Vintage Transports, photos by Friends & Guests (56)


On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.

With the ever growing popularity of Social Media (Flickr, Facebook, Instagram) the barrier has become much lower for people to share their photographs or scans of slides; imperfection to post aviation images is no longer an issue.
I noticed a decline in requests for publication on my website (a decline I welcome, as I struggle with the workflow) on my 'Guest Pages', so now some of these images shared below will be copied from Facebook & Flickr by me. For preservation of their historic value as I see it; always with proper credit to the photographer, of course!

Btw, while I am on social media, picking up on aviation news, I use it mainly for other interests while my website remains my main focus to share my interest in vintage aviation.


Daniel Bourque wrote me in Feb.2018 on CF-GND and he included this picture:
Fairchild F.27J CF-GND
More on Fairchild F.27J CF-GND, its 1968 crash and what Daniel wrote, on my Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the North

On an episode of Plane Savers (Jan.28th?) it came about that a team of C-47 'Night Fright' was on its way to Peterborough,Ontario to retrieve parts from a DC-3 there, helping the D-Day restorion of N308SF 'Night Fright'.
DC-3 C-GJDM stored at Peterborough, Ontario (Google Earth)
Douglas DC-3 (C-47B-1-DL) C-GJDM of Airtech Canada - stored at Peterborough, Ontario (CYPQ)

Notes from my personal database:
C-GJDM DC-3 (c/n 20721; ex/ N952CA) was reconfigured in 1987 to DC3-2000 by Czech company Airtech, but the project failed and 1997 was noted at Peterborough Airport in der condition, no engines, no wings (registration canx in aug93). (Scramble mag. Jun1997)
Various sightings over the years provided no positive change, only further dereliction.

External links: on C-GJDM on N308SF / 42-100521 'Night-Fright'
and more on its extensive history, WWII and beyond:

The guys from 'The Night Fright C-47 Restoration Project' posted a video ('Day One', 30Jan19) on Facebook, making
a first visit to the site and home of the owner (?) Tim Pickett for what parts to take back to the UK for N308SF 'Night Fright'.
The above photo is a screendump of 'JDM in the video: the cargofloor, rear- & front bulkhead plus many other parts were salvaged by Tom & Richard, while Neil & Charlie also went to Tim's home where more parts, including two engines, were made available for shipment to the UK.

Night Fright restoration badge
Badge of the 'Night Fright' restoration project

Screendump of the Night Fright Team 'Day 4' video (Facebook), friday Feb.1st.
Stripping of DC-3 C-GJDM at Peterborough, Ontario (Jan.2019)
Day 4 sees continued stripping of parts, including the nose cone, lh wingtip, tailcone and A LOT from the interior!
The parts, including 2 PW engines, will be loaded in a seacontainer and expected to arrive in the UK by end-February.

Mikey McBryan of Buffalo Airways has an almost daily 'vlog' on YouTube, called 'Plane Savers'.
This is in support of saving C-FDTD at Montreal, bringing it back in the air. Mikey quoted a sum of some 70.000
required to bring this off and Mikey's daily report is in aid of generating some cash in support of this worthy project.
Plane Savers!
The YouTube vlogs by Mikey McBryan reports on progress of 'DTD's rescue (the aim is to fly it to Red Deer and
in the summer visit the Oshkosh air show), plans, search for spare parts ('Buffalo Joe' McBryan has a large storage
of spare parts (DC-3, DC-4, C-46), salvaging from other aircraft (mainly DC-3 C-FDTH), informative interviews
with his father Joe, uncle Ronnie, brother Rod and Buffalo staff. There are also video contributions by others, like
in Montana a DC-3 'Miss Montana' is being restored to participate in 'Daks over Normandy' this year. Mikey also
shows 'Plane Savers' memorabilia for sale in the store and sofar I 've seen one live chat that allows contributions.
Well worth watching (and contributing)!

Plane Savers! Help rescue C-FDTD
Mikey's reports start early in the day, mostly at Yellowknife, mostly with some early plane movements in
spite of the minus 34 C (not taking the wind chill in account) temperature... We get a taste of winter in Yellowknife!

In Jan.2019 I came across another addition for my Off-Airport gallery...
HK-3630X, a DC-6 off-airport at Puerto Colombia

Another addition for the Off-Airport Latin America gallery, a DC-3 in Brazil
DC-3 HC-ALD, off-airport at a Zoo in Tabatinga

For more details on this, visit my Abandoned Plane Wrecks page.
HU-16 7237 crashsite in British Columbia
Grumman HU-16E 7237 crashsite in British Columbia ; the crash dates from 1967.

Petr Nesmerak shared this photo on Facebook's 'Aircraft Gate Guardians & Planes on Pedestals'.
C-47 Dakota at Thens' restaurant Dekatria
Douglas C-47B at Restaurant Dekatria in Athens; it moved here (37 53 26 N 23 44 50 E) 08Oct2005, at HEW-Hellinikon International Airport (source
This 'Dakota' is ex/ SX-ECD of the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (c/n 26232/14787)
Photo by Petr Nesmerak, Athens Hellinikon, Greece 20Jan19.


Tragedy struck: both crew fatally injured in crash of Turbine Dakota N467KS
Turbio Dak C-47TP N467KS crashed in Ohio

KIDRON, Ohio — 'Two people died Monday morning in a small plane crash near Kidron, located in Wayne County, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.'
"Authorities said the crash happened at 11145 Hackett Road in Kidron just after 9am.
Investigators say the plane had just taken off from Stoltzfus Airfield headed to Akron-Canton Airport.
"When they were in-flight one of the engines went out on it and we believe that's possibly what caused the crash today," said Lt. Stephanie Norman from the Wooster Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.
Investigators said the two people killed were the pilot and co-pilot. "

Prelimenary report on ASN Aviation Safety Network (dated 22Jan2019):
"The Douglas DC-3-65TP (N467KS, c/n 20175) struck power lines, trees and impacted open field terrain under unknown circumstances to the southeast of Stoltzfus Airfield, in Wayne County, Ohio, USA.
The aircraft was destroyed during the accident sequence and two occupants were fatally injured. Four others survived.
The aircraft, a turbine engine conversion of a DC-3, was owned by Priority Air Charter according to FAA records.
The company's website showed that the aircraft was offered for sale."

History details of c/n 20175, by ASN:
History of c/n 20175

Updates: "Brian Stoltzfus, 55, of Apple Creek, Ohio, was flying the Douglas DC3TP plane, and Curtis Wilkerson, 56, also from Apple Creek, was the co-pilot, the highway patrol said."

DC-3 crash at Kidron, Ohio
Remarkable comment in the narrative: " this time the FAA nor the NTSB will send an investigative team to the site, reason: the government shutdown..!"

Press report by Preferred Air Parts

Phil Brooks forwarded a Facebook post as a screendump to me, fit for my Off-Airport Gallery
F.27 XY-ADZ preserved at Yangon,Myanmar (Henry Toh, Facebook)
Posted 17Jan2019 on Facebook by Henry Toh (assume photo by H.Toh) provided the following information (post Richard Vandervord):
Fokker F.27-600 Friendship XA-YDZ (c/n 10574)
"Union of Burma Airways took its first F.27 in 1963 and over the years that airline and its successors Burma Airways Corp and Myanma Airways flew a further two dozen, of which some 17 were involved in write-off accidents.
This one was delivered new to Burma Airways Corp in 10.78 (ex/ PH-EXF ¬Webmaster) and was wfu along with most of the survivors around 2005. None remain in service and ADZ was towed from the Airport to the downtown People's Park in March 2013 for public display near the incredible Schwedagon pagoda complex."

John Olin shared a few C-119 images, here's one from 1981 (Fairbanks,AK):
C-119G N8832 by John Olin (1981)
More photos and the details of this incident on my C-119 Dossier page #4.

We close 2018 with some 'deep history', freight shipping back in the day..
A photo from Richard Nash's collection: KLM's DC-3 PH-TDV in a (no doubt) publicity shot
More photo of Nash's collection, including the Bill Hill collection: PAGE ONE | PAGE TWO

Ron Mak wrote me another propliner problem, concerning Douglas C-54 C-FIQM of Kenn Borek Air..
C-54 C-FIQM of Kenn Borek Air
C-54G C-FIQM of Kenn Borek Air at Tucson IAP (TUS), 06Apr92
I could not find any damage report for N4218S nor for C-FIQM online. But I did find the details in Propliner magazine! The full details of this damage to C-FIQM (suffered in 1990!) detailed on Ron Mak's gallery page #3.

Ken Swartz' visit to the Hagerstown Aviation Museum in Maryland - Oct 11, 2018
DC-3 N983DC
Douglas DC-3 (C-47A), N983DC (c/n 12267)
See Ken's gallery on my website for more photos

Paul Kelley wrote me in Dec.2018 in reference to Curtiss C-46 Commando CF-HEI on my page Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the Arctic North
C-46 CF-HEI - Paul Kelley collection
Paul wrote: "CF-HEI taxiing to the apron at CAM4, having just returned from CAM Main (Cambridge Bay) to
pick me up for the return flight to FOX Main."
More photos sent by Paul of CF-HEI on above link!

Mike (Smyth?) wrote me in Dec.2018: "I was just reading about your Submerged Nassau DC-3’s and it rang a bell.
I don’t know where I got this image from, it was on my pc. It appears to be the Airport gate guardian.
I hope this helps." Thanks Mike!
DC-3 Gateguard "It's Hip To Hop To The Bahamas"
"It's Hip To Hop To The Bahamas" - alas the DC-3 has no markings of identification
Check that link above for extensive research done on the subject and more photos, including under water!
Further help would be much appreciated! EMAIL (read the instructions how to amend the email adress & info required)

Phil Brooks made me aware of Fokker F.27-200 AP-ALN (c/n 10164) surviving as a restaurant.
Fokker F.27 AP-ALN
"The Friendship restaurant ‘Fokker’. Started on November 25th in Balach, Chitral is ready to serve you quality food
at an affordable price. This time it is a PIA AP-ALN Fokker that has phased out and is parked outside the facility
to serve as a restaurant. The owner acquired the aircraft after it was crash-landed a few years back."
The item was published by the end of Nov.2018.
Tuesday 5 July 1994.
'The flight crew were faced with no. 1 engine problems on final approach. The approach was continued, but poor alignment with the runway forced the crew to go-around. The no. 2 engine was set at full power and gear and flaps were retracted, but the aircraft continued to lose height. A turn was made to avoid a river and the F-27 touched down in a paddy failed. The aircraft slid for 300 m before colliding with a tree.'

Fokker F.27 AP-ALN restaurant at Chitral, Pakistan Fokker F.27 AP-ALN restaurant at Chitral, Pakistan
The area seems rather remote and is quite near the border of Afghanistan.

In 2009 I visited St.Hubert in Canada and found C-FDTD stored. A museum had failed or not materialized. REPORT
In 2016/2017 an attempt was made to 'rescue' it; see the item on Ken Swartz' gallery on my website.
But come Dec.2018 it's on eBay for a last chance to be sold or to get scrapped.
Photo DC-3 C-FDTD from eBay auction
C-47A C-FDTD (c/n 12253), ex/ CF-TER
Preserved by/for Quebec Air and Space Museum (

Text from eBay (less than 7 days before auction's closure):
1944 Douglas C-47A / DC-3C #12253 - D-DAY and Market Garden Veteran Aircraft
Location: CYHU - St-Hubert Airport, Montreal, Canada
Special notice: Aircraft has to be moved before January 10th 2019 or special arrangement has to be defined with the airport administration.
Aircraft condition: Project, not airworthy, sold as is and without warranty. The aircraft is sold without engines / propellers / instruments / seats / elevators
Airframe: 43354 hours. No logbook but enough documents to get a new one issued.
Airframe is in good condition and can be restored to airworthy condition.
The buyer must pay a non refundable $750 deposit within 48h after the end of the auction.

Aircraft History:   this aircraft was built in January 1944 by Douglas Aircraft Company at their plant in Oklahoma City where at the peak of production 13 C-47s were completed daily for a total of 5,347. She has the manufacturer serial number 12253 and her full designation is C-47A-5-DK.
The tail number 42-92451 was assigned by the USAAF on January 24, 1944, and she was taken on charge by the Royal Air Force (RAF) at Dorval, Montreal, QC on February 4th 1944. The RAF registration FZ668 was subsequently assigned to her. She was ferried to England and assigned to 271 Squadron.

Preparations for a large-scale operation were underway in the U.K. On 31 May 1944, 10 Dakotas of 271 Squadron, including FZ668, joined 233 Squadron at Blakehill Farm. A few days later they were integrated into "A" Flight.

FZ668, this Dakota, took off at 23:20 as one of a fleet of 108 RAF C-47s whose mission was to neutralize the German forces behind the beaches to be used for the landings. Her crew was F/O Nicholl, F/O Dale, F / s Marsden and Sgt Caves.

On board FZ668, bearing the chalk number 253 for this operation, twelve 20-pound bombs, "a small surprise for the troops defending the coast in France" as it was referred to in the operation log of the squadron, were dropped when crossing the French coast. Seventeen paratroopers jumped at around 00:50 on DZ "K" located near Toufreville.

Their objective was to destroy the bridges over the Dive River. The paratroopers were split into two groups and met strong German resistance. The bridges were destroyed by engineers and the battle for the liberation of Europe began. FZ668 landed safely back at Blakehill Farm at 3:10.

This aircraft flew 5 mission during the operation Market-Garden, including the one that saw the lost of KG374, David Lord's aircraft and FZ626 during Market-Garden. David Lord is the only transport command recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.

After the war, she was purchased by Canadair, converted as DC-3C and flew for Trans-Canada Airlines as CF-TER
During the 1970's she was acquired by Transport Canada who flew her until the early 90'S. 
./end quote

Mikey McBryan's YourUbe vlog 'Plane Savers' on YouTube provides interesting update on DC-3's in general and this restoration project in particular!
A few things I learned on C-FDTD
  • DTD was painted grey on one side (poorly), probably to deal with graffiti on the plane
  • Replacing ailerons, rudders and stabilizer was needed but not much of a problem
  • The cockpit is gutted and roofhatch is missing (rain coming in) and birds nesting in there
  • Flew on Normandy D-Day as FZ668; returned to Canada after WW2, converted to a pax DC-3 by Canadair
  • Buffalo has an identical (same modifications on e.g. the engines) at Red Deer: C-FDTH (not a 'Normandy' plane)

    Boeing C-97 N117GA going airborne at Hagerstown!
    C-97 N117GA BAHF going airborne!
    Screendumps from Facebook (Hagerstown Aviation Museum) and the video by
    The video was posted 30Nov2018, so I think that's the date we have to celebrate as its resurrection!
    In 2009 I was shown in & around N117GA while still at Floyd Bennett Field,NY - MY REPORT
    The report shows that the region's climate is not good for parking out in the open. ..

    UPDATE JUNE 2019!!!
    This was published by the BAHF by way of crowdfunding effort to get N117GA back in the air.
    The C-97 'Angel of Deliverance' Needs Your Help!
    On Tuesday, June 4, the C-97 Angel of Deliverance was returning to Reading, PA from Hagerstown, MD to participate in the annual Mid Atlantic Air Museum World War II Weekend event.
    At a point 20 miles southwest of Reading, the number two engine suffered a catastrophic internal failure and had to be shut down and feathered.
    While a routine 3 engine landing was made at Reading, we are now left in need of a replacement engine.
    There are a few out there, finding a airworthy replacement may be difficult.
    We are looking at a cost of around $300,000 dollars!
    This amount will not only help us obtain a replacement R-4360-59B engine, but a meaningful supply of spares which will secure the airplane's future for a long time to come.
    If you can help, please send a donation to:

    Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation
    PO Box 782
    Farmingdale, NJ 07727.

    Paul Weston has a gallery on my website, HERE...
    Paul Weston and his Alaska flying days!
    Paul Weston and his Alaska flying days!
    The incident of Flying Boxcar C-119L N8504W at Dahl Creek in docemented in details on Paul's dedicated webpage.

    Expanded a selection of Boeing B-17 photos Ron Mak shared with me
    Boeing B-17 F-BEEA seen air-to-air | by Ron Mak (copyright)
    For this selection visit RON MAK's gallery (page #3)

    Scott Gallaher wrote me in Nov.2018, looking for a good home for this P-2 Neptune.
    This is in response to my 2017 visit to Arizona, its warbirds and salvage yards
    P-2 at th eOld Minden Yard, Tucson

    Scott wrote: "I am deciding the fate of one Neptune P2V that is still located on the 'old Minden lot'.
    Ideas range from saving the nose/cockpit as it is very much intact to chopping the vessel and scrapping it...
    Ideas? Thoughts?
    Unfortunately, I am not able to restore it or finance moving it.
    I could move it out of the way to an adjacent lot. Scrapping is not an urgent priority.
    Incidentally, E Drexel Road and the old Minden property, SAMCO, are all located on part of what once was the premises of Allied Aircraft Sales, run by Robert (Bob) Gallaher!"

    On Photos by Friends & Guests #48 I summarized ongoing & promising restorations. Here's an update (Nov.2018)

    The final stages of restoration on ZS-BRV and C-FNJE (below) led me to ask which other projects were expecting to see a 'first flight after restoration' or major relocation for preservation by ground this year. I offered the first two and the others were suggested by people 'in the know'
  • Lockheed Starliner in Auburn,Maine ( my web report visits 2009 & 2011 & updates) - to be shipped overseas
  • Canso C-FNJE, 18Jun2017, it fired up and lifted off at the Historic Wings Over Canada 150 Celebration.
  • Convair ZS-BRV, crashed (damaged beyond repair) 10Jul18, @Pretoria-Wonderboom Airport (S.Africa)
  • Martin Mars, still sitting at Port Alberni on Vancouver Island; a new owner not yet found.???
  • BAHF C-97, dep'd its home since 2002 on 6 or 7Nov17, @ Hagerstown Reg'l Airport - 30Nov18 2x training flts
  • Grumman Goose N95467 @Spokane,WA - restoration completed during 2017
  • DC-3 PH-DDZ at Aviodrome (Lelystad,Netherlands) - status quo, not flown???
  • DC-4 PH-DDS at Jo'burg-Rand; set to return to the Netherlands, earliest 2018, 2019?
  • Lockheed Warning Star, groundtransport completed to Yankee Air museum - UPDATE
  • Carvair N89FA 'Fat Annie' at Gainesville,TX - dead in the water; see my 2015 report
  • C-47B N836M 'Luck of the Irish' Air Heritage Museum, Beaver Falls,PA; F/f after restoration 23Nov2018
  • North Weald's C-54D N44914 ('Save the Skymaster') will not make Berlin Airlift 70th anni! My 2018 report
  • Nov.2018 addition: PV-2 N7272C is to be ferried (Dec.2018?) from Buffalo,WY to Vintage Aviation Museum
  • EMAIL for suggestions!

  • N836M first flight after restoration (Air Heritage Inc photo
    N836M first flight after restoration (Air Heritage Inc photo, shared on Facebook)

    After a long pause in communication I received the following photo from Jacques Hémet:
    Aviation History bu Jacques Hemet
    Jacques wrote: 'Sogerma (Airbus subsidiary) took the control of Hémet Exploration in a plan to get enough room
    to built the Beluga prototype and the 4 others, later. They had to reinforce the ground surface and enlarge the length
    of the hangar. During that 'transition' period they continued their maintenance activity, which was basically the main purpose of Sogerma. They used the place to perform the last airframe overhaul of one Caravelle. They kept me on
    as a director for the time that took me to sell the fleet of DC 3 aircraft (and other modified aircraft) which had no
    use on the new activity. I took some pictures of that period which was very sad for me..."

    Jacques Hémet's gallery on my website PAGE ONE | PAGE TWO

    In nov.2018 I came across this image, of a C-47 I have featured on my Off_Airport Gallery
    C-47 at Tiuma Park (Colombia)
    C-47 HK-3349 at Tiuma Park (Colombia). For more details click that link.

    Douglas DC-3C HK-3293 of Air Colombia sustained a runway excursion after landing at San Felipe Airport in Colombia. Both propellers separated as the aircraft came to rest in a ditch besides the runway. It has been salvaged through the
    jungle and over water for repairs. Hopefully it will see a full restoration to airworthiness!
    DC-3 HK3293 on groundtransport 2018
    Air Colombia's C-47A HK3293 (c/n 9186) on groundtransport from San Filipe to Villavicencio.
    Photos harvested thru Facebook, no name of the photographer mentioned, except Mcdonnell Douglas Villavicencio.

    DC-3 HK3293 on groundtransport 2018
    HK-3293 at the dock of San Filipe.
    ASN database, 11Jul2018

    The DC-3 plane arrived in the airlines’ hangar at Villavicencio La Vanguardia Airport on 01Dec18.
    It was transported by river barges for 2000 kms to Villavicencio! Repairs & restoration will take a while.

    Curtiss C-46 Commando, wrecked in a crash landing outside Churchill, Manitoba
    Curtiss C-46 Commando at Churchill, Manitoba
    For the identity of this C-46 WW2-vintage transport, its history and more plane wrecks see my

    Marcel Singerling recently (Oct.2018) visited Quito's aviation museum and forwarded me this nice series of 'propliner' photos. In spite of being a military installation, on the abandoned international airport, there was no problem gaining access.
    Aviation Museum, Quito, Ecuador by Marcel Singerling
    Museo Aeronáutico de Quito, 25Oct2018 - photos by Marcel Singerling
    We see C-47B HC-AUT/CA-164 (c/n 33496/16748) on display here, with Douglas B-23 Dragon HC-APV (c/n 2717) of
    Ecuatoriana de Aviación in the background. The C-47B Skytrain is ex/ USAAF 44-77164, while the B-23 held more
    previous identities: 39-031, NC51436, N400W, N4000W to HC-APV. [Air-Britain, Aviation Museums by Bob Ogden, '08]

    Aviation Museum, Quito, Ecuador by Marcel Singerling
    This DC-3 is one example of a FAE Ecuatoriana vintage military transport. The C-47 was the first type used by
    T.A.M.E. or TAME EP Linea Aerea del Ecuador. The airline was founded in 1962; it is the flag carrier and also
    the largest airline of Ecuador. The C-47/DC-3 was followed by 6 Douglas DC-4s.

    Aviation Museum, Quito, Ecuador by Marcel Singerling
    Douglas DC-6B, HC-AVH/FAE 691 (c/n 44691) has also flown as CC-CLDB and CC-CCE in the past.

    Aviation Museum, Quito, Ecuador by Marcel Singerling
    Three Catalinas were used by the air force of Ecuador and in addition to patrol duties flew T.A.M.E. missions
    to the Galapagos Islands. I understand that the actual identity of this PBY-5A '602' ('53602') is not known.

    Aviation Museum, Quito, Ecuador by Marcel Singerling
    North American B-25J (TB-25J; c/n 108-47620), N9069Z; named 'Apache Princess'
    The Mitchell, painted in military markings, was impounded at Quito in 1970. It appeared first on display in the
    late-1970s and probably saw no military use in Ecuador.
    On Ron Mak's gallery is a 1977 photo showing this B-25 WW2 bomber with much less markings.
    History of B-25J N9069Z

    The museum has more aircraft on display and/or in its collection, such as Avro 748s, Beech C-45G, plus jet aircraft like the
    Canberra B.6, Lockheed T-33, Gloster Meteor FR.9 and more.
    Details here were obtained from Air-Britain's 2008 publication 'Aviation Museums and Collections of the Rest of the World', compiled by Bob Ogden.

    On 23Oct18 this Douglas C-47 N213GB at the docks of Antwerp, destined for a new Madurodam tourist attraction near The Hague, NL. It will be part of a new display, expected to open in 2019.
    DC-3 N213GB arrived at Madurodam, The Hague (Oct.2018)
    Found no name of a photographer to credit.

    See for a 1992 photo on my website, C-47J N213GB (c/n 3323216484) configured as a mosquito repellant sprayer for the Monroe County Health Dept. at its 'home' at Marathon on the Florida Keys.
    Good thing it found preservation.

    Madurodam is a miniature park and tourist attraction in the Scheveningen district of The Hague in the Netherlands.
    It is home to a range of 1:25 scale model replicas of famous Dutch landmarks, historical cities and large developments. The park was opened in 1952 and has since been visited by tens of millions of visitors.
    The entirety of net proceeds from the park go towards various charities in the Netherlands.
    In 2012, Madurodam celebrated its 60th anniversary. [Wikipedia]
    The DC-3 is one of a few 1:1 scale displays.

    Ken Swartz visited the '1941 Historical Aviation Group' at Geneseo,NY and noted C-119 22103 had received a
    fresh coat of paint.

    C-119 22013 at Geneseo's warplane museum (2018)
    For more of Ken's photos (at Geneseo and of other propliner expeditions) see his gallery on my website.

    Another vintage transport received a new coat of paint, found on an hour's drive at the Glenn H. Curtiss museum:
    C-46 Commando, 4478772
    For more details see Ken Swartz' gallery

    Another project to determine identity and fate!
    C-54D 9Q-CBK
    Douglas C-54D, 9Q-CBK; ex Royal Danish Air Force (N-625). @Luik-Bierset Airport, Belgium. 26Jan1978.
    Its 'swingtail' conversion is clearly visible.
    Ron Mak asked help in determining whether this is c/n 10452 or 10730. Solved on my Search for Aircraft Identities


    See also Ron Mak's propliner galleries on my website: PAGE ONE | PAGE TWO | PAGE THREE

    Robert Fulwiler sent me this image in Oct.2018, he wrote: "This is a photo of C-123K marked as WV 548. I took this photo 18Nov1970 at the airfield in Pleiku, RVN (Camp Holloway).
    Flight was to Tuy Hoa.
    C-123 548/WV USAF
    Fairchild C-123 Provider 55-4548 (c/n 20209) was converted to C-123K. It went to the Vietnam Air Force, later
    went to the Royal Thai Air Force. Presently preserved in Don Maung AFB Collection / Museum. []
    Listed on the website

    The Fairchild C-123 Provider is an American military transport aircraft designed by Chase Aircraft and then built by Fairchild Aircraft for the U.S. Air Force.
    In addition to its USAF service, which included later service with the Air Force Reserve and the Air National Guard, it also went on to serve most notably with the U.S. Coast Guard and various air forces in Southeast Asia.
    During the War in Vietnam, the C-123 was used to deliver supplies, to evacuate the wounded, and also used to spray Agent Orange. [Wikipedia, more..]

    Chris Thompson did me the great pleasure for sending this from Hawaii!
    N70BF on contract at Hawaii
    Here we have a photo of DC-6A N70BF on the ramp at Kalaeloa Airport (PHJR), the former NAS Barbers Point.

    Chris wrote me earlier: "You might be interested in an update on N70BF.
    In her Navy days (BuNo.131617), it was stationed at NAS Barbers Point with transport squadron VR-21, basically from the day she was accepted until the squadron was decommissioned in 1977. 
    C/n 43720 spent her time here flying across the world, but primarily in and out of the Vietnam conflict area.

    In January 2018, she returned home to Kalaeloa Airport, the former NAS Barbers Point – 65 years since she was first here, and 40 years since she left!
    Since the picture you have on your DC-6 page, she’s been converted with spray nozzles above the wings, and storage tanks – in fact, old KC-97 fuel tanks – in the fuselage.  Her current owners, National Response Corporation, have her assigned here to fulfill a contract to spray oil dispersant in case of an offshore oil spill. 
    [Note- National Response Corporation probably is not the owner but the operator, leasing N70BF from Florida Aircraft Leasing; it is still reg'd to the latter on FAA's Registry -Webmaster]

    One of our museum volunteers was a kid here in the late 1950s, and his father worked as a crew chief on this very same aircraft.  He now spends his time as her modern plane captain, lavishing much-deserved attention on her, and sitting in the very same seat his father did six decades ago.

    DC-6A c/n 43720
    Rolf Larsson sent me this on 18Oct18: "I took the picture at Opa Locka on 09Mar09; the info was painted on the lower aft part of the fuselage. Interesting to see that it is now officially registered as a DC-6A, originally being a military R6D, later C-118B!"

    On my page DC-6 Technical the variants are explained, which you will also find on Wikipedia.
    The R6D-1 to C-118B was a simple administrive change in 1962 for aircraft types with the US military.
    From my page I quote 'The US Navy took delivery of 65 examples, designating them R6D-1. The US Navy redesignated them C-118B in 1962.
    The US Air Force accepted 101 C-118As.'
    The DC-6A was nicknamed 'Liftmaster', designed to haul freight.
    It us my understanding that the C-118B was designed to be able to change its configuration, from passengers to cargo and vice versa. From my own files I noted that in 2002 this C-118B was refurbished by Florida Air Transport (under same ownership as Florida Aircraft Leasing) with 'new' engines and fitted with a new cargo door.
    Its FAA registry notes its Certificate of Airworthiness dates from 06Sep2000, for the owner mentioned.

    Its current type designation 'DC-6A' fully describes its use, as a freighter (but obviously still configurable for special purposes such as spraying oil despersants, as currently on contract for oil spill response operations).

    Neville Webb wrote me about a 21Sep2018 re-visit to the crashsite of RB-36H 51-13721.
    RB-36H 51-13721 crashsite @Newfoundland

    Visit Neville Webb's gallery on my website for more details plus links to drone videos

    A fun item I could not resist noting here too: A DC-3 converted to Campervan in Australia!
    Dc-3 Campervan @Brisbane
    It's got the unmissable nose of a plane, yet no wings. It's got four wheels, but
    there's nothing else like it on the road! Not in Queensland, not in the world!

    The story of a wrecked DC-3 put on a 1939 K-5 International truck chassis and converted to a motorhome!

    I've seen photos of it pass me online every now and then, but recently came across a very comprehensive article and interview, so I decided to copy some of it here, make people aware.

    How a military plane crash landed in the bush in 1947 and
    wound up as a campervan.

    By Patrick Williams
    [Sep.2018 - ]

    So how did an aircraft once belonging to the Dutch Navy end up registered as a campervan in a Samford Valley driveway?
    On the night of 26Mar1947, DC-3 (Douglas C-47A-25-DK, c/n 13210) W-12, operated by the Netherlands East Indies Navy, was brought down by a lightning strike on a flight from Sydney to Jakarta. It crashed in the Katherine Gorge.
    All 6 people on board survived and the cargo was undamaged.
    It took 6 weeks to get the plane out of the bush and on to the main road where it could be towed the rest of the way.

    Brisbane-based KLM Royal Dutch Airlines caught wind of the crash. It was just the thing they needed — the body of a plane to test out their overhauled engines.
    The wingless plane spent two years there, before it was purchased by marine plumber Bill Chater in 1950. Mr Chater built his motorhome, and got 10 years of joy out of it before an accident left him with injuries to his legs. He could no longer drive, and so the van was put on ice for decades.

    Decades would pass until Mr Werner Kroll met Mr Chater. They hit it off, became vast friends.
    Werner Kroll tried to buy the motorhome, but Chater would not have it.
    The friendship continued up until Mr Chater died in 1990. Unbeknownst to Mr Kroll, his friend had left the 'airbus' he so desired to him!
    Mr Kroll spent years working on the motorhome — painting it, tinkering with it. He even put in a new diesel engine.
    By 1995 it was ready to hit the road once more.

    Mr Kroll has taken immaculate care of the DC-3 ever since it came into his possession. But he knows it won't last forever, and just like Mr Chatter left the campervan to him, Mr Kroll must leave it to someone else.
    "It has to be a guy who can look after it", Kroll says.
    Mr Kroll said he already has a future owner in mind — a DC-3 fanatic from Japan he has known for about a decade. "He's been all over the world, he's written two books about it. He's also a fantastic artist," Mr Kroll said.
    It's not an easy decision to make.

    Other references used for the above:

    DC-3 Motorhome in Queensland

    This 'VH-DAK' motorhome was also adressed about 10 years ago on my Photos by Friends & Guests #08

    More photos: (Dec.2010)

    Motorhome 'VH-DAK' at the gasstation
    Photo from Facebook's 'ABC Perth', no name to credit.

    This photo was shared on Facebook's 'Round Engine Aero' group in Sep.2018
    Percival Pembroke N510RP
    Hunting Pembroke C51 N510RP (c/n Serial #: P66-29) is seen here on transport, after decades of storage at Anoka.
    Destination is Nashville, Michigan - 'north of Battle Creek by about 20 minutes'.
    There's (allegedly) interest in Belgium to make RM-9 fly again.
    Here is a 2004 photo on and one in 1999 on Air-Britain's ABPic

    Anoka County–Blaine Airport (ICAO: KANE), also known as Janes Field, is a public use airport in Anoka County, Minnesota.
    Round Aero Engine produced a brief history of RM-9:
    brief history of RM-9:
    ●Built in 1954
    ●Served with the Belgian Air Force 21 Squadron/15 Wing as RM-9
    ●Sold to Air America N51964
    ●Registered to Interamericana de Honduras S.A. as HR-ITA
    ●Sold to Panazzo Farms Corporation now registered N510RP
    ●Ownership changes 2 more times
    ●Purchased by us, disassembled & transported to Michigan, where she awaits a buyer, without the fear of scrapping

    The above roundup has the registration of N702JM for Sean Keating (Certificate Issue Date: 04Nov2004 - Cancel date: 13Sep2013) missing. I think it was in the 1990s I met Sean, he had the Pembroke then and intended to work on a restoration, but never got round to it. He sold it many years ago, that person seems to be missing to in the above list.

    This history by seems to do it more justice-
    History of Pembroke C.51 N510RP (ex/N702JM)
    We see identities HR-ITA and N702JM added too, as well as more details on owners/operators.

    The Percival Pembroke is a British high-wing twin-engined light transport aircraft built by the Percival Aircraft Company, later Hunting Percival.
    The Pembroke was a development of the Percival Prince civil transport. It had a longer wing to permit a higher fully laden weight. The prototype flew on 21Nov1952. Production was complete in early 1958.
    It entered service with the Royal Air Force as the Percival Pembroke C.1 in 1953 to replace the Avro Anson for light transport duties. As with other RAF transports, the passenger seats are rearward-facing for improved safety.

    The 'business' of Round Aero Engine explained: ".. It is our goal to get all of these forgotten & neglected birds to those who can return them to the air. If there's one at your airport, or you know of one in a field, give us a call.
    As you can see, size,type, or location doesn't matter. All deserve the chance to be in the air once again, and we will find the prosperous home for them to achieve that once again!"
    UPDATE- a photo taken at Oshkosh 25Jul18 shows it still tied down on that same trailer.

    Fred Barnes did me the great pleasure of adding this glorious image of Pembroke 'RM-9' during its days as N51964:
    Percival Pembroke N51964 by Fred Barnes
    Fred wrote me: "I have here a photo taken at Blackbushe Airport, UK on 04May78 when the same aircraft was sold as N51964. Still has basic Belgian Air Force colours and RM-9 code. Great to hear that it may be saved and restored!" has a fine 1978 photo (black&white) of N51964 (ex/RM-9/OT-ZAI) by Mick Bajcar at Ft.Lauderdale

    And Ron Mak followed suit with an image of this Pembroke operating as HR-ITA in Honduras!
    Pembroke HR-ITA by Ron Mak in 1980
    This must be during its days with Interamerican de Honduras. This airline was founded in 1974 and lasted
    until 1977 (source: has a photo by Vito Cedrini of HR-ITA taken on 19Sep1978.

    Arnold Begeman took this photo while visiting Saskatoon airport to harvest spares of the stored Fokker F.28 Fellowships, gathering memorabilia for a Time Air museum. The F.28s are in the process of being scrapped.
    F.27A Friendship, stored at Saskatoon
    Fokker F.27J (modified from F.27A) Friendship, C-FTPA (c/n 104; ex/ N2777R)
    FTPA was destroyed at Wollaston Lake, the wreck was moved to Saskatoon-YXE during the late1980's and
    saw use as fire trainer.

    Norcanair had five Fairchild-built Fokker F-27 aircraft acquired from Hughes Air West in 1976-77, which it used for regular flights. Norcanair became part of Time Air in 1987.

    Norcanair was the name of a Canadian airline that existed from 1947 to 1987, and again briefly in the early 1990s and from 2001 to 2005.
    Norcanair traces its history back to M&C Aviation, founded in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in 1930 by private pilots Richmond Mayson and Angus Campbell.
    Moving soon to Prince Albert, this bush-flying firm survived the Great Depression by concentrating on carrying prospectors and travelers into Saskatchewan's heavily forested north.
    When WW2 broke out, the firm's technical expertise was put to work running an overhaul facility in Prince Albert that maintained aircraft used by the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

    The final update of a project that started in Feb.2014: The Bill Hill | Richard Nash photo gallery
    C-4 Argonaut, G-ALHS (c/n 164) of Derby Airways
    C-4 Argonaut, G-ALHS (c/n 164) of Derby Airways.
    Derby Aviation was formed in Feb.49 by 1938-established Air Schools Ltd, taking over all civil flying activities
    from its parent company. Light aircraft operations transferred to Air Schools in 1959 and renamed Derby Airways,
    again renamed to BMA in Oct.'64.

    The final update amounted to 12 images, but follow the link above for a virtual pandora box of vintage aviation photos!

    A few images in celebration of the Lockheed Starliner restoration by the SAA Museum
    Starliner restoration by the SAA Museum
    The tow is kept cautious but with steady progress , much the same as the restoration!

    Starliner restoration by the SAA Museum
    Lockheed L.1049A Starliner, ZS-DVJ (c/n 1042)
    See vintage images on my 'ZS-DVJ remembered by Erik Eriksson' (features also updates during recent times)

    Email by John Austin-Williams, 18Sep2018
    "We are delighted to announce that our Lockheed Starliner, ZS-DVJ, was towed to the museum’s aircraft park on Monday the 17Sep2018, The chairman’s 60th birthday!
    We gratefully acknowledge all of our sponsors that have helped us get to this point, they are mentioned on the various 'Connie' pages of our website.
    There is still a long road ahead...

    The story of our 'Connie' can be followed by visiting the various pages on our website, see links below. ¬Basic history of ZS-DVJ. The dismantling at Klein Kariba in May 1979 and the reassembly at the then Jan Smuts Airport. ¬Dismantling beginning at SAA Technical in mid-2011 and completed by October 2017 at Denel Aviation. ¬The move to Rand Airport, 12th of October to Friday 13th of October 2017. ¬Reassembly at Rand Airport, starting April 2018 and towing up to the Museum’s aircraft park, 17th of September 2018.
    Kind regards from a hot day on the Highveld in Johannesburg!
    John Austin-Williams ('Jaws')
    Chairman: South African Airways Museum Society




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