Sent: Sunday, July 25, 2004 8:31 PM
Subject: Greybull 4th June 2004

Hi Ruud. I am not long back from Greybull and have used your excellent site to help confirm my photographs and notes. I must compliment you on your extensive imformation and hope the following may be of interest to you. I have based my comment around the Ralph Pettersen list as it is essentially accurate with what I saw - differences are underlined. My only gap on the visit was the museum compound as a strong sandstorm blew up as I left the ramp and I didn't stop to confirm the contents of the museum. Firstly there are no aircraft stored to the east of the airfield now - all being in the main storage area. Aircraft underlined have notes attached.


PBY4: N2871G, N2872G, N6884C, N7962C

C-82: N5102B, N8009E, N9701F

C-118: N233HP, N51599

C-119: N37636, N8505A, N3003, N4999P, +2 others

P2: N122HP, N125HP, N128HP, N129HP, N138HP, N2216S, N2218A, N2218E, N2218Q, N7060Y, N8056D,

P3: 150510, 150529

KC97: N97HB, N397HP, N497HP, N972HP, N1365N, N29862, N29866,

L-18: N880V

F27: N127HP

C123: N8190B

C130: N131HP, N132HP, N133FF, N133HP, N134HP, N135HP, N8230H, +1 other


B26: N126HP

C-119: N8093

P2: N8908F, N139HP, N140HP


C-119. I photographed two ex-RCAF C-119's parked together. One was your poor condition unidentified a/c with RCAF titles and no engines. The other was in good condition, RCAF flash only, no titles and no rudders. I assume from your discussion this to be N8094. The latter was not otherwise seen unless it too has joined the museum.

P2: N2216S is I know the correct registration for this a/c but it is very clearly painted as N22165 on the starboard side. The photo from Ralph of the P2 used for conversion trials is definitely 148338 (read off the port side) as H&P suggest - therefore is N138HP

KC97: Addition to Ralph's list is N1365N. Also N29866, whilst carrying 2695 on the nose, has the tail code of 0-22680 (52-2680)

C130: N132HP has N41720 scored out, not N4172 as listed. There was one other C130 in a canvas blister hanger on the main ramp with only wings protruding. This was green camo I think. Is this the C130H referred to by Ralph on the main ramp?

Best wishes.

David Ellis

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A forward fuselage allegedly made its way in 2006 to Nevada, to be restored by Ed Rachanski to represent a C-119 he'd flown in Japan. This has been identified as 50-0161; a bit strange this C-119C doesn't appear on my log reports pre-2006!
See my C-119 Info Page (2) and all is explained on my Photos by Friends & Guests #50.

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