Vintage Transports, photos by Friends & Guests (38)



On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I would like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.

This image was sent by Pat Donaghy in Jan.2014 (below), he wrote "..a couple pictures of CF-HAS that were taken by Hugh F. Bunn, one in 1968 and another some years later. 
HAS was used by TransAir of Winnipeg in the 50s and 60s on DEW Line resupply operations and was abandoned by them at The Pas airport in Manitoba. More on this and such wrecks, some existent others no longer among us: ABANDONED WRECKS OF THE NORTH
Avro York CF-HAS

Wikipedia on the Avro York:
"The Avro York was a British transport aircraft that was derived from the Second World War Lancaster heavy bomber, and used in both military and civilian roles between 1943 and 1964.
Development began in 1941 of the Type 685 which paired the wings, tail and undercarriage of the Lancaster bomber with a new square section fuselage of much greater capacity. Production was undertaken by Avro with the hopes of sales to the Royal Air Force and in the postwar civil airliner market.
The first civilian York (G-AGJA), initially built for the RAF as MW 103, was delivered from Ringway to British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) in February 1944.
Production orders included 50 civilian Yorks and 208 military versions for the RAF – many of which subsequently passed into civilian hands."
Wikipedia, more..

Aaron Buchanan sent me news on DC-3, former N1944H c/n 34378/17111:
Clipper Tabitha May

Aaron wrote: "She is now known as the Clipper Tabitha May and is owned by a small software development company.  I operate as the crew chief and have been having the most fun time of my life riding aboard on her journeys!"
When I checked FAA´s N-Inquiry on 10Jan2014 the tailnumber N33611 had not been officially registered, 'pending', so I could not find details on the registered owner.

Aad van der Voet ( "This aircraft was acquired by MS Flight Simulator entrepeneur Rob Randazzo in Nov 2011, rereg'd to N33611 on 12Jun2012; and had been painted in PAA colours as NC33611 by Nov 2012."

The project has a Facebook page: Clipper Tabitha May
That page provided data such as 12Jun13: DC-3C NC33611 "Clipper Tabitha May takes off from Ogden, UT on her first post restoration test flight. Captains Muszalla and Randazzo at the controls for what was a very short flight due to rapidly changing weather."
16Sep2013: "Clipper Tabitha May is on the ramp at the ATW aircraft resort and spa in Marana,AZ. Bill's guys will be giving her a thorough inspection cycle and cleaning up a few small squawks that appeared during her first 25 hrs back in service. Next week she will reposition to Virginia!"
And 29Oct2013: "Brought the Clipper up to the Mid Atlantic Air Museum for a visit last Wednesday."
09Jan2014:"Winter has brought the flying to a halt, but we are preparing to put the Clipper up on jacks in order to remove a fuel tank for overhaul. Last few of our long term care items should get knocked out between now and the end of March when we wrap up the winter maintenance cycle."
It is currently based at KRMN Stafford, Virginia.

History of this Gooney Bird is described on my website through memories shared by Walt Brubaker and images on my pages HERE and HERE

In Feb.2019 I learned this Gooney Bird N33611 was offered for sale on
1945 DOUGLAS DC-3 For Sale In Manassas, Virginia.
The advert included some interesting information which I copy for those interested.

One of a kind corporate configured 1945 Douglas DC-3. S/N 34378 is the former transport of the Columbia Broadcasting System, Outboard and Marine Manufacturing and EAA.
Low total time with only 17,896 hours.
This DC-3 was the last of its model to operate carrying passengers for a Part 121 Air Carrier on the US registry and also has a number of historic aviation figures in its logbook such as Paul Poberezney and Jimmy Leeward to name a few.

Year: 1945
Manufacturer: DOUGLAS
Model: DC-3
Condition: Used
Serial Number: 34378
Total Time: 17896
FlightRules: IFR
Number of Seats: 19
Based at: HEF
Registration: N33611

17,896 Total Time
17,708 Landings
Engine 1 Overhaul Time: 152
Engine 2 Overhaul Time: 920
Engine 1 Overhaul Type: SMOH
Engine 2 Overhaul Type: SMOH
Engine(s): Pratt & Whitney R1830-94 rated to 1,350 hp ea.
Left Engine overhauled by Anderson Aero Engines in 2013 - 152 SMOH
Right Engine bearing replaced by Anderson Aero Engines in 2013 - 920 SMOH
Note: Both sides restored from engine mount forward in 2012-2013.
Restoration included all hoses and accessories being replaced with new / overhauled parts and accessories, fire sleeves.

Prop Specs: Hamilton Standard 23E50-505
LH: 26 SPOH. (AD 81-13-01 complied with July 2016. Due July 2021)
RH: 26 SPOH. (AD 81-13-01 complied with July 2016. Due July 2021)

Avionics/Radios: GTN 750 WAAS Touch Screen Navigator (Com/Nav 1)
King KX-165 (Com/Nav 2)
Dual Garmin GTX-33ES ADS-B Transponders
Garmin GDL-88 dual link ADS-B (traffic and weather)
Garmin GTS 800 Traffic Avoidance
King KR-87 ADF
Dual NAT Audio Panels
King KCS-551 HSI
Collins RMI (slaved) left side
King KI-226 RMI (slaved) right side
3 Light Marker Beacon w/ Audio
Cabin Address System

Cockpit umpseat
3" Gyros (pilot and copilot)
Crew oxygen system
Pulse light landing light system
Oilamatic pre-oil system for each engine
Oil tank heaters with external electrical ports
Fire Detection for engine accessory section
Fire Detection for landing gear bays
Fire suppression for accessory section
AeroLED wingtip nav/strobes
AeroLED landing lights
Counter balanced air-stair door with interior safety lock
Entryway lighting and main cabin access lighting
Emergency evacuation lighting for cabin and overwing exits.
Spare tail wheel with mounted tire (aft baggage compartment)

Spare parts locker in tail compartment contains:
* Starter
* Cowl Flap Cylinder
* Fuel pump - Electric
* Fuel pump - Engine driven
* Accelerator pump
* Spark Plugs
* Hydraulic pump
* Booster Coil
* Various gaskets and soft rubber parts
Aft baggage storage compartment for tools/equipment contains:
* Portable tow-head mates to standard TRON-bar.
* DC-3 sized rubber chocks
* Up to 10 gallons of oil in 1.35gal containers
* Extension cords for oil tank heaters
* Ground Power converter and extension cord.
* (additional room for tools/cleaning supplies as desired)
Tow bar (full size)
Spares inventory (incl. many rotable parts, as well as spare engine, prop, (both req. overhaul) and numerous other large items)
Wing jacks
Custom oil drip pans
Air show signboards/holders

Year Painted: 2012

New leather seat covers installed 2014
New headliner 2014 in blue
New plush wool carpet installed 2014
Seating for 19 passengers. (additional seating up to 28 is possible)
Flight attendant/cabin crewmember jumpseat near main entry
New 2014 acrylic cabin windows with subtle tint
Galley area with drawers, countertop space, ice cabinet and trash containment
Crew bag stowage
Lockable cockpit door
Aft coat closet at entry door
Full sized lavatory with smoke detection, storage and mirrored vanity
Externally serviced, flushing toilet
Access to aft cargo area while in flight
CD player connected to cabin speakers (with complimentary Big Band CD!)
Year Interior: 2014

Aircraft is on a 2 Year / 600 Hour Approved Inspection Program (AAIP) for Part 91 Operations. Aircraft will be delivered with a fresh 600 Hour Inspection.

Note that on YouTube's Plane Savers E122 the history is detailed during a walkround: NC33611 is in
perfect condition with PMDG Flight Operations LLC of Virginia.

See my report on D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019) in which NC33611 participated in splendid form!

UPDATE JULY 2020: For sale on US$995.000. "One of a kind corporate configured 1945 Douglas DC-3. S/N 34378 is the former transport of the Columbia Broadcasting System, Outboard and Marine Manufacturing and EAA. Low total time with only 17,896 hours. This DC-3 was the last of its model to operate carrying passengers for a Part 121 Air Carrier on the US registry and also has a number of historic aviation figures in its logbook such as Paul Poberezney and Jimmy Leeward to name a few. S/N 34378 was the cover for Flying Magazine in August 1981 and AOPA Magazine in December 2016. This is a rare turn-key opportunity to purchase an exceptionally cared for DC-3 with spare parts and support equipment."

This email from Brendan Odell arrived, photos attached, with me on 31Dec2013:
"We ferried our DC-3 ex/A3-AWP, now ZK-AWP, c/n 33135 back to New Zealand from Tonga between 20 and 22 December, arriving in Auckland on 22 December having flown 20.1 hr via Nadi (Fiji), Noumea (New Caledonia) and Norfolk Island.
Please see two attached photographs of ZK-AWP, snapped at NZAA (Auckland) on 22 December, inbound from Norfolk Island.
The aircraft will be continuing charter passenger operations with Air Chathams, based from now on at Auckland International Airport, where it is hangared at Hangar 2."
Zk-AWP Air Chathams
Douglas C-47B ZK-AWP c/n 16387/33135.
Brendan added: "This DC-3 has belonged to Air Chathams since 2008, it was bought from King George V of Tonga (who owned it since the collapse of Peau Vavau in 2006) together with the hangar at Fua'amotu and Beech 65 Queenair A3-FEW). So no changes to ownership or operating crews (Chathams Pacific was only a trading name for Tonga)." 

Richard Nash sent three images from his wonderful collection
KLM PH-TGA at Southend
Douglas DC-6A PH-TGA 'Dr. Ir. M.H. Damme' at Southend.
Since PH-TGA was registered 17Jul53 and rereg'd PH-DFA 19Feb1954, this is the time span this photo was taken.

Following information was from the website "In 1953 KLM purchased two purpose built DC-6A freighter aircraft. KLM's cargo operations had started to take off in a big way and they needed these dedicated freighters.
Many DC-6As were built as "windowless wonders" but KLM's both (the other was PH-TGB) had windows, making them more or less convertible to passenger aircraft should the need arise. Both were sold off in 1960, PH-TGA going to Nevead Aero Trades (who leased them out to a number of carriers) as N6574C."
From my onw records I found this was actually the first DC-6A delivered outside the USA.

C/n 44076 has the following remarks in my database:
Dlvd to KLM 18Jul53, rereg'd PH-DFA 1954. Sold May 1960 to Trans Alaskan Airlines and reg'd N6574C; remod to pax DC-6B in 1955. Operated by Great Lakes Airlines,Trans Alaskan again, to Admiral Airways.
June 1964 to Zantop (changed its name to Universal Airlines in 1966). 1967 Boreas Corp.
Bought by Span East Airlines and reg'd N611SE in Jan. 1970. In 1971 to Quanama West Indies; that same year to Alcon (Bolivia) and reg'd CP-947.
It was damaged on landing at San Juan (Bolivia) and was declared 'damaged beyond economic repairs', written off.

Bristol Freighter at Southend by Richard Nash
A Bristol Freighter being loaded at Southend; no further details available.

Douglas C-54A 763
Also from the Richard Nash Collection, a Douglas C-54A being loaded with cargo.

Tom Singfield did me the pleasure of sharing the remains of Douglas DC-6 HK-1700 'Fénix'seen in July 2013 at Villavicencio, Colombia. Tom wrote it was found dumped at the back of the car park.

DC-6 HK-1700 Fénix by Tom Singfield

Douglas DC-6BF HK-1700 c/n 44419/491.
When I started recording propliner sightings in the early 1990s, my first note on this airframe was: 'HK-1700 Interandina-Interandina de Aviacion el Condor,Ltda (VVC), ex/N4419R'. It is (or was) a coverted DC-6B.
A photo in Propliner magazine 72 showed HK-1700 parked at Villavicencio during sep97 and named 'Aerosol'.
Then in sep99 it was reported at VVC to be airworthy and seen making engine runs.
Then, operational, at Mitu on 08may2000.
But in Mar02 it was again reported as stored for past 1 1/2 years, for Orion Cargo.
This DC-6 was nicknamed 'The Popcorn Machine' due its characteristic engine sound. It was again operational in 2002. Years later, on 01Mar08 it was again reported as stored at VVC, without markings.
For nov. 2011 it had the same status: stored.
Its engines silenced forever, it was reported scrapped by 09Jul13 with only the cockpit remaining.
As these photos by Tom Singfield testify.

On my page Photos by Friends & Guests (33) shows HK-1700 in 2011, still in good condition.

Kyle G. Cameron included a visit to the aviation museum when he was in Hanoi this year (2013).

IL-14 in Hanoi aviation museum
People's Army Museum in downtown Hanoi. Ilyushin IL-14, two Douglas Skyraiders and a Bell UH-1H.
While the IL-14 is marked 'C-482', this is former VN-C516 (c/n unknown; anyone? EMAIL)

This is a recent addition to the museum as VN-C516 looked markedly different in 2011:

It is Christmas time!
Merry Christmas!
The webmaster wishes you all a verry merry Christmas and safe trails & tailwinds for 2014!

From the Voeux Amicale du Super Constellation (Nantes)
Super Constellation F-BGNJ in Nantes
F-BGNJ (F-BRAD) c/n 4519. Its history can be read here:

Henk Geerlings sent me this nice Christmas card which I like to share:
Henk Geerlings' B-17

Terry Fletcher wrote me he visited the Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington, near York, early in October this year.
He found G-AMYJ / 44-76384 put on a nice display.

DC-3C G-AMYJ on engine run

All Dakotas were / are DC-3s but it is not the other way around! But this actually is a Dakota 6!
It held the previous identities 44-76384 - KN353 - G-AMYJ - XF747 - G-AMYJ - SU-AZF - G-AMYJ.
C/n 15968/32716 was operated by Air Atlantique from Coventry for Pollution Control. It was donated end-2001 by Air Atlantique to the Yorkshire Air Museum and I have it that it could not be flown so it was transported by road to this museum.
Nice to see the museum take preservation seriously, though I doubt it is airworthy as G-AMYJ was cancelled from the registry in 2001.

The Yorkshire Air Museum's history page for this aircraft is at
This link to the Air Britain page for this item shows many different operators / liveries  - the last of which was the previous livery at YAM


Roger Botting found Buffalo's DC-3 C-GWIR in deplorable state, last september.
DC-3 C-GWIR damaged goods

DC-3C C-GWIR (c/n 9371) of Buffalo Airways sustained damage in a forced landing at Yellowknife Airport, NWT on 19Aug2013.
Flight BFL1680, 'The Sched', departed runway 16 at Yellowknife Airport (CYZF) on a VFR departure for an IFR flight plan to Hay River Airport (CYHY).
On departure, the tower controller observed torching and smoke from starboard engine and transmitted to BFL168, but without response.
The controller then gave flight 168 priority for runway 10.
The DC-3 circled right for runway 10. On finals the tower controller advised the flight that the main landing gear was not down. The airplane then crash landed on the southwest infield, south of the threshold of runway 10.
[Aviation Safety Network - LINK]

C-GWIR was taken in the storage area behind the Buffalo hangar at Yellowknife; no doubt Buffalo Airways will do one of her magic restorations on this Classic Propliner! Check out my Yellowknife Report.

Fred Wallis sent me some photos recently; he wrote: "I found 'Wild Bill’s' collection of Skyvans in Canada and took a bunch of photos; are these of interest? If so I can send you individual pics."
And of course I said: Well, why don't you?!!

Short Skyvans
Nice line up. These pics were taken in Atlin, British Columbia.

Short Skyvan N549WB
Short Skyvan N549WB (c/n SH.1911) among the weeds. Reg'd 13Sep2011 to North Star Air Cargo Inc.,
East Troy,WI. Kenneth Swartz photographed it at Perris,CA 14Mar20.

Short Skyvan N754BD
Short Skyvan N754BD (c/n SH.1907). Reg'd 19Sep2011 also to North Star Air Cargo.
N754BD was registered in Nov16 for Alaska Air Taxi, but last sighted on 10Jul16 at Perris,CA missing 1 engine.
Kenneth Swartz photographed it at Perris 14Mar20, parked but looking operational.

Short Skyvan C-
Short Skyvan C-FYSQ (SH.1968) 'Nomad Air'.
A recent history. I took a photo of it on 23Jul03 while parked near Lake Hood (Anchorage) and found it had been registered on 22Feb99 to A.G.Sholton Company, and operated by Pioneer Airways as N491AS . And again reg'd on 23Oct06 A.G.Sholton Company, Anchorage.
Then on 13aug12 it was registered to Ten Barrel Inc of Whitehorse, Yukon with tailnumber C-FYSQ.
Did not last long as its registration was cancelled on 25Oct13 and the Skyvan was sold to Airborne Support Group LLC, Marion,MT while registered N52LH on 29Oct13.

Short Skyvan N114LH
Short Skyvan N114LH (SH.1926).
N114LH was at some point reg'd to Lawrence E.Hill but then sold to Aero Transit on 20Jan06.
Next was Alberta Aircraft Leasing Inc, Las Vegas,NV (R17Mar10). Bought by Arizona Skydive Inc 14Apr10.
In Oct.2010 it went to Alaska for Wild Bill's All West Freight Inc. at Delta Junction,AK.
After Wild Bill's death in a plane crash N114LH was reg'd on 19Sep11
to North Star Air Cargo of East Troy, Wisconsin.
Kyle G. Cameron commented: Nomad Air did a lease-return on C-FYSQ and was sold State-side, as was N114LH (above). The others in Atlin are sitting for the time-being, under the care of Jamie B Tait; other than C-FTBI (further below) which still belongs to Nomad Air.

Short Skyvan N50DA
Short Skyvan N50DA (SH.1852).
N50DA was registered to All West Freight Inc. of Delta Junction,AK on 13May02.
Reg'd 13Sep11 to North Star Air Cargo of East Troy,WI

UPDATE: in June 2016 an opportunity arose for an update on these Skyvans stored at Atlin.
Murray Lundberg wrote on Facebook: "The Shorts are all working out of Whitehorse now, for Nomad Air."
Kenneth Swartz photographed N50DA 14Mar20 at Perris,CA: R17Oct14 to PM Leasing Inc., probably
operated by Perris Valley Skydiving.

Short Skyvan C-FTBI
Short Skyvan C-FTBI (SH1847).
Former N64HB went to to Alkan Air of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory and reregistered C-FTBI on 19Apr07.
I received comment that N64HB never went to Alkan Air but a photo by Terry Fletcher on proofs it, text stated that titles were found to be applied by 24May2008.
When reg’d N64HB it was operated by Advanced Air (source: photo July 2002 on
Kyle G. Cameron commented: "When Alkan Air was operating C-FTBI (s/n 1847), it was owned by Ten Barrel Inc, dba 'nomad air' (see photos above), which when written as the logo or trademark, is not capitalized. It would however, be correct English grammar to capitalize it when used in a sentence.

Bob Garrard’s photostream on has the following information to it:
"Short SC-7 Skyvan 3-200 (cn SH1847). This Skyvan served numerous operators, and included the registrations

The Short SC.7 Skyvan is a 19-seater twin turboprop aircraft manufactured by Short Brothers of Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is used mainly for short-haul freight and skydiving.
The first flight of the Skyvan, the Skyvan 1, was on 17 January 1963. It is affectionately called 'The Shed' by pilots and crew.
The above all seem to be from the Series 3.
[Wikipedia, more..]

Terry Fletcher visited San Diego,CA last May. He was there to attend the '2013 Wings over Gillespie Airshow', but the day before he visited the San Diego Air and Space Museum's Annexe. He sent 3 images to share, knowing my love for early pioneering planes.
Terry made it easy for me and provided the identification for these classic aircraft.

Rearwin NC25553 at the San Diego Air & Space Museum Annexe (2013)
Rearwin 8135 NC25553 (c/n 829, manufactured 1940), at the San Diego Aerospace Museum.

The Rearwin Cloudster was a civil utility aircraft produced in the United States in 1939.
It was a strut-braced, high-wing monoplane of conventional design with an enclosed cabin and fixed, tailskid undercarriage.
It was a larger and more powerful derivative of the Rearwin Sportster with the 8090 and 8125 models having side-by-side seating instead of the Sportster's tandem seating.
The 8135 Cloudster had three seats.
Twenty examples were produced with tandem seating for Pan Am to use as trainers and another 25 Cloudsters were exported as trainers to Iran. [Wikipedia]

WACO NC17713 at the San Diego Air & Space Museum Annexe (2013)
WACO YKS-7 NC17713 (c/n 4625, manufactured 1937).
I it was impressed by USAAF as 42-94126 and designated type UC-72J for use by the military.

The Waco Standard Cabin series is a range of American single-engine, 4-5 seat, fabric covered, cabin biplanes produced by the Waco Aircraft Company. Production began in 1931 with the QDC, continuing until 1942 when production ended for the VKS-7F.
They were used as light passenger and utility transports, navigational trainers, bushplanes and briefly as maritime reconnaissance aircraft during World War 2.
The Standard Cabin series, with its cabin comfort, proved to be popular with private pilot owners. Many were purchased by small commercial aviation firms and non-aviation businesses.
With the onset of World War II, examples were impressed into the air forces of many Allied nations, including the US (USAAC and US Navy), the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. USAAC Designations assigned to standard cabin Wacos included UC-72D (for 2 VKS-7s), UC-72K (for 1 YKS-7) and UC-72M (for 2 ZKS-7s). [Wikipedia]


Stinson NC416Y at the San Diego Air & Space Museum Annexe (2013)
Stinson NC416Y, a 1930 built Stinson Detroiter SM-8A.

Terry Fletcher braced himself against the blistering desert sun, at Lancaster Fox Field (California, 26May2013) and delivered this fine image of Lockheed SP-2E Neptune N96278.
N96278 Neptune airtanker

Terry: "In May 2013 I took the photo below at Palm Springs Air Museum, CA. When I got home, I could not find any information about the Fairchild C-119 in this photo."
The 'before & after' can be read on my C-119 Info Page (2).

Fairchild C-119 53-8154 palm springs aviation museum

Stewart Lanham visited Shanghai, Longhua on 08apr2012 and below is his report and photos


Shanghai, Longhua 2012 - An-24

Shanghai, Longhua 2012 - IL-14

Shanghai, Longhua 2012 - BAe 146

Shanghai, Longhua 2012
Nov.2013- The Google Earth image has been updated and now shows the blue shelter which covers the aircraft and can they can no longer be seen.

‘Shanghai Vocational School
This location is part of a large CAAC complex on the long closed Longhua Airport, and the Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute is across the road. An expansion of the CAAC site has made dramatic changes from the current Google Earth view dated 13th February 2010. The first change visible is a large blue shelter erected over the apron area; the second is access. The only access is via a works site entrance, with the gate keepers permission, off Yunjin Lu [Road]. Whereas Google Earth shows a clean and tidy apron, the site is now no better than a scrap yard with what appears to be additional aviation material.

My initial thought was that the site would be closed and cleared to aid further development, despite the new shelter. However, a couple of posters around the site show that the aircraft apron will remain an integral part although I doubt it is big enough to hold the four modern airliners depicted. This seems to suggest that the 3 original propeller aircraft will be scrapped, leaving the BAe146 and one or two others.

SVS-001 - An-24
SVS-002 - Il-14
SVS-003 - Y-5
B-2702 - BAe146-100 (c/n E1026)

All are basically complete although the Il-14 left fuselage skin has been removed, the outer wings have also been removed and are stored on-site. Due to high solid fencing around the site, the only visibility is through a small gate just off the main road, and a main gate inside the current building site.

The aircraft have deteriorated badly since June 2005 when the following photos were taken:,%20Shanghai,%20Longhua,%20China&stype=location&srng=2
I note that the location was referred to as the ‘China Eastern Airlines Flying School’ although there does not appear to be any CEA connection.

Mattice Lake Outfitters shared this on Facebook 31Oct2013: beautiful don't you agree?!
Mattice Lake Outfitters, Turbo DHC-3 Otter

They wrote as a caption to this image:
"Winter has arrived! We cleaned snow off the Otter 3 mornings in a row before we had decent weather and Brent was able to fly the airplane to the hanger in Geraldton where it will spend the winter.
The Beavers have been parked at the hanger in Sioux Lookout for 2 weeks. Today we plan to pull the Super Cub out of the water and switch it over to skis for the winter.
All of the smaller lakes and the shallower bays on the large lakes are now frozen. It's now time to cut more firewood for a long winter."

C-FYLZ c/n 247, here is some history from my personal database:
Reg'd West Caribou Air Service, Thunder Bay,ONT R16May12. And Wabakimi Air Ltd C-FYLZ reg'd 02Jul2013.

'Yukon Cornelius' shot this 'Super DC-3' N30TN of TransNorthern on 14Oct13; its history can be read on my webpage dedicated to a visit to TransNorthern at Anchorage in 2012.
C-117D N30TN TransNorthern in Alaska

On the Facebook page of Dany Ama O Brazil appeared this photo, alas without any information of where, when and which plane.
Underwater DC-3, preserved albeit under water
My index for Searching For Plane Identities has a few of those..

This wreck was identified by 'James' (the damage on the nose does the trick, imo):
"Done some searching on DC-3 dive wrecks and managed to find that the above aircraft is located at Kaş, Turkey (near Antalya).
With a bit more searching, I managed to find a video on youtube of the aircraft under water. It also has the bend in the bottom of the prop like on the photo on the guests photos page 38.
In the video I managed to get some sort of markings.
About 28 seconds into the video there appears to be markings of HVH0-258 near the cargo door.
And finally found some pictures before it was put in the water:" No doubt that is where the damage on the nose was done.

Webmaster: Turkey operated 108 C-47's from 1946 to 1996, one of the few military air forces in the world to fly Dakotas into the 1990s. []
The database at (link) provided the identity:
C-47B HVHO-258 c/n 14813/26258 - Turkish AF serial 43-26258. Was withdrawn from use may09, subsequently submerged. Ex USAF 43-48997.

I consulted Air-Britain's 'DC-3 Bible' on this one:
USAF serial 43-48997, to USN as 50758 (type R4D-6). Various units mentioned inclusing in 1946 at Pearl Harbor. Alternated stations on the Westcoast (San Diego) and Eastcoast (Jacksonville).
Was reg'd for the FAA N7674C on 09Jul58 (type SC-47J). Rereg'd N43 for FAA/International Development Agency 19Mar65.
Exported to Turkey August 1966. Reg'd TC-KOL Devlet Hava Meydanlari Isletmesine (radio aid check) on 07Mar68.
Reg'd 12May78 as 43-26258 and as H-258 in 1992.

Aero Service contact details
Former Aero Service staff are requested to contact Bob Welshe at the above adress.
This is in relation to the webpage which started on DC-3 N5000E, but evolved in tales and reminiscence on / by Aero Service Corporation & staff HERE

The photo used as background to this invitation is from and has no bearing on Aero Service (afaik).

Phil Brooks sent this photo with a request to help identify: "My co worker was motorcycling through East Texas and ran across what looks to be a DC-4 nose section, along with a B-1 nose section. 
It is on route 82, halfway between Detroit and Blossom, on the south side of the road. 
Have you heard of this place, and if so, do you know the identities of the aircraft?"

Here's the link to Google Maps:

Unidentified Douglas DC-4 in Texas

Phil had a look at it through 'Streetview' of Googlemaps, and we can now clearly read the sign: 'Les Chapman Transport Inc., Warbird Specialist'. The name near the cockpit window seems to spell something like 'Charly Jane'..? Continue reading below.
John Chapman
The name on the fuselage is 'Lady Jane' as can be read HERE on

James and Christian on Yahoo's DC-3 Group and Classic-Propliners provided the answers.
"I believe its N62433 (C-54D c/n 10685 -Webmaster) that was damaged beyond repair by Hurricane Andrew in MIA: "

"From what searching I have done it appears to be called Lady Jane and was registered N62433:
and some pictures on Flickr of the aircraft in the yard mentioned:

Les and Buddy Chapman seem to have an excellent reputation in hauling aircraft, as learned from the WIX forum. That B-1 cockpit seems to be in their yard since 2006 at least. They also hauled DC-3 N141JR (Dec.2012 video) but don't really know what they did with it (not on their yard).

Roger Botting did some travelling on the US Westcoast and here are some photos to share (summer 2013):

Unidentified HU-16 Albatross at Santa Rosa
Unidentified HU-16 Albatross at Santa Rosa on 30Jul2013; I quite like the distortion by the heatwave here!
Could it be any of the planes I've seen at Santa Rosa in 2008?
Roger later wrote me: "The HU16 is N7973B,
according to the guy that runs the Albatross web site, so I think its good data."
That would make it a Grumman G-111 c/n 1311 and former 'Billabong Clipper', according to my database -Webmaster

Also seen here at Sonoma County Airport, Sta.Rosa,CA:
C-118 131594/RT at Sanat Rosa
131594/RT, Douglas C-118A (c/n 43697) officially registered as N777SQ to the museum here).
See also my 2008 photo when it was still sitting among the weeds. Nice work they've done on it!
Btw, two DC-6's wore N777SQ as a tailnumber, c/n 44071 from 1975 - 1979 and c/n 43697 from 1982 - present.

C47A N4991E at Lodi,CA
Douglas C-47A N4991E (c/n 12106) seen parked at Lodi, California.
I've seen reports it was stored, even in use as a clubhouse for the Parachute Center, but it looks like it could fly!
Update: acquired by Preferred Air Parts of Kidron,OH and reported as being prepared for ground transport in Oct.2020. I also photographed it in 2018, see my CALIFORNIA 2018 report.

Roger wrote: "A visit to Sacramento McClellan airfield found 7 of the Aero Union fleet of P3's."
Aero Union P-3s at McClellan
See what I wrote on defunct Aero Union in 2008

Martin 'JoJo' Prince Jr visited Lake Hood last summer and photographed deHavilland DHC-2 N68073 (c/n 1005) sitting pretty at the dock:

DHC-2 Beaver N68073

More photos by 'Jojo' HERE and HERE

Snatched this from Facebook, Canaar Panuk Agimuk witnessed a Beech 23H off the side of runway 18 in Kwethluk, Alaska.
Beech 18 ran off the runway at Kwethluk,AK

This website identifies it as N233H,
Beech G18S c/n BA-481, manufactured in 1959 and registered 12Feb2010 to Michael W. Renfro of Bethel,AK.

Phil Brooks wrote to this picture: "..the Beech 18 (N233H) in Alaska: I've flown on that bird!  IND-ORD-OKK-IND, 23 December 1983 (with Indianapolis Air Charter). 
We took a Boeing 727 mainwheel up to O'Hare for American Trans Air (I still remember it weighed 400 pounds- took a few of us to manhandle it onto the aircraft), and brought a shipment of auto parts to Kokomo, Indiana from there. 
It was so cold in Chicago, even though the airplane was hangared during our stay (a few hours), my friend couldn't get the engines started when we left, and we had to get a heater from Butler Aviation.  That night was also memorable for me in that it was the first time I ever used a microwave oven (at Butler's lounge)! 
At Kokomo, I unloaded the shipment (it was only a few boxes) while my friend kept both engines running, so we didn't get stuck there."!
UPDATE: Feb.2014 on the road to recovery HERE..!

Fred Wallis caught N233H in better times (Merrill Field, 2010):
Beech 18 N233H (Alaska 2010)

Phil Brooks sent me this in July 2013, writing: "N137PB was being worked on when I stopped in on Wednesday June 26th!
No good info was obtained on its future, unfortunately.
I think it's been there for almost 25 years (I first saw it in 1993), and likely hasn't flown that entire time! I didn't see the other DC-3 (N85SA c/n 11637 -Webmaster) that was there before (red and white colors), but didn't have time to look around.
Long time owner (Eugene 'Gene' Damschroder was local polictician and he died in a crash with a Cessna 206 in June 2008 and his son Rex was reported trying to sell N137PB. Maybe he succeeded? -Webmaster)
DC-3 N137PB at Fremont,OH

Terry Fletcher is a faithful contributor to my website and he comes across interesting aircraft while he roams the globe!
On this Max Holste Broussard MH-1521 N6HZ he wrote: "taken on my visit to Camarillo on 24th May 2013, an ex Argentine AF MH-1521.
I found a link to its history (and a photo - in better days ): "
MH1521 N6HZ at Camarillo

That link shows it on display as LV-WGR (PG-337) and identifies it as c/n 25C.
Following details on its history: LQ-FZM Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganadería, 20Aug1957
- INAC - Instituto Nacional de Aviación Civil
- reg. cld. 09Dec1975
PG-337 Fuerza Aérea Argentina, 18Dec67
- wfu 1990
LV-WGR privado 30Dec92
N6HZ privado
And now, in 2013 it ended up in California, perhaps bought by a collector?

The Max Holste MH.1521 Broussard is a 1950s French 6-seat utility monoplane designed by Max Holste to meet a French Army requirement.
The prototype Broussard first flew on 17 November 1952 and was followed by the first civil and military production aircraft in June 1954, and 363 were built between 1954 and 1959.
Its similarity to the de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver in looks, capability and performance lead it to be nicknamed 'the French Beaver'.
Wikipedia, more..
Here's another one from Camarillo:
Mitchell bomber N5865V at Camarillo in restoration
The restoration of the last surviving Mitchell Bu35857 / N5865V; it is showing good progress on the restoration of the last survivor of its PBJ type.
Restoration website see

In June (2013) Terry wrote:
"I searched your pages to see if you had been to Chino - and see you did in 2008 - but only saw Planes of Fame and that the Museum at Yanks Air Museum was closed / closing when you got there..
Well, we got to Yanks Air Museum at 9.00am and with my wife writing down the aircraft details whilst I photographed - it took us 3 hours to complete - a 1 hour break for excellent lunch at the Airport Cafe. And then another 3 hours to repeat the process at Planes of Fame in the afternoon - a day well spent!
Hall 1 at Yank Air Museum was very much like Hood River, OR (which we both visited last year): lots of classic 1920s/30s aircraft.
One aircraft I thought you might light to see was a Cessna Model A - AW - must admit that I had never heard of it - seems it was Cessna's first production aircraft!"

Yanks Museum
Yanks Air Museum, Chino, CA.

Yanks Museum
The first Cessna design built in any numbers was the Cessna Model A, a 4-seater with a mixed wood and steel-tube construction with fabric covering. The aircraft was built in a number of variants fitted with different engines.
Wikipedia, more..

Paddy Green did me the pleasure of sending photos to add to my dossier on DC-3 N5831B (for some 8 years now registered as N473DC and 'living' in the UK).
"As C-FKAZ she flew for both Trans Provincial and Pacific Coastal out of Vancouver, British Columbia, following her release from the RCAF.
It is good to see what she looked like when she was an airliner. We still have the 'No Smoking'-sign switch in the cockpit (along with the JATO rocket switch from the 1950s - now that would be something to see again!!)."

For more information and photos click HERE..


Dennis Fisher wrote me from Saskatoon,SAS 04sep2013; he wrote:
"Unfortunately we see less and less large prop jobs here at CYXE...
The forest fire season in Idaho has been a problem. Saskatchewan sent two Convairs and their ‘bird-dog' C-FNAO Gulfstream 690 down there to help out. They came back today and dropped in to refuel. I found them on FlightAware and went out.
Here are some photos for your use; the Convairs are C-CGSK and C-GYSK – the Gulfstream is C-FNAO.
Btw, I saw them working on one of those old (stored) Fokker F-28’s here today. It was C-FCRU. Wonder what they will do with it or them..? A note on Flightaware said owner 'Quest' was not answering its mail..?"

Saskatchewan airtankers

Saskatchewan airtankers
Convair CV340/C-131D C-GVSK (c/n 238)

Paul Koopman sent me some pictures of deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver VH-CXS (c/n 1360), taken at Cairns 02Jun13.
VH-CXS DHC-2 at Cairns
The following from Neil Aird's wonderful website:
Delivered 01Feb1960 and registered N9861F for Air Carrier Service Corporation
As CF-XGG reg'd ..Nov1968, later revised to C-FXGG (whom?); cancelled ..Jun1990
Reg'd N211AW for Alaska West Guides & Outfitters / Alaska West Air Service, Kenai, AK.
Involved in an incident 24jun2003 (NTSB report ANC02LA060) in Nikiski, Alaska
Brought to Sealand Aviation at Campbell River, repaired in due course and left on 05Jun2007 via Vancouver in a container for Australia...
Registered VH-CXS Tropical Aviation Pty., Ltd., Cairns, QLD on 01Aug07 and operated with titles 'Cairns Seaplanes'.

Stewart Lanham sent me these 2012 pictures of NAMC YS11 JA8732 (c/n 2102) preserved; he provided the following information:
"Tokorozawa is known as the 'birthplace of Japanese aviation', being the location of the first powered flight in Japan. Saitama Prefecture is proud of its history and the council has built the Tokorozawa Aviation Museum on the site of Japan's first airfield which is now part of a larger recreational area.
The nearest railway station is Kokukoen (one station north of Tokorozawa), designed to look like a Henri Farman Biplane, and easily reached from central Tokyo.
The YS-11 is visible on leaving the station, across the forecourt, and is on permanent display, the interior being open to the public for just a few days each year. "

JA8732 YS11 at Tokorozawa
JA8732 (c/n 2101) was built and delivered new to All Nippon Airways in March 1969.
In 1997 it was donated to Saitama Prefecture and moved for display later that year.

JA8732 YS11 at Tokorozawa
Photos of this aircraft and location can also seen on my pages Photos by Friends & Guests (4) and Off-airport Asia

JA8732 YS11 at Tokorozawa

JA8732 YS11 at Tokorozawa

Frans Truyens sent me this image; he wrote (my translation): "Here is a photo of PH-MAG of Moormanair HOLLAND.
I took this photo on a foggy autumn day in 1972, with a small and simple camera.
PH-MAG was chartered in 1972, for the winter season, by Delta Air Transport and operated cargo flights."

DC-3 PH-MAH Moormanair

More photos by Frans Truyens on my website, and more info on PH-MAG, click HERE..

Roger Botting sent me these images, he wrote: "In San Salvador we visited (2011) the 'Museo Nacional De Aviacion' at Ilopango and were allowed to walk the ramp at the museum, which provided for a few interesting pictures of old props.
They also have some turbo DC3's on the active military ramp, but we could not visit this area and they were too far away to make pictures.

The museum is located in the old terminal and ramp area which used to be the old international airport; very interesting place to visit when in San Salvador, quite close to downtown area."
Old Propliners at Ilopango, San Salvador

The best source of information for aviation museums can be found in Bob Ogden's books, published by Air-Britain.
Below scan is the information on the museum; reproduction of this information is hopefully allowed as a fine example of the thoroughness of information provided by mr Ogden's books.

Bob Ogden
The above information shows the unmarked DC-6 to be FAS 301 (c/n 45078).

DC-3 FAS-124 could be a recent addition, unfortunately I couldn't find a c/n for this C-47 (in fact Air-Britain's 'bible' on the DC-3 foud most 'FAS' C-47s unidentifiable except those which were reconfigured by Basler to Turbo BT-67s in recent years).
Roger had it identified as: "c/n 9568, ex 42-23706, started off in civil life as NC44585 in 1947 with West Coast Airlines. With El Salvador it operated as one of two AC47's they had." [Info from and same as]
Andy Marden and Hans Luttmer also identified it as c/n 9568; following details were added by Hans:
Del 20May1943 USAAF RFC 1946 NC44585 '103' West Coast Airlines 1947 Air West 1967 Aerodyne, Renton, WA 1969 - non data FAS124 El Salvador AF gun-ship - active service.

The C-123B is FAS-122 c/n 20259 by mr Ogden's list; '375' is part of its former USAF serial, 56-4375.

Phil Gies wrote me 27aug2013: "Last week we visited friends who have a cottage on an island in Kakagi Lake. On returning home we ventured a bit South and visited Nestor Falls.
There were a couple of Beech 18s on floats, rare birds these days. So I thought about your website and snapped a couple of photos."
Much appreciated!

Beech 18 at Nestor Falls
I visited Nestor Falls myself in 2007 and the history of FNKL has been written down THERE.

Beech 18 at Nestor Falls

C-FHZA is a Beech D18S (c/n A-111) registered since 06May2013 to Northwest Flying Inc. I came across it while in maintenance at Ft. Frances in 2007.



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