Vintage Transports, photos provided by Friends & Guests



On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and probably wouldn't find their way to Online use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, subject permission of the sender, I would like to publish them on this page.

John Lozon sent me these remarkable photos of a Lockheed C-121J Constellation "preserved on ice"...
On 08Oct70 C-121J tailnumber 131644 (c/n 4145) suffered an accident on Williams Field, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica. It has remained there ever since.
I don't know who took these photo, as they were passed on to me without info on this, but I would be happy to credit the photographer(s) if they make themselve(s) known with convincing details. Nor do I have any details on when these photos were taken.
131644 Frozen Connie
131644 VXE-6
Close up tailsection
C-121 Pegasus
Here are two more links with photos:
John Weaver on and

bart Nopper's DC-3 Bart Nopper acquired this front section of an unidentified DC-3 and he intends to restore it. He could use some help in his quest for its identity and finding parts to complete this mission-of-restoration!
He lives in the Netherlands but calls on help all over the globe.
Bart wrote: "the seller of this nosesection had bought half of a fuselage a while back in Germany (the fuselage had been cut over its length) and I bought that too, to fit on this nosesection; bought this in Austria. This is part of Richard Simms' DC-3.Bart Noppers' DC-3
Also bought a selection of parts from Aces High, from that fuselage they had been using for A Band of Brothers."

This DC-3 could have been bought by Pall Mall Clothing (from Basler?) and brought to Holland to decorate one of their shops; help to identify this DC-3/C-47 would be welcomed.

Instrument panel
Instrument panel
Rear of frontsection

CF-QHY John Olafson made a visit to Selkirk, Manitoba (Canada) and found this Douglas DC-3 CF-QHY, apparently sitting idle.
I was in the understanding it was still flying for Plummer's Lodge, but this seems to have ceased.
John wrote: "This DC-3 has not flown for a while. I think it did some supply missions during the winter a couple of years ago in Nunavut."
Selkirk Air is based here, but only operates single-engined aircraft.

CF-QHY by John Olafson Another photo by John Olafson of CF-QHY. The construction number of this Douglas C-47B is 14560, reserialled by Douglas after duplications to c/n 26005.

Some historic details: delivered as 43-48744 on 16Sep44 to the US Army Air Force (later: USAF), but quickly transferred to 977 RCAF Dakota 4ST 21Sep44.
There is a gap in the history available to this aircraft; in May 1961 it was reported as operating for Canadian Joint Staff in Washington,DC (as 975). It also operated for the Canadian Armed Forces as 12958, until it was bought and registered to one M.Carter (of Hay River,NWT) in June 1970 as CF-QHY.
On 14Aug72 it was registered to Northwest Territorial Airways. Did Mr Carter have anything to do with this airline? Because as C-FQHY it was again registered to M.Carter of Hay River.
Small detail on CF-QHY
Next was Sioux Narrows A/W Ltd of Winnipeg, Manitoba, registering ownership on 08Feb79. And Contact A/W Ltd of Ft. McMurray (Alberta) operated it from April 1980. Maybe this was a lease because Sioux Narrows A/W Ltd was registered again as owner in March 1981; this company operated C-FQHY probably well into the 1990s (by then maybe solely for Plummer's Lodges). It seems it had also participated in the DC-3 rally at Expo 86 in Vancouver, see detail photo.
It was reported present at Yellowknife 26Jun98. Until that time it was probably operated by Sioux Narrows for Plummer's Lodges (Great Bear Lake), but from 1993 there may have been a period it was leased to Point's North. In Sep06 I found it still registered (on Transport Canada's Register) to Sioux Narrows Ltd (since 28Jun94). CF-QHY, named Tree River?
The aircraft is still named Tree River: "Over the past 50 years, the Plummer's family has developed the finest lodges in the best locations on Great Slave Lake, Great Bear Lake and the Tree River".
Founder of Sioux Narrows A/W, Warren C.Plummer, passed away in March 2004.
A few photos of this company can be found on

In Sep.2006 I received confirmation from Sioux Narrows Aws / Plummers Lodges that CF-QHY was still owned by them, however " operate the piston DC-3 for our short summer operation in the Arctic is difficult and we have converted our two DHC-3 Otters to turbines over the last two years and have been operating with them instead of the DC-3, to see how it would work out."

Follow CF-QHY to the next owner and see my report on a 2007 visit to Gimli,Manotoba.

My Photos by Friends & Guests #58 has it at Basler Turbo Conversions plant at Oshkosh,WI.

C-FSAP by J.Olafson John Olafson sent me these photos of Noorduyn Norseman Mk.VI C-FSAP (c/n 231), taken at Selkirk,Man. during the summer of 2006.
The Noorduyn Norseman was designed by Robert B.C. Noorduyn, of Dutch ancestry; it was produced from 1935 to 1959, originally by Noorduyn Aircraft Ltd. and later by the Canadian Car & Foundry Company. A total of 903 Norsemen were produced, and many are still (or could be) in active service. The Norseman was the plane that Glenn Miller was flying in when it disappeared somewhere over the English Channel... More on
C-FSAP close up
Here it is seen decorated with Lynn Lake Air Service-titles; anno Sep.2006 it is registered with Transport Canada for Nueltin Lake Air Service of Lynn Lake,Manitoba (since 07Dec94). I would welcome more details on the individual history of this aircraft: exactly when was it manufactured and operated by whom & when?

CF-LZO by John Olafson This is another Noorduyn Norseman, again taken by John at Selkirk. It concerns CF-LZO, a model UC64A with c/n 535.
Transport Canada's website (Sep.2006) stated the owner to be Stoneboat Aviation 2000 Ltd of Keewatin,Ontario (last Certificate of Registration issued 19Mar04) and based in Kenora,Ontario.
CF-LZO in close upIt was manufactured in 1944.

It wears a badge of Wrong Lake Airways: a previous owner?

I came across CF-LZO myself, at Selkirk 28Sep07.

A nice website for the Noorduyn Norseman is; this festival is at Red Lake, which is a small gold mining community in Northwestern Ontario.

C-GPHI About DHC-2 C-GPHI (c/n 838, registered Enterlake Air Service, Selkirk 24Apr02) John writes:
"A shot of the Long Nosed Beaver on the water. Note that Selkirk floatplane base is just like Vancouver-South for the sun always being in the wrong place for shooting... It is challenging to get good shots there in the day time!"


C-GFIQ C-GFIQ is DHC-2 Mk.1 c/n 632 and is also owned by Enterlake Air Services (reg'd 05Jul88); it sits in storage here and hopes for better days to return...

C-GPVC There is a lot in store here at Selkirk, or in storage to be precise...
A details is shown of C-GPVC, DHC-2 c/n 290 and also owned by Enterlake Air Services (since 31Mar95).


Norseman CF-DRE John Olafson kindly sent me this photo and information (Sep.2006):
"Here is a photo I took in May of a beautifully restored and airworthy Norseman, CF-DRE at the British Columbia Aviation Museum in Victoria.
Fortunately, just before I arrived, they moved out their Chipmunk which left the Norseman beautifully positioned for photographing!
My feeling is that the Norseman is a beautiful aircraft, but I think it looks kind of awkward and ungainly when you see it on wheels...
It looks perfect when on floats though."
This is Norseman Mk.VI c/n 131, manufactured in 1943 and registered to the museum since 14Jul03 (according to Transport Canada's referential website).

"Here is a link to the restoration of Norseman CF-DRE.
I remember being there when they were putting the fabric on the wings. There were several ladies working tirelessly on sewing the fabric. They did a very nice job don’t you think?"

Here are a few Norseman websites:

DC-5 Tom Beudeker sent me these photos, he had found them in his father's collection. The photos were taken at Hato Airfield at Curacao, during World War 2.
The aircraft on the left is the rare Douglas DC-5. Taken in 1940.
For another DC-5 photo see the one Jan Spanjaard sent me.

Below (right) a photo of maintenance on a L.Constellation engine; see also here.

KLM hangar Curacao, used as restaurant
PH-LKD "Ion" Tom also sent these; he wrote: "The Connie tails were taken at the airport of San José, Costa Rica. Under a magnifying glass I could read a sign that says "Aeroporto El Coco".
On the left is KLM's PH-LKD L.1049E c/n 4560 "Ion" (later converted to L.1049G, scrapped at Schiphol-East 25Jun63)..
Before WW2 my father worked in the Merchant Navy; during the War he sailed on on tankers between Maracaibo and Curacao. The first 2 photos were probably made around that time.
After World War Two my father became a Flight Engineer with KLM and he has flown on Lockheed Constellations from 1948 until 1964."
PH-LKLPH-LKL is L.1049H c/n 4840.
KLM named it Desidirius Erasmus.
Later it flew for World Airways,
Flying Tiger Line, Murphree Air Int'l
North Slope Supply Co and Unum Inc.
Tailnumber was N45516.
Last owner was Aircraft Specialities.
It crashed in 1975, in Arizona, details very well
described on:,
read about the Lockheed Super Connie's sad fate...
Unidentified Constellation in flight

HB-IBA by T.Goodrich Alfie Goodrich sent me this photo in, taken by his father Terence Goodrich (in 1956 presumably) of DC-6B HB-IBA in employ of Swissair.
I have written the full history of this Douglas Six in my 2003 report, when I found it stored at Fairbanks,Alaska as N999SQ.
Meanwhile it has found a new purpose in life: as a decoration of a rooftop of a shop in Fairbanks; a photo can be seen on my Off-airport webpage.
Thanks Alfie!

"Had a holiday in California,Arizona and Nevada this April(2006). Heading west after visiting the Grand Canyon, I passed a small air museum on the roadside and this Connie was just begging to be photographed. I immediately thought of you and how you have a soft spot for them as I do." -John Adams (july 2006).
This is Lockheed Constellation VC-121B N422NA (c/n 2605) on display at the Planes of Fame Museum, Valle,AZ. Allegedly it can be made airworthy again, the engines are testrun at regular intervals.
Its former identity was 48-0613 while in the service of the USAF; it saw use as a VIP-transport by General MacArthur.
The tailnumber shows its use by NASA. This Connie has also been on display at Fort Rucker in Alabama.
Tom Beudeker sent me these photos (below) of N422NA, taken on 16Aug06.
N422NA's history can be best read on
N422NA at Valle,AZ
N422NA by Tom Beudeker
N422NA in Aug.2006
(c) Tom Beudeker

Lockheed L-12 From Nils Rosengaard I received this picture of Lockheed L-12 OY-AOV, taken at Egeskov Museum, Denmark, in July 1970.
That same aircraft is now (2006) at the Military Museum, Kamp van Zeist, preserved as L2-100. See also photos of a pictorial update, 29JUN2011.

N47KW Air Sunshine In June 2006 I received these photos from Jim Reed (former C-119 Flt Test & Instructor Pilot, 782nd TCSq. Jim flew C-119's in Europe from January 1955 to March 1958) and he added the following information-
"I came across this slide of one of Air Sunshine DC-3's."
"I was stationed in Key West Florida when I retired from the USAF.
Shortly after I retired, a small airline called Air Sunshine started operations out of Key West with 5 DC-3's and two English Doves. I managed to get on as a pilot with this company, which flew 5 daily round trips to Miami, one round trip to Tampa and weekend charters to the Bahamas."
These photos were taken during the period 1973 - 1975.

N74KW is a Douglas C-53 with c/n 7317. I quote the following history from Joe Baugher's excellent website: 42-47375 to civil registry as NC15582 Feb 1945 with Pan Am. To Servicio Aereo de Honduras SA (ASHSA) May 1953 as XH-SAD. June 1955 to Lake Central Airlines as N21712. May 1967 to air Florida Sunshine as N74KW. To Pacific National Airways, to Pro Air Services. Currently owned by private user. (end quote) -Webmaster
Ger Buskermolen sent me a 1973 photo of this bird, as N21712, wearing 'Florida Airways International'- titles; remarkable, since this operator is not mentioned in the above history of C-53 c/n 7317 and unknown on the internet. See my page Photos by Friends & Guests page 32.

After Class 55-D : The C-119 assignment in France was Jim's 1st assignment out of pilot training and in 2004, on the 50th anniversary from graduation, the first reunion of Class 55-D Pilot Training was held. And, after 50 years, a web site was started which includes links, memorabilia and also info as to what the Class 55-D members did after graduation.

Unidentified DC-3 "This particular airplane had not yet been repainted in the Air Sunshine paint scheme."

"The airplane is parked in front of the passenger terminal and the battery is dead.
We had a small power unit in an old Volkswagen Bus that we used to start an aircraft with a dead battery.
Although this is perfectly legit, we received some interesting comments from passengers that were getting ready to board this aircraft and witnessed the unusual sight taking place on the ramp."

"Some years later, after the airline had been bought out ( I believe by Air Florida) one of the old Air Sunshine DC-3's on a charter, was lost East of Miami. The suspect was a lightning strike, as I recall."

I would welcome information about the identity of this DC-3.
Was an Air Sunshine DC-3 used, sunk into the sea near Nassau, for the film Into the Blue ?

CV240 N1022C Bill Bradshaw sent me this photo of CV240 N1022C (c/n 147) in July 2006 and he wrote:
"My name is Bill Bradshaw, President and founder of Prop-Liners of America, Inc. a 501 c 3 non-profit organization based in Hartford, CT.
Our web site produces 80,000 to 90,000 visits per month.
We own a Convair 240 that will be flying on the airshow circuit in the eastern United States in 2007. The AOPA is holding their convention at our home base airport in Oct 2007 and our Convair 240 will be the largest attraction on the airport. We are looking for sponsorship for the foreseeable future. We will visit as many airshows and open houses in 2007 as possible and would entertain the idea of placing the sponsor's name on our Convair.
The phote shows our Convair 240 N1022C, currently located in Daytona Beach,FL."

Formal registration into FAA N-number database occurred on 21Aug06. Restoration continues on this last remaining American Airlines Convair 240; this will be the only flying CV-240 in the world with the original passenger interior installed!

In Dec.2006 Bill wrote me:
"Could you please put the word out that we are looking to sell the Convair at this time.
It will take about a weeks worth of work to ready the aircraft for ferry. I know that KLM flew the CV-240's and there is an organization that is into preserving the aircraft flown by KLM. We are looking for $75,000 US for the Convair.
Thank you."

In april 2016 issue of Air Classics I read that the US Airline History museum had closed its doors in early 2014; most of its aircraft & collection went to the National Museum of Commercial Aviation in Atlanta.
However, 'a recent visit to Apopka,FL by the author' revealed the condition of this Convairliner N1022C (all white with a PanAm insignia on the tail) badly deteriorated "since a last visit in Jan.2015".
Black mold was showing and a open right side emergency exit, which will increase the noted deterioration rapidly by effects of weather and nesting birds.
N1022C is obviously not high on the list of Atlanta's Museum of Commercial Aviation!

Update Dec.2016, after reading up on N1022C on I found that N1022C was still at Orlando-Apopka,FL (confirmed by a look on Google Maps), awaiting funding to make the move possible. One may fear that a move up north to Georgia may be a long while yet!

N8216H Port Sudan 2004 During July 2006 I was sent this photo. The sender included the following info:
"... attached is a picture taken in June 2004, of a long abandoned N reg DC-7C at the 'old' Port Sudan airfield (currently some form of Military Flying School).
I understand that the DC-7C was involved in aid flights in mid-1970's (?) and went tech and was abandoned - various rumours that the Sudanese Military have in past used it as a training aid in anti hijack training."

This is Douglas DC-7C N8216H (c/n 44927), which I have as abandoned without further use since (at least) 1985. I think it is a miracle that the aircraft has survived for so long!
In 1981 it was registered to one Richard Wellman of Pembroke Pines,FL but whatever his intentions were, he must have abandoned them.
TJ wrote me: "The registered owner, Dick Wellman, operated this aircraft through his company ADCO in the 1970s. From what I've heard Wellman operated in much the same way as the more well known Hank Warton, doing a lot of "ad-hoc charters" in the Middle East and Asia in the 1970s."
In better days: N88216H in 1970s at Salzburg, Austria on

Sean Keating and Nils Roosengaard made the link to a piece written in Propliner magazine no.16 Oct-Dec 1982: "Prop News has a picture of the DC-7C (by Peter Davis) at Port Sudan, March 8 1982.
A short extract from the caption: A shifting cargo of industrial diesel generators during take-off from Port Sudan in 1976 caused very substantial damage to the fuselage and rear pressure bulkhead... She has been abandoned there ever since...very derelict state...
Incidentally this was SAS LN-MOB "Frede Viking", delivered April 8 1956.

Thanks guys!

Considering the photo was taken in 2004: is it still around in 2006?
Well here is an update sent to me in Feb.2007:
"I am currently living and working in Port Sudan. My previous office was approximately 500 meters from the old airfield. Concerning the aircraft: they demolished it at the beginning of February. I think they used parts of the aircraft for building construction or something like that...
I had a picture of the aircraft (before it was demolished), but they made me erase it because it is some sort of military object. (You cannot take pictures here in public).
Just to let you know and to answer your question." DC-7 N8216H scrapped
Bas Koggel

In March 2007 Bas sneaked up as close as he could and provided following proof that the DC-7 N8216H has indeed been taken apart...

Stef Bailis, upon hearing the sad news of scrapping, wrote:
"When this DC-7C was with Riddle Airlines, it set a long distance record in, I believe, 1961. It flew non-stop from Tokyo to Chicago, distance a 6300 statute miles.
I knew Richard "Dick" Wellman for a short while in 1980. Dick related to me that the plane had a plaque near the cockpit commemorating the long distance feat.
He also told me the story of how the plane was damaged. Dick not only owned the company, but also was flight engineer on 8216H.
When Capt. Marshall Hope brought the plane on to the begining of the runway, he applied the brakes and, as is the custom, asked for field barometric pressure (30.0" at sea level, 1.0" less per thousand feet increase in elevation). Dick applied 30.0" inches of manifold and, noting the reading of the BMEP guages (=torque output) declared that the power was good. Normally, the pilot flying would then ask for max. power and release the brakes. Apparently Capt. Hope did not release the brakes until nearly max. power was produced. Hence, when he released the brakes, the plane lurched forward and one or more of the tiedown chains/ropes or whatever was holding the load (huge generators) broke... One or more of the generators rolled backwards and as it did, the nose of the plane rose into the air and the tail struck the ground!
The generator(s) broke the rear pressure bulkhead. Of course, Hope and/or Wellman quickly cut the throttles, but the damage had already been done...
(email posted on Yahoo's Classic-Propliners forum 21Mar07).

On 30Jun16 I received from Derek Macphail: "I recently visited your website while trying to track down/remember a DC-7 I had seen in Port Sudan many years ago.

On the 26Nov1981 I operated a Shorts Belfast (G-BEPE) of Heavylift Cargo Airlines into Port Sudan airport, as it was then, but I believe now referred to as the Old Port Sudan airport.
We were parked on a remote part of the apron and not far away was the DC-7, as well as a MiG 15 or 17 that appeared to have hit a banking or gone into a ditch as it had a very crumpled nose...

With time on my hands as the cargo was being off-loaded, I wandered over to have a look at the DC-7 and the MiG.
Before I climbed onboard the DC-7 I do recollect seeing painted on the fuselage side information about the Tokyo to Chicago record flight and the time taken!
The aircraft was surprisingly complete even on the flight deck and old Jeppesen 'letdown charts' were laying around the cockpit and forward cabin. An inspection of the rear fuselage showed that the shifting load during take-off had penetrated the fuselage skin as well as taken out the rear pressure bulkhead.

Thanks to your website I now realise that I visited the aircraft just over 11 months after Wellman had acquired it.
Hope the above is of some interest to you."

(c) Pat Adams   (c) Pat Adams

Everts Air Fuel bought N7780B, a Douglas DC-6A (c/n 45372/875), in 2005 as part of their Northern Air Fuel takeover; N7780B was lovingly restored over a year and presented at the AACA Trade Show (Feb.2006) at Anchorage,AK: ready for business and decorated with a Howard Hughes image.
"Aviator" must refer to a 2004 movie (starring Leonardo DiCaprio) about Howard Hughes, but there is more to it..: N7780B was once owned by Howard Hughes!
When this Six was delivered new from the Douglas factory to Riddle Airlines on 12Nov57, it stayed for a very short while: 1 day... On 13Nov57 it was registered to the Hughes Tool Company, but stored right away at Santa Monica (maybe mr Hughes just had to have it?).
In Dec.1973 it was registered to Partners of America, but Robert G.Sholton of Northern Air Cargo (NAC) bought it in Mar74: it had flown only 09hr50 in all those years!
It remained with NAC for all those years and I came across it in 1995, during my first visit to Alaska.
I think it is a fitting tribute to a man who has meant a lot to the US aviation- and airline industry. And I love it when people show they know and respect their history!
I thank Pat Adams for sending me these photos.

Vintage photos of Howard Hughes visiting Fairbanks,AK in 1938 can be seen on my webpage Photos by Friends & Others page 7


(c) Peter ten Duis Peter ten Duis sent me some photos taken in March 2006 at Goodyear,AZ of Douglas DC-7C N777EA (c/n 45549), which is former KLM PH-DSR.
After years of storage here at Goodyear,AZ it seems initiative is on its way to make it fly again!
The gents in the cabin (below) are Richard Spalding (technician and participated on its last 3 flights) as well as Patrick (sorry, don't know his last name), who were at work on the aircraft upon Peter's visit. Joel Quinn of the GYR airport authority decided to have a look too, never having had the opportunity to visit the insides of this Classic Airliner.

Peter added: "It was great to see those KLM labels still on the plane, can you imagine?!"
(c) Peter ten Duis   (c) Peter ten Duis   (c) Peter ten Duis
This Douglas DC-7C "Seven Seas" was delivered to KLM on 10Dec58 as PH-DSR; it was sold in Oct62 back to Douglas and registered as N904ME (see photos below).
It was leased to Starflight Interpublic at some point and in Dec67 it went to Dallas Aero Service. General American Oil Company became the next owner and Omni Investment was again next.
Various owners followed, including Pyramid Oil in Mar73 which registered it as N777EA. Its last flight was on 21Feb76, from Tucson,AZ to Goodyear-Litchfield,AZ where it has been "resting" since...
In 2002 it was rumored it was bought by a religious sect! "TJ" wrote me (may06): the plane was owned by a minister (Robert Morley) (sp) who planned to use this ex-LadyBird Johnson) transport for missionary work. But it must be about 10+ years since he was part of a TV programme about planes stored in the desert of the western US.
Trygve "TJ" Johansen

Bob Reid sent me this in Oct.2006:
"I understand the owner to be Evan Mosley and his Brothers. They are a religious group and were my very good customers when I still had Royal Aviation; Evan did plan to restore the aircraft and intended to use it to transport Jesus at the time of the second coming.. I know this sounds strange but Evan and his family believe very strongly about this.. ( I personally would talk Jesus into flying with me in my MiG, It's much faster).
I see it is still registered to Pyramid oil so he must still own it. Evan and his family have had some terrible aviation tragedies over the years with his brother Robert being killed with his entire crew when their Connie went down right after take-off from Falcon in 1972 or '73. He later lost his son Ernie in a Kaman helicopter when it came apart for seemingly no reason north of Phoenix, around 2001. "

Bob Shane sent me this update (Oct.2006):
"There was some activity regarding N777EA earlier this year, but no one has been seen doing anything on the airplane for months and there has been no significant improvement. It is inactive again."

Pity... I saw it myself in May 2008 and indeed it seemed abandoned again.

N904ME These photos were sent to me by Victor Montijo Jr in August 2006.-
Victor writes: These pictures were taken at Westchester County Airport in White Plains,NY (about 30 miles North of NYC where it was based).
N904ME "The black & white photos were taken by a young man (1963 or 1964) who worked for us as a cleaner, while going to school studying photography."
Victor wrote:
"Glancing thru your web site I came across the pictures of N777EA, ex N904ME, ex PH-DSR.
It happened to be the last commercial piston aircraft built by Douglas. Next on line was the first DC-8."

"I happen to know a lot about N904ME, as it is very dear to my heart. I worked on it while employed by KLM at JFK. When it was delivered to KLM at the factory the wings were packed with dry ice so as to get the maximum amount of fuel to make it non stop from Long Beach to Paris, which it did!
I left KLM and went to work with Starflite Inc. at Westchester County Airport in White Plains NY, where it was based. Along with myself from KLM was Captain Peter Rowland, who was the PIC on all flights.
The aircraft was converted at Horton & Horton in Fort Worth, TX from a 100+ pax down to 42. The conversion took about 4 months and the aircraft was used exclusively for the Interpublic Group of Companies. It was used once by Lady Bird Johnson and her daughter to fly them from Texas to Jackson Hole, WY. Other than that it was for InterPublic's use only.
The Annual inspections were done either at White Plains or at Aviolanda in Woensdrecht, Holland where I supervised the work being done by the greatest group of technicians I ever have had the pleasure to work with.
I was the Chief Mechanic on the plane and flew with it all over the world.
When hard times fall on corporations the first thing to go is the Aviation Department and thats why she was sold.
I have loads of photographs of Initiator 7, as what it was named. Affectionately we called her the White Whale, as she was painted all white with a Gold band down the fuselage window line and 13 stripes on the tail.
She brought back loads of memories for me and a tear to my eyes upon seeing her still around and in pretty good shape."


Lockheed C-121C Constellation N73544 suffered this embarrassing incident at Basle on 05Mar06 after an extraordinary snowfall...
Not a pleasant situation to look at, is it?
Unfortunately I cannot give credit to the photographer as it circulated on the internet and the photographer is unknown. but I have Alexandre Avrane to thank for forwarding it to me.
This aircraft is described in detail at Ralph Pettersens excellent website: Connie Survivors
Here are photos of the Breitling Connie on
Graham "air-to-air" Robson found N73544 also in his viewfinder

(c) John Lameck John Lameck sent me this vintage photo of the ramp at Anchorage, Alaska. It was taken by John P. Stewart (in May 1972).

John Lameck wrote me: "A Lockheed L-100-382-14C N9262R (c/n 4248) delivered Oct1968 to Int'l Aerodyne, leased to Interior Airways Nov.1969-Jun.1972. It is currently ZS-ORD with Safair (Jun05).
Interior Airways was based out of Anchorage, Alaska."

The photo also shows a nice selection of Bob Reeve's planes.

Alexandre Avrane wrote me (May 2006): "Crystal ball says this was probably shot around 24Apr71... Clue is the L.188 of Nomads in ANZ c/s in the background.. probably on delivery !?"
AeroTransport Data Bank

John Stewart wrote me in July 2006: "Yep that photo is mine. ANC had a small observation deck (the first time I used it was in 1968) that only allowed views towards the Reeve ramp and a few Alaska A/L gates. That area is now where the A (?) concourse is (the one used by Northwest). I do remember the date, now, it was in May, 1972 (I found another slide I took on the same trip).
Take care, John Stewart"

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