Propliners Off-airport N.America

Aviation enthusiasts find their bounty at airports; even aviation museums and salvaging companies are often at airports or close by. However, some aircraft survive on remote locations away from airports, as part of a restaurant, hotel or even a chicken coop; these survivors are easily overlooked.
I hope to remedy some of that with this page and would welcome tips & photos and if possible the story of how and why the aircraft was enrolled in its new career.
Note: the webmaster accepts no resposibility for accuracy or actuality of any of the information published here.

North America

This Douglas DC-6B on top of a shop (Pike's Aviator Greenhouse and Sweets on Airport Road) in Fairbanks,AK (photo is from 2004) is former N999SQ (c/n 43274) which used to have employment with Everts Air Fuel. But it also flew with Swissair (as HB-IBA) in the 1950s.
I photographed it stored at Fairbanks in 1995 and 2003.
If you click on the photo the link will take you to the excellent wandering about in Fairbanks website of Mr Cysewski; a larger image of this photo is situated about half way of that webpage.
Here is a photo, by Terence Goodrich, of HB-IBA in employ by Swissair (photo probably taken in 1956).
Here it is on, dated April 2004.

I photographed in June 2012.

Douglas DC-6 N12347 (c/n 44071/401) by Jim Thompson shows a nice winterscene in northern Alaska.
DC-6 N12347 in Alaska by Jim Thompson
N12347 was moved in 2003 and, alas, the owner seems to have made little progress to convert it to his 'man cave'..?
I recorded it on film in 1995 and on that page you'll find a 1991 photo as well.

Jim also provided the following information, found online:
'Serial # 44071. Delivered to Flying Tigers Airline Sept. 1, 1953 the over the years it was owned or operated by these airlines and various leasing companies: JET
Northwest Orient
Zantop Air Transport
Saturn Airways
Onyx Aviation
Sis-Q Flying Service
Misty Air
Matomco Oil Company
Northern Pacific Transport
Evert's Air Fuel
It's listed at stored beside the Old Steese Highway and Little Fox Trail in 2011. That's where we saw it. The Registration was cancelled in 2016.'
Dirk Septer visited this location on 01Aug2018 and shared this photo with me:
DC-6 on Steese Haighway, Alaska - by Dirk Septer (2018)
Visit Dirk Septer's gallery on my website: PAGE 1 | PAGE 2

Last time I was in Alaska, was in 2012, but I did not make it to this one; next time!!!

And Fred Barnes shared a photo of N12347 on 04May1986 at Anchorage,AK on my Photos by Friends & Guests #55

DC-6 N666SQ has had a wandering existence since it left the Everts' yard in Fairbanks!
See the history on Photos by Friends & Guests #54
N666SQ 'Macavia' in North Pole (2020)
The Sat. imagery shows N666SQ on 2436 Sunflower Loop in North Pole, but streetview is not yet up to date. (HERE & HERE) has a photo by Ralph M. Pettersen, dated 12May2019. There's a wooden
cabin now next to it (which does not show on the video). The 'Baby DC-6' still has the 'Macavia'-titles.

A video was uploaded on 31Dec20, though it may have been taken at an earlier date.
DC-6 N666SQ in North Pole, Alaska
Boatman did not get into the DC-6, so no report on the cockpit. The fact that the door is left open is not a good sign.

Update! In May 2022 I received this update (on request, as yet, name withheld).
"I am reaching out to inform you that the afore mentioned plane (N666SQ) has a new owner and will be getting a new lease on life...
I have purchased the property and the plane and will working this summer on converting the plane into my Permanent place of residence.
I have found in the last few days that there seems to be a lot of interest in this plane and just wanted to let the community know its in good hands! Once its finished I would love for the community to still come and take pic and stuff.

I would love to chat with you sometime about the history of the plane, so I can have more background knowledge on it and its history. If you decide this is worth publishing as an update, please do not use my name yet, that is my only request.
Thanks and I'm looking forward to being part of this passionate community."
Well done!


Boeing C-97 at Unalakleet
Photo by Dan Baldini

On 'Classic-Propliners' forum at Brian Maddison identified this hulk as Boeing C-97L N4580Q; and the photo was found on: (2019: dead link)
The photographer was identified much later (see below).
The hulk was also noted in 'Flying Wild, Alaska' (episode 2, Jan.2011), lurking in the background of a shot.

The aircraft was used as a fuel hauler by Stratolift, but got damaged by fire while offloading fuel 18May89, see

In nov.2012 I received following update by Dave Marshall: "The photographer is Mr Dan Baldini.
The image along with others around Unalakleet appears on Google earth/Panoramio." (dead link by 2019)

John Szalay wrote me soon after the above was posted:
"On your guest photos page, the hulk of the C-97 N4580Q that is sitting at Unalakleet Airport, AK , using Google Earth and comparing the image in the photo and what we see on the TV show.
The hulk appears to be sitting behind the hanger and off to the side, at Airport Rd & School Bldg Rd.& Main Rd in Google Maps, in this photo I am sending from Google Earth.  C-97 at Unalakleet

The yellow arrow points to the C-97 hulk, and the orange arrow points to the green roofed building you can see in the closeup photo on your webpage.
From what I see in that photo, it appears that  another building was in the process of being built since this sat photo was taken in 2004. Perhaps two, since in this sat photo the ground is being cleared.  (Can't see too many green roofs in that town.)"

Here's a fine update (18May19) by Joshua Lester, shared on Facebook:
C-97 hulk at Unalakleet,Alaska

This made me have another look through Google Earth and Streetview:C-97 hulk near Unalakleet airport
The location of the surviving fuselage of Boeing C-97L N4580Q

C-97 hulk near Unalakleet airport in Alaska
C-97 hulk near Unalakleet airport in Alaska, courtesy of Google's Streetview


C-47 45-1037 wreck in Yukon This is Douglas C-47B 45-1037 (cn17040/34306) near Haines Junction in the Ruby Mountains, which I photographed on 06Aug03.
Click on the photo for a link to my report.


DC-3 cockpit (nose section), preserved at Hope, New Jersey
DC-3 cockpit at Hope NJ

This photo was taken on 13Sep2009, by Daniel Berek; see

Through a replica of the manufacturer's plaque, Daniel was able to trace the history of this particular airframe at a later stage.
"This aircraft, NC33678, was built as an actual DC-3 (not a C-47) in June 1941, with manufacturer's serial number 4133. It flew for Pennsylvania Central Airlines until being drafted into the US Army Airforce as a VIP transport, designated a C-49H (reg'd 42-38328).
After the war, it returned to PCA (modified as a DC-3-313D), with whom it flew until being absorbed into Capital Airlines in April 1948, named Capitalliner Morgantown.
It was not part of the United takeover of the airline, having been sold to a private company in August 1959. It flew with them and Interstate Airmotive, on lease by Bay Airways.
It was supposedly purchased by a Chris Stoltzfus or Tracy Donald of Coatesville,PA.
It was withdrawn for use or cancelled 7/11/84. Sometime thereafter, the forward fuselage made its way to Land of Make Believe, where pilots young and young at heart can 'fly' the plane.."

Working on the presumption this is or was NC33678, Air-Britain's DC-3 reference books has it as c/n 4133. The following is from 'DC-3, The First Seventy Years'.
C/n 4133 DC-3-313D NC33678 Penn Central manufactured 26Jul41, delivered to USAAF as 42-38328 C-49H on 15Mar42.
At West Palm Beach 28Mar42. Atlanta 04Apr42. W Palm Beach 15Apr42.
Eastern 27May42. At Camp Douglas 17Aug42. Sedalia. Bolling Nov42. Sedalia 26Nov42. Del Valle 15Dec42. Bolling 13Jan43. Del Valle 10Feb43.
NC33678 Penn Central (named 'Bristol') delivered 02Jul44. Capital 'Morgantown' '227C' 21Apr48.
Remmert Werner Inc. bought 07Aug50.
Interstate A/m Inc. of St Louis, MO, (1963). To Jack Richards Aircraft Co. Inc., Oklahoma City, OK (1970).
To Bay Airways Inc. of Cambridge, MA (1971).
C D Stoltzfus of Coatesville,PA; reg'd 28May74.
Registration cancelled Jul84.




Christopher Koberg published a series of images on Facebook's Aviation Wreck etc in March 2019; he wrote:
"Photos taken July 6, 2017 at Wade (or Wade's) Salvage Inc in Atco (New Jersey).
An amazing jumble of scrapped airplanes and ground vehicles."
One photo esspecially drew my attention:
DC-4 or DC-6 forward fuselage at Wades Salvage Inc., at Atco,NJ (2017)
It looks like a DC-4/6/7 to me?
Anyone with an identity of this propliner? EMAIL

See my other Plane Identity Mysteries, solved and unsolved, and HERE for more photos of Wade's Salvage.

Hector Vazquez sent me this photo, taken in 2015:
Douglas wreck at Wade Salvage, Atco,NJ (2015)

The badge seems to be of the FAA:
FAA insignia
More photos on this and other aircraft (also at Wade Salvage) on my Search for Aeroplane Identities

Dave Broome sent me photos in Oct.2021 of a visit a year before:
DC-7 N494 at Atco, New Jersey (by David Broome)
Douglas DC-7 N464N @Atco,NJ

David wrote in Sep.2021: "I have been browsing your website whilst researching the aircraft at Wades Salvage Yard in New Jersey.
I visited on 06Nov20 and can add the following for what is believed to be DC7 N464. I had a good look around and inside it.
The interior looks burnt and the nose wheel doors suggest a collapse - so I’d support your theory it is N464!
In reference to the report of it being active in 1972, we’ll never know but I’d say looking at the state of the nose wheel doors it's unlikely since the incident a few years earlier!"

DC-7 N494 at Atco, New Jersey (by David Broome)
DC-7 N494 at Atco, New Jersey (by David Broome)
DC-7 cockpit resting on its left hand side; note the 4 thrust levers.

DC-7 N494 at Atco, New Jersey (by David Broome)

Propliner remains at Wade's Salvage, @Atco,NJ
Propliner remains at Wade's Salvage, @Atco,NJ.
The aircraft on top is a Convair CV880, N807AF. David wrote: "..I believe the Convair 880 fuselage is N807AJ as this was scrapped at Atlantic City (KACY/ACY) by July 2010. N804AJ was destroyed by fire in an FAA test on 30Oct1989.
Andrew Wade, the owner, confirmed the Convair fuselage which he has as an ‘attention grabber’ by the roadside, came from Atlantic City, which 99.99% makes it N807AJ!"
For those interested in OldJest: "Re Boeing 707’s, the cockpit of N195CA (ex/ Israeli Air Force) is confirmed as the one here at Wade's - the rest of the fuselage is in a hangar at ACY still as a Fire Trainer."
See also David's account on




Beech AT-11 N73360, off-airport in Illinois
Beech AT-11 'Kansan' N73360 (c/n 1296) - Norway, Illinois (30Jan2016)
Previously (07Feb1961) reg'd to Ralph Erickson of Marseilles,IL.
Someone shared a photo on Facebook in Oct.2020: still there! Coörd.: 41.44093323N 88.69243622W



Photo from: (dead link)
Air Rajneesh bed and breakfast
SHEFFIELD, Ohio (AP) — A man’s dream to convert an airplane into a bed and breakfast has encountered a little turbulence.
Ed Guidicelli, a 40-year-old antiques enthusiast with a knack for restoration, hopes to transform the 42-passenger Convair into a studio-style, luxury bed and breakfast.
Right now though, the 1948 aircraft looks like it crashed in his back yard, a wooded 4-acre lot in northeast Ohio.
Guidicelli believes the project could help put his economically depressed Lorain County town on the map.
But Guidicelli acknowledges the naysayers — and the possibility that his dream will get shot down.
Township trustee Timothy Mihalcik said he has received many complaints from residents, pressuring township officials to put an end to Guidicelli’s backyard collection, which includes a vintage C&O caboose parked on rails near the plane.
Trustees adopted a zoning ordinance last year outlawing residents from keeping planes, trains and other eyesores on their property. Guidicelli’s plane and caboose will be protected by a grandfather clause.
Township zoning inspector Harold Wilson said for Guidicelli to open a bed and breakfast he must have the property rezoned from residential to commercial — unlikely given the lack of a central sanitation system in the area.
Guidicelli though is unperturbed. He already has begun to refurbish the interior with hardwood floors and new walls.
He said he has given tours of the plane and caboose to more than a hundred visitors, most who have offered encouragement and support.

"It’s a piece of history," Guidicelli said. "And most people are thrilled that I'm saving it. A part of me knew it would be an uphill battle. But if I don’t do it now, I never will."

Ed Guidicelli keeps this 1948, 42-passenger Convair in his yard in Sheffield, west of Cleveland. Neighbors have complained about the plane, which Guidicelli wants to convert into a bed-and-breakfast.
Source: here (dead link)

The plane’s history is rather infamous.
It was once emblazoned with the words "Air Rajneesh" and is believed to have been among several in a fleet owned by former cult leader Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, who left India in the early 1980s and established a commune of his followers in Antelope, Oregon.
During the several years when the commune thrived, Rajneesh created his own airline to shuttle disciples to and from the remote, arid town.
But after a series of controversies and criminal investigations, the commune dissolved and Rajneesh was deported. The guru died in 1990.
How one of his airplanes ended up in Ohio is unclear.

But when Guidicelli spotted it, disassembled and scattered on some property along the side of a highway in Oak Harbor, west of Sandusky, he knew he had to own it.
Ever since he was a child, Guidicelli wanted an airplane.
He made several offers, but the owner seemed intent on selling it to a nearby water park. Guidicelli didn’t think he could outbid a water park, but he persisted. When the owner fell on hard times before the water park was ready to buy, Guidicelli made his move.
Before long, the 'Air Rajneesh' — in six pieces loaded onto two semis — landed in Sheffield.
The above text is from (dead link), dated 13Apr07.

The book 'North American Survivors' by Roy Blewitt identifies this plane as Convair 240 N314H (c/n 31). Former identities, before becoming N314H: NC94218, N1L and N7779.
It was part of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh' fleet of Convairs and DC-3's, which flew in support of his infamous commune at Big Muddy Ranch, Antelope,OR. It ended up as an instructional airframe at Lewis University, was broken up in Dec.1998 and found its way to an RV Camp near Camp Perry in Ohio, alongside Route 2, close to where it become I-2.

Aad van der Voet (of added (13Nov07):
As the news item already tells us, the owner (Edwin A. Guidicelli) faced rather fierce opposition from his neighbors and the town council, abandoned his bed & breakfast plans, and offered the Convair for sale in May 2007, only 5 months after it had been delivered to his home.
On top of that, Mr. Guidicelli died 6 days ago, so I think the future of this aircraft now looks very grim...

James Rachetto wrote in Nov.2007: I went inside N314H, the Oregon guru's plane, when it stopped over at Roseburg, Oregon in the 1980's.
I am not sure, but I think it had already been sold to another owner at that time.
The control wheels had a small picture of the Bagwan at the center, the cabin was outfitted like a living from and a large picture of Bagwan Shree Rajneesh hung in the back. At that time the plane was airworthy since it stopped at Roseburg for only a few days.

Convair for sale in Ohio

This aircraft was offered for sale again on eBay in July 2009, asking price usd 15,000.00 ('Buyer responsible for vehicle pick-up or shipping'). It included this photo:

Mark Bradford wrote me in august 2011 about the use for training students at Lewis.
"I can confirm that N314H was part of Air Rajneesh and that she was used in the A&P program at Lewis University in the 90's. I was there from 90-94 and had the opportunity to spend some time with her.
She was no longer airworthy, but we kept her running for training purposes.
In fact, I watched her number two engine catch fire once. The kid on fire duty froze with the bottle sitting right next to him while the instructor pushed the throttle to the firewall and let the prop wash blow out the fire - quite a sight to see!
The interior was as advertised, shag carpet, captains chairs, galley... all very used. The guru liked to party.
And being on a college campus the parties didn't end when the guru was deported...
It is a shame to see what has happened to it after that. She wasn't as sexy as the school's Learjet, but she had character!"

Looking for updates in May 2017 I received an update by Ed Guidicelli, via Facebook, who confirmed the Convair N314H is still there and he recently created facilities to run a B&B at his place! No, not in the Convair, but what a view!

N314H off-airport in Ohio, owned by Ed Guidicelli.
Convair 240 N314H (c/n 31) - located: Sheffield township, Ohio


Beech 18 roadside, on the I-25 in Georgia, south of Augusta
Beech 18 roadside, on the I-25 (and Allen Rd) in Georgia, south of Augusta - No identity on this Twin Beech yet EMAIL
While it is on Google's sat imagery (33.208105 82.041884), it is not yet on streetview; so I assume it must be a recent change.

Beech 18 at former gasstation; Vinemont, Alabama
Beech 18 at former gasstation; Vinemont, Alabama.
Shared on Facebook (Nov.2019)

Mike Collier captured Beech 18 N2201S in Bossier City, Louisiana. Shared on FB 'Aviation Wrecks and relics' (Feb.2021)
Beech 18 N2201S in Bossier City,LA by Mike Collier (FB)
1963 Beech SNB-5 (SNB-2) Expeditor C/N 4253.
Useful links:


Screening a number of database records I had not seen updates on for quite some time, I came across Douglas TC-47B N34FL (c/n 27051/15606) and found it has relocated to an Off-airport location: the G-Star School of Arts. Its present adress is 2030 S Congress Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33406, USA.
C-47 N34FL at G-Star School of Arts
Douglas TC-47B N34FL, off-airport in Florida

What I dug up from my database is: 'N34FL registered to Aircraft Restoration Corp., which has its HQ at Chino,CA. but many aircraft are in other locations. Its former identities include USAAF 43-49790 and , HK-1333.
Reported on 07Mar03 at Palm Beach IAP,FL stored.
Faa's N-inquiry in June 2003 showed: Specialty Restaurants (of Anaheim,CA) reg'd on 09Aug84. Its exact location was at 391st BG Restaurant, southside Palm Beach airport, had no serial on it.
Aviation Letter of June 2003 reported: "marked as 43-4790".

I came across this article:
A few items from this article by Jodie Wagner, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer, dated Saturday, Nov. 23, 2013
"Donated to the school seven years ago by the owners of the now-closed 391st Bomb Group restaurant in West Palm Beach, the military transport and supply plane flew injured soldiers in World War II from behind enemy lines to its base in Casablanca, Morocco, transported cargo and paratroopers to combat zones and pulled gliders for secret missions."

"Within the next five years it will become the centerpiece of an ambitious, $8 million on-campus project designed to teach students and visitors about World War II."

"“Into the Past: The World War II Experience,” an interactive exhibit and tour that will be open to the public, is expected to include two museums, 14 new classrooms, a World War II canteen, a student research center and three interactive learning centers featuring authentic World War II battlegrounds and post-war events."

"The project was conceived by Hauptner, whose husband, Greg, is the school’s founder and CEO, as a permanent tribute to veterans and soldiers who lost their lives in the war and victims of the Holocaust."

"The school plans to raise money to support the project and has hired a fundraiser. Proceeds generated from the project will benefit the school and local veterans’ organizations."


This was shared in June 2022 on Facebook's Beech 18/ C45/ AT11/ SNB Group by Andrew Gross:
"On Disney’s Castaway Cay island.What a sorry fate to wind up as a contrived display."
Beech D18S N73E at Disney, Florida (FB 2022)
Beech D18S, N73E (c/n A-574)
History by Aero Visuals
Beech 18 at Disney,FL: N73E



Mike Monty wrote on Facebook: "Driving down the street at Elm St. and Broadway in Broken Arrow,OK."
TC-45J Expeditor, Manufacturer's Serial Number 5883 (c/n), last known aircraft registration N10909
Beech 18 at Broken Arrow,OK 2019
23791 (msn 5883) remanufactured by Beech as SNB-3, SNB-5 c1953. Redesignated TC-45J in 1962.
To civil registry as N10909. Noted derelict at Broken Arrow airfield, Oklahoma in 2000.

Further reading on:


Jamin Miller wrote: "Just manage to catch this lonely Beech beside the road in rural Iowa." 03Feb21.
The location was not clear: "I can’t remember exactly where. It could have been on 14 south of Knoxville."
Obviously a long drive. But I did find it through Google Maps!

Beech 18 in rural Iowa, alongside IA-14
Beech 18 in rural Iowa, alongside IA-14. I think it is marked 'Gypsy Girl', full identification further down.

Beech 18 in rural Iowa, alongside IA-14
So the Beech 18 (SNB-5 / UC-45J) is next to Pierce's Pumpkin Patch!
This is 17 mls/21 kms S of Knoxville, a little north (1 minute!) of passing over Lucas County Line Rd travelling north.

Beech 18 in rural Iowa, alongside IA-14
On compilation of this item, on 06Feb21, Streetview had not yet recorded the Beech 18.

Bob Saylor responded on Facebook with this photo:
Beech 18 94710 in Iowa, alongside IA-14
Bob: "Here is the picture I had posted to this page back in October or so."
So we have this identification, 94710. Unfortunately, it seems to be fake..?

From ¬

1944 Constructed as an SNB-2C
27Apr1944 To US Navy with BuNo 51098.Remanufactured as a SNB-3. Later as a JRB-4
11Oct1951 Remanufactured as a SNB-5. New c/n, N-805, assigned to the airframe
18Sep1962 Redesignated as TC-45J
14Oct1964 Redesignated as UC-45J. Pic 1966 'Monetery'-titles & 1098 / 51098 serial
From 12May1969 to 1997 To Iowa Western Community College, Council Bluffs, IO [sic] with c/r N19002.
1997 To Alan Furney, Knoxville
20Aug2012 Civil registration, N19002, cancelled.
05Nov2017 To John Pierce/Pierces Pumpkin Patch, 2491, IA-14, Chariton, IA 50049.
Oct2018 Pic showing large 'THORUP'-titles

The Airplane has landed!
Or 'does Belinda now have an airport?'
By John Pierce-
"It all started when our son Joe called and said he'd seen a paper at Mr. C’s, telling about a tag sale at Alan and Merna Furney’s. The paper advertised two WW11 mannequins in uniform.
As we have several WW11 items, most notably 187 framed WW11 newspapers, I thought they would be a nice addition.
When I drove into the driveway the first you notice is an airplane.
I approached Alan I asked if they still had the mannequin. Alan said 'yes' and I looked at them and we made a deal.

I then asked if the airplane was for sale..? Alan said 'I suppose so', but that is as far as it went.
To get the mannequins I had to go home and get the Yukon.
I told the boys I needed help and that I wanted their opinion on something else we might buy... Joe and Josh drove separately and quickly guessed what the object was when they drove into that driveway.
The other boys already guessed what I was interested in.
We loaded the mannequins and bought some other items and, as we were leaving, Alan gave me a price that he would sell the airplane for.
I told him to give me a couple of days.
I think I took one day before I called him and made the deal.
Alan expressed gratitude that the plane would be on display and not scrapped.

The boys was all in agreement that we should have that airplane at the patch. We decided that we would move the plane on the coming Sunday.
Brad Heaberlin and Josh Schrader brought trailers to haul the wings. We met at Furney’s around 1 o’clock and started on the wings. Just a couple of pins held each wing. The left wing came off fairly easy, but the right wing was pretty stubborn.
After a couple of hours, and a trip to get a torch and an air hammer, the wing was off.
Justin brought his tractor to pull the main part back to the patch.
Joe scouted out the path with Jason leading and Josh Schrader following.
Gravel was taking all the way crossing Highway 5 and G-76. The procession came through Columbia and then took Highway 14 down to the patch.
Needless to say it was an attention getter!

Beech 18 94710 in Iowa
Beech 18 (UC-45J) '94710' in Iowa; contributed by Joy Pierce.

It now sits in a prominent place along the highway. Hopefully it will be an attraction in the fall during pumpkin time. The airplane has already gathered a lot of interest.

The plane is a twin engine Beechcraft UC-45J built by Beech Aircraft of Wichita, Kansas in 1942.
It was part of the war time production for the Army Air Corp but was diverted to the Navy, as they had a more pressing need. The transfer took place on 27Apr1944, at the Naval Air Station in Seattle, WA.
It’s serial number is 51098.
The Navy used the plane for navigation training as a SNB-2C.
After the WW2, 5 passenger seats were added and it was now a JRB-4. Later on a new fuselage and landing gear was added. The plane was put back in service by the Navy on 11Oct1951.
The plane logged over 11.850 flight hours, changing custody 22 times.
The plane spent much of its life near the Pensacola Naval Air Station, before its final transfer to the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base {the aircraft graveyard}.
The Department of Defense designation on this plane was changed to UC-45J on 25Aug1967.

On 12May1969 the plane was donated to Iowa Western Community College, for their aviation program.
The engine and propellers was used by students until 1997, when the decision was made to dispose of the plane. Salvage price was $300.00, that’s when Alan Furney stepped in and of August of 1997 the plane was moved to Furney’s studio at Knoxville.
There it was used for photo shoots and a display.
On 05Nov2017 it was moved to the Pumpkin Patch.
There it will be on display again, beginning a new chapter.
The number on the tail is 94710."

Beech UC-45J 94710 at The Pumpkin Patch in Iowa
Beech UC-45J 94710 at The Pumpkin Patch in Iowa. Courtesy Joy Pierce.

Beech 18, Gypsy Girl



Here's a Beech C-45 in downtown Wichita (Kansas) published on Facebook where so much more is happening these days compared to forums. Alas, on Facebook the data (what, where, when, whom, et cetera) leaves much to be desired and the photos often of excruciating bad quality (mobile phones, people not getting out of their car).
Oh well.
N80323 of-airport in Wichita

Ralph Lacomba published this photo on Facebook's Beech 18 Group in april 2017; he wrote: "Saw this caged Beech 18 in downtown Wichita.
Bob Parmerter was quick to provide its history:
"It’s the first USAF post-war remanufactured Model 18, C-45G, 51-11444 c/n AF-1.
Beech took the 1944 T-7C 43-33420 c/n 5753 and replaced everything except the outer wings and tail components (if they were serviceable after reconditioning).
From the D18S civil line they took new fuselage, center section, landinggear, cowls, nacelles, interior and cockpit. Added surplus reconditioned R-985 engines & new Aeroproducts feathering props.
Completed 30Apr51 and formally accepted the first week of May51, but subsequent C-45G production did not continue until Apr52.
Surplus USAF auction sale on 17Sep57 for US$6,733.33; to a series of at least 19 (!) civil owners reg’d as N7205C & rereg'd 04Mar58 as N80323(2nd time this registration was issued).
Put on display at the Yard Store (owned by Bachus & Son) between Third- & Central Street in Wichita, Kansas July 2009."

Then Rick Harris replied: "SEMO owned it when it was N80323 early-1970s."
Bob again: " You’re right Rick, Semo Avn Inc, Malden, MO bought it 25Jun71.
Accident 17Sep71 Nashville Metro,TN: emergency landing after in-flight fire (aluminum fuel line failed) in wheel well on air taxi cargo flt; 1 uninjured.
Sold it to Southeastern Airways Corp, Double Springs,AL (29Nov74)."

Luis Drummond posted the top photo on his Facebook wall and promoted the Hangar One Steakhouse near Wichita's Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport. Must visit one day!
Bob Parmerter wrote: "A Super 18 fuselage, is at the new Hangar One Steakhouse, 5925 West Kellogg Drive in Wichita (no identity known)."
So could this be a tribute to Amelia Earhart? But she flew a Lockheed 10. Or just someone's daughter?



DC-7 N6321C in Denver,CO Paul Filmer made an amazing discovery in Denver,CO (along the roads that border Iliff Pre School) when he found Douglas DC-7 N6321C (c/n 44285); it has been at this location but went unreported for over 30 years!.

Click on the thumbnail for a link to Paul's website ( for a full report on the history of this aircraft and the remarkable move to this location in 1971. Photo © by Paul Filmer and more on his webreport.

See an image of this DC-7 when operated by Temple Airlines on my page Bill Hill Collection

Tim Chaloner sent me this photo:

DC-7 N6321C of-airport, by Tim Chaloner

Tim wrote: "This image is confirmation of the continued existence of the fuselage from DC-7 N6321C (c/n 44285).
It is still located at the East Iliff Preschool in Denver.
The children were otherwise occupied and blissfully unaware of me taking a photo over the fence!" (14Jun2017)

Martin 404 N255S

Martin 404, tailnumer N255S (c/n 14246), was photographed by Linda Robinson near Paris,Texas in May 2005.
Click on the photo or this link for more details of that visit by Jim and Linda.
A few details from that website, written by Jim, I reproduce herewith-
"That airplane was N255S, a Martin 404, flown for many years by Southern Airways.And I used to fly THAT airplane!
The owner was Isaac Newton (Ike / Junior) Burchinal, a well-known movie pilot. Some of his credits include; “Flight of the Phoenix,” “Twelve O’clock High,” “Catch 22,” “The Great Waldo Pepper,” and “McArthur.” You might remember a scene in the movie “It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad World” in which a Beech 18 flew through a billboard. That was Ike! He also was the pilot for Robert Conrad in the TV series, “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep.”
N255S is a tired old bird and hasn’t been flown in years. She now serves as home to hundreds of smaller birds. But she still has that proud look. With her tail held high and her black nose pointed forward she appears to have the spirit to fly once more but she would need a lot of help. Ike says that for $60,000 she can be yours. Anybody out there interested? "

Here are 3 photos on

N255S by Mike Rosebery Click on the photo for larger sizes of this photo by Mike Rosebery at

Aad van de Voet contributed the following (Oct.2006):
"The Mount Pleasant location (on the website) is a mistake. The photo clearly shows the aircraft at its old location, in the Flying Tigers Air Museum, where it has been since 1991.
The museum is located at the Flying Tigers airfield (coded 39TA, name unrelated to the former airline), just west of Paris,TX along the I-82.
Both the airfield and the museum are owned by Mr. Burchinal, to whom the Martin is also still registered. The museum has no connection to the one with the same name at Kissimmee, FL.
The Martin can be seen in Google Earth at coordinates 33 38 59N 95 39 24W . Or at this Google Maps link "
"Unfortunately the museum is now only a glimpse of its former self. In fact I even doubt if the museum still exists, because Mr. Burchinal's other aircraft haven't been seen there for many years. It would appear only the Martin 404 now remains, and I think its future is very uncertain..."

N255S at Toco, TX by Chuck Koehler (Facebook 2019)
Martin 4-0-4 N255S at Toco,TX by Chuck Koehler (Facebook 10-2019)



Click here Graham Robson offered this off airport item (published with permission): "This On-Mark Marksman N26GT is preserved at South Mountain High School, in southern part of Phoenix,AZ. Donated by Allied Signals (the former Garrett Air Research) after it was replaced by an ageing Boeing 720, as flying engine test-bed.

This marvellous aircraft, one of the very few remaining Marksman C variants (fully pressurised cabin and modified flight-deck incorporating DC-7 windshield) with the 'high cabin' profile was used extensively by Garrett in the development of their highly successful TPE-331 engine, used on the Jetstream 31 and 41 variants, amongst others.

This is possibly the only surviving example of this Marksman variant intact, others that I know of in derelict state are ZS-CVD (fuselage only) in compound at Waterkloof AB, Pretoria stored with the SAAF museum; and N99426, the one time 'Hustler' which was stored at Tamiami,FL. for many years before being badly damaged in a hurricane, which removed its tail feathers. The hulk was then sold to Australia and shipped to Queensland for potential re-build. It never progressed and was eventually returned to the US, by Matt Jackson and is currently still sitting inside the shipping container outside Matt's hangar at California City, Ca. Matt tells me he plans to hang a pair of R-350 engines on her one day and take it to race at Reno....."

A-26 N26GT off-airport in Phoenix,AZ

Update on this Douglas A-26B Invader N26GT (c/n 6934), off-airport (South Mountain High School) in Phoenix,Arizona.
This was published on FB on 11Mar19, it moved to a new location at the same school. This is an 'On Mark Marksman' conversion.
"Much early development of conversions was carried out by Grand Central Aircraft, whose drawings and personnel were taken up by the On Mark Engineering Company of Van Nuys, California from about 1955. By the 1960s, On Mark had obtained an exclusive licence from Douglas Aircraft Company for manufacture and sale of parts for A-26s. The On Mark Executive (1956), the On Mark Marketeer (1957), and the more radical pressurized On Mark Marksman (1961) were products of this effort. [Wikipedia]

Click here Photo: © Sean Keating, 2002.
Boeing C-97G Stratofreighter (tailnumber N227AR, c/n 16795) sits on an estate which used to be a farm north of Dodgeville,WI; the property was bought by Don Quinn in 1964 and he converted the farmhouse & barn into a restaurant and hotel.
The property was sold to Roger Defring (present owner); Dodgeville's Mun'l Airport was built on land adjacent to what is now the Inn, but the airport closed circa 1987. The Strat landed here (when exactly?) and it was towed to the Inn.
This vintage transport was once used as a film prop for a of series perfume adds; and it has Farah Fawcett's autograph on the lower front fuselage...
(Source: North American Survivors, 2005; by Roy Blewitt).

This Stratofreighter was built as KC-97G-28-BO for the USAF (tailnumber 52-2764) and later converted to C-97G; when converted for civilian market it was registered N227AR.

Sean Keating wrote (Mar.2006): Here are a few photos from my trip in July 2002. This plane is a giant pigeons nest, lots of them especially in the tail… you will note that the plane is nearly complete inside, just as it left the USAF! And it smells just like an old propliner: avgas and mold..!!!

Click here | Click here | Click here | Click here

Sean digged a little deeper an dalso provided the following link: Dodgeville Municipal Airport (55C), Dodgeville, WI (scroll down). It has the following info:
The most remarkable aspect of the Dodgeville Airport is its resident Boeing C-97G, which serves as a static display at the Don Q Inn which sits adjacent to the south side of the airport.
Dodgeville's C-97G was built in 1952, and it has logged a total of 10,068 hours of flight. This particular C-97G was used to film two commercials for the Mercury Cougar in 1975 and Farrah Fawcett's autograph appears on the lower fuselage.
It was purchased in 1977 from a bankrupt company in Long Beach,CA. Registered as N227AR, the C-97G was flown into the comparatively tiny 2,800' runway at Dodgeville in 1977. Each main landing gear was three feet outside the edge of the runway, creating a large cloud of dust...
Upon touchdown, the plane was put into reverse thrust and the brakes applied to maximum, stopping the C-97G just in the nick of time.
According to Dick Phillips (retired Northwest Airlines), "The C-97G was flown into the field by Dick Schmidt. He was an Air Force Reserve C-97 pilot and a Captain for Air Wisconsin. I knew him quite well when I worked for Air Wisconsin back in the 1960s & 1970s."
Ron Plante recalled, "I first saw the plane back in 1986-87. I'm certain the airport was open at that time."
Dodgeville was still listed as an active airport in the 1987 Flight Guide (according to Chris Kennedy). The Dodgeville Airport apparently closed (for reasons unknown) at some point between 1987-98, as it was no longer depicted at all (not even as an abandoned airfield) on the 1998 World Aeronautical Chart.

Sean also provided the following photos from his 1999 visit: Click here
Click here | Click here | Click here | Click here

Sean also wrote this at the time (1999): "Dodgeville, Wisconsin is a very scenic land with lush green meadows and a Boeing C-97G parked outside a hotel. The fantasy-suite Don Q Inn is the final resting place for 52-2764 (N227AR) which has an interesting post USAF history.
Withdrawn from use by the California ANG and interned at MASDC by 1971, it was sold along with 3 other C-97’s and four C-133’s to the Long Beach,CA based Foundation for Airborne Relief. It was used for the filming of two Mercury (Ford) Cougar car commercials (see nose art) in 1975, featuring Farrah Faucett (of Charlie's Angels fame) whose painted autograph is still applied to the fuselage. Purchased in 1977 from the by then bankrupt FAR the Strat was flown by pilot Bill Schmidt from Long Beach, arriving at the 2.800ft Dodgeville airstrip on 16th October 1977 with 10,068 hours on the clock.
The strip was next to the Inn and six feet narrower than the wheel track of a C-97, creating a large dust storm on touchdown. This airstrip has since been developed over, giving the aircraft no easy exit but there are no plans to remove this large billboard in the future. Though stored for many years the interior and cockpit remain well preserved creating somewhat of a time capsule." Sean observed that the autograph may be false at it is incorrectly spelled as Faucett.

N227AR at Long Beach,CA 1971
N227AR on - March 2005

On 30Apr2017 I still found it in place on Google Earth (map dated from 2013):
C-97 N227AR at Don Q in Wisconsin
N 42° 59.537 W 090° 08.424
15T E 733117 N 4763925 - In the front lawn of the Don Q Inn in Dodgeville,Wisconsin.


C-97 N227AR at Dodgeville,WI
An update, May 2017 - though I could not tell what date this item was added on atlasobscura...
Source: which also had following text:
"C-97 Stratofreighter @the Don Q Inn. One of the last surviving C-97s sits in a field in front of a Wisconsin inn.
One of only a couple dozen surviving C-97 Stratofreighters, this plane’s fate saw it flown into the now-closed Dodgeville Municipal Airport in Wisconsin and subsequently’s towed to the Don Q Inn, where it now sits in a field.
The original plan for the military transport aircraft, which never took shape, was to open it as a coffee shop.
Since then it has often been used for filming commercials and the fuselage was once signed by actrice Farrah Fawcett! The C-97 was developed by Boeing towards the end of World War II, based on the B-29 bomber. The first Stratofreighter flew on 08Jul1947 and the aircraft type was used during the Berlin Airlift and Korea War.
Only 56 were ever built. Sadly, this C-97 has been neglected and is looking rather shabby.
But there are stairs up to an open door and it can be viewed free of charge!
If you plan to visit, consider staying at the Don Q, as it is a rather unique hotel in its own right."

UPDATE Sep.2015: Rumored going to be dismantled for Museum of Flight in Seattle! Update welcomed EMAIL

C-97 at Colorado restaurant This Boeing Stratofreighter adorns Solo's Restaurant in Colorado Springs (CO), near the Radisson Hotel.

53-0283 was built as a KC-97G, later converted to KC-97L.
It was put on display at NAS JRB Forth Worth,TX. It was bought by a private party in Dec. 2001 and trucked to Colorado Springs,CO and used for a restaurant (from Joe Baugher's website.

Renamed 'The Airplane Restaurant'.

Nigel Aylmer sent me this photo in Sep.2006 and wrote: "I have attached a picture of (N9561) UC-45J, taken at the Hawaiian Falls Putting Course at Downtown, Daytona Beach, FL.
Photo was taken on the 27Aug06, for your off airport page."
Many thanks!
Volcano Explorer N9561 This is, according to my records, c/n 456.
FAA's online database shows it was once registered to Steve Detch Vintage Aircraft Inc (Woodstock,GA; Certificate issued 25Feb97) and as N9561 deregistered on 19Apr2000: "destroyed"); its serial on this website is quoted as 67305,no doubt from its military days.
I would welcome more details on its history.
The photo shows it wearing titles "Volcano Explorer".

Per Schmidt relayed the following info from Bob Parmerter (writer of the book on the Beech 18):
Beech c/n 456: AT-7 41-1164 USAAC del Barksdale Navig Train School, LA 30Apr41.
To 341 School Sqdn Mather. Accident 30Mar43 10 mi SW of Mather when emergency landing due to inflight fire.
RFC 16Jan46.
To US Navy Alameda 9Feb46 as SNB-2 Navigator, BuNo 67305.
Remanufactured by Beech to SNB-5 same BuNo 67305 (new c/n N720) del 26Apr51.
Redesignated TC-45J 18Sep & then UC-45J 14Oct64. Transfer to Atlanta Area Tech School, GA 8May69.
Registered as C18S N9561 in 1974 marked “AAT Avn”.
To Steve Detch/Vintage Aircraft Inc, Woodstock, GA reg’d 25Feb97 (stored there '97-'98 with engines, tail & outer wings off).
Reg canx 19Apr00.
To Hawaiian Falls Miniature Golf, Daytona Beach, FL (displayed on poles and marked “Volcano Explorer”) by Jun02.
Bob Parmerter

Of the SNB-2 Navigator 240 airframes were built between 1942-1943, while 117 more were acquired by the US Navy during 1945-1946, for a total of 357.

Phil Rademacher sent me this image in April 2012; he wrote:"Here is a new picture I took of Beechcraft UC-45J (C18S) N9561 at the Hawaiian Falls Minigolf Course in Daytona Beach on 25Mar2012; it is still there but received a new paint."
Beech at Daytona Beach

This Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon (tailnumber N72707, c/n 15-1458) can be found preserved at the entrance of the "Mayday mini-golfcourse" on the north side of town in North Myrtle Beach,SC since Dec98.

The garish yellow colour scheme with "Air Tropic, Island Charters"-titles is a pityful makeover by this golfcourse for this once proud transport.

Read more on its history on my page US Eastcoast 2005

PV-2 Harpoon at Branson
'scfan' came across a P-51 and a PV-2 Harpoon on the "main drag" in Branson, Missouri. He posted both pictures on the Warbird Information Exchange (WIX) forum. This was in july 2009.
The identity is still under discussion, a clue could be the fact that it was reported here in Branson by Dec07.

A photo was published on Facebook (02Aug15), taken that day "driving down Country Road 76", showing that same Harpoon. That vertical red stripe on the tailfin was gone, and the cheatline was one simple line. One of the reactions was a quote: "The Lockheed PV-1, N7269C ex-USN BuNo 37502 displayed on Rte 76 in Branson was destroyed by a typhoon in Feb 2012 & later scrapped, according to Andy Marden’s book, 'USA Military Out of Service, 2013/2014'."
In Feb.2018 I read the following post on Facebook: "The loadstar was torn into pieces years ago by a tornado. They pieced it back together and put it back on its pole."

Since N72707 is still in place in Myrtle Beach, these are different airframes.

On 02Mar2012 I received news, from Brian Maddison, that the PV-2 at Branson,MO had completely been destroyed by Tornado activity. A nearby P-51 Mustang (replica) suffered a similar fate, of which I did find an image (screendump from, photo by Cliff Sain):
P-51 Branson 2012 Tornado Damage by Cliff Sain


Pembroke Mk 51 s/n K66-4002 is on display at Taylor's Stateline Liquor Store in Neelyville, MO
Percival Pembroke Mk.51 s/n K66-4002 is on display at Taylor's Stateline Liquor Store in Neelyville,MO.
On the Arkansas/Missouri, off US Route 67. On the Arkansas/Missouri, off US Route 67
Did not find it on Prince census (May 2019)

Certainly not a 'Propliner' but fun to add anyway... I don't know what it is supposed to resemble, been fixed rather rudely, but the effort warrants a report here!

Unidentified 'plane' at Collegeville
'Pete' sent me this in Feb2011, and included the following information:
"This is located at the Collegeville Pit Stop, Mini Golf, Go Carts and Arcade. Located at 3960 Germantown Pike, Collegeville, PA 19426" in Pennsylvania


Jeff Leknes‎ shared this photo in May 2019; a Grumman S-2 Tracker at the Pennsylvania Academy
of Fine Arts in Philadelphia,PA.
S-2 Tracker simulated crash at PAFA Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia
Whether this is art or not is debatable (any art is probably), but it isn't easy on the eye, that's for sure!
This is Grumman S-2A Tracker N436DF / Tanker 100 (c/n 445). It was for sale on eBay in June 2007, location
Mather airfield in California. See some 2008 photos at Mather on my Photos by Friends & Guests #13.


Aidan Curley wrote me 27Oct22 and he included C-47 (C-117?) photos: 'I came across this place by accident having just left the Victorville airport on 22Sept22; the airframes are easily visible on the right side of the road after a few minutes travelling south on Hwy 395.'

C-47s @HD Trailers LLC, 13926 Hwy 395, Victorville,CA.
More on what Aidan wrote and photographed here, see Photo by Friends & Guests #65

An article on made note of a Convair T-29 "Flying Classroom" converted into a hot dog stand at Tulare,California.
Since it featured in a 2006 tv program I may assume it is still current Mar.2006, though the article seems to date from Aug.2003.
"...look for the 79-foot-long fuselage of a Convair T-29A with a white top and polished bare metal bottom. Aero Dogs is located inside a T-29A Flying Classroom, one of 46 manufactured by Convair in 1950-'51 to train USAF navigators.
Schoenau and his partner Don LeBaron acquired the T-29, minus wings, engines and gear, from Mark Thomson's aircraft scrapyard in El Mirage,CA. in September 2001. They trailered it across the Tehachapi Mountains and up Highway 99 to Tulare, then spent nearly two years converting it into a restaurant. It is located in downtown Tulare.

Thanks to Andy Martin for this contribution.
Graham Robson offered: "this must be the former T-29A 50-0193/N1184G that languished at VNY for years. The fuselage remained complete at Adelanto all those years but was not there in April last year - that I could see anyway."

Sean Keating visited the site in Tulare,CA and shared this update with me:
T-29 'Flying Taco' in Tulare,CA - by Sean Keating
Sean: "Today (22Jan20) I visited Tulare,CA to confirm the existence of the Aero Dog T-29 as most websites show it as permanently closed. Well, the airplane still exists and the restaurant is now reborn as 'Flying Tacos'!
Jose Luis, owner of local restaurant 'Taco Riendo', has leased the property and nearly 3 months ago opened for business with a new theme and name. I arrived as they were setting up for business so was unable to partake in
any dining but was allowed to view the Convair T-29 and adjacent building to take photos.
At some time the paint has been changed by the addition of a red stripe."

T-29 'Flying Taco' in Tulare,CA - by Sean Keating

T-29 'Flying Taco' in Tulare,CA - by Sean Keating

T-29 'Flying Taco' in Tulare,CA - by Sean Keating

T-29 'Flying Taco' in Tulare,CA - by Sean Keating

T-29 'Flying Taco' in Tulare,CA - by Sean Keating



LAX Proud Bird Restaurant
The C-45 & C-47 at Proud Bird Restaurant at LAX airport - resp. DC-3 N19915 (2015),
Beech C18S N81GB (2013). And the Proud Bird Restaurant aerial (above, large) in 2014 -
the restaurant is located underneath the final approach path to LAX runway 25L.

See my photos of my 2018 visit: California 2018 (page 2)


Beech decorating a brothel Andreas sent me this photo in Oct.2006, he wrote:
"This old Beech N6065V serves as a gate guard to a brothel in Beatty, NV. At the north end of Beatty there is a road branching off Highway 95, heading west.
Next to the road this wreck survives (at least current March 2005).
More pics can be found at:
Update 2013: The brothel is now out of business.

Other photos of the hulk (and some scuttlebutt on the crash): "

Bob Parmerter had the following info to offer:
"It is C-45G AF-206 ex 51-11649. Besides the obvious interesting aspects to its crash landing there is this story from the Twin Beech Bulletin Sept 1998 as told by Russ Sharpe to me":
"Russ Sharpe, Oakdale,CA is restoring TC-45G, ex N7212C (see PHOTO at Photos by Friends & Guests p39, 1980), AF-75 and had trouble locating a low pressure electric fuel booster pump to install in the wing of his 18. He looked, he called, he put the word out, all with no results.
Finally he resorted to locating derelict C-45’s in hopes of finding the elusive part. Friend Bruce Boese knew of a interesting possibility and so they set out in Bruce’s D18S, N649B for Beatty, Nevada where C-45G, N6065V sat on its belly alongside U.S. Route 95 earning its keep by attracting customers to a nearby legalized brothel. On May 28, 1977, it had been dropping jumpers at a meet at the brothel when it was damaged beyond repair in a landing accident.
Twenty-one years ago the aviation insurance company had taken the engines and instruments but Russ was hopeful that a small pump might still be hidden inside of a wing. He secured permission at the establishment to investigate and began to burrow his way into the sand in order to get access to the appropriate inspection panel on the underside of a wing. With Bruce fighting off the sagebrush and passing the tools, Russ was finally able to detach the pumps from inside each wing. The cost? Twenty dollars and a day’s scenic trip into the desert."

Paul Filmer came across this wreck too (14Mar2013)

Beech C-45G N6065V on I-95 N Nevada
X marks the spot (screendump Google Maps 07Jan2014):
Location of derelict Beech C-45 in Nevada

In april 2017 I stumbled on a link that provided a little more background on this fascinating aircraft (cannot vouch for the truth, though) -
"In 1978, Fran, the owner of Fran’s Star Ranch & Brothel in Beatty,NV sent letters to pilots and jumpers across the west announcing that she was going to put a mattress in the center of a large star painted in the parking lot and any jumper who could hit the mattress would win a free night with a lady of his choice!
On the day of the event, Fran’s ladies were lined up along the runway waving like beacons dressed in spiked heels, fish-net stockings, G-strings, black lace bras, rhinestone chokers, and long capes blowing in the strong wind.
The sky was crowded that afternoon as Buster, along with 7 passengers, all ready to party, banked his twin Beech D-18 in a circle around the field, adjusted his throttle, trimmed his propellers, lowered his landing gear, put his flaps down, and began his final descent...

The twin Beech is a notoriously complicated aircraft to fly, especially so when landing in a crosswind. Buster would have noticed this if he’d been watching the wind sock. Instead he was gawking at the ladies, his attention only forced back to the runway at touchdown when the crosswind started to weathercock the plane around.
He reduced power on his down wind engine, frantically trying to regain control of the aircraft when he realized that he’d forgotten to lock his tail wheel down. The landing gear crumpled and the plane spun like a dust devil toward the edge of the runway, clipped a high line post, and settled in the sage as the ladies watched on...

Even though the Beech was a total loss, the passengers survived.
A couple of weeks later, Buster returned to salvage the engines and other valuable parts. Fran, who had noticed increased traffic, decided that a crashed plane was good for business and agreed to leave the stripped fuselage where it landed.
In 1997, she sold the brothel to Mack and Angel Moore.

Former owners of a chain of funeral homes and active Christians, Mack and Angel see the brothel as a way to help ease suffering.
Dave, a long haul trucker and one of the rare customers willing to talk, said,"It’s a lonely life out here on the road and you need to find a place where you feel welcome".
Just after Mack and Angel bought the place, they changed the name to Angel’s Ladies Brothel but they kept the plane which has become a landmark along highway 95."
(Seems the above was posted in 2006)

Ed Stewart travelled that I-95 in April 2016 and shared a few images of this Beech 18 in its present state; with his permission I share two images here:
Beech 18 at Angel's Ladies Brothel, by Ed Stewart (2016)

Beech 18 at Angel's Ladies Brothel, by Ed Stewart (2016)


This is one for the history, when gasstations had many a warbird on display to attract attraction!
Boeing Flying Fortress B-17G 44-85790
B-17 Lacey Lady
For more than 6 decades, the B-17 Lacey Lady was an icon of Milwaukie, Oregon, just a few miles south of Portland. Not only did the airplane 'fly' above McLoughlin Blvd, it became an instantly recognizable part of the community.
From the website:

B-17 Lacey Lady for preservation
A story worth reading:

"When you visit the Lacey Lady’s restoration hangar at McNary Field, you’ll be able to view this massive aircraft up close. The Lacey Lady may have a long road ahead to full restoration, but one look and we think you’ll understand why this aircraft was nicknamed the “Flying Fortress.”

The Foundation is doing much more than restoring the Lacey Lady. We are also building a destination museum to preserve the history of World War II and document the sacrifices the 'Greatest Generation' made to bring us to victory.
We have spent years collecting and cataloging hundreds of war-era memorabilia for display. The result is a collection you won’t find anywhere else. And thanks to the generosity of World War II veterans and their families, our collection continues to grow."





Some of these vintage airliners end up in the most amazing places! Like HS.748 C-GGNZ with Tactik Paintball in Ottawa ...
TACTIK PAINTBALL - 1840, Boulevard Maloney Gatineau, QUE J8R 3Z4

Hawker HS.748-272-Series 2A C-GGNZ (c/n 1690/172) has as a previous identity ZS-SBU, flying for Sud Afrikaans Lugdienst (SAA), went to Canada, for Austin A/W (becoming C-GGNZ), after which it served with Air Ontario/Air Canada Connector, Air Creebec and lastly for First Air.
See a may 2016 photo HERE ( - Ian Ellington)

On my Photos by Friends & Guests (28) is a photo by Ernie Szelepcsenyi, taken in 2010 while flying overhead!


C-FQVE Sean Keating sent me these photos in August 2006; he quoted a message by someone who had passed it on-
"I managed to acquire an HS 748, that was retired from duty last year in Saskatoon. I towed it to my acreage and am restoring it the best I can - for a giant playhouse for me and my two young boys!"
Cory Rousell

C-FQVE Hs.748 Srs 2B c/n 1792
Read more about TRANSPORT


Ernie Szelepcsenyi "...took his Piper Archer up a couple of weeks ago and ended up over top of Ed's Salvage Yard
outside of Ottawa, near Arnprior, Ontario, where the two ex First Air HS.748s are."
Two HS.748s at Ed's Salavage near Arnprior - by Ernie Szelepcsenyi
Ernie: "Nothing new to report except that they are both still there!" (Ernie's email dates from 13Nov20).

Two HS.748s at Ed's Salavage near Arnprior - by Ernie Szelepcsenyi
Ernie sent me also aerials in 2017: Photos by Friends & Guests #28
He sent those images to update my visit (on the ground) to Ed's Salvage Yard, see My visit 2009


CF-WUH in a pond... Beech Expeditor 3NM (Beech 18), CF-WUH (cn A-872 / CA-222)
Photo by Alain Rioux, click on the thumbnail for a larger image at
Alan wrote: "No, this is not a river or a lake but it is a pond. This Beech is now a large roadside attraction on the Trans Canada Highway in the small town of Ignace. It does not carry a registration."
Photo dates from 12Jul06.
Alan has quite a selection on, check it out.
Aad van der Voet added that this Beech has been here on display since 1994.

I was confused by the double construction numbers, Jeff Rankin-Lowe came to the rescue:
"The planned production run was initially assigned A-seires c/n's, then when they were ordered by Canada, they received CA-series c/n's. The two blocks jump around and there's no direct tie-ups between them. None of the many RCAF documents and aircraft record cards that I've seen mention the A-series c/n's, but most Beech and specifically Beech 18 enthusiasts tend to prefer using the A-series, while those who track RCAF aircraft use the CA-series and make reference to the A-series...."
"They were from a batch of 1035 Model D18S aircraft with c/n's A-1 to A-1035. Here's a handy-dandy Buck Rogers decoder ring" :
CA-1 to CA-100 = A-601 to A700
CA-101 = A701
CA-102 to CA-115 = A702 to A-715
CA-116 to CA-135 = A-716 to A-735
CA-136 to CA-155 = A-736 to A-755
CA-156 to CA-166 = A-756 to A-766
CA-167 to CA-175 = A-770 to A-778
CA-176 to CA-178 = A-767 to A-769
CA-179 = A-780
CA-180 = A-782
CA-181 = A-784
CA-182 = A-786
CA-183 = A-788
CA-184 to CA-194 = A-790 to A-800
CA-195 = A-779
CA-196 = A-781
CA-197 = A-783
CA-198 = A-785
CA-199 = A-787
CA-200 = A-789
CA-201 to CA-280 = A-851 to A-930
CA-281 = A-931
"Note that they are grouped into these blocks because of the subtype (e.g. Expeditor 3N, 3TM, 3NM, etc), which especially affects CA-1 to CA-166 (A-601 to A-766) not being shown here as a single block.
I put them in their CA-series order since that was a continuous run from CA-1 to CA-281. There are gaps in the A-series."
Thanks Jeff !

I visited this spot myself, in Oct.2007: see my page on Ignace 2007

Click here for link to Alain Rioux found this off-airport Beech 18 at the Ear Falls District Museum (Ontario,Canada) and displayed it on; click the image for a link to a larger image on Here is what he wrote:
"CF-EAR is preserved on the grounds of the Ear Falls District Museum. This aircraft is in a very rough shape as can be seen by looking at its right rudder and the ripped off elevator. The a/c sports a Canadian Aws decal but I don't believe the airline ever flew this aircraft type (but used the Lockheed 10A years earlier)."

When I dould not find the construction number, Aad van der Voet came to the rescue:
"CF-EAR is a fake registration, taken from its location in the Ear Falls District...

"CF-EAR" by Alain Rioux

Alain added: "I do not believe the museum is still in operation."

It is in fact former CF-ZQG, a Beech Expeditor 3TM c/n A-725 (CA-125), which previously served with the Canadian Armed Forces as 1525 and later as 5184. It is at its present location since about the mid 1980's."

Jeff Rankin-Lowe added:
"There's been a lot of published confusion about this aircraft, with some people claiming the one at Ear Falls is really CA-128, initially serialled as 1528 and later as 5185. That is the one preserved at Stephenson Park on CFB Winnipeg outside the Canadian Forces Air Navigation School, along with a CC-129 Dakota, 12949 (ex-KJ965, c/n 26248 [14803]), and a Mitchell 3PT, 5203 (ex/44-86724, c/n 108-47446).

Bob Parmerter added to this:
Interestingly, a US registered 18 has 'borrowed' the CA-128 identity in order to avoid certification problems—Model 3Ts are very difficult to certify in US since they was remanufactured by MacDonald Bros in Canada as a military aircraft.
Page 192 of the Beech 18 Book notes that a 3T model c/n 5988 was "CF-SIJ ex HB139 'The Cargoliner' flew for Millardair from 1969 to 1992, when it was classified a candidate for the U.S. Register, as N40JT c/n 5988. However, in April 1993, the c/n was 'corrected' in FAA files to CA-128, which actually belonged to model 3TM (no certification problems) CF-ZQE, reportedly on display at the Winnipeg Canadian Forces Base, Heritage Park. The new N40JT, now reported as a model 3TM, was seen in 1997 at Key West, FL, still in its Millardair 'The Cargoliner' paint scheme."

In 2007 I came across CF-EAR at Ear Falls myself, CLICK HERE...

CF-DRD at Red Lake by Alain Rioux Alain Rioux photographed this Noorduyn Norseman CF-DRD at Red Lake on 10Jul06 and published it on
Red Lake, Ontario seems to have an annual gathering of these impressive vintage floatplanes:
Through the website of the Red Lake Museum I stumbled upon their Aviation Photo Archive, something to explore further...



Plane made into weathervane landmark beside Saskatchewan highway
Republic RC-3 Seabee C-FISH, became a weathervane in Saskatchewan (2021)
Republic RC-3 Seabee C-FISH, became a weathervane in Saskatchewan (2021)

'A 1947 RC-3 Seabee has been made into a landmark about eight kilometres west of Prince Albert off Hwy 3.
It’s a small plane spinning up in the air beside a Saskatchewan highway.
Local businessman and pilot Doug Sand said he’s been flying for three decades and jumped at the opportunity when the idea landed.
"I know the gentleman that owned it. And it has been sitting for 15 years, maybe 20 years and hasn’t flown … and he said he was done flying and he wanted to sell his aircraft and I said, ‘do you still have that old Sea Bee?’ and he said, ‘Yes, I do.’ Well, that got my interest up and the next thing you know, I owned it."
Around Christmas, Sand had the retired aircraft loaded onto a semi and hauled from Mont Nebo, about 70 km west of Prince Albert.
"We took the engine out, put an electric motor in to turn the prop, re-did the wiring, so we got the lights working, made a pivot, so it weathervanes, mounted it up on top of the big tank and built a big tripod on the tank.
Somebody else suggested, ‘let’s make the lights work’ and around, around it went and we got mannequins inside it. So there’s pilot and copilot, we painted the former owner’s name, which was Wayne Saam on the one door and Lorraine Saam on the other door and that was wonderful."
"A local crane operator here, he came with a beautiful crane and he helped us put it up and I had lots of help and he donated his crane, which would cost me thousands and it was lots of people dug in to help and it was great."
Sand said it took 12 days of work before it was hoisted into the air on 15Jan21.'
[ - By Thomas Piller / Jan. 27, 2021]

Republic RC-3 Seabee C-FISH, became a weathervane in Saskatchewan (2021) serials
I have not been able to find the construction number, C-FISH shows a Murphy Moose as registered aircraft.

Republic RC-3 Seabee C-FISH, became a weathervane in Saskatchewan (2021)

'The Republic RC-3 Seabee is an all-metal amphibious sports aircraft designed by Percival Spencer and manufactured by the Republic Aircraft Corporation.
In April 1943 the designer Percival Hopkins Spencer, an aviation pioneer, left Republic Aircraft to join the Mills Novelty Company of Chicago, Illinois who wanted to use his Air Car to promote their company.
Spencer used the company's wood forming equipment to build a new egg-shaped cabin for the Air Car and began demonstrating the aircraft to his former employers, Republic Aircraft.
Seeing the potential of the Air Car as the perfect sports plane for pilots returning from the war, Republic purchased the rights to the Air Car in December 1943 and immediately began development of an all-metal version designated the Model RC-1 Thunderbolt Amphibian. On 30Nov1944 the first RC-1 Thunderbolt Amphibian, registered NX41816, made its first flight with Spencer at the controls.

By the end of 1944 Republic had received 1,972 civilian orders for the $3,500 airplane. The aircraft was also demonstrated to the U.S. Navy and Army Air Corps. Both services were impressed with the design and on February 19, 1945 the Navy granted Republic Aviation the rights to use the name Seabee for the civilian version. The Army placed a large order for the aircraft, to be used for air-sea rescue operations under the designation OA-15.
Military operators included the Israeli Air Force, Paraguayan Navy, the United States Army Air Forces and Republic of Vietnam Air Force.

Seabees became popular in Canada and the US and were also well-suited for operation in countries with long coastlines, many islands and lakes and large areas of wilderness. By the time production ended, 108 Seabees had been exported to several countries.
From the late 1940s and into the 1950s, the Seabee was a popular bush plane and air ambulance in Canada, Norway, Sweden and the USA.
In 2006, over 250 Seabees are still registered and flying, a number that is increasing yearly as new aircraft are assembled from parts and wrecks. A few Seabees are still operating commercially as bush planes and air taxis.'

So in 2021 C-FISH continues to fly, abeit piloted by dummies..

I contacted Steinar Saevdal of for I could not identify 'C-FISH'.
He wrote "I believe this could be c/n 570, C-FECW" and provided a link to his excellent website for
CF-ECW, Larry Milberry photo (c)
Seabee CF-ECW, photo by Larry Milberry (©) is the best source of Seabee individual histories, similar designs and various aircraft in Norway.
History of Seabee CF-ECW by

Steinar provided another link for another photo ( - -landmark/)

Seabee roadsign & landmark Saskatchewan

A Prince Albert area pilot has just bought his thirteenth aircraft, but he has no plans to fly it...
Instead, the 2,000-pound plane will be hoisted 30 to 40 feet in the air and mounted on a pole overlooking Highway 3, in front of father and son, Walter and Doug Sand’s business, Sands Drag Hose Systems.
“It’ll make a really good landmark,” Doug Sand told paNOW. “Somebody says ‘how do I find your shop?’ ‘Well, drive down the highway until you see an airplane.”
¬By Alison Sandstrom, Dec 29, 2020 5:57 PM.

Seabee C-FECW on transport
Seabee C-FECW (c/n 570) on transport.


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