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On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I would like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.


David Fogwill visited the China Aviation Museum, which used to be referred to as the Datangshan Air Museum
Datang Shan Aerospace Museum

See my Datangshan Index page for more on this unique Chinese aerospace museum, including David's list of aircraft he has seen on display

Darcy Lafontaine sent me this image in Jan.2012 while he wrote:
"I came across that KC-97 wreckage when I was working for a company exploring the area, in 2008. I thought I'd pass you some pictures I took of the wreckage." See my page Abanoned Wrecks of the North

KC-97 wreck in Otish Mountains

Jürgen Scherbarth found this slide in his collection and could not identify C-GNCW; so we have another mystery on our hands!

Jürgen wrote: "I've found this former CAF CL-66s in my slide collection.
Maybe someone could help to identify it; possibly a mistake in painting for tailnumber C-FNCW (msn 66.07), but who knows...?
Date on the slide is 05.1999; location is probably Calgary, where most of the Cosmos were stored in between.
Sorry, no info on the photographer. "

Alexandre Avrane, of AeroTransport Data Bank, is in support of the same theory: "I would presume this was a mispaint for C-FNCW, c/n 7."

See details on Canada's CL-66s my on my page a visit to Saskatoon in 2007.

Malcolm Gow wrote me in Jan.2012:
"Came across your web page of the Cuatro Vientos aviation museum, whilst investigating this Stratocruiser I 'd photographed at Madrid.
I took this picture in Jan. 2011 and it shows some preservation. And I attached a photo of the CASA 207 too."

Stratocruiser at Cuatro Vientos Madrid

CASA 207 at Cuatro Vientos air museum, Madrid
Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA (CASA) C.207A Azor


Ken Kula wrote me: "I just passed through your airborne tanker page and saw you needed some Conair Firecat photos. I saw 4 in action during the Abbotsford BC Canada air show in August 2009."
Firecats by Ken 'K-air' Kula
Conair (Firecat) Tanker 69 is C-FOPY (c/n 019), Tanker 74 is C-FEFK (c/n 014),
Tanker 75 is C-FEFX (c/n 031) and Tanker 76 is C-FJOH (c/n 34)

From Roger Botting I received this image of the remarkable Junkers W34H, tailnumber 407 (c/n 2823)
Junkers W34 in Bogota, Colombia
Roger visited the Museo Aerspecial Colombiana in Nov.2011

Junkers W 34 was a German-built, single-engine, passenger and transport aircraft. Developed in the 1920s, it was taken into service in 1926. The passenger version could take a pilot and five passengers.
The Junkers W 34 was manufactured in many different versions. The total production numbers for the civil market were around 1,000, a further 2,024 his and haus were built under license for the RLM and Luftwaffe.
The Colombian Air Force used the W 34 and K-43 in the Colombia-Peru War in 1932-3.

Further to his contribution below, Dennis J. Fisher sent an image of another deHavilland product: DHC-6-300 Twin Otter C-GIGK of Osprey Wings, also visiting Saskatoon; seen here on Christmas Day 2011.
DHC-6 C-GIGK Osprey Wings
C-GIGK has c/n 492 and was registered to Osprey Wings 01Oct2009

Ewald Lang sent me these images in Dec.2011; he wrote: "I have for you some photos taken by myself in 1952/53, when I was a radio operator with the 64th TC Sqd., flying C-119's from Ashiya AFB Japan to Korea."
C-119 in flight
C-119 #8326 off the coast of Korea.
We called her the 'Hanger Queen' since she required a great deal of maintenance work!


P-51s fiting up
P-51's of the South African Air Force, getting ready for a close support mission.

Ron Mak wrote me: "My compliments for those last two Canada uploads on your site!
It did made me stumble on something: the Canso in the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum (Halifax), CF-HFL, I had seen it on Goose Bay! This was on 14May1987; it took special permission through Mike Whitehead, of the museum at Halifax, to visit this derelict Canso.
CF-HFL had been transported on 27Oct1986 by Chinook helicopter to Goose Bay and was transported later to the museum in Halifax - by ship or barge I think."
Canso CF-HFL derelict at Goose Bay

"On the close up with me in it, you'll see a huge hole in the fuselage: the badge of the Eastern Provincial Airways (EPA) had been taken out quite savagely, by vandals or souvenir hunters."

More of Ron Mak's propliner photos see HERE and HERE

Dennis J. Fisher sent me this image on 29Nov2011, from Saskatoon:
DHC-3 Turbo Otter C-FXRI

Dennis wrote: "C-FXRI is a 1958 deHavilland DHC-3 with a new engine! It flew in from the north, and is operated by Osprey Wings out of LaRonge."
C-FXRI has c/n 258 and was registered on 22Apr87 for Osprey Wings Ltd of LaRonge, Saskatchewan.

Karl E. Hayes wrote a monograph on the DHC-3 Otter, exploring in detail the individual histories; from his work I quote:
Otter c/n 258 was delivered to Qantas Empire Airways Ltd on 16th April 1958, registered VH-EAZ.
This was one of four Otters delivered to the Australian national airline for services in the Territory of Papua New Guinea (PNG). The Otter was shipped to Australia where it was re-assembled at Bankstown and joined the Qantas fleet in August 1958 named 'Kerowagi'.
It was one of three Otter landplanes, based at Lae and operated services into the Highlands.
With effect from 1st September 1960, the four Qantas Otters were taken over by Trans Australia Airlines (TAA), re-painted into TAA colours and re-registered. VH-EAZ became VH-SBT with TAA, and retained the name 'Kerowagi'.

VH-SBT continued in service on TAA's 'Sunbird' services within PNG until 1st November 1966, when it was ferried from Lae to Bankstown airfield near Sydney, where it was soon joined by VHSBR (c/n 247).
Both Otters were put into storage awaiting sale.
They were traded in to Hawker de Havilland against new DHC-6 Twin Otters. Hawker de Havilland in turn sold the two Otters to Bannock Aerospace Ltd of Toronto, VH-SBT being sold in June 1968.
Bannock Aerospace sold the Otter to Air West Airlines of Vancouver, BC on 13th August 1968. At that stage it had 6,109 hours on the airframe.
Marks CF-XRI were allocated and it commenced the long ferry flight from Sydney to Vancouver, island-hopping across the Pacific, on 17th September '68.

CF-XRI entered service with Air West Airlines, flying from its Vancouver base, alongside its fleet of Beavers and Twin Otters.
Air West became part of Air BC, to whom the Otter was registered in December 1980, by then carrying the marks C-FXRI.
A minor incident was recorded on 4th February 1981 at Campbell River when the Otter struck a sub-merged rock during take-off and punctured the starboard float. When it became clear that Air BC's attempt to merge the many floatplane operators it had acquired into a unified airline was not going to work, the process was reversed and they were sold off.
CoVal Air Ltd acquired Air BC's Campbell River base on Vancouver Island and aircraft, including Otter C-FXRI. The Otter continued flying for this company from Campbell River until 30th April 1986, when it arrived at Vancouver on conclusion of its service with CoVal Air.

The Otter remained parked at Vancouver for a time, until sold to Osprey Wings Ltd of Missinipe, Saskatchewan, to whom it was registered in April 1987.
The Otter has been converted to a Vazar turbine by T.C.Aviation at Saskatoon, a company associated with Osprey Wings.
./end quote

Darryl Gibbs wrote me:
"There were only two propliners at the Temora Air Show last Saturday, but they were both well worth seeing!
VH-EAG HARS Connie at Temora

Dakota VH-TMQ was up from Essendon and VH-EAG, the HARS Connie, came down from Albion Park and looked great as well.
DC-3 VH-TMQ at Temora 2011

The show was quite good and attracted a pretty good sized crowd."
Vintage and Warbirds of the World
Clyde North Aeronautical Preservation Group

For these, and many more, vintage aeroplanes see my trip OZ 2005 and OZ 2005 (2)


Rolf Larsson wrote me: "You received a picture of SE-ACZ at Stockholm-Bromma Airport, taken by Carl Clementzlor, grandfather of my friend Tommy Clementzlor.
In the background of the picture is a C-54, which Carl Clementzlor also pictured and here it is; not too often one can see good colour pictures from the mid-1940s !"
C-54 42-72505

Rolf provided the history:
C-54 42-72505 c/n 10610 - was delivered to the US Air Force on 7 March 1945; it visited Stockholm-Bromma during the winter of 1945/1946 when Carl Clementzlor took this picture.
When 42-72505 was retired from active duty the aircraft ended up at Davis-Monthan AFB and was offered for sale in 1967.
It was one in a batch of a number of C-54 aircraft which was available for sale for the civil market, but apparently the FAA for reasons unknown deemed it unsuitable. Most likely 272505 was dismantled for spares at Davis-Monthan.

The background seems to show a Curtiss C-46 Commando..? -Webmaster)

Tommy Clementzlor wrote me nov.2011: "I found this slide of a Fokker F.XII in my collection. I supply it together with a little story and hope that the readers of your superb site will enjoy it!
Behind this Fokker you can see a C-54, USAAF 42-72505. Soon I will supply a picture and some info about it..."
"The photo of SE-ACZ on the apron at Bromma was taken by my grandfather Carl Clementzlor, in winter 1945-1946. The photographer of her wreck (below) is unknown."

"Fokker F XII SE-ACZ (c/n 5303) was delivered to AB Aerotransport on 29Feb1932.
Initially it was used on flights to Amsterdam and Berlin, radiating from Malmö until 1936, when Bromma was inauguratated and became the main hub.
Originally it had wheel-spats but after landing on wet grass in Hamburg , the spats were filled with clay, resulting in a ground loop... Consequently the spats were removed!
On 01Jan1946 it was sold to Svensk Flygtjänst at Bromma airport, Stockholm.
It was frequently used on so called 'kikhosteflygningar', children infected by whooping-cough were wrapped in blankets and taken aloft to 10.000 feet. The thin, cool and humid air on that level had a positive effect on their recovery.

Unfortunately this beautiful machine was destroyed in a hangar fire on 09Apr1947, together with SE-APH, a Dragon Rapide also belonging to Svensk Flygtjänst. Her pilot burst into tears when he saw the sad remains of his beloved plane! It had been newly overhauled..."

Ron Hargrove sent me an update (see bottom page) of his military collection at his
'World War II Military Vehicle Federation Museum', in Florala(AL).
C-47 N843DD

This is C-47 N843DD, and for more on Ron's exploits with DC-3's see

And this is what happened to his DC-3 N134D, passed it on to a museum in Florida:
DC-3 N134D
Chase Hargrove is showing the article in the Pasco Tribune (22Sep11), one of the captions reads:
"Chase Hargrove and Mike Varnum unload the wings of a C-47 plane used during World War II.
After it is patched and fixed up, it will be on display outside the World War II Baracks (sic) Museum,
which is in the Zephyrhills Municipal Airport,FL."

DC-4 OB-R-247
Peruvean C-54 OB-R-247, seen here at Lima - Jorge Chavez Airport, on 05DEC1973.

  • c/n 7462, C-54A-1-DO
  • 42-107443 United States Army Air Force, delivered 21-01-1944
  • N42987 South American Trading Corporation bought 1946
  • LV-ABM Flota Aerea Mercante Argentina bt 1946
  • OB-PBB Faucett bt 04-08-1950
  • OB-R247 Faucett re-registered 1964
  • OB-R247 Faucett crashed in Andes foothills shorthly after take off from Trujillo Airport,Peru on 30DEC1976
  • Info 'Piston Engine Airliner Production List', TAHS.
  • Jürgen Scherbarth wrote me in Dec.2011, for this mystery:
    I found this strange plane in my slide collection. Do you have any idea about the real identity of this ugly looking C-54 conversion?
    The slide must have been taken somewhere in Colombia in 1985."
    Mystery 'plane' in Colombia!
    What is the significance or meaning of the titles 'Aero Descanso'?
    'HJL-27' is probably a poor attempt for a fake registration, but perhaps also a link to the original one?

    EMAIL (please include the link of the page you refer to, thank you!)

    Link to My GALLERY of other aeroplane identity mysteries

    DC-3T N5156T

    Lawrence Spivey wrote me in Oct.2011:
    "I took this photo around summer of 93'. I was in the military and jumping at St Mere Eglise DZ on Ft Bragg (NC).
    I was looking up the "N" number and came across your web page, about AUTEC. I'm sending this pic because I thought you might enjoy seeing it. "

    'Scudrunner' published this photo on the AvCanada Forum:

    Yukon DC-3 wreck near Haines

    See for more on this Mystery DC-3 in the Yukon

    "I've found the mystery C-54 with the brown cheatline! Seen here at the air show in Washington state."
    This N96359 is C-54E c/n 27330 ex/ 44-9104 - see for the full story the link above.
    N96359 C-54

    Reinhard Zinabold shot this glorious take off by Beech 18 C-FNKL:
    Reinhard has many more photos to share on of this trip to Canada's bush plane country!

    I undertook a similar trip in 2008

    Dornier Do.27 N776AX at Juneau

    This is a photo of a Dornier Do-27B-1 in Israeli Air Force colours that I recently (Sep. 2011?) took at the Juneau Int'l Airport, inspite of the driving rain!
    It was built in 1956, s/n 103, currently registered as N776AX (former registrations: D-ENAT, AS-901 and
    More details about the history of this interesting bird welcome.
    EMAIL (please include link to this page for quick reference)


    Roger Botting wrote me (Aug.2011): "Thought these may interest you, I took them this last April while in

    Lockheed Lodestar N69415 18-2349
    Lockheed 18-56-23 Lodestar (C-60A) N69415 (c/n 18-2349) - ex/ 42-32215, NC69415

    Beech C-18S Kansan
    Beech C-18S Kansan (AT-11), while it shows '101' as serial it has under the wing also 'FAU': part civil serial?
    These two were taken at the 'Museo Aeronautico' in Montevideo (identities from Bob Ogden's Aviation Museums and Collections of the Rest of the World (Air-Britain, 2008)

    Base Aere 1 at the Montevideo Carrasco airport
    Roger: "I took the two military C-47s at Base Aere 1 at the Montevideo Carrasco airport, but DC-3A-467 CX-BDB (c/n 16644/33392; ex 44-77060 - KN682 - G-AMNL - I-TAVO) was also at the Museo Aeronautico."

    Colleccion De La Base Aerea 1 Carrasco-Canelones
    T-510 - C-47B, c/n 19021 ex 42-100558 and CX-BJG - Served with the Uruguay Air Force as well as the airline operated by the air force.
    T-514 - C-47A, c/n 20604 ex 43-16138 and CX-AKH - Served as above.
    Info provided by Roger.

    Ron Hargrove sent me this today, 20Nov2011:
    C-47 N843DD at Florala
    Ron wrote: " I am close to finishing the static display !"
    This is about C-47D N843DD (c/n 17022/34286) which Ron Hargrove purchased with 3 other DC-3 'remains', to work one (N843DD) as a suitable display for his World War II Military Vehicle Federation Museum, while the others were handled in a best effort or passed on; read more about this on my Photos by Friends & Guests, Page 28.



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