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On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I would like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.


Electra C-FIJX
Udo Krause sent me this update on C-FIJX, the painting continues in a fine pace. I like that name: Super
Aleutian Electra III
, nice touch! Photo: Red Deer - Buffalo Airways - 02Jun2011.
For more info on C-FIJX, see John Olafson's photo further below.

[My visit in 2003 to Coventry,UK may also be of interest, the former homebase of this L.188 Electra]
You may find my CANADA 2019 revisit to Red Deer of interest.

N600UA made a wheels up landing at Cold Bay
John Maxwell sent me this remarkable photo.

He wrote:
"N600UA landed gear up in Cold Bay,AK on 12Jun2011. Here is a picture of her on RWY26.
Sad day, I loved to hear those round engines!"
Accident description on Aviation Safety Network.

You can find the history of Douglas DC-6BF c/n 44894 with photos I took at Kenai,AK in 2006: HERE..

C-FIJX under conversion by Buffalo
L188C C-FIJX (ex-N2RK) c/n 2010 at Red Deer

John Olafson
wrote me on 15Jun2011:
"Buffalo Joe has obtained another Lockheed L.188C and it is presently being completely stripped and being rebuilt for freighter use.
It was so dark inside the hangar I don't know how a person can work, but they do!

You may recall that a couple of years ago, they built a structure which attaches to the hangar and completely encloses the tail of an Electra which is being worked on. A great idea for the mechanics who formerly worked in severe cold.
Well, I was told that this structure no longer exists!
Last winter, during an extreme wind storm the structure took flight and ended up across the road and just narrowly missed a building. Fortunately no damage to anything but that structure and also fortunately there was not an aircraft in the hangar at the time.

Air Spray have obtained several more Electras. Two of Buffalo's C54's were there too. One is a sprayer and the other a tanker."

[My visit in 2003 to Coventry,UK may be of interest, the former homebase of this L.188 Electra. -Webmaster]

See also above, an update by Udo Krause!

You may find my CANADA 2019 revisit to Red Deer of interest.

Fred W. Wallis wrote me in June 2011:
"The Canadians came to help last weekend! My friend and I took these at the Healy Valley fire, in Alaska."

tanker T55 C-FHKF of Conair This is Convair CV580 C-FHKF (c/n 374), Tanker 55 of Conair.

See also my visit to Abbotsford CANADA 2019 of interest, with pictures of many Conair tankers!

Colonial C-1 Skimmer

Terry Fletcher sent me this, he wrote:
"Thought you might like to see this image I took of N6595K - 1948 Colonial C-1 Skimmer - c/n 1.
Taken at Winter Haven,FL on 29th March 2011, on our way back to Orlando after a day at 2011 Sun 'n Fun.!
Our group were hurrying to get all our photos from the ramp before the light faded and I did not realise the significance of this aircraft type and original c/n number until I got home and processed my photo..."
Terry Fletcher

N6595K has been registered to Skimmer One Inc (Old Chatham,NY) on 29Dec1999. FAA's N-inquiry website states it was manufactured in 1948 and is powered by a Lycoming engine, 0-320 series.

The Colonial Model C-1 Skimmer is an American small single-engined amphibian flying boat built by the Colonial Aircraft Corporation. It was the start of a line of very similar aircraft designed by David Thurston.
In 1946 David Thurston established the Colonial Aircraft Corporation to build his design for a small amphibian flying boat, the Skimmer.
The resulting design was an all-metal shoulder-wing cantilever monoplane with a single-step hull and stabilizing floats fitted under each wing. A retractable tricycle landing gear allows land operation. The Avco Lycoming engine with a pusher propeller is pylon-mounted above and aft of the enclosed cockpit.
The cabin has side-by-side seating for a pilot and passenger with room behind for another passenger.
The prototype first flew on 17 July 1948.
[Source: Wikipedia]

John Staber wrote me in response: "I am the owner of N6595K c/n 1 which Terry Fletcher submitted above. Here is a photo of herself on the Hudson River.
The photo was taken above Hudson,NY on 01Jun2010, shortly after her after-restoration maiden voyage on 22May10.
The photo was taken by myself, the restorer and owner! #1 is the 16th Colonial or Lake that I have owned since 1964."
John H. Staber
Skimmer One, Inc.

 Colonial Skimmer N6595K

N39303 in May 2011 at Bethel,AK

N39303 is back in Bethel hauling bypass mail for Alaska Hovercraft this spring, with new Alaskan Doors / extended baggage compartment.
Photo taken May 19th, 2011.

More photos by 'JoJo' Prince on his PAGE one + PAGE two

Ian Comleys noticed I hadn't photographed all planes on display at Monino's Russian Air Force Museum (visit April 2011) and he sent me below images which I compiled into one.
The fierce, cold wind blowing that day and an uncomfortable condition on my feet restricted me somewhat; normally I have no problem crossing fences for a better photo, but this day I did not consider it even.
Photos by Ian Comleys

Buffalo CL-215 C-GDHN

I have John Olafson to thank for this photo of Buffalo's CL-215 airtanker C-GDHN/T296. John wrote:

"One of Buffalo Joe’s CL215’s was sighted a few days ago in Kelowna. It seems they were practicing water pickups and drops from Okanagan Lake. Some of the procedures will be put into Season 3 of Ice Pilots which is being produced now. They planned to do the practice near Red Deer, but because of the shitty winter and horrible weather, all those local lakes were still frozen!
Here is a shot I took on April 23rd, through the chain link fence at Kelowna, as they were preparing for another sortie."

I came across C-GDHN (stored?) with Viking Air at Victoria IAP on 07Oct2019 - CANADA 2019
It seems this airframe is instrumental for Viking's new project 'CL-415EAF' ???

Mark Wade sent me this in january 2011:
"I finally got around to dragging out my old photos from my 'service' days and found a couple of shots of a C-119 J air tanker that stopped over at the CDF Air Attack Base I was working at in 1983.
I worked as a Seasonal Firefighter for California Department of Forestry at the Chico Air Attack Base at Chico, CA. during the summer of 1983.
We had a large fire in the area and this aircraft loaded and flew out of the base for a few days. The pilots referred to it as a 'Flying Coffin'!!. It was quite impressive to see it take off using the jet pack.
I have attached the photos that I have of the plane and a couple of the Air Attack Base."
Air Attack Base Chico,CA summer 1983

Air Attack Base Chico,CA summer 1983

Air Attack Base Chico,CA summer 1983

C-119 N13743 at Chico 1983
N13743 (cn 10369) has been preserved at Pima Air & Space Museum, in Tucson,AZ --> see my 2008 REPORT

I have extensive C-119 pages HERE and HERE..

Mike Clayton sent me this photo by Russell Legg:
Calypso DC-3 near Surabaya
The caption read: DC-3/C-47 'Calypso' near Surabaya, Indonesia. What is its identity?

Russell wrote to Mike on 12Apr11:
"I continue on my gruelling trek of tracking down airframes in Indonesia...
Found this one at the Kenn Park (north east Surabaya) yesterday, after a two day search!
The astrodome (still intact) points to it being an e/ xmilitary example. The airframe is complete, as you'll see, just minus props and engines and as far as I could ascertain from the 'inevitable' was moved, as a 'package', and hoisted to the roof of this now run-down hotel many years ago.
Kenn Park is a huge (run down) race-tracky, football ovally, Chinese Temple kind of a complex...perhaps a major 'events' facility but back in it's heyday! It' well into equatorial decay.
The fuselage writing is 'CALYPSO', both sides...
You will laugh when you picture my driver getting bogged while positioning me for this picture. We did manage, between us, to extract his vehicle!
I was not able to access the roof area, of the Surkuit Hotel. And believe that it was probably not safe to do - no 'mark-one eyeball' searching for c/n plates & etc etc.
Distribute freely as you security issues here
Bottom line is : nice to find one more C47 airframe survivor.
But.... Which airframe is it????"

While googling for information I came across this on a forum, not sure if the actual identity is given here:
DC-3 TNI-AL dipajang diatas bangunan tribun di arena balap kuda dan Sirkuit KenPark di Pantai Ria Kenjeran Surabaya [Fred de Ruiter had this translated for me: "The navy DC-3 has been placed on top of a public stand at a horse racetrack KenPark, on the beach Ria Kenjeran in Surabaya"]

Is also U-604? Any pictures?
Marco..Here is the picture of DC-3 Ex.TNI-AL Sqn.600, but I don't know the true number is: 604 or 605?

Calypso C-47 at Circuit Hotel KenPark

Sedih melihat kondisi DC-3 ini sekarang[:@]..Dulu Pesawat ini dipajang sebagai identitas Calypso Discotique yang populer di Pantai Ria Kenjeran (KenPark) pada awal th-2000 (nama Calypso tertulis besar dikiri dan kanan badan pesawat). Waktu itu pesawat di gambar jilatan api dan dihisasi lampu warna-warni. Seiring waktu, Diskotiknya bubar jadi Sirkuit Hotel (yang kini juga sepi pengunjung)
Diduga kuat saya..DC-3 inilah Ex The Rainmaker Dakota
[Again translated by help from Fred de Ruiter: "Sad to see this DC-3 in this condition; it used to be placed as a landmark with the popular discotheque Calypso on the beach at Ria Kenjeran, early 2000.
(the name Calypso was placed left and right on the plane with large letters). At that time the aircraft was painted with a flame and decorated with coloured lights.
When the disco closed down the number of hotelguests at the circuit dried up.
I think this DC-3 is the former Rainmaker Dakota."]

Carlos Gomez, who was a major force in pulling off the restoration of DC-7 N836D, sent me these images taken by Ugo Vicenzi (EXIF date 28mar2011):

Carlos also copied Ugo's email:
"I have to thank you again for outstanding support during my visit!
It was a real PLEASURE to spend time with you and you provided a lot of help to me, as I was pointing out with Carlos, people working around round engines, must have something special, and your team was a top group of people.
Attached some of the pictures from the photo session in full resolution: you are naturally free to use as you prefer and if they can give a minumum help to the foundation, I would be happy.
Will not miss sending you some copies of the VOLARE magazine, when ready and naturally on the magazine there will be the contact of the foundation, should some reader want to experience DC-7 flying, as well as a mention to Frank DC-3 flying activities.
With the best regards from a sunny Milano!"
Ugo Vicenzi
Gorgonzola, Italy

Some more excellent pictures of the Panam/Eastern DC-7B:

Book a flight with this legendary propliner:
Ralph M. Pettersen visit on 23Jan2008 with a report on ongoing restoration
DC-7 on Wikipedia

Jacques sent me this photo, placing it in the Congo:
Sabena Fokker F.VIIA-3m in the Congo

Fokker F.VIIa-sm (OO-...) of SABENA TRANSPORT in the Congo


Ralph Requa sent me this photos and his memories of his stay in Amsterdam:

"In 1966 I spent two months in  your fine country attending training on the L-188 Electra that KLM had sold to my company Universal Airlines. Some of my most enduring memories are of the Port Van Cleve restaurant. I think that I was able to purchase a steak dinner with potatoes and vegetables for 5 Guilders.
I took this photo in 1968 (+/-), at a maintenance hangar at Schiphol when I was attending ground school on the L-188 Electra.
At that time I was employed by Universal Airlines who had purchased the entire fleet of L-188’s from KLM. Part of the purchase was training for an initial cadre of pilots and F/E’s. We spent four weeks in ground school at the training center followed by two weeks in the fixed base cockpit simulator and then two weeks of flight training in the Electra.
During the one month of ground school we were housed at a 'boatel', near the main post office in Amsterdam. Walking distance to the main street in town. Once we were in simulator and flight training we were moved to a hotel in a small town near Schiphol. The boatel is now history. It was a three story hotel on a barge, floating in one of your canals."

DC-7C/F PH-DSG (c/n 45186/829) went from KLM to Aer Turas (Ireland, EI-ATW) and from there to Compagnie Gabonaise d'Affrêtements Aériens (TR-LOJ) - scrapped at Harare. [See]

Crash CASA 2121 C-FDKM
"I see you have a picture of C-FDKM on this page:

Attached are a few pictures of what was I assume was her last flight
today (April 1) in Saskatoon.  Media reports one fatality."

Photos credit: Verne Walde ('permission granted to use on your website')

Robert 'Bob' Lavigne sent me these photos, all taken in Northern Ontario (Armstrong, Oct.2010).
I made the compilation.
DHC-2s at Armstrong, Ontario

  • DHC-2 C-FDPW c/n 1339 - registered Huron Air And Outfitters Incorporated (12May92)
  • DHC-2 C-FYNT c/n 1054 - reg'd 30Dec10 ETA Aviation & César Camp du Nord Inc. [Quebec-based?]
  • DHC-2 C-FFLN c/n 150 - reg'd Marc Lafleur (23Apr09) [based Quebec, Val d'Or]
  • DHC-2 C-FBTU c/n 1564 - reg'd Hearst Air Service Limited (03Mar1975) [based Ontario, Hearst]

  • The most authoritative website on the deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver is Neal Aird's

    Paul Janicki sent me this:
    Beaver at Prince Rupert, BC

    Paul wrote (Dec.2010): "I enjoyed seeing your report on the BCAM Museum. I visited there in 2004 and little has changed. The C-117 CG-JGQ seems to have moved as too, the A-26. The Viscount wasn’t there at the time of my visit and the T-33 had recently arrived and was in the workshop to which myself and wife were invited to view.

    You may already know that there is an airport at Port Hardy and though it was raining the day I visited, I was pleased to see a pair of Grumman Goose and amphibian Beavers. On leaving, a Black Bear ran across the approach road very close to the populated area!

    From Port Hardy we sailed on the ferry up the inside passage to Prince Rupert and after a 15 hour voyage we settled in for the next 2 nights .

    On one of the days, a trip was made to the seaplane base and an hour flight taken in DHC-2 Beaver C-FGQC over the local area. A great trip!

    Our road journey took us from Prince Rupert across BC to Jasper, Canmore and Calgary before heading home! "

    John Stewart sent me this photo, of CF-PWH in better days:
    DC-3 CF-PWH
    John wrote: "This photo was taken at Vancouver, in (I think) September, 1973.
    I believe it was being operated by Harrison Air at that time."

    For the history of CF-PWH and photos of its display at the Langley B.C. aviation museum, see HERE..

    Klaus Hoppe sent me this photo of airliner-turned-restaurant:
    YS-11 PP-CTI in use as restaurant, pizzaria

    Klaus wrote me the following in March 2011:
    "Here is a photo I took in July 2007, driving the BR101 highway, just around Porto Bello in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil.
    Unfortunately the place was closed, so I have no more information to pass on, neither do I know for sure type of aircraft or which historic airline now serves pizza…
    Their home site certainly disregards the special premises."
    Klaus Hoppe
    Jureré, Brasil

    I found the following information, and here is more on
    NAMC YS-11 PP-CTI c/n 2080. In use as restaurant 'Pizzaria Aviao'. Ex/ Cruzeiro aircraft.


    Ron Mak sent me this image from his considerable propliner archive:
    C-46 HC-AMV
    For more information on C-46 HC-AMV c/n 174, see Ron's Propliner Portfolio on this website

    Sean Keating came across these items during his (Sep.2010) ramblings; he wrote:
    "I found these items in a wreckers yard not too far from downtown Denver,CO and I was told they came from 'B52 Billiards' which closed, evidently. The engine could be from a C-119..?"
    KC-97 in Denver salvage yard

    Aad van der Voet wrote this history:
    "This is 52-2680.
    KC-97L 52-2680 c/n 16711 was in MASDC storage until sold to DMI Aviation in 1984. It was broken up in their Tucson yard in 1990. The cockpit section of 52-2680 remained in the yard until found by Robert and Leigh Thompson, owners of the B-52 Billiards Hall in Denver. They bought it and used it as a bar" in their hall, until it was closed down in early 2006.
    Apparently it then ended up in the wrecker's yard where Sean Keating found it. Hopefully it will meet with a better fate than the axe...
    The fin of 52-2680 was used on H&P's N29866.
    This now prominently displays a fin marked as '0-22680', which is why it is widely reported as being ex/ 52-2680 (also on Joe Baugher's website).
    But this is wrong: N29866 is actually c/n 16726 ex 52-2695. It still displays '2695' and MASDC inventory code CH597 on the nose. It was still at Greybull in Nov 2008, in one piece."

    Wright-Cyclone engine in Denver salvage yard
    I can make out:
    Turbo Cyclone
    R-3350 - 36WA
    Accepted 12-30-50
    Wright Aeronautical Corp

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