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Well-known in Dutch and international propliner circles, Ron Mak's history with classic transports goes back a long, long way.
Ron has been particularly involved in the Consolidated PBY Catalina, at some point actually organizing tours with this fascinating flying boat, but his journeys to countries far and wide concerns all vintage propliners and I am proud to be able to share some of his images and recollections here.
Where applicable, Ron has added his comments.
Much, if not most, of the historic data was learned from the online database and 'Piston Engined Airliner Production List' / J. Roach & A.B. Eastwood (TAHS, 2007).

Photos © Ron Mak Collection

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Ron shared this Douglas B-23 Dragon with me in Nov.2020.
The Douglas B-23 Dragon is an American twin-engined bomber developed by the Douglas Aircraft Company as a successor to (and a refinement of) the B-18 Bolo.
The design incorporated a larger wingspan than the B-18, with a wing design very similar to that of the DC-3, a fully retractable undercarriage, and improved defensive armament.
The B-23 was the first operational American bomber equipped with a glazed tail gun position.
The first B-23 flew on 27Jul1939, with the production series of 38 B-23s manufactured between July 1939 and September 1940. [¬Wikipedia]

Douglas B-23 N1755 at Panama, by Ron Mak
Douglas B-23 N1755 at Panama on 15Nov71, by Ron Mak.

This info is from Joe Baugher's website-
USAF Serial 39-2762 (msn 2748) to RFC at McKellar Field,TN 11Oct1944.
To PanAm as NR33310 in 1945, later reregistered as NC33310.
In 1947 to C&R Turner as N33310. To General Electric Co in 1954.
To Palm Beach Yacht Sales in 1966.
To Sharmex SA of Mexico Aug 1966 as XB-PUR, registration cancelled Nov 1967.
To P. T. Sharples as N1755 in 1968.To Omni Investment Corp in 1969.
To Transport Leasing Corp in 1970.
Withdrawn from use in Panama, off registry by Feb 1980.
Was abandoned at Panama and impounded for non-payment of parking dues.
Derelict at Panama City, Canal Zone by Jun 1973. Broken up in 1978.



Ron wrote: 'Sending you 2 slide scans of a CV240 / T29(?) Probably ex/ USAF which I ran into Costa Rica during
november 1980; no registration, but with The Spirit of St. Lucia on her nose.
Hopefully this may lead to a proper tailnumber and history!'
Convair at San Jose, Costa Rica, by Ron Mak 1980
At first I worked from the assumption this could be T-29A/VT-29A c/n 188. Peter van Oostrum found this to be correct and to be N87962. For the entire extensive research see my Searchfor gallery.

Convair at San Jose, Costa Rica, by Ron Mak 1980
Initially I thought this to be TI-ARN, but a photo provided no match for the antennae; see below.
TI-1086C, which crashed in Nicaragua, became a possibility after I found it had been repaired.

Ron wrote me 05Dec20: '..started searching in my archive, and found TI-ARN of Trans Carga, photographed
by my friend Pierre Alan Petit in March 1989 at San Jose, Costa Rica.'
Convair TI-ARN by Pierre Alan Petit (1989, SJO)
It does not match Ron's Convair at all, look at those antennae! The paint scheme is basically the same, minus
the black line above the windows and the black tail.

For the research on this mystery, including Convair TI-ARN gone to a stripclub in San Jose, check my Searchfor!


This one was solved while looking for the above identity, rather easily solved!
Ron wrote: '.. have this part of a Convair at Fort Lauderdale with a weird tailnumber: VY-LLA; I don't think 'VY' is
a valid country prefix..? Perhaps an error by the painter, because VY-L is the prefix for the island of St. Lucia!'
'VY-LLA' for scrap at Ft.Lauderdale; by Ron Mak (1981)
The titles of this Convair CV240 read: 'National Guard Bureau'.

Here's the history of CV240 c/n 239 (ex/ 51-3811, N91704) from 'The Convairliners Story' (Air-Britain, 1997)
History of CV240  'VY-LLA', c/n 239 has 'VY-LLA' as a "faked mark, drug runner".
Perhaps Ron's Convair T-29/CV340 with the St.Lucia titles once was a partner in crime operating @St.Lucia?
But has no reg's for VY-LLx nor LY-LLx (x=all letters of alphabet).


Ron shared this image of Douglas DC-6B FAP 401 because of a recent photo of this DC-6 preserved in Cali, Colombia
DC-6B HP-401 by Ron Mak (1973)
DC-6B FAP 401 of Fuerza Aérea Panameña (FAP), by Ron Mak, taken at Tocumen Airport (1973)
For more details on this airframe see my Search For.. gallery

 This batch dates from an update made 28Jan2020. All taken by Ron Mak at Panama's Tocumen Airport in Nov.'71.

Convair CV580, HR-SAY (c/n 33) of Servicio Aéreo de Honduras SA (SAHSA; 1945-1994)
SAHSA was formed 02Jan45 by Newton Shelton. Stake acquired by Pan American (38%, transferred to TAN
in 1970, then transferred 1991 to TACA Int'l when TAN was integrated into SAHSA).

C/n 33 held the following identities: N5507K for Hawaiian AL, VH-BZG for Ansett Australian AL, N5100 for
General Motors (converted CV-340-36 to CV-580 prototype (f/f 19Jan60), rereg'd N5127 for same,
HR-SAY for SAHSA, N5599J for Penberthy Lumber / Sin Asia AS, N771PR for Prinair, XA-IAG for AL Unidas SA (unused, scrapped at Gainesville Mun'l,TX).

From my (RL) own files: 'C/n 33 was the prototype conversion CV340 to CV580, Pacific Airmotive of Califirnia (a.k.a. Pac Aero). This CV340 equipped with an Allison 501-D13D turboprop led to certification of Allison Prop-Jet Convair 340/440 in April 1960. Later type designation changed to Convair CV580.'
'XA-IAG was believed to be stored Gainesville,TX (26Mar03 but registration not read).
April 2003: Penberthy Lumber N771PR. Stored at Gainesville. N-inquiry April 2003: registration current but "undeliverable triennal" R17Nov1980, Penberthy Lumber Company, Los Angeles,CA.'

Convair 440, HP-542 (c/n 487) of Aerofletes Int'les, named 'Victoriano Lorenzo'.
Aerofletes Internacionales (AFISA) lasted only 3 years: 1966-1969, so must have been stored here in 1971.
C/n 487 was first operated by Mohawk AL (as N4404), went to AFISA as HP-582, then became N4404
again, for Trademark Leasors Inc. but was scrapped at Fort Lauderdale,FL (FLL).

From Piston Engined Airliner Production List (TAHS; 2007): 'LACSA - ntu. Stored. N4404 Mohawk AL 'Airchief
Red Jacket', dlvd 21Aug59. Trademark Leasors Inc bt 2.72. HP-542 AFISA 'Victoriano Lorenzo' bt 3.71.
N90895 Trademark Leasors Inc rep 8.72. N4404 Trademark Leasors Inc. rr 2.73.
Wfu & std Ft Lauderdale 12.73. Broken up.'

Convair CV440, HP-541 (c/n 486) of Aerofletes Int'les, named 'Urraca'.
The history of c/n 486 is as brief: started out as N4403 for Mohawk AL, under that same tailnumber reg'd for
Koscot Interplanetary, became HP-541 for AFISA and was scrapped at Miami IAP,FL (MIA).
Koscot Interplanetary, Inc. was an Orlando,FL based multi-level marketing cosmetic company selling mink oil-based cosmetics. It became entangled in numerous legal difficulties and went out of business in the 1970s. [Wikipedia]

From Piston Engined Airliner Production List (TAHS; 2007): 'LACSA - ntu. Stored. N4403 Mohawk AL 'Airchief
Shenandoah' dlvd 21Aug59. Koscot Interplanetary Inc lsd 24Mar70. Mohawk AL returned 01Jan71.
Trademark Leasors Inc. bt 17Feb71. HP-541 AFISA 'Urraca' bt 3.71. Wfu & std Miami 8.72. Broken up.'

Convair CV440, HP-485 (c/n 184) of Copa Airlines
C/m 184 started with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines as PH-CGB, transferred to Dutch Caribbean AL as PJ-CVB,
became HP-485 for Copa AL, reg'd N423AF for Gulfstream American. Scrapped at Miami IAP,FL (MIA).

Compañia Panameña de Aviación (COPA Panama), 1944-2000. Formed by Pan American (40%, later 33%). Acquired
by the Motta family. Stake taken by TACA. Stake acquired by Continental, increased to 51% by 1999, reduced to 12.3% in 2006. Renamed 0Jun2000 to Copa Airlines, which was expected to join Skyteam alliance in 2006 (formal application postponed to 4/9/07), eventually cancelled. Continental's share re-sold in 5/08 to third parties.
Joined Star Alliance (announced Nov.'2010, effective 22Jun12) - current to this date (Jan.2020).

From my (RL) files: 'Dlvd to KLM 09Jun54 PH-CGB; transferred to 'Westindisch Bedryf (ALM) 9 years later
rr PJ-CVB; COPA Panama 1968-1974 HP-485; American Jet Industries stored N423AJ at MIA 1974 and
demolished in 1975.'

From Piston Engined Airliner Production List (TAHS; 2007): 'PH-CGB KLM 'Jan van Scorel' dlvd 9.6.54.
PJ-CVB KLM rr 29.5.63. ALM - Antillean Airlines tfd 1.8.64. HP-485 COPA Panama bt 1968. N423AJ
American Jet Industries bt 6.74. Wgy & std Miami 7.74. Broken up 7.75.'

Martin 2-0-2, HP-398 (c/n 9133)
C/n 9133 held the following previous identities: N93047 for Northwest AL, was leased back by the Metin Company
for use as a demonstrator, went to California Central AL, to Pacific AL, transfer to TWA did not materialize,
same for a return to Martin Comp., to Admiral Air Service (still N93047), became HP-398 for RAPSA and
was scrapped at Panama (PTY). Rutas Aéreas Panameñas SA (RAPSA).

From Piston Engined Airliner Production List (TAHS; 2007): 'Lineas Aeropostal Venezolana - ntu. N93047
Northwest Orient Airlines '547' dlvd 23.12.47. California Central AL 'City of San Diego' bt 23.10.51. Southwest
Aws bt 25.3.55. Pacific Air Lines -new name-6.3.58. Trans World Airlines bt 24.6.60. Martin Air Leasing Inc bt
21.11.61. Jim Sorthun bt (no date). HP-398 RAPSA Panama bt 26.10.64. Wfu & std Panama City 1970. Broken up.'

Douglas C-47A, TG-O-CNA (c/n 19495)
C/n 19495 started with the USAAF, as 42-101032 (VC-47A), reg'd to N91261 (converted to C-47A),
rereg'd HR-CNA for Corp Centro Americana de Servicios de Navegacion Aérea (COCESNA), rereg'd
TG-O-CNA for same (private users in Honduras), leased with that same registration by Aviateca Guatemala,
as HR-SAZ to SAHSA. Destroyed 18Mar1990 at RTB off (wreck sunk for diving tours).

From my (RL) files: 'Submerged in lake at Oak Bay Resort - Roatan, Honduras; "offers snorkelers, shore
and boat divers a reef only short swim away and even a sunken DC-3 dive!".'

Douglas C-47, HP-496 (c/n 6068)
C/n 6068 started as 43-30637 (USAAF), but this registration was unused as it went to the US Navy, as
12402, designated R4D-1). It became C-159 for Avianca Colombia, modified to DC-3 Hiper. Rereg'd HK-159
for same. Became HP-496 for RAPSA, went to DGAC (HP-496), to Copa AL as were it was reg'd HP-665 (so
Ron probably caught it awaiting shortly before use at PTY by Copa), next was SETCO AL where it was reg'd
HR-AJY, from where it went to AV Centroamericanas (HR-AJY). Last reported under MRO/Conversion at
Tegucigalpa-Toncontin, Honduras.

From my (RL) files: 'SETCO HR-AJY, std Tegucigalpa 3/96. Ex/HP-665. Last noted Tegicigalpa-Toncontin
on 01Mar02 (wfu). Ln 27Feb03 Tegucigalpa - Toncontin SETCO. Reported not airworthy anno Jan05.
Ln ..Nov07 @Tegucigalpa. No.3 of DC-3s for Aerovias Centroamerica/Aviac, see HR-ATH + HR-ALU, still
stored in SETCO c/s at Tegucigalpa-Toncontin summer of 2009. has a March 16, 2014 photo by Heber Alejandro Doblado Perez (HN Spotters), showing
HR-AJY scrapped except for the derelict cockpit section.

Douglas C-53, HP-309 (c/n 7392)
After use by the USAAF/USAF (42-15875) it went to Dutch Caribbean AL (PJ-ALA), from where it went to
RAPSA (HP-309) as seen here, onward to Chitreana de Aviación (HP-729) and Budget Rent a Plane (HI-445:
Dominican Republic), was reg'd N90079 for North American A / c Sales; Hill Air Co; Falcon General;
Glenn Goodman. It was scrapped Wauchula Mun'l,FL (KCHN).

From my (RL) files: 'N90079 of Hill Air Inc. At FLL-Exec in Sep.'97. Ln 14Feb04 Wauchula Mun'l,TX.'

Douglas C-47A, HP-580 (c/n 19242) - named 'Rubén Cantú'.
C/n 19242 als started with the USAAF (42-100779) and after its military service became TI-204 for
TACA de Costa Rica, reregd'd C-170 for TACA de Colombia, rereg'd C-205 for same, then went to Pacific
National Air Express (NC79989), to AV Reforma (XA-HUG), under same registration to AeroMéxico, rereg'd
N75885 for Ohio Oil;Marathon Oil and lastly to AL Urraca as HP-560.
Destroyed 21Feb1973 at Cerro Horqueta, Boquete in Panama.

From 'The DC-3 struck the Cerro Horqueta mountain. Fatalities: 22 (Occupants: 28)

Douglas DC-6B/F, HP-503 (c/n 43524) of Internacional de Aviación (Inair)
PanAm was the first user of this 'Six', registered as N6524C; next was a lease (and returned) to Capital AL,
converted DC-6B in April'75 and last operator was Inair Panama (HP-503).
Destroyed in August 1982 at C. David Campbell Field/Municipal (Corsicana-CRS) in Texas, on a drug run.

From Piston Engined Airliner Production List (TAHS; 2007): 'N6524C Pan American World Airways 'Clipper Pocahontas' dlvd 19.4.52. Capital AL lsd 14.2.60. Panam 'Clipper Essen' ret 5.61. Panam 'Clipper Meteor', new
name. Wfu & std Miami 3.68. Air Lease Inc bt 17.9.68. HP-503 Inair Panama bt 12.3.70. cvtd to DC-6B(F).
4.75. Inair Panama 'Ciudad de Colon' named. HP-523 Inair Panama rr 6.75. Monarch Aviation bt 9.79
rr 9.11.79. N6524C Monarch Aviation rr 23.9.79. HP503 Monarch Aviation rr 9.11.79. HP-523 Monarch Aviation
9.11.79 (!). Inair Panama lsd 2.12.79. Wfu & std 1990.'


The recent scrapping of DC-3 PP-VBF (c/n 10156) led Ron to share this photo with me, showing it in better days!
DC-3 PP-VBF VARIG, by Ron Mak
Ron photographed it near Rio de Janeiro's Santos Dumont Airport.

Very sad...
DC-3 PP-VBF scrapped

From my (Webmaster RL) files: '42-24294 del 30Aug43, wfu/std 15Jan46, 19Jun46 Reconstruction Finance Corp(US military surplus organisation, NC68358 Air Carrier Supply Corp (no date), NC68358 Hughes Tool Co (no date), PP-VBF Varig delivered 05Dec47, pres Parque do Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro circa Sep71, PP-VBF canx reg 18Jul74, Jan80 moved to Rio Galeao after damaged by vandals, Mar80 on display after restoration.
Scrapped 31Jan20 (Facebook 'Aviation Wrecks and relics').



Ron sent me these for his gallery on my website: Air Siam's Douglas C-54B VH-TAG (c/n 27245).
C-54B c/n 27245 career: 44-9019 USAAF, NC74648 Seaboard World Airlines, N74648 Transocean
Air Lines, N74648 Flying Tigers (temp reg'd as YA-BAH), YA-BAH Ariana Afghan Airlines, VH-TAG Trans
Australia Airlines, converted to freighter by TAA, HS-VGY Air Siam. Scrapped at Don Muang Int'l Airport.

C-54 HS-VGZ at Hong Kong's Kai Tak IAP
The inside cargodoor shows 'Air Cargo' + 'Big Door DC-4' titles. The name below cockpit window is 'Petchabune'.
History of this Big Doug, by

So we see this pax DC-4-1009 carried the following tailnumbers: N42922, JA6006, VH-TAE, HS-VGZ (converted to freighter by TAA for Air Siam), G-BBVN (unused), LN-NAC (transaction cancelled). Scrapped at Southend, UK.

From Wikipedia¬
The airline was established as Varan Air-Siam on 15 September 1965 by Prince Varanand, who was the major shareholder at the time.
Operations started in 1970 using Douglas DC-4 equipment, initially flying the Bangkok−Hong Kong route as a freighter service.
Following an agreement with Overseas National Airways for the wet-lease of a Douglas DC-8-63 and operational assistance from Trans World Airlines, scheduled passenger services started in March 1971 serving Bangkok, Honolulu, Tokyo and Los Angeles.
All these services were suspended in January 1972; the Bangkok–Hong Kong sector was reactivated in May the same year with a leased BAC One-Eleven and extended to Tokyo seven months later, in December 1972, operated with a Boeing 707.

Air Siam's Douglas C‑54A‑DO (DC‑4) HS-VGX (c/n 7466) can be seen on my PHOTOS BY FRIENDS & GUESTS #60

With help of Steve Darke's website and the article 'Competition Arrives - Air Siam (1965 to 1977)' which I received from Steve in pdf format, I can summarize the fate of the DC-4's of Air Siam.
HS-VGY is believed to have been withdrawn from use in 1972 and lingered at Bangkok's Don Mueang for many years until ultimately broken up there in 1986.
The other two were bought by Harold Bamberg (of British Eagle fame) for a prospective cargo carrier to be called Eagle Air Cargo.
They were registered as G-BBVN (HS-VGZ) and G-BCDT (HS-VGY, 'Sukhodaya') in early 1974, but neither wore these tailnumbers and Eagle Air Cargo was a non-starter.
VGZ was flown to Southend in Nov.'73 and was broken up there in 1977.
VGY stayed in the region and became XW-PKH in late 1974, only to be destroyed during an attack at Phnom Penh in April 1975.

The article 'Competition Arrives - Air Siam (1965 to 1977)' is from the book 'Royal Orchid - The History of Civil Aviation in Thailand' - by Steve M. Darke and Dr Virachai Vannukul. And available from
Note- he changed his name in 2012 from Darke to Ozel when married for the 2nd time; legally Ozel now.



Update dated 21May2020

Douglas DC-3, HP-86 (c/n 6144) of Copa Panama.
C/n 6144 is Douglas C-47-DL, first delivered as 41-38685 to USAAF 23Dec42, at Oran,Algeria ¬ 12 AF Italy ¬
11 TCS (July 1943) ¬ FLC 11Dec45¬ NC22434 PAA ¬ RX-86 HP-86 COPA Rd 1947/B10Dec49 ¬ HK-86 Rr
1952 'Bacoas del Toro'¬ HK-3286 Alas Chiricanas ¬ SADELCA, Neiva 'Liliana' (1988 - 2001 i/s).
History by Air-Britain's by J.M. Gradidge (2006): DC-3 The First Seventy Years.

DC-4 HK-654 of Avianca-Colombia

Douglas C-54B HK-654 is c/n 18391 with history: USAAF 43-17191 D14Nov44, to Douglas Aircraft Company (bought) 07Jan46, converted to DC-4 (pax) conversion #44, bought 19Jul46 Pan Am reg'd as N88904, to Pan American Grace Airways (Panagra) transferred 1948 as N88904, to Northeast Airlines (1952 leased & returned, N88904).
Bought 04Dec59 by Avianca Colombia and reg'd as HK-654, to Aerotal Colombia in 1974, still as HK-654.
Damaged beyond repair after undercarriage collapsed 17Jun75 at Arauca, Colombia.
¬ and Piston Engined Airliner Production List by J. Roach & A.B. Eastwood (TAHS, 2007).

Douglas DC-4 OB-R-625 of Faucett of Peru

Douglas C-54B OB-R-625 is c/n 10511 with history: USAAF delivered 09Jan1945 as 42-72406, bought by American AL in 1946, reg' d N90429 and named 'Flagship Baltimore'.
Then bought by Guest Aerovias México in 1950, reg'd as XA-HIZ, subsequent acquisition by QANTAS fell thru,
to Civil Air Transport (Transamerica Corporation) as N68578 in april 1956. Bought Dec.' 57 by CINTA reg'd as CC-CAJ, then to Faucett Perú 22Feb62 reg's as OB-PBM-625, rr OB-R-625 in 1964.
After storage at Lima, Peru in '73, scrapped at some point.
¬ and Piston Engined Airliner Production List by J. Roach & A.B. Eastwood (TAHS, 2007).

C-46 at Panama by Ron Mak in 1971
Curtiss C-46 Commando, HR-SAK/K (registration readable under lh-wing on original photo) of SAHSA.
History of C-46 HR-SAK by ATDB
History by

By Piston Engined Airliner Production List by J. Roach & A.B. Eastwood (TAHS, 2007):
44-78746 USAAF del 29Aug45, USAF nn 18Sep47. Reg'd N1801M for All Trans Airlines (leased) 31Mar48, Flying Tiger Line (lsd) 01Nov54, Aerovias Sud Americana lsd 08Jul52, acquired by same 01Nov54, bought by Ayerline Corporation 01Jul58 and reg'd as NN90445, to Aerovias Sud Americana same date, leased, bought by SAHSA (Servicio Aéreo de Honduras SA) May 1960 and reg'd as XH-SAK, rr HR-SAK in Feb.'61, as N64287 acquired by Propellor Service of Miami in 29Jan74, bought by Bellomy-Lawson Aviation 13Feb74 and reg'd as as same, to C-46 Parts Inc on 07Aug75, reg'd as CP-1280 for SAVCO on 14Oct75, to Trans Aereos Luwior in 1983, reg'd to TAVIC in 1992, (no date) wfu & stored at Cochabamba, Bolivia.

On SAHSA: based at Tegucigalpa, Honduras, operated between 1945 - 1994; formed 2/1/45 by Newton Shelton. Stake acquired by Pan American (38%, transferred to TAN in 1970, then transferred 1991to TACA Int'l when TAN was integrated into SAHSA). ¬

OB-M-764 of AGLO, named 'Bartalo'or 'Bartolo'. Both engines seen removed here at Panama.
C-46 OB-M-764

Curtiss Commando OB-M-764 is c/n 22530, a C-46F US Army AF delivered in 1945 as 44-78707, to USAAF 18Sep47. Reg'd to Nationwide Air Transport as N1667M on lease in July '48 (managed by Resort Airlines 1950), converted to Super 46C in 1955.
Became CF-HTK for Maritime Central Airways in 1955. To Easter Provincial Aws, bought in '63.
OB-M-764 Companhia Aglo bought it in '65.
Wfu & std Panama City '70. Ultimate fate obscure.
¬ and Piston Engined Airliner Production List by J.Roach & A.B. Eastwood (TAHS, 2007).

Lockheed Constellation, HP-526 (c/n 4815)

Lockheed L.1049H Super Constellation c/n 4815 was first delivered to Flying Tigers on 09Apr57 as N6917C, Leased Mar'66 & returned May '66 by Mercury General Aviation/Flying Tiger Air Svcs., bought by Murphree Air Int'l  28Feb69, to North Slope Supply Company 1969 but acquisition cancelled, bought by Sandy L. Murphy 02Jan70, to Trademark Leasors 10Feb70, to Aerofletes Int'les (AFISA) as HP-526 (named 'Orula) Aug.'70 and as N6917C to A/c Pool Lsg / George Arece (apperently its only aircraft) on 06Jul73. Leased by ANDES Nov.73.
Destroyed 15Dec73 at Miami,FL. Crashed after take off 4kms east of Miami 15Dec73.
¬ and Piston Enginedd Airliner Production List by J.Roach & A.B. Eastwood (TAHS, 2007).
/ - -/ntsb/aircraft-accident-reports/AAR74-11.pdf (will download a file for viewing)  -15 December 1973.

Lockheed L.188, HP-579 c/n 1011 of Copa Panama

A very brief history: Lockheed L.188A c/n 1011 was first delivered to Eastern Air Lines as N5506 and later moved to COPA (Compañia Panameña de Aviación, 1944-2000) Panama as HP-579.
Scrapped at Mojave,CA.



Date of this update 03Sep2020:
C-46 TI-1010C TAISA
Curtiss C-46 Commando, TI-1010C (c/n 33348) of TAISA
History by '44-77952 (USAAF), AN-FAA (FANSA), AN-ADF (Lanica), TI-1010 (Lineas Aéreas de
Costa Rica SA - LACSA), TI-1010C (same), TI-1010C (LADECA), to final operator TAISA (Transportes Aéreos de
Integracion SA): Destroyed 09Sep1974'.
Noteworthy, ATDB has no start- nor end date of TAISA operations. Was based in Costa Rica.
Add'l notes from TAHS*: 'USAAF delivered 03Apr45, War Assets Admin. transferred 28Apr47, wfu & std Bush Field, Georgia; FANSA bt '48, rr AN-ADF for FANSA '51. No mention of Lanica. LACSA bt '52. Lineas Aereas de Caribe
Ltda bt '67; TAISA bt '71. Crashed after hitting Mt. Leclerc, Haiti 09Sep74'
*) TAHS= Piston Engined Airliner Production List, by The Aviation Hobby Shop (2007)

C-46 N9890Z
Curtiss C-46D Commando, N9890Z (c/n 33111)
History by '44-77715 (USAAF), N9890Z (Capitol Airways), N9890Z leased and returned by Lufthansa (in Capitol m/s), to Butte Knitting Mills (!), still N9890Z to Brownfield Aerial, and last know operator Onyx Avn with N9890Z's 'ultimate fate obscure'...
Capitol Airways (1946-'67), Capitol Int'l Airways ('67-'81) and Capitol Air ('81-'84); formed by Jessie Stallings; acquired in 1980 by George Batchelor, 1983 by Global International/Farhad Azima.'
TAHS: 'USAAF del Jan.'45; wfu & std '59; Capitol Aws bt 08Feb61; Lufthansa Mar.'64, ret Jul.'69; Johnny Logan
Inc. bt 13Aug69; Butte Knitting Mills lsd Oct.'69; Carolina Acft Corp. bt 30Apr71; Ed Cantrell bt 23Jul71;
Repo American Nat'l Bank 20Dec71; Clarks Aerial Svce bt 11Jul72; Brownfield Aerial bt 07Oct77; Onyx bt
27Mar78; Advance Aviation Inc. bt 07Jun78; Gulf Act Sales bt 05Apr79; Pedro A. Garcia bt 10Apr79; wfu & std'

Curtiss C-46 HC-AMV Andes
Curtiss C-46A Commando, HC-AMV (c/n 174) of Andes
History by '43-47103 (USAAF), to N79095, CU-C145 (AV Q), CU-C145 (Expreso Aéreo-
Interamericano), CU-C145 (Cubana de Aviación), XH-TNG (TAN Honduras), HC-AMV (ANDES Airlines, Aerolineas Nacionales del Ecuador SA), CP-1224 (Northeast Bolivian AL). Also ex N560PG; scrapped at Cochabamba.'
TAHS: 'USAAF dlvd 30Dec44, USN BuNo.50720 tfd 30Dec44, wfu & std Aug47; N79095 Nationwide Air
Transport bt 10Mar48; Aerovia Q bt '48; Expreso Aéreo-Interamericano bt '60; CUBANA mgd July'61;
TAN Airlines bt '63; Andes bt '68; Northeast Bolivia Aws bt '75; broken up 1984'.

Curtiss C-46 HP-463 INAIR
Curtiss C-46D Commando, HP-463 (c/n 33066) of INAIR
History by '44-77670 (USAAF), YV-C-CAG (Compañia Aérea Viajes Expresos), XH-TNC
(TAN Honduras), HR-TNC (same), HP-463 (Inair Panama). Scrapped at Panama'.
TAHS: 'USAAF dlvd 11Jan45, RFC tfd 20Feb46, wfu & std Walnu Ridge,AR; CU-P183 Nat'l Acft Corp. bt 11Dec47;
N1660MClaire E. Wassenberg tfd 02Jun48; Robert L. Brown bt 15Nov48; RX-145 Lineas Aereas de Panama SA bt 09Feb49; Compañia Aérea Viajes Expresos bt '50; TAN Al bt 17Nov50; HR-TNC TAN Al rr Feb.'61; Inair bt
'67; wfu & std Panama City 1973'.

Curtiss C-46 HP-483 INAIR
Curtiss C-46A Commando, HP-483 (c/n 30452) of INAIR
History by '42-96790 (USAAF), 39574 (US Navy), XH-TND (TAN Honduras), HR-TND (same),
OB-R-829 (APSA), and as HP-483 to Inair Panama. Scrapped at Panama'.
TAHS: 'USAAF dlvd 18Sep44, tfd US Navy BuNo.39574 18Sep44, wfu & std; TAN Al bt '54; rr '61;
wfu & std Miami; Aerolineas Peruanas SA bt '66; Inair bt 31Aug68; wfu & std Panama City '73'.

DC-6 HP-493 Internacional de Aviacion
Douglas DC-6B, HP-493 (c/n 43527) for Internacional de Aviacion (Inair Panama)
History by 'N6527C (Pan Am), N6527C (Capital Airlines, leased from Pan Am), HP-493 (Inair
Panama / Internacional de Aviación), HP-493 (Cargo-Indeasa, leased from Pan Am), HP-493 (Latin Carga,
leased from Pan Am). Scrapped at Panama'.
TAHS: 'Dlvd 24Jun52 'Clipper Stargazer'; Capital Aws lsd 11Jan60, ret May'61 'Clipper Koln'; wfu
& std Miami Mar68; Air Lease Inc. bt 17Sep68; Inair bt Jun69; Cargo-Indeasa lsd Aug73, ret '74; Latin
Carga lsd Sep76, ret Sep77; wfu & std Panama City Nov77; broken up'.

Douglas DC-6B(A/B), TI-1017C (c/n 45059) for LACSA ('San Jose')
History by 'N710A (ARAMCO), Certificated new as DC-6B equipped with a DC-6A cargo door,
TI-1017C (Avianca Costa Rica), TI-LRC (same), TI-ALS (Exaco), TI-AQQ (Carga Expresa), HR-AKB (Servicios
Aéreos Generales), ETP-10022 (Fuerza Aérea Mexicana). Scrapped at Santa Lucia Air Base (Mexico).'
TAHS: 'ARAMCO dlvd 03Aug56; TI-1017C LACSA 'San Jose' bt Oct60; rr TI-LTC 'Carguero' '74;
TI-ALS Exaco Cargo bt Aug77; rr TI-AQQ '79; Bt Hector David Artica '85 HR-AKB; Servicios Aereos
Generales bt (no date); FA Mexicana bt (no date); wfu & std Santa Lucia AB (no date)'.

Douglas DC-6B, HP-536 (c/n 43518), probably with Inair Panama however the lack of titles here.
History by 'N6518C Pan Am, N6518C (Capital Airlines -lsd & returned, Capital merged 01Jun61 into United), LV-PVQ (Austral Lineas Aéreas but unused; wrongly painted as LV-PVS?), LV-HRC (Austral Lineas Aéreas)
N6518C (Pacific Airmotive but unused; broker?), lastly as HP-536 to Inair Panama. Scrapped at Panama'.
TAHS: ''Clipper Freedom' dlvd 29May52; Capital lsd 18Feb6, ret May'61; LV-PVS Austral lsd 19Oct62, rr
LV-HRC Nov62 Austral, ret PanAm 30Oct64 N6518C; bt Air Lease Inc. 17Sep68; Pacific Air Motive bt
Jan' 69; Concare Aircraft Lsng Corp. bt Sep'70; Inair bt '71; wfu & std Panama City; broken up Feb75'.

Douglas C-54G, FAC 696 (c/n 36057) with SATENA (FAC: Fuerza Aérea Colombiana).
History by '45-0604 (USAAF), FAC696 (Fuerza Aérea Colombiana), FAC696 (SATENA
Colombia). Ultimate Fate Obscure'.
'SATENA: Colombia Servicios de Aeronavegacion a Territorios Nacionales.
Formed 16/4/62 as a division of FA Colombiana.'
TAHS: 'USAAF dlvd 18Sep45; FA Colombiana bt '70; tfd SATENA (no date); wfu & std '83'.

UPDATE dated 12Oct20

DC-3 FAP-201 by Ron Mak (Panama, 1971)
Fuerza Aérea Panameña C-47, FAP-201 (c/n 9091)
History by '42-32865 (SAAF), to NC21935, to LANSA (C-317), rereg'd HK-317, to Avianca Colombia
(HK-317), to RAPSA (HP-291), to Fuerza Aérea Panameña; Destroyed 27Aug1980? Or was that FAP-202?'

DC-3 FAP-203 by Ron Mak (Panama, 1971)
Fuerza Aérea Panameña C-47A, FAP-203 (c/n 20436)
History by '43-15970 (USAAF), to Fuerza Aérea Panameña. Ultimate fate obscure.'

DC-3 HP-86 by Ron Mak (Panama, 1971)
COPA Panama C-47A HP-86 (c/n 6144); reportedly still active (2020), as HP-3286 for AL Llaneras Colombia!
History by '41-38685 (USAAF), to NC22434, to Copa AL (RX-86), rereg'd HP-86, to Alas Chiricanas (HP-86), to SELVA Colombia (HK-3286), to SADELCA Colombia (same), Aerovanguardia Colombia (same), to
Aliansa Colombia (still HK-3286), to SADELCA Colombia (same), to AL Llaneras Colombia ((Current, Active).'

DC-3 HP-563 by Ron Mak (Panama, 1971)
Rutas Aéreas Panameñas SA (RAPSA) C-47A, HP-563 (c/n 19513)
History by '43-15047 (USAAF), to American Air Lines (NC88828), to Lineas Aéreas Nacionales SA
(LANSA) as C-327, rereg'd HK-327 for same, to Avianca Colombia (HK-327), to RAPSA (HP-563), to SAHSA-
Servicio Aéreo de Honduras SA (HR-SHC), to Servivensa (YV-769C); scrapped at Puerto Ordaz.'

HS.748 HP-484 by Ron Mak (Panama, 1971)
Hawker-Siddeley HS.748-227, HP-484 (c/n 1662)
History by 'Copa AL (HP-484), to Hawker-Siddeley Aviation (G-BCDZ), converted by BAe for maritime surveillance as the Coastguarder (1978) but later re-converted back to the standard srs.2A configuration, leased by British Airways, returned, leased by Deutsche Luftverkehrsgesellschaft (DLT; ca.1981) and returned, G-BCDZ leased
by SATA Air Açores, returned, a 1982 photo shows it in BA 'British' livery, flown as British Aerospace 748 Coastguarder demonstrator, G-11-3 for BAe Systems went unused, to Calm Air as C-GSBF; Part-out, derelict.'
Note some of the information was also learned from other sources such as and

L.188 Electra HC-ANQ by Ron Mak (Panama, 1971)
Lockheed L.188A Electra, HC-ANQ (c/n 1004)
History by 'Lockheed Martin (N1884), AeroMéxico acquisition cancelled, Lockheed Martin (N7144C),
Cathay Pacific AW (VR-HFA, demonstator), N16816 unused, to Braniff (N16816), to Compañia Ecuatoriana
de Aviación (HC-ANQ), to TAME (FAE1004); scrapped at Quito (UIO/SEQU).'

Note to TAME (Quito, Ecuador 1962-2020):
'Formed by FA Ecuatoriana. Minority (49%) stake expected to be acquired by TACA during 2008Q3, cancelled. Set up separate division TamExpress in 2011. Privatization project abandonned in 5/17 after no offer was received. Suspended operations on 17/3/20 due to COVID-19. Entered liquidation on 20/5/20.' [¬]

Note to the Lockheed L.188:
'Lockheed had established a strong position in commercial airliner production with its piston-engine Constellation series.
In 1951, Lockheed was approached by Capital Airlines to develop a new turboprop airliner which was designated the YC-130, however there was no interest from any other carriers, so the design was dropped. Subsequently, Capital Airlines went on to order 60 British Vickers Viscounts.'
In 1954, as a result of American Airlines' interest in developing a twin engine aircraft, the idea resurfaced and the company offered a twin-engine design now designated the CL-303. This design was also shelved for lack of interest.
The following year, American Airlines revised its requirement to a four-engine design for 75 passengers with 2.000 miles (3.200 km) range.[3] Lockheed proposed a new design, the CL-310 with a low wing and four Rolls-Royce Darts or Napier Elands. The CL-310 design met the American Airlines requirements, but failed to meet those of another interested carrier, Eastern Air Lines.

Lockheed redesigned the CL-310 to use the Allison 501-D13, a civilian version of the T56 developed for the Lockheed C-130 Hercules military transport.
The airframe was stretched to allow for more seats and handle the increased performance. This design was launched as the Model 188 with an order for 35 by American Airlines on June 8, 1955.
This was followed by Eastern Air Lines with an order for 40 on September 27, 1955.
The first aircraft took 26 months to complete and by that time Lockheed had orders for 129. The prototype, a Model 188A, first flew on December 6, 1957.

First flown in 1957, the Lockheed L-188 Electra was the first large turboprop airliner built in the US.
Initial sales were good, but after two fatal crashes that led to expensive modifications to fix a design defect, no more were ordered. [¬Wikipedia, more..]


Propliners at Panama 1971 by Ron Mak
Waving goodbye to C-46 HP-443 (Aerofletes), DC-6 HP-462 (Aerofletes) and L-749A N6017C (ex/ Western)

History by

Curtiss Commando C-46A, HP-443 (c/n 30267) - 42-96605 (USAAF), to N91367, Aerofletes Internacionales a.k.a. AFISA (HP-443); parted out at Tocumen-Panama.

Curtiss Commando C-46A, HP-462 (c/n 42884) - American AL (N90717), Miami Aviation Corporation, unused, to
Aerofletes Int'les (HP-462), to Inair Panama (HP-462); scrapped at Tocumen-Panama.'

Lockheed L749A Constellation (c/n 2655) - Trans World AL (N6017C), to Pacific Northern AL (N6017C), to
Western AL (N6017C), to V.M. Castora (N6017C), to Concare Aircraft Leasing (N6017C), to Vincent M. Castora
(N6017C), impounded for drug running; scrapped at Tocumen-Panama.'



Update to this page 30JAN2021
Mexico City - Airport 1971. Copyright Ron Mak
Martin 4-0-4, XB-RUK c/n 14145. Started as Eastern AL (N454A), then to Air Americana, expected to go to East Coast Flying Svcs but not taken up, became XB-RUK for Mario Moreno; Industrias Unidas SA (28Jan64),
then to N67097 for Westernair, but deal fell thru. Scrapped at Miami,FL.

XC-FAB - C-49J c/n 6315, USAF (43-1975), Chicago & Southern AL (N30083), Delta AL (same), Union Carbide & Carbon (N41N), General Foods (N412P), to 'Private users @USA' (N2989), Comision Federal de Electricidad
(XC-FAB), to J. Silberman; G.R. Kabeller; Zack B. Hinton Jr; Southern Cross Aviation; Robert J Metz; Patrick Terry (23Jun05); Vintage Flying Museum / Douglas 87745 Llc (18Jan11).
Based Tooele,UT; later 'Southern Cross' titles, based Gainesville, TX.
Stored at FTW-Fort Worth-Meacham Field.

XB-NOX, Beech 18 - ???

Martin 4-0-4, XB-SOM c/n 14169. Delivered to Tras World AL (N40434), then to Essex Prod / Frank Sinatra
(N710E), to Major Justina Reyes (XB-SOM), to Continental Aircraft Leasing (N67424), to 'Private users @USA'
(N67274), transaction cancelled. Scrapped at St.Louis Int'l.

(Beech 18 X?-OUA or QUA?)


Mexico City - Airport 1971. Copyright Ron Mak
Douglas DC-6 XA-SIX c/n 42862. From American AL (N90709), to SAESA (XA-SIX), to
Fuerza Aérea Mexicana (ETP-10011). Possibly scrapped at Mexico's Benito Juarez Internacional Airport.

Mexico City - Airport 1971. Copyright Ron Mak
Douglas C-47A, XC-DOS c/n 11815 for Secretaria De Recursos Hidraulicos.
First delivered to USAAF (42-92057), then to Tenneco (N502T), to Secretaría de Recursos Hidraulicos
(XC-DOS), to Aviación de la Armada de Mexico (MT-202). Stored at MEX (Benito Juarez Int'l Airport).

Mexico City - Airport 1971. Copyright Ron Mak
Douglas C-47B, XB-TEY c/n 13432. With J. Ulises Calcaneo -titles.
First delivered to USAAF (42-93512), to TAMSA (XA-HEY), then to J. Ulises y M. Calcaneo.
Status Jan.2021 'Ultimate fate obscure' (

Mexico City - Airport 1971. Copyright Ron Mak
Douglas C-47A, XB-FAQ c/n 12740, 'DZUL-IK' w/ panorama windows!
First delivered to USAAF (42-92889), to Reconstruction Finance Corporation (NC60883), ownard to
Creek Railway Express (same), to Mene Grande Oil (YV-P-AEK), to Avion Inc (N314A), to
Mexicana Impulsora (XB-FAQ) and to Arrendadora Int'l (Orgullo del Mar) as XB-GUB.
Again 'Ultimate fate obscure' (

Mexico City - Airport 1971. Copyright Ron Mak
Douglas C-47, MT-101 c/n ???. 'Secretaria de Marina'
MT-101 is a C-47 for Aviación de la Armada de Mexico, but its construction number (c/n) has yet to be determined.

Mexico City - Airport 1971 (Copyright Ron Mak)
Ron provided the following information: FAM C-47's TTD-6023 'Antonio Cordemus R' on the right,
and on the left is TED-6007 'Galiana'.

Mexico City - Airport 1971. Copyright Ron Mak
Canadair DC-4M-2/4 North Star M2-4 (CL-2) - Cafetaria, later adorned with 'WINGS'-titles.
Ex/ XA-NUW was bought and adapted as a cafeteria in 1965. It was destroyed by fire in 1999.

DC-4M2 c/n 131 was first delivered to Air Canada (CF-TFG), then to Lineas Aéreas Unidas Mexicanas (XA-NUW)
and to 'private users' (XB-JVG).
Used as restaurant 'Wings Café', scrapped 6/93 at Benito Juarez Int'l Airport (MEX) with nose section moved to Papalote museum, Chapultepec park, Mexico City. [¬]

Rolf Larsson wrote me in april 2021: "Just looked at Ron Mak´s pictures from Mexico City in 1971 and noticed the DC-4M-2, ex/ XA-NUW, which later became a café. I pictured the same aircraft on 22 April 1983 now with Wings -titles."

DC-4M XA-NUW by Rolf Larsson (1983)


Mexico City - Airport 1971. Copyright Ron Mak
XA-NAC was a registration for L.1049G c/n 4672 (Guest AV México, ex/ HS-TCA Thai Aws Int’l).

Mexico City - Airport 1971. Copyright Ron Mak
Curtiss C-46 Commando, XA-PEX c/n 26759.
First delivered to USAAF (42-3626), transferred to US Navy (BuNo.29541), next to Magic Carpet Transport (N9514C; operator tbc, dba 'The Magic Carpet Flight'), to SAESA (XA-PEX) and meant to go to Westernair
(N11807), but not used. Scrapped at MEX (as XA-PEX).

Mexico City - Airport 1971. Copyright Ron Mak
Douglas B-26B Invader, FAM 1300 (ex/ N65121, XB-PEK).
Its USAF serial (if it had one) and c/n (msn) seems to be a mystery: A/B-26 Invader - Reg'n cross reference

From Latin-America Military Aviation by John M. Andrade hthe following: 'B-26B Invader, ten believed supplied, one was converted to VIP configuration with serial 1300, and used during 1971-1972; it was derelict at Mexico City in November 1975.'

'Warbirds Directory' by Geoff Goodall has: (no c/n) N65121 Westland & Son, Los Angeles,CA. Executive conversion as 'Westland B-26'. XB-PEK Sep.'49-1962 President of Mexico 'Sierra Hermosa'. To FA Mexicana as 1300 (1962). 1971-79 wfu, open storage/derelict @Mexico City. Museo de Talleres de la FAM.

"Mexico has the curious tradition of using civilian-owned aircraft to haul military and government officials, thus giving the aircraft a quasi-military identity.
Knowing that B-26s were modified into fast executive aircraft which carried a certain prestige, officials felt that such a machine would enhance their importance. Accordingly, B-26B N65121 was purchased in Los Angeles and became XB-PEK with some form of passenger interior, although it is not known if this was done in the US or Mexico.
Assigned to haul the president of Mexico, the plane also wore the Fuerza Aerea Mexicana serial 1300 but was never completely the property of the FAM.
In the early 1950s, a wealthy businessman obtained another three Invaders and put them at the disposal of military and government officials - almost appearing to be some form of bribe.
These three aircraft were El Fantasma Z001, El Indio Z002, and Jarocho Z003.
By 1953, Z001 and Z002 had been sold in France. Oddly, it appears that the French utilized these non-standard serials and then added a few more in that sequence with other Invader purchases."

Civil Registration: N65121 / XB-PEK
Model(s): A-26B B-26B
History: FAM 1300 was the only B-26 actually owned by the Mexican Govermnent and was last seen flying from Mexico City in 1971. Last seen in a derelict condition at Mexico City ca.1975 and assumed to be in open storage for display at Museo de Talleres de la Fuerza Aerea Mexicana. (Note- googling for images of this museum did not deliver an image of an Invader -RL, webmaster).

'Although in some sources it has been said that about 10 copies of the Douglas A-26 / B-26 Invader bomber were used by the Mexican Air Force (FAM), this only used one, the rest reached Mexico in modified civilian hands as fast transports. executives, such as the B-26B XB-PEK, christened 'Sierra Hermosa' and used between 1950 and 1963.
Thisa plane was previously registered in the United States as N65121 and said to have been loaned to the President of the Republic by businessman Jorge Pasquel, an apparatus that he was the only one to eventually go into the service of the FAM.' [¬ incl XB-PEK image]. Translation from Spanish by Google Translate.

N65121 was also a C-47A, c/n 20061 (43-15595, N65121 Westland AL, N98H for Humble Oil & Refining; Allen Bros & O'Hara Inc; Eagals Equipm Co; Jack Lenhardt (1977).
Stored at VVC, after being intercepted over Villavicencio during drug run and forced to land; imported back to USA 02Feb09.

To make it even more confusing, upon searching Joe Baugher's website I came across:
Fairchild C-82A Packet 45-57807 (c/n 10177) to US civilian registry as N75888, co Compania Mexicana de Aviacion SA as XB-PEK, then XA-MAW, to Bolivia as CP-697 but ntu, then to US civil registry as N74127. Crashed at Vera Cruz, Mexico 07Nov1964.

C-97 HC-AFS?

Ron wrote: "I could use some help here!
During my flight from Lima to Panama City I made an intermediate stop (Dec.1973) at Guayaquil in Ecuador. But I actually saw what I had photographed much later: a Boeing Stratocruiser C-97.
It was gone upon my revisit in 1977.
After some research in the 'Stratocruiser & C-97 pictorial & Production list' (by Ian Mackintosh, 1978) it turned out to be a C-97, more precise: HC-AFS of LIA Linea International Aerea.
The book only contains a black and white drawing, no further photos on the web, only of a diecast model, on which I can see a red tail...

Some history:
(c/n 15940) HC-AGA LIA, delivered 1960, ex/ PAA, Clipper 'Invincible' (delivered 31Oct1949).
LIA carried HC-AFS on fuselage and HC-AGA on fin...
Registration HC-AGA was removed by late 1960, named 'Princess Everetta Maria' (as c/n 15931?).
Seized by government of Ecuador.
Last reported at Quito Airport in March 1965, but also reported as "Lost over Pacific" (1961).
No records exists in CAB or ICAO.

R.E.G Davies' book, Airlines of Latin America since 1919, has little info to share (page 279).
'LIA was formed in June 1958 and was designated soon aftherwards as Ecuador’s 2nd international airline.
It operated services between Guayaquil and Quito, and from Guayaquil to the Galapagos Islands, using two C-46’s, and official recognition was given in the form of a subsidy for the latter route.
LIA ran into difficulties in raising the capital to purchase long-range aircraft, and although it was reported to have acquired a second-hand Boeing Stratocruiser, there is no record of the airline operating regularly on international trunk routes, or of surviving domestically beyound 1963...'

The term Stratocruiser used here. And so surprising R.E.G. Davis has little to report on it. On my slide the C-97 looks rather complete. Such a pity photos of this Boeing plane are so rare online.
Hopefully one the readers of this post have a clue or suggestion to proceed with!

C-79 Ecuador - Ron Mak



Curtiss C-46 Bolivian Airways, at MIA 06Nov71 by Ron Mak
Curtiss C-46 Commando, CP-795 (c/n 22490) of Bolivian Airways, at MIA, FL. 06Nov71.
CP-795C-46, history by
Servicios Aéreos Bolivianos dba Bolivian Airways.
44-78667 USAF dlvd 28Jul45 (-18Sep47) - N4718N Slick Airways bought 1948 - Aaxico Airlines bt '54 -
Northeast Airlines lsd mar.'54 (ret. may '54) Zantop Air Transport lsd '60 (returned june '63 - Argonaut Airways
bt feb.'64 - Jovan Corporation bt 1965 - CP-795 Bolivian Aws/TABSA bt june '66 - Jovan Corp. repo feb'72 -
CP-990 Servicios Aereos Boliviano bt '72 - crashed into mountain near Unduavi, 16 kms from La Paz, Bolivia 06jan74.
¬Piston Engined Airliner Production List / J. Roach & A.B. Eastwood (tahs, 2007)

DC-3 at MIA, FL. 06Nov71, by Ron Mak
Douglas C-47 0-50916 (45-91, c/n 16919/34177), U.S Air Force, at MIA, FL. Date: 06Nov71.
Msn 34177/16919 Delivered 17Jul45 - ATSC S Bernardina 4126 BU- ATS Kelly 4121 BU 18Jan46 - CAC Albrook 23May46 - 3 BCS 01Jan48 -C-47D 08Apr48 - BMCD Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 02Jul48 - VC-47D 20Sep48 - Albrook 5700 ABG 11Jul55 - BMCD 18Sep61 - 5500 FMS Rio de Janeiro 18Sep61 - [USA Brazil Mission, '61 to '65] - SOU Albrook 5700 ABW 25May65 - LOG Miami 05Jun65 - Recl 30Sep65 - Aviation Trades Training School - George T Baker Avn School, Miami, FL (Sep70 to 1978). ¬DC-3, The First Seventy Years (Air-Britain, 2006) 20Apr21: 'Scrapped at MIA (George T Baker Avn School); converted C-47B-DK in 9/48.'

DC-6 HK-756 landing at MIA, FL. 06Nov71, by Ron Mak
Douglas DC-6 HK-756 (c/n 43117) of Aerocosta Colombia landing at MIA, FL. Date: 06Nov71.
History of DC-6 HK-756 by
PH-DPB, temp reg'd as PJ-DPB; DC-6 converted to freighter, DC-6F.
PH-TPB KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 'Prins Bernhard' del 13may48 - PH-DPB rr 19feb54 - PJ-DPB KLM West Indies
tfd 23jul58 (returned 26aug63) - Linn Aeronautica SA bt 08oct63 - OY-AOJ Nordair lsd june '64 (ret. sep.'64
as PH-DPB) - N12877 Global Aero Service bt 26oct64 - Interocean Airways lsd may '65 (ret. dec.'66) -
HK-756 Aerocondor Colombia bt '67 (converted to DC-6F freighter) - Aerocosta Colombia bt '70 -
damaged beyond repair (dbr) by Electra HK-1976 at Bogota, Colombia 10jul75.
¬Piston Engined Airliner Production List / J. Roach & A.B. Eastwood (tahs, 2007)

L.Constellation at MIA, FL. 06Nov71, by Ron Mak
Lockheed L.1049H Constellation, N6937C (c/n 4830) at Miami (KMIA), FL. Date 06Nov71.
History of Constellation N6937C by
N5400V Lockheed Aircraft Corp. - N6937C Slick Airways dlvd 17sep57 - Airlift Int'l mgd 01jun66 -
Balboa Air dba Bal Trade bt 14nov66 - Aircraft Airframe Inc bt 18jun71 - Vortex Inc lsd oct.'71 - Sky Truck
Int'l lsd 12sep72 - Aircraft Specialities bt 12feb73 - wfu & stored at Mesa,AZ 1975 - Globe Air Incbt 02jun81
- Paul Pristo bt 24oct85 - donated to Save-a-Connie Inc., TWA c/s, based Kansas City-Downtown (museum) 12sep86.
¬Piston Engined Airliner Production List / J.Roach & A.B.Eastwood (tahs, 2007)


Ron Mak sent me this (11May21); he wrote: '.. got this email this morning about the restoration of the LAP Convair
CV-240 which is still at Asuncion Airport in Paraguay. Could you put this on your website, maybe there is someone
who can help here: see the text Michel and Tony.'
Convair ZP-CDO @Paraguay
Convair CV240, ZP-CDO c/n 62. Photo by Ron Mak (@Asuncion, Jan. 1979).

Michel wrote to Ron Mak: "My friend Tony Sapienza, of Paraguay, is working with the local authorities on the project of restoration of the Convair 240 ZP-CDO.
They are looking for a manual related to the structure of the aircraft (fuselage, wings and other parts), as well as the instrument section of it.
As KLM did operate a few CV 240, do you know of any person or entity who could help them in this project?
All the best to you from Michel Anciaux and Tony Sapienza." Reaction to webmaster's EMAIL, for forwarding.

History by
History by on Convair CV240 ZP-CDO
This information has a note to it: " [An] Unknown Convair with fake registration ZP-CDO [was]
destroyed [on] 22/9/80 at Okeechobee, FL during drug run."



Lockheed L.188C, N138US (c/n 1144) of Argonauts Int'l Travel Club
L.188CF N138US -

Lockheed L.188C(F) c/n 1144 went thru many owners and operators, starting with Northwest AL (N138US), the
FPE Travel Club & then the Aeronauts Int'l Travel Club, then to Air Florida, rereg'd as N24AF  for them, to Gulfstream American (N668F, but unused, instead converted to freighter: L.188CF), to TPI Int'l AW (same), as EI-CET to Ireland Airways, and ASL AL Ireland, rr G-LOFE for Atlantic Airlines  at Coventry and then reg'd as C-GZFE for Buffalo Airways, where it is still active (2021). [info june 2021]


Lockheed L.188C, PT-DZK (c/n 1112)
L.188 PT-DZK

Lockheed L.188C/CF c/n 1112 went thru a long list of operators, ending its active career with Renown Aviation (N360Q), before being reduced to parts supply at Red Deer's Air Spray (C-GYVI), a career as water bomber with Air Spray since its conversion in 2005 cut short. [info june 2021]


Lockheed L.188A, N5015K (c/n 1054), no titles
Delivered as N6113A to American Air Lines, rereg'd N5015K for National Airlines. Scrapped at Miami. [¬]


Lockheed L.188 Electras, with HC-AVX and HC-ANQ (c/n 1004) of Ecuatoriana
L.188 HC-ANQ

As the manufacturer's serial number may indicate, this is the 4th Lockheed L-188 prototype. The birth to this design was a difficult one...
Lockheed had established a strong position in commercial airliner production with its piston-engine Constellation series. Further development brought turboprop engines to the Constellation airframe with the Lockheed L-1249 Super Constellation.
In 1951, Lockheed was approached by Capital Airlines to develop a new turboprop airliner which was designated the YC-130, however there was no interest from any other carriers, so the design was dropped...
In 1954, as a result of American Airlines' interest in developing a twin engine aircraft, the idea resurfaced and the company offered a twin-engine design, now designated the CL-303. This newer design was a high-wing type and would allow for 60 to 70 passengers. This design was also shelved for lack of interest from other carriers...
The following year, American Airlines revised its requirement to a four-engine design for 75 passengers with 2,000 miles (3,200 km) range. Lockheed proposed a new design, the CL-310, with a low wing and four Rolls-Royce Darts or Napier Elands. The CL-310 design met the American Airlines requirements, but... failed to meet those of another interested carrier, Eastern Air Lines.
Eastern's requirements called for a longer range; a minimum cruising speed of 350 miles per hour (560 km/h); and increased seating capacity to the 85-to-90-passenger level.
Lockheed redesigned the CL-310 to use the Allison 501-D13, a civilian version of the T56 developed for the Lockheed C-130 Hercules military transport. The airframe was stretched to allow for more seats and handle the increased performance. This design was launched as the Model 188 with an order for 35 by American Airlines on 08Jun1955. This was followed by Eastern Air Lines with an order for 40 on 27Sep1955.

So c/n 1004, the 4th prototype, was initially reg'd N1884, to be rereg'd N7144 after an acquisition by AeroMéxico was cancelled. As a demontrator it went to Cathay Pacific, for which it became reg'd VR-HFO. Via General Dynamics (a trade in?) it became N18616 for Braniff.
Next it went to Ecuatoriana as HC-ANQ in Ecuador. It went to its military branche, Transportes Aéréos Militares Ecuatorianos (TAME), became reg'd FAE1004 (callsign HC-ANQ).
It was scrapped at Quito's Mariscal Sucre Int'l Airport at some point.


DC-3 N338G Air Atlantic
Douglas DC-3, N338G (c/n 2250) of Air Atlantic
DC-3 N338G

An actual passenger DC-3-277C!
C/n 2250 started its career with American AL (NC19974). It went to TWA, became reg'd as N19974. Then rereg'd N72B as it went to privat use and as N8694E it went to Flamingo AL.
Reg'd N338G for Air Atlantic  for some time it returned to Flamingo AL, before going to Guatamala for Transportes Aéreos Guatemaltecos as TG-TAG.
It is preserved at GUA Plaza Berlin, Guatemala City (restaurant). [info june 2021]


Argonaut CF-UXA Air Caicos
Argonaut C-54GM, CF-UXA (c/n 109) of Air Caicos
C-54GM Argonaut CF-UXA

I am sure Ron must have leaped in the air of joy, coming across an Argonaut!
C/n 109 entered service with the RCAF as 17502 and thru Cavelier Aircraft of Canada operated with Turks Air, dba Air Caicos, reg'd CF-UXA. Scrapped at Sarasota-SRQ, FL. [info june 2021]


C-118A BuNo.152689/JS-689 US Navy
Douglas C-118A BuNo.152689/JS-689 (c/n 44661) of the US Navy

C-118A BuNo. 152689/JS

C-118A BuNo.152689/JS-689 (c/n 44661) operated with the US Navy and went to civvie street as N233HP for Hawkins and Powers, the well known aerial firefighters from Greybull, Wyoming.
It continued operations with Everts Air Fuel, as N747CE, and remains active in Alaska (2021). [info june 2021]


Douglas C-117 12440/CZ-440 of the US Navy

According to Joe Baugher: 'R4D-5 12440 (msn 9673), ex USAAF C-47 42-23811. US Navy delivered 29Jul1943 - VR-1 Aug 1944 - El Segundo 12May1945 - VR-1 Jun 1945 - VR-9 20Aug1945 - VR- I Sep.'45 - Quonset Pt Mar 1946 - Corpus Christi 10Jun46 to May '48. Converted to R4D-8 with new msn 43351. To C-117D 18Sep62. ultimate fate obscure.


Douglas DC-6F, PJ-CLF (c/n 43107), of Caraibische Lucht Transport

DC-6 c/n 43107 first started with Braniff, as N90883, was reg'd XA-JIF for AeroMexico, some obscure registration (as N90883) before going to fly freight for Bellomy-Lawson Aviation, went to Air Caribbean and was reg'd PJ-CLF, then returned as N11225 to Bellomy-Lawson, through Hemisphere Aircraft Leasing went to Pan African AL as 5N-APK (leased; operated by Pan African from Lagos Ikeja between Dec.1972 - July 1977), after returning to Hemisphere was reg'd N1225 for Lloyd Aero Corp (unused?), to Carolina Aircraft Group as N710AC and ended with Florida Aircraft Leasing.
Scrapped at Fort Lauderdale (KFLL).  [info june 2021]

N531K Surinaamse Luchtvaart Onderneming by Ron Mak (1971)
N531K, DC-7 msn 45470 of the Surinaamse Luchtvaart Onderneming (Surinam Air Transport).
History of DC-7 N531K
C/n 45470: JA6303 - N771A - N531K - PZ-TAK - N531K - CP-1291 - destroyed 27Jul80 (scrapped 1984).
[Source: ATDB:aero aviation online databse]


Curtiss C-46A Commando, PJ-CLE (c/n 369) of Caraibische Lucht Transport
C-46 PJ-CLE of Caraibisch Lucht Transport\

This Curtiss Commando went through a varied career, starting out with the USAAF as 43-47298, no doubt in the Pacific as it ended up with the China National Aviation Corporation (unknown serial). Probably very little known about this part of its career; and how may have ended it up in Canada, reg'd CF-IQQ with World Wide AW?
Next move was south, for Air Caribbean / Caraibische Lucht Transport, as PJ-CLE.
Going even further south, it went to La Urraca as HK-1856 in Colombia, from where it went to Aeronorte Colombia, was leased & returned by Lineas Aéreas Suramericanas Colombia - and found its demise on 31Jan1994 at Puerto Inirida (Colombia). [info june 2021]


DC-6 HR-TNO TAN Airlines
Douglas DC-6, HR-TNO (c/n 45476) of TAN Airlines

Miami Int'l Airport always had and have an interesting influx form Caribbean location and other Latin American countries. Such as this DC-6A HR-TNO (c/n 45476) visiting on 06Nov71.
C/n 45476 started its career as N650NA with National Airlines, from there went to Aaxico AL and Saturn Airways, acquisition by Carolina Aircraft Corporation fell thru and was destroyed on 27Jan1973 at Toncontín Int'l Airport in Honduras while being operated by TAN Honduras Airlines.
[info june 2021]


DC-7 N7524
Douglas DC-7, N7524 (c/n 45096)
DC-7 N7524

This Douglas DC-7 never left the FAA Registry but met its demise abroad. As N752PA this c/n 45096 was delivered to Pan Am and converted to DC-7C in 1960.
Reg'd as N7524 to Liberty Air, but not taken up. Then went to Int'l Aerodyne and from there to the illustrious FA Conner at Miami. N7524 was subsequently leased to Airlift Int'l, RANSA and VIASA (Venezuelan Int'l Airways). Fast Wings Air Freight Company acquired N7524, c/n 45096 was scrapped at Khartoum in Sudan.
[info june 2021]


Unmarked Curtiss C-46 Commando at the George T. Baker Technical College in Miami
Suggestions as to its identity are welcome (please quote proper url): EMAIL

C-46 N10624
Curtiss C-46 Commando, N10624 (c/n 30271) with fellow N10623
C-46 N10624

This Curtiss C-46A c/n 30271 went through an interesting career!
The warbird operated with the USAAF as 42-96609 and went on as OD-ABZ to Lebanese Int'l Airways, later rereg'd OD-ACL for same.
Reg'd N1001A for Boreas Corp, it was leased to Sky Van Airways and went as I-SILA to Italy, for SAM and Alitalia.
Reg'd as N10624 it went to Aaxico AL, to North American Aircraft Trading for Biafra Airways (N10624), to Miami Air Lease (leased to Kimex) - and was destroyed 28Sep1979 near San Andros Island, Bahamas where allegedly the wreck remains. [info june 2021]


Martin 2-0-2 N93212 Southeast
Martin 2-0-2, N93212 (c/n 14082) of Southeast Airlines
Martin 202 N93212

Funny looking birds these Martin 2-0-2's...
This stocky Martin 202A N93212 (c/n 14082) was scrapped after this photo was taken at MIA, after a career with Trans World AL, US Airways, Modern Air and Southeast AL.
[info june 2021]

Douglas DC-3, N75028 (c/n 6053) of Southeast Airlines
DC-3 B75028

This C-47 c/n 6053 went from military use with the USAAF (41-38670) to Arizona Airways as N75028.
Frontier AL and Southeast AL were next and for KLM Aerocarti it went to the Netherlands Antilles (a.k.a. Dutch Antilles) as PZ-TLC.
It was Gum Air's only aircraft and based at Paramaribo, Suriname.
While with Aviateca Guatemala, reg'd TG-AXA, it was destroyed on 18Oct79 at Carmelita.
[info june 2021]


Fokker F.27 N2704 Southeast
Fairchild F.27, N2704 (c/n 7) of Southeast Airlines
F.27 N2704

Fokker F.27 c/n 7 kept its tailnumber N2704 from the cradle to the grave through operators such as West Coast Airlines, Hughes Airwest, Southeast Airlines and Aerocesar.
Present status / location seems to be unknown. [info june 2021]


The operator offer a different course, southeast to south..

Douglas DC-6, N90781 (c/n 44916) of Southern Air Transport
DC-6 N90781

Interesting ending to the career of this Big Prop!
With its start as N90781 for American Air Lines and World Airways it started traditionally enough, then it went into operations for the CIA through Air America and Southern Air Transport. Civil Air Transport was another air operation for the CIA and I suspect that the registration for Ethiopian Airlines as ET-AER must have something to do with CIA's covert operations.
Destroyed 31Jul75 at Addis Ababa Bole Int'l Airport with the cockpit surviving.
Ron Mak visited Addis (IATA: ADD, ICAO: HAAB) on 21Jan88 and a photo of the cockpit section can be found HERE...

- §-


DC-6 SAHSA by Ron Mak (1973)

Ron wrote: 'Here's a scan of a slide showing a SAHSA DC-6A that I photographed on Panama Tocumen, while I was checking in for the KLM flight home, and then this DC-6A came in; I dashed out quickly to the visitors' terrace, but I never saw the registration...
According to the JP Airline Fleets of 1974 there was a DC-6A in service: HR-SHB (c/n 44652 ex/ N2816J), but online I could not find the SAHSA HR-SHB; only N2816J but without this same beautiful colourscheme.
So my question: is this HR-SHB...?'

This is from (15Nov21):
DC-6A c/n 44652
DC-6A c/n44652: 53-3281, N2616J, HR-SHB, N47029, N2816J, TI-ARM - ultimate fate obscured.
ATDB also has remarks 'no picture was found' for these tailnumbers, and 'no online register available' for
53-3281, HR-SHB, TI-ARM.
N2816J was last seen stored at Fort Lauderdale,FL in July '84. See photo.

' has 2 pix of N2816J, one by Bob Garrard (1970 @El Paso,TX) shows the same c/s as Ron's photo.



HONDURAS 1980 -  Propliners by Ron Mak

Ron: "... this was a trip from Schiphol via London Heathrow, with National to Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Opa Locka. The journey continued to Central America flying a Panam L-1011 to Guatemala City; we flew with a DC-3 from Aviateca to Floris, then connected by bus to Tikal, where the Inca pyramids are located.
Returning from Tikal to Guatemala City by Fokker F27 of Aviateca, and a few days later by ANHSA DHC-7 from Guatemala City to San Pedro Sula for a short stop there.
Then onwards to La Ceiba, with the same aircraft. The crew forgot to tell us that we had to check the passport on San Pedro, so on arrival we could walk straight into La Ceiba: no stamp received of entry into Honduras.

Without any further thought about the implications, the next day I visited La Ceiba with its many banana plantations and many DC-3s.
Returning the next day with the Dash 7 to San Pedro Sula. Luckily enough with the same crew, because now we had to get off in San Pedro for our flight to Tegucigalpa and we encountered problems at the passport control. Fortunately the crew of the Dash helped us with a stamp for entry into Honduras.

HONDURAS 1980 -  Propliners by Ron Mak

Continued: "On board a by SAHSA B737 we flew to the capital Tegucigalpa of Honduras and the next evening, again on a SAHSA 737, to Managua in Nicaragua. We made a flight with the Lancia C-46 there, via Bluefields to Corn Island (I believe there are pictures of the landing on Corn Island with the C-46 on your website).
Two days later returning with the C-46 to Managua, where I had permission to photograph some propliners C-46, DC-3 & DC-6. (Hopefully to be added to your website later on!)."

HONDURAS 1980 -  Propliners by Ron Mak

Continued (Central- & Latin America 1980):
"From Managua we flew again with a SAHSA 737 to San Jose in Costa Rica, where we had again permission for photography on the ramp with some nice aircraft present to photograph: DC-3s, HU-16, PBY, Convair, L.188s, C-118, et cetera.
After three days it was onwards to Panama City, by a Copa B737-200; and again we had permission for a ramp visit with many propellor transport types present: DC-6s, DC-7, T-29, C-130, C-47s, L.188, et cetera.
Again after three days we continued to Medellin in Colombia, again in a Copa B737-200; we stayed here only one afternoon and flew on to Bogota by a Aeropesca Vickers Viscount. We stayed two days in the city.

Next we travelled by a Satena DC-4 to Villavicencio, for one day and from Villavicencio back to Bogota, by DC-4. Obviously we scored many prop transports, e.g. 14 DC-3s, DC-4, C-46, et cetera
In Bogota we had ramp access the following day on El Dorado; here we photographed again a lot of propliners: DC-4s, DC-3s, C-46s, Viscount and more.
After two days we returned to Miami in style: by aAvianca Boeing 707. We stayed here for a week before we flew back, flying by National again, to London and with a BA Trident to Schiphol.

Here ends this 1980 travelogue of mine. Of course we visited not just airports, there were plenty of other nice places that we visited, usually mixing it to fifty-fifty to what we did."

HONDURAS 1980 -  Propliners by Ron Mak
Douglas C-47A, HR-SHC (c/n 19513). Operated for the USAAF (43-15047), American AL NC88828),
LANSA (C-327, HK-327), Avianca Colombia (HK-327), RAPSA (HP-563), SAHSA (HR-SHC) and for
Servivensa (YV0769C). Ultimately scrapped.
History of DC-3 c/n 19513

HONDURAS 1980 -  Propliners by Ron Mak
Douglas C-47, HR-ANB (c/n 9146). Operated with the USAAF (42-32920),
American Air Transport (N88741), ANHSA (XH-T002, XH-ANB, HR-ANB). Ultimate fate obscure.
History of DC-3 c/n 9146

HONDURAS 1980 -  Propliners by Ron Mak
Douglas C-47A, HR-LAD (c/n 19999). Operated with USAAF (43-15533), Cameron Iron Works
(N59360), W.C. Hendrick (N222H), Bahamas Airways (VP-BAA, VP-BBL), LANSA (HR-LAD) and was
destroyed while operating for Atlantic Air Cargo (N437GB) on 18Oct2019 at Nassau off, Love Beach.
DC-3 HR-LAD, c/n 19999

HONDURAS 1980 -  Propliners by Ron Mak

'The Douglas DC-3C cargo aircraft (c/n 19999) ditched to the waters of the Atlantic Ocean while on approach to Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS/MYNN), Nassau, Bahamas.
The pilot reported that the left engine failed approximately 25-30 nautical miles from MYNN. During single engine operation, the aircraft performance was not optimal and the flight was not able to reach Nassau Airport.
The decision was made to land the aircraft in the ocean. The airplane submerged and the two pilots onboard were not injured during the incident.'

HONDURAS 1980 -  Propliners by Ron Mak
Douglas C-47B, HR-LAL (c/n 32761). Operated with USAAF (44-76429), RAF (KN387), Pakistan Air Force
(H712), Hunting Aviation (G-ANLI), Aigle-Azur Extrême-Orient (F-OAPB), Aer Lingus (EI-AHG), SATA Air
Açores (CS-TAE), Int'l Sales & Leasing Inc (N47028), LANSA (HR-LAL), Privat users Honduras (HR-IAK),
Same (HR-AMJ), Caribbean Flights (YV-911C), El Sol de America (same), Same (YV1415, ntu). Derelict at Valencia.


HONDURAS 1980 -  Propliners by Ron Mak
Douglas C-47A, HR-LAG (c/n 12450). Operated with USAAF (42-92628), RAF (KG415), BOAC (G-AGZD),
BEA (same), Channel Airways (same), Bahamas Airways (VP-BCC), LANSA (HR-LAG), same (HR-LAQ)
Ultimate fate obscure..


HONDURAS 1980 -  Propliners by Ron Mak
Douglas C-47A, HR-LAE (c/n 9885). Operated with USAAF (42-24023), Caribe Airways (NC46858),
Transair (same), British Caribbean Airways (VP-JAQ), Bahamas Airways (VP-BAQ), BWIA West Indies Airways
(VP-TBE), Bahamas Airways (VP-BBU), LANSA (HR-LAE). Scrapped at La Ceiba Airport (Honduras).

HONDURAS 1980 -  Propliners by Ron Mak
Douglas C-47, HR-LAK (c/n 9140). Operated with USAAF (42-32914), Aer Lingus (EI-ACD),
SATA Air Açores (CS-TAD), Private users USA (N47027), LANSA (HR-LAK) - Ultimate fate obscure.

HONDURAS 1980 -  Propliners by Ron Mak
Douglas C-118A, ZP-PCC (c/n 44642). Operated with USAF (53-3271), Fuerza Aérea Hondureña (800),
Privat users in Paraguay (ZP-PCC, supposedly unused), C.I.A. (N94362; covert operations Central America),
Servicios Aéreos Generales (HR-AKZ). Destroyed 25Feb1989 when it struck a mountain near Tegucigalpa.

HONDURAS 1980 -  Propliners by Ron Mak
Douglas C-54D, HR-LAI (c/n 22177). Operated with USAAF (43-17227), US Coast Guard (17227),
Bellomy-Lawson Aviation (N4649S), Lanica (AN-AWK), LANSA (HR-LAI). Scrapped at La Ceiba Airport.

Lockheed L.188CF, HR-TNL (c/n 1134).
Operated with Braniff (N9710C) and TAN Honduras (HR-TNL). Destroyed 21Mar1990: 'The Electra approached Tegucigalpa rwy 01 in poor weather (low cloud base, rain) and flew into the southern slopes of the Cerro Hula
2.500 feet below the 7.000 feet Minimum Safe Altitude at that point on the approach path. All 3 crew fatal.'


HONDURAS 1980 -  Propliners by Ron Mak
deHavilland DHC-7, HR-AND (c/n 24) of ANHSA-AV Nacionales de Honduras SA (1950-1994)



Ron Mak sent me this photo of Pembroke operating as HR-ITA in Honduras, while this Pembroke Hunting Pembroke C51 (c/n Serial #: P66-29) was discussed on my Photo by Friends & Guests #54, it (N510RP) having been noted on a trailer for transport, after decades of storage at Anoka. Destination:Nashville, Michigan - 'north of Battle Creek by about 20 minutes'.

Pembroke HR-ITA by Ron Mak in 1980
This must be during its days with Interamerican de Honduras. This airline was founded in 1974 and lasted
until 1977 (source: has a photo by Vito Cedrini of HR-ITA taken on 19Sep1978.

Propliners at Managua, 1980
Propliners by Ron Mak at Managua Airport (04Nov1980)






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