Vintage Transports, photos by Friends & Guests (48)


On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.

With the ever growing popularity of Social Media (Flickr, Facebook, Instagram) the barrier has become much lower for people to share their photographs or scans of slides; imperfection to post aviation images is no longer an issue.
I noticed a decline in requests for publication on my website (a decline I welcome, as I struggle with the workflow) on my 'Guest Pages', so now some of these images shared below will be copied from Facebook & Flickr by me. For preservation of their historic value as I see it; always with proper credit to the photographer, of course!

Btw, while I am on social media, picking up on aviation news, I use it mainly for other interests while my website remains my main focus to share my interest in vintage aviation.



Rolf Larsson added a fine C-119 for my C-119 Dossier
C-119 46-96 Italian AF, by Rolf Larsson
C-119 46-96 of the Italian Air Force, photographed at Stockholm-Bromma airport on 04Jul1970.
I am looking for the matching USAF serial and MM-number... EMAIL

Rolf Larsson has a special relation with the 'ConvairLiners' as depicted in item adressed below:
"I started to fly the Convair while employed by Linjeflyg in 1969; we had some CV340 converted to CV440 standard and also some ex SAS CV440.
I flew it until 1976 when I was transferred to the Fokker F.28 fleet, later Boeing 737 fleet. As you may know we had the -500 version but also a leased -300s. We also flew the 'Falcon' B737-300QC fleet on daytime in passenger configuration, the Falcon pilots flew the aircraft nighttime in cargo configuration.
In 1993 we were integrated into SAS and as we, the 737 pilots, had experience of the type we were the first to fly the new B737-600/700/800 delivered to SAS!
SAS had been a Douglas customer with several versions of the DC-9/MD80, but I had amassed some 3.000 hours Convair experience and that is perhaps why I have a special interest in the type!"

Convair PH-CGD Martinair, by Rolf Larsson
Martin's Air Charter (MAC) Convair CV440 PH-CGD, leased to Linjeflyg.
The name 'Pieter Brueghel' stems from KLM use, as one can see from a photo further down this page.

"I am sending a picture which may be of interest to you personally, our company Linjeflyg had a good relationship with Martinair. 
In 1965 Linjeflyg leased CV340/440 PH-CGD, which was delivered on 31Dec1964 and leased until April 1965.
It was a replacement for SE-CCK, which was tragically lost on 20Nov1964 (ASN report).
We flew it in basic Martin's Air Charter (MAC) colours, but with LIN on the tail!
When it went back to Martin's MAC it was converted to CV640.
I never flew this aircraft, as I started to fly the Convair in 1969. I took this picture of PH-CGD at a wintery Bromma airport early 1965." on c/n 104: 'KLM PH-TGD, rr PH-CGD - Martinair PH-CGD - Tussey & Associates N111TA - McCollum Aviation N111TA - Falcon Airways N111TA - Wright Airlines N861FW - Canada West Air C-GCWY - Norcanair (leased C-GCWY) - Century Airlines CV640(F) N640CM (unused) - C&M Airways N640CM - Aeronaves TSM XA-URL (currently operating, march 2017!).


And then George Macadie contributed this excellent photograph of that very same ConvairLiner, c/n 104!
CV340 PH-CGD by George Macadie
Convair CV340 PH-CGD (c/n 99) with KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines. So the name 'Pieter Brueghel' stems from KLM use.
Beautiful times when one could get so close to travelling family or friends and to get a picture in!

Rolf Larsson sent me a 'mystery candidate' here, in the category what happened to it..?
Whilst on the subject of Convair he threw in a few for good measure..

LN-FOF, fate???
Rolf wrote:"I have a problem with the fate of another Convair, CV340 c/n 99 SE-GTE which became N14CD.
I don´t believe that the ultimate fate of this aircraft has come to light, any offers ? I am posting two pictures of it, the picture of LN-FOF (above) when it was flying for Fred Olsen was taken by me at Oslo-Fornebu airport on
22July1976 and the picture blelow of it as SE-GTE when flying for ScanBee; it was taken by Tommy Lakmaker
at Stockholm-Arlanda on 26 September 1977."

Convar SE-GTE: fate?
When checking online I found on this Convair CV340-22 c/n 99:
'Braniff N3428 - Fred Olsen Transport LN-FOF - Scan-Bee SE-GTE - Leasco Financial Corp N14CD - ultimate fate ?'

Rolf added: "Regarding SE-GTE/N14CD, I have never learned what really happened to the aircraft.
I have seen reports of it as being stored (in Texas?), but nothing more.
However I have never seen any pictures of it in the USA, except for the pictures taken in the Miami area after arrival from Sweden. Presumably scrapped... but not in the Miami area!"

The answer is on my Search for Plane Identities...



This thread started by Rolf Larsson prompted Ron Mak (his Vintage Propliners here on ONE - TWO - THREE) to contribute several fine photos in support of msn 99's history and fate.
CV340 LN-FOF at Schiphol, by Ron Mak
Fred Olsen LN-FOF seen at Amsterdam's Schiphol on 27Feb1970

Sightings at Fort Lauderdale by Ron Mak of CV340 N14CD:
CV340 N14CD at KFLL, by Ron Mak

These dates 1980 and 1981 may well have been the last sightings; scrapped at some point after that, alas..

CV340 N14CD at KFLL, by Ron Mak


In a recent posting (march 2017) on Facebook I came across a location I did not know offered vintage planes: Lobo Wing of Commemmorative Air Force (CAF) at Moriarty, New Mexico
Lobo Wing (CAF) at Moriarty, New Mexico
Screen dump of their website

Facebook page for Beech 18/ C45/ AT11/ SNB Group had a posting (16/3/17) by David White: "Ran across this in Moriarty,NM a couple of days ago. It is behind the CAF Restoration hanger.
No one around so I was unable to learn anything about it."
A photo was included:
Unidentified Beech at Moriarty,NM (CAF)
Believed to be one of the donor birds for restoration of Beech AT-11 (c/n 877), but which one, where did it come from?
The wing is cut off at the fuselage on this AT-11, maybe to facilitate transport or has been lying around somewhere like this..?

While the identity of this Beech 18 'future project' as yet remains a mystery [EMAIL], Bob Parmerter provided the history of the Beech AT-11 with the Lobo Wing (see website screendump, top):
'This is a WWII veteran, AT-11 41-9451 (c/n 877).
It is being restored by the CAF Lobo Wing at Moriarty.
Delivered 21Jan42 to the Bombardier Training School, Albuquerque, NM. It was sold as surplus in Jan46 for $3,178 as NC52845.
Fifteen civil owners later it has been under restoration here since 2004.
Undated photo of it as N320A via MAP here below.'
Beech AT-11 N320A, Bob Parmerter collection


David Lehman reached out to the 'Beech 18' forum (Yahoo) for help and Bob Parmerter offered some; perhaps more information will be forthcoming this publication (EMAIL)
Beech 18 N8042H
Bob wrote in reply to David's email (below): "I don’t have a definitive answer as to the fate of N8042H but
some history is added (further below) and a nice color scan of it from a Larry Smalley slide.
Larry and Billl Larkins often traded images (Bill shot B&W) and Larry color slides."

David Lehman wrote: "Does anyone know where the final resting place of N8042H, c/n 6572 is/was?
There's a picture of it on The picture was taken by Bill Larkins in front of my Dad's shop in Concord,CA.

My Dad bought some surplus C-45s from Lackland AFB and I think this was one of them...
If it's the one I think it is, Dad converted it and sold it to Vern Johnson.
I think it's the only one Dad converted as the market for 18s turned out to be soft and I remember the remaining C-45s going for scrap!
N8042H was last registered to Donn Harling in Sherman Oaks, CA and the NTSB accident page shows it damaged at Van Nuys in 1967.
I'd like to think it is a survivor, but it's not very likely..?"

Bob Parmerter offered the following:
"There was a mix-up with the c/n on CAA/FAA paperwork, the correct number (ties in with the military serial on the paperwork and in Beech files) is c/n 8523.
C/n 6572 was actually 43-35834, a C-45F that suffered an accident on 11Mar49 at Bolling Field and reclamation (disposal) was completed on 06Jun49. There is no record of it ever becoming civil registered."

From Bob's files-
History of 8523
C-45F 44-87264 USAAF Delivered to 610 Base Unit, Eglin Fld 19Jun45.
Then to Air Proving Ground, Eglin. Reclamation approved at Hill AFB Oct54.
USAF Hill AFB sold to Gene Hughes Drug Co, Sacramento, CA BS 12Oct56 for $5,919.19 as C18S N8042H [with correct USAF serial but erroneous c/n 6572].
E.P. Hughes, Sacramento, CA BS 12Oct56.
Vern R. Johnson Inc, Danville, CA BS 18Oct56. CofA 23Jan57 (2,953 hrs TT).
Photographed by Bill Larkins at Buchanan Field, Concord, CA in Jun57 along with a batch of other surplus 18s.
Baker Aircraft Sales Inc, Long Beach, CA BS 4Apr58.
John W. & Mary W. Dorr, Orinda, CA BS 10Jun58.
Publishers Art Inc (Pres Edwin A. Schnepf), North Hollywood, CA BS 10Jul65.
Donn Harling & John Grimes, Sherman Oaks, CA BS 30Sep66.
Damaged when the main gear retracted on landing at Van Nuys, CA on 16Jan67. No injuries.
Repossessed by Publishers Art Inc in Feb67. Registration revoked 19Jun71.
(The Jan67 accident, Feb67 repossession and Jun71 regis canx at the same time as the more stringent spar inspections & actions were being required, saw the widespread scrapping/storing for parts of marginal Beech 18 airframes.)
--Bob Parmerter (Historian), Beechcraft Heritage Museum -, Tullahoma,TN.


Keeping on the subject of 'aircraft resurrections' this fine contribution by Ralph Pettersen fits very well here!
Conquest Air C-131F's return to the skies

'Well-known Propliner guru Carlos Gomez traveled to Tucson, Arizona, in mid-August 2016 to rescue two former US Navy Convairs C-131Fs that had been stored in the desert since the early-1980s.
Four C-131F aircraft had been acquired in 2013 by Carlos and partners Marc Wolff and Tom Cooper including N341GS (BuNo 140998), N342GS (BuNo 141016), N343GS (BuNo 141022), and N344GS (BuNo 141028).
They had been parked at the Air Restoration and Marketing (ARM) boneyard for many years but were essentially intact and in good condition as the result of the dry desert environment and their post-retirement cocooning at Davis Monthan AFB.
Work began on 25 July when all four aircraft were inspected and it was decided that N342GS and N343GS were the best candidates for restoration. Both had their original 1960s passenger interior complete with plaid seats.
Both aircraft were flown over to Opa Locka,FL in August 2016.
C-131F N343GS is fitted with spray booms and is certified for both cargo (Part 135) and spraying (Part 137 operations)."

Carlos designed the sprayer system on N343GS so it can be installed/removed in just a few hours. When the aircraft isn’t under contract for standby dispersant work, the spray system is removed and it is used as a freighter.

This Air Classics article details the ferry flights of N343GS & N342GS in 2016 from the ARM to Opa Locka,FL and
is rather background material to what Ralph Pettersen wrote on Yahoo's Classic-Propliner forum in March 2017...

'This Flickr set contains a lot of photos and videos of the Convairs in AZ while being prepared for flight': -/Nicolai

Photos by Ralph M. Pettersen:
C-131F 141016 21may16 by Ralph Pettersen
C-131F BuNo. 141016 21may2016

C-131F N342GS/BuNo.141016 on 27Aug16  by Ralph Pettersen
C-131F N342GS/BuNo.141016 on 27Aug16

Ralph's post has been editted slightly to abbreviate a little and represent here only the main details.

'In August 2016 Carlos Gomez and a small crew 'awakened' two former U.S. Navy C-131F’s that had been stored in Tucson since retirement by the Navy in the mid-1980’s.  In less than three weeks, both aircraft were airworthy and the FAA had issued permits allowing ferry flights back to Opa-locka Airport in Miami. 
N343GS (ex/ BuNo. 141022) is now in daily service flying cargo to the Bahamas and other Caribbean destinations. 
The second aircraft (N342GS/BuNo 141016) has a bit of a special history in that it once flew former U.S. president Harry S. Truman in 1961 on a roundtrip flight from Kansas City to Las Vegas, where he gave a speech.  Rather than converting this aircraft to a pure freighter, Mr Gomez wants to preserve this bit of history by carefully restoring the aircraft to allow quick changes from cargo to passenger configuration. 

The aircraft is currently configured with a VIP area in the front of the aircraft, with regular 4-across seating in the rear as shown in the photos. 
This configuration will be retained but the entire interior will have to be refurbished since 30 years of storage in the desert has taken its toll.  In addition to the interior, the aircraft will need to have modern avionics installed and will be painted in U.S. Navy colors, similar to those worn while in service with the Navy. 
Work has already begun on the project with exterior sheet metal work well underway and removal of the interior having started last week.

Interior of C-131F N342GS
Interior of C-131F N342GS; who wouldn't want to travel in style like this..?

The restoration is expected to be complete by mid-July and plans on showcasing the airplane at AirVenture 2017 in Oshkosh. 
The current plan is to have the Convair fly freight most of the time and make the quick change to passenger configuration for passenger charters and enthusiast flights as demand warrants. 
Since there are very few Propliners available for enthusiast flights, Carlos believes that a sufficient market exists to justify the conversion. 
The key to the success of his plan is that the majority of the fixed costs of operating the airplane will be covered by freight operations with passenger flights only having to contribute a proportional fair share of costs.  By doing this, Carlos believes the cost to passengers on enthusiast flights can be kept reasonable. 

Interior of C-131F N342GS 
Interior of C-131F N342GS. Will 'propliner' enthusiasts put their bums here in years to come? Help $$$ needed!!!

The cost of restoring an airplane of this size to a pure freighter is upwards of $400K, but the additional cost of making it into a quick change aircraft is significant and Carlos Gomez is reaching out to the enthusiast community for donations to make the restoration a reality
This is not pie-in the sky stuff as work has already started on the restoration and one only has to look at what Mr Gomez has done with the three Conquest Convairs currently being operated, to know that your contribution will be well spent. 
If you are interested, you can mail your contributions by cheque to:
'Historical Flight Foundation', at 7661 NW 68th Street, Unit 119. Miami, Florida 33166.' 
(A PayPal option is hopefully available soon).

Note from the webmaster, RL-
Website of the Historical Flight Foundation, (started for restoration and operation of DC-7B N836D 'Eastern Airlines') is no longer current as the project failed/is on hold indefinitely; hopefully a new website to enable news on this project will be made available.

Having adressed the subject of plane restorations in advanced stages, this is another one I am looking forward to though it hasn't a clear schedule for the intended flight to the Netherlands. A deadline may be the 100th aaniversary of KLM in 2019.
An excellent photo by Erwin Stam ('ErwinS') seems a fitting opportunity to put the spotlight on this worthy cause!
DC-4 ZS-AUA at Joburg-Rand, by ErwinS

This fine image was shared on on 14Mar2017.
At the moment this 'FDF' has volunteers rotation through Jo'burg-Rand, as can belearned from the post on 15Mar17: "The team currently at SkyClass Aviation, working on our DC-4: Francois, Martin and Patrick from Skyclass, Theo and our volunteers Erwin and Derk.
Every 4 weeks we want to have a few volunteers in South Africa to gain experience with the DC-4 and learn from Francois and Theo."
The project can also be followed on the website:

Whiel I have written the history on my page Visit to S.AFRICA 2004, here is a 15Mar17 screendump of -
History DC-4 ZS-AUA by ATDB
Not sure when the lease and flying by Skyclass end, after which it was stored at Rand.

Gordon Tatro sent me this USAF C-47, tailnumber 0-48073. He wrote: "this is C-47 48073, 20-22Dec1970 at
Torrejon AB, Madrid in Spain."
USAF C-47 43-48073
I think that is an airconditioning unit cooling the interior (cockpit?) of 0-48073..?
Gordon replied: "Heating duct. We are not trying to cool the plane down we are trying to heat it up! This is december."
Later on Gordon sent another photo of (probably) '073, which I added on Photos by Friends & Guests (49).

Douglas C-47A-30-DK 43-48073 of which Joe Baugher (1943 serials) reports: "Batch 43-47963/48262. Msn25334. on civil registry as N93043."

From here I went to and found a slightly more detailed history:
"Constructed as a C-47A-30-DK c/n 13889, by Douglas at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.
Ca.1943: taken on Strength/Charge with the United States Army Air Force with s/n 43-48073.
New construction number (due duplication at manufacturer's plant) 25334 assigned to the airframe.
(No date) Markings Applied: 0-48073. Placed on display.
..July1968: to 7th Special Operations Squadron, Ramstein Air Base in Germany.
..May1973: returned to the US.
..Jun1973: transferred to Warner-Robins Air Materiel Area. Sent to Warner-Robins for issue, as N94043.
18 January 1974: struck off Strength/Charge from the United States Air Force.
(Same date?): to US Department of Agriculture reg'd N94043 [sic].
14Feb1981: to unknown owner with c/r N93043. Sale reported to a new owner in Tulsa,OK."

An even more detailed history is from Air-Britain's DC-3, The First Seventy Years:
C-47, 43-48073 - N93043

Gordon replied after reading the history of this vintage warhorse:
"I am so excited to find out about my plane!
I was Crew Chief on that plane (also on another: 48219) while I was stationed at Ramstein AB in Germany while serving with the 7th SOS (1970 to 1973ish).
We had three Gooney Birds acft: #073, 074 and 219.
It was during that time that the 7th did training in Greece for the Son Tay prison rescue raid, West of Hanoi, using 'Combat Talon' MC-130 aircraft.

Some of the missions we flew with the C-47 were in support of their training in Greece (but I'm not positive about that--naturally they did not tell me such secret stuff!). Then they flew their 130s all the way to Florida and then onto SEAsia for the raid (I believe it was staged out of Korat RTAFB, Thailand).
Oddly Korat was the base I was at prior to being with the 7th SOS and they had looked in my records and sought me out; they sat me down and asked me many questions about Korat AB and never told me what or why, but that I'm to say nothing to anyone about their questions...
I understand the crew that went on the mission was asked to volunteer, but were told they would not be told what they were volunteering for... And they did not find out until they were on their way to S.E. Asia!
There is a book about this mission and the 7th SOS. The book is called: 'The Praetorian Starship: the untold story of the Combat Talon', by Jerry Thigpen.


Gordon wrote as a follow up to the above: "I have some more pictures and will get them to you but it will take some time.
I have here a nice one of C-47 48073, taking off from Bad Tolz in Germany.
I whave also scanned a copy of my Airman Proficiency Report during that time."

C-47 48073 in take off, by Gordon Tatro

Gordon wrote: "The picture of 0-48073 on take-off had troops in it and they jumped (parachutists).
The stay out there at Bad Tolz was about 4 days, so there were many touch-and-goes and troops to jump.
I took care of the plane doing jobs such as: Pre-flight & Basic post-flight (BPO) inspections; to include fuel & oil and did the hydraulic servicing, etc.
I did not always fly with them but my work day was (basically) before it flew and after it came back.
The cargo door is off here, because there were to be jumpers or some bags of supplies were to be dropped to 'supply' troops already on the ground; these were all training situations.

The APR (Airman Proficiency Reports) forms are one set (front and back) of the few that I have remaining. This one is specifically interesting as if you look to the last signature 'Reeder'.
This Colonel was a specifically important individual and his picture is often found along with others when surfing the internet regarding the 7th SOS and the Son Tay prison rescue raid (west of Hanoi).

I was instrumental in helping the C-47 get fixed (I got a commendation for that effort) when everyone else
could not figure out what was wrong with the number 1 engine on take-off & climb-out. Not sure if that was 073
or 219, I just have to dig up my old military records, they should be in a box somewhere in my storage locker...I hope!"

Performance Report (military) Gordon Tatro

Performance Report (military) Gordon Tatro

Much of my stuff is lost... With all the moves I made and then a had handicapped daughter (born in 1988 in Germany), the stress of moves and all the hospitals and preme incubators, etc. etc. I got to the point where stuff just got missing.
I went through a divorce (1996), left California (where we had settled), struggled across the States to regain my 'life', went to live with my parents in Massachusetts (a 3.000 mile trip with barely enough funds for gas, no food just candy bars and no motels).
Dealing with such difficulties many things that one might believe are or could be important, just do not get the space to survive or even the time to consider. Like running from a burning building, one doesn't think too much about what value things might hold later in life.

Frankly, for all the nine years I was in Germany (I went back in 1982 with my ex-wife to be) and we had tons of valuable items. Now as I look up from my keyboard, I see only three rather cheap beer steins and one beer stein from the 1985 Oktoberfest in Munich!
In a sense I am trying to use the internet to patch-up some of the holes in my complicated life. But that's O.K., I certainly did not sit around: I skied many mountains and literally have put my foot in nearly every country in Europe; travelled from Andorra to San Marino, visited Greece, Italy, Portugal, Monaco, etc. etc. Not all on military missions of course.
Now I read science stuff, check the internet, revisit some history on websites such as yours."

"I guess for all the time I spent at Ramstein AB the period 1970-1973 was the most exciting and different (Korat, Thailand with the EC121Rs was more about routine orbits mostly over Laos & Cambodia and some over Vietnam).
Frankly, when I got to Ramstein AB I was sort of surprised to be assigned to such an old aircraft (WWII material!)
When I went back to Ramstein, from 1982 to 1988, I was assigned to the 86th CES (Civilian Engineering Squadron); it got changed to the 377th CEG (Civil Engineering Group) and I thought I was through with airplanes.
And I was... except for the 'Ramstein Flugtag' Airshow disaster of August 1988...
Seventy people eventually got killed, mostly from burns.
I was at the Air Show as a spectator (yet in uniform) and the solo plane came to rest at the ice cream van (burning the Germans who were picking up the free ice cream as the Italians were the closing performance of the day): 150 feet from where I was standing!
I think if I have any PTSD it is from that air crash, I saw people and children on fire.
A good friend of mine lost his five year old daughter, his web is here"
Photo from the internet:
Ramstein AFB aircrash
70 fatalities: 3 pilots and 67 spectators perished. Many, many more suffered severe burns.

Fred Goth had his 1967 photo shared on facebook by 'Verenigde Vleugels'; a scene of 50 years ago!
PH-MAL of Martinair, 1967 - by Fred Goth

The caption read (my translation, RL):
"Today (12Mar2017) exactly 50 years ago, this photo was taken at Amsterdam's Schiphol Int'l Airport.
At center stage we see Martinair's Convair 640 PH-MAL, having been taken on strength only about six weeks prior to this date. The aircraft came from Swissair and had arrived in november 1966 as a Convair 440 at Woensdrecht for conversion to CV640 by Avio-Diepen, equipped with Rolls-Royce Dart turboprops.
After the introduction of the Douglas DC-9 and Fokker F.28 in Martinair's fleet, the PH-MAL was sold in the United States. And it may still be around somewhere in Mexico, as XA-UNH."
(Photo: Fred Goth/collectie KNVvL afdeling Luchtvaartkennis)

History of c/n 332: HB-IMC (Swissair) - PH-MAL (Martinair) - N640R (Zantop + Century A/L + C&M A/w) and, after a number of years having been stored at El Paso,TX (aprox. 2004 - 2009) to presently XA-UNH (Aeronaves TSM) and last reported 22Dec16 @Hamilton,ONT operational!

Changed Liveries: Martinair

On the left in th ephoto is the tail of Lockheed L.188 Electra PH-LLH. I can't identify the aircraft in the distance, though I feel that triangle on the tail should mean something to me; TMA of Lebanon?
PH-LLH (c/n 2015) went from KLM to Universal A/L (N858U), Saturn A/w (N858U), Transamerica A/L (N858U), NWT Air (C-GNWC), Falcon Air (SE-IVT), Jet2 (SE-IVT) and after use by ASL AL Ireland (EI-CHZ) it was scrapped at East Midlands (EMA).

Beech SNB-5 / TC-45 N3484: sold but not saved?
Beech TC-45 N3484
First offered for sale on and immediately advertised it seems on
The course of action prbably was that '.. the purchaser has stripped almost everything of value from the
aircraft and now wished to donate it to someone who will completely remove it from Atlanta Area Tech.'

Its history, briefly, until this sale:'39208 (MSN 4292) remanufactured to SNB-5 c1954 (new MSN N-637).
Redesignated TC-45J Sep 18, 1963 then UC-45J Oct 14, 1964. To MASDC storage. SOC Apr 30, 1968.
To N3484 with Atlanta Area Technical School.'

Beech 18 N3484 on sold!

This Beech was photographed and identified (w/ full history by Bob Parmerter) on Photos by Friends & Guests (9) and later shown again on Photos by Friends & Guests (13).

It seems it was sold by auction and then very soon after offered for parts on Or parts taken off & offered for sale while the remaining airframe is offered for free on condition it is moved elsewhere in its entirety?
The wheels and brakes are thought to be about the only parts left of any value, though I could see ornamental value in it (plenty of examples on roundabouts, entertainment parks or with a transportation or science museum).

Having read the finalizing stages of C-FNJE's restoration project I posted queries on Yahoo fora and WIX (Warbirds) for similar end-staged projects. This led to below info on ex/ Rovos Air Convair CV340 ZS-BRV.

ZS-BRV in final stages of restoration
A posting on Twitter by '' led to this photo by T.C.Brandt (Tim Brandt SA Spotting') of ZS-BRV at Wonderboom Airport (PRY / FAWB). BRV must have had this red cheatline recently applied.
Queries on several online sources provided following info: "ZS-BRV has apparently been bought by Breitling and
will be operated in conjunction with SCFA but to be flown by different freelance crews. It will be based initially
at Dole-Tavaux Airport (LFGJ / DLE) and should leave Wonderboom within a month from now locals say.."
Note from webmaster: Breitling's role is probably a sponsorship and I doubt if they are or will be the owner - EMAIL.

I came across Convair ZS-BRV in 2004, when still operated by Rovos Air; see my 2004 South Africa report.
Convair ZS-BRV crashed (damaged beyond repair) 10Jul18, @Pretoria-Wonderboom Airport (S.Africa)

The final stages of restoration on ZS-BRV and C-FNJE (below) led me to ask which other projects were expecting to see a 'first flight after restoration' or major relocation for preservation by ground this year. I offered the first two and the others were suggested by people 'in the know'
  • Lockheed Starliner in Auburn,Maine (see my web report for visits 2009 & 2011 & updates)
  • Martin Mars, painted blue, sitting at Port Alberni on Vancouver Island
  • BAHF C-97 N117GA at Floyd Bennet Field, ready to fly out to a new home but crew licences to sort out
  • Grumman Goose N95467 @Spokane,WA (see how I found it at Palm Springs,CA 2008); see below the update
  • DC-3 PH-DDZ at Aviodrome (Lelystad,Netherlands)
  • DC-4 PH-DDS at Jo'burg-Rand (2017 is too optimistic); set to return to the Netherlands, earliest 2018
  • Lockheed Warning Star (by ground) from closed Chanute Aerospace museum to Yankee Air museum - UPDATE
  • Carvair N89FA 'Fat Annie' at Gainesville,TX but the project seems to have run out of steam; see my 2015 report
  • C-47B N836M 'Luck of the Irish', R28Dec12 to Air Heritage Museum, Beaver Falls,PA. project.
  • North Weald's C-54D N44914 got a Save the Skymaster going since may 2017! Facebook My 2017 Report
  • UPDATE on Photos by Friends & Guests #56 (Nov.2018)
  • N95467 in restoration @Pemberton and Sons Aviation
    In reference to the item of 'restorations in final stages' I found this on Facebook for Grumman Goose N95467

    John B. wrote me the following on this Goose project by Pemberton & Sons Aviation:
    "Last time I saw it, about a week ago (early March 2017 -Webmaster), everything was in place and they were doing gear tests and weighing for CG.
    This aircraft was acquired from a museum, placed there (IIRC) on the death of its owner halfway through a restoration...
    As such, it was structurally empty and the wings were for static display only. A lot of work has gone on with the electrical, hydraulic, and fuel systems as well as rebuilt engines and proper wings. The interior is furnished with six lightweight leather chairs for passengers as well as the two pilot seats.
    The furnishings have been kept simple/light/utilitarian as the owner plans to fly friends and grandchildren to the many large lakes in the region.
    A nice touch is the Grumman logo has been laser etched into the thin verneer on the cabin to cockpit bulkhead! The other side is similarly done with a map showing area lakes and airports.
    The aft galley/toilet compartment has been left empty to serve as a changing room.

    The Goose is one of those types that were once common (or I should say relatively common considering the few built, at least by WWII standards) and many think there are more flying than there actually are.
    The end of May will mark the 80th anniversary of the aircraft's first flight!"

    And pleased to publish a photo seeing the restoration finished in a glorious way, from the Pemberton & Sons Aviation Facebook page, which I recommed you to visit for there are quite a few worthy photos of their excellent projects and of this particular Goose the aerials are magnificent!

    Grumman Goose N95467 @Spokane,WA
    Grumman Goose N95467 in flight: the first flight was on 17Apr17, flown by test pilots Ball and Addison; another wonderful restoration project by Pemberton & Sons completed!
    I hope I can visit them someday.

    I later found that Pemberton & Sons also did the restoration of Boeing oldest (built in 1927!) passenger airliner, the Boeing 40: (2011).


    Nigel Hitchman provided this 2012 photo, taken duren a visit, to illustrate the news on the restoration of C-FNJE: first flight after restoration is expected this (2017) summer!
    C-FNJE under restoration in Fairview (2012 - N.Hitchman)

    Canso PBY-5A C-FNJE (CV-437) has featured for years on my page Abandoned Wrecks of the North; this Buffalo Airways waterbomber suffered an accident and sank but Don Wieben bought it and a few enterprising people pulled it from the Sitidgi Lake, brough it to Fairview, Alberta and got to work!
    Enormous progres has been made since this photo was taken and that special day is fast approaching!

    Further details:
    I understand that the correct designation of C-FNJE is Consolidated 28-5AMC Canso, as it is an ex/ RCAF aircraft and not a former US Navy aircraft.

    And indeed, I learned that on 18Jun17 C-FNJE made '1st post-restoration flight'. Congratulations, Fairview Aircraft Restoration: job well done!

    On 18Jun17 C-FNJE made '1st post-restoration flight'!
    Congratulations, Fairview Aircraft Restoration: job well done!

    This here is Lockheed L-15/PV-2 Harpoon N7249C (c/n 15-1137). One time owner Quarry Products in mid-1990s and reported as 'stored in not too good condition' in my database.
    It galled me that I found this ‘Poon on Google Earth which I more or less passed in 2014...
    7249C stored at Jerome, Idaho
    Bill Bailey was able to give me the lowdown: "Hi Ruud, N7249C is in the same place outside John Lanes Airpower Unlimited operation, and with the same owner who has enough interest to keep it, but not enough money to do anything with it... It's been gutted inside and all the control surfaces are off, but all the valuables are in storage.
    It looks bad from the outside, but it's still a good candidate for restoration!"
    Air-Britain's 'The Lockheed Twin' by Peter J. Marson (published 2001) is probably the most authorative work on such aircraft and I copy the history of N7249C from this fantastic publication-
    'Msn 15-1137 ...
    37171 US Navy acc 26APr45, del 10Oct45. To Pool HDN FAW6 Nov45, Pool HDN FAW4 Dec45, HDN FAW8 Alameda Jan46, in transit Mar46, Pool Alameda Apr46, repair Quonset Point Jul46, Pool Quonset Pt Jan47, Pool A&T Quonset Pt May47, NAS Whiting Jul47, ATU VP-11 Nov47, Pool Corpus Christi Jul48, Pool Moffett Aug48, overhaul Moffett 09Aug49, NART Columbus May50, O&R M&S Alameda 10Mar52, NAS NART Niagara Falls 09Aug52, FASRON-111 Bermuda 24Aug53, NART Niagara Falls Aug53.
    To storage Litchfield Park 17Aug54, retired.
    Stricken 17Dec56 (4901=UFS), tt:1241 hrs.
    Sold at North Island, San Diego to Master Equipment Company 12Aug57, reg'd N7249C 20Jun69.
    Converted to civil agricultural use-sprayer by Douglas L. Yotty at Douglas-Bisbee,AZ Nov72.
    To RALCO 01Feb79, reg'd 22Aug79, to Westco Interservice Corporation 02Feb82.
    Stored Chandler,AZ from Jun81 until at least Sep84.
    To Ralph S. Johnson 15Apr85, Quarry Products Inc 21Apr87, Neil M. Rose (CAR Feb93).
    Current, stored Jerome City,ID.'

    Here is a March 2017 photo by Martin Jr 'JoeJoe' Prince, of Curtiss C-46F N1822M at Bethel,AK still going strong:
    C-46 N1822M Everts Fuel, at Bethel
    JoeJoe wrote on 07Mar17: "A couple days ago in Bethel Alaska, hauling diesel to Pilot Station."
    See JoeJoe's gallery on my website HERE and HERE

    The history of N1822M I have detailed on my page Alaska 1955, when I first came across it.


    N23AC being reassembled in Israel; photo by Mike Osborne
    Photo of Curtiss C-46F N23AC taken by Mike Osborne, he is an employee of Everts Air Cargo since the
    early-1980s and is a very experienced C-46 mechanic!

    Now who would have thought that a C-46 stored in Everts' donor yard in Fairbanks,Alaska for many years would make
    it to Israel...?

    C-46 from Alaska to Israel, for educational use in Atlin Detention Camp

    More details on my updated USA 2012 - Fairbanks visit

    Rolf Larsson wrote me and asked for help to pinpoint the scrap date of this Convair VT-29B N144GT ...
    VT-29B N144GT
    "I noticed the picture of Convair VT-29B c/n 275 N144GT in your 'Propliners in Florida, 1992' section.
    N144GT was damaged by Hurricane Andrew in 1992 at Miami's Tamiami airport, but apparently not scrapped immediately. Some work was done and I pictured it at Tamiami on 25Oct1995; however I believe it is doubtful
    if it ever flew after the hurricane damage.. ? I have seen, on the internet, that the hulk of N144GT has been
    observed at Tamiami, perhaps someone has info about when it was finally scrapped?" EMAIL
    George Armstrong provided details of its history, but I still think it peculiar that while someone got started on repairing the storm damage on N144GT, suddenly (1997?) the decision (by whom? why?) was taken to scrap this bird...:
    "Donated to GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, N144GT, 21 Jan 77.
    Current at Fulton A/P, Georgia, Feb 83.
    Restored to flying condition.
    Sold to STARFLITE CORP, reg'd 14 May 91.
    Sold to MBM AIRCRAFT LSNG & SALES, & lsd to MIAMI AIR CHARTER, Aug 91.
    Hurricane damaged 24Aug92.
    Current at TMB, .. 92/95, with damage to tail.
    Scrapped .. 97.
    Canx from USCR, 11Oct12"


    Paul Hooper provided the following image on Classic-Propliners, on 25Apr2017:

    Convair N144GT

    Paul wrote: "Just came across this photo of N144GT taken at New Tamiami on 23Feb1993. Not much sign of damage to the fin although the presence of the gantry would probably indicate that it was being worked on."
    That date 1993 is relevant because sometime afterwards it was suddenly gone: repaired and flown out? For illegal use, like a thief in the night..?


    C-54 Seaboard & Western
    C-54 N1220V of Seaboard & Western.
    This is one of a batch of 9 I added 05Mar17 to Bill Hill's vintage aviation photos.

    Belatedly I found out that Grumman HU-16B 51-7200 was scrapped as a result of the closing of Chanute Aerospace Museum,IL.
    Pity, because this modified -A model was the -B model prototype: certainly worth preserving..?
    Apparently it had fallen victim to severe corrosion so it was doomed to stay on the ground and when the museum found no takers it was scrapped.
    It did bring back to mind the closing of this museum and I thought to spend a few words on it here.

    Octave Chanute (b.18Feb1832, Paris – 23Nov1910, Chicago,IL) was an American civil engineer and aviation pioneer, born in France.
    He provided many budding enthusiasts, including the Wright brothers, with help and advice, and helped to publicize their flying experiments.
    At his death he was hailed as the father of aviation and the heavier-than-air flying machine.

    Chanute Air Museum closed
    Google Maps screendump 04Mar2017

    Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum - closed
    Zooming in, using Google Earth

    A few quotes I found here:
    ""When we looked at all the numbers and we sat down and reality hit, we said we just can't keep going," said Nancy Kobel, president of the museum's board.
    The museum is losing longtime support from the Village of Rantoul. Board members say, because of that, unless a miracle happens, the museum will close at the end of December.
    Chanute Air Force Base used to be the force of Rantoul, but when it closed, it took a lot of the city with it.

    The Chanute Air Force Base opened in 1917 and closed in 1993 due to defense cuts. The museum opened a year later in 1994. Over 1.5 million troops trained at the base in its 75 years of operation.

    The museum picked up Chanute's history where the military left it. For 20+ years, donations, volunteers and the city helped preserve that history.
    "2013, we reached a point where we were not in a negative situation financially. We were able to pay our bills. We weren't in debt and hopeful for the future," says Kobel.
    That is until the Village of Rantoul said earlier this year it could no longer pay the museum's utilities or give it a break on rent because it just didn't have the money.

    10,000 - 15,000 people visit the museum each year. It costs around $10,000 per month to operate the non-profit. About half of that is rent the museum paid to the village. It's actually a discounted price. If the museum was to stay open, it would cost an extra $64,000 each month which is the amount of the costs the village has been absorbing all this time.

    The Air Museum has two planes on loan from the U.S. Navy and 32 artifacts, including 28 planes form the Air Force. Other artifacts include a Minuteman missile which stands next to the entrance and a Hound Dog missile. There are plenty of other things in storage visitors haven't seen.

    "The closing is caused by a trickle-down effect of BRG Sports ceasing to be a long-time tenant of Hangar 1 at the airport — the lease had generated substantial income for the facility — and the construction of the new Lincoln’s Challenge Academy campus in Rantoul.
    The academy, which has been paying $18,000-a-year rent and $75,000 a year for utilities, will move out of Grissom Hall, which it shared with the air museum, and into its new campus in 2016."

    "Chanute’s P-51H Moving to Museum of Aviation at Warner Robins.
    What will happen to the other aircraft currently on display at the Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum, the future is unclear.
    Many of the airframes are massive and present huge logistical challenges to move, not to mention the enormous financial commitment in doing so.
    For behemoths such as the C-133 Cargomaster and KC-97 Stratofreighter, the horizon seems pretty bleak, unfortunately. Rarities like the B-58A Hustler, XB-47 Stratojet and WV-2 Warning Star will probably find new homes, but time will tell. " [05Aug2015]


    "I was sorely disappointed that the museum has permanently closed, effective November, 2015.
    I noted work crews on the flight line behind the museum taking display aircraft apart. The base is slowly being dismantled with classroom buildings being torn down.
    Many of the officer houses are being rented out as well as space in the old dormitories which are being overgrown with vegetation.
    The Minuteman missile still stands at the original entrance off Highway 45."
    --by Bob Farquhar, 13May2016 - see more at:

    'Highlights of the museum included a collection of over 40 aircraft including military fighters, bombers, rescue, recon, and cargo aircraft.
    Many of these were used for training purposes at Chanute, and most were on loan from the United States Air Force Museum.
    Other exhibits of note included a replica of the Wright 1903 Flyer, a large collection of Frasca Flight Simulators, and tributes to the veterans who have served in America's conflicts and wars. [Wikipedia]

    Museum curator Mark Hanson said: "An F-104 Starfighter was shipped out to Tyson McGhee International Guard Base near Knoxville,TN."
    Crews from museums across the country have been trekking to Rantoul to begin disassembling airplanes.
    The front portion of a B-52 bomber (a crew extraction trainer) was moved to Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum in Titusville,FL.
    Workers from the Southern Museum of Flight in Birmingham,AL began taking apart a B-25 bomber.
    From: -22Sep2015

    A series of photos dated 2008:

    Keep me posted on aeroplanes scrapped or moved: EMAIL - thank you!

  • P-51H Mustang, Louisiana Heatwave, ... to the Museum of Aviation at Robins AFB,GA.
  • "..the T-6 boards a trailer to Wright-Patterson and the NMUSAF at Dayton,OH" -25Sep2015
  • F-104 to Knoxville,TN
  • Forward fuselage of a B-52 to Titusville,FL
  • B-25 to Birmingham,AL?
  • F-84A and Huey helicopter to 'The Discovery Park of America' in Union City,TN
  • F-84F to the Palm Springs (California) Air Museum
  • A-4 Skyhawk in Blue Angels livery to MAPS Air Museum, North Canton,OH
  • B-58 55-0666 to (2016) Castle Air Museum, Castle Airport (ex/ Castle AFB), CA.
  • EC-121 funds being sought to bring it to Yankee Air Museum for preservation (
  • HU-16 51-7200 - scrapped


    Chris Brame replied, through the WIX forum: "You're welcome to use any of the photos from Chanute in my
    two Flickr albums from 2015 and 2016:
    Chris Brame - photoreport of Chanute Aerospace Museum, on Flickr
    See photo report on external link to Chris' images on Flickr:

    Chris Brame - photoreport of Chanute Aerospace Museum, on Flickr
    Second photoreport by Chris Brame:

    Warning Star at Chanute, to be saved by Yankee Air Museum hopefully!
    Lockheed ´Warning Star´ at Chanute, to be saved by Yankee Air Museum hopefully!

    Today, 27Feb17, I made a very nice update to the gallery of Kenneth 'Ken' Swartz, here is one of them:

    DC-3 C-FDTD by Ken Swartz (2016)
    Douglas DC-3 C-FDTD at St Hubert (YHU) on 21May2016

    Convair without markings, inviting identification!
    Convair CV580 N??? at Rickenbacker Airport (LCK),OH (05Mar2016).
    I have a few theories written out, but see Ken's page for those.

    Dirk Septer almost overlooked this snow covered Twin Beech at Campbell River, BC (Feb.2017)
    Beech 18 C-GAIV in snow, by Dirk Septer
    Beech TC-45G, c/n AF-80. C-GAIV briefly appeared in the 2002 movie 'Insomnia', starring Al Pacino.

    An extensive history and more about C-GAIV in Insomnia can be read on Dirk Septer's gallery on this website


    C-119 3C-ABA
    Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar 3C-ABA (c/n 10689) at Manston in 1982.
    This is ex: 51-2700, CP9/OT-CAI, converted C-119F to C-119G, to G-BLSW, N2700, scrapped 1994 at North Weald."

    The above C-119 is one of several C-119 images added to Ron Mak's Gallery on my website, including more details on
    this Bata Int'l (a Hank Wharton outfit!), ex/N2700, of which the forward fuselage still survives.

    Some of these vintage airliners end up in the most amazing places! Like HS.748 C-GGNZ with Tactik Paintball in Ottawa ...
    HS.749 C-GGNZ
    TACTIK PAINTBALL - 1840, Boulevard Maloney Gatineau, QUE J8R 3Z4

    Hawker HS.748-272-Series 2A C-GGNZ (c/n 1690/172) has as a previous identity ZS-SBU, flying for Sud Afrikaans Lugdienst (SAA), went to Canada, for Austin A/W (becoming C-GGNZ), after which it served with Air Ontario/Air Canada Connector, Air Creebec and lastly for First Air.

    See a may 2016 photo HERE ( - Ian Ellington)


    Vickers Viking ZS-GKH to SAA Museum by road
    Vickers Viking 1A ZS-DKH (c/n 121) to SAA Museum by road.
    "In January 1963 it was placed on the roof of a Caltex Garage owned by aircraft engineer Victor Edward de Villiers where it stayed for 27 years, before being moved to OR Tambo airport, where it stayed for another 27 years."
    JNB/FAJS on Wikipedia (From 'Jan Smuts IAP' to 'OR Tambo')

    The South African Airways Museum Society is expanding with several vintage airframes being moved to the museum at Johannesburg-Rand. The move of Viking ZS-DKH is considered to have been the rehearsel for the move of the Lockheed L.1649A Starliner ZS-DVJ, see its progress
    Relevant links to this museum: +

    You might also want to check out Lockheed Starliner ZS-DVJ, photos & memories by Erik Eriksson

    As an update to one of the images on Bill Hill's Vintage Aviation Photos, Alfonso Flores forwarded me this image to illustrate a previous identity of Lockheed L.049 Constellation XA-MAG.
    Constellation XA-MAg of Aeronaves, owner/photographer unspecified
    The photographer is unknown, the location is Mexico City around 1956.

    Was very pleased with this weekend's 12 photos update to Bill Hill's vintage aviation photos, here are two:

    C-46 N10012 Reeve Aleutian
    Curtiss C-46D-10-CU Commando N10012 (c/n 33271) of Reeve Aleutian Airways.
    This plane found an icy grave..

    Lockheed Constellation PP-_DP, Pan Air Do Brasil
    Lockheed L.049 Constellation, PP-PDP (c/n 2052).

    In addition to Tim's photos further down this page he also shared these from the same aug.2014 trip:
    Wreck at Gimli, 2014
    Wreck at Gimli, 2014.

    Tim Chaloner wrote (Feb.2017): "In addition to our visit to St. Andrews, my brother Howard and I also drove up to Gimli. We had hoped to see Saunders ST-28 C-GYAP that was stored there, but it was gone! I think we missed
    seeing it by a year or two. However, at the south end of the airport we did find this wreckdumped in the bushes!
    I discussed its identity with the WCAM Museum (and with Roy Blewett), and it can only be an uncompleted part
    of an ST-27/28. If this info is not correct, please let me know!" EMAIL (read instructions carefully).

    Wreck at Gimli, 2014
    Roger Mazey wrote: "I worked on BAC One Eleven wing test and we had identical wing pads stuck on our
    test specimen wing, in the early 1960's at Filton. My guess is this frame was a wing test specimen,
    eventually tested to destruction."

    Wreck at Gimli, 2014

    You may want to visit my page on a 2007 visit to Gimli, with images of the A Saunders ST-28 C-GYAP (c/n 101)

    Fred Barnes shared this recent (04Feb2017) image of G-APWA, preserved outside the Berkshire Air Museum.

    G-APWA by Fred Barnes (2017)
    Handley Page HPR.7 Dart Herald (Series 100), G-APWA (c/n 149). Manufactured in 1959.
    The Berkshire Air Museum ('Museum of Berkshire Aviation') can be found near Woodley - which
    is near Reading, Berkshire in England of course (website).

    Fred wrote: "G-APWA was a company demonstrator and was flown worldwide before it was preserved at Woodley in March 1993. Shown in the famous BEA 'Red Square' livery. Looks like the airframe has been cleaned recently."

    Nigel Hitchman provided a very nice update on the DC-3 at Besat Park (Tehran) taken during his visit in Feb.2017
    DC-3 at Besat Park (Tehran), feb.2017 by Nigel Hitchman
    Believed to be Douglas DC-3 EP-AML ? Not the only plane mystery in Tehran..

    See more on planes & mysteries at Tehran's Iranian Aerospace Exhibition Centre, my page HERE...

    Tim Chaloner shared with me in Feb.2017 a few images for my website; Tim wrote:"I was recently in contact with Roy Blewett of 'Survivors' and we were discussing the stored aircraft that I saw when I visited St. Andrews, Manitoba/CYAV in August, 2014.
    He thought you might be interested to see the photos I took at the Western Canada Aviation Museum storage yard at St. Andrews, in relation to what Norman Smith shared on Photos by Friends & Guests (47). My primary mission was to see a Saunders ST-27 for the first time, and luckily, one was there!"

    Saunders ST-27 at St.Andres (MAN) 2014
    Keith Olsen of the WCAM (renamed 'Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada') confirmed (Feb.2017) the
    Saunders ST-27 is still with the museum, presently in storage,"..with no plans to restore it in the immediate future."

    I have here report by Ian 'Elbow' Ellington (website dated 01Jun2016:
    "... to a compound/storage area owned by the Western Canada Aviation Museum with various states of aircraft in it, but one such aircraft being a classic, and as mentioned earlier, only two in the world left and the second ST-27 of the trip to go in the box... unfortunately though CF-LOL is not complete (only the Fuselage) but is still in the aircrafts last operator of City Express.. (50° 3'17.81"N//97° 3'0.93"W)".


    Bolingbroke stored at St.ANdrews (MAN) 2014
    A Bristol Bolingbroke in the storage yard of St. Andrews, Manitoba

    And another one:
    Bolingbroke at St. ANdrews storage yard (2014)

    Cockpit of Bolingbroke at St.Andrews (2014)
    While the cockpit here has patches of yellow paint too, but much less than the fuselage behind it, the cockpit
    must be of an Anson (compare it to the one further a few down in this series).
    Those yellow painted remains may belong to another Bristol Bolingbroke...?

    On the subject of the Bristol 149 Bolingbroke IV, you may want to check out my visit to a rather unique location near Brandon,Man in 2007: HERE..

    Lockheed Lodestar CF-OZO at St. Andrews' storage yard (2014)
    Lodestar CF-OZO, waiting for decades now to start restoration...
    "Aero Survey Lodestar CF-OZO operated with Geoterrex and in 1985'OZO was damaged while landing at Nanisivik.
    Later it went by sea to Mulgrave, Nova Scotia, thence to Montreal. It continued up the Great Lakes to Thunder Bay aboard the laker Kingdoc, arriving in November 1986. Finally, a team led by Bob Arnold hauled 'OZO the 300-odd miles to Gimli to be stored for the WCAM." -Larry Milberry (website)

    Husky CF-MAN in St.Andrews storage
    Husky CF-MAN here in storage at CF-MAN; indeed worthy for restoration!
    The Fairchild F-11 Husky was a Canadian bush plane, designed and manufactured in the post-Second World War era. Despite a promising design, a lack of a suitable powerplant hampered prospects and the type never gained a foothold
    in the marketplace. See my 2007 visit to WCAM for image of Husky C-GCYV.

    Republic SeaBee at St.Andrews storage
    By the photos (+ research) of Norman Smith on Photos by Friends & Guests (47) this must be Republic SeaBee CF-FCD

    Paul Janicki came to the rescue here: "regarding the photos by Tim Chaloner here at St.Andrews, I can help ID
    the types unknown.  First, where the yellow Bolingbroke pics show a nose of an aircraft ('white'),
    that aircraft is the Avro Anson."

    Tim wrote: "Although probably not complete, below is a list of all I wrote down in my logbook that day":

  • C-FLOL Saunders ST-27
  • CF-FCD Seabee
  • CF-MAN Husky
  • CF-BQC Husky
  • CF-OZO Lodestar
  • ? Bolingbroke
  • ? Vampire
  • ? wings only
  • CF-BQT Norseman (inside)
  • "My brother Howard and I asked if we could take a look in the storage building, and luckily the employee had the key!"
    Norseman CF-NJK?
    Noorduyn Norseman, stored at St.Andrews for the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada (formerly
    known as the Western Canada Aviation Museum (WCAM). This must be CF-BTC, though Tim had it marked CF-BQT.

    Alas, I am unable to tie this registration CF-BQT to a Noorduyn Norseman... I did find a Boeing 247 (exported)
    and a DH.82C Tiger Moth (crashed) to this tailnumber. And a Grumman TBM-3E Avenger.
    Note: Transport Canada Aviation Civil Registry had no CF-BQT for a Norseman, not even in the history archives!

    After having shared my findings in 'CF-BQT' Tim concluded: "I have spoken with my brother who also took photos
    of the Norseman and I agree, the CF-BQT is a mistake, as his photos do not show any reg painted on the Norseman either. Therefore, the plaque which I photographed must be for that aircraft, so that makes it CF-BTC!
    Also, the Bob Ogden book does list CF-BTC under the WCAM section.
    Not sure where I got CF-BQT from, must be a typo by myself!"
    (Webmaster: maybe Tim stumbled on remains of the crashed Tiger Moth CF-BQT ..?)
    Norseman CF-BTC
    Compare it to the image here:

    Also stored inside, among many aviation parts:
    Unidentfied plane stored at St ANdrews
    Paul Janicki helped identify this airframe: "The fuselage with serial 8579 inside the building, in yellow
    worn paint, belongs to a Fleet Fort." Brian R. Burrage wrote me 17Jul2020: "The Tim Chaloner photo of the Fleet
    60K Fort MK.II stored at the WCAM store at St Andrews is actually RCAF S/N 3579 (C/N 619).
    This was verified by me in a visit 24 May 2014."

    The Fleet Model 60K Fort was the only aircraft designed and built by Canadians during the Second World War and was also the first all-metal monoplane built by Fleet Aircraft of Canada (Fort Erie).
    It was intended to be an intermediate trainer employed for pilot training between the deHavilland Tiger Moth primary trainer and the North American Harvard advanced trainer.
    Although it served with the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, the Fort was redundant and was used to train wireless (radio) operators and had a relatively short operational career. [-Wikipedia]

    Unidentified, stored at St.Andrews for WCAM
    "This forward fuslage of 788C is the Beech Musketeer that the RCAF once used in the 1960s, & 70s."
    -Paul Janicki

    Ken Swartz recently shared these images with me as he had been on a glorious propliner roadtrip on the US westcoast last year.

    Aerometal's restoration facility at Aurora Airport, Oregon.

    Roy Blewett gave me some background on Aerometal Int'l LLC (website):
    "Aerometal now has five DC-3s on its 'books', either as owners, custodians, restorers or maintainers: N115SA, N341A, N3006, N18121 and N64784. And that doesn't include the fuselage of N15748, which is to be made into the company's conference room!" Note- N15473 not included!

    The DC-3s on the above photo are though to be: N18121, on the left (behind yellow Stearman), on the right with blue strip and US flag: N341A and in the back, without wings, an unidentified one.

    C-47A N115SA at Aurora Airport, Oregon
    Douglas C-47A N115SA at Aurora Airport on 09Aug2016. Still ways to go for restoration.
    In 2012 I photographed it at the Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum at Hillsboro,OR.
    Roy Blewett advised me further on N115SA:"N115SA moved to Aurora from Hillsboro in Oct.2012 and is now
    owned by the Down Ampney Project. It will be restored into RAF D-Day markings and eventually go to the UK.
    Further information here: (Info by Feb.2017)
    I hope it's not a sign of anything, but the Project's Vimeo website (linked from the Aerometal page) has expired."

    N115SA was registered 03Dec03 for First Flight Out Inc., Charlotte,NC. By Nov04 First Flight Out had ceased to operate and N115SA was offered for sale on eBay during Nov.2004; with a recorded ttl 27.863hrs.
    Soon after it was located on private airstrip near Hondo,TX.
    Reg'd 23Feb07 to James T.Hunt of La Habra Heights,CA. Reported on 26Oct07 at Chino,CA.
    Then 25Jun09 it was reported as N1159, but this could be a mispole.
    Since 12Nov09 registered to Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum of Portland, OR.
    When I checked the FAA N-inquiry website for N115SA I found it still reg'd to this museum. Details welcomed!

    I came across this N115SA in 2012 (see MY 2012 REPORT, which also has a link to a .pdf doc intercepted when it was offered for sale, providing interesting details.
    My 2012 page also has details of its career since it started as C-47A and joined the war effort in 1944.

    In Scramble #479 (April 2019) I read that N115SA was reg'd to Aerometal in May 2018 but spotted on 03Mar19 at Basler's Oshkosh facility (wings fitted but various parts missing).

    C-49 N15748 unmarked fuselage at Aerometal, Aurora, OR
    This is Douglas C-49K N15748 (c/n 6337); it will never fly again.
    Once exhibited inside the Museum of Flight on Boeing Field, Seattle,WA. More on my Photo by Friends & Guests (46)


    Republic RC-3 Seabee N6481K
    This Republic RC-3 SeaBee N6481K (c/n 736) is preserved at the Evergreen Air Museum in McMinnville, Oregon.
    Date of visit was 09Aug2016.
    I am very fond of this peculiar aircraft, the Seabee, which enjoyed a second career as a bushplane.
    I visited this impressive museum in 2012, see My REPORT; the museum ran into financial difficulties and since 2012
    various planes of the collection, were sold but I think there is till a lot to see and enjoy.

    CV580 N580HW
    Convair CV580 N580HW (c/n 2), operated by Honeywell Int'l Inc (registered to them since 1992!). PAE 08Aug16
    Honeywell's CV580 is one of the oldest in the world. It is used to test fly modern avionics.
    Several flight test aircraft are based at PAE, including the CV580 and an Eurocopter AS350 helicopter.
    Paine Field, also known as Snohomish County Airport (IATA: PAE, ICAO: KPAE) is a small international airport
    located in Snohomish County, between Mukilteo and Everett,WA. The PAE base is supposed to close and these
    aircraft are expected to move to Arizona (or New Mexico?).

    Beech 18 N103AF
    Beech G18S N103AF (c/n BA-526); it is operated by Point-to-Point Air, a Seattle area charter service.
    N013AF is seen here at Arlington (KAWO),WA on 08Aug2016. That is where I came across it too, my USA 2014 and where you will find the details of its mishap near Ketchikan,AK: ditched after aborted landing, 03Mar17.

    See also more of Ken's propliner images on my website HERE...

    Ron Mak sent me this photo in Feb.2017 during another period of activity researching The Tangled Histories of Colombian DC-6s HK-1776 and HK-1776-W.
    He sent me below photo, but alas found on secound examination, that it was a very similar DC-6, HK-1276-W.
    But too interesting not to share, I thought!
    DC-6 HK-1276-W at VVC, 19feb93 by Ron Mak
    DC-6 HK-1276-W at Villavicencio on 19feb93 by Ron Mak

    Ron wrote when sending this image (translation NL->EN by RL):
    "The DC-6 arrived in a sneaky way, I remember that well! And it rolled on until the far end of the airfield.
    We started walking in that direction, to get a better picture, but we were stopped and not allowed to proceed.
    The photo was made during the landing and unfortunately out of focus, it took me by surprise.
    In those days you could walk up to that part of the airport without a problem and the refusal this time made me suspect we were stopped because HK-1276W was transporting a load nobody should see..?"

    Gordon Tatro sent me this 03Feb2017, in the aftermath of an interesting contribution to my C-119 Dossier
    Gordon referred me to this website for images and background info: which has this...
    "Shown here are 3 views (see compilations below or follow link above) of 'Gordon Tatro standing next to an EC-121R Engine with the cowling open', 'Sitting on the engine with the cowling open', 'Standing on the ground under the engine with the cowling open'.
    NOTE - there is a caption on image tatro08a.jpg which identifies the engine as a '3360-92D radial' engine. The EC-121R was powered by the Wright "turbocompound R-3350-93A-42A" radial engine.
    Gordon was assigned to the 553rd OMS at Korat RTAFB, Thailand.
    Gordon Tatro working on engine of Constellation
    Gordon wrote: "Here is me on the prop of my aircraft in Thailand, a EC-121R Lockheed Constellation (USAF 67-21483)."



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