Vintage Transports, photos by Friends & Guests (51)


On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.

With the ever growing popularity of Social Media (Flickr, Facebook, Instagram) the barrier has become much lower for people to share their photographs or scans of slides; imperfection to post aviation images is no longer an issue.
I noticed a decline in requests for publication on my website (a decline I welcome, as I struggle with the workflow) on my 'Guest Pages', so now some of these images shared below will be copied from Facebook & Flickr by me. For preservation of their historic value as I see it; always with proper credit to the photographer, of course!

Btw, while I am on social media, picking up on aviation news, I use it mainly for other interests while my website remains my main focus to share my interest in vintage aviation.


Brian Duxbury visited Greybull,WY recently and I am grateful for his feedback.
"On the main ramp are C-119 N3003 and KC-97 N1365N looking in reasonable condition."

UPDATE re N3003: "I am a member of the Atterbury-Bakalar Air Museum that is located in Columbus,IN.
Nick Firestone is the President of our organization. We acquired N3003 this past May (2019) from B&G Industries.
It is still at their site in Greybull WY pending dismantling and shipment to Columbus in 2020. The Bakalar AFB
was the location of the 434th. There were at one time about 35 C-119’s stationed there. This will be our first full size airplane exhibit that represents a plane that was stationed at either the Atterbury Army Air Field or the Bakalar AFB. When finished, N3003 will be restored to a USAF color scheme (N3003 was originally built for the RCAF).
And unlike many other C-119 exhibits, the interior of what we are fondly calling 'Charlie 119' will opened for exhibit." ¬Skip Taylor

"Here are the photos I took, left to right, from the museum area:"
Greybull, 2017

Greybull,WY 2017
"From further up the road, to the west, giving a different angle."

And finally 3 taken from the field at the Western end of Greybull looking east:
Greybull, 2017

So, by identifying aircraft from your list and my photos here’s what I conclude is in the storage area:

C-82 N5102B
C-82 N8009E

C-54 N67017
C-54 N67019

Martin 4-0-4 N461M
Martin 4-0-4 N9234C

F-27 N127HP

C-119 N8094
C-119 N8505A
C-119 N37636

KC-97 N97HP
KC-97 N397HP
KC-97 N497HP
KC-97 N972HP
KC-97 N29862
KC-97 N29866

C-130 N132HP
C-130 N133FF
C-130 N134HP
C-130 N135HP
C-130 N8230H
C-130 58-0470

I’m sorry I don’t collect Neptunes, so I didn’t log any of those.
-Brian Duxbury

The museum:


Greybull, 2017
P2V-7 Neptune 143173 ’41-6363’ #61 IP334
When I (Webmaster, RL) visited Greybull-KGEY this airframe was still in desert storage, see Greybull 2014, page 2
P2V-7 Neptune 41-6363 : once upon a time it seems it had made its way to Australia!
Or perhaps another airframe, as it has been rumored. Some of what I have in my records:
'SP-2H VH-NEP c/n 7192, rumored to be c/n 7203 but AUS register has serial 145921 which ties to 726-7192. Performed dome drops (airtanker) 23Jan03 nr home-base Perth. Ln Perth 09Dec03. Wayne Grant reported it moved
to Cunderdin, 160 km E Perth aprox 25Nov05; new owner? Ln 14Mar09 @Cunderdin, owned by Theodore Valeerio.'
The timeline makes it impossible to be the same airframe as the one at Greybull,WY.

Brian wrote: "My visit to Greybull was on 19th of August this year.
The good news is that it seems everything is still there! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to gain access to the airfield despite being passed round about 4 different email contacts for the airports operation and the company that seems to own the aircraft storage area/ hangar operations.
As I was with my family, I was only able to spend a short time at the museum, and take photos of all that I could of the storage area from a distance.
The museum was open (a Saturday) and had a good number of visitors while I was there, maybe 30 or so people! A good sign, although there may have been extra numbers in the area because of the total solar eclipse.
Here is a log of everything I have managed to piece together:
P2V-7 Neptune 143173 ’41-6363’ #61 IP334
N3935 ‘136’ C-119
‘06’ C-119
N6884C PB4Y-2 Privateer
N7962C PB4Y-2 Privateer
N7391C Beech 18

See my Greybull Report 2014 Brian refers to: PAGE 1 | PAGE 2
And my 'log reports' of KGEY over the years (decades!): HERE...

Tim Chaloner contacted me in Aug.2017 and sent this photo of G-APSA along.
DC-6 G-APSA 2017, by Tim Chaloner
Tim:"Not sure if you visited Coventry on your UK trip (I did not -RL), but here is a not so great photo of
British Eagle DC-6 G-APSA (c/n 45497/995), which is currently stored there (09Jul17).
I see from the latest Survivors-book that it was advertised for sale early this year for a mere $895,000!
I wonder if it will end up with Everts in Alaska, like a lot of DC-6’s have in recent times."

Ron Mak shared this photo from his archives in august 2017.
L.1049G VP-WAW by Ron Mak (1968)

Ron wrote: "Photo taken at Woensdrecht (Netherlands) in Januari 1968 at Aviolanda, Lockheed L-1049G VP-WAW
(c/n 4685) of Air Trans Africa. Seen here for maintenance."
Check Ron's gallery on my website HERE #3 for more details on this photo and aircraft.Check also his PAGE 1 - PAGE 2



Photo by Jason Capra shared thru Facebook, the final blow for N406WA!
DC-4 N406WA destroyed by Hurricane Irma at San Juan,PR 2017
Paul van de Horst commented: C-54 N406WA at Puerto Rico,!
It breaks my heart to see this: the last R-2600 powered DC-4. It was already destined for the scrapper..."
See landing mishap in 2012:
My (RL) files: C54G-DO c/n 35944/338 - Ardco, Tucson-Ryan Field,AZ N406WA Tanker/119; on contract at Silver City,NM & K'Falls,OR 1998 - Noted 19mar02 @Ryan Field operational and cctive 'Happy Camp Complex' fire fro Medford,OR Sep.2001 - For sale Jul04 Ln 20Jul04 Ryan Field. Ln 03Nov06 Opa Locka,FL.
Ln 23jan08 KOPF, Florida Air Transport (R19Dec07 N-inq). See photo Geurt vd Berg 2008. Nov11: operated by JetOne Express, a.o. to Sint Maarten (SXM). Reg'd 25Oct11 to Jet One Express. End of story.


In Sep.2017 I received the following information from a Lander County official, regarding the two remaining aircraft at Battle Mountain:
"Lander County has released one aircraft (jet) to a non-profit museum in Texas. It was picked up this week. The County is currently in the process of releasing the second to a non profit in Alaska ("box car"). It is scheduled for pick up in the spring of 2018."
See my page on Battle Mountain,

C-119 and F-111 at Battle Mountain
So the F-111 has gone to a museum in Texas, but I am wondering who would be the new owner of the C-119.

To recap the details of this Fairchild C-119G 'Boxcar': ex/RCAF 22131; and as N5216R flown with Hawkins & Powers reg'd N5216R (tanker 136), preserved as T137 (details see my page on Battle Mountain)

Next page, PAGE #52, has a recent photo of N5216R (by Roy Blewett)
See also Feb.2018 update on PAGE #53, revealing its destiny!


Ken Swartz sent me this brilliant photo of Grumman HU-16 N7025J in this flamboyant ITPS livery
HU-16 N7025J
N7025J was reg'd 19Apr2017 to Sky West Aviation Inc (Trustee).

More of Ken Swartz's propliner photography on my website

A-26 Special Kay's restoration moves at a steady pace; they taxied the A-26 round the block this summer.
A-26 Special Kay
A-26 'Special Kay' in the summer of 2017.
I have detailed its history after my visit in 2014 here..

Came across this photo on Facebook; as usual lots of non-information but no identity.
C-117 destroyed at LaBelle,FL (2017)

Apparently this is N32TN, of TMF Aircraft Inc (apparently defunct). Other photos showed the tailnumber.
I detailed N32TN on my Alaska & Canada 2003 report. N32TN was claimed and taken by Nick Oppergard in the bitter 'business seperation' between him and TransNorthern Aviation. It ended up in Florida. See on my Photos by Friends & Guests p.13 how it looked at Opa Locka,FL (photos by Geurt van de Berg).

Reportedly, it has been stored engineless at LaBelle for a number of years. But for whom? What was the idea?
And I do wonder about the metallic appearance, compared to its painted livery... Under some sort of restoration?
Comments welcomed. EMAIL

N32TH Goofl Maps @LaBelle
Aerial view of LaBelle airport,FL with N32TN before the storm...

Another casualty by this storm was DC-3 N837M, at Lehigh Acres (former Buckingham Army Airfield): thrown about and damaged beyond any dreams of repair. N837M in better days can be seen on my Photos by Friends & Guests (4).

Buckingham airfield, before Hurricane Irma
Buckingham Field, before Hurricane Irma; screendump Sep.2017 with 2 DC-3's showing. Which was damaged by Irma?
A suggestion was offered: "N341W was the other one, WFU remote from the hangars, on 31Aug17.
Both DC-3Ts present, one in main hangar and one in a blister 'hangar', neither tailnumbers read though."
N341W is Douglas C-47A, c/n 13041. Been here a while: 'Part-Out/US Customs, confiscated in drug interception ops'.

Ralph Petterson wrote in Sep.2017: "Both of TMF Aircraft’s C-117D’s, N587MB and N32TN, have been polished aluminum for quite a few years and actually looked quite sharp. TMF Aircraft hasn’t been active for over a year and surrendered its Part 135 certificate earlier this year (2017). Over the past 5+ years, I don’t remember ever seeing both aircraft with both engines installed. It seemed that when one had both engines, the other didn’t...
N32TN was moved to LaBelle a few years ago and the engines removed. N587MB would have suffered the
same fate as N32TN but good people at KOPF tied her down and she survived Hurricane Irma undamaged."
Photo of N341W on my Photos by Friends & Guests (4).

Dirk Septer sent me these photo of the unique Swingtail DC-6 N434TA, stored at Hay River
Swingtail DC-6 N434TA
Swingtail DC-6 N434TA (c/n 44434, linenumber 515)

Swingtail DC-6 N434TA
Hopefully Buffalo Airways will make it one day fly again, but it has been years (2013) since they brought it
down from Alaska. And that's where I found in use: DC-6 'Check Six'. In 2012 I found it stored at
Fairbanks, while Nothern Air Cargo (NAC) was phasing out the DC-6 workhorse.

Visit Dirk's propliner gallery on my website PAGE 1 | PAGE 2

And here we have the giants of Worldwide Aircraft Recovery on transport with EC-121T Constellation 52-3417!
EC-121T Constellation 52-3417
Late Sep.2017 ready for transport to Castle AFB Museum in California! More info on 52-3417 on my USA 2014 page.
Worldwide Aircraft Recovery wrote upon posting this photo: "Not moving just yet. Waiting on permits. Should be around first week in october we are hoping."

See my CALIFORNIA 2018 report, how it's found preservation at Castle AFB

Tim Chaloner shared some images of his 2017 UK tour:

Heron G-ANXB
BEA Heron G-ANXB, which is preserved at the Newark Air Museum.
deHavilland Heron 1B G-ANXB (c/n 14048 ) in the 'Speedjack' livery of BEA Scottish Airways. (Exif data: 08Jul2017)

Vanguard is G-APES, and the Viscount is G-CSZB
Tim wrote: "This time it’s the East Midlands Airport Aero Park, where these two noses are on display.
The Vanguard is G-APES, and the Viscount is G-CSZB." Photo: Exif 08Jul2017
Vanguard 953C G-APES (c/n 721). Last operated by Air Contractors / Hunting Cargo Airlines (dereg'd 28Feb97, withdrawn from use). Viscount 807B G-CSZB (c/n 248). Last operated by British World Airlines, dereg'd 1990s. Scrapped, nose section moved to Thringstone,Leics then EMA Aeropark at SEN-Southend.

Viscount F-BGNR preserved at Coventry
"This is at the Midland Air Museum in Coventry, where Air Inter Viscount F-BGNR now resides." 09Jul2017
Viscount 708 (c/n 35) F-BGNR, last operated by Air Inter Europe, preserved (Midland Air Museum; reassembly completed 10Sep12; purchased 10Jul08 from Viscount 35 Association; trucked 5-6Sep07 to Coventry; purchased 12Jan07 from Skyport Engineering; trucked 12/1/98 from Perth, Scotland to Thorncote Green, Hatch, Beds.; purchased Dec.96 from Air Service Training Perth Ltd; purchased 1976 from Air Work Ltd; earlier used as ground trainer) at CVT) []

DC-6 Diner G-SIXC
"DC-6 Diner G-SIXC was open for business on the day of my visit to Coventry" 09Jul2017
For its history seem my Coventry Air Museum-2011, , and steve_howru's page and
my Schiphol Props as well as DC6 'Six' page.
The restaurant was not successful and closed during Oct.2017 (I have no exact date).

Saving the best for last:
Guppy F
Super Guppy F-BTGV at Bruntingthorpe (09Jul2017). Photos by Tim Chaloner.
Super Guppy 201 F-BTGV (c/n 201), preserved by British Aviation Heritage.
For more info see my Photos by Friends & Guests 36 and UK 2003

Terry Fletcher did me the pleasure of sharing some Oshkosh 2017 images.

Noorduyn UC-64A, N164UC (c/n 224; ex USAF 43-5233)
FAA's Registry has it as reg'd 15Aug2016 to 'Dundee US LLC' (of Eagan, Minnesota)

Howard 500, N500LN (c/n 5560); ex USN 34670 and South African AF 6417

More Oshkosh 2017 photos by Terry on his account

Roger Botting sent me these photo in August 2017.

EC-121 141311 by Roger Botting
The Chanute Museum Lockheed EC-121K Warning Star BuN. 141311 has made it to the Yankee Air Museum and been
put back together again. (30Jul2017)
See also the image of Worldwide Aircraft Recovery a few photos below.

N43YF, Stinson Vultree V-77
A nice catch at the Yankee Air Museum was this Stinson Vultree V-77, N43YF (c/n 77-452 , mfr in 1943).
The sign on the prop claims its up for sale. (31Jul2017)

Ulco Kalt went to Texas in 1983 and sent me these images to share and with hopes of identification

Unidentified Big Doug in Texas, in 1983
Ulco wrote me in july 2017 (translation by RL/Webmaster):
"Here are 4 photos which I took, as a young boy, in 1983 during a vacation in Texas. I presume the location is
Brownsville but I am not 100 percent sure... We drove from San Antonio towards the border of van Mexico (El Paso).
So it could very well be Brownsville. The quality of the images are poor, tailnumbers are hard or impossible to read.
I could make out: N320...? And N6110."

DC-3 N6110 in Texas 1983. By Ulco Kalt.
DC-3 N6110 sits on the right. A C-46 in the center and an unidentified type on the far left (same cheatline as C-46?)
The DC-4 may be N3802, last noted registered to Florida Caribbean Airlines, but that company did not operate

See my SearchFor page for suggestions and identities

Unidentified at Brownsville,TX 1983
This is a mirror image but I have corrected the C-46 on the insert: N7366N?

About the Douglas DC-4:
Unidentified Big Doug at Brownsville, TX (1983)
N320.. (?) can be read. Or N380?
So we have here a DC-3 (N6110), a DC-4 and a C-46 (N7366?) plus one unidentified type. At Brownsville?

See my SearchFor page for suggestions and identities

Ron Mak sent a very food suggestion for the DC-4 soon after me posting this:
DC-4 N3802
Ron wrote (webmaster's translation: "N3802 DC-4 I saw at at Fort Lauderdale on 30Oct1978 and a year later again,
on 27Oct1979, when I took this slide. Seems to fit: a lot of blue (ex/ Nordair?) and the tail looks similar."
Yes, N3802 seems to have the same tail, as if a different tail has been fitted on the fuselage.
Compare nov.1976 and oct.1977 images on They all show a similar scene: "the left hand outboard
wing on the ground in the very same spot. But it had to be refitted of course, to make it to Texas by 1983.
But the '02' on the nosewheeldoor had been lost by then.

Ron Mak's galleries on my website PAGE 1 | PAGE 2 | PAGE 3

C-119 N8504W damaged beyond repair (obviously!), Alaska.

(Photo by Paul Weston)

More vintage aviation on Paul Weston's page here on my website.


Francis Blake sent me another series of photos, which prompted me to open a seperate page for his 'Propliners in Alaska'.

"Kotzebue Airport and town. Two runways: dirt parallel to shore and paved perpendicular to shore.
Saw a derelict 'Connie' and a firefighting PBY. Wing tip of DC-3 at right."

"The EC-121 tail, engines and domes have arrived safely at Willow Run."
Per Facebook found the fuselage got underway this morning (posted 12Jul17), being transported from now-defunct Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum (located at the former Chanute AFB in Rantoul,IL) to its final destination Yankee Air Museum at Ypsilanti,MI.

EC-121 Warning Star moved from Chanute to Yankee Air Museum
I have seen the guys of Worldwide Aircraft Recovery at work and they are experts at this sort of projects.

Roger Botting sent me a photo, further up this page, fully assemble at the Yankee Air Museum.

"When the Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum closed its doors in 2015, BuN.141311’s future looked very bleak indeed. She is still owned by the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL but they already have a WV-2 ('Willy Victor') in their collection and had no interest in moving her elsewhere.
This is understandable, as it is a massive aircraft and hugely expensive to move.
So full credit must go to the Yankee Air Museum for having the courage to save this aviation gem, and take on her upkeep!
There are still a number of significant airframes in Rantoul awaiting new homes though, and their days must surely be numbered, so for those who can get involved saving them, please do!"

By Sep.2017 I noticed this list:
'The following are all up for auction through Government Liquidation as a single lot:
F-105B + F-105F + T-39 + C-47 + C-97 + C-133 + B-66 + HU-16 + LGM-30A
All to be demilled on site to codes C and D (Destroy item and components to prevent restoration or repair to a usable condition) before removal...'
Rantoul air museum, planes at auction (2017)

One for my Off-Airport Gallery (Latin America) but at time of posting also a candidate for 'Unidentified'..
DC-3 at Charlie's Surf Hostel (Puerto Rico)

The reference book 'Survivors 2017' had no DC-3 listed for Puerto Rico with reference to a hostel.
The cheatline is distinctive. But it seemed my hunch to look ar Puerto Rico was false, it is not one of Four Star that went out of business a few years ago, nor of Air BVI / Aero Virgin Islands.
It seems this location is at the Philippines!

The adress is Surfer's Road, Brgy. Urbiztondo - 2514 San Juan (La Union).
From Facebook

In Scramble's edition #461 (Oct.2017) I read the following: "On 01Aug2017 'Charlies Hangar Hostel'opened in San Juan, in Northern Philippines.
Centre piece of this backpacker/surfers hostel is a DC-3.
We have not yet been able to identify the DC-3.
An earlier travel blog dated May 2017 shows work in progress with the DC-3 in bare metal up in scaffolding and with several repair patches on the nose.
So the blue colourscheme it has now is not original.
The DC-3 does not have the tail mounted beacon light, which the civil Philippine Daks used to have, making it unlikely that it is one of the DC-3s that were auctioned in late 2014 at Manilla IAP."



Christian Flaug seeks identification of 5 derelict, unmarked AN-2's at Beijing's China Aviation Museum (Aug.2016)
Unidentified AN-2's at Bejing's AViation Museum
Among 6 Harbin (AVIC) a.k.a. Nanching) Y-5's (An-2's) I have listed as reported (see my Datangshan Log Report),
this one is probably easiest of the 5 requested by Christian - as I have only one An-2 floatplane listed: 21397/10953! But this is contradicted in suggestions offered. See my (Un)identified Planes & help welcomed!


Ernie Szelepcsenyi did another flypast over Ed's Autoparts and Salvage Yard (near Arnprior, Ontario) and sent me
this 2017 update. More details & photos on the initial post: Photos by Friends & Guests (28) and my visit in 2009.

HS-748s (First Air) on Ed's Salvage Yard (Ernie Szelepcsenyi)

Here is recent Google Maps image:
Ed's Autoparts, Arnprior (Ontario)
Ed's Salvage a.k.a. Ed's Autoparts, near Arnprior, on the Upper Dwyer Hill Road.
I couldn't locate the fuselages from this image.




Helena's EC-121 'Warning Star' is moving to an air museum...
C-121 to move from Helena,MT to museum

HELENA - A long-standing fixture at Helena Regional Airport is about to get a new home.
Posted: Aug 29, 2017 5:18 PM - Updated: Aug 29, 2017 6:06 PM - By Dennis Carlson - MTN News
The Lockheed EC-121 'Warning Star', a Cold War-era early warning radar aircraft, has been housed at the airport since 1981.
It was part of the Helena College airframe and powerplant mechanics program.
The Warning Star was built on the airframe of the well-known Lockheed Super Constellation passenger plane, which flew passengers just before the advent of jet air travel.
Both the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy flew the Constellations in their EC-121 roles. The last aircraft was retired from service in 1982.
Now a crew from Nebraska is preparing to disassemble the Constellation and ship it to Atwater,CA.
Once there, this unique piece of aviation history will be restored and join a fleet of military aircraft on static display at a museum located near the former Castle AFB.
"All of the radar stations and all of the stuff inside the aircraft is as complete as the day it was operational," said Jeff Wadekamper, Helena Regional Airport director. "There's even still spare parts back in the back of the airplane. So that's the unique ability of this aircraft, that it's so complete."
Batura [Marty Batura, president of Worldwide Aircraft Recovery -Webmaster] says disassembling and loading will take his team about two weeks and it will take a caravan of big rigs and trailers to haul the Constellation to California!

A visited this site in 2014, see My REPORT
I came across Worldwide Aircraft Recovery in Texas, 2015; see my report of my visit to Galveston's air museum (look for PB4Y-2 N3739G).




A question by Graham Robson on Facebook's AMARC INFO led to solving a little mystery on my page PLANE IDENTITIES: a previous unidentified C-130 Hercules at Coolidge now id'd with photos over the years and
reactions by the members of the FB group.
C-130 forwaqrd fuselage derelict at Coolidge,AZ


The delays in completing the Lufthansa Starliner must have driven DLH's management to distraction and now there is another setback! 14Aug2017.
Starliner in Auburn,Maine covered in foam

"Fire-suppression error sends foam pouring out of Auburn-Lewiston Municipal Airport hangar...!"

See my 2009 & 2011 visit to this fantastic project: USA / Canada (Auburn visit)


Catalina PH-PBY made a successful emergency landing at Lelystad 15Aug17 when its noselandinggear refused to deploy.
PH-PBY emergency landing Lelystad 2017

Details of this occurrence: See its detailed history on my page PH-PBY

Saying goodbye to Evergreen's B-17 with a start up and takeoff from McMinnville,OR (KMMV ), going down south, to Texas.
B17 N207EV to Collings Foundation
See details on its history on my 2012 report, a visit to McMinnville's air museum

North American SNJ-6 BuNo.148112 (N3639F) by Nate Wilburn, shared on Facebook (10Aug2017)
'Formerly owned by the late Bobby Younkin, now owned & operated by Jeff Shetterly'
SNJ-6 BuNo 148112 by Nate Wilburn

Rich Hulina ('Bush Flying Captured') posted this on Facebook (july 2017), and wrote: "I spent a day last week chasing airplanes with the 'King' of Canadian Aviation book publishing, Larry Milberry of Canav Books (website). Here he is in Nestor Falls, Ontario."
Rich Hulina and Larry Milberry (CANAV) on the bushplanes trail (2017)
C-FBTX is awaiting restoration and is in need of some x-ray tests first; C-FJOF is depicted on my Vermilion Bay 2007.

I understand a second edition of Bush Flying Captured, another 'coffee-table book', is in preparation!

Greg Lee (volunteer at the MMF) sent me this photo of P2V-7 (P-2H) N4235N, Neptune Aviation's Tanker 10, preserved for posterity at Missoula's airport in Montana.
Tanker 10 preserved at Missoula's airport (by Greg Lee)
See my visit in 2014 to Missoula (& Neptune Aviation) as well as the Museum of Mountain Flying there.

DC-3 ZS-NTE (C-47A c/n 11926) has been repainted in Aer Lingus colours! Revealed in july 2017, the photo and details per
ZS-NTE in Aer Lingus livery, by Frank Graelish

From that website: "The IHFF is delighted to be associated with the appearance of a flying Douglas DC-3 in Ireland during the summer of 2017.
This project was initiated by IHFF board member Hugh Flynn and made possible by the support of Aer Lingus, which originally operated the DC-3 between 1940 and April 1964."

"The DC-3 appearing in Ireland was manufactured in September 1943 and is currently registered ZS-NTE. It served with the Royal Air Force until transfer to the South African Air Force in 1945."
See my report on ZS-NTE c/n 11926 on my Propliners in S.Africa, 2004.

The construction, who owns, operates and maintains ZS-NTE (and for what period of time) is as yet unclear to me. I think it is a lease; it returned to Germany (where?) soon after this display. We're awaiting a 2017 display schedule and details of ownership, etc.

For a long time no news appeared regarding ZS-NTE. But in Scramble magazine (#488, Jan.2020) I read that ZS-NTE was under rework by Solution Air in Zweibrücken, Germany.

Dirk Septer shared some photos, and wrote: ".. taken at the Yellowknife, Northwest Territories airport, on 18June2017.
These four aircraft were taking part in the 2017 Canadian Arctic Aviation Tour. The larger team of pilots were performing with their aircraft in 97 (!) air shows during the summer of 2017."
Canadian Arctic Aviation Tour 2017
For the other aircraft see Dirk Septer's gallery - page 2

Paul Weston shared with me another vintage (1980s) aviation photo for his gallery (see HERE..)
Carvair N83FA at Anchorage, by Paul Weston
Carvair N83FA at Anchorage, by Paul Weston

On eBay I found this Douglas A-26 Invader for sale and inquired on Yahoo's forum Classic-Propliners for its identity

A-26 N26AB Invader for sale
A-26 N26AB Invader, for sale

A-26 N26AB Invader for sale
A WW2 warbird I (manufactured 1944, USAAF 44-35493), post-WW2 converted for 'executive use'.
Hopefully it will find a new owner.

The eBay page contained some useful information-

Onmark - Marksman
1,300gal/fuel capacity
TT AF 5000hrs.
Pratt & Whitney R2800-CB17's L&R TSOH 350hrs.
Hamilton Standard 43E60 Reversible PROPS
Hydraulic Steering
AII Approved Progressive Inspection
DC-6 Wheels & Brakes
Needs control surfaces redone--Aleron & Elevators
Owner has ".. have all log books, has a faa aproved mantancf [sic], with
some work it can be airworthy, with out afairy [sic] permit" and
"... i have tidle [sic] to it for over 25 years".

Nicolai Musante: "N26AB has been for sale for years, at least since 2003 when I saw it parked and looking very tired with a ´For Sale´-sign in the window.
Can only imagine, what she must look like now. Fingers crossed she will be picked up by someone willing to make her airworthy in a corporate style scheme.
Wouldn´t it be nice with an airworthy Marksman??
The other A-26 (N576JB) is still inside with the museum."

Bill Bailey: "it's an OnMark Marksman C, a pressurized executive conversion. It used the windshield panels from a a DC-6 and had a higher cabin roof."

The eBay advertisement ended as 'This listing has ended. The seller has relisted this item or one like this.' (20Jul17)

Robbie Shaw added this photo: "Photograph of it taken in March this year."

A-26 N26AB, Dona Ana County Airport (25Mar17)



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