Vintage Transports, photos by Friends & Guests (60)


On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.

With the ever growing popularity of Social Media (Flickr, Facebook, Instagram) the barrier has become much lower for people to share their photographs or scans of slides; imperfection to post aviation images is no longer an issue.
I noticed a decline in requests for publication on my website (a decline I welcome, as I struggle with the workflow) on my 'Guest Pages', so now some of these images shared below will be copied from Facebook & Flickr by me. For preservation of their historic value as I see it; always with proper credit to the photographer, of course!

Btw, while I am on social media, picking up on aviation news, I use it mainly for other interests while my website remains my main focus to share my interest in vintage aviation.


Rolf Larsson sent me these two Li-2 photos with hope for identification
Li-2 unidentified 1980s Czechoslovakia
Rolf wrote: "probably both taken in Czechoslovakia, sofar defied identification. The Li-2 with the OK-roundel
on the fin was taken by my friend Jonny Andersson in Kamenný mlýn on 11May1983. Still there? If not, fate?"

Li-2 unidentified 1980s Czechoslovakia
"I have no info at all regarding the other Li-2 (red star on the fin), any clues? It almost looks at it was taken at
the same location as the one in Kamenný mlýn, could it be the same one but pictured earlier or later than May 1983?"

Images on Google Earth don't go further back than 2002, then and at present shows no aeroplane on display.
Kamenný mlýn on Google Maps pinpoints Kamenný mlyn, Trnava, Slowakia - but seems 2 different locations.
Kamenný mlyn on Google Earth has a nearby airfield: Piešťany Airport next to Kuchyna. G.Earth + G.Maps don't
show hi-res imagery. Here's a candidate, ca.175km NE of Kamenný mlyn at Banska Bystrica...
Li-2 at open air museum of SNP in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.
Li-2 (c/n 23442105) at open air museum of SNP in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. [Website] Also: has a photo with the following caption: 'This Li-2 was delivered to the Czechoslovak AF as D-29 in
August 1952 and wfu (as 2105) in August 1966. The plane has been displayed in these fake Soviet markings in the grounds of the Museum of Slovak National Uprising since approximately January 1985.'
Li-2 c/n 23442105
But... has another Li-2 (OK-BYQ, c/n 23442309), in metal c/s 'preserved at the Letecké Múzeum Slávnica of Aeroklub Dubnica', aprox. 60km from Kamenný mlýn... So, yes both Li-2 photos Rolf sent could be the same aircraft
but they could two different airframes, both moved to another location: the distances for ground transport are doable!

From my own files 'OK-BYQ transported 20July2008 from Nova Dubnica to Slavnica airfield for continued preservation. Ln 12Jul11 restored and preserved @Dubnica nad Vahom Airfield, Slovak Republic.'
Li-2 c/n 23442309

Ken Swartz shared a series of photos taken in Californa earlier this year.
Hemet Valley Airport, visit by Ken Swartz, 14Mar20
Douglas C-47J, N231GB (c/n 26108/14663); for more see Propliners by others: Kenneth Swartz.

Arnold Begeman sent me these photos after a visit to Red Deer Airport, Alberta
C-GIZU at Red Deer, May 2020
Arnold wrote: 'C-GIZU outside again at last'. 17May20.
History of L.188CF c/n 2014, courtesey online database:
C-GIZU history by
So here we see this L.188CF has a Dutch ancestry: started with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (PH-LLG) and was also operated by Martinair Holland! After operating for Universal AL (Zantop Air Transport?), Saturn Airways, Trans America Airlines and Air Transport Int'l (all as N875U), c/n 2014 went to Europe, continued Falcon Air (SE-IDU)
and Air Contractors (G-FIZU), ALS AL Ireland (EI-CHY), Atlantic Cargo at Coventry (G-FIZU), thought to go to
Conair Aviation but instead ended up with Buffalo Airways (C-GIZU).

Former Atlantic AL L.188s at Red Deer, May 2020
We see C-GXFC in some form of maintenance or routine check. Nice to see the eagle remaining on the tailfin!

History of L.188AF c/n 1100, courtesey online database:
History of L.188 c/n 1100

Andre de Koter shared these photos from his family collection, people with a KLM DC-2 at Schiphol.
DC-2 PH-AKU at Schiphol, 1936
The photo has '1936' on top.

Andre wrote: "I have a picture from 1936, (at least that's what is written at the top of the picture), of some family in front of DC 2 'Jan van Gent'.
I have no idea why the family were there, or what the occasion was. Maybe you have an idea why Schiphol was taking pictures at the time, or direct me to any other website. Any help would be greatly appreciated!"

From the webmaster: it was quite common to have photos taken at Amsterdam's Schiphol Int'l Airport. I have a photo from my early schooldays on a school outing similar to the one above. Groups no doubt were guided round, access to the ramp was much (MUCH!) more relaxed than modern days.

Andre also wrote: "I've been doing my family tree and came across this picture. I believe my grandparents and father are in this picture, but they're not standing next to each other. They may have other family standing between them, but I don't recognize anyone else.
No one that I know of in the family at the time travelled by air, so I found it strange they should have their picture taken with the airplane."

Comment of RL: I think these people bought a ticket for a guided tour on the ramp. It obviously isn't a school outing and noting all the different ages it isn't a business outing either. A group asked to gather at the airplane probably explains why the family isn't firmly groued together.
The number below left may be for ordering extra exposures; I think a photographer made a business out of the guided tours such as on other tourist locations.

People and DC-2 PH-AKU at Schiphol, 1936

DC-2 PH-AKJ 1936
Douglas DC-2 PH-AKJ of the KLM, named 'Jan van Gent'.

History of DC-2 PH-AKJ - by
History of DC-2 PH-AKJ - by ATDB
PH-AKJ was assembled by Fokker for KLM and during WW2 operated by Lufthansa (D-AJAW) and Luftwaffe (PC+EC)

Can add this remark "In serviceapril 1935, taken over by the germans in may 1940.At least in Lufthansa service 1944"
from the website


Phil Brooks shared this photo with me: "Photographed by the late father of a friend, Andre Vallee."
DC-3 NC16009 by Andre Vallee
DC-3-178 NC16009 (c/n 1545) of American; note the passenger door on 'the wrong side'!
Identities: NC16009 N16009 PP-SQH PP-ANU - (preserved at Museo do VARIG as 'PP-VRG')

History of DC-3
History from online database (per 02May2020)

Michael Mayher shared C-119 photos from his family album with me; this is one.
C-119 Swift Strike II, 1962
Fairchild C-119G 12675 during Operation Swift Strike II, 1962

More on this C-119 51-2675 and another C-119 photo on my C-119 Dossier, page #4

Patrick Vos shared this photo, probably taken by his father, Willem Vos.
C‑54A‑DO (DC‑4) HS-VGX Air Siam, by Willem Vos
Douglas C‑54A‑DO (DC‑4), HS-VGX (c/n 7466), based on the antennas and see further down.
Air Siam operated 3 DC-4's: HS-VGX, C-54B HS-VGY (c/n 27245) & DC-4-1009 HS-VGZ (c/n 42922).
Both 'GY & 'GZ have different antennas, shaped like a horseshoe; also, 'GZ was a passenger DC-4 version.
'GX was destroyed in 1974, 'GY scrapped in '86 at Bangkok's Don Muang Airport, 'GZ scrapped in 1973.
Air Siam operated between 1965-1977. Formed by Prince Varanand as Varanair Siam. Renamed in 1967
and started ops in 1970. Reorganized in 1972 by Thai interests, with 4% share acquired by Shell Oil of Thailand
The above is based on information by online database.
With help from Steve Ozel of www.Thai-Aviation.Net, the undisputed authority on aviation history in Thailand,
reached conclusion the name is 'Nakorn Rachasima', using the few letters I could read. Confirming it as HS-VGX!
Photos I consulted HS-VGX | HS-VGY | HS-VGZ

From Wikipedia¬
The airline was established as Varan Air-Siam on 15 September 1965 by Prince Varanand, who was the major shareholder at the time.
Operations started in 1970 using Douglas DC-4 equipment, initially flying the Bangkok−Hong Kong route as a freighter service.
Following an agreement with Overseas National Airways for the wet-lease of a Douglas DC-8-63 and operational assistance from Trans World Airlines, scheduled passenger services started in March 1971 serving Bangkok, Honolulu, Tokyo and Los Angeles.
All these services were suspended in January 1972; the Bangkok–Hong Kong sector was reactivated in May the same year with a leased BAC One-Eleven and extended to Tokyo seven months later, in December 1972, operated with a Boeing 707.

With help of Steve Darke's website and the article 'Competition Arrives - Air Siam (1965 to 1977)' and which I received from Steve in pdf format, I can summarize the fate of the DC-4's of Air Siam.
HS-VGY is believed to have been withdrawn from use in 1972 and lingered at Bangkok's Don Mueang for many years until ultimately broken up there in 1986.
The other two were bought by Harold Bamberg (of British Eagle fame) for a prospective cargo carrier to be called Eagle Air Cargo.
They were registered as G-BBVN (HS-VGZ) and G-BCDT (HS-VGY, 'Sukhodaya') in early 1974, but neither wore these tailnumbers and Eagle Air Cargo was a non-starter.
VGZ was flown to Southend in Nov.'73 and was broken up there in 1977.
VGY stayed in the region and became XW-PKH in late 1974, only to be destroyed during an attack at Phnom Penh in April 1975.

The article 'Competition Arrives - Air Siam (1965 to 1977)' is from the book 'Royal Orchid - Yhe History of Civil Aviation in Thailand' - by Steve M. Darke and Dr Virachai Vannukul. And available from

FPR SALE -- 1945 Consolidated Vultee 28-5ACF - PBY-5A Catalina N222FT (c/n CV-397) -- FOR SALE! (April 2020)
PBY-5A N222FT for sale
Owner Wilson ‘Connie’ Edwards died 2019, hence both his Cats for sale, also N4NC.

Updated a page compiled in 2005 (!), regarding a preserved DC-6 (HP-641) in Cali, Colombia; Searchfor
DC-6 HP-641 in Cali, Colombia; photo by David Ruddlesden (Facebook)


The State of Alaska has initiated an auction of four DC-4's formerly owned by Roger Brooks in a clean up of
what once was the base of Brooks Fuel. More on my Bliss with Brooks (2003).
Four Brooks Fuel DC-4's on auction at Fairbanks

Updated an item of 2008 with March 2020 event featuring B337SGT-F Super Guppy Turbine, N941NA;
see my Photos by Friends & Guests #13

B337SGT-F Super Guppy Turbine, N941NA

Divid Mullikin sent me this photo in March 2020; he wrote: "My grandfather was a Master Sergeant in the air force . I have many pictures of interesting planes. This picture was in a frame and I just took it out and saw the info on the back ('FAIRCHILD AIRCRAFT, Hagerstown, MD. Photo by VIRTS')."

C-119 48-319
Fairchild C-119B Flying Boxcar, 48-319


This is another photo of DC-3 N88740 William Swirsky shared with me (in March 2020)¬
DC-3 N88740 Aero Service
William wrote: "I found another photo of N88740 that I am submitting."
More on this on my Aero Service page.

Greg Lee sent me this recently; his comments: "MSO International Airport hosted a barbecue @the MMF (Facebook:
on 307Mar2020 for the MSO General Aviation pilots that I attended. This is my first time back in the MMF ( since last summer. This is how things look as of yesterday,
using my cellphone camera. The Facebook website is orders of magnitude better for information.
Quite a change from your visit in 2014!
DC-3 N24320 MMF

DC-3 N783A Ozark
Greg: "Outside is [C-53 c/n 4894 -RL] N763A, belonging to Norse Flight Inc. in Anchorage AK. It is owned by
Nico Von Pronay (; Nico helped with N24320's restoration, and he flew it
from MSO to East Coast (probably New York City or maybe to Waterbury-Oxford Airport, CT),
before returning to Anchorage AK."

The Norseflight website shows they do flightseeing trip from Anchorage-ANC and a few history details:
"The DC-3 is one of the most iconic airplanes ever built. She has served faithfully in World War 2 and
keeps doing so well into the 21st century. N763A has flown for the Army Air Corp, Contintental Airlines,
and various private operators. Grace Kelly once flew on this very aircraft."

It was supposed to spend the winter in Arizona, but it got stuck at Sitka,AK on the ferry flight down.
It broke a cylinder and was seen awaiting engine repairs on 26Jan21 at Sitka,AK.

Another fine photo is shared on my Photos by Friends & Guests #62. It flew back to Palmer,AK 03Feb21.

Wilton Cunningham shared photos of "Convair in Acklins Island Bahamas" on 'Facebook's Aviation Wrecks and relics' in Feb.2020. One of which clearly showed the registration '15123' on the tailfin. I tracked it on Google Earth.
Convair T-29 51-5123 on Acklins Island (Bahamas).I checked Joe Baugher's USAF serials webpage for 51-5123: 'Convair T-29B 5123 (msn 254) converted to
VT-29B to MASDC as TB092 Dec 19, 1974. To civil registry as N1342N. Impounded in Bermuda in 1984.'
A tad confusing to see "Impounded in Bermuda" there... Was it flown over at some point to the Bahamas, where it stranded? Or perhaps in error, should perhaps read Impounded at Bahamas ? also has its location as AXP - Springpoint Mun'l Airport, Bahamas.
Convair T-29 15123 at Acklins Island

Gerard Helmer has a photo on, dated 11Jun82, at Tucson (TUS), Arizona.

From the book 'The Convairliners Story' by J.M. Gradidge (Air-Britain, 1997)¬
'CV240-27 c/n 254 - 51-5123 T-29B-CO USAF D15Aug52; 3535 BTW 18Aug52; 3565 NTW 03Oct58; 6592 SW 01Dec61; 15 ABW 01Feb72; MASDC (TB092) 19Dec75; Robert Miller Enterprises, Fairbanks,AK 06Apr77; N1342N Outlaw Acft Sales Inc., Clarksville,TN Nov81; Airwing Int'l Inc. 19Mar82; Juan M Arbeeleez, Miami,FL B29Sep82; [Act Jan86].'

Btw, the manufacturer's serial number (a.k.a. construction number, resp. abbreviated to msn and c/n) for these Convairliner may seem a little confusing.
Due to a large number of changes in design of the Convair 340 compared to the CV240, Convair started a new constructio number range.
The CV240/T-29/CV600 models are in the first series, numbering from c/n 1 - 448.
The CV340/440/C-131/CV580/CV640 are in the 2nd batch, numbering c/n 1 - 510.
A 3rd series comprise military batch of T-29 and C-131 aircraft , starting with 52-1 and ending with 53-26.


Screendump from video footage, witness to a bizar aviation incident at Vancouver's Coal Harbour.
DHC-2 of Seair damaged at Coal Harbour in attempt to steal it

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – "The search is on for someone who reportedly stole a seaplane and crashed it in Vancouver’s harbour Friday at around 3:30 a.m.
“Harbour Air is aware of an attempted theft of a Seair aircraft at the Coal Harbour terminal early [Friday] morning,” the company said in an email to NEWS 1130. “During this incident, two Harbour Air aircraft were damaged.”
Images from the scene show one Harbour Air aircraft with significant damage to a wing, as well as a Seair plane missing the right wing all together." [

I came across aircraft involved here, C-FPCG at YVR-Seaplanes 2019 and DHC-3T C-FIUZ at Canada 2019.

Following 'plane wreck' I copied from Facebook's (Beech 18/ C45/ AT11/ SNB Group) for the text seems to offer hope for some sort of restoration!
Joel Russell posted photo and the following text: (Cut and paste from another group I’m in). This plane was brought to Liberty (no state mentioned). A young man told us it belongs to a doctor in town who is going to clean it up and make it safe for kids to explore."
Beech C-45 N9809Z at Liberty
The data insert was copied in by me (Webmaster, RL). Source

Helpful comments was posted by a former owner, Chris Hrabina: "I owned this plane and sold it to the Superintendent of Liberty ISD who is the current owner. It does have a cool history, it was stolen in the early 70s from Ohio if I remember and flown to Victoria. It was then purchased by David Rodgers and moved to his property. I acquired it in 2015-ish."
I think Liberty ISD refers to Liberty Independent School District, in Liberty,Texas.

This is what Bob Parmerter, author of the authorative 'Beech 18, A Civil & Military History', thought on this one:
"From what’s visible of the registration on the wings, the logical candidate for the wings is N6417C, a C18S c/n 5549 which ran out of fuel on final on a parajump flight & pancaked off airport near Cleveland, TX 28Apr73.
The same David Rogers, Baytown, TX that had the N9809Z fuselage, also acquired the remains of N6417C & parts (not the wings) were seen there outside in 2010.
So it seems as though N9809Z & wings of N6417C were mated."

Phil Brooks shared his 1983 photo of DC-3 N62WS, from the 'romantic days' propliners
played a role in cops (DEA) and robbers (drugs smugglers).
Impounded C-47 N62WS at Indianapolis, April 1983, copyright Phil Brooks
Impounded C-47 N62WS at Indianapolis, April 1983, copyright Phil Brooks.

Phil wrote: "The Drug Enforcement Administration chased the crew up from Florida, after observing them dropping bales out. The crew was arrested upon landing (the DEA King Air landed behind them) at the now-closed Kelly Field in Mooresville, just southwest of IND.
This happened in the fall/early winter of 1980, from what I can tell¬
The aircraft made its way to IND, where it sat for several years. I can’t remember if I noticed when it was gone, as I was away at college, and not visiting the airport as much as before.
The next thing I heard about it was on the front page of the Indianapolis Star on Memorial Day weekend 1984.

One thing I remember is that the crew’s bodies had been hacked up after the crash. I never heard anything else about that incident, oddly."
Check out: /
'Originally delivered to the RAF in WW2 (42-92228 / FL596), this DC-3 was later converted to an executive aircraft for the T Eaton Co (hence the registration, CF-ETE). Here it is in service with the Hudsons Bay Co. on northern supply work. After replacement with a Twin Otter it ended up in the US (N62WS) and got impounded over drug smuggling in 1980'.
'24 March 1984 - Crashed during an illegal flight in a mountainous area of Ciudad Quesada, Costa Rica. The airplane was carrying a load of weapons for the Nicaraguan Contras militia.'

Kenneth Swartz sent me this in Feb.2020: "This Albatross was still at Longview Airport, Kelso,OR (KLS/KKLS)
airport on 03Feb2020. The particular photo was taken two years ago."
HU-16 N121FB
I did a little digging into the history of Grumman G-111 Albatross N121FB (G-339): see Ken's
on my website and many other propliner images he shared with me!

Having noticed above photo, Fred Barnes shared his photo of N121FB with me.
Albatross N121FB 1980 by Fred Barnes
Fred wrote: "I have a photo of Albatross N121FB at Fort Lauderdale on 09Oct1984 in all white livery.
It was at Chalk's at the time, but I believe it was intended for 'executive' use."

Dirk Septer shared 3 Catalina/Canso airframes he came across in 2011, in New Zealand, on his gallery
Catalina, ZK-PBY (2011)
ZK-PBY seen well wrapped on 14Mar2011 ; it can also be seen elsewhere on my website:
Photos by Friends & Guests PAGE 9 and PAGE 45 (post restoration).


Received word and a photo form Everts Air, regarding their DC-6 N151:
DC-6 N151

"N151 is in its final C Check with Everts. When it comes out we will finish flying the time down leaving enough to ferry it to Norway. We are gearing up for April."
(This DC-6 will be donated for preservation in Norway).

N151 elsewhere on my website (a.o.):
¬ My propliner visit to Anchorage IAP, 2006
¬ Page 20 - Photos by Friends and Guests
¬ USA 2012: vintage planes - Oregon and Alaska
¬ Propliners by Martin Prince Jr - page 2

Regrettably DC-3 (C-47A) PP-VBF (c/n 10156) has been scrapped...
DC-3 PP-VBF scrapped

From my files: '42-24294 del 30Aug43, wfu/std 15Jan46, 19Jun46 Reconstruction Finance Corp(US military surplus organisation, NC68358 Air Carrier Supply Corp (no date), NC68358 Hughes Tool Co (no date), PP-VBF Varig delivered 05Dec47, pres Parque do Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro circa Sep71, PP-VBF canx reg 18Jul74, Jan80 moved to Rio Galeao after damaged by vandals, Mar80 on display after restoration.
Scrapped 31Jan20 (Facebook 'Aviation Wrecks and relics').

The recent scrapping of DC-3 PP-VBF (c/n 10156) led Ron to share this photo with me, showing it in better days!
DC-3 PP-VBF VARIG, by Ron Mak

See for propliners Ron's Propliner Gallery: Page 4 + PAGE 3 + PAGE 2 + PAGE 1

Sean found Douglas C-54E N460WA at Castle Airport (Atwater,CA; 23Jan20) in some maintenance.
C-54E of Florida Air Transport at Castle-Atwater, by Sean Keating (2020)
See Sean Keating's gallery on my website for more photos of N460WA (as well as many other propliners)

Propliners by Ron Mak
Ron Mak provided me with a set of 10 photos, taken in 1971 at Panama's Tocumen Airport.
See for the update Ron's Propliner Gallery Page 4 I added extensive history details to these photos.

My contact with Joey Barnes dates back all the way to 2005, for items discussed (including the Beech 18) on my page dedicated to Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the North. We lost contact, but not after I purchased and read his two
books about his 'Kingdom of Obsolete'. Today, 27Jan20, I noticed a post on Facebook and got reacquainted!
Beech 18 CF-PJG
Situation during X-mas 2019, preservation in the freezer!

CF-PJG on dry land, awaiting transport to The Kingdom of Obsolete!
CF-PJG on dry land, awaiting transport to The Kingdom of Obsolete!

Twin Beech CF-PJG on transport to The Kingdom of Obsolete!
Jan.2020, Twin Beech CF-PJG on transport to The Kingdom of Obsolete, where Joey Barnes rules!

Joey posted this on Facebook's 'Beech 18/ C45/ AT11/ SNB Group':
"We made no plans but it all worked out to bring my Beech 18 back to the Kingdom.
The 1983 IH Paystar 5000 plow truck, known as Thor, made short work of the 4 feet of sugar snow to dig out the beech 18 plane! The community all pitched in and the loading was all done in 3 hours with the call letters on the wings facing out for the world to see. LOL
We even tarped the burnt cockpit, like a diaper, to catch any loose debris so it didn't fall on the road. When we drove past the airport in WHO-ville last night it is hard to believe that 49 years ago this plane took off from this airport on it's last flight."
Joey is located in North Manitoba.

I googled for info on this Twin Beech CF-PJG and stumbled on from which I quote ¬
Beech 18 Expeditor C18S
Last Military Serial: 43-35832 +++ USAAF Construction Number: 6569
Last Civil Registration: CF-PJG +++ Latest Owner or Location: Calm Air Ltd, Lynn Lake, MAN
That website also gave a chronological history:
1944 Constructed as an UC-45F.
1944 Taken on Strength/Charge with the United States Army Air Force with s/n 43-35832.
Redesignated as C18S.
27 December 1962 To Saint Louis University, Saint Louis, MO with new c/r N6415C (C18S, 6569).
17 July 1963 Civil registration, N6415C, cancelled.
To Rev. W. Leising/Oblate Fathers, Fort Williams ONT with new c/r CF-PJG.
1969 To Joseph Flemming, Yellowknife NWT keeping registration CF-PJG.
1970 To Calm Air Ltd, Lynn Lake, MAN keeping c/r CF-PJG.
06 January 1971 Involved in an incident. Landed gear-up on snow strip Elenor Lake, MAN.
21 August 1971 - Involved in an incident. Another one! Tipped on nose during takeoff from Reindeer Lake, SASK.
./end quote from

You may find this lengthy read of interest: King of Obsolete recovers sunk Beech 18 from Reindeer Lake - Posted by Hugh MacCallum on September 15th 2016.

Joey has a full account of how he got submerged CF-PJG on dry land on his website: CLICK HERE! Amazing project!

There's more down there... Check out
Joey has his mind set on recovering the 2nd Calm Air Beech 18 submerged in near Kinoosao, check my Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the North. This one as yet defies identification (EMAIL).
"The call letters CF-PJG were on the wing (of the recovered Beech 18 -RL). But wings are like panties and can be removed. Under the black call letters painted in blue is CF-PJC!
On june 26 2016 we salvaged this plane with the wheel up in the wings when we were looking for the Beech 18 that they drove from arctic lodge on the ice and had the wheels that were pinned fall through the thin ice.
There is no record of the beech 18 crash at arctic lodge other then a few pictures which none of them showing the call letters..." Chasing a ghost?
Unidentified Cal Air Beech 18 submerged Kinoosoa Bay / Reindeer Lake
Joey: "The 'arctic lodge' Beech 18 that Mac (McCrimmon -RL) drove to the Bay of Kinoosao had the tail haywire together for the trip. On this picture you can see wood and hay wire on top of the tail in the centre."
./end quote
So this is the one sunk at Kinoosao which Joey has his mind set on to recover in 2020 from its submerged condition.

Meanwhile... Joey 31Jan20: "We used the Green Toy this afternoon to unload the Beech 18 known as CF-PJG. It almost looks to be flying again due to the angle of dragging it off."
Beech 18 CF-PJG at The Kingdom, 31Jan2020



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