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On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I would like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.

These images were made by Matthew Krunglevich and shared on Yahoo's Airtanker forum; Tanker 60 and 66 fighting fires, summer 2013. The US westcoast has been fighting a great many fires this year.
The airtanker numbers were 'translated' to their tailnumbers on my Airtanker Id - page.

Photo by Matthew Krunglevich

Photo by Matthew Krunglevich

There is a thriving FireBombers community on Facebook; Steve Whitby published this photo there.
Catalina Tanker 115 by Steve Whitby
@Lake Hemet 1995, John Wells flying Tanker 115.

Rob Dragt published this photo, among others, of C-47B 2100847 (L4 B), being put on transport recently from its location of former Valkenburg AB (Netherlands) -where it was used as a prop to the musical 'Soldaat van Oranje'- to a location in Luxembourg (Ardennes) for the filming of a documentary, Broken Dreams (see Facebook page).
Phot by Rob Dragt
See my page for more history on this vintage warbird, HERE..

Bush Flying Captured by Rich Hulina

Rich Hulina published this remarkable photo on his Bush Flying Captured Facebookpage, adding: "A big thanks to the boys at Northwest Flying, Jack Pope, Shane Pope in C-FHZA and Brett Gauthier in C-FNKL.
Incredible morning!" (04Aug2013).

K2 Aviation published this on their Facebook page, on 24Jul2013, adding:
"Doesn't that De Havilland Beaver look handsome with tundra tires! We took some rafters out to 'Yellow Jacket' the other day, and the weather's been just great for them!"
K2 Aviation DHC-2 N323KT

I visited and flew them last year, see MY REPORT

Aero Service contact details
Former Aero Service staff are requested to contact Bob Welshe at the above adress.
This is in relation to the webpage which started on DC-3 N5000E, but evolved in tales and reminiscence on / by Aero Service Corporation & staff HERE

The photo used as background to this invitation is from and has no bearing on Aero Service (afaik).

Thomas Bouwens found himself at Deadhorse, Alaska; he wrote:
"Caught this 'Six' on 26Jun13; could not get N-number because of the glare, but I believe it is N351CE."
Everts' DC-6 at Deadhorse
Note: I checked (July 12th) movement of N351CE on flighttracker and found latest movement showing Noatak (PAWN / WTK ) to Fairbanks Intl (PAFA / FAI) on May 17th. If the Deadhorse flight was made VFR (without flightplan) it would explain why it didn't show on

Mikey McBryan of Buffalo Airways published this photo on his Facebook page, writing: "Meet 'Swinger', the worlds last SwingTail DC-6 and she is all mine! Ain't she pretty!"(26Jun2013).
N434TA arrived in Yellowknife for Buffalo Airways

The history of N434TA, a rare and unique vintage propliner, is described on a page dedicated to a visit to Fairbanks by me almost 20 years ago: Douglas DC-6 while I came across it again, stored at Fairbanks among the weeds, in 2012.

UPDATE (FEB.2017): After N434TA had arrived in Hay River in 2013, it was subsequently stored at Hay River for Buffalo Airways; see this Flickr link to a 28May 2016 photo.

John Johnson, previous owner of N5831B, sent me this on 01Jul2013:
DC-3 N5831B

John wrote me this: "My name is John Johnson and I am the former owner of the C-47 N5831B, when it was located in Tucson, AZ.
My wife Susie and I purchased it from Reggie Hopwood in West Memphis,AR and flew it to Arizona.
Susie and I purchased N5831B because we realized how important it was to save this real battle tested warbird!  

I started the restoration of the airplane by locating and adding the astrodome, replaced the damaged vertical stabilizer, replacing all the plexiglass in the rear cargo area, stripping the 'civilian' paint job, replacing 90% of all the external screws, nuts and bolts...
We also replaced the interior flooring and cleaned the interior belly area, which was a huge job and consumed over 100 gallons of water and degreaser! 

It amazes me that people who took pictures of the airplane, while on the ramp in Marana (AZ) but did not bother to find out who owned it and was doing all the work to restore N5831B.
I would appreciate it if you could please amend your website, to fill in the missing information, as we worked very hard to restore this airplane and save it for future generations.
I had lots of offers from dubious persons, mostly from Mexico and South America, and was very happy when Mr. Paddy Green sent some engineers over to look and purchase the airplane."

More on this and DC-3 N5831B see the page I dedicated to it HERE...

And thank you John for taking such good care of 'Drag-Em Oot'!

Tony Bounpanh Bouttavong added this photo on 'Once Upon A Time in Laos' Facebook page, adding: 'Royal Air Lao Douglas C-54A-10-DC Skymaster - 12 March 1975'.
DC-4 Royal Air Lao XW-PNI
XW-PNI(c/n 10420), it was nice to see it had a Dutch history!
Started as 42-72315 USAAF, then as NL-305 to the Netherlands Government Air Transport, subsequently reregistered PH-TAG for KLM>
Next was F-BDRY Transports Aeriens Interc - F-BDRY Air Atlas (lsd) - CN-CCE Royal Air Maroc (mgd) - F-BJHE Air France - F-BJHE Air Afrique - TU-TBQ Air Afrique - F-BJHD Air France - XW-PNI Royal Air Lao - RDPL 4.4003 Royal Air Lao (reregistered).
This from

Here is from another source:
RDPL-34003 Douglas C-54A c/n 10420
ex 42-72315, NL-305, PH-TAG, F-BDRY, CN-CCE, F-BJHE, TU-TBQ, F-BJHE, XW-PNI Lao Aviation.
Bought by J. D. Melvin Co (Glendale, Ca.); allocated N9272F to J. D. Melvin Co (Glendale,Ca.) 04-Sep-81 (ntu, & finally canx 09-May-11); no CofR or CofA issued, and assumed broken up in Laos.
Air Lao flooded
And these photos (compilation by webmaster) too is from 'Once upon a time in Laos' by LaneXang; a photo shared by Tony Bounpanh Bouttavong on this Facebook page.
The small photo displayed here shows "...DC-4 of Royal Air Lao, at Vientiane Airport, Laos with the airport under floodwater. The back text in French dates the flood to 1 Sept 1966."

Yukon Cornelius from Anchorgae published this fine photo on his Facebook page, dated 26Jun2013.
Nice to see those glorious big radials still rumble..
N747CE is a C-118A operated by Everts Air Cargo / Everts Air Fuel; see my visit to Fairbanks 2012

Ron Mak sent me this photo, accompanied with a query:
Beech 18 EC-ASJ

This Spantax Beech 18 EC-ASJ was seen at Las Palmas on 10Dec1970.
The question is: is this the same Beech 18 that is parked these days at Malaga? That one has a different looking nose and different radar equipment, but carries tailnumber EC-ASJ plus Spantax S.A. titles. Compare..
by John Bennett on the Beech 18 Yahoo forum:
"These are two different aircraft, the original EC-ASJ is c/n AF-752 and is currently with the Fundacion Infante de Orleans at Cuatro Vientos in Spain.
The ‘EC-ASJ’ preserved at Malaga is c/n BA-6 in false marks, which was originally N3600B, CN-MAQ (Royal Moroccan Air Force), PH-LPS, N9886A."

By Aad van der Voet on the Classic-Propliners Yahoo forum:
"The 'EC-ASJ' on display at Malaga is Beech E18S N9886A c/n BA-6, painted as EC-ASJ.
The real EC-ASJ, as seen in 1970, is Beech C-45H Expeditor c/n AF-752, currently based in airworthy condition in Spantax colours at Cuatro Vientos, with the Fundación Infante de Orleáns. It was first registered as EC-ASJ on 04 May 1962, initially with Trabajos Aéreos Insulares.
It has kept that registration ever since.

Paul Koopman recently visited Australia and came across these vintage radials in Cairns (31May13).

Convair CV580 VH-PDX
Convair CV580 VH-PDX (c/n 126) at Cairns, awaiting another load to haul.
Previous identities included N5816 C-FIWN; registered on 14Jan08 to Pionair Australia Pty Ltd as VH-PDX, arriving 06Feb08 in Sydney, to start a career 'downunder'.

Short Belfast at Cairns, stored
This impressive cargo hauler is a Shorts SC.5 Belfast (registration RP-C8020, c/n SH.1819), titles & registration removed; it has been for sale for a number of years. It is the only flyable Short Belfast in existence.

It was in use by HeavyLift Cargo Services (operating name for Transpacific Pty Ltd); 9L-LDQ was registered on 21Jan03 and is former RAF military transport XR365 and HeavyLift G-HLFT (a UK based company that went bankrupt in Sep.2002, no relation to this company).
It was reg'd in Jan.2007 to RP-C8020 and expected to move to the Philippines.
Except it never moved, this image on (Taken 09Feb2017) shows its unchanged, but rumors of
scrapping become stronger and stronger...
But... photos shared on Facebook early Nov.2019 shows it is still in one piece, all white and going nowhere!

DC-3 VH-SPY at Cairns
This unmarked Douglas DC-3 is VH-SPY, a C-47 with c/n 16365/33113.

This classic transport was used as a backdrop in a tv film called 'A Far Country' and was seen stored at Camden, Sydney (NSW) in 1987. It was registered for South Pacific Airmotive Inc as VH-SPY (1990?) and reregistered N65388 on 27Oct99 (for the same owner, but not applied to the aircraft). Whether it was actually used for commercial activities I don't know, as it seems it was mainly reported as stored. But it did find its way to Cairns.

At some point the owners were reported to be the same owners as of the 'HeavyLift' Belfast aircraft based / stored here (Transpacific Pty ?) at Cairns. On 24May11 it was registered as N65388 to Harlan W. Jordan of Lady Lake, Florida; afterwards it became all quiet again. This vintage transport does look to be in good nick still.

More history on the Short Belfast and this C-47 VH-SPY on the page I compiled dedicated to my OZ 2005 visit.

Terry Fletcher went to the Annual Airshow at La Ferte Alais, just south of Paris, earlier this year in May.
He had a most enjoyable day, photographing some really nice aircraft. I haven't been there myself but I hope to go there some day.
Terry sent me this image of F-GPJS, a 1938 Stinson Reliant SR-10C.
Stinson Reliant

The Stinson Reliant was a popular single-engine four to five seat high-wing monoplane manufactured by the Stinson Aircraft Division of the Aviation Manufacturing Corporation of Wayne, Michigan.
1,327 Reliants of all types were made from 1933 to 1941, in different models, from SR-1 to SR-10.
The final commercial model, the Stinson Reliant SR-10, was introduced in 1938.
A militarized version was first flown in February 1942 and remained in production through several additional versions (all externally identical) until late 1943 for the US and British armed forces.

Terry has compiled a nice photo report of that air show:


Martin 'Jojo' Prince Jr sent me these images in June 2013 and wrote: "We had a 'Centennial of Flight' here in Bethel (Alaska) last month; they had a couple of AT-6 Texans and a Stinson L-13."
Stinson L-13 in Bethel, Alaska
For more photos by 'Jojo' Prince Jr see his pages on this website: ONE and TWO

Henry Young did me the pleasure of sending these photos. When I asked him what he did at the time and how he came in the opportunity to make these photos, he wrote:
"I spent my summers in college on US Forest Service Fire crews.
In 1969 I had just finished college and went to Alaska to work on a fire crew with the Bureau of Land Management. During those years, most of the tankers were older military types. 
I did get a few rides on ferry flights, aircraft like the B-17, B-25 and C-119. 
Were they ever loud! I think my love of big radials comes from those days!"

Fairchild C-119 N383S in Alaska

Henry added to this photo: "A Fairchild C-119 that was hauling some large vehicles from our base at Campbell Airstrip (Anchorage) to a remote location.
It had wing mounted auxiliary jet engines and an empty mount for a top mounted jet.
One of the pilots told me at the time that it was used for tests of the 'Snap and Grab'-system of retrieving objects from the ground or air.
Some of your C-119 people might know a little more. It was registered as N383S."

More on this aircraft (& demonstrator) on my Fairchild C-119 Info Page.

Tanker 44, a Boeing B-17
Boeing B-17, Tanker 44 in Alaska 1969. This aircraft had come from Hawaii after filming 'Tora Tora Tora'.

My first attempts to B-17 Tanker 44 failed. This website has numerous B-17 Aerial Firefighters, but T44 is not among them.
Several B-17s on that website participated in the film 'Tora Tora Tora'.
The Tanker Id '44' has also been worn on a DC-6 and a P-2 Neptune (most recently).
Then Aad van der Voet managed to identify this T44: "The B-17 is N17W c/n 4896 which, as you already mention, was indeed used in the movies '1000 Plane Raid' and 'Tora, Tora, Tora' in 1968 and early 1969. It is now preserved by the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field, Seattle."
And last April this B-17F NC17W (which is painted as USAF bomber 229782) was seen parked inside a brand new hangar at Boeing Field that is not owned by the Museum of Flight, but property of Clay Lacy. It was there together with the DC-2 NC13711 (c/n 1368) in the livery of TWA, The Lindbergh Line.
A 2017 photo of DC-2 NC13711 can be found on my Photos by Friends & Guests (50).

Pb4Y Privateer of Avery AviationAnd another image of Alaska 1969: A Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer of Avery Aviation.
Tanker identity is B22. Tried to clean the scan from dust as much as I could within acceptable time.
Christler Flying Service was also know, I believe, as Christler & Avery Aviation; a merger perhaps (date?). Hawkins & Powers Aviation took over Christler Fire Service in 1979.

This one cannot be N7974A, which was also flown by Avery Aviation, as that one crashed in Alaska on 22Jul1968 (ASN report).

Then googling for "Tanker B22" I stumbled on this website which showed B22 to be N2870G:
Delivered to US Coast Guard as 66304, 19??.
- Put up for dispossal at NAS Elizabeth City, NC, Aug. 1958.
Ace Smelting Inc, Phoenix, AZ, 1959.
- Registered as N2870G.
Avery Aviation, Greybull, WY, 1959-1969.
- Flew as tanker #B22.
Hawkins and Powers Aviation, Greybull, WY, July 1969-1980.
- Flown as tanker #B22 (later #121).
- Crashed on take-off, Ramona, CA, Aug. 27, 1980.
Used to rebuild N7682C/66261, Greybull, WY, 1981.
Major sections noted on dump, Greybull, WY, 1987-1992.
Tail section noted at Gillespie Field annex of the San Diego Air & Space museum on January 7, 2009.

Natasa Grahek sent me this welcome update in June 2013:
DC-3 preserved in Slovenia, Otok (near (Metlika)
Natasa wrote:
"I found your website while looking for more information about this airplane, which I just visited in a place named Otok, near Metlika, Slovenia.
The plane has been placed there, as historic reminder of a partisans airport, called Piccadilly Hope, where planes landed during WWII."

More on what Natasa wrote me plus information on this preserved C-47 (albeit as yet unidentified construction number) on my Search For.. page.


Rich Hulina (of Bush Flying Captured fame) shared this photo on Facebook: the remarkable Pilgrim, a unique restoration project by Alaska Aviation Museum (Anchorage).
Pilgrim NC709Y in Anchorage, Alaska

The first flight of the Pilgrim (NC754Y) was October 22, 1930. Although only one aircraft was completed, a modified version also known as the Pilgrim 100-A was in production for American Airways, the first operator of the type in 1931.
After a total of 16 aircraft, an additional batch of 10 aircraft with a larger fin were manufactured by the re-structured American Aircraft & Engine Corporation, which emerged in 1931 from the Fairchild Aircraft Co.
The continuing series was built under the designations, Pilgrim 100-B and American/Fairchild Y1C-24.
The first six in the new series went to American Airways.
The parent company later reinstated the Fairchild name.

The Alaska Aviation Museum has a thoroughly informative webpage on the Fairchild Pilgrim, including information on the restoration project:

I have visited this museum at Lake Hood, Alaska a few times, most recently in 2012, see HERE..

Thomas Bouwens sent me these photos, taken at Palmer,AK on 30May2013.

N... Alaska Air Fuel at Palmer
Douglas C-53E N96358 (c/n 27284/230) at Palmer,AK.
Hopefully at some point 'Alaska Air Fuel'-titles will be applied.
More on this operator & aircraft further below on this page.
My page Photos by Friends & Guests #61 has a photo and details of incident N96358 on 10Oct20.

N777YA at Palmer,AK
Douglas C-47A N777YA (c/n 14189/25634) of Bart Tiernan's Bush Air Cargo.
Last year,when I met Bart, he told me the aircraft was parked somewhere north in Alaska.
It is good to see he did flew it down and obviously some maintenance is going on here. Nice day for it!
For more history on this ex/ Woods Air Service DC-3 on my website HERE..
UPDATE 2015: Sadly, N777YA was wrecked upon landing at the Nixon Fork Mine, near McGrath,AK on 22Nov2015. Apparently on landing 'the Arctic Liner' struck a snow berm and the landing gear went through the wing!
Fortunately, initial reports showed both crew to escape without serious injuries.

In 'Propliners Roundup' by Ralp M Pettersen in Air Classics (apr.2016) I read that Bart Tiernan was selling the business, dissolving Bush Air Cargo. He was quoted as "I lived the dream! Now it is your turn!", while offering N777YA and N50CM for sale.
At the time of N777YA's failed landing on 22Nov15 at the Nixon Fork Mine obviously won't help help selling it, but he will make an attempt to recover it from the site and see it flying again.
Pity to see Bush Air Cargo gone! N50CM was ferried to Ohio on 08/08Nov2015 and reg'd to Priority Air Charter on 29Jan16.

C-119s stored at Palmer,AK
Some propliners continue operations, some don't...
More details on C-119 N1393N and C-119 N8501W on my 2003 page

Bob Reid wrote me 28May2013 and sent these images along of N67017 being scrapped and hauled away.
N67017 scrapped at Mesa-Falcon Field may 2013

Bob wrote: "Greetings from Falcon Field in Mesa, Arizona!
This is the last of the Packard C-54's being cut up and hauled off...
I am not sure of the details, but the CAF was getting a court order to have it removed from their property.
The last of the Gene Packard airplane parts and shop was auctioned off last year. Gene moved to Payson and retired.
His son, Ed Packard, died a couple of years ago so there was no one to carry on the business.
Gene and his company and crews were once a very important part of putting many old warbirds and propliners to work. "

Roger Brooks was the owner, as can be seen on the Notice, but he ceased his flight operations a few years ago. Maybe that has something to do with this scrapping, I don't know. Perhaps that fuselage will resurface somewhere?

Bob identified the guy doing the buying and hauling, one Harold Sheppard from Greybull, WY. The truck said Riverton,WY.
Harold has a scrap business and is a friend of Roger Brooks, that’s the connection.
He has saved as many parts as possible for another DC-4 he is building. The fuselage if not scrapped will be cut up and put in the smelter.
There may be a link with DC-4 N3054V, which Roger Brooks is preparing for Alaska Air Fuel (Palmer,AK). See further down this page.

Btw, in the background of the lower right image one can see the remains of DC-7 N90804 'African Queen'. I saw this last in 2008 at a different location, see Coolidge,AZ 2008 My page USA Southwest 2017, page 2 has a photo and a Jan.2020 update!

And see my report of visiting Falcon Field in 2008.
I came across both N67017 and N67019 once more, when I visited Greybull in Oct.2014.
And see the 1978 photo of N67017 shared by Ron Mak for his gallery on my website.

N67019 had been removed a short while before, as this photo published on the WIX-forum by 'cadet77' testifies:
N67019 DC-4 for scrap
The image had the following caption: "The end of Douglas C-54B Skymaster (United States Navy) (DC-4) N67019 at Falcon Field in Mesa Arizona on February 3 2013. The cockpit was separated from the fuselage earlier this year; hopefully it was saved."

I came across both N67017 and N67019 once more, when I visited Greybull in Oct.2014.

But as one can see, there is a difference between N67017 and N67019 how they were hauled away: N67017 is intact has the cockpit still attached while N67019 is sans cockpit. Photos on the Ken Swartz gallery hosted on my website shows where it has gone: to Houma,LA (I am pretty sure of this!).

Phil Brooks wrote me in May 2013: DC-3 'Tooie' at Franklin Flying Field, Indiana (3FK) on Saturday May 25th; a nice surprise!
I wonder what the plan is for this aircraft?"
DC-3 Tooie

Years ago it was meant to be restored after years of display at a restaurant; then (2008?) Indiana Air Search and Rescue (IASAR) acquired it for parts use on another DC-3, N236GB. For this I think it was supposed to be transported to Thomaston,GA. By March 2009 nothing had happened.
When I checked the website upon receiving this photo, the website seems no longer valid. There is a Facebook page but it seems dead as a dodo.
Perhaps they sold N2312G 'Tooie' on to someone and is prepared for transport?

I have come across 'Tooie' myself in 2000: The Deep South; and there is detailed history on Photos by Friends & Others (14)

Thomas Bouwens from Alaska sent me this image and the question:
"I wonder if anyone has information on these wrecks I found on Google Earth at a mining strip four miles east of Chandalar Lake, Alaska."
Two plane wrecks near Chandalar Lake

Marc Hookerman came up with the identities: "They are C-46 N92853 and (top) C-119 N15509.  That is the Tobin Creek Mine Airstrip (closed)."

C-119G N15509 (c/n 10775) crashed on 21Apr84, while on take off from Venetie Airport with destination Fairbanks. See Aviation Safety Network.

See also my page on Abandoned Wrecks of the North

Richard Nash shared this photo with in 2012: G-APEP is seen at the Brooklands Museum (no date).
Merchantman G-APEP

G-APEP was built as Vickers Vanguard 953C (c/n 719). G-APEP flew with BEA, then British Airways, then to Air Bridge Carriers (ABC), which changed into Air Bridge and later to Hunting Air Cargo (1992 - 1998).

The Vickers Vanguard was a British short/medium-range turboprop airliner introduced in 1959 by Vickers-Armstrongs, a development of their successful Viscount design with considerably more internal room.
The Vanguard was introduced just before the first of the large jet-powered airliners, and was largely ignored by the market.
Only 44 were built, ordered by Trans-Canada Air Lines (TCA) and British European Airways (BEA).

After only about 10 years service TCA experimentally converted one of theirs to a freighter configuration, calling it the Cargoliner. This was considered successful, and in the early 1970s most were converted to freighters, those from BEA becoming the Merchantman.
These freighters remained in service for many years, with the last one (G-APEP) only retiring in 1996.
[Wikipedia, more..]

F-BASN Universal Freighter
Also by Richard Nash is F-BASN, a Breguet 763 Provence, operated by Air France.
Note in the background 2 Curtiss C-46s of Capitol Airways/Lufthansa.

Breguet 763 Provence F-BASN had c/n 1. It was scrapped at Dakar at some point.

The Breguet 761/763/765 were a family of 1940s and 1950s French double-deck transport aircraft produced by Breguet. The aircraft were normally called the Deux-Ponts (Double-Decker) but it was not an official name.
Breguet began design work on the Breguet 761 two-deck airliner even before the end of the WWII, in 1944.
The French Government ordered 12 production aircraft, the Breguet 76-3 which were later redesignated Br.763.
Six aircraft were to be operated by Air France and the other six by the Ministry of Transport.
The 763 had more powerful engines, an 1.20 metres (3 ft 11 in) larger wingspan, strengthened wings and three-crew flight deck (earlier aircraft had four crew).
The 763 first flew on 20 July 1951 and entered service with Air France during autumn 1952.

During 1964 Air France transferred six Br.763s to the French Air Force. The air force also acquired the three pre-production Br.761S aircraft and four new Br.765 Sahara freighter aircraft with removable cargo doors.

Projects to build versions powered with British engines (for possible United Kingdom buyers) did not come to fruition. The projects would have been the 766 (with the Bristol Hercules radial engine), and the 767 with British turboprop engines.

The prototype Br.761 entered service with Air Algérie in 1952 as a cargo aircraft. It was withdrawn early the next year.
Silver City Airways leased a Br.761 for three months in the summer of 1953 for use on the Hamburg - Berlin route. It was rumoured that Silver City Aws would purchase 3 aircraft, but this did not materialise into a sale.

The Breguet Br.763 Provence entered service with Air France on 10 March 1953. The inaugural route was Lyon - Algiers. The type was used on European routes from Paris, mainly to the Mediterranean area, but occasionally to London.
[Wikipedia, more..]

Rich Hulina (of 'Bush Flying Captured'-fame) travelled through parts of Alaska early May 2013 and encountered the 'new kid on the block' at Palmer: Alaska Air Fuel.
DC-4 N96358 Alaska Air Fuel at Palmer 5-2013

Rich Hulina Aviation Photography

Ralph Pettersen ( wrote an interesting update (may 2013) after visiting Alaska too:
"Alaska Air Fuel has been very busy flying heating oil to the Nixon Forks mine from its base in Palmer, AK. 
The DC-4 takes an hour and 15 minutes each way and carries 3,000 gallons in its 4 internal tanks and 8 barrels
loaded on skids. 
Former Brooks DC-4 N96358 has been making 3 round-trips (RT's) per day, weather permitting; with 25 RT's being completed as of Sunday 05May2013.  A 2nd former Brooks DC-4 (N3054V) is currently have tanks installed in Fairbanks by Roger Brooks and will join N96358 in the next few months. [Update 10Oct20: not sure if N3054V ever went operational, but currently as 'stored at Wasilla,AK'.]
Alaska Air Fuel also purchased the remains of DC-4 N82FA and other spareparts from Roger Brooks."
My page Photos by Friends & Guests #61 has a photo and details of incident N96358 on 10Oct20.

Interested in that DC-3 in the background? I visited Palmer,AK on my USA 2012 trip.

Erik Eriksson sent me this in May 2013.
IL-18 Ghana Airways

Erik wrote: "Just busy delving and scanning some boxes of old dia positive slides of my parent.
Here is one dating back to 1961, taken at the old Ikeja Airport in Lagos. Can’t get the tailnumber (maybe '..AAK' on the tail?)."

Following details from the aviation online database
Ghana Airways was formed 05JUL1958 by the Ghana government (60%) and BOAC Associated Companies (40%) to take-over WAAC. It was nationalized in 1961. Suspended operations on 13AUG2004, AOC suspended SEP2004 and liquidated on 22JUN2005.
Ghana Airways operated a total of 8 Ilyushin IL-18s: 9G-AAI, 9G-AAJ, 9G-AAK, 9G-AAL, 9G-AAX, 9G-AAY, 9G-AAM and 9G-AAN.
The above IL-18 could be 9G-AAK (c/n 180002501, to Aeroflot, ultimate fate obscured) but it could also be 9G-AAM (c/n 181003305, to Aeroflot and preserved, CCCP-75424). The tailnumber is too vague to be certain which one this is.



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