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On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.

With the ever growing popularity of Social Media (Flickr, Facebook, Instagram) the barrier has become much lower for people to share their photographs or scans of slides; imperfection to post aviation images is no longer an issue.
I noticed a decline in requests for publication on my website (a decline I welcome, as I struggle with the workflow) on my 'Guest Pages', so now some of these images shared below will be copied from Facebook & Flickr by me. For preservation of their historic value as I see it; always with proper credit to the photographer, of course!

Btw, while I am on social media, picking up on aviation news, I use it mainly for other interests while my website remains my main focus to share my interest in vintage aviation.


Logan Kluting shared this fine photo of DC-3 (C-53, c/n 4894) N763A and wrote: "Certainly miss seeing the DC-3 on Sitka’s ramp. Even tho it was broken, it sorta became a landmark over the last year. Hope to see another DC3 in town one of these days." showed it flew from Yakutat,AK to Palmer,AK on 03Feb21".
Douglas C-53 N763A at Sitka,AK
Another photo of N763A, plus more details, is shared on my Photos by Friends & Guests #60.

Joe Garcia, of Flabob Airport (KRIR, California) posted this photo on his facebook, 21Mar21.
"I want to credit my coworkers for their hard work to make this happen John Velasquez and Miguel Diaz. Thanks to Austin Jones , Jon Goldenbaum and The Tom Wathen foundation." N231GB 'Pacific Pearl' in a new livery.
DC-3 N231GB 'Pacifi Pearl', by Joe Garcia
The history of this R4D-6 / SC-47J c/n 26108/14663 can be read of several of my pages:

Bill Swirsky wrote me in March 2021: 'My Dad, Charley Swirsky, worked at Aero Service from 1957 to 1961.
He was an aircraft mechanic, maintaining their DC-3s'.
Flightcrew with DC-3 N9032H

Flightcrew with DC-3 N9032H
I have a page that worked out for many former Aero Service to post, staff and crew - HERE..

Ken Swartz sent photos of Beech G18S VH-NWB at San Martin, California
Beech G18S VH-NWB at San Martin
More photos and details on Ken's gallery on my website

Recently (this was posted 11Mar21) the fuselage of the C-47 TC-34 (preserved in the Club Aeromodelista Río de la Plata, Ezpeleta) was reported on the Buenos Aires - La Plata highway, northbound, near the Villa Dominico exit.
The transport was moving mounted on a semi-trailer devoid of its wings. - shared on Facebook.
(Translated with help of Google Translate).
C-47 TC-34 on road transport (march 2021)
Probably the transfer is due to the future move of the Aeromodelista Club to Bernal.
Any kind of details will be welcomed! EMAIL

"Detalle de la aeronave * c/n 12792 Douglas C-47A-20-DK Skytrain - 42-92936 US Air Force 31Mar44. Desactivado Ago47, NC63400 Hughes Aircraft Company 1948, N91229 All American Aviation 21Oct48, N149A William C. Wolrd Associates 23May49, Allegheny Airlines Inc es 1953, T-34 Fuerza Aérea Argentina Dic59, rr. TC-spo34 Nov62, desactivado Dic88, almacenado en el Área Material Quilmes Ene89. Preservado en Club Aeromodelista Río de la Plata, Ezpeleta Dic96."

From Scramble magazine 04-2021 #503): 'Used to be preserved at the Aeronodelismo club Rio de la Plata in Quilmes and was reportedly sold and transported without authorisation of the legal owner, Fuérza Aérea Argentina.
The DC-3 is said to have been moved to McTrail in San Francisco, a company that will convert the fuselage into a food truck. Removed parts will go to an artist, to make aviation art out of it... a sad loss.'

Peter van Oostrum wrote me in March 2021 with hopes of getting an identity for this DC-3 XA-HOI...
DC-3 XA-HOI - a mystery plane..
See my OFF-Airport Asia page to see a very good theory which DC-3A this is!

Two DC-3's at Charlie's Hostel (screendump from their video on Facebook)
Charlie's Hostel, dc-3 on the beach!
Charlie's Hostel, DC-3 on the beach! @San Juan La Union, the Philippines.
See my OFF-AIRPORT ASIA gallery.

Posted by Carla Isabel Maristela of Facebook March 2021
DC-3 at Charlies Hostel

When this photo was forwarded to me, it was without any info: no location, no name of a photographer.
DC-3 or Li-2 in the snow

A post on Facebook brought about a suggestion to upload it to, but it had been shared (without any information) so many times in at least the past 5 years, that I gave on it.
But Rolf Keller provided the following information:
"Might stem from a Russian website, found the teaser pic and a link (but not the picture itself) while searching for "DC-3" and "Snow" and "Circle". Probably a Lisunov Li-2."
And then he'd found it!
"Taken at Belarus Museum Of the Great Patriotic War, Minsk. (Google Earth 53°55'01.23" N 27°32'11.28" E - or just enter the name of the museum and zoom in)."
Lisunov Li-2T: Perfect circle on snow.

John Wiseman wrote me in Feb.2021, he included this photo:
C-119 BuNo. 131706 by John Wiseman
Sometimes it is nice to be useful and to be thanked: "This is just a thank you!
I found your trip report for the AMARG scrap/storage yards, which was very usefull when trying to sort out
what we saw in Nov. 2018 on a visit. Also, looking back at my last visit in 2009, I had two queries: a C-123 Provider proved elusive (a search on Google yielded nothing). Someone suggested a serial and using that your
'Mystery aircraft page' came up and confirmed that it was 54-0661. Another page of yours, C-119 Dossier p #2, identified my mystery C-119. I enclose a picture of the Marines C-119 I now know to be 131706 (c/n 10891),
taken in October 2009. Once again many thanks."

Fons Schaefers provided interesting info to my Q&A item on C-82s used for crash tests during late 40's-early 50's.

"In about 1952, 4 C-46s and 13 C-82s were crash-fire tested by sending them under full power along a monorail into a crash barrier that would rupture fuel tanks and thus start a fire..."
Continue further on the link above Search by Ctrl+F 'Ravenna'.

Jamin Miller wrote: "Just manage to catch this lonely Beech beside the road in rural Iowa." 03Feb21/FB.
The location was not clear: "I can’t remember exactly where. It could have been on 14 south of Knoxville."
Obviously a long drive. But I did find it through Google Maps!
Beech 18 in rural Iowa, by Jamin Miller (FB, feb.2021)
More details of 'Gypsy Girl' identity, N19002, on my Off-Airport N. America gallery.

This is the story, by Joy Pierce¬

The Airplane has landed!
Or 'does Belinda now have an airport?'
"It all started when our son Joe called and said he'd seen a paper at Mr. C’s, telling about a tag sale at Alan and Merna Furney’s. The paper advertised two WW11 mannequins in uniform.
As we have several WW11 items, most notably 187 framed WW11 newspapers, I thought they would be a nice addition.
When I drove into the driveway the first you notice is an airplane.
I approached Alan I asked if they still had the mannequin. Alan said 'yes' and I looked at them and we made a deal.

I then asked if the airplane was for sale..? Alan said 'I suppose so', but that is as far as it went.
To get the mannequins I had to go home and get the Yukon.
I told the boys I needed help and that I wanted their opinion on something else we might buy... Joe and Josh drove separately and quickly guessed what the object was when they drove into that driveway.
The other boys already guessed what I was interested in.
We loaded the mannequins and bought some other items and, as we were leaving, Alan gave me a price that he would sell the airplane for.
I told him to give me a couple of days.
I think I took one day before I called him and made the deal.
Alan expressed gratitude that the plane would be on display and not scrapped.

The boys was all in agreement that we should have that airplane at the patch. We decided that we would move the plane on the coming Sunday.
Brad Heaberlin and Josh Schrader brought trailers to haul the wings. We met at Furney’s around 1 o’clock and started on the wings. Just a couple of pins held each wing. The left wing came off fairly easy, but the right wing was pretty stubborn.
After a couple of hours, and a trip to get a torch and an air hammer, the wing was off.
Justin brought his tractor to pull the main part back to the patch.
Joe scouted out the path with Jason leading and Josh Schrader following.
Gravel was taking all the way crossing Highway 5 and G-76. The procession came through Columbia and then took Highway 14 down to the patch.
Needless to say it was an attention getter!

Beech 18 94710 in Iowa
Beech 18 (UC-45J) '94710' in Iowa; contributed by Joy Pierce.

It now sits in a prominent place along the highway. Hopefully it will be an attraction in the fall during pumpkin time. The airplane has already gathered a lot of interest.

The plane is a twin engine Beechcraft UC-45J built by Beech Aircraft of Wichita, Kansas in 1942.
It was part of the war time production for the Army Air Corp but was diverted to the Navy, as they had a more pressing need. The transfer took place on 27Apr1944, at the Naval Air Station in Seattle, WA.
It’s serial number is 51098.
The Navy used the plane for navigation training as a SNB-2C.
After the WW2, 5 passenger seats were added and it was now a JRB-4. Later on a new fuselage and landing gear was added. The plane was put back in service by the Navy on 11Oct1951.
The plane logged over 11.850 flight hours, changing custody 22 times.
The plane spent much of its life near the Pensacola Naval Air Station, before its final transfer to the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base {the aircraft graveyard}.
The Department of Defense designation on this plane was changed to UC-45J on 25Aug1967.

On 12May1969 the plane was donated to the Iowa Western Community College, for their aviation program.
The engine and propellers was used by students until 1997, when the decision was made to dispose of the plane. Salvage price was $300.00, that’s when Alan Furney stepped in and of August of 1997 the plane was moved to Furney’s studio at Knoxville.
There it was used for photo shoots and a display.
On 05Nov2017 it was moved to the Pumpkin Patch.
There it will be on display again, beginning a new chapter.
The number on the tail is 94710."

Beech UC-45J 94710 at The Pumpkin Patch in Iowa
Beech UC-45J 94710 in Iowa. Courtesy Joy Pierce.

Phil Brooks sent me this photograph of DC-3 N300MR, taken in 1978.
DC-3 N300MR by Phil Brooks (1978)
Phil wrote: "N300MR at Kelly Field, Mooresville, Indiana. (09Dec1978). A real DC-3!
Delivered to TWA. The airport, along State Road 67 adjacent to Poe's Restaurant, was gone by the late 1980s I believe. Parachutes and Associates operated out of there, this was probably being used as a jump plane.
I wish I'd seen these in action down there! "

Douglas DC-3-209A c/n 2014 was first delivered to TWA (N18950); to N1956; to Sangamo Electric (N711SE); to N711SA for Page Airways (????-1967, based at Rochester,NY). To Walter Evans as N300MR. Ultimate fate obscure.

A more detailed history from Air-Britain's 'The First Seventy Years'-
History of DC-3A c/n 2014

Phil Brooks emailed me this superb photo of a Super DC-3 C-117D skimming the shoreline.
C-117D skimming the shoreline, by Dave Edwards (1990)
Phil wrote: "Taken by my co worker at the time, Dave Edwards, at Fripp Island, SC. 03Aug1990. No other info."

Documented this C-118A (N44916) displayed at Parque del Helado de Valledupar on my Off-Airport Latin-America
DC-6 in Valledupar
N44196 was caught running drugs, impounded and after many years has found a new, educational use!

A Jan.2021 addition to my Off-Airport Planes @N.America
Seabee C-FISH off-airport as a weathervane in Saskatchewan
The full story on how C-FISH continues to fly, albeit piloted by dummies, on the link above!

Added 12 photos to Ron Mak's propliners gallery on my website, all taken 31Oct71 @Mexico City.
Mexico City - Airport 1971. Copyright Ron Mak
Douglas B-26B Invader, FAM 1300 (ex/ N65121, XB-PEK). A real mystery as to its USAF identity and c/n.

The Douglas A-26 Invader (designated B-26 between 1948 and 1965) is an American twin-engined light bomber and ground attack aircraft.
Built by Douglas Aircraft Company during World War II, the Invader also saw service during several major Cold War conflicts. A limited number of highly modified United States Air Force aircraft served in Southeast Asia until 1969.
It was a fast aircraft capable of carrying a large bomb load. A range of guns could be fitted to produce a formidable ground-attack aircraft.

A re-designation of the type from A-26 to B-26 led to confusion with the Martin B-26 Marauder, which first flew in November 1940, some 20 months before the Douglas design's maiden flight.
Although both aircraft were powered by the widely used Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp eighteen-cylinder, double-row radial engine, they were completely different and separate designs – the Martin bomber originated in 1939, with more than twice as many Marauders (nearly 5,300) produced in comparison to the Douglas design. [¬Wikipedia]

Douglas C-47A ETM-6011 (c/n 9252) was moved from its display spot at Santa Lucia AB, probably to make room
for renovations on the air base. This was posted on Facebook in Jan.2021.
ETM-6011 being moved at St Lucia AB
If anyone knows where it is going, drop me an email! EMAIL

Rolf Larsson sent me this photo of Convair CV440 XA-LAF (c/n 402) in Jan.2021.
CV440 XA-LAF, ultimate fate obscure. By Rolf Larsson (1983)
Rolf wrote: "CV440 XA-LAF, in the colours of Aerotur, which I took in Cancun 28Apr1983. Named 'Carmelíta'. "

CV440 XA-LAF, history by
CV440 c/n 402, history by : fate unknown.

So many propliners, which had their photos taken before the early 1980s, ended up as 'ultimate fate obscure'. Or even unidentified, such as on my page Searchfor which include an unidentified Convair T-29(?), perhaps a drugsrunner.

Decades ago, a visit to Greybull airport in Wyoming sort of confirmed my developing taste for 'propliners'.
Their history as well as the mystery of aeroplane identities fascinated me. Various revisits and report by others
are numerous on my website. Martin Perkins joined in with some useful contributions on identities of those preserved.

C-119 06: N5215R or N961S???
Martin wrote: ".. here are some details on Greybull, which I visited on the 8th June 2011.
C-119 marked as '06'. A label by the door states this is aircraft N961S. This has always confused me, as
everyone else believed it to be N5215R, which I do not agree with."

The mystery of C-119 '06' has bothered me for many years, I came across 2 in the 1990s. Like Martin Perkins wrote, many identify this one as N5215R. But the label, probably put on by the museum, identifies it as N961S. But based on what?
I started this website 20 years ago and one of the first pages I compiled was my PHOTOS taken at Greybull in 1995, soon followed by my KGEY LOG-Report for the many questions about identities and their ultimate fate.
I revisited Greybull museuam and the storage area in 2014, CHECK IT OUT.

My KGEY LOG REPORT has N961S in '79 & '80 as 'all metal' (id'd as c/n 10872, ex/RCAF 22120)
N5215R was moved to the aviation museum at Battle Mountain,NV - painted as N5216R
N5216R was reported at the C-119 at Battle Mountain museum but when bleached it showed N5215R underneath
N5216R was preserved on H&P's ramp but a different tail number appreared underneath

Q: Would H&P have taken the trouble to repaint an all metal bird in RCAF c/s for presentation at its office?
Q: Was the identification of the all metal C-119 perhaps incorrect?
Q: The label was most probably put on by the museum's staff: its identification based on what ?


Beech 18 N73291C, preserved at  the Greybull Aviation Museum
Beech 18 N7391C, preserved at the Greybull Aviation Museum.
Martin: "I was lucky enough to get up close to this and found this marked beside the door. Confirms N7391C."
The damaged rudder may have been the reason why it was reported as removed at some time, for repairs?

Lockheed P-2 Neptune N173A on the ramp at Greybull AP, Wyoming
Lockheed P-2 N173AM on the ramp (2011)

Martin Perkins wrote me in Jan.2021: "The picture of A-26 N4818E caught my eye in your TEXAS 2015 report.
I see it seems to be have been ‘off radar’ for a few years, and although I cannot confirm its location for the whole period I can confirm that I came across it at a site in Georgia. I came across Mallards Landing Airport, a residential airfield with houses all around the grass runway (featured a number of times on my website).
This is where I found N4818E (44-35371) parked up with some of the front Perspex missing.
[A-26 Invader N4818E (44-34371) by Martin Perkins (2009)
Photos taken on the 02Jun09 by Martin Perkins. For more photos & details see my TEXAS 2015 REPORT.

This photo was shared on Facebook 31Dec20, by Nick Finzer ('Aviation Wrecks and relics')
C-47 316062 (43-16062) at Isachsen on Ellef Ringnes Island
C-47 316062 (43-16062) at Isachsen, on Ellef Ringnes Island. The photo is copyricht Derrick Midwinter.
See also my Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the Arctic North, an older post for more details and another photo by Derrick

This was shared by Adam Boatman on Facebook, 31Dec20. Screendumps from a video.
DC-6 N666SQ in North Pole, Alaska
The video does not show a wooden cabin, which shows on (HERE & HERE), photos by Ralph M.
, dated 12May2019. There's a wooden cabin now next to it (which does not show on the video).
Its history cab be read on my Photos by Friends & Guests #54, with links to elsewhere on my website

Super Guppy (#1) F-BTGV at Bruntingthorpe sadly beyond saving, being scrapped on site; by Ken Miller/FB, Dec.2020
Super Guppy at Bruntingthorpe being scrapped; by Ken Miller Dec.2020

History and details of F-BTGV on my report UK2003, a.o. a visit to Bruntingthorpe.

George John Tonking shared this photo on Facebook's Aviation Wrecks and relics in Dec.2020.
DC-3 off-airport, Benoni, S Africa
John wrote: "Benoni, South Africa C47/Dc3. Photo 17Dec20".

Comments on this post, the ones relevant: "It's in the yard of the daughter of a Dakota legend flippie Vermeulen."
"It's the ZS-BXJ, cn 12413, been there since 2007 or so."
" -Cockpit shot of 2018"

A 2005 by Michal Petrykowski is shown on my website HERE..

From my (RL) files:
'C-47A c/n 12413 ¬Ex/SAAF 6829, rereg to ZS-BXJ dec95 South African Aws Hist. Flight. Still under restoration 1988. SAA Historical Flight to be discontinued 'WIE' (mar99). Ln Swartkop AFB 5jun99. Same jul00, incomplete. Current 2002 with SAHF but under rebuilt. Ln 15Nov04 @Swartkop, dismantled and no m/s, restoration by SAHF.'


In 2003 I photographed C-123K N98 (ex/ 55-4548) in Alaska and Charles E. McCormick responded with this photo.
C-123K 55-4548 at Pleiku, Vietnam
McCormick wrote (Dec.2020): "From Bernie Weisz Facebook Page. This image was made 18NOV70 while I
was waiting for a flight out of Pleiku. C-123K Tail Number 55-4548". Photo by Robert Fulwiler.

Charles E. McCormick (Major AD, AUS Retired) also wrote: "I worked for Vinnell Corporation at POW Main, Point Barrow in 1966 and was a member of D Company Eskimo Scouts (ANG) before I enlisted in the Army and went to Vietnam as a U.S. Army Warrant Officer Aviator in Dec 1968-Dec 1969.
I retired from the Army in 1987 and now live in Wisconsin.
My uncle, George Thompson of Alaska Inc and Music Inc (Fairbanks), brought me to Fairbanks in 1966 from Kansas City, Kansas.
I flew TH-55, TH-13, UH-1 A,B,D and H and OH-6A helicopters in the U.S., Vietnam and Germany."

C-123 55-4548 is also discussed on my Q&A page.

Ron sent me photos of an unidentified Convair T-29 at San Jose, in Nov.1980.
Convair "The Spirit of St. Lucia"
Convair with "The Spirit of St. Lucia"-titles. This mystery is doing my head in!

Convair TI-ARN at San Jose by Pierre Alan Petit (1989)
Convair TI-ARN at San Jose by Pierre Alan Petit (1989). At first I thought that Ron's Convair was TI-ARN,
but Ron supplied this photo and the aircraft don't match (antennae!)

I traced TI-ARN to its present location, a stripclub in town
Convair plane in San Jose strip club

More on my Searchfor, how I reached a tentative conclusion for this (extensive) research


Ron wrote: 'this part of a Convair at Fort Lauderdale with a weird tailnumber: VY-LLA; I don't think
'VY' is a valid country prefix..? Perhaps an error by the painter?'
'VY-LLA' for scrap at Ft.Lauderdale; by Ron Mak (1981)
I did the research, which is detailed on Ron Mak's gallery on my website: PAGE #4

This was shared on Facebook, Nov.2020.

Douglas C-54E-15-DO VH-EAY (c/n 27352; ex/ VH-PAF). This aircraft is now with HARS, underwent full restoration to airworthy condition and has been allotted the registration VH-EAY.

DC-4 VH-EAY of HARS (2020)

The history of c/n 27352 (ex/ VH-PAF) has been detailed on my Oz 2005 page and a visit to HARS' base at Wollongong is on Oz 2005, Page 2.

Ralph Pettersen (of wrote me in Dec.2020: "I reached out to an Australian contact, asking to confirm the Facebook report that the aircraft is airworthy, and he received the following response from HARS: "We haven’t set a target date for the DC-4 to fly and there’s still lots to do on the aeroplane before this happens."
My contact added that the current focus is getting Travolta’s B707 ready for its flight to Australia."



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