KC-97E and F tankers and 592 were KC-97G models.
The KC-97Gs had additional 700-gallon external fuel tanks under each wing and could dispense 8.513 gallons of fuel while carrying 96 troops.
To keep its tankers compatible with its newer high performance jet aircraft, the USAF gradually replaced the slower KC-97 planes with Boeing KC-135 jet tankers after 1956.


Barksdale AFB, preservation line up; by Ken Swartz
Boeing B-29 487627/BF-617
A total of 3.970 B-29 Superfortress aircraft were built during production at 4 assembly plants during WWII.
Yet only about 22 complete B-29 airframes have survived and are on display in the United States, including
the B-29 here at Barksdale.

The Superfort was delivered as a B-29A during WWII, but served the war effort as a TB-29 trainer.
After the war, the B-29 was stationed in England, where it was used to drop agents behind the iron curtain.
The B-29 was reported to have been lost on several occasions. The B-29 was eventually retired to the US Army Aberdeen Proving Grounds, where it was in storage to be used as a gunnery target.
The B-29 was rescued by the museum before it could be destroyed.


Barksdale AFB, preservation line up; by Ken Swartz
In honour of 303rd Bombardment Group (H), Molesworth, England - WWII

Nearly 13.000 Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bombers were produced as part of the massive World War II military build-up.
It became one of the most famous, and successful, airplanes ever built.
Today, a total of only 39 surviving B-17 airframes are located in the U.S., including the B-17G 'Miss Liberty' restored and on display here.

The website has the folowing history on the B-17:
Msn 32525, built for USAAF as 44-83884
Delivered to US Navy as Bu. 77244
- BOC: July 25, 1945
- SOC: July 10, 1956
American Compressed Steel Corp., Dallas, TX, December 2, 1957-1960
- Registration N6471D reserved but not issued, December 1957
- Registered as N5230V
- Stored unconverted, marked as XD-10, Dallas-Love, 1958-1961
Marson Equipment & Salvage Co, Tucson, AZ, October 18, 1960-61
Aero Union Corp, Chico, CA, September 27, 1961-1979
- Flew as tanker #C19, #E19 & #19
8th AF Museum, Barksdale AFB, LA, 1980-2013
- Initially displayed as 338289/Yankee Doodle II
- Later displayed as 483884/Yankee Doodle II


These PV-2's Ken found at Abbeville in March 2017 and are a bit rare on the internet I found; finally, through I concluded them to be N6857C (15-1216) and N6853C (15-1125) resp.

Lockheed PV-2s at Abbeville
PV-2 Harpoon N6857C at Abbeville Airport
This PV-2 Harpoon N6857C (c/n 15-1216) has its history described on

From the above link I quote a few remarks as it has quite a history and two decades ago still flew as a warbird..

1944 Taken on Strength/Charge with the United States Navy with BuNo 37250
1954-1957 Assigned to AS Litchfield Park, AZ for storage
28Mar57 To Ralph Wingfield, Nogales, AZ reg'd N6857C
Various woners: Ben Whitney Trading Co, Calexico, CA - Max L. Biegert, Phoenix, AZ - Riverside Aircraft Co, CA - Rosenbalm Aviation,OR
August 1965 Converted for use as a bait spreader
08Jan1966 - 1976 To Dothan Aviation Corp, Dothan, AL
April 1966 Converted for use as a swathemaster spreader
01Mar79 To Hugh W. Wheelless, Dothan,AL
Ca, 1979 Used for liquid spraying grasshopper control in Oregon
1980 to 1990 Withdrawn from use and placed in open storage at Mesa,AZ
Reg'd to various owners during that time
02Nov90 - 1998 To Combat Aircraft Museum/Richard T. Mitchell, Lafayette,LA
05Nov90 Ferry flight. Moved from Mesa to Broussard, LA, for restoration. Restored, Markings 'Fat Cat Too'
04Oct1991 Certificate of airworthiness for NL6857C (PV-2, 15-1216) issued. That same month first flight.

30 September 1994 Crashed.
The accident occurred at the Lafayette Regional Airport (LFT) Lafayette, LA, United States while landing. The damage was substantial.
The right seat pilot was instructing the pilot in the left seat for a type rating in the airplane. After the second landing, the pilot in command in the right seat was configuring the airplane for takeoff and inadvertently pulled the gear handle up instead of the flaps...
The pilot also reported that the two handles are identical in size, shape and color.


The PV-2 Harpoon was the most specialized and successful of Lockheed’s World War II bombers.
Whereas the Hudson and Ventura had been adapted from airliners in ways that impaired their operational effectiveness, the Harpoon — though still based on the Model 18 airliner — was redesigned to the specifications of a single customer, the U.S. Navy, with larger wings and tail surfaces, greater fuel capacity, and weapons capabilities optimized to the Navy’s needs.

After the war, the Harpoon found favor with civilian spraying operators, and most — possibly all — of the 25 or so aircraft that survive today served in this capacity.
Of the survivors, 3 or 4 are airworthy and restored to military configuration, a few are static displays in museums such as the National Naval Aviation Museum, American Airpower Heritage Museum and Pima Air Museum, and the rest are scattered around airports in the U.S., still in unrestored spraying configuration and awaiting the attentions of restorers.


Lockheed PV-2s at Abbeville
Lockheed PV-2s at Abbeville, N6853C (c/n 15-1125), a former sprayer and firebomber.
Part ('projects') of Louisiana Military Hall of Fame & Museum (website) here at Chris Crusta Memorial Airport.

Its history I found on of which I quote a few facts here:
'United States Navy with BuNo 37159, declared surplus at NAS North Island, CA in 1957
1963 Modified for agricultural spraying
26Apr 1963 Certificate of Airworthiness for NR6853C (PV-2, 151125) issued
1967-1979 To D and D Aerial Spraying, Rantoul, KS
Oct1979 To Bruce R. Kinney, Richey, MT. Used for grasshopper control in North Dakota and Oregon
04Feb1981 To Central Air Service/D and D Aerial Spraying, Rantoul,KS
03Dec1985 - 1987 To Central Air Service/Bill Dempsay, Rantoul,KS.
1985 to ca.1986 Converted to a fire bomber and operated as tanker #176
1986 Leased to Teskes Aviation, Twin Falls, ID
03Jun1987 To Kinney Air Tankers/Bruce R. Kinney, Richey, MT
-various owners-
(ca.) 1993 to 1998 To Combat Aircraft Museum/Richard T. Mitchell, Lafayette,LA
By 1998 On behalf of the owner stored with/at Lafayette Regional, Lafayette, LA

Lodestar at Abbeville
Lockheed PV-2 N6853C (c/n 15-1125) at Abbeville - Chris Crusta Mem'l Airport

The Lockheed Model 18 Lodestar is a passenger transport aircraft of the World War II era.
Sales of the 10–14 passenger Lockheed Model 14 Super Electra, which first flew in 1937, had proved disappointing, despite the aircraft's excellent performance, as it was more expensive to operate than the larger Douglas DC-3, already in widespread use.

In order to improve the type's economics, Lockheed decided to stretch the aircraft's fuselage by 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m), allowing an extra two rows of seats to be fitted.
The prototype for the revised airliner, designated Model 18 by Lockheed, was converted from the fourth Model 14, one of a batch which had been returned to the manufacturer by Northwest Airlines after a series of crashes.
The modified aircraft first flew in this form on 21Sep1939.
A total of 625 Lodestars of all variants were built.

When the United States started to build up its military air strength in 1940–41, many American-operated Lodestars were impressed as the C-56.

The Lockheed Ventura is a twin engine medium bomber of World War II, used by United States and British Commonwealth forces in several guises, including maritime patrol.
The Ventura was developed from the Lockheed Model 18 Lodestar transport, as a replacement for the Lockheed Hudson bombers then in service with the Royal Air Force.
Used in daylight attacks against occupied Europe, they proved to have weaknesses and were removed from bomber duty and some used for patrols by Coastal Command. The US Navy ordered a revised design which entered service as the Harpoon for anti-submarine work.

The PV-2 Harpoon was a major redesign of the Ventura with the wing area increased giving an increased load-carrying capability; first flown on 03Dec1943.
On the PV-2, the armament became standardized at five forward-firing machine guns. Many early PV-1s had a bombardier's position, which was deleted in the PV-2.
By the end of 1944, only 69 PV-2s had been delivered. They finally resumed when the redesign was complete. The first aircraft shipped were the PV-2D, which had 8 forward-firing machine guns and was used in ground attacks. When World War II ended, all of the order was cancelled.



Early april 2017 Ken wrote me: "I photographed the CV580 at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum on the weekend."

Convair CV580 C-GRSC c/n 72 at Canada Aviation and Space Museum (01/02Apr2017)

From my (RL) files: 'C-GRSC. Government/Dept of Energy, Mines & Resources; converted CV340-31.
Reported @Ottawa Mar97. At one time operated as CF-BGY, last noted 09Sep71 London-LGW.
Ln Ottawa IAP 02Sep03 'Environment Canada'. Same 18Apr04.'

From Air-Britain's 'The Convailiners Story' (1997):
CV340-31 c/n 72 N73134 United Airlines 'Portland' M15Apr53 D15May53; N400J Johnson & Johnson B26Nov58; cvtd CV580 (PAC26) D14Oct63; CF-BGY Great Lakes Paper Co, Thunder Bay,ONT B26Mar70; N8EG Sav A Stop Inc Jan73; Omni INvestment Corp 1974 (cx 12Jul74); C-GRSC Dept of Energy Mines & Resources, Montreal,QUE D27Jun75; Innotech Ltd (remote sensing).

From the website of Canada Aviation and Space Museum:
"After helping to precisely map much of Canada through radar remote sensing for decades, the Government of Canada’s long-serving Convair 580 C-GRSC joint the Canada Aviation and Space Museum’s collection.
The storied aircraft landed at Rockcliffe Airport neighbouring the Museum 24Jun2015, carrying a precious cargo of scientific equipment.
The Convair 580’s radar remote sensing equipment contributed to gaining a better understanding of the Canadian landscape and seascape, and yielded great benefits to sectors as diverse as forestry, agriculture, geology, hydrology, oceanography, ice studies, environmental protection, cartography, oil and gas operations, mineral exploration, and arctic navigation.
Originally used as an executive transport aircraft by the Johnson & Johnson company in the 1950s, from 1974 until 2012 it served as an experimental radar remote sensing platform for various Government of Canada departments and agencies, such as Natural Resources Canada, Environment Canada, and the National Research Council of Canada. The rugged aircraft flew diverse research missions in Canada’s High Arctic as well as for the European Space Agency."



Ken also sent me these images of a visit to Houma,LA in march 2017.

N932H at Houma, by Ken Swartz
C-47B-DK N932H (c/n 34368/17101) at Houma, by Ken Swartz; note the sprayer installation!
N932H was acquired 10May06 Basler Turbo Conversions and subsequently converted. Prior to that it had operated
for Hoganair (a.o., as N90HA) before going to Miami Valley Aviation (reg'd N932H; ofMiddletown,OH).
Reg'd 22Jul09 to Airborne Support Inc. of Houma,LA & ferried from OSH-Goderich on 15May09.

N64766 at Houma, by Ken Swartz
N64766 (c/n 27218/15773) at Houma, march 2017
This is ex C-47B Canadian AF 12910 and I came across it as N64766 for 'Environmental Air Services' also at
Houma (see my Deep South report with a detailed history).
Simon Paul sent me a photo of N64766 at Basler's Turbo Conversions plant at Oshkosh,WI on 25Jul19.
See my Photos by Friends & Guests #58.

N64767 at Houma
Douglas C-47A N64767 (c/n 10199) at Houma, also here the sprayer installation clearly to be seen.
My Deep South report has a detailed history.

DC-4 N67024 at Houma, by Ken Swartz
DC-4 (actually C-54D) N67024 (c/n 10550, line nbr 281) of Airborne Support at Houma (LA), by Ken Swartz.
And also for N67024 one can find a detailed report when I came across in whilst travelling in these parts!
UPDATE- Probably damage inflicted by a storm in 2021 caused it to be scrapped (although I wouldn't be
surprised if the cockpit would surface somewhere at some point..)
DC-4 N67024 - scrapped at Houma
The above from - the online aviation database, Jan.2022.

DC-4 forward fuselage at Houma,LA - identity?
No doubt this forward fuselage here at Houma was acquired for parts, but which DC-4 is it; the reply is below.
Is it an ex/ Mesa Falcon Field (Phoenix, Arizona) bird..? Well, that was the start of my sleuthing...

Here's a 20Jul2016 pic: - perhaps we can create a timeline that may be of help.

My money is on N67019 and here is how I came to that conclusion...
On my Mesa-Falcon 2008 report I received an update by Bill Reid and 'cadet77' (on Photos by Friends & Guests 37) showing how N67017 and N67019 (both previously owned by Roger Brooks of Fairbanks,AK but he closed his business) were hauled away.
I had come across both of them at Greybull,WY (my report) in 2014 and once again it is evident that N67019
is the one without the forward fuselage.
Photos on (2012 and 2005) & show it just has to be N67019 here!

The scrapping & move at Mesa-Falcon Field was in 2013 and 1st noted (afaik) in 2016, hauled in that time span.

N67019 9% most likely candidate of forward fuselage found at Houma 2016.
Photo by Stephen Toernblom on


Ken Swartz sent me this brilliant photo of Grumman HU-16 N7025J in this flamboyant ITPS livery
HU-16 N7025J
N7025J (c/n G-293, ex/ BuN.131910) was reg'd 19Apr2017 to Sky West Aviation Inc (Trustee).


Ken Swartz went to Israel in november 2017 and shared the following photos taken at the Israeli Air Force Museum (@Hatzerim Air Force Base, about 20km W of Beersheba) with me:
C-47 4X-FMJ, by Kenneth Swartz
Douglas C-47 4X-FMJ/042 (c/n 33031/16283). Reported for sale in 2001 but found preservation at Hatzerim.

Cabin of Nord NorAtlas
The cabin of the C-47 4X-FMJ/042

Nord Noratlas 4X-FAC, by Kenneth Swartz (2017)
Nord N2501 Noratlas 043/4X-FAC (c/n 134) - preserved the Israeli Air Force Museum, Hatzerim AFB.
This aircraft was previously used by the German Luftwaffe.

Nord Noratlas 4X-FAG, by Kenneth Swartz (2017)
Nord N2501 Noratlas 055/4X-FAG (c/n 165)

The Nord Noratlas is a 1950s French military transport aircraft intended to replace the older types in service at the end of World War II.
Several hundreds were produced in a run lasting over a decade, finding a wide variety of uses.

Nord Noratlas, by Kenneth Swartz (2017)
Nord N2501 Noratlas 055/4X-FAG at Hatzerim AFB, by Kenneth Swartz (2017)

C-119 045 at Hetzarim - by Ken Swartz
Three Nord Noratlas aircarft are preserved at Hatzerim AFB, here is N.2501D 045/4X-FAE (c/n 151)

A good selection of N2501 aircraft preserved:
and Photographs.htm

C-97 039 at Hetzarim - by Ken Swartz
Boeing KC-97G Stratofreighter 039/4X-FPN (c/n 16767; 52-2736) found preservation at Hatzerim.



This is a selection of 'Propliner Highlights of March 2018', California/Oregon/Washington Aviation Tour - Ken Swartz.

Propliners by Ken Swartz - USA 3-2018

Propliners by Ken Swartz - USA 3-2018

Propliners by Ken Swartz - USA 3-2018

Propliners by Ken Swartz - USA 3-2018


"These images were taken through the fence, from outside The Aviation Warehouse, next to El Mirage Airport,CA.
It was a weekend and the facilities were not open to visitors …
The airport immediately to the north is a private facility used for military drone flight testing by General Atomics."

Aviation Warehouse storage
Stored at the Aviation Warehouse, near El MIrage,CA

Aviation Warehouse storage
(Webmaster's note- The Aviation Warehouse does not do tours anymore, as can be read on their website and as
I found out myself on a weekday - see my CALIFORNIA 2018 REPORT

Aviation Warehouse storage
'11' is a Percival C.51 (P-66) Pembroke. Ex Belgian AF RM-11/OT-ZAK. Registered N51970 (c/n P66/32 C51)



Ken wrote in Oct.2018: "Here are some highlights from my recent road trip to Washington, DC with Gary Vincent.
The C-119 at Geneseo has received new paint to restore RCAF colours and the dismantled Douglas B-23 was a surprise! Curtiss C-46 at Glenn H. Curtiss Museum was bare metal when I last visited Hammonsport in 2008.

The 1941 Historical Aircraft Group at Geneseo,NY was formed in 1993 by former members of the National Warplane Museum. Since 1995 they have an annual warbird air show, which has become a well known event for afficionados.

C-119 22103 at Geneseo
Former Royal Canadian Air Force C-119 22103, registered N8092 for ferrying, is displayed at the 1941 Historical Aircraft Group at Geneseo, NY. Another photo by Ken appears further down this page.
A detailed history of c/n 10678 can be found on my page HERE.. .
See also details about its donation on Photo by Friends & Guests (item by Bob Reid)

C-47B N54602 at Geneseo
A tired looking Douglas C-47B N54602 / 43-49819 at Geneseo's 1941 Historical Aircraft Group.
In 2005 it was still on display on the south side of Miami Int'l Airport, at the 94th Aero Squadron restaurant.
It was part of David Tallichet's collection ('Military Aircraft Restoration Corporation'; on FAA's N-inquiry I found
it still reg'd to this owner), many of them on display at the time at 'theme restaurants'. See photo on
That nicely covered rudder is not a recent thing, I noticed a photo on Flickr dated 2013 where it was already in place.
This 2012 thread on is also very informative

While C-47A N345AB (330652/R 'Whiskey 7') was noted in the hangar by Ken, I hope to see it participate
in Daks over Normandy in 2019...

Beech18 N45GC
Beech C-45H Expeditor (D18S), N45GC (c/n AF-469)
Once it was part of the National Warplane Museum, prior to the museums move to Elmira, NY. It was originally built
for the USAAF: as AT-11 Kansan s/n 41-27661. It was later converted to and designated as a C-45H
and given USAF serial 52-10539. On 14Nov2006 it was reg'd to Ashworth Corp Inc., of Geneseo,NY.

B-17G 44-83546 at Geneseo
Boeing B-17G 44-83546 is known as 'The Movie Memphis Belle', following her arrival back in Geneseo, NY
during 2016, where she found a home with the National Warplane Museum’s fleet of operational warbirds.

Douglas B-23
Douglas B-23 Dragon, N62G
In 2010 it was still stored at the boneyard of CAF Midland, TX (
The Douglas B-23 Dragon is an American twin-engined bomber developed by the Douglas Aircraft Company as a successor to (and a refinement of) the B-18 Bolo. The design incorporated a larger wingspan with a wing design
very similar to that of the DC-3, a fully retractable undercarriage, and improved defensive armament. The B-23
was the first operational US bomber equipped with a glazed tail gun position.
The first B-23 flew on 27Jul1939 with the production series of 38 B-23s manufactured between July 1939
and September 1940 [Wikipedia, more..]
History of B-23 N62G
History of B-23 N62G from
And from
History of B-23 Dragon N62G


On an hour's drive one arrives at the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum.
C-46 44-78772
C-46 4478772 at the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum in New York.
On my page Photos by Friends & Guests #53 you'll find history of 44-78772, former N800FA.
Nice to see it has now been repainted to a WW2 camo scheme.
In a photo dated July 2018 I've seen it painted but did not had yet the markings applied. Good job.


Visit to Hagerstown (Maryland) - Oct 11, 2018

Fairchild C-82A Packet, N9701F (c/n 10184)

This Fairchild C-82 Packet was a forerunner of the C-119 Flying Boxcar. Production was initiated in 1944 and all 219 except 2 were produced by Fairchild (the other 2 by North American). It was used as a troop transport, medical evacuation and glider towing. Production was completed in 1948.
It had a crew of 5, cruising speed of 190 mph (304 km/h) and a range of almost 700 kms.
N9701F was used by TWA in the 1960s, to ferry engines around Europe.
I came across this very Packet on H&P's ramp at Greybull,WY in 1994, part of the museum there!
In Oct.2006 it was bought at an auction and flown (!) to Hagerstown,MD to become part of the Hagerstown Aviation Museum; it arrived on Oct. 15th and the purchase was made for usd 140.250,-

Fairchild C-119
Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar (a.k.a. 'Dollar Nineteen'), N8093 (c/n 10776). Still in RCAF livery.
Ralph Pettersen went in 2008 to the Hagerstown Aviation Museum and made some fine photos of these ex-H&P
aircraft, both N9701F and N8093; see my C-119 Dossier page 2. Ralph had much better weather..

I remember N8093 from the Hawkins & Powers aerial firefighters days.. In 1994 I saw Tanker 140 stored at Greybull, ex/RCAF 22111. In 2001 I noticed a photo with the caption "being prepared for the boss to take to an air show". In May03 it was noted stored in the desert part of KGEY, still marked as T140.
By Jan.2005 N8093 was for sale (usd 200.000) on
Reg'd 28Sep05 for the Pride Capital Group, Deerfield,IL and apparently sold at the large auction of the H&P inventory in Aug.2006.
Donated to Hagerstown Aviation Museum by Bob Stanford/Zenith Aviation Dec.2006.
Ferried during Nov.'08 to the Hagerstown Avtn Museum in Maryland.

DC-3 N983DC
Douglas DC-3 (C-47A), N983DC (c/n 12267)

In the early 1990s I remember it flying with Air North (CF-OFW) and nice to see it still in those colours and
the 'Yukon Sourdough'-titles. Air North bought it in Dec.'79 from Eldorado Aviation.
And before that it was flown by the RCAF, as 960.
My records show it was for sale in 1997 and I saw it at Oshkosh's EAA Air show an year later, in Aug.'98.
It was reg'd N983DC on 01Oct98 to EAA Aviation Foundation.
On 17Dec2001 I noticed it for sale on and the same on 19Mar2002 (US$200.000,-)
N983DC was reg'd to Blue Ridge Piedmont & Chesapeake Aws (a Delaware adress) on 07Mar2003.


Ken shared a few images from his British Columbia trip in November 2018: Abbotsford, Nanaimo & Campbell River Airport & Seaplane Base.

Beech RC-45 N75018 at Campbell River
Beech RC-45J Expeditor N75018 (c/n 7121) at Campbell River Airport on Vancouver Island (30Nov2018)
My (Webmaster, RL) records show it went through ownership of N75018 Taigh Ramey (of Stockton,CA), then
noted a landing incident 31Dec07 at Auburn,WA (struck runway lights). It had been registered to Michael E.
Kopp (Maple Valley,WA) on 27Jul07. Not sure if it ever flew again after that 2007 landing incident.
FAA's Registry website shows 'N75018 is Not Assigned/Reserved' (April 2019).

Beech 18 without markings
Beech 18 (AT-11?) without markings, at Campbell River Spit SPB (30Nov2018)
I'd welcome details regarding its identity and/or ownership! EMAIL

DHC-3T C-FQND at Campbell River Spb
DeHavilland Canada DHC-3T Vazar Turbine Otter C-FQND (233) at Campbell River Spb (30Nov2018)

DHC-3T C-GVIX at Campbell River Spb
DeHavilland Canada DHC-3T Vazar Turbine Otter C-GVIX (c/n 97) at Campbell River Spb (30Nov2018)
The type of engine, Vazar Turbine, is from, though in my records I have it equipped with a Turbine
867hp Aerotech engine; that may have originated from the previous owner (Kississing Lake Lodge), but of
C-GGOR I found only one photo on, 2004, still equipped with the piston engine and on a 2009 photo, with turbine engine but aircraft showing no operator markings.

Lockheed L18 CF-TCY YXX_Abbotsford Airport BC 20181128
Lockheed L.18 CF-TCY (18-2064) at Abbotsford Airport,B.C. (28Nov2018)
Ken wrote: "The Lockheed 18 is CF-TCY which belongs to the Canadian Museum of Flight in Langley and has been
at the University of the Fraser Valley’s Aviation technical school at Abbotsford Airport. It is one of the few
surviving Trans-Canada Lockheed 18s used to fly wartime scheduled airline service. It later served with the
Department of Transport and was at a museum in Chicago when acquired by the museum in the early 1980s.
The spar was cut to move the aircraft to the museum and this made it easy to trick the aircraft to BC. It was
first displayed at the museum’s first home in Crescent Beach in South Surrey, then a Delta Air Park, and
later at Langley Airport, beside an early pre-war DC-3."

I came across L.18 CF-TCY myself, in 2006, when at Delta Heritage Park, Boundary Bay Reg'l Park (B.C.)
I must say its looks have deteriorated over the years! I also had much better weather!
I had much similar weather upon visit to Abbotsford 2019, and I noticed CF-TCY's appearnce had not improved.



Ken sent me a few images in april 2019, he wrote: "Here are some photos from y recent Heli-Expo 2019 road trip to Atlanta. There is this paintball center very close to KMCN Middle Georgia Regional Airport in Avondale, Georgia
Aero Commander 680, N747TR
Aero Commander 680 N747TR (c/n 680-311-8) located at 'On Target Paintball, Walden,GA (photo 03Mar2019)
The yard also contained the wreck of a Sikorsky H-34 (S-58), US Army 54-3034 in very poor condition.

And elsewhere an unknown Lockheed P-3 and Lockheed LM-100J N5103D, both at Lockheed Martin facility
at KGYH-Greenville Donaldson Field,SC (09Mar19)
LM-100J is a civilian version of the C-130J-30. N5103D has msn (c/n) 5818.
The Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules is a four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft. The C-130J is a comprehensive update of the Lockheed C-130 Hercules, with new engines, flight deck, and other systems. The Hercules family has the longest continuous production run of any military aircraft in history. During more than 60 years of service, the family has participated in military, civilian, and humanitarian aid operations. The Hercules has outlived several planned successor designs, most notably the Advanced Medium STOL Transport contestants. As of February 2018, 400 C-130J aircraft have been delivered to 17 nations. [Wikipedia]

Unidentified P-3
Unidentified... (EMAIL)



July 2019 update:
C-GJDM, DC-3 at Peterbourough
C-GJDM is a DC-3 that was reconfigured in 1987 to DC3-2000 by Czech company Airtech, but the project failed.
It has been stored here since at least 1997.

Ken wrote here: "I stopped by YPQ Peterborough Airport yesterday (July 1st, 2019) to check out the former Airtech Canada DC-3 C-GJDM (serial c/n 20721) which has been stored here sine the mid-1980s.
This former Spanish Air Force DC-3 was converted by Airtech to Polish-made PZL radial engines but never certified.
It was deleted from the Canadian register in 1993 and purchased by an enthusiast from Alberta about 10 years ago for $20,000 who had plans to restore it to flying condition and made regular trips to Peterborough to work on the aircraft.

On this visit o fmine a local pilot who keeps his floatplane in a hangar close to the DC-3 told me that the DC-3 had been sold to a UK group. They sent a team to Peterborough in February 2019 to collect parts needed for their own D-Day DC-3 restoration in the UK. He didn’t know what the UK group planned to do with their DC-3 in Peterborough but I noticed that all the holes on the right hand side of the airframe had been covered over with tape … but they forgot to do the left side!

Two early model Beech 99s once owned by Flying Colours are parked next to the DC-3. In the early late 1980s Flying Colours bought up a lot of Beech 99s being retired from US regional airlines and refurbished them for passenger and cargo use.
N212BH is very significant because it is the prototype Beech 99.
Beech 99 N203BH still wears the colours of Bar Harbour Airlines."

C-GJDM, DC-3 at Peterbourough
Anyone who watched the 2019 Plane Savers videos, dedicated to the resurrection of DC-3 'DTD, will know how this
bird was thoroughly plucked for parts to further their restoration of C-47 'Night Fright' in England.

Ken: "I stopped by Enterprise Air at Oshawa Airport (YOO) on July 1st. They have expanded their ramp area and
there are now two relatively new hangars to the southeast of their main faciliy. The FBO staff said Enterprise recently acquired another Basler BT-67, N141PR, which was sitting on the ramp.
I also noticed that Enterprise Air’s idle Beech 18 is now parked at the far end of the airport, with a few Falcon business jets purchased by Air Nunavut for spare parts.
Air Nunavut operates Falcon 109 air ambulances to serve northern Canada and the company has a based in the Enterprise Air hangar."
(Oct.2019: BT-67 N144WC arrived @St. Mary’s County Airport (2W6) in Southern Maryland on 15Oct19 for service with AIRtec. replacing BT-67 N141PR. ¬
Reg canx 27Sep2019 as exported. Source FAA's N-inquiry database.

BT-67 N141PR
This C-47/DC-3C was converted by Basler to their Turbo BT-67 variant, prepared for a whole new career.
N141PR was rereg'd as C-GOOU for ALCI Antarctic Logistics on 11Oct2019.

Douglas C-47 c/n 9043 has a very rich career!
After having served with the RAF as Dakota C.1 FD789 in WW2 it few as G-AKNB for a variety of air operators: Scottish Aviation, Guinea Air Traders, a spell with Myanmar National AL (XY-ACN), back to G-AKNB for BEA and Silver City AW, British Island AW, Air Ulster, Court Line Avn, Clyden AW, Aces High (temporarily painted FD789 for movie 'The Eagle has landed'), as N59NA to Northern AW, Business Air, in D-Day c/s as 42-32817 (for Aces High again? Ntu?), to Basler Turbo Conversions and converted, registered to AirTec as N141PR.
So the latter must have reg'd it 10Aug2018 while owner/operator as 'N141PR LLC'.
And according to what Ken Swartz learned at Oshawa it may have been acquired (or leased?) by Enterprise Air recently. [Info from, online aviation database -7/2019]

Note ATDB states (21Oct19) that Enterprise Air (or Enterprise Airlines) was based at Oshawa and existed during the years 1993-2004; reorganized as Triumph AW which started operations in 2005 with flights to Antarctica but ceased operations in 2009.... So where do we stand today?

While on the subject of WW2 C-47s, you may be interested in the D-DAY 75 - Daks over Duxford report I (RL) compiled, commemorating the 75th anniversary of the WW2 Normandy invasion of the Allied forces. At Duxford 22 DC-3's plus 1 Li-2 assembled before setting off to Narmandy on June 5th (2019).

Ken wrote: "I photographed Basler BT-67 C-GGSU in Ottawa-YOW in May (2019). The airport is also home for a
retired First Air 727 used for emergency training and the National Research Council’s two retired First Air 737-200s."
BT67 C-GGSU at Ottawa-YOW, photo by Kenneth Swartz, 2019
This is converted C-47A c/n 13439, ex/ N36AP (Miami Valley Aviation), a familiar sight in the 1990s at Hook Field,
Middletown,OH. MVA ceased operations in 2005 or 2006; N36AP was reported at Basler in Oshkosh on 26Jul06.
After conversion in 2012 by Basler it was reg'd C-FAZO for Fugro Aviation Canada on 22aug2012.
Reg'd 19Feb14 to CGG Aviation (a Geoscience company similar to Fugro) and rereg'd C-GGSU for same on 19Feb14.
It operated through Europe in 2018 to an unknown destination in Asia (PNG?) or perhaps Africa.


Ken sent me this 'ugly duckling' seen at the 2019 air event at Oshkosh, the EAA Air Venture.
SCAN Type 30 Widgeon N540GW, photo by Ken Swartz (2019)
The conversion may have extended its useful life but it sure is ugly!

While manufactured by Grumman as a G.44 Widgeon, since its conversion the type as registered now is
'SCAN TYPE 30'. N540GW is c/n 3.
N540GW was reg'd on 03Dec2002 to Steven M. Taylor of Riverdale,MI.
The Grumman G-44 Widgeon is a small, five-person, twin-engine amphibious aircraft. It was designated J4F by the United States Navy and Coast Guard and OA-14 by the United States Army Air Corps and United States Army Air Forces.
The SCAN 30 G-44A conversion was/is licence-built in France using metric standards and not anodized as were original Grumman-built aircraft, 41 built (serial nos. 1–41).

I received a correction on the above by Dave Marion, 13Apr21:
"I came across your Ken Schwartz page the other day and noticed some incorrect information in regard to Widgeon N540GW.
It is incorrect to refer to a SCAN Type 30 as a "conversion" of a Grumman G-44A Widgeon.
The SCAN Type 30 is a license-built copy of a Grumman G-44A. In spite of several improperly registered aircraft in the US, they are not exactly the same thing and the identification or model designations are not interchangeable. 

A SCAN Type 30 is not "manufactured" or built by Grumman and therefore should never be identified as a 'Grumman' aircraft. It is an example of a Grumman design, but that doesn't make it an actual Grumman aircraft!
If it was built and Anodized by Grumman in Bethpage, LI, NY, then it is a 'Grumman G-44A' but if it was built to metric standards without any Anodization in Rochelle France, then it is a 'SCAN Type 30'.

Simple rule of thumb: serial nos. 1201 to 1400 are Grumman models G-44, serial nos. 1401 to 1476 are Grumman models G-44A, and serial nos. 1 to 41 are Type 30's built by SCAN...

The 'conversion' in the case of N540GW has only to do with its engines and nothing to do with being a G-44A or SCAN Type 30.
Grumman-built Widgeons all had 200 hp Ranger L-440C5 inverted, inline engines installed at the factory, but few still have those engines and over the years, there have been numerous different engine conversion STC's - applicable to all of the various Widgeon variants (G-44, G-44A, and Type 30.) 

French SCAN Type 30 Widgeons were initially built with French Salmson inverted vee 240 hp engines or British Gypsy Queen 200 hp engines, but most were crated and stored without any engines.
Many eventually ended up in the US where they had a variety of different engines installed. Often they were given 300 hp Lycoming R-680 radials by PACE or Mansdorf, or 270 hp Lycoming GO-480 flat engines by McKinnon.

The engines on N540GW now are the 'Magnum' STC conversion using counter-rotating L/TIO-540-J2BD (or -J2B) engines that are normally installed on the Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain (or smaller Navajos using the Colemill 'Panther' STC.) On Navajos, the engines are rated at 350 hp each, but for the 'Magnum Widgeons', the engines are de-rated to only 300 hp by lowering the manifold pressure redline."

All the best,
("I'm a lifelong fan of Grumman flying boats. And PBY's too. Have read EVERYTHING about them that I can find.
And I had 3+ years as professional Quality Assurance supervisor for Antilles Seaplanes, trying to build new 'McKinnon' G-21G turboprop variants of the Goose.")


USA Aviation Road Trip - May 2019

Douglas C-47 and Fairchild C-119_D52_Geneseo Airport_NY_20190511
Fairchild C-119 preserved at Geneseo Airport (2019May11)
N8092 (c/n) 10678; preserved by 1941 Historical Aircraft Group Museum, Geneseo,NY. In RCAF markings.
A detailed history of c/n 10678 can be found on my page HERE.. .
See also details about its donation on Photo by Friends & Guests (item by Bob Reid).

Douglas DC-3_N983DC_KHGR_Hagerstown_MD_20190613.
The 1941 Historical Aircraft Group's 'Whiskey 7': this C-47A Skytrain is officially reg'd N345AB (c/n 13803
and this WW2 transport saw service Normandy's D-Day and Operation Market Garden. Painted as suchwith
codes 330652/W7-R/37. In another life it was C-FRTB for Skycraft Air Transport.
Geneseo Airport, 2019May11

Grumman HU-16_N99HU_49-082_AFB Inc_N94_Carlisle Airport_PA_20190609
Grumman HU-16A N99HU (ex/ 49-082, c/n G-40)) deregistered 25Nov14 from AFB Inc.
At Carlisle Airport (2019Jun09). Named 'Dirty Girl'.
A bit of history: SA-16 USN Bu124306 but not delivered, diverted to USAF and on to FA Brasileira as 6537.
Declared surplus 1980, reg'd as HU-16A PP-ZAX for Lindalvo de Carta 1990 (noted open storage Campo de Marte, Brazil 5.91). N99HU for Paragon Ranch Inc, Broomfield,CO 4.10.94/00 and to Aerocrafters Inc, Santa Rosa,CA
2001-2003. AFB Inc, Bear,DE 6.3.06/14. struck-off USCR by FAA 25.11.14

Mid-Atlantic Air Museum (MAAM), Reading Regional Airport (KRDG) - 12May2019
Mid-Atlantic Air Museum, Reading Regional Airport (KRDG) - 12May2019
An overview of the aircraft on display outside (more on display inside).

Mid-Atlantic Air Museum, Reading Regional Airport (KRDG) - 12May2019
De Havilland DH-104 Dove Mk.5A, N557JC (c/n 04380)

Mid-Atlantic Air Museum, Reading Regional Airport (KRDG) - 12May2019
The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum's Martin, serial number 14141, joined Eastern Airlines' 'Great Silver Fleet' as
'Silver Falcon' N450A on 23Jan1952 and was the 11th 4-0-4 delivered. This plane eventually served every airport
on Eastern's entire system, including Reading, PA, the home of MAAM. When EAL sold its 4-0-4 fleet in 1962,
14141 was acquired by Southern Airways and operated as N149S. From 1978 to 1985 it was owned by Vero
Monmouth Airlines in New Jersey where it operated as a charter aircraft.

Mid-Atlantic Air Museum, Reading Regional Airport (KRDG) - 12May2019
Vickers Viscount 745D, N7171 (c/n 233)

'This V.745D series Viscount was built for Capital Airlines (USA) as N7471.
It first flew on Thursday, 27Jun1957 at Hurn, Bournemouth in England; powered by Rolls-Royce Dart 510 engines.

During its life this aircraft was also owned and/or operated by Northeast Airlines Inc, Vickers-Armstrongs (Aircraft) Ltd, Irving Trust Company, Blaw Knox Corporation, Kearney & Trecker Corporation, Monarch Aircraft Inc. and Clara Strauss Abad.

Donated by Tony Abad (Clara Strauss Abad) to the Mid Atlantic Air Museum (MAAM) with the help of the Capital Airlines Association May 1992.
Ferried to Clarkesburg Airport, West Virginia USA and repainted in a Capital Airlines livery June 1992.
Re-registered N7471 and ferried to Reading, Pennsylvania, USA Aug.'92.
Displayed at the Wilkes-Barre Airport air show, Pennsylvania 22Aug92.

Flown into Ronald Reagan National Washington Airport, Arlington,VA for the 1993 Airliners International convention and remained on static display throughout the event July 1993.

Noted being restored back to flying condition at Carl A Spaatz Field after a long period on the ground due to a defective Dart engine in February 1997.
Cabin interior noted being restored to passenger configuration with parts from Viscount N7439 (c/n 137) in September 2000.

Its final owner/operator: Mid Atlantic Air Museum (MAAM) as N7471.'

Mid-Atlantic Air Museum, Reading Regional Airport (KRDG) - 12May2019
R4D-6 (DC-3), Bu.No. 50819 (c/n 26874). Previously reg'd N229GB, before that N68AH.
Check out

Super Constellation_4N1_Greenwood Lake Airport_NJ_20190517
Super Constellation N9412H (c/n 2072) at_Greenwood Lake Airport (2019May17)
History of this propliner-turned-restaurant on my 2009 REPORT when I (RL) visited Greenwood Lake AP myself.

The DC-3 nose was photographed at Millville Army Air Field Museum.
The museum also had an A-4 Skyhawk and Short Sherpa outside (
The identity from Aviation Museums & Collections of N.America (2nd Ed., by Bob Ogden; published 2011 Air-Britain):
Douglas C-47B (R4D-6) BuNo.50837 (c/n 27008/15563); ex/ N375AS, N7998A, 50837, 43-49747.
It was previously owned by the Yankee Air Museum of Ypsilanti,MI (even then only the nose).
Restoration was completed in Nov.2020; see update on Photos by Friends & Guests #61

TBM-3_KWWD_Cape May County Airport_Wildwood_NJ_20190512
Grumman TBM-3 Avenger, N145WB 'Suzanne' at Cape May County Airport (Wildwood,NJ) on 2019May12




Ken sent me these photos for his gallery on my website:
Green Lake SPB, Whistler, British Columbia - August 2018
Green Lake Water Aerodrome, Whistler, B.C. - by Ken Swartz
My 2019 visit to this enchanted location can be found on WEST CANADA 2019

Green Lake Water Aerodrome, Whistler, B.C. - by Ken Swartz
deHavilland DHC-3T, C-GEND/321 (c/n 371). It operated in Vietnam but also on Antarctica!
You'll find an extensive history on this Vazar-turbine equipped Otter on my WEST CANADA 2019 page.

Green Lake Water Aerodrome, Whistler, B.C. - by Ken Swartz
DHC-2 C-FJOS (c/n 1030) was reg'd to North Pacific Seaplanes (Prince Rupert,BC) on 13Jan2004 before
it was reregistered on 05Apr13 to Harbour Air (Richmond,BC). It was modified by Harbour Air and fitted
out with an electric engine
! It made a much publicized test hop on 09Dec2019 and a first testflight 10Dec19.
Photos and more details on Neil Aird's


Ken sent me this Jan.2020 update, off to a good start!
"Here are two photos I took of the DC-3 at Victoria IAP (YYJ) in August 2007, of DC-3 N877MG before its restoration. I thought this was the DC-3 that has its nose preserved at the BC Aviation Museum, but I’m wrong because it’s with Flying Legends. [Webmaster: HISTORIC FLIGHT FOUNDATION, owned by John T. Sessions]
DC-3 N877MG, by Ken Swartz (2007)

The aircraft was parked at the time next to Victoria Aircraft Maintenance Ltd., which specializes in warbird restorations and maintenance. (See also Webmaster's West Canada 2019 account)."

Douglas DC-3C (R4D-6) N877MG c/n 20806 is featured many times on my website: e.g. The DC-3 (page 2) +++ in 2010 with Sealand Aviation (incl interior) +++ at Flabob,CA in 2018 +++ Duxford UK 2019 for D-Day 75.

Ken:"On that same day I also photographed an unidentifed Grumman G-73 Mallard hull outside and a restored G-73 inside Viking Aircraft's hangar.
At the time, Viking was about to embark on the revival of DHC-6 production, but was primarily a DHC and Grumman maintenance facility."

Grumman G-73 Mallard N628SS at YYJ - Ken Swartz 2007

Grumman G-73 Mallard at Victoria IAP-YYJ - (Photo: Ken Swartz, 2007).
This one is a fitting addition to my gallery of Plane Indentification Mysteries! Bill Bailey provided the identity
here: "N628SS c/n J-28, originally N2970, flown by VISS in the US Virgin Islands. It was heavily damaged by Hurricane Hugo in Sep.'89 and it never flew again, It drifted around to various owners
until finally ending up in Victoria in March, 2006." Registration Cancel Date: 2007-06-13.
Website has a photo showing the destruction of Mallards N628SS, N655SS and N632SS.

Grumman G-73 Mallard VP-CLK at YYJ - Ken Swartz 2007
Grumman G-73 Mallard VP-CLK (c/n J-34) at Victoria IAP-YYJ - (Photo: Ken Swartz, 2007)
From (Jan.2020)

Kenneth Swartz shared this photo with me of stored & derelict N287F 'Lynden Air Cargo' at Abbotsford.
The photo was taken on 21Aug06
L.188 N287F derelict at Abborsford, by Ken Swartz
I came across a tailsection at Red Deer in Sep.2019, which is probably what remains of N287F...
See also the item on my Plane Identification Mysteries.

Ken wrote in Jan.2020: "I’m sending a few more propliners from a road trip to Washington and Oregon State in 2016."
Douglas DC-7 N401US - Medford, OR 2016
Douglas DC-7 N401US of Erickson Aero Tankers - Medford,OR 2016
Douglas DC-7 N401US - Medford, OR 2016
I came across Tanker 62 at Madras,WA in 2014: USA14 EricksonCollection - N401US was in a different livery then.

Ken: "Moses Lake Airport is now home for more than 260 stored Boeing 737 Max jets "
PBY at Ephrata,WA 2016
I spotted this Consolidated Vultee PBY-6A N9825Z in 2014, see my US Northwest report!
This was the last PBY-6A to be built!

PBY at Ephrata,WA 2016
What a strange contraption on the cockpit, a searchlight..?

Also at Moses Lake,WA:
B-23 - Moses Lake, WA
Douglas B-23 Dragon, N777LW (c/n 2749) out on the ramp!

At Ephrata Airport,WA:
PBY-5 KEHP Elphrata Airport
This is Consolidated (Stewart-Davis) 28-5ACF EMQ Super Catalina PBY-5A, N9505C (c/n 1581)
here at Ephrata,WA - ex/ SLAFCO and Comanche Air Inc.

PBY-5 KEHP Elphrata Airport
My page USA Northwest 2014 has more photos and details on the history of this 'propliner'.

Fairchild F-27J (C-GCRA) ex/ Norcanair (in 2006!), at Kelowna Airport, B.C.
Kelowna Airport - F-27A (C-GCRA) Norcanair_2006
On my website, on West Canada 2019, C-GCRA (c/n 52) is depicted with much less colour (but still at Kelowna!)



Ken sent me this in Feb.2020: "This Albatross was still at Longview Airport, Kelso,OR (KLS/KKLS) airport on
03Feb2020. The particular photo was taken two years ago."
HU-16 N121FB
N121FB (c/n G-339)

I noticed N121FB was rereg'd not long ago, 28Aug19, to Aqua Aero LLC (of Clackamas,OR). On the N-inquiry page I noticed the following text:
Modification 1 of 2 - 09/12/2007

Modification 2 of 2 - 10/05/2009


./end quote

I think these modifications had to do with N121FB once based in Hawaii: Reported in Dec.2005 @HNL +Billabong titles. Except the timeframe seems unlogical because these mods date from 2007 & 2009, while N121FB was already on the US mainland in 2004..? See further down.
LA Times article Dec.2004: 'Billabong, an Australian surf wear giant with corporate offices in Orange County, has carefully refurbished a 1950s military seaplane once used by the Air Force for search-and-rescue operations.' Paul Rivas is mentioned as the pilot, John Gasbo as the flight engineer.
From (screendump 20Feb2020)
In 2004 it was photographed ( at Mesa - Falcon Field (MSC / FFZ).
History of G-111 Albatross N121FB
In 2011 it was stored at Carlsbad,CA. On a photo caption I learned "N121FB spent periods with the Smithsonian Institute, Chalks International Airline, storage at Marana and service in Singapore after its Coast Guard career."
So... N121FB seems to go from one place of storage to another, for what purpose? EMAIL ...

Fred Barnes shared a 1980 photo of N121FB, taken at Chalk's at Fort Lauderdale on my Photos by Friends & Guests #60.


Update 23May2020
Moffett Field, California - 28Feb20
Three images taken at Moffett Field, California on 28Feb20.
Lockheed P-2 Neptune BuNo. 128393 (c/n 426-5239) on display at Moffett NAS, CA.

Kenneth wrote:
"Photos from Moffett Federal Airport during two visits in 2020.
This airport was once a large US Navy base. Today is operated by the NASA Ames Research Center and the largest operator is the 129th Rescue Wing of the California Air National Guard, operating C-130Js and Sikorsky HH-60G Pavehawks.
The airport includes three huge airship hangars. Hangar No.1 on the north side of the airport is metal and has been stripped of siding which contained hazardous materials. I believe that Google is funding the restoration.
The two hangars in the south side are apparently some of the largest wooden structures in the world. I recall that in my youth I visited these hangars, in February 1978, when they contained large numbers of P-3 Orions.
Most of the west coast P-3 fleet was moved to Hawaii and NAS Whitbey Island, located between Seattle and the Canadian border.
I don't think NASA has any active aircraft at Ames, other than drones, but I am not 100 percent sure.
The C-141 and the Boeing converted DHC-5 QSRA photographed on the NASA Ames ramp are inactive.
The QSRA was offered up for bid a year or two ago by the US government. I hope it goes to the museum!
The C-141 carried an airborne telescope.
Two other retired VTOL aircraft, built by Grumman, are parked in a compound within NASA Ames and several others in a fenced area that is part of the Moffett Field Museum on the north side of Hangar 1.
There is also a ex-US Navy Neptune and P-3 at the airfield. I believe the Neptune is normally parked on the ramp near Hangar but was moved to the southeast side of the airport in February to accommodate the 'Go Fly Prize'-event that I attended Feb 27-29."

Moffett Field, California - 28Feb20
C-141 (NASA-714) Kuiper Airborne Observatory; on top of the fuselage is a telescope hatch that can be opened.

Moffett Field, California - 28Feb20
NASA-715 is DeHavilland C-8A Buffalo N715NA (c/n 2), reg'd 03Sep1974 to NATIONAL
FAA's N-Inquiry website shows cancellation date 24Sep1996.

From Joe Baugher's website:
'DHC-5 Buffalo originally ordered for US Army and delivered in 1965 as CV-7, but transferred to USAF in 1966-1967 as C-8A.
63-13687 (c/n 2) delivered as CV-7A to US Army May 1965 . Transfered to USAF Jul 1966 as C-8A, assigned to Air Force Systems Command for testing.
To Univ of Michigan as N326D operating for National Center for Atmospheric Research. Assigned to NASA Ames Research Center, NAS Moffett Field, CA Aug 3, 1978 to Nov 22, 1993.
Used for boundary layer control, STOL and V/STOL research.
Modified as a Quiet Short-Haul Research Aircraft [QSRA]. Modified by Boeing the QSRA featured four jet engines whose exhaust was directed over the upper surface of the wing and curved flaps.
Through the Coanda effect, a portion of the propulsive force was deflected into propulsive lift while lift was further augmented by increased circulation associated with the high-velocity exhaust air flowing over the wing.
The QSRA demonstrated its STOL performance by operating aboard the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk without a need for catapult launch or landing arresting gear.
Registered as NASA 715. Registered as N715NA Sep 3, 1974, cancelled Sep 24, 1996.'

Hemet Valley Airport (KHMT) in California, visited by Ken Swartz on 14Mar20
Hemet Valley Airport, visit by Ken Swartz, 14Mar20
Marsh Aviation S-2F3AT, N431DF/78 (c/n 149265); manufactured/converted in 2001.
Reg'd USDA FOREST SERVICE FEPP 11Jul2000 (¬FAA's N-inquiry). Operated by Cal Fire.

Hemet Valley Airport, visit by Ken Swartz, 14Mar20
Marsh Aviation S-2F3AT, N4445DF/80 (c/n 152345); manufactured/converted 2004.
Reg'd USDA FOREST SERVICE FEPP 19Jun2006 (¬FAA's N-inquiry). Operated by Cal Fire from
Hemet-Ryan Air Attack Base, Riverside Unit.

Hemet Valley Airport, visit by Ken Swartz, 14Mar20
North American OV-10A, N407DF (serial 305164M86) and reg'd 10Oct93 to USDA FOREST SERVICE FEPP.
It was widely used in America's war in Vietnam. The North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco is an American twin-turboprop light attack and observation aircraft. It was developed in the 1960s as a special aircraft for counter-insurgency (COIN) combat, and one of its primary missions was as a forward air control (FAC) aircraft.

Hemet Valley Airport, visit by Ken Swartz, 14Mar20
Douglas C-47J, N231GB (c/n 26108/14663); reg'd 24Apr2019 to Thomas M. Hanks of Carlsbad,CA.
Until recently (Dec.'18) for sale at for US$190.000 with airframe 21168hrs.

Hemet Valley Airport, visit by Ken Swartz, 14Mar20
I came across N231GB of Monroe County Mosquito Control District at Key West,FL on 20Oct92. See USA-1992.
On that page as well as on my Photos by Friends & Guests #23 you'll find its history detailed.
UPDATE: On my Photos by Friends & Guests #62 N231GB in March 2021, 'Pacific Pearl' fitted out with a nice new livery.

Hemet Valley Airport, visit by Ken Swartz, 14Mar20
Douglas DC-3-DST, N715F (c/n 4129); reg'd 21Aug 14 for Dick G. Evans of Perris,CA. Still with Paralift?
Moved to Hemet Valley Airport between Oct.2015 - Jun.2017.

From the Webmaster's database:
'After many years of storage at Oklahoma-City, bought by D.G 'Skip' Evans, restored, flown to homebase Perris Valleyin California. Ex/N71R.
Reported in Aug. 2001 at Lake Elsinore, stored. Reg'd 21oct01 15nov96 to Dick G. Evans of , Perris,CA (Wright C9GC&D engines).
For sale 06Feb02 US$ 151.500,- (ttl hrs 33.800).
Reported 02Apr03 at Lake Elsinore,CA - wfu. Same in Nov. 2005, traces of a blue cheat line.
I found N715F on 14May08 @L.Elsinore, showing faded N71R, minus entire tailfin, not just the stabilizer.
Later reported in Aug.'09 @Elsinore's Skylark Field with tail removed. And in March 2011 same. Hopefully it will see restoration at Hemet Valley Airport, a DC-3 -DST is rare! My webpage shows the small passenger door.
My visit to Hemet Valley Airport in 2008: Cal Fire Airtankers at Hemet-Ryan,CA -+|+- Vintage wings at Hemet-Ryan,CA.

History by ATDB of DC-3-DST N715F


Hemet Valley Airport, visit by Ken Swartz, 14Mar20
Beech D18S, N476PA (c/n CA-265); identified by R14Oct1986 Dick G. Evans of Perris,CA.
History CA-265 by G.Goodall
History by Geoff Goodall's (download)

Hemet Valley Airport, visit by Ken Swartz, 14Mar20
North American T-6G, N3100G (49-3207) in colours of South African Air Force, '7523'.
Reg'd 04Sep2009 to Douglas A. Medore of Romoland,CA.
History of T-6G Texan N3100G - discontinued ca.2002

Hemet Valley Airport, visit by Ken Swartz, 14Mar20
North American Navion, N91720 (c/n NAV-4-193). R07Oct02 to Eric D. Johnson of Riverside,CA.
In 2015 we took a flight in a L-17 Navion A (N444AC) from the Highland Lakes qdn (CAF) in Texas. SEE DETAILS.

Hemet Valley Airport, visit by Ken Swartz, 14Mar20
Stinson SR-7B, NC15173 (c/n 9653). R14Jul78 to Joseph L. Caibattoni of Upland,CA.

WACO UPF-7, NC184E (c/n 5603). R14Apr89 to Joseph L. Caibattoni of Upland,CA.

Uploaded 29May2020, date of photography 14Mar20 at Estrella Warbirds Museum, Paso Robles Mun'l Airport,CA
Stinson Vultee at Paso Robles,CA by Ken Swartz
Stinson V-77 (AT-19) Reliant, N69990 (serial 77-368) at Paso Robles,CA. Dereg'd 06Sep2019 'sale reported'.

The Stinson V-77 Reliant was used by the United States Air Forces in WW II as a utility aircraft, designated UC-81, and as a trainer designated AT-19.
After the war, they were sold on the civilian market as the Vultee V-77.
The V-77 was a spartan version of the SR-10 with the 300 hp Lycoming R680-E3B, a single door on the left side and the traditional "bump" cowl was replaced with a simpler smooth cowl.

OV-10 Bronco at Paso Robles,CA by Ken Swartz
North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco, N93LM (ex/USAF 67-14615 - identity from museum's website)

This OV-10A Bronco was one of six that went from USAF surplus to the Forestry Service in 1984 for use as a spotter and director during fire seasons.
This was a rebuild by the numbers project (?) after it was trailered in to the Estrella Warbirds Museum where the eager restoration crew gladly pieced it back together and repainted to its military colors. [¬]

The North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco is an American twin-turboprop light attack and observation aircraft. It was developed in the 1960s as a special aircraft for counter-insurgency (COIN) combat, and one of its primary missions was as a forward air control (FAC) aircraft. [Wikipedia, more..]

OV-10 67-14615 (msn 305A-23) used in Pave Nail laser designator program in 1970. To US Bureau of Land Management as N93LM in 1992. To California Department of Forestry as spare. On display Nov 2010 in Estrella Warbird Museum. ¬

S-2 at Paso Robles by Ken Swartz
Grumman US-2D Tracker (a.k.a. 'Stoof'), BuNo.136404 (fake).

Although getting in short supply now, the Stoof was popular as a fire bomber conversion in the California Department of Forestry (now Cal-Air), whence our ship came after an unsuccessful landing. The plane suffered relatively little cosmetic damage (rudder ventral hopper), thanks to Grumman's 'iron' construction.
The original designation of S2F led to this aircraft's other nickname, 'Stoof'. ¬

Grumman G-89 Tracker (S2F-1T, TS-2A), 'BuNo.136404' (c/n 476), ex/ BuNo.136567, N411DF ¬Aviation Museums and Collections of N. America by Bob Ogden (Air-Britain, 2011).

BuNo.136567 (msn 476) S2F-1 to TS-2A. Reg'd N411DF 04Jan74; canx 07Nov2012 Tanker # 74 California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE).
On display as BuNo.136404 in Estrella Warbird Museum. ¬

P-2 at Paso Robles by Ken Swartz
Lockheed P2V-5 Neptune, N807NA (c/n 426-5305); still reg'd to Neptune Aviation Services (reg'd 13Sep93).

Estrella Warbirds Museum recently acquired this Lockheed Neptune after it fulfilled service as a fire fighting bomber, operated by Neptune Aviation.
Beginning with the P2V-5F model, the Neptune became one of the first operational aircraft fitted with both piston and jet engines. Originally developed by Lockheed for the US Navy, the Neptune served as a maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare (ASW) aircraft. The Neptune was designed to replace the Lockheed PV-1 Ventura and PV-2 Harpoon.
This particular aircraft, having reached the maximum airframe life status, took its final flight arriving in Paso Robles, CA, to begin a new life as a static display at Estrella Warbirds Museum.
Restoration to military configuration pending.
¬ (29May20)

On the Museum's Facebook page this was published 1Oct2018-
'Last month we took delivery of this P2-V5 Lockheed Neptune.
The airframe was at a reasonable end of life span condition. Part of the agreement included Neptune taking back the original functioning radial and jet engines and replace them with non-functional, along with some of the cockpit electronics.
This plane took its final flight from Montana to Paso Robles. The engine trade has been completed. We are honored to provide a great home for this beautiful static display.'

From my (RL) files: N807NA ('Tanker 07') is ex/ BuNo.131424, N1386K.

DC-3 at Paso Robles by Ken Swartz
Betsy's Biscuit Bomber, ex/ USAAF 43-48608, Belgian Air Force 'L-CW'/OTCWF, French Air Force 348608,
Israel DF/AF 1416/4X-FNN/016, reg'd N47SJ for Global Aircraft Industries, R19Jul07 to Gooney
Bird Group of Templeton,CA.
Its history has been further detailed, plus several photos, in my D-DAY 75 (2019) report.

Visit to March AFB Museum, Riverside 14Mar20 (uploaded 02Jun20)
Visit to March AFB Museum, Riverside 14Mar20

Visit to March AFB Museum, Riverside 14Mar20
Douglas VC-47A, 43-15579 (c/n ?) with California Air Guard titles, USAF.

Visit to March AFB Museum, Riverside 14Mar20
Douglas C-54Q, BuNo.56514 (c/n 10741; ex/ 42-72636, BuNo.56514, N67072)
N67062 Tanker 148 used to be operated by Central Air Services before storage at Avra Valley,AZ.
Ferried 19Jan2002 to March Field for preservation of the Air Museum, allegedly acquired for US$50.000.

Visit to March AFB Museum, Riverside 14Mar20
Lockheed 18-56-24 Lodestar (R5O-5), BuNo.12473 (c/n 18-2358)
Ex/ Bu.No.12473, N3968B, N1210, N1210L, N505R - composite.

Visit to March AFB Museum, Riverside 14Mar20
Beech D18S Expeditor (C18S, C-45F, UC-45F), '4588' (c/n 8222)
Ex/ 44-86963, BuNo.44588, N9657, '52-10588'

Visit to March AFB Museum, Riverside 14Mar20
Fairchild C119F Flying Boxcar, N8091 (c/n 10906; ex/ RCAF 22122, then to Hawkins & Powers in Greybull,WY)

Visit to March AFB Museum, Riverside 14Mar20
Fairchild C-123B/K Provider, 54-0612 (c/n 20061). Used to show 'The Chief' special markings.

Visit to March AFB Museum, Riverside 14Mar20
Convair VC-131D Samaritan, 54-2808 (c/n 204; ex/ N8425H). Used to have 'Florida Air National Guard'-titles.

Visit to March AFB Museum, Riverside 14Mar20
Boeing KC-97G/L, 53-0363 (c/n 17145)

Visit to March AFB Museum, Riverside 14Mar20
Grumman G-111 (HU-16E), 1293 (c/n G-370) US Coast Guard, named 'Cape Cod'

For the above details I relied heavily on the information from 'Aviation Museums & Collections of N.America' by
Bob Ogden (Air-Britain Historians, 2011). A few details were added from my own (RL) database.

Perris Valley Airport,CA (14Mar2020)
Visit by Ken Swartz to Perris Valley Airport

Short SC.7 N4NE (c/n SH.1885; manufactured 1970), reg'd 02Aug94 to PM Leasing Inc (Perris,CA).
As the titles suggest, operated by 'Skydive Perris' a.k.a. Perris Valley Skydiving. (
Also on my USA 2008 web report.

Short SC.7 N549WB (c/n SH.1911; mfr 1973), reg'd 17Oct14 to PM Leasing Inc (Perris,CA).
Fred Wallis photographed it among the weeds at Atlin, B.C. on 26Jul13, Photos by Friends & Guests #38.

Short SC.7 N754BD (c/n SH.1907; mfr 1973), reg'd 17Nov16 to PM Leasing Inc (Perris,CA).
Fred Wallis photographed it stored at Atlin, B.C. on 26Jul13, Photos by Friends & Guests #38.
N754BD was also operated in the past by Allwest Freight, its noseleg collapsed on landing @Rainy Pass Lodge, Puntilla,AK on 26Sep2009.

Short SC.7 N50DA (c/n 1852; mfr 1968), reg'd 17Oct14 to PM Leasing Inc (Perris,CA).
N50DA was also operated by All West Freight Inc. of Delta Junction,AK R13May02; reported on 09Apr08 at Delta Junction,AK. Reg'd 13Sep11 to North Star Air Cargo of East Troy,WI.
Fred Wallis photographed it stored at Atlin, B.C. on 26Jul13, Photos by Friends & Guests #38. But Murray Lundberg wrote on Facebook: "The Shorts [at Atlin] are all working out of Whitehorse now, for Nomad Air."

The Short SC.7 Skyvan (nicknamed the 'Flying Shoebox') is a British 19-seat twin-turboprop aircraft
manufactured by Short Brothers of Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is used mainly for short-haul freight and skydiving. [¬]

Ken: "I didn’t realize that the SkyVan’s I had photographed at Perris Valley had once spent time in northern Canada!
I wonder if the same fate awaited Summit Air’s Short SC-3 Skyvan Series 3 C-GJGS (serial SH1909), which I photographed in pieces at Chilliwack Airport, B. C. on 26Sep2014.
C-GJGS (c/n 1909) was cancelled from the Canadian civil aircraft register on 21Oct2014.
I didn’t see the Skyvan on subsequent visits to Chilliwack. It was parked behind the Upper Valley Aviation hangar."
Short Skyvan C-GJGS by Ken Swartz (2014)
I haven't been able to find a new owner of C-GJGS and I couldn't spot that defining box-like fuselage on
Google Earth, so it may have been moved without further reregistration or it may have been scrapped.
History of Short Skyvan c/n 1909
From (10Oct20)



For this 11Aug20 update Ken wrote: "I had a productive visited to Brantford Airport, Ontario on July 25, 2020.
Highlights were two Piper Navajo Chieftain survey aircraft from Brazil (presumably Canadian-owned - NOT DISPLAYED), an American Tri-Gear Beech 18 with a damaged wing, a 1943 Grumman G-44 (for sale for $275,000)."

Beech E18S  N299Z (BA-159); copyright Ken Swartz
Beech E18S N299Z (BA-159). Obviously some parts are missing.
My database shows: 'N299Z Ray Johnson, at 14Oct07 Staggerwing Museum,Tullahoma Regional Airport,TN for
the air show. At present date 11Aug20 FAA's N-inquiry shows 'R09Jul19 for Dakota Express LLC, Wilmington,DE'.
Beech H-18 N22BR (c/n 729) is also registered to them. As well as c/n BA-728, also a H-18 (N92756).
Based in Pompano Beach,FL as far as I can tell. Perhaps Dakota Express LLC is a broker or restorer?

UPDATE.1- 25Aug20: (via Ken Swartz) Ian Macdonald wrote: "The Brantford report answered an outstanding question from seven years ago; where did Beech 18 N299Z go?
It was listed in the aircraft imported section of CCARCS in July 2013 and the last track on Flightaware showed it arriving at Winnipeg, and then nothing. (It has not been picked-up by Flightaware of flightradar24 since then so presumably no longer IFR capable)."
UPDATE.2 - 25Aug20: (via Ken Swartz from Brantford Airport Board Minutes – July 8, 2019 Page 2)
"Staff has been advised the derelict Beech 18 aircraft currently located on the east apron is under new ownership; the new owner is currently looking for commercial hangar space at the airport to make the aircraft airworthy."

Grumman G-44 Widgeon, C-FBCP; copyright Ken Swartz
Grumman G-44 Widgeon, C-FBCP (c/n 1327) at Brantford,ONT (CYFD) on 25Jul20.
It was reg'd 07Jul03 to CF-BGS Inc. in Oakville,ONT. Now for sale for $275.000.


Ken wrote: "I recently started scanning the first negatives I took in the Vancouver and Seattle area in the mid-1990s.
Today’s topic: VH-NWB.

Beech G18S VH-NWB - Ken Swartz
VH-NWB (msn BA548) @San Martin Airport (CA) - 24Jan2020.

Ken: "I found this wrecked Beech G18S, VH-NWB behind a hangar at San Martin Airport. It’s behind the northern most hangar at the airport and not far from the museum with the Vickers Viscount nose."
Beech G18S VH-NWB - Ken Swartz

VH-NWB (c/n BA548) crashed down the road at Hollister Airport in 2012.

Beech G18S VH-NWB - Ken Swartz

Beech G18S VH-NWB - Ken Swartz
Beech G18S VH-NWB (c/n BA548), 'Wild Blue Yonder'.


Vince O’Connor Aircraft Collection.

Vince O'Connor served with the RCAF as an airframe mechanic in the 1950s and helped maintain Vampire, Sabre and T-33 jets before leaving the service and becoming an electrician.
About 30 to 40 years ago, Vince’s interest in aviation was revived and Vince started buying general aviation aircraft wrecks to sell for parts and older military aircraft that were being retired from training colleges or discovered on farms, etc.

Today, Vince has about 20 dismantled aircraft on his farm in Uxbridge, north of Toronto and has supported the restoration of many aircraft in Canada and overseas with hard to find parts and more recently acquired various business and commercial aircraft parts to rent to the Canadian movie industry.
In late 2019/early 2020, Vince acquired a Beech 18, Norseman fuselage and Fairchild Cornell airframe from his friend Al Rubin. He had a large collection of vintage aircraft (primarily military jets) at Markham Airport, the deal made before Al died in the spring of 2020.

Norseman CF-BHT
Norseman airframe at Uxbridge, Ontario - Norseman Mark V, Serial N29-9, CF-BHT (recently identified as CF-BHT)

Norseman Mk V, CF-BHT, msn N29-9 (information provided by Ken).
After more than 25 years in obscurity with its identity unknown, Canadair CL-215 pilot and Norseman enthusiast Rodney Kozar has determined that a Norseman stored in Ontario, for about 25 years, is Norseman Mk V, CF-BHT, Serial N29-9, which was wrecked in a crash in 1967.
Sometime afterwards the Norseman was acquired by aircraft collector Tex Lavalee in Quebec, who later sold it (along with a former Norseman) sometime in the mid-1990s to vintage aircraft collector Al Rubin for his Canadian Air Land Sea Museum and who also operated Markham Airport northwest of Toronto. 

In early 2021, Rodney learned from Larry Milberry (who has written two books on the Noorduyn Norseman) that I had been trying to ID the Norseman I had seen at Markham and more recently at Uxbridge.
After sharing some info and photos from my visit to Vince in December, Rodney interviewed Tex Lavalee and Vince O'Connor in February 2021 and determined the Norseman was indeed CF-BHT, which Tex had acquired as a hull from Cartierville Airport sometime during the 1970s after a decision had been made not to rebuild the airframe.


Ken wrote: "In December 2020, I helped negotiate the purchase of a set of Avro CF-100 landing gear from Vince for the Quebec Aerospace Museum, which is restoring RCAF CF-100, 100760 (on loan from the Canada War Museum) for static display.  
Between 1967 and 1981, this aircraft was operated by Pratt & Whitney Canada from St. Hubert Airport to
support the flight testing of the JT15D turbofan engine.

The first time I met Vince in person was when a team from the museum drove to his farm in December 2020, to pick up the landing gear, and I was offered a tour of his remarkable collection at the same time.
It includes a Westland Lysander, several Bristol Bollingbrokes, two DH Vampires, a CF-101 Voodoo, several Canadair CT-133 ('T-33s' a.k.a. 'T-birds') and lots of other interesting objects."

Convair unidentified
Convair nose unidentified, identified as C-FARO, see Searchfor..
Convair unidentified
Convair 580 C-FARO at Uxbridge, ONT. 05DEC2020

Convair unidentified
As yet unidentified airframe. Convair Nose? Also at Uxbridge, ONT. 05Dec2020

Beech 18, C-FZYH, msn CA-100, Uxbridge, ON, 2020DEC05
Beech 18, C-FZYH, msn CA-100. At Uxbridge, ONT. 05DEC2020
Beech 18, C-FZYH, msn CA-100, Uxbridge, ON, 20201205

Beechcraft CT-128 Expeditor 3NMT, C-FZYH, c/n CA-100, ex/RCAF No. 2302 (info by Ken Swartz, Apr'21).
I first photographed Beech 18, C-FZYH derelict condition at Rockcliffe Airport in Ottawa, in the late 1980s or early 1990s, still wearing its early 1970s Canadian Armed Forces titles.
Then I rediscovered it at Marham Airport in the early 2000s, but at which time the registration it once carried had faded from the tail fins.
Since arriving at Vince’s farm, just over a year, ago the fuselage has been pressure washed to remove years of dirt and grime.

Beech 18, C-FZYH, msn CA-100, Uxbridge, ON, 20201205
Interior of C-FZYH (c/n CA-100)

PBY-5 Canso, RCAF 9825, msn CV-302, Uxbridge, ON, 20201205
PBY-5 Canso, RCAF 9825 Z-DB, msn CV-302, Uxbridge, ONT. 05DEC2020

PBY-5 Canso, RCAF 9825, msn CV-302. Information provided by Ken Swartz.
Built by Canadian Vickers Ltd and assembled at St. Hubert Airport, before the PBY-5A factory opened at Cartierville. This Canso was struck off strength in 1950
It is believed to be one of a handful of PBY’s in Ontario converted into a motor boat before it was acquired by collector Harold Carlaw.
In 2010, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum acquired the fuselage of RCAF Canso #9825 from Harold Carlaw's Memorial Military Museum in Campbellford, Ontario.
It was used for spare parts and installation of a nose turret in the Museum's flying Canso at Hamilton Airport, and then sold to Vince O’Connor in the past decade and moved to his farm in Uxbridge.



Ken wrote in June 2021 on Nolinor...
'Nolinor had a total of 5 Convair 580s. Attached are some images of the CV580s at Mirabel airport, which is also where some aircraft retired from Air Transat have also been scrapped, such as Lockheed L1011s and later Airbus models...'

Nolinor Convair CV580s at Montreal's Mirabel Airport by Ken Swartz

Convair 580, C-FHNM (c/n 454), of Nolinor at Mirabel Airport (CYMX) on 01Jun2019

Nolinor CV580s
Convair 580, C-GRLQ (c/n 347), of Nolinor at Mirabel Airport (CYMX) on 01Jun2019
Ex/ N2042 (CV440; National AL), same for North Central AL (converted to CV580), same Republic AL,
rereg'd C-GKFW (KF Aerospace), to Purolator Courier Canada (wetleased from KF), to Canada Reg'l AL, rereg'd N580TA for Time Aviation Services (opb Tracor Flight Systems) and as C-GRLQ to Nolinor Aviation [¬]

Nolinor CV580s
Convair 580, C-GQHB (c/n 376), of Nolinor at Mirabel Airport (CYMX) on 01Jun2019
Delivered as N3433 (CV44) to Braniff, later to US Airways, rereg'd N5831 for same (converted to
CV580), rereg'd N580GN for Great Norhern AL, as ZS-KRX for Flitestar / Air Cape, onto Air Namibia
as same, as C-GQHB for Air Ontario / Air Canada Partners, transfer to European Air Transport (OO-...)
not taken up, as C-GQHB to CanAC, onto Nolinor Aviation and flown on a lease by Air Inuit. [¬]

Nolinor CV580s
Convair 580, C-FAWV (c/n 154), of Nolinor at Mirabel Airport (CYMX) on 01Jun2019

CV340 c/n 154 started with United Air Lines as N73146 (converted to CV540), went on to US Airways (Allegheny Airlines? USAir?) as N542Z (converted to CV440), rereg'd N8426H for same (CV580), rereg'd N5807 for same, as N5807 to Evergreen Int'l AL, to Air Transport Int'l as N580PL, as same to Emery Worldwide AL (lease), and next to All Star Leasing (rr N110AS), to Lincoln AL (lease) and CF Airfreight (lease), to KF Aerospace and CF Airfreight (N110AS), as C-FJTW to Jetall, rr to Maritime Global AL as C-C-FMGB, as C-FAWV to Airwave Transport and as same to Nolinor Aviation. [¬]

Nolinor CV580 fleet by (june 2021)

Ken wrote me this on 12Jun2021: "Air Spray bought Nolinor’s fleet of Convair 580s for their Allison 501 engines and propellers, to keep their Lockheed L-188 flying.
A condition of the sale was that the Convair 580s had to be removed within 30 days since their parking spot at Nolinor was going to be redeveloped...

Most of the Conair’s were scrapped at Mirabel International Airport in May 2021, with the exception of C-FTAP which was donated by Air Spray to the Time Air Historical Society in Lethbridge, Alberta.
Time Air was an Alberta-based regional airline that affiliated with Canadian Airlines international in the mid-1980s and became Canadian Regional Airlines.
After Air Canada acquired Canadian Airlines International, CRA was merged with Air Canada’s regional airlines (Air BC, Air Ontario, Air Nova etc) to form Air Canada Jazz.   

The most historic aircraft from a Canadian perspective was C-FHNM which was one of three Convairsconverted by Canadair in Montreal to Napier Elan turboprop engines in the late 1950s. It was briefly operated by Quebecair and the RCAF before entering commercial service in the US. At the time Canadair was owned by General Dynamics which also owned Convair. The RCAF subsequently purchased 10 Canadair Cosmopolitans with Napier Elan engines. All the surviving Elan powered aircraft were subsequntly converted to Allison 501 power in the 1960s."

People Movers stored at Mirabel Airport
Nolinor 737s and Mirabel's People Movers stored (2019June01)

Ken wrote about these useful historic links:
"It has been a while since I visited this website on TBM operations in New Brunswick by Forest Protection Limited (FPL) and other companies.
I was surprised this time to find there is a companion site on Stearman spray operations in the province documenting the battle against the spruce budworm from the early 1950s.
Both websites provide a tremendous of information on a unique chapter in Canadian aviation history
Today, FPL operates a fleet of Air Tractor AT-802Fs for aerial spraying and firefighting."


Ken wrote: "Here are images of the five Trackers/Firecats I saw at Abbotsford Airport on June 21, 2021.
The two Conair Firecats (Nos. 73 & 76) stored beside Cascade Aerospace (along with a Lockheed L-188; see CANADA 2019 Report) were acquired by Buffalo Airways in August 2019 (my last pre-Covid 19 visit to YXX) or earlier.

The two Government of Saskatchewan aircraft (Nos. 504 and 506) and the former Canadian Armed Forces (ID unknown) with red engine cowlings are stored on property beside the University of the Fraser Valley’s aviation campus at Abbotsford Airport beside an ex/Kelowna Flightcraft 727-200 and a Sikorsky S-76A.
Canadian Museum of Flight’s rare Trans Canada Airline Lockheed 18 (CF-TCY) which was having sheet metal repairs performed by students. I understand the airport campus was closed to students in early 2020 because of Covid-19."

Trackers at Abbotsford - a dying breed (photos Ken Swartz, 2021)
Trackers at Abbotsford - a dying breed (photos Ken Swartz, 2021)

Trackers at Abbotsford - a dying breed (photos Ken Swartz, 2021)
Tracker C-GEQE/506 (Tanker 6)

From my (RL) files: 'CS2F-3 c/n DH-92. T/o/s by RCN as CS2F-2, s/n 1593, 29Sep59; D27Jul60; cvtd to CS2F-3 30Oct67; reserialled as 12154, 11Jun70; redesignated as CP-121, 27Jul70; s/o/s 02May75; to CADC, 23Sep75; to CADC, 23Sep75; to Province of Saskatchewan as C-GEQE (tail code 6) 30Sep76; current 2005; CADC=Crown Assets Disposal Corporation (details provided to me by Jeff Rankin-Lowe in 2005).

Trackers at Abbotsford - a dying breed (photos Ken Swartz, 2021)
Tracker C-GEQC/504 (Tanker 4)

From my (RL) files: 'CS2F-3 c/n DH-53. T/o/s by RCN as CS2F-2, s/n 1554, 29Sep59; dlvd to initial storage, 10Dec59; cvtd to CS2F-3 28Dec66; reserialled as 12154 11Jun70; redesignated as CP-121 27Jul70; s/o/s 02May75; to Crown Aseets Disposal Corp 23Sep75; to Prov of Saskatchewan as C-GEQC (tail code 4) 19Aug76; current 2005 (details provided to me by Jeff Rankin-Lowe in 2005).


Trackers at Abbotsford - a dying breed (photos Ken Swartz, 2021)
Conair Firecats #73 and #76

Trackers at Abbotsford - a dying breed (photos Ken Swartz, 2021)
Tracker 148 and Lockheed L.18 CF-TCY. More on these tired birds, see CANADA 2019 Report

Here is a selection of photos from my tour of Conair on June 21st.
Convair tankers at Conair
Convair CV580, C-FKFB (c/n 57); Conair Tanker 47.
From my (RL) files: Dlvd 30mar53 CV340 N73129 United; cvtd CV580 Dlvd 27aug64. To Frontier; 1979 bt
Gem State, Golden State A/l. Bt ERA sep81. @ANC jun98 in new c/s. @Kenai 24jul01 (for ERA Aviation).
Ln 05Feb02 Tuscaloosa -Lafayette/Purdue. Bt Kelowna Flightcraft 29May03. Reg'd 17Dec03 C-FKFB
for Conair Group. Ln 29Jun04 @Kamloops, operational. Ln 10Sep06 active @Pentiction, pics on Photos by
Friends & Guests #03
. See also my Canada 2019 report.

Two of the Convair 580s have had their titles and belly tanks removed. 

I flew back to YYZ from Abbotsford on July 6th and two Conair Dash 8-400ATs were on fire standby at the Abbotsford tanker base. But there were none at the YXX base on my June 21st visit. 

Convair tankers at Conair
Convair CV580, C-GKFO (c/n 78); Conair Tanker 53.
C/n 78 is a converted CV340-32. Allegheny Al N5815 operated it in 1978. @Edmonton oct96 for Kelowna
Flightcraft (C-GKFO). Ln 20jul00 Kelowna,BC. Ln 23jul00 Vancouver opf Purolator. Bt Conair Avtn 29jan01.
Ln 09apr02 @Abbotsford, tanker 53. On station @Edson July 2002.

Convair tankers at Conair
Convair CV580 C-FKFM (c/n 70), Conair Tanker 54.
Another converted CV340-31. C-FKFM Kelowna Flightcraft (early 1990s), lsd by All Canada Express.
Bt Conair 07sep00. @Abbotsford 09apr02 as tanker 54 and 03Sep06 same.

Electra tanker at Conair
Lockheed L.188 Electra, C-FYYJ (c/n 1143); Conair Tanker 60.
From my (RL) files: Fred Olsen Line LN-FOG (early 1990s); r/r 6/97 G-LOFD for Atlantic Cargo.
Involved in landing incident at Prestwick 21mar01, gear collapsed, much damage, almost 3 months for temp repairs; ferried to Coventry with gear extended for def repair. Oper'l for DHL mid-Feb08. Reg canx 12Feb2010 exported
to Canada. @Abbotsford Feb.2010. Converted to 'Fire Fighting Tanker'. R16Mar10 C-FYYJ for Conair.


Ken's visit to Bradley Air Services, @Carp Airport, Dec.'89
Ken's visit to Bradley Air Services, Carp Airport, Dec.'89

Ken: "The first time I visited Carp Airport (west of Ottawa), Ontario was in late December 1989.
I was surprised to see four Douglas DC-3s and (a.o.) two float equipped Beavers.

Background info for photos: 
According to the Canadian Civil aircraft register, Bradley operated a total of five DC-3s with most retired n the early 1990s (although C-FMOC only had its CofA cancelled in 2006 and its registration cancelled in 2013)

Similarly, 11 HS748s were registered to Bradley, plus C-GDUI which I saw in 1989 which seems to have been acquired only for parts since it was last registered to Regionair in Quebec. 
The last of the company’s HS 748s were cannibalized and scrapped at Carp and at two or three at Trois-Rivières Airport in Quebec.
Wasaya Airways may be the last fleet operator of the HS 748 in Canada. Air North has retired its aircraft … Not sure if Air Creebec still flies the HS 748.
At least one HS 748 needs to be preserved in a Canadian museum. 

The two Beavers seen in 1989 were the last in the Bradley fleet and were operated seasonally from a charter base at Rapides-des-Joachims on the Ottawa River.
The Beavers probably landed on the grass at Carp airport the end of the summer season and departed from the runway in the spring on a dolly, but I have no proof of this. 
The nearest float plane base to Carp airport is the Constance Lake Water Aerodrome which is six miles by road to the north of the airport 
This base was later acquired by Air Swisha.

Bradley Air Services (very brief history)

Carp airport was the longtime home of Bradley Air Services Limited which was founded in 1946 and operated extensively in northern Canada and the Arctic.
The company later started scheduled services in southern Ontario under the First Air brand name in the 1970s and eventually all operations took place under the First Air name. 

First Air established a base and a hangar at Ottawa Airport after it acquired Boeing 727’s to operate long haul passenger and cargo services between Ottawa and the Arctic. 
In 1990, First Air was purchased by Makivik Corporation which is a holding company owned by the Inuit people of northern Quebec. Makivik already owned Air Inuit, which became a sister company.
First Air expanded its network to the western Northwest Territories with it acquired Ptarmigan Airways in 1995, and Northwest Territorial Airways (also known as NWT Air) in 1997 which were both merged into First Air.
On April 1, 1999, the Northwest Territories was politically divided with the eastern and northern most territory becoming Nunavut, with its capital in Iqaluit (formerly Frobisher Bay), on Baffin Island in the east.
First Air closed its Carp airport base in the 2000s as the last of the company’s HS748s were retired and aircraft operations were consolidated at Ottawa Airport.
In 2017, First Air and Canadian North merged and adopted the Canadian North name."

Visit to Bradley Air Services, Carp Airport, December 1989

Ken's visit to Bradley Air Services, Carp Airport, Dec.'89

Ken's visit to Bradley Air Services, Carp Airport, Dec.'89

Ken's visit to Bradley Air Services, Carp Airport, Dec.'89

Ken's visit to Bradley Air Services, Carp Airport, Dec.'89

Ken's visit to Bradley Air Services, Carp Airport, Dec.'89



CYUL_Montreal Dorval Airport - August 17, 1989
CYUL_Montreal Dorval Airport - August 17, 1989

CYUL_Montreal Dorval Airport - August 17, 1989

CYUL_Montreal Dorval Airport - August 17, 1989

Unidentified Douglas DC-3 at Sept-Îles Airport (CYZV) 1992

Ken: 'Here's an unidentified Douglas DC-3 which I photographed in Nov.'92 at Sept-Îles Airport (CYZV), Quebec.
I have always wondered which aircraft I saw 29 years ago! Hopefully someone can help in the identification.'
Comments to EMAIL


Ken wrote in Dec.2021: "Two More HS 748 images from Carp Airport, 26Jun2005: C-GOUL, C-GGNZ & 1 unknown"
HS 748 C-GDUL (2005)
'Here are a couple more image from Carp Airport (CYRP) outside Ottawa.'
Scrapped - fuselage was trucked to Arnprior (45 23 2 N 76 17 3W) at YRP) ¬
Details of C-GDUL by
HS.748 C-GDUL by

HS748 C-GGNZ plus 1 unknown
See my Arnprior 2009 Report, for details on all three!












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