Vintage Transports, photos by Friends & Guests



On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I would like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.


Sean Keating came across these items during his (Sep.2010) ramblings; he wrote:
"I found these items in a wreckers yard not too far from downtown Denver,CO and I was told they came from 'B52 Billiards' which closed, evidently. The engine could be from a C-119..?"
Cockpit in salvage yard Denver,CO
Cyclone engine in salvage yard Denver CO
Reactions welcomed EMAIL

Certainly not a 'Propliner' but fun to add anyway on my Off-Airport gallery.....

Unidentified 'plane' at Collegeville

'Pete' sent me this in Feb2011, and included the following information:
"This is located at the Collegeville Pit Stop, Mini Golf, Go Carts and Arcade, Germantown Pike, Collegeville, PA "

I don't know what it is supposed to resemble, been fixed rather rudely, but the effort warrants a report here!

Harry Cole wrote me: "Taken by myself -Harry Cole- at Nouakchott Mauritania. Date: Feb. 16th, 2011"
DC-4 at Nouakchott by Harry Cole
This is DC-4 5T-CJR (c/n 10343), as listed by 'Survivors' (Roy Blewett, Gatwick Aviation Society, 2007).
This is confirmed by Douglas DC4 Census ( 'Used as clubhouse by Saint Exupery Flying Club, at Nouakchott airport. No undercarriage. Basic white colour scheme.'
The top-left photo has titles 'Aero Club St' visible and the one below left 'Xupe'.

C-47 FAA Israeli Defense Force

When Frits Klinkhamer sent me this image he wrote:
"Here is a C-47 of the Israeli Air Force, the FAA; I presume this is the 4X-FAA, which shoul dmake it c/n 26972, but one never knows with these Israeli military aircraft."

More on Frits Klinkhamer's propliner collection on this website HERE...

C-82 N208M wreck in Alaska
David Tuttle sent me this image of C-82 N208M in Nov.2010; more on this on my page
Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the North

Received this wonderful update from (and photos by) Ron Hargrove in Feb.2011; it's wonderful news because these DC-3 / C-47 wrecks were doomed and now see a prolonged existence!
N37906 - history on my Deep South page
It had been acquired by the Armed Forces Museum (a.k.a. Mississippi Armed Forces Museum) at Camp Shelby (MS), but they have given up on their plans.

Ron wrote me:
"Just wanted to drop you a note that I now have the 2 DC-3s (N37906 & N134D -Webmaster) from Hattiesburg airport and the one from the museum in Hattiesburg, now back here in Alabama!
I originally acquired a C-47 fuselage from Panama City airport that had no parts.
Then I located the 3 in Hattiesburg through your website. I am forever grateful!
I am restoring one for static display in Florala, Alabama.
And I am restoring one for a mobile static display, to be used for airshows. Also one is being restored for static display in Stuart,FL. The last one is still up for grabs for restoration..."
N134D - history on my Deep South page

While heading for Hattiesburg again (the underbellies of the planes) on 02Feb11 Ron updated me:
"The name of my museum is the 'World War II Military Vehicle Federation Museum', in Florala(AL).
The blue C-53 that was at the airport (which still has the dc3 interior), its destination is unknown at the moment; it is in Alabama currently. (N37906? -Webmaster)
The C-47 at the airport, with the side missing, that has the distinct history, will be a fuselage-only, static display that will be on a trailer for use at airshows and public events and will be kept at my museum. (N143D? - Webmaster)
The C-47 at Camp Shelby is going to Stuart,FL and will be a full static display at the "road to victory museum".
The C-47 from Panama City is going to be a full static display in Florala. It will take the minor parts from all the four planes to fully complete this one, as they have all been robbed of flaps, doors, cowlings, and props, except for one set.
I have not seen the C-47 in Petal? maybe it moved to Camp Shelby for their museum?
But I do know the B-25 is no longer owed by the amusement park in Florida; his name Is Bob Bonnezzi and I will follow up with him on that today!
>>>I Still need troop seats and 2 scrap engines if you have any ideas?<<< EMAIL

Hauling remaing parts from Hattiesburg
Hauling the remaining parts..

Ron wrote 03Feb2011: "All I wanted was some parts for N843DD and I end up dismantling 3 more!
Great shame they are so incomplete. I would love to have saved four complete planes.
As it stands N843DD will be 100% structurally - N134 will probably end up as a mobile fuselage display, no wings, tail, etc, in Tampa - N34MS will be 80% complete in Stuart, missing vert -horiz ailerons, doors and other parts and pieces - N37906 will be my mobile display, no wing, tail, etc.
I will have one set of wings, one complete underbelly, one set of landing gears wheels and some miscellaneous parts and pieces to sell or trade for the other stuff I'm missing or stuff that the Stuart plane will be missing.
We arrived back in Alabama at 8pm last nite with 2 underbellies and 2 sets of wings."

Roy Blewitt provided the following summary, having read the above and consulted his records:

  • C-53 N134D (c/n 11731) has been transported from Hattiesburg to Florala.
  • C-47 N37906 (c/n 12712) has also been moved to Florala, where it is to be restored for static display on a mobile trailer.
  • C-47A N34MS (c/n 20037) has been moved from Camp Shelby, the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum having presumably failed to get off the ground, to Florala where it will be restored for the Road to Victory Museum at Stuart.
  • C-47D N843DD (c/n 34286/17022) has been moved from Panama City to Florala, where it will be restored for display at the WW2 Military Vehicle Federation Museum. Of the four aircraft, I already had a note this being roaded to Florala for Ron Hargrove's private Arms & Armor Collection.
  • C-47A N4003 (c/n 11672) is not involved in any of these moves and is (presumably) still on display in the city of Petal.

    A few days later Ron sent me his line up of his DC-3's: N843DD, N37906, N134D & N34MS:
    Four DC-3 on a row at Florala
    "C-53 N134D (c/n 11731) is leaving here in Feb.2011, going to Tampa,FL to be restored as a mobile museum."

    UPDATE 20Jul11- This photo shows N134D still at Florala and yet to move to the Zephyrhills World War II Barracks Museum, Florida. Arrived 21Sep11 at Zephyrhills Mun'l Airport.

    UPDATE N843DD @Florala, see bottom page PHOTOS BY FRIENDS & GUEST - PAGE 31

  • Henk Geerlings sent me these images:
    C-47B PK-RDB at Darwin C-47B-30-DK , cn 116147-32895 , PK-RDB , Aviation Museum , Darwin , 24Sep10

    Do.24 Memorial at Broome
    Do24 K , Broome airport, 13Oct10

    C-47B A65-104 RAAF
    RAAF C-47B-35-DK , cn 16547-33295 , A65-104; Aviation Museum, Darwin , 24Sep10.

    Boeing C-97 at Unalakleet

    On 'Classic-Propliners' forum at Brian Maddison identified this hulk as Boeing C-97 (KC-97G converted KC-97L, to C-97L) N4580Q; and the photo was found on:
    Unfortunately no name was found to credit the photographer.

    If you use Google Earth, I am told you can spot it at Unalakleet, just off L Street. But I couldn't find it (on Google Maps).

    I grabbed the image because it was a nice addition to my Off Airport gallery...

    John Szalay wrote me soon after the above was posted:
    "On your guest photos page, the hulk of the C-97 N4580Q that is sitting at Unalakleet Airport, AK , using Google Earth and comparing the image in the photo and what we see on the TV show.
    Tthe hulk appears to be sitting behind the hanger and off to the side , at Airport Rd & School Bldg Rd.& main Rd in Google Maps.   In this photo I am sending from Google Earth.  C-97 at Unalakleet
    Tthe yellow arrow points to the C-97 hulk, and the orange arrow points to the green roofed building you can see in the closeup photo on your webpage. From what I see in that photo, it appears that  another building was in the process of being built since this sat photo was taken in 2004. Perhaps two, since in this sat photo the ground is being cleared.  (Can't see too many green roofs in that town.)"

    In 2008 I came across a stored Beech C-45G at Chandler Municipal Airport, Phoenix,AZ. This one has now been bought by Dan Warren, he intends to restore it and fly it!
    Beech N25WK to be restored

    One can read the history of this C-45 N25WK (c/n AF-28) on my webpage USA 2008.

    Sam wrote: "N25WK has been upgraded to a C-45G, had the wings extended and the wing tanks have been upgraded to carry a total of 300 gallons.  
    The guy Dan bought the plane from has a ton of parts, new control surfaces (aluminum for the whole plane), new tires, log books all the way back to Manufacture, and so many other parts I just can't list!
    Remember Dan's DC-4, the first owner of that aircraft Robert Kropp, he and Dan have become great friends. Robert is helping Dan in so many ways.  They want to bring this bird, N25WK, back to life. She's been waiting for 19 years!
    Dan has to strip all the paint from her and get her cleaned up and looking good.  She needs engines and props, as they had been rebuilt and sold off."

    Timo de Vries went to Kiev, Ukraine in 2010 and took these photos:
    IL-18 ER-ICB
    Ilyushin IL-18D ER-ICB (c/n 188010603) Tandem-Aero
    The flight arrived with propliner enthusiasts, the trip is descrided in Propliner magazine 124 (Dec.2010).

    Timo wrote: "The Ukraine trip was a success, we had 2 days of excellent weather and 2 not so good (of course that was the day when the IL-18 arrived..).
    On friday we went to the State Aviation Museum, recommended! There is a very nice Beriev 6 and lots of other good stuff ( a.o. 2nd Il-18 prototype, il-14, etc).
    Also spent a day at the runway of Zuliany Airport, to get the feel of the place for the arrival of ER-ICB, the following day. No problems with the police, met some local plane spotters but also some street dogs...
    I used Google Maps to find the right spot.
    Spent the sunday in Kiev town, visited the war museum, which was impressive (the Li-2 below). And also a very nice Orthodox church. I certainly can recommend Kiev as a travel destionation, we flew for 100 euro per person (return) from Dortmund with Wizzair."

    Kiev 2010

    Kiev 2010

    Lisunov Li-2 at Kiev

    Austin J. Brown sent me this remarkable photo:
    Douglas DC-1
    "In celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the DC-3 (17Dec), I thought I would send you this image of the last day of the one and only DC-1 which crashed on take-off from Malaga Airport in December 1940...
    I have never seen this image before, and it was supplied to me by the Malaga Airport Museum Director.
    He sent it to me a few weeks ago when we were doing a thing on TWA for Aircraft Illustrated. The DC-1 was flying for Iberia at the time, and suffered an engine failure on take-off. No-one, to my knowledge was injured. Have you ever seen this image before?
    Rumour has it that parts of it were used to make a a portable altar to carry the Virgin Mary around the streets of Malaga on Holy Days!"

    Mike Clayton forwarded this photo of Russell Legg on 19Jan2011:
    EX-DLT is in fact  PK-IHJ
    Dero Indonesian BAe (HS, Avro)748 PK-IHJ (c/n 1630), taken at Surabaya, Indonesia recently...
    The aircraft has been stored, status as 'without further use' for a number of years and the bogus registration EX-DLT was applied for a rescue exercise, held some time ago.
    Real registration can be found under the wing: PK-IHJ.
    Remarkable to see also a type designation B 737-900ER written there.
    The EXIF data on the image which was forwarded did not specify the exact date of the photo.

    Unknown Beech 18 / C-45 at Fairbanks
    Another mystery, this time offered by Udo Krause: which sad Beech 18 is this???
    Photos taken at Fairbanks 07AUG09.
    Reg ? Owner ? Cn ?

    Click on the photo for a large image or HERE...
    Suggestions welcomed, EMAIL
    Taigh Ramey wrote:
    "For what it is worth it is a C model Beech, I suspect that it is an ex military C-45F or possibly earlier.
    No visible Navigators turret/astrodome mounting, so I don’t think it was an AT-7/SNB-2.
    It looks like there was a hydraulic reservoir on the right firewall, indicating it had an A-3 autopilot.
    The black paint on the bottom of the wings looks just like the ones applied at the factory as well as the silver paint.
    Between the paint and the original antenna and other small indications it looks to me like this was a fairly stock and unmodified bird.
    There was a gentleman in Fairbanks, named George Clayton, who bought several surplus WWII Twin Beech’s, including two or three AT-11’s and several C-45’s. I wonder if this might have been one of his at one time? "

    Sean Rice responded:
    "I don't know this for sure, but I think this is one of the those that now belongs to Jeff Brooks, of Brooks Air Fuel?
    I was talking to him here in Kenai, a few months ago, about his Beech 18s; he mentioned one which had been derelict for a while and the Fire Dept cut it up because the airport admin 'got tired of it sitting there.'
    I haven't been up to see his stuff, but this bird would fit what he described."

    This, and below item on 'N480MA', has been added in the 'Search For' galery.

    Jacques Hémet sent me this photo of Chalk's International Airlines Grumman G-73 Mallard (c/n J-9):
    Grumman Mallard N123DF of Chalk's

    Jacques wrote: "I remember how were effected by the strike of the FAA people in the USA; we had to land in the Bahamas and continue our trip with Chalk's, arriving in the Miami harbour!"

    See more photos from Jacques Hémet's extensive classic planes collection HERE...

    C-46 N1845M ex Cordova AL
    Udo Krause wrote me: "Maybe you can use this photo of N1845M C-46R ex/ Cordova Airlines, taken on 07AUG 2009 in Fairbanks, for your page on Alaska's Early Aviation - Cordova Airlines "

    Lewis Grant sent me, what looked like, a straight forward DC-6 slide, taken at Lakeland,FL on 10Nov1987.
    Except the tailnumber, N480MA, seems missing from the reference books...

    Lewis wrote-
    "May I ask for your help in trying to trace the identity of a DC-6/C-118, which has eluded me for many years, despite searching and asking in many places.  
    I logged an airworthy N480MA at Lakeland, Florida on 10-Nov-87 and have never been able to find a c/n for it.   It does not appear in any production lists and I can only assume that it was a false registration, or one that was never taken up."  

    Someone suggested N480MA to be an intended registration and not taken up for whatever reason, or a 'bogus' ID for a film, or smuggling, etc.

    Ron Mak responded to this challenge and he sent an image, taken by him at Caracas 03Nov1983, from his extensive propliner photo library:

    DC-6 YV-290C
    Ron included the following historical data:
  • C/n 44107 DC-6B
  • N6107C Pan American World Airways "Clipper Balboa" del 30-09-53
  • cvtd to DC6a/b 1960.
  • 6701 Portuguese Air Force bt 26-06-1961
  • N789TA Atlas Aircraft Corp bt 09-1978
  • YV-290C Aero B "Caracas" bt 12-11-78
  • YV-243P ??? bt 1985
  • HI-454CT Transporte Aero Dominicana bt 10-1985
  • w.f.u & stored Santo Domingo 07-1991
  • [Source: TAHS Piston Engine Airliner Production List]
  • The fleet details of Aero B Venezuela shows more Douglas DC-6's. Source ATDB

    DC-6 in Aero B Venezuela fleet

    C/n 4107 on

    C/n 44258 YV-296C shows the same livery, reregistered as N400UA, on
    C/n 43529 YV-297C shows same livery HERE, but I could not find images US-reregistered, as N873TA

    Fernand van de Plas offered his help:
    'N80MA' is a DC-6A: small cockpitdoor, only fitted on DC-6 and DC-6A; the converted DC-6B/Fs kept their wide starboard door.
    The colours identify it as a Aero B Venezuela aircraft, this airline operated in the 1970s six DC-6 Freighters, destinations included MIA.
    When ones examnines the 6 possible c/n's of this airline, 2 can be excluded (c/n 43529 en 43535), because they were written off during the 1970s. So 4 DC-6A (narrow door) remain:
    YV-290C   44107
    YV-293C   45518
    YV-295C   44108
    YV-296C   44258 <--

    'YV-290C never went back to the US, it ended its days in Santo Domingo with TRADO' -Andy Martin

    Considering the similarity of tailnumber N400UA I am inclined to think 44258 is 'N480MA'.
    But Universal Airlines bought it in July 1984, according to TAHS, and sold it to American World Airlease in Apr.92 - while Mr Grant photographed it as N480MA in 1987... So the 'WHY' of this registration remains, as yet, unresolved.

    Lewis reaches the same conclusion:
    "If you look closely at the photos of the Aero B Venezuela DC-6s, with the same basic colours as 'N480MA', both Ron Mak's photo of YV-290C and the Airliners' shot of YV-297C have small but significant differences from 'N480MA' - look closely at their nosewheel doors, and also cabin windows, whereas the photo of N400UA (ex-YV-296C) looks identical.
    None of the other 4 Aero B DC-6s appear to be candidates. YV-293C had a different livery, and from Piston Airliner Prod List, YV-294C was stored at Lajes, and YV-295C was stored in Haiti.
    I'm very pleased to see this one solved! "

    DHC-3 Turbine Otter SX-ARO landing mishap:
    SX-ARO DHC-3

    Someone sent me a series of photos of this unfortunate event, the name of the photographer was not supplied.

    deHavilland Otter c/n 397 at one time registered C-FQEI for Air Nootka, had this tailnumber cancelled on 15Aug07 as exported to Switzerland. It became registered SX-ARO for ArGo Airways and as succh seen at Salzburg, Austria on 11Jul09.
    The unnerving scene above took place during a waterlanding at the air show Biscarosse / Parentis SPB on 16May10, when SX-ARO turned over while landing on water with the wheels not retracted...
    The occupants escaped without serious harm, the aircraft suffered considerable damage.

    Significantly, this Seaplane base (SPB) was originally built by Pierre-Georges Latécoère (1883–1943, French pioneer of aeronautics; wikipedia) for assembling and testing large seaplanes; today it has here the Musée de l'Hydraviation.

    Ernie Szelepcsenyi from Ottawa (Ontario) sent me these remarkable 'photos from above'...
    He wrote: "I was up flying a couple of times in Nov.2010 and photographed all of the ex/ First Air 748's in the area.
    Possibly  HS.748 C-GGNZ
    Hawker HS.748-272-Series 2A C-GGNZ (c/n 1690/172)
    See my write up (23Feb2017) on my Off-Airport Gallery (N.America)

    Ernie:"I was taken up by a friend on 28 November 2010 and photographed the 748 located in a 'paintball' area just south of the Gatineau airport ( 45°30'13.45"N 75°32'55.16"W). Not sure which airframe this is but through elimination it is most likely to be C-GGNZ. It has had the First Air colors toned down but they are still easily identified.
    The pictures are not great quality, but it's hard to fly and take photos at the same time." LOL
    Possibly C-GYMX
    HS.748 C-GYMX. Note this is a compisite photo of 2 sides of the same airplane.
    "C-GYMX was withdrawn at Carp on 21Mar03 and handed over to the RCMP as an exercise hull." -Richard Church

    A few miles away between the Ed's Salvage yard and the Carp Airport (45°21'10.22"N 76°10'59.34"W) we found an HS.748 airframe in an area that looked much like a police/military special training area. Based on the fact that C-GYMX was used by the RCMP at Carp for exercises, it is possible that this is the same airframe having been relocated. My first ever flight in a 748 was in C-GYMX when I was a kid in the early 1980s!
    HS748 airframes at Ed's Salvage
    Two surviving HS.748 airframes; for more of these see my visit to Ed's Salvage in 2009
    Ernie sent me an update in Nov.2020, they're stil there: Photos by Friends & Guestst #61

    Ernie sent me this update in Aug.2017: "We went flying this past Sunday, August 6th, in a Piper Cherokee and flew over
    Ed's Salvage yard to see if the former First Air fuselages were still there.
    First Air HS748s at Ed's Salvage Yard (Ontario) 2017 As you can see in the photos, the 2 parked near each other have not moved. There is now also a 3rd ex/First Air HS.748 that has joined them! I suspect that this is the same aircraft in the upper photo in my screen capture of your website above. The reason being that the aircraft located in the police training area as described on your web page is no longer there....
    HS748s in Ed's Salvage Yard (Ontario)
    "My guess is that they have brought it over to Ed's yard.
    I apologize for the poor quality of the photographs: they were taken by my friend using his cell phone camera.
    All the best!"
    Ernie Szelepcsenyi

    Paul van den Berg saw DC-3 PH-PBA "Prinses Amalia" in take off Amsterdam IAP from his office, 10Dec10
    See also below more details and photos by Paul as well as from Fred Streep.

    DC-3 PH-PBA of DDA Airlines received a new colourscheme, as unveiled on 07Dec10. Photo: Fred Streep.
    PH-PBA new KLM colors

    PH-PBA (c/n 19434) saw its hybrid Air France - KLM colourscheme revised to this vintage KLM livery.
    In a ceremony at Schiphol-East, with KLM's President-Director Peter Hartman and Aviodrome/DDA-Director Jan Schaatsbergen present, as well as Martinair's founder Martin Schröder and DDA founder Cor Groeneveld, the new colourscheme was made public.
    The classic DC-3 was also named "Prinses Amalia" (who wasn't present herself, she was at school), allegedly a wish of her great-grandfather Prins Bernhard who ones owned 'PBA.
    The DDA Airlines is based at Lelystad these days, but weather prevented the ferry flight Schiphol - Lelystad and the ceremony was done at Amsterdam's IAP Schiphol.
    The following photos by Paul van den Berg show PH-PBA's makeover...
    PH-PBA in new livery
    In 2017, after KLM ceased its support, it was repainted again in DDA Classic Airliner scheme again.
    Paul van den Berg photo of PH-PBA

    N38L Beech TC-45

    This photo was taken by Dirk Septer at San Juan's Luis Munoz Marin International Airport (SJU) on 05Dec10:
    a 1953-vintage Beech TC-45J, N38L (s/n 51132) of Monarch Air Group LLC.
    Fort Lauderdale, FL (KFXE) based Monarch Air operates passenger and cargo charters to Caribbean destinations as far south as Trinidad. Their small but versatile fleet includes Merlin II and Chieftain Navajo-passenger and Beech 18, Metro II and DC-3-cargo aircraft.


    Rich Hulina of Slate Falls Airways sent (29Nov2010) me a selection of his images, he wrote:
    "Here are a few photos from Sioux Lookout over the last month and half or so. Otters on wheels were shot yesterday. 'KYG was leaving for Pickle Lake, just here for maintenance and change over!"
    DHC-3 C-GCQA
    C-GCQA (c/n 77) North Star Air Ltd., Pickle Lake,ONT Reg'd 31Mar98.
    Rich Hulina wrote me an update in Sep.2016:"CQA is now N947RK and it now has a Garrett engine instead of the P&W. Heading for Rainbow King Lodge in Iliamna in Alaska!" Found N947RK reg'd as such per 25Aug16.

    Karl Hayes added that same month:"C-GCQA crashed some time ago and for a long time was lying in a
    wrecked state at Recon Air in Geraldton, Ontario. They rebuilt it for Rainbow King Lodge, to replace
    the Lodge’s own Otter N928RK which had crashed. There are now only about a dozen or so Otters still
    left with the original R-1340 engine!"
    Note from webmaster: N928RK crashed on 15Sep2015 (dbr) at Iliamna-East Lake Spb,AK; 10 occupants, 3 fatal.
    C-GCQA accident: 39 Mile Lake, ON. 26-Apr-1999. The Otter landed to pick up some goose hunters
    for a flight to the native community of Kasabonika. The company had made a flight to the lake earlier in the
    day in a Beaver and found the ice to be about two feet thick.
    After the Otter had stopped next to the hunting camp, the ice gave way...
    The front of the Otter sank through the ice and the tail remained on the ice. The aircraft was subsequently and with difficulty lifted from the ice by a Sikorsky S-61 helicopter and removed to Kasabonika, 39 miles away.
    A new engine and propeller were fitted and temporary repairs carried out before the Otter was flown to Geraldton, Ontario for final repair by Recon Air.
    Remained stored at Nov-2015.
    Left on delivery to Alaska, after rework on 15-Sep-2016.
    For this and its full history on

    Bush planes in NW Ontario, by Rich Hulina

  • C-GCDJ Reg'd 05Jul2010 Billy Konopelky, Cochrane, ONT for Konopelky Air Service.
  • C-FHXY Lac Seul Airways Ltd, Ft.Frances, ONT - Registered 10Apr78.
  • C-FHEP Bamaji Air Inc., Sioux lookout, ONT Reg'd 25Jul03, canx 09Jul05.
  • C-GSUV West Caribou Air Service Inc., Thunder Bay, ONT Reg'd 05Jul10.
  • C-FCZP Slate Falls Airways, Sioux Lookout, ONT Reg'd 09Oct07 - Pic'd 03Oct07 during turbine conv.
  • C-GKYG West Caribou Air Service Inc, Thunder Bay, ONT. Reg'd 03Nov09.
  • Note to C-GSUV: Operated by Adventure Air, overturned after being caughtby a gust of wind on landing at Lac du Bonnet seaplane base, on 16May08; pilot & passenger evacuated the aircaft and were picked up by a boat.

    See also my dedicated Guestpage to Rich Hulina's bushplane photography and the photobook he published.

    'cbs' wrote me and sent me this wonderful photo:
    Convair CF-ECS

    He wrote;
    "I took this photo in 1963 or 1964 at Resolute Bay, NWT. I had forgotten who owned it, but I'm quite sure we have been able to figure that out.
    A friend was able to figure out the ident from this photo as CF-ECS (I dont know how he did it as it is not very clear!).
    From that we were able to go to your website and find out it belonged to Eastern Stevadoring Company, from Quebec.
    I had recalled that company coming to Resolute Bay, likely to see their workers unloading the once a year ships at Resolute Bay."
    William (Bill) Stadnyk, Brandon, Manitoba.

    Actually, there were two Convairs registered CF-ECS...
    CV240 c/n 148 - manufactured 18Feb49 and delivered to American Airlines as N94271, passed through various owners and was bought 07Aug64 by Eastern Canada Stevedoring Co and reg'd CF-ECS; it was sold again the next year to Price Bros sales Corporation (05May65) and registered N596MA for Miami Aviation Corp. which bought it 17Nov67.
    CV340 c/n 135 - manufactured 19Nov53 and delivered to KLM reg'd PJ-CVB upon delivery 14Dec53 and rereg'd PH-CGK 31Aug54. It was converted to CV440 and registered CF-ECS for Lund Aviation who acquired it on 06Jan60. Eastern Canada Stevedoring Co bought it 27Jan60. In 1962 it was converted to CV580 and my page Convairliners has a picture of it as OO-DHD.
    While the photo above seems to show the elongated nose of the CV340/440, I am quite reserved on the engines... Also, I have a photo of CF-ECS in 1961, with 'Stevedoring'-titles and that one has quite a different colourscheme.
    So if the photo above was taken in 1964, it could very well be CV240 c/n 148...

    Above histories were taken from 'The Convairliners Story' -by J.M.Gradidge, an Air-Britain Publication

    Alexandre Avrane of the online aviation database identified it for me:
    "This is the -240, see"

    George Armstrong sent me the histories of these two (no source mentioned):

    CV240-0/148 N94271 CONVAIR. F/F 10 Feb 49: Sold to AMERICAN A/L, 'Flagship Jackson', 240-0 del 28 Feb 49. R/N 'Flagship Saratoga', Dec 53:
    Sold to F.B. AYER & ASSOCS, 21 Oct 59, & opd as COMMERCIAL AYER LINE CORP: R/R N240R, Nov 59, & sold to REPUBLIC AVIATION CORP, Feb 60: Lsd to REMERT-WERNER .. .. .. , opd on behalf of FEDERAL AVIATION AGENCY.
    Cur at LHR Jun 61, with CV440 radar nose.
    Nov 67: Sold to KWIKI SYSTEMS INC,
    May 70: Sold to BOWES SEAL FAST CORP, 3 Sept 70: Sold to JACK L. RHODES AVIATION, Dec 76: Sold to LINDA WALLACE, & opd as WALLACE INDUSTRIES INC, 27 Dec 76: Sold to FIRST NAT. BANK OF LOUISVILLE, 9 Feb 78: Sold to '778X' INC, Apr 78: Sold to POWER PRO ENGINEERING CORP, Sept 80: Sold to WHITE CO, 24 Jan 86: Sold to BANK OF THE WEST, regd Apr 87: Sold to W.K. BOGUE, Aug 93. Cur at OAK.
    CV340-48/135 PJ-CVB K.L.M. F/F 19 Nov 53: Del to A.L.M., 'Bonaire', 14 Dec 53: Retd to K.L.M., 340-48 'Jan Troop' PH-CGK, 31 Aug 54 Brought up to CV440 standard: Sold to LUND AVIATION, CF-ECS, 6 Jan 60: Sold to EASTERN CANADA STEVEDORING CO, del via PIK 13 Jan 60. (TT 13,039 hrs) Del to Pac Air, 8 Jan 62, & cvt to CV580, 'No 22'. R/T/S, 7 Apr 62: Sold to NOTRE DAME AIR TRANSPORT LTD, Mar 64: Sold to UNION OIL CO OF CALIFORNIA, N7600,(2) 21 Jul 64, opd by HUMBLE OIL CO: Sold to ALLEGHENY A/L, N5812, 31 Dec 65. (TT 29,380 hrs at 30 Apr 73.)
    Std at MZJ, from summer 74: Lsd to PHILADELPHIA AVIATION INC, & opd as SUMMIT A/L, .. .. .. : Sold to NAT. BANK OF DETROIT, & lsd to EVERGREEN INTL A/L, 'Eileen', 13 Oct 76, on chtr to EMERY AIR FREIGHT CORP. Cvt to CV580F by Hayes Intl., .. .?. ..: Sold to PLYMOUTH LEASING CORP, & lsd to EVERGREEN INTL A/L, 6 Mar 78, on chtr to EMERY EXPRESS, Jun 79: Sold to AIR TRANSPORT INTL, & lsd to INTERSTATE A/L, Mar 80. R/R N582PL, 18Jul81: Sold to AIR TRAFFIC SERVICE CORP, Aug 83, & opd as INTERSTATE A/L.
    Std at MZJ, from .. 83: Lsd to SUMMIT A/L, Nov 83: Sold to CORPORATE AIR, Sept 85, still opd by SUMMIT A/L. R/R N536SA, Jul 86, N.T.U: Sold to AIR TRAFFIC SERVICE CORP, R/R N536SA, Feb 87, still opd by SUMMIT A/L: Lsd to FREVAG N.V., & opg as EUROPEAN AIR TRANSPORT (EAT), & opd for D.H.L., OO-DHD, regd 16 Oct 87, del via REK-NCL-BRU, 26 Oct 87. To SEN, 24 Mar 89 in E.A.T., colours. Repainted in D.H.L., colours, and retd to BRU, 4 Apr 89. On 23 Oct 92, CR on landing at BRU, when nose wheel jammed. No injuries to the crew. Repd & R/T/S: Regd to SWIFTAIR, EC-GKH, 12 Nov 96, cur at PMI, 20 Nov 96: Sold to SKYHAUL, ZS-SKK, 5 Jul 05. Lsd to LIGNES AERIENNES CONGOLAISES opd as SKYCONGO, 23 Dec 05: Retd to SKYHAUL, std at FIH .

    Wendy Page of Chathams Pacific wrote me 02Dec10:
    "I just was looking for original photos of A3-AWP, the DC-3 belonging to Chathams Pacific and which has had a total restoration and is now back in scheduled services over the skies of Tonga.
    This aircraft is creating a great deal of interest internationally.
    The attached photo is by John King and was taken a couple of weeks ago:"
    DC-3 A3-AWP 2010 More photos by John King taken on the event see this Website:

    See photo by Graeme Mills which shows DC-3 A3-AWP in 2009, before this restoration, Photos by Friends & Guests Page 20

    Canso in fog
    Catalina/Canso in the fog; I cannot make out the registration, C-FM.. (C-FMIR?)
    See more of Jacques Hémet's vintage aeroplanes collection HERE and HERE

    Don McDoland and Canso C-FDIL
    Don McDonald and Consolidated Canso A C-FDIL (CF-DIL) of Can-Air.
    More about this remarkable aircraft and Don McDonald looking back on his flying career, follow THIS LINK



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