Log Reports from Greybull

Help solve the mysteries of previous identities and construction numbers

How this page started, around 2002 I think: I struggled with the identities of H&P's (stored) aircraft and found H&P muddled the water quite a bit by the way they operated. So I needed help and compiled below page, inviting contributions.
The planes were owned by Hawkins and Powers, an aerial firefighting company and kept at H&P's homebase Greybull for future investments, reconfiguration to airtankers, experimental innovations, spare parts supply to keep active aircraft operational and some for preservation. Parts, airtanker numbers and tailnumbers were swapped around like there was no tomorrow.
The aim of my list was to identify the airframes to their Manufacturer's Serial Number (Msn), otherwise known as their Construction Number (C/n), and identify their pasts; some remain shrouded in mysteries even after all thise years.

Heinz Rentmeister of Köln, Germany was the first to come to my aid.
He started visiting Greybull a long time before me (1st visit 1994, 2nd 2014) and Heinz came up with several logs made on 13Aug1979, 07May1980 and 21Oct1990.
I added data from my database too.
Fred de Ruiter contributed his report dated 18Sep1983. I have marked c/n's he contributed (source: Aviation Letters of those years) with (1).
Chris Charland, Associate (Canadian) Air Force Historian came to the rescue as well and completed all ex/RCAF C-119s to have their respective id's.
Niels Borcharding, former propliner editor for Scramble magazine, made much info available, too.
In Oct.2002 Jim Tomlinson mailed me his report, dated 12Sep87.
Paul Kay sent a report, his date of visit was 16Sep02.
Ralph Pettersen visited Greybull on 03May03 and his report is included. Dave Richardson did the same in November.
Bob Parmerter (author of the monumental 'Beech 18'book) supplied the c/n of Beech N7391C.
You may come across serials marked -*, this is info based on a photo on Airliners.net.
I received further updates again in 2004, by David Ellis and Marco Kosterman; it prompted me to seperate the aircraft that have been known to move elsewhere with the ones still present at Greybull. Good to see so many 'escaped'!
Erik Sleutelberg sent me his list (Adobe Acrobat), his visit dates from 08Jul05. Ralph Pettersen sent me his list of (Adobe Acrobat) his visit on 29Jul06.
And Neville Spalding sent me his recordings from 29 April, 1986 (only C-97s, C-118s and C-119s); in Acrobat Reader format saved here.
Nige Howarth sent a list dated 24Sep93 and I've updated below listings, but one or two I could not place.
Several bits of texts were added after H&P ceased operations and its inventory was put up for auction in 2006.
In Dec.2014 I have updated the first 3 'tables' according to my findings when researching MY 2014 VISIT.

Der=derelict, Std=stored, C/s=colorscheme, AFBM=Air Force Base Museum, Rereg=re-registered, Pres=preserved, nn=not noted, m/s=markings, nosig=no significant changes and/or remarks, -engines=minus engines.


TailnumberYearAircraft TypeMSN or C/nFormer IdRemarks
N97KC 93 94 Boeing C-97G1700053-0218 Ex/ 'Flight 97' Restaurant. Flew out to Minneapolis/St.Paul in nov00, on display for the Minnesota Air Guard Museum.
01379Consolidated PB4Y???  Derelict; restored & flown Pensacola NAS for display
N7620C90Consolidated PB4Y(66260)  Tanker "123"; crashed July 18th 2002
N28..G89Consolidated PB4Y   Wreck, crashed ca. 1978/1979. I researched the crashdate in relation to year of reporting '89'.
ASN list Privateer crashes http://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/dblist.php?AcType=P4Y
In 1978 N6813D crashed on unknown date at Port Hardy, no details on ASN. Previous to that, HP had N6813D crash on 11Aug75 (also Pt Hardy) and N6816D on 27Jul72 (at Wenatchee-Pangborn Field, WA).
But perhaps the most logical is, noting the tailnumber, that this must be N2870G, which crashed on 27Jul1980 at Ramona,CA. SEE BELOW
N2870G83 97Consolidated PB4Y-2(66304)  87: wreckage, marked as tanker '122' 1997:remains only,used to rebuild N7682C; no more sightings. July 2008: fuselage in 2 parts at San Diego Air & Space Museum. Airliners.net
P4Y-2 N2870G T#122 see http://www.abpic.co.uk/photo/1438024/ (1986)
N2872G 83 02 03 04 05 06 Consolidated PB4Y-2(66300)  Operational with H&P; 02=on main ramp.
03=same, T124. 04=storage 05=airliners.net
29Jul06 storage area south.
Ferried to Yanks Air Museum Nov.2008 (WIX forum)
N2871G 89 90 97 02 03 04 05 06 Consolidated PB4Y-2(66302)  Tanker "121"; 97=looked great. 02=on main ramp. 03=same 04=storage.
05=multi colour. 29Jul06 main ramp. (Airliners.net)
Restored and moved to Casa Grande www.globalaviationresource.com/reports/2010/pb4y2.php
N314CF 02 03 05 06 Consolidated PBY-5A 427 02=with the museum 03=museum compound, wings removed
05=reported as (N206M) Alegre Air, no m/s, being restored
29Jul06 main ramp.
Flew out in 2008 (?) to Bloomington, IN (Reg'd N206M 24Aug04 Alegre Air & Reg'd 08Jul08 Black Cat Aviation LLC in Indianapolis, IN)
N5205679Douglas B-18??? "Bolo". To USAF Museum Castle AFB,CA
N126HP 90 02 03 04 05 06 Douglas B-26(27799)(N94207)"28", ex C-GHCF above. 02='BC-520' 44-34520
04=main ramp, 05="Lulu" (44-34520)
29Jul06 main ramp. Rick Patton's photos at KGEY.
Flew out - seen at Buckeye,AZ 21Jul07 MY VISIT OCT.2017
N126HP on Airliners.net
N2123Y83 Douglas C-117D (43386)(50786)Bought H&P Jan83, sold 1984 D&D Parts Inc, rereg N212DD '87
At Opa Locka in 1992 and 1993; scrapped at Opa Locka

86 87 89 90 93 94 02 03 04 05

Douglas C-118A (44661) (152689)USN c/s, AMARC code CG095, sprayer; '689'
03=std area north 04=storage; 05=noted as AMARC code 8C025
Sold to Everts Air Cargo in 2005. 29Jul06 storage area north, -engines.
Jan.07 image @Rick Patton's gallery. Left GEY in Oct07, acquired by
Everts Air Fuel (operational as N747CE in 2009).

86 87 89 90 94 02 03 04 05

Douglas C-118 (44662) 53-3291USAF c/s, code "JT" (87) 03=std area north
04=storage 05=VR-52
Not reported present during 2006, rereg to Everts Air Fuel 03Jan06, stored at Fairbanks 2007
N9701F 93 02 03 04 05 06 Fairchild C-82A 10184 45-57814 02=on main ramp 03=east of rwy 15/33 04=storage
05="USAF". 29Jul06 main ramp.
Flown to Hagerstown Aviation Museum, Hagerstown,MD in Oct.2006 (arriving on Oct.15th).
N966S79 83Fairchild C-119G(10738)RCAF 2210779=Std minus 1 rudder
Preserved at Hill Aerospace Museum, Utah as "52-2107" (note similarity Canadian serial); confirmed by Bob Ogden's museum guide (2007).
N355989 90Fairchild C-119G10870(RCAF 22118)89=std. 90=no turbojet.(To Dover AFBM)
N3560 79Fairchild C-1191095722132Broken up, tail parts remaining; no more sightings
N5217R79 83 89 90Fairchild C-119G10860RCAF 2211679=Std in bad shape, 87=RCAF with titles, 89=wreck, 90=parked main ramp. To Nat'l Infantry Museum, Ft Benning (GA)
N8091 79 83 86 87 Fairchild C-119G10906(1)RCAF 2212279=Std minus rudders. 87=no rudder, otherwise complete. To March AFBM 1988
N8092 79 83 86 87 89 90 Fairchild C-119G10678RCAF 2210379=Std/der, 89=wreck, 90=for museum
To Nat'l Warplane Mus.,Geneseo,NY More
N8093 86 89 90 93 94 02 03 04 05 06 Fairchild C-119G(10776)(RCAF 22111)"140" +turbojet on roof, RCAF c/s; airworthy 2001? 02=on mainramp,Tanker 140 03=east of rwy 15/33 04=main ramp.
05=nosig. 29Jul06 main ramp.
Ferried Nov.16th 2008 to Hagerstown Aviation Museum, Maryland
N15501 79 86 Fairchild C-119G10955RCAF 2213079=Std minus engines. 87=airworthy metallic but with RCAF livery and ex serial still visible on the metal. Tanker '01'. Also reported stored Tucson,AZ 90 & 96?!
This is N15501, during mid-1990s, simply reg'd N1.
2005 = N15501/H0180-H "XXExpress"
29Jul06 main ramp.
Flown to Arizona for Hans Lauridsen's air museum; see my 2017 visit to Buckeye
N15502 79 83 86 87 Fairchild C-119G10825(1)RCAF 2211479=Std minus rudders. 87=rudders missing, otherwise complete RCAF with titles.
To McClellan USAF Museum (date?), photo 1996, USAF c/s, RCAF serial 22114
See my visit to Aerospace Museum of California, 2018, preserved as '52-2114'
N1550579 87 89 90Fairchild C-11910676RCAF 2210179=Std/no rudders & engines, 90=same.To D.F.Pratt Museum (KY) Sep95 to restore 131679
N15506 79 83 86 87 Fairchild C-119G10736(1)RCAF 2210579=Std minus rudders & engines.87=engineless and rudderless, full RCAF colors. Anno 2002 pres Milwaukee airport as 51-2680
N1550883 87Fairchild C-119F10993(1)RCAF 2213487=complete, RCAF livery with titles painted out. To Travis AFBM,CA 1996
N90267 03 04 05 06 Fairchild C-119G25753-8154

N4999P:ntu; 03=only nose section remains 04=storage
05=nosig. 29Jul06 storage area north, no reg.
Not reported on Paul Filmer's visit 16Nov08.
Sold to Ed Rachanski in 2006, moved to Nevada, see C-119 Info Page

N5215R 79 83 86 87 89 90 Fairchild C-119F10773RCAF 22108 79=Std/bad shape, 87+89=wreck; 95=museum Battle Mountain,NV as "N5216R" Tanker 137.
A fake 'N5215R' has been put on display @KGEY in recent years, decorated with '136' jetpod but that has no baring on the true identity either.
Dismantled, moved/shipped to Alaska to make it into a mobile coffee shop: see above 'Bmtn'-link.
Update 2011: C-119 06 preserved at KGEY's aviation museum has a label on its exterior 'N961S'. See my Photos by Friends & Guests #62.
N3142D83Fairchild C-123K20029 To Pima Air Museum, AZ
N8190B02 03Fairchild C-123K 20144 54-0695Formerly at Minnesota ANG Museum 03=std area north 04=storage
Registered 07Dec04 Advanced Air,Iowa
05=CP894. 29Jul06 storage area north.
Not sighted 16Nov08, moved out? Donated to Mid America Transportation & Aviation Museum & flown from Greybull to Sioux City, IA on 15Aug07
(N141ZA) 93 Beech C-45 BA-178 ? Noted by Nigel Howarth, tailnumber in brackets; c/n by OldProps website (Census) anno 2009 in Stockton,CA. See my California 2018 page for N141ZA being restored by Vintage Aircraft at Stockton,CA. It was flown to a new owner 'across country' in August 2019.
N505R79Lockheed 1818-2358 to USAF Museum March AFB,CA as "833538" 1983
N880V 79 83 87 89 90 97 02 03 04 05 06 Lockheed 18-566124 At H&P museum in 1995. 02=on main ramp.
03=std,south area 04=storage 05=nosig
29Jul06 main ramp.
[Dlvd to the RAF on 06Dec1941 as an L-414 Hudson; was converted to a L.18-56 Lodestar in Dec55.]
It flew out soon after the 2006 auction, to Florida. It was reregistered N41CW on 28Nov06 for Ironworker Inc based in California. I photographed it at Chino,CA on 13May08.
56-51190Lockheed C-130A182-3119   ex/USAF-Montana ANG. Converted to airtanker Oct90, Jul92 to Hemet Valley Flying Service N132FF, Tanker 83. Chris Kennedy offered (dec.2014): "C-130A 56-511 is currently flying, registered to International Air Response as N121TG".
N131HP 02 03 04 05 06 Lockheed C-130A1A-314256-0534, N132FF Tanker "131". 02=on main ramp 03=east of rwy 15/33 04=storage 05=nosig, cockpit on A.net
29Jul06 main ramp. To IAR @Coolidge,AZ
N134FF89Lockheed C-130A1A-3146(56-0538)USAF camo, later rereg N130HP (below)
Note: C/n 3146 was N134FF, but only between Aug88 and Jul89, when it was reregistered to N130HP; see also c/n 3104 below.
N130HP 90 93Lockheed C-130A1A-3146N134FFTanker "130" see CRASH 17Jun02
6049690Lockheed C-130A182-310456-0496

ex/N8053R, N-reg painted over; at Hemet,CA Aug2003
Mark O.Williams Nov.2007: "..wanted to let you know what is left of C-130A s/n 56-0496 is now at Yuma Proving Ground, AZ to be used as a ground loading test bed for the Aerial Delivery section. Apparently AMARC wanted to much money for a C-130 and the folks at Yuma Proving Ground were able to locate and purchase 56-0496.
I am told they plan to add electrics and hydraulics to the airframe 'soon as' to allow the ramp and door to open for testing new load configurations.
I am a C-130 flight engineer out here doing some test work and spotted it earlier this week. Here are to pics of the aircraft on Photobucket, they were taken today (08Nov07) by me:
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v83/F106A/000_0006.jpg or here.
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v83/F106A/000_0005.jpg or here.
Hercules specialist Lars Olausson cleared my confusion on tailnbr N134FF belonging to 2 airframes: "FAA says N134FF is/was 56-0496 which definitely is c/n 3104.
It was reregistered N134FF in March 1991 (from N45R), but this registration was possibly never painted on.
From about Aug93 it was stored for parts and got the marking N8053R which it still had when it was sold to Yuma Proving Ground in Oct 2007.
I do not know if N8053R was properly registered. N8053R is, according to FAA, now a different airplane, not a Hercules.
It is correct that 3146 has been N134FF, but this was only between Aug 1988 and July 1989, when it was reregistered to N130HP
." [JAN.2008]

56-0496 on Antoni Uni's website, Kaimana Airstrip, Dutch (West) New Guinea (images 1949 - 1962).

N133HP 90 93 00 02 03 04 05 06 08 Lockheed C-130A (1A-3189) 57-0482, N8026J Tanker #133. 02=on main ramp 03=std area south 04=storage
05=nosig. 29Jul06 storage area north. Ln 16Nov08. Reg'd 07Mar07 to Int'l Air Response Inc, in full livery T#133, flown out to Coolidge,AZ
N139HP 90 03 04 05Lockheed P2V-7(726-7168)145906"139", jetpod ex/ N3935 "139" (C-119). 03=in hangar 04=main ramp
Sold feb06 to Neptune Aviation, became Tanker 43.
N8908F03 05Lockheed P2V-7726-710014044103 04=main ramp
05=code PA013. scrapped 2006? Not sighted 29Jul06.
Scrapped as an exercise to see how much value it would fetch in that form (last reg'd to Pride Capital Group).
P.3-595 02 03Lockheed P-3A5036 15051002=std, ex/Spanish AF 03=std area north 04=storage
Reg'd N917AU Aero Union 01Oct04. Operational 2008. See my Guestphoto Pages 18 and Guestphotos 21
N140HP 90 93 03 04 05Lockheed P2V-7(726-7102)(140443)"140" 03=in hangar 04=main ramp
05=nosig. Bought by Neptune Inc, rereg'd N445NA Apr06. Sep.2018: preserved by Yankee Air Museum for static display - see my Photos by Friends & Guests #55


N212TH89Casa 212??? Hangared. Fate ?. N212TH reg'd 07Jul03 Bell 212 chopper...
C-GHCF89Douglas B-26(27799)(N9420Z)ex Conair, Canada, ex/44-34520
N961S79 80Fairchild C-119G(10872)(RCAF 22120) all metal Note: cn10872/RCAF22120 has also been identified (A.Net, 1997) as N5215R! Update 2011: C-119 06 preserved at KGEY's aviation museum has a label on its exterior 'N961S'.
150529 93 00 02 03 04Lockheed EP-3A 5055 150529 02=std 03=std area north 04=storage
05=being parted out
N129HP90 94 02 03 04 05Lockheed SP-2H (726-7200) 147950,N22154USN c/s; rereg N129HP Oct97.
02=std 03=std area north 04=storage 05=nosig. Not sighted 2006.
N7060X93 94Lockheed P-2 726-7207 147957 --See below N138HP--; see May 2003
N138HP 04 05 06 Lockheed P-2  Quoted by H+P as airframe for failed turbine conversion
04=storage 05=no report (in hangar?).
29Jul06 storage area north, -engines; photo-1 and photo-2
148338 not sighted on 2008 and 2014, presumed scrapped.


David Ellis added this to his 2004 report: "I have based my comment around the Ralph Pettersen list as it is essentially accurate with what I saw . My only gap on the visit was the museum compound as a strong sandstorm blew up as I left the ramp and I didn't stop to confirm the contents of the museum. Firstly there are no aircraft stored to the east of the airfield now - all being in the main storage area. Aircraft underlined have notes attached.." He found 2 ex/RCAF C-119s he was not able to identify, plus a C-130.
Paul Filmer visited KGEY on 16Nov08 and reported several aircraft present, but did not visit the museum; also a number of aircraft could have been behind closed doors and so his report was helpful but not complete.

TailnumberYearAircraft TypeMSN or C/nFormer IdRemarks
N7391C 79 03 05 06 08 13 14 Beech 18S846044-87201 79=der 89=on tail:2888 C-45F-BH; possibly tail of other Beech 18.
03-museum compound 05=44-87201A. 29Jul06 museum compound.
16Nov08 Be18 seen on aerial photo, N7391C?
Present Oct.2013 in bare metal.
On display at Greybull's aviation myseum, my 2014 report
N7962C 83 89 90 02 03 04 05 06 08 13 14 Consolidated PB4Y-2(59882) Tanker "126". 02=on main ramp
03=same 04=storage
05=nosig. 29Jul06 storage area south.
Ln 16Nov08 ok condition. Same 16Nov08. Same Oct.2013
On display at Greybull's aviation myseum, my 2014 report
N6884C 90 03 04 05 06 09 14 Consolidated PB4Y-2(59701) Tanker "127". 03=on main ramp. 04=storage
05=nosig. 29Jul06 main ramp.
Ln 16Nov08 ok condition. Same 16Nov08.
Ln Oct09 (Mark Saxon report).
On display at Greybull's aviation myseum, my 2014 report
N8009E 04 05 06 08 14 Fairchild C-82A 10071 44-23027 95=fuselage 00=nosesection 04=storage
05= "Flying B", fuselage only, blue. 29Jul06 storage area north.
Present 16Nov08. Same, see my 2014 report
N5102B 04 05 06 14 Fairchild C-82A 10152 45-57782 95=fuselage 00=nosesection 04=storage
05="Interior Airways", fuselage only. 29Jul06 storage area north.
Ln 16Nov08 @GEY (airliners.net) also has Steward-Davis titles. Bought by Hagerstown Aviation Museum at auction 24Aug06 for usd 2750,-
Still present 21Oct14 upon my visit
N393589 90 05Fairchild C-119G10870(RCAF 22113)

"139" with turbojet; see N139HP "139" (P-2). Preserved as Tanker 136 N5216R

N5216R89 90 93 94Fairchild C-119F 10956(RCAF 22131)"136" with turbojet on roof, RCAF c/s; fake registration, see N3935 or full story
2009 M.Saxon report. See also below '/06'
N3003 79 86 87 89 90 93 02 03 05 06 14 Fairchild C-119F 10737(1) RCAF 2210679=Std/der 87=engines and wheels missing,RCAF with titles,
89=wreck 90=no status (N3003 only rh-side);
02=std '03' 03=std area south. 05=nosig (N3003/03).
See also John Chapman N3003 1989 photos
29Jul06 storage area south, tanker 03. Stored 21Oct14, see my report.
N3003 89 90 04 Fairchild C-119 10738 RCAF 22107

Seen as coded "3E". 87=airworthy,metallic but with RCAF livery and ex serial still visible on the metal. Tanker '01'. 04=storage
See also John Chapman N3003 1989 photos
C/n 10738, previously believed to be 10775 (see www.oldprops.ukhome.net/C119 Census)

N8094 79 83 86 87 89 90 94 00 03 06 Fairchild C-119G10994RCAF 2213579=Std/bad shape, 89=wreck, 90=for museum.
03=std,area south, "135" under wing. 29Jul06 storage area north.
Present 16nov06. Stored 21Oct14, see my report.
N8505A 93 00 02 03 04 05 06 08 14 Fairchild C-119F 17953-807602=std 03=std, area south, USAF m/s, no jet 04=storage
05="076" visible
29Jul06 storage area south. At GEY 16Nov08. Stored 21Oct14, see my report.
N37636 95 00 02 03 04 05 06 14 Fairchild C-119F25353-8150

02=std 03=std, area south. "Georgia Box"
05=nosig. 29Jul06 storage area south.
Present on Paul Filmer's visit 16Nov08.
See my 2014 report

/06 05 06 Fairchild C-119C10830?  05='10830'on nosewheeldoor. 29Jul06 museum compound, 06 on nose and reardoors.
Read Aad van der Voet's explanation (on c/n 10830)
Present Oct.2013 as Tanker 136 (with jetpod). '06' on display with museum Oct.2014 my 2014 report but jetpod '136' placed on the fake 'N5216R'. I think this is the '06'that was presentable enough to be parked as a gateguard, with the Beech 18, near the office in 1994; not the dilapidated one.
N127HP 89 90 93 94 02 03 04 05 06 09 14 Fairchild F.27F33 Hangared; 02=stored 03=std, area south 04=storage
05=nosig. 29Jul06 main ramp.
Sep.2006 being worked on, bought 18Sep06 Philippi Equipment Co. and Great American Corporation.
16Nov08 stored @GEY. Oct09 by M.Saxon report. See my 2014 report
N97HP 83 86 87 89 90 02 03 04 05 06 08 14 Boeing KC-97L(16612)(N8516T)std, all metal. 02=rereg N97HB 03=N97HP still on acft 04=storage
05=nosig. 29Jul06 storage area south. Present 16Nov08.
See my 2014 report
N397HP 83 86 89 90 93 02 03 04 05 06 08 14 Boeing KC-97L (16990) 53-0208AMARC code CH619 (89), AZ ANG, refuelling boom. 03=std area south 04=storage
05=same, 0-30208. 29Jul06 storage area south.
Ln 16Nov08 @GEY, has had its belly cut-out and fitted to Clay Lacy's C-97 N1365N (replacing the retardant tanks).
Sold to Harold Shepard in 2006, but paperwork submitted to FAA as late as 28Dec2010. See my 2014 report
N497HP 83 86 87 89 02 03 04 05 06 08 14 Boeing KC-97L(17047)53-0265,N1386MUSAF c/s, incl refuelling boom, AMARC code CH589 or 539. 03-std area south 04=storage
05=CH589 (N497HP). 29Jul06 storage area south.
Noted 16Nov08, 53-0265, has the tail of 0-3023?
Sold to Harold Shepard in 2006, but paperwork submitted to FAA as late as 28Dec2010. See my 2014 report
N1365N 89 90 02 04 05 06 08 14 Boeing KC-97L 22698 (52-2698) Coded '84',ex WI ANG/Milwaukee; 2002: '97' 04=storage
05=nosig. 29Jul06 main ramp.
Present 16Nov08, being worked on. See my 2014 report
N297HP 83 Boeing KC-97??? became N972HP; see below
N972HP 86 87 89 93 94 01 02 03 04 05 06 08 14 Boeing KC-97L (17132) 53-0350stored, USAF c/s, 0-30350; 02=std 03=std area south 04=storage
05=nosig. 29Jul06 storage area south.
Present 16Nov08. Bought by Clay Lacy at 2006 auction, included N1365N and N29862. See my 2014 report
N29862 93 00 02 03 04 05 06 08 14 Boeing KC-97L1679252-2761 02=std 03=std area south 04=storage. 05=nosig.
29Jul06 storage area south. Present 16Nov08, 52-2761, tail removed. Ex/ BuNo. 143173 US Navy
N29866 93 00 02 03 04 05 06 08 14 Boeing KC-97L1672652-269502=std 03=std area south 04=storage, 2695 on the nose, has the tail code of 0-22680 (52-2680)
05=tailsection of c/n 16711 52-2680 (see bottom page HERE..)
29Jul06 storage area south. Present 16Nov08. See my 2014 report
N171AM90Lockheed P-2???141171?AMARC code , IP334, ex USN.
--See below N173AM--
N173AM02 03 05 06 14Lockheed P-2H 726-7129 143173 02=in the museum; probably ex/N171AM, 03=museum compound
05=AMARC code 1P334. 29Jul06 museum compound. Not sighted on Paul Filmer's visit 16Nov08. Present 2011, Martin Perkins' photos. Present 2014, See my 2014 report
N128HP 90 94 02 03 04 05 06 08 14 Lockheed P-2H(726-7074)140972,N2215GUSN c/s; rereg N128HP Oct97.
02=std 03=std area north (reg not applied)
04=storage 05=148338/GF. 29Jul06 storage area north, -engines. Present 16Nov08.
See my 2014 report
N122HP 90 93 94 02 03 04 05 06 14 Lockheed SP-2H(726-7226)148341,N2216KUSN c/s, no engines; rereg N122HP Sep97 03=std area north 04=storage
05=AMARC code 1P388. 29Jul06 storage area north.
Not reported on Paul Filmer's visit 16Nov08. Present 2014, see my 2014 report
N2216S 90 94 00 02 03 04 05 06 08 14 Lockheed P-2H(726-7231)148346USN c/s; 02=std 03=std area north 04=storage, N22165 on the starboard side
05=noted as N22165/4. 29Jul06 storage area south.
Ln 16Nov08 (serial looks like N22165?). See my 2014 report
N22165/405Lockheed P-2H   See N2216S above
N2218A 90 93 94 00 02 03 04 05 06 14 Lockheed SP-2H (726-7243) 148335USN c/s; 02=std 03=std area north. AMARC:IP412. 04=storage
05=nosig. 29Jul06 storage area north, -engines.
Not reported on Paul Filmer's visit 16Nov08. Present 2014, see my 2014 report
N2218E 90 00 02 03 04 05 06 08 14 Lockheed SP-2H (726-7246) 148356USN c/s; 02=std 03=std area north. AMARC:IP419 04=storage
05=AMARC code reported as 1P429, read N22183; see Airliners.net
29Jul06 storage area north,-engines.
Ln 16Nov08. See my 2014 report
N2218Q 90 93 94 00 02 03 04 05 06 08 14 Lockheed P-2H (726-7255) 148359USN c/s; 02=std 03=std area north 04=storage
05=ex/VP-62. 29Jul06 storage area south, -engines.
Ln 16Nov08 @GEY. See my 2014 report
N125HP 00 02 03 04 05 06 08 14 Lockheed P-2H726-7035135588, N4846N02=std 03=std area north 04=storage
05=AMARC code 1P310, /ZV-... 29Jul06 storage area south. Ln 16Nov08.
Reg'd 24Mar11 to Harold Shepard of Riverton,WY. See my 2014 report
N7060Y02 03 04 05Lockheed SP-2H 726-7167 145905 02=std 03=std area north 04=storage
05=nosig. 29Jul06 storage area south.
Not reported on Paul Filmer's visit 16Nov08.
N8056D 02 03 04 05 06 08 14 Lockheed P-2H 726-7057 140154 02=std 03=std area north 04=storage
05=AMARC code 1P339. 29Jul06 storage area north.
Ln 16Nov08. See my 2014 report
6050790Lockheed C-130A182-311556-0507 ex/N8055R, N-reg painted over; possibly rereg N4172Q ?
N132HP 93 02 03 04 05 06 08 14 Lockheed C-130A(1A-3115)56-0507, N4172Q 02=on main ramp 03=east of rwy 15/33, 0507 marked on nose. USAF camo, engines red*. 04=storage, has N4172Q scored out, not N4172 as listed
05=nosig. 29Jul06 storage area north.
'0507' sighted 16Nov08 @GEY Paul Filmers nov.2008 report Herc slideshow, pic 7.
Present Oct.2014
N133FF 93 94 03 04 05 06 08 14 Lockheed C-130A1A-3143 56-0535see Id by tyres 04=storage
05=no tail, reg nn. 29Jul06 storage area north.
Tailless C-130 shown on Paul Filmer's Nov.2008 report, Hercs slideshow pic 9.
See my 2014 report
N134HP 90 94 00 02 03 04 05 06 09 14 Lockheed C-130A 182-3218 57-0511

ex/USAF-Rhode Island ANG; 02=std 03=std area north 04=storage
05=no outer wings. 29Jul06 storage area north.
Ln 16Nov08. Pic 2009 below. See my 2014 report

N135HP 90 93 02 03 04 05 08 09 14Lockheed C-130A 182-3166 57-0459ex/USAF; 02=stored 03=std area south 04=storage
05=no outer wings. Incl on 21Jun06 list (below), not on 29Jul06 list by R.Pettersen
0459 stored GEY, sighted 16Nov08. Pic 2009 below.
See my 2014 report
N8230H 02 03 04 05 06 08 14 Lockheed C-130A 182-3220 57-051302=std 03=std area south. All grey, reg almost invisable 04=storage
05=nosig. 29Jul06 storage area north, -engines.
Present 16Nov08, grey camo. See my 2014 report



Notes & remarks:

Jim Tomlinson offered the following on the two N3003s which have been sighted at Greybull:
There were two aircraft marked as N3003 here on my visit in Sep.1987.
N3003 is always listed as c/n 10737 ex RCAF 22106. But this was clearly the previous serial of the WFU (without further use) aircraft in RCAF colours, not the airworthy example. The airworthy N3003 had all traces of its previous identity removed from the metal skin, unlike N15501.
It would appear that the airworthy N3003 has taken the identity of the WFU N3003. If this is the case, what is the real identity of the airworthy (at that time) N3003? Is it some sort of rebuild from a damaged aircraft?

UPDATE: the N3003 is still (2018) stored at KGEY is thought to be c/n 10737 (ex/ RCAF 22016), while the other one made its way to the Hill AFB Museum in Utah, is c/n 10738, ex/ RCAF 22107 and preserved as '52-2107' - current in 2018.

See also John Chapman N3003 1989 photos

Two other mystery planes at Greybull are : "06" (N3003/22106?) and another "06" (N8094?)
Again, Jim Tomlinson has something to say about these:
Another mystery is the identity of the two aircraft marked '06'. Comparing pictures taken on my visit in 10/87 with pictures of the engineless '06' in faded RCAF colors taken in 10/97, I think this aircraft is N3003/22106. The RCAF scheme, although more faded, seems to match.
This preserved aircraft in repainted RCAF as '06' could be N8094, which I note on your list was in the museum in 1990.

Sean Keating advised me of a clue to identifying former Canadian C119's: the radar nose cone, if a museum has replaced it with a short nose, then the screw holes still show the outline of the original nose.

During 2005 H&P went into liquidation.
The following were changes on the FAA civil register during Sep.2005, all aircraft registered to Pride Capital Group of Deerfield,IL.
Listed in type order, showing registration, manufacturer, model and serial*
*Note that "serial" is meant to be construction number, but is often the former military registration. Aircraft need not to be present at Greybull, but it does give a good account of the hardware previously owned by H&P.
N1365N BOEING KC-97G 52-2698
N97HB BOEING KC-97G 52-918
N29862 BOEING KC-97L 52-2761
N29866 BOEING KC-97L 52-2695
N397HP BOEING KC-97L 53-208
N497HP BOEING KC-97L 53-265
N90203 DOUGLAS C-54G 35934
N8505A FAIRCHILD C-119F 179
N8093 FAIRCHILD C-119G 10776
N8094 FAIRCHILD C-119G 10994
N15501 FAIRCHILD C-119G-3E 10955
N3003 FAIRCHILD C-119G-3E 10737
N37636 FAIRCHILD C-119L 53-8150
N9701F FAIRCHILD C-82A 45-57814
N131HP LOCKHEED C-130A 56-534 (to IAR, stored at Coolidge,AZ - 2014)
N132HP LOCKHEED C-130A 56-507
N133FF LOCKHEED C-130A 56-535
N133HP LOCKHEED C-130A 57-0482 (to IAR, stored at Coolidge,AZ - 2014)
N134HP LOCKHEED C-130A 57-0511
N135HP LOCKHEED C-130A 57-459
N8908F LOCKHEED P-2H 140441
N122HP LOCKHEED P2V-7 148341
N128HP LOCKHEED P2V-7 140972
N129HP LOCKHEED P2V-7 147950
N138HP LOCKHEED P2V-7 148338
N139HP LOCKHEED P2V-7 145906
N140HP LOCKHEED P2V-7 140443
N173AM LOCKHEED P2V-7 143173
N2216S LOCKHEED P2V-7 148346
N2218A LOCKHEED P2V-7 148355
N2218E LOCKHEED P2V-7 148356
N2218Q LOCKHEED P2V-7 148359
N8056D LOCKHEED P2V-7 140154
N125HP LOCKHEED SP-2H 135588
N7060Y LOCKHEED SP-2H 145905
Credit: Nigel Howarth, forwarded by Jeff Rankin-Lowe.

The following list was published on Yahoo's Classic Propliners forum in Aug.2006, a posting of Neville Spalding of ADU Software ,
Kevin Widdowson being the creator of this list.
I have sorted the list a little and added the remarks (thanks to Erik-Jan Hartman for adding many details).

21/06/2006 Greybull, WY and updates
Reg/Code Type C/n (& Line nbr)
N9701F Packet C-82A 10184 Hawkins & Powers Aviation At auction Aug06 bought by Hagerstown Aviation Museum, Maryland for usd 140.250,-
131706 Boxcar C-119G 10891 Hawkins & Powers Aviation This sighting probably stems from '06' marked C-119 and is the only report of this 131706 to be there; '06' is however most likely C-119 RCAF 22106 (c/n 10830).
See 131706 in 1982 and why it cannot be here at KGEY !
N15501 Boxcar C-119G 10955 Hawkins & Powers Aviation R23jan07 Hans O.Lauridsen, Carefree,AZ www.lauridsenairmuseum.com See my visit to Buckeye AZ 2017
N3003 Boxcar C-119G 10737 Hawkins & Powers Aviation '03'; see my Greybull 2014 visit
N37636 Boxcar C-119L 253 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Present 16Nov08, owned by scrap merchant Harold Shepard, who intends to make one of two (other=N8505A) of these C-119s airworthy.
'N3935' Boxcar C-119G 10824 Hawkins & Powers Aviation (As N5216R) Sold at Auction Aug06; buyer?
N8093 Boxcar C-119G 10776 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Donated by Bob Stanford , Zenith Aviation, Fredericksburg,VA to Hagerstown Aviation Museum [Dec.2006]. Ferried 16Nov08, see YouTube.com
N8094 Boxcar C-119G 10994 Hawkins & Powers Aviation  
N8505A Boxcar C-119F 179 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Present 16Nov08, owned by scrap merchant Harold Shepard, who intends to make one of two (other=N37636) of these C-119s airworthy; large lettering '076' now almost completely faded (compare airliners.net)
N122HP Neptune SP-2H 726-7226 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Bought by Neptune Aviation Services of Missoula,MT (registered 08Jan07).
N125HP Neptune SP-2H 726-7035 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Ln 16Nov08 at Greybull. Reg'd to Harold Shepard 24Mar11.
N128HP Neptune SP-2H 726-7073 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Bought by Neptune Aviation Services of Missoula,MT (registered 08Jan07).
N138HP Neptune SP-2H 726-7223 Hawkins & Powers Aviation  
N173AM Neptune P-2H 726-7129 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Reg'd 03Sep08 to Richard C. Camp of Burke,VA as N173AM; not noted 16Nov08, presumed scrapped.
N2216S Neptune SP-2H 726-7231 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Bought by Neptune Aviation Services of Missoula,MT (registered 08Jan07).
Ln 16Nov08 @GEY (tailnumber as N22165).
N2218A Neptune SP-2H 726-7243 Hawkins & Powers Aviation  
N2218E Neptune SP-2H 726-7246 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Bought by Neptune Aviation Services of Missoula,MT (registered 11Jan07).
Last noted 16Nov08 @GEY (Bu.148356)
N2218Q Neptune SP-2H 726-7255 Hawkins & Powers Aviation

Bought by Neptune Aviation Services of Missoula,MT (registered 08Jan07).
Ln 16Nov08 @GEY.

N7060Y Neptune SP-2H 726-7167 Hawkins & Powers Aviation  
N8056D Neptune SP-2H 726-7057 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Registered to Harold Shepard Jr, Riverton,WY on 06Sep07. Ln 16Nov08 @GEY.
N127HP F-27 A 33 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Last noted 16Nov08 at Greybull, stored.
N131HP Hercules C-130A 3142 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Bought by Int'l Air Response Inc 20dec06
see my visit to Coolidge May08.
N132HP Hercules C-130A 3115 Hawkins & Powers Aviation (56-)0507 sighted at GEY 16Nov08.
N133FF Hercules C-130A 3143 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Bought by D&D Enterprises, 12Sep06
Tailless C-130 shown on Paul Filmer's Nov.2008 report, Hercs slideshow pic 9.
N133HP Hercules C-130A 3189 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Bought by Int'l Air Response Inc 20dec06.
Still at Greybull (minus engines) 16Nov08.
N134HP Hercules C-130A 3218 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Last noted 16Nov08 at Greybull
N135HP Hercules C-130A 3166 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Last noted 16Nov08 @GEY (57-0459)
N8230H Hercules C-130A 3220 Hawkins & Powers Aviation  
N1365N Stratofreighter KC-97L 16729 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Sold at auction Aug06, to Clay Lacy. AT @GEY 16Nov08 being worked on.
N29862 Stratofreighter KC-97L 16792 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Sold at auction Aug06, to Clay Lacy
N29866 Stratofreighter KC-97L 16726 Hawkins & Powers Aviation  
N397HP Stratofreighter KC-97L 16990 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Ln 16Nov08 @GEY, 53-0208 has had its belly cut-out and fitted to Clay Lacy's C-97 N1365N (replacing the retardant tanks).
Sold to Harold Shepard in 2006, but paperwork submitted to FAA as late as 28Dec2010.
N497HP Stratofreighter KC-97L 17047 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Sold to Harold Shepard in 2006, but paperwork submitted to FAA as late as 28Dec2010.
N972HP Stratofreighter KC-97L 17132 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Sold at auction Aug06, to Clay Lacy
N97HP Stratofreighter KC-97G 16612 Hawkins & Powers Aviation

Reg'd 30Apr07 to Harold Shepard,Jr of Riverton,WY as N97HB (dba Shepard Trucking).
Present 16Nov08 @GEY.

N233HP C-118A 44661/628 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Bought by Everts Air Fuel Jul05, registered 10Feb06, flew out GEY Oct07, arriving PAE for work on it on 29Oct07.
N2871G Privateer PB4Y-2 66302 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Sold at auction Aug06, was restored
N2872G Privateer PB4Y-2 66300 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Sold at auction Aug06, Yanks Museum. Ferried Nov.2008 to Yanks Air Museum, California.
N6884C Privateer PB4Y-2 59701 Hawkins & Powers Aviation R18Jan07 D&G Inc, Casper,WY
Still present Nov.2008 at Greybull. Same Oct.2013
N7962C Privateer PB4Y-2 59882 CK 132 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Still present Nov.2008 at Greybull.
Pic 2009 below. Pic 2014 on my visit 2014.
N314CF Catalina Canso A 427 Alegre Air became N206M (2004), flew out in 2008, to Bloomington IN (Reg'd 08Jul08 Black Cat Aviation LLC in Indianapolis, IN)
N687MA CN-212 Aviocar 200 174 Murray Aviation  
N7391C Beech 18 UC-45F 8460 Private  
N8190B Provider C-123K 20144 Hawkins & Powers Aviation Landed 15Aug07 at Sioux Gateway Airport,Iowa after successfully completing a 750-mile ferry flight; donated to Mid America Transportation & Aviation Museum
N880V Lodestar Dallaero 18-6124 Hawkins & Powers Aviation  Ferried out, date & destination (Florida?) unknown.

Not listed in the above was N126HP A-26 Invader, which was sold in the Aug06 auction to Lauridsen Aviation Museum of Glendale Mun'l Airport,AZ. Noted by Nige Howarth present at KGEY on 24Sep93.
Lockheed P2V Neptunes N8056D and N173AM were sold for respectively 5,000 and 6,000 US dollars and seem destined for the scrappers.
Air Classics (June 2006) reported that P2V-7 N8908F (BuNo 140441) was cut up for scrap as an exercise to see how much value it would fetch in that form.
N90203 C-54E c/n 35934 was registered to Hawkins & Powers Aviation on 30Apr04. This aircraft was previously owned by H&P but operated by Aero Flite, which is based in Kingman,Arizona. And noted by Nige Howarth present at KGEY on 24Sep93. On 28Sep05 it was registered to the Pride Capital Group. Why it was reregistered to H&P I do not know, time may tell. Anno Nov.2008 N90203 was stored at Kingman in Arizona, with critical parts missing. The same in Oct.2012.

A large number of vintage- and firefighting planes were being auctioned off during Aug. 2006. Hawkins and Powers ceased operations during 2005 and a over sixty(!) vintage planes and aerial fire-fighting aircraft were on offer.
Hawkins & Powers were pioneers in aerial firefighting, having been founded as a company in 1969 by co-owners Dan Hawkins and Gene Powers.
Over the years, the company grew to become one of the nation's leading providers of firefighting services, aircraft and equipment to the USDA Forest Service and other federal and state agencies.
The company's aircraft and the business of aerial firefighting also featured in the film, "Always" (starring Richard Dreyfuss). And Fairchild C-119G N15501 starred in the film "Flight of the Phoenix."
It was only to be expected that several aircraft were destined to meet their fate by the hands of the scrapman...

On a Yahoo forum (PBY, forwarded on Classic-Propliners) an interesting message appeared (Aug.2006)--
".... at the big auction in Greybull, Wyoming. This was Hawkins & Powers treasure trove of old stuff and it was something else.
At Lone Star we're restoring a PB4Y2 with Cyclones and have a B-25 that's a regular flyer too (N333RW). H&P had an unbelievable quantity of R-2600 engines and parts, some new and a lot of used rebuildables. Translate this as a huge amount of same is now entering the warbird market and John said things look a lot brighter for R-2600 users now. Virtually every round engine builder in N. America was there. Lone Star's friend Carl Sholl (sp.?) made the deal of the century on 600 used 2600 cylinders for like three bucks a jug!!! We also got some more Cyclone cowlings for the 4Y. There were a bunch of their leftover water bombers there too and "everything" sold.
Two 4Y's were sold, one east coast and one west coast.
The Neptunes were junk, but there was a nice A-26 that sold kind of low.
On a negative note, a scrapper bought four or five of the C-97's and began chopping them immediately, with the metal already dealt off to China."

Elsewhere someone wrote: "I was told that Clay Lacy bought three of the KC-97s and he doesn't plan to scrap them."

Rick Pisio wrote 31Aug06 on WIX-forum:
"Yesterday I spoke with the curator for the The Museum of Flight and Aerial Firefighting in Greybull and he told me that he was able to keep for the museum:
At least 1 of the PB4Y's, possibly 2
P2V-7 (currently on display at the airport entrance)
(2) C-119 (the two that were on display at the airport entrance)
C-45 (also currently on display at the airport entrance)
He also said that all of the buyers have until the 8th of September to remove their purchases or make special arrangements with the airport, which I assume means lease storage space back. The airport should look a lot different after the 8th."

Jay volunteered the following info on that same forum:
"I have the following owners to match the numbered aircraft.
Tanker 121 (N2871G) was purchased by a business man from Phoenix, AZ and will be made to fly again.
Tanker 124 (N2872G) was purchased by the Yanks Air Museum in Chino, CA.
T#126 (N7962C) is owned by the Hawkins family and will probably be sold in the future.
T127 (N6884C) is owned by Gene Powers and has not been sold at this time.
The earlier post about the (4) KC-97's being scrapped by the end of last week was totally false.
These are very large aircraft with a very small scrapping operation.
Also, here are the following N-numbers for the KC-97's that Clay Lacy purchased: N1365N (tanker configuration), N972HP (cargo configuration) and 229862 for parts."

The following was published online on GREYBULL STANDARD [31Aug06]
Auction Signals End Of H&P Era [by Nathan Oster]
Buyers from throughout the United States converged on Greybull last week for the auction of assets formerly held by Hawkins and Powers Aviation. Representatives of Great American Group, the asset management firm which purchased H&P last year, report that all of the planes were sold during the liquidation auction conducted Aug. 23-24 at the airport and online.
"We had 200 buyers, between those bidding online and those who were here," said Phil McArdle, supervising consultant for Great American. "Overall, things went very well, and we ended up doing better than we had projected going into the auction."
"One of the planes on the auction block, a C-82 Packet used by the U.S. Navy during World War II but later converted by H&P to carry 3,000 gallons of fire retardant, went for $127,500 to buyers representing the Hagerstown Aviation Museum. According to news accounts, the museum had solicited public donations to bring the twin-engine, propeller-driven plane back to Hagerstown where Fairchild Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation operated for 55 years until 1984. The plane, built in 1945, is the same type of craft that appeared in the original "Flight of the Phoenix" movie, and will become the centerpiece of the museum.

Carl Meyer, a longtime H&P employee and current general manager of B&G Industries, said B&G ended up buying one of the C-119s that was on the auction block. "For years, people driving past here have seen airplanes," said Meyer. "With the vast majority of them being scrapped, we made a decision to buy one so that people can continue to drive by here and see a C-119. "By putting it on display, we will retain some of the history that was once here."
Meyer said most of the interest in the PB4Y-2s came from "warbird people" who desire to restore the planes and display them for the public. One buyer, however, was more interested in the plane?s history as a retardant airplane. "He wants to keep the retardant things in it and be able to fly it and demonstrate how it was used postwar," said Meyer. "He recognized its history as a retardant airplane, and did not want to lose that."
Great American representatives would not disclose the selling price of any of the aircraft or other aviation equipment that sold last week.

Prior to the sale, there had been an effort led by Ralph Reiner, curator of the Museum of Flight and Aerial Firefighting, to raise funds to keep the planes in the local area. He cited the need to keep the following planes, (in addition to the above C-82 Packet)-, for the museum-
1. PB4Y-2 Privateer used by the U.S. Navy against the Japanese during World War II but later converted by H&P to carry 3,000 gallons of fire retardant.
2. C-119 cargo plane built by Fairchild Company that appeared in the movie, "Flight of the Phoenix."
3. C-130 Hercules, made by the Lockheed Company, that was used as a large cargo plane during World War II but later converted to carry up to 3,000 gallons of fire retardant.
4. C-97 Boeing Stratofreighter, that was the largest air tanker in the world, capable of holding up to 4,000 gallons of fire retardant.
5. L-18 Lockheed Lodestar.

Unable to raise the necessary funds, Reiner expressed sadness this week that "so many great planes will soon be gone," but vowed to fight on in his quest to preserve the aviation history of the Greybull area. "Come next year, we'll still be up there," he said. "There will be seven or eight planes that won't leave here, and we are going to do everything we can to try to find more planes and keep the museum going, and possibly even make it larger. "I am not going to give up, even though I'm getting to be an old man. Preserving this part of our history is too important for me to do that."
Reiner said he plans to apply for grant money, and to continue to work with Sens. Mike Enzi and Craig Thomas and Rep. Barbara Cubin, as well as Gov. Dave Freudenthal.
Transitions For Great American, the auction was the culminating event of the firm's stay in Greybull. "We will be done here within the next month, after we make sure everybody has received their goods and things are cleaned out," said McArdle, who personally has spent the past year living in Greybull. "It?s been a great place, and the whole town has been very friendly and willing to help," he said. "I think we?ve done a good job for the town." He cited the creation and success of B&G Industries. "We kept the business in place, created employment for former H&P employees, and through the auction, we have given B&G Industries approximately 12 months of work."
McArdle suggested and Meyer later confirmed that B&G Industries plans to expand its workforce in Greybull. "Prior to the auction, actually, we'd secured enough contracts," said Meyer. "But as a result of the auction, we secured even more contracts which will require more hiring." Those hirings, Meyer stressed, would be permanent. B&G currently employs 24. "With the workload we have on our plate now for the next six to eight months, we are eight to 10 people shy," he said, adding that the company will be looking for licensed aircraft technicians and skilled mechanics. "From a B&G perspective, we feel really positive right now," summarized Meyer. "The company is off to a great start, we've secured some good contracts, and we are hiring. "The people we have here, with the skills that they possess, have helped us tremendously in securing more work and allowing us to go forward."

The following provides a bit more info on B&G Industries,
Source: Billings Gazette 16Feb06.
By RUFFIN PREVOST -Gazette Wyoming Bureau-
GREYBULL - After months of uncertainty that saw financial straits, management changes and rounds of layoffs, the former aerial firefighting firm of Hawkins & Powers has found a buyer.
In an agreement expected to be signed Friday, B&G Industries of Thermopolis has reached a deal to acquire the Hawkins & Powers name, interests and remaining assets, said principals involved in the transfer.
The new company, to be known as B&G Industries, will continue to operate from the Big Horn County Airport near Greybull, and will retain all 21 employees, said Paul Galovich, co-owner of B&G Industries.
"We're all very excited," Galovich said. "There are some big challenges here, without question. But we believe we can make this happen."
Hawkins & Powers President Jim Taggart called the deal "a very good fit for the employees, as well as for the creditors and owners. It's really a win-win situation, and I wish them well."
The deal included an agreement between B&G and asset liquidator Great American to acquire the hangar, tools and other fixed assets necessary for continued operations, Galovich said.
Last fall, Great American bought the hangar, tools and dozens of aircraft parts and other assets from Hawkins & Powers, which made the deal to pay down $14 million in debt.
Hawkins & Powers had previously lost its core business, aerial firefighting, after the federal government ceased contracting for the services following crashes of two of its airplanes in 2002.
Hawkins & Powers employees had recently met with Galovich and his partner, Karl Bertagnole, and Taggart said he believed all of the employees had decided to stay on with the new company.
Taggart said he was hopeful that B&G Industries executives would be able to expand the aircraft refurbishing business.
Galovich said improvements to the airport infrastructure would eventually be necessary, including construction of a larger hangar and upgrades to water systems for fire suppression improvements.
"We would hope to, within the next couple of years, establish a new hangar to completely house the aircraft, and with that it gives us an extended opportunity to work on a lot of different types of aircraft," Galovich said.
"All of these things can definitely be accomplished," he said. "With the facilities and employees we have there, we could not be in a better location for this type of operation than Greybull, Wyoming."

In March 2008 I received following email from a former H&P crewmember:
"I have some insight on some of these aircraft, as I flew for H & P for some time. To solve the mystery of the various numbers, you will need to get with the USFS and/or USDA. For a few years, they had the practice of assigning tanker numbers.
There wasn't much logic involved in these numbers. As the various operators around the country would send in the paper work to register their aircraft for the up-coming fire season it would be given a number. If it already had a number, it stayed. But if you swapped an aircraft one year that didn't have a number, they would give it a number that was not used on the list.
As a result an operator might operate 6 aircraft and have tanker numbers 06, 123, 86, 29, 101, 137. If one became un-flyable before the next year, it did not pick up the number of the one it replaced. It might be 22, or any other of number you can think of.

In the case of N-numbers, they have nothing to do with serial number of the aircraft and can at best possible aid you in tracking the aircraft from year to year-sadly, however, may not have anything to do with a particular aircraft. I have seen some aircraft with a different tanker number every other year. Even some had a different N number every few years...
As you may have noticed, many of Gene's aircraft had N-numbers which ended in HP. At one time, he got a block of these numbers from the FAA. Those numbers were swapped around on various aircraft almost yearly!
It was simply a matter a writing the FAA a letter and officially moving the "registration number" to a different aircraft.
I flew the 97 (Boeing 377), C-119 and PB4Y as well as other "stuff" he might have around.

One of your contributors noted that a radome had be added to one of the C-119s. Some of the original 119s Gene had, did not have radomes, as they did not have radars. The bunch he got from the RCAF all had radars, and thus radomes. Anytime he wanted to put a radar in a 119, regardless of its lineage, he would take a radome from one of the RCAF machines to house it. Gene had a particular knack for making things work without spending a lot of money."

Paul Filmer made a visit to Greybull in Nov.2008 and made an excellent report on his www.skippyscage.com/aviation/wy/greybull08/ (link no longer active); he also reported 2 C-119s on the ramp were owned by scrap merchant Harold Shepard, who intends to make one of these airworthy!
Various aircraft already seem to have been scrapped by now.

Mark Saxon of Chessington, UK made a visit on 09Oct09 to Greybull:
N127HP    F-27
N7391C    Beech 18  museum area
N6884C    PB4Y      museum area
N7962C    PB4Y 
N972HP    KC-97
N397HP    KC-97
N29862    KC-97
N497HP    KC-97
N97HB     KC-97
N29866    KC-97
N1365N    KC-97     outside hangar
N122HP    P-2
N2218A    P-2
N125HP    P-2
N2218E    P-2
N2218Q    P-2
N128HP    P-2
N8056D    P-2
N2216S    P-2
N173AM    P-2       museum area
N134HP    C-130    
N132HP    C-130
N133FF    C-130     on the ramp behind the C-119s (see below)
N8230H    C-130
N135HP    C-130
N37636    C-119     on ramp by museum
N8505A    C-119     on ramp by museum
N8094?     C-119    all silver jetpod marked 03
N3935     C-119     RCAF c/s museum area marked N5216R
N5215R?   C-119    RCAF c/s museum area marked 06; exterior label: N961S (2011; HERE)
N3003?    C-119     Very faded RCAF c/s (now has props fitted)
Also seen were the two C-82 pods N5102B and N8009E
Unless noted all aircraft were parked/dumped on the far side of the field
Have I got the two C-119s correct ?


Mark Saxon from Chessington, UK wrote me in June 2012, sending photos dated 09Oct2009, taken at Greybull,WY. He wrote: " I was on a coach tour holiday and we made a comfort break (to my delight) at the airport.
I just blasted away so the images are not really worth submitting to any of the usual websites but as
your website is so interesting and helpful I thought they may be of interest to you or others.
All were taken from outside the airport and some from within the coach on the move. It was also quite dark so I have enhanced them a bit which may have reduced the quality further."

Greybull 2009
That could well be Lockheed P-2H N173AM on display there, in 2014 I saw it moved back to the boneyard.

Greybull 2009

Greybull 2009

Greybull 2009

Greybull 2009
A single grey Herc among (4) green Hercs. My 2014 visit has the details.

Greybull 2009

N134HP on the right

C-130 N135HP

0-22680 (52-2680)

PBY Privateer N7962C

Greybull 2009
I think this is N173AM, which had been moved back to the boneyard upon my Oct.2014 visit.

N5216R N6884C N127HP
The fake N5216R; this C-119, the bare metal Beech 18 and the PBY4 Privateer in the background were all
paccounted for in Oct.2013.




From the air: Greybull
Greybull seen from the air; unfortunately I have no date to this image nor a name to credit the photographer. The photo was shared on Facebook ('Fire Bombers') in Feb.2014.
In Jan.2015 I received following email from Craig Stebbins indicating a likely timeframe:
"I was looking at your web site recently, and I think I can tell you, with a fair amount of certainty, that the photo was taken during the summer of 1988. Note the four C-119s with red trim parked in the dirt on the northern end between the ramp and the runway. These -119s were all tankers. As you know, the C-119s were withdrawn from service with the USFS in late 1987, following the crash of H&P's T-135. The C-119s never flew during the 1988 fire season and were parked until they were flown off to museums.
Also note the Douglas aircraft parked on he ramp, those are airtankers as well, can't quite tell whose they might be (non H&P), looks like a DC-4 and a -7.
I'm pretty sure this picture was snapped during a fire bust: my guess is they were working the Yellowstone fires and all the other fires that were burning in the region at the time.
During the '88 fire season, H&P only had six airtankers flying: five '4Ys and the KC-97.
H&P's first surplussed C-130 was ferried to Greybull later that year followed by more C-130s and a couple of P-2Vs in 1989, which is why I am confident that this picture was taken in 1988, before all the 'newer' airplanes arrived."

Dale Sandberg sent me these images, taken at Greybull (KGEY) in Oct.2013:
Surviving propliners at Greybull,WY
Neatly placed in a row now: C-119 Tanker 136, PBY4 Privateer N6884C Tanker 127 and bare metal Beech 18.
The Beech 18 is thought to be N7391C (see the log report top of the page).
Jeffrey S. DeVore noticed it upon his visit 03Jul15 missing from the museum display.

PBY Tanker 127
Dale wrote: "These were taken from the rest stop, right by the airport." Tanker 126 is N7962C.

C-119 Tanker 136
At some point there were 2 C-119s with marking '06' on the nose. One a very faded one and one nicely painted and
put up for display at the H&P office. The faded one is supposed to be c/n 10830, this one is a mystery still though
it probably is decorated with tailnumber 'N5215R' (but that is a deception).
See also my visit here in Oct.2014


David Haile from Sheridan,WY sent me the following update on the museum in May 2015:
"I called the airport manager for access onto the airport ("not allowed") and he said the museum was up and running and open and I should come anyway so we did. We came on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend and it was not open!
If not Memorial Day then when?
Not only that, it had the appearance that it hadn't been open in a while and even if open wouldn't be much...
The museum is a single-wide mobile home with t-shirts for sale on the wall. I think there were five planes displayed.
Those planes are the ones that used to be outside of the fence by the little log cabin near the entrance to the airport.
Now they are behind a locked and barb wired fence. Nothing new was added to the collection.
I've seen the Boxcars and the two other modified bombers previously and was far more interested in
what I could see just beyond the runway.
The remaining C97G that is practically flyable would be a fantastic plane to add to the museum!"



Brian Duxbury visited Greybull,WY recently and I am grateful for his feedback.
"On the main ramp are C-119 N3003 and KC-97 N1365N looking in reasonable condition."

"Here are the photos I took, left to right, from the museum area:"
Greybull, 2017

Greybull,WY 2017
"From further up the road, to the West giving a different angle."

And finally 3 taken from the field at the Western end of Greybull looking East:
Greybull, 2017

So, by identifying aircraft from your list and my photos here’s what I conclude is in the storage area:

C-82 N5102B
C-82 N8009E

C-54 N67017
C-54 N67019

Martin 4-0-4 N461M
Martin 4-0-4 N9234C

F-27 N127HP

C-119 N8094
C-119 N8505A
C-119 N37636

KC-97 N97HP
KC-97 N397HP
KC-97 N497HP
KC-97 N972HP
KC-97 N29862
KC-97 N29866

C-130 N132HP
C-130 N133FF
C-130 N134HP
C-130 N135HP
C-130 N8230H
C-130 58-0470

I’m sorry I don’t collect Neptunes, so I didn’t log any of those.
-Brian Duxbury

The museum:


Greybull, 2017

Brian wrote: "My visit to Greybull was on 19th of August this year.
The good news is that it seems everything is still there! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to gain access to the airfield despite being passed round about 4 different email contacts for the airports operation and the company that seems to own the aircraft storage area/ hangar operations.
As I was with my family, I was only able to spend a short time at the museum, and take photos of all that I could of the storage area from a distance.
The museum was open (a Saturday) and had a good number of visitors while I was there, maybe 30 or so people! A good sign, although there may have been extra numbers in the area because of the total solar eclipse.
Here is a log of everything I have managed to piece together:
P2V-7 Neptune 143173 ’41-6363’ #61 IP334 (The caption for your picture has '41-6868') - RL: parts swapped?
N3935 ‘136’ C-119
‘06’ C-119
N6884C PB4Y-2 Privateer
N7962C PB4Y-2 Privateer
N7391C Beech 18

See my Greybull Report 2014 Brian refers to: PAGE 1 | PAGE 2


Greybull on Airliners.net

Some aircraft have been relocated to form a backdrop to the Greybull Rest Area, see

Chuck Lunsford wrote a book about his days as a radio operator onboard the C-119:
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He also wrote a novel, featuring the C-119 Flying Boxcar, called "Boxcar Down, the Albanian Incident" Click here

Both books can be bought through BookSurge.com

Another writer, Larry E. Fletcher (ex USAF Captain), used his personal experience to write a novel about the C-119 Gunship in Vietnam: "Shadows of Saigon, Air Commandos in SE Asia".

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