Frans Truyens' Propliners

"I was born in Deurne (Antwerp, Belgium) and remember how sensational it was to watch aeroplanes during the 1950s.
When my father bought a car in the 1960s and I acquired my first camera, we made sunday outings to the airport at Zaventem.
In 1971 I had my first flight: in an Air Spain DC-8-21 (EC-BZQ 'Isla de Gran Canaria') from Brussels to Mallorca .
At Antwerp I was allowed to help handle the charter flights at for Jersey.
The aviation bug really caught on then!

Delta Air Transport (DAT) was founded at Antwerp and a few enthusiasts created the Delta Fan Club (DFC); I became one of the first members.
We flew DAT to meetings or museums abroad, sometimes in a DC-6 or a CV440 ConvairLiner; for us DFC members separate tickets were issued, they were handwritten. I still got one!
DFC became the ASA: Aviation Society of Antwerp. As such helped organize for 12 years the annual Stampe Fly In even; and for 20 years I was actively engaged in this aviation society.

I was also co-founder of the Stampe & Vertongen Museum at Antwerp airport. The first aircraft to have been put in place there I' ve helped to relocate with a truck from Midden-Zeeland airfield and for years I' ve helped restoring WW I replica aircraft, together with the people of De Vroege Vogels from Lelystad, Netherlands.
One will also find my name at the plaque placed cpmmemmorating the opening of the museum.

I have also worked for several years for Air BP. I had 28 years of experience hauling a fueltrucks internationally and they needed a driver at the airport. That was at a time when I intended to take things easy, but it turned out differently.
Three years ago I suffered a brain seizure and I was done driving a car and could no longer go out visiting air shows and airports.
At one time I worked in shipbuilding and probably would have continued that line of work had the wharf not been shut down. Since I live near a harbortown I have picked up photography of ships. But when an airplane flies overhead I cannot but look up…
I was never cured from the aviation bug."

Photos © Frans Truyens




Convair OH-VKN at Malaga

Convair CV440 OH-VKN, preserved Museo Nacional de Aéropuertos y Transporte Aéreo, Malaga (Spain). Photo taken 08Feb013.
Frans added the following history of this aircraft (certain data corrected or added from 'The Convairliners Story' by Air-Britain, 1997):
'This aircraft is not the original OH-VKN! The construction number (c/n) is 503 and it was first delivered on 19Feb1958 as SE-BSY (named 'Assur Viking') to SAS.
It was declared 'without further use' (WFU) at Copenhagen in Dec.1975. 10Mar1976 it was bought & registered as A2-BSY for Botswana Desert Airways. The owner was AVNA Airways.
In May 1976 it was registered as ZS-JVO to National Air Charter in South Africa. And in 1978 rereg'd A2-ABH on a lease by Kalahari Air Services / National Airways.
On 15Aug79 it joined Cochise Airlines in the USA, as N8042W. Its registration was changed on 22Nov82, putting down the owner as Flight Trails Inc., of Carlsbad,NM. And on 12Mar84 to Whispering Palms Resort (Air Resort Airlines).
Again declared WFU, it was stored at Carlsbad on 31May2000.

This aircraft ended up in Málaga, still wearing its American tailnumber, but unable to state the year it made the transfer to Spain.
And tt some point it was made over in its present livery and OH-VKN tailnumber.
The original OH-VKN of KAR-AIR (c/n 497), allegedly, was the first charter (in 1975) to land at Málaga's airport. Hence the tribute.'

Frans sent me this in Feb.2013:
"Made these photos at the Aeromuseo in Málaga on 08Feb13.
As you can see the Dove is in a real bad shape! Even the cabindoor had fallen out... I put it back and asked my wife to hold it in place, so I could make a photograph in an attempt to dress the Dove with a shade of dignity!"

Aad van der Voet provided these details of its history:
"Even though this aircraft is painted as PH-VLA, it is in fact N9888A, c/n 04534.
This is ex Moroccan Air Force CN-MBA and it was acquired by Euroworld/Visionair (Jeff Hawke) as N9888A in the late 1970s. It was stored at Malaga in 1979, and it was never to leave...
Initially its condition was allowed to deteriorate, but later it was placed on display near the airport terminal in anonymous colours, without titles or registration.
In 1998 it was acquired by the Museo Nacional de Aéropuertos y Transporte Aéreo, and in late 1999 they painted it in Martin's Air Charter colours as 'PH-VLA', to honour the airline that had been so important to its airport and its tourism industry.

Martin's Air Charter's real PH-VLA was not a DH.104 Dove, but a DH.114 Heron: c/n 14050. This aircraft was sold in 1964, and eventually became a Saunders ST-27 conversion in Canada. It was broken up in the early or mid 1980s.

There was one other 'PH-VLA'.
In May 1961 DH.104 Dove c/n 04184 became PH-VLC, but it was accidentally painted as PH-VLA. This was of course soon corrected to PH-VLC. This aircraft eventually ended up in Senegal as 6V-ACM, fate unknown."

DG Dove at Malaga, Spain

My page Photos by Friends & Guest (16) shows this Dove in 1994 when it graced the lawn at the Air Terminal of Malaga airport; it was later repainted in the livery of Martinair (Amsterdam,NL-based airline which ceased its short haul pax charter flights on 01Nov08. Malaga-AGP played a dominant role in its history of holiday flights, ever since Martinair was founded in 1958).
Faded glory, but refusing to die!
(See also Martinair in Changed Livery gallery).

Herman Dekker has a remark on his website that when DH.104 Dove was delivered the tailnumber PH-VLA was applied by mistake and changed to PH-VLC 'asap'!

You may also find this amusing to read: Memories by Hans Beunk on Cameroon Air Transport and DH Dove PH-MAD

This was published on Facebook by 'Flo Ze' from Belgium. Sad to see it this way, but not without hope, yet..
Dove at Malaga, derelict/preserved
De Havilland DH-104 Dove 7A, c/n 04534 at Malaga

Frans Truyens found this T-6 Texan during a visit (06Sep2012) to Greece.
T-6 Texan, Greece air force

This North American T-6 Texan 92751 was 'found' at a building of administrative services of the Greece Air Force in Agia Skepi (near Athens).
Frans found everything closed but by ringing a bell and explaining his interest he was admitted for some photography.
There was also a Mirage F-1 on display in the same garden and the remains of an aircraft engine, a Bristol Hercules Mark VI (1941).

DC-3 N49AG
C-47 N49AG as OT-CWG (Belgian Air Force) in June 1996 at Ursel.

Gulfstream I N8E
Grumman G.159 Gulfstream I N8E (c/n 94, manufactured 1962), operated by/for Ford Motors and seen at Antwerp,Belgium in nov.1997. Its history has been detailed here:

Andover 9Q-CDY
Hawker Siddeley 780 Andover 9Q-CDY (c/n set 11) seen at Antwerp in March 1998.
Its first flight was on 22aug1966, served the RAF (XS604) as well as New Zealand Air Force (NZ7623). 9Q-CDY was stored in Bazair colourscheme (date ?) at Antwerp and ended up as a firetrainer; she was transported by road sep. 2006 from EBAW (Eureka Aviation) to Emblem for PIBA ('Provinciaal Instituut voor Brandweer').

Andover 9Q-CJR
Andover C.1 9Q-CJR (set 19) of Eureka Aviation at Antwerp, May 1997.
This is ex/ RNZAF NZ7626. The following website may be of interest: Type 748 and 780 Andover

Eureka Aviation, Belgium.
Fleet: 3x Caravelle, 3x BAe 780 Andover, 1x Shorts Skyvan
History: formed on April 12 1995 by Tony De Bruyn and Renaat Ceulemans, business is focused on supply of spare parts & aircraft leasing.
Most important fact was the purchase of three ex French Air Force Caravelles during 1996. Ferried and stored at Wevelgem Airport near Kortrijk, they were sold to African operators in 1997 (2) and 1998 (1). When the last airframe left in January 1999, this was the last ever movement of a Caravelle in Belgium.
With the accident of msn 251 on 27Aug04, none of them are operational, as msn 264 was withdrawn from use during 2000 and msn 240 is stored (but airworth) since 2002, both at Kinshasa.
In Belgium, at Antwerp Deurne, a BAe780 (9Q-CDY) was laid up between 21Jan98 and 14Sep06 and is currently used as an instructional airframe for a fire school at Emblem.

Eureka Aviation bought and sold planes, a broker. Companies buying them weren't exactly flag carriers!
Andover EL-VDD was supposed to have been sold to a religous group.
The Andover which was ceased at Antwerp was suspect to have been used for military purposes, ferried to the Congo by civilian pilots and onward to Antwerp.
Tony de Bruyn is also owner of Invicta Aviation, which operates two English-registered Short Skyvans (G-BEOL en G-PIGY) for paraclubs and even for the Belgian military para training: they are cheaper to use than the air force C-130's!

Tony de Bruyn crashed his OV-10 Bronco in July 2012 and suffered serious wounds and burns that kept him hospitalized for months;

Andover 9Q-CYG
Andover C.1 9Q-CYG (set 6) also owned by Eureka Aviation (Antwerp Jan.1998).
Its career saw it wear XS599 for the RAF, NZ7620 for the NZ Airforce, EL-VDD and 3C-JJX and as 5Y-SFE it met its demise - see ASN for accident details (10Jun2005).
My source:

EL-VDD at Antwerp, May 1998 - This one must be the same as above (9Q-CYG) :
Andover EL-VDD


Grumman C-1A Trader N27PH seen landing at Umiat, Alaska in august 2001.
C-1A N27PH Umiat (AK)

C-1A Trader N27PH in Alaska I came across this Grumman C-1A Trader N27PH at Wasilla,AK in june 2012.

Umiat, Alaska
Umiat, Alaska - august 2001.

Umiat is an unincorporated community in North Slope Borough,AK, on the Colville River. It is located 140 miles southwest of Deadhorse in the Arctic Circle.
The town is not accessible by road or rail. [Wikipedia, more..]

Frans Truyens took this image of Douglas C-47 N473DC on 27Jul2006 at Vliegclub Keiheuvel (Belgium), during an air meet celebrating50th anniversary of that same flying club; the event took a tragic turn when Fokker S8 PH-HTC made a fatal crash.
C-47 Drag-'em-Oot

Much more on this interesting warbird, named Drag-'em Oot, HERE..

An-12 UK-11418 Avialeasing AN-12B UK-11418 Avialeasing - Anchorage (AK), August 2001.

AN-12 LZ-SFK Air Sofia 1999
Antonov AN-12 LZ-SFK of Air Sofia - Ostend, Belgium, march 1999

An-12 LZ-BAC
Antonov An-12 LZ-BAC of Balkan Bulgarian Airlines at Rotterdam-Zestienhoven during summer 1993

IL-18 Phoenix Avia

Ilyushin IL-18 EX 75466, Phoenix - Antwerp, sep. 2003
There is a story here to tell-
"EX-75466 arrived at Antwerp on 03Ssep03, non-stop from Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). It was meant to pick up a load of disgarded phonebooks. A 737-200 had been planned but due to noise restrictions this IL-18 had been sent over.
It is supposedly the only IL-18 converted to have a cargodoor, modification carried out in the open air at Sharjah!
I was allowed to have a look inside and found that the forward fuselage offered cargo space while the aft still had seats, a combi version so to speak; there were several luxury items put in there too.
The cargo was delayed and everybody took a peek inside: customs, police, airport authorities, etc.
After three days the Ilyushin plane left: empty. Two people in long flowing robes were left behind. The police said that this wasn't the first time people were left behind.
The crew ordered the fuel service to fill all the tanks but the refueller asked them if they had considered the length of runway here at Antwerp and they decided to take (much) less. The flightplan showed a stop at Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Never saw this plane again."

IL-18 EX-75466

DHC-6 SX-BVP Sea Air Lines
deHavilland DHC-6-300 Twin Otter SX-BVP (c/n 283) of Air Sea Lines seen at Corfu in Sept.2005

Frans made a propliner tour in Alaska in 2001; here are some photos of that trip:
BT-67 N200AN Enterprise Airlines
Basler Turbo DC-3 N200AN (c/n 33053) of Enterprise Airlines seen at Fort Wainwright
Anno 2012 it operates for Kenn Borek Air as C-GEAI, as seen by Dirk Septer HERE..

On 20Dec2012 it was damaged at Antarctica (the 2nd time it happened to this plane) when it hit a snowdrift
whilst taking off. A salvaging job during end-2013 was completed in jan.2014. Photos PHOTOS BY FRIENDS
& GUESTS (39)
. Note changed livery & titles.

C-47 ANG 0315497 Kulis ANG Base,Anchorage (AK)
C-47 0315497, standing guard at Kulis ANG Base, Anchorage.
I visited this part of Anchorage IAP, Kulis ANGB, in 1995

Short Skyvan OE-FDE of Pink Aviation Services
Shorts Skyvan OE-FDE of Pink Aviation Service making a striking appearnace at Antwerp in Jan. 2001

Skyvan G-BEOL
Short SC.7 Skyvan G-BEOL (SH.1954, mfr 1977) of Invicta Aviation at Antwerp in Nov. 2003

Tony de Bruyn, described elsweher on this page, is owner of Invicta Aviation, which operates two English-registered Short Skyvans (G-BEOL en G-PIGY) for paraclubs and even for the Belgian military para training: they are cheaper to use than the air force C-130's!

DC-6B OO-CTK c/n 43831/363. Antwerp 1965.
After having started its career with SABENA this Six moved to Air Zaïre (OO-CTK), was registered under same tailnumber for Pomair Ostend, then to Mirograd Air (still OO-CTK, leased) and returned, still OO-CTK.
Frans added: "Did you know that this plane also served Delta Air Transorpt (DAT) in the nive Pom-Air livery with Delta Air Transport titles? That was in 1973, from May to December. Afterwards OO-CTK went to Lloyd G. Gulbertson as N94491 and in 1976 to Air Gabon as TR-LTY; it was declared wfu in September 1977."

DC-6 OO-LVG Bangladesh Biman
Douglas DC-6B OO-LVG c/n 45496/992, with titles of Bangladesh Biman. Antwerp 1972.
This Six is currently still around!
C/n 45496 started its career with Cathay Pacific Airways (VR-HFK), moved to SAS Norge (LN-SUB), to BIAS (LN-SUB) on lease from Braathens, to Troll Air (LN-MTV), Bangladesh Biman leased it (LN-MTV), to SABENA and became OO-LVG which was changed to OO-VGL, then to Conair Aviation (C-GICD) and moved to Alaska for Everts Air and became registered N151. By 2019 it was near its maximum airframe hours, on my Photos by
Friends & Guests #58
you can read where it will end up!

DC-6B OO-IFA 1977
Douglas DC-6B OO-IFA c/n 43740/289, seen at Antwerp during Summer of 1977.
As N8223H it started its career with National Airlines, went to Pan Am as such on a lease, was registerd to F.B. Ayer and onward to Arthur W. Stewart (Gary Aircraft Corp.; aircraft converted to DC-6B in 1973), entered French registry as F-OCYJ for Air Djibouti, and from there it became OO-IFA for IFA.
IFA was International Freight Airways, based in Belgium, existed from ??? - 1979.
From there on it was at first registered N799TA for Atlas Aircraft Corp., but this was unused and instead became 9J-AEP for AC Swaziland, where it was later changed into N84AU. Still on the US registry as N84AU
it went to Interocean Airways and was scrapped at some point at Lanseria, S.Africa; its nose section was preserved at SAA Museum in Johannesburg - so there is a small part that survives to this day.

The above histories were largely learned from /


I used to be meticulously documenting where, what and when I made the photos and as such transferred my data to the personal computer, but a computer crash without proper back up made has erased most of my log reports. From memory I can recollect most locations but dates are often a problem.


DC-3 OO-GVG Delta Transport
DC-3 OO-GVG of Delta Transport, seen at Antwerp in March 1973.
DC-3C c/n 43090 started its career with SABENA (OO-AUZ), moved to Spantax (EC-BED), was registered OO-GVG for Delta Air Transport and since becoming N3433H for Meridien Air Cargo its fate is uncertain.

While it was named 'Le Petit Prince' at Orly Airport on 08Mar85, it was probably registered then as F-BEIG.
On this photo, taken at Ostend 21Jul1991, it was clearly already reregistered LX-DKT.
DC-3 Le Petit Prince
Frans wrote: "LX-DKT was indeed ex/ F-BEIG. I took some photos of it in Deurne, with an extra large VTM decal on the fuselage; it was actually meant to have been placed on the forward fuselage, but the pilots refused that for fear it might get into the prop some way."

The same DC-3C, tailnumber LX-DKT c/n 10253. Ostend, summer 1994.
After operations by Stellair (France), it was operated by Legend Air (LX-DKT), owned by P. van Dijk, but is largely known by its long term storage since at least 1990s at Ostend. Probably did not much flying since 1980.
On 07Mar11 it was put in parts on a flatbed truck by a group of enthousiasts ('VZW Dakota') who will try to restore it for display, on a location at Melsbroek.


Frans Truyens sent me these images in Feb.2012, of a famous Dutch design: the Fokker F.27 Friendship.

F.27 HB-ILJ Farnair
Fokker F.27-500 HB-ILJ c/n 10596 of Farnair. Location: Antwerp. Date: ???
C/n 10596 has flown for Mississippi Valley Airlines (MVA, N334MV), Air Wisconsin (N272SA), Allegheny Commuter Airlines / US Airways Express (N334MV), Sudan Airways (PH-FTX, leased), Royal Air Inter (CN-CDC), Shell Gabon (TR-LCQ), CNET Opérations Aérriennes (10596), Héli-Union (F-GKEM), Farnair Switzerland (HB-ILJ) and currently with Airwork (NZ) registeredZK-PAX. Intermittently it returned to Fokker Aircraft Industries and was reregistered as PH-FTX.

Fokker F.27-200 OY-EBC c/n 10675. Location: Antwerp. Date: ???
C/n 10675 operated during its career for Busy Bee of Norway (LN-AKD), SABENA (LN-AKD, wetlease), bmi British Midland (LN-AKD, wetlease), Sweden Airways (SE-KXZ, transaction cancelled), Elbee Airlines (VT-SSD, transaction canx), Newair Airservice (OY-EBC), Sunu Air (6V-AHS), reported as going to Africa Air Assistance but last reported as stored at Dakar.

The oldest of the three: Fokker F.27-100 SE-KZF c/n 10266. Photo: Antwerp, July 1998.
C/n 10266 operated with: East-West Airlines (VH-EWG), Busy Bee of Norway (LN-NPI), SAS (LN-NPI, lease), Transjet Airways (SE-KZF, dba SAE Europe), Sobel Air (9G-AIR), and before it was scrapped at Accra it operated on leases to Air Max Africa and Nationale Regionale Transport.

The above histories were provided by /

Design of the Fokker F27 started in the 1950s as a replacement to the successful Douglas DC-3 airliner. The manufacturer evaluated a number of different configurations before finally deciding on a high-wing twin Rolls-Royce Dart engine layout with a pressurised cabin for 28 passengers.
The first prototype, registered PH-NIV, first flew on 24Nov55.
The first production model, the F27-100, was delivered to Aer Lingus in November 1958.
In 1956, Fokker signed a licensing deal with the US aircraft manufacturer Fairchild for the latter to construct the F27 in the USA. The first U.S.-built aircraft flew on 12Apr1958. Fairchild also independently developed a stretched version, called the FH-227.
At the end of the Fokker F27’s production in 1987, 586 units had been built (plus another 207 F-27s and FH-227s in the USA by Fairchild), more than any other western European civil turboprop airliner.
[Wikipedia, more..]

Fokker F.27 XA-MIL Aerocozumel
Fokker/Fairchild F.27 XA-MIL (c/n 59) of AeroCozumel; photo taken at Cozumel (Nov.1997)

C/n 59 operated with Ozark Airlines (N4301F), Hughes Airwest, Out Island Airways (OIA, Bahamas), Union Camp (N49UC), went to Florida Aircraft Leasing (N49CC), to Air Taxi Services and as XA-MIL operated for AeroCozumel where it found its demise: it was scrapped at Cozumel (source


Frans Truyens sent me this image; he wrote (my translation): "Here is a photo of PH-MAG of Moormanair HOLLAND at Antwerp (Belgium).
I took this photo on a foggy autumn day in 1972, with a small and modest camera.
PH-MAG was chartered in 1972, for the winter season, by Delta Air Transport and operated cargo flights."

DC-3 PH-MAH Moormanair

More photos by Frans Truyens on my website, and more info on PH-MAG, click HERE..

Moorman Air was a subsidiary of Moorman's Vliegtuigonderhoudsbedrijf NV, Schiphol-Oost, and started in 1967 with airtaxi operations out of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and sightseeing flights at Groningen Airport Eelde. In 1967 Piper PA-23-235 Apache F PH-BGA was added and operated by Moorman Air.
Cessna 140 N5306C and Piper PA-24-250 Comanche PH-RON were available when needed.
In 1968, Moorman Air expanded it's operations with the purchase of Douglas DC-3C PH-MAG. Next to the PH-MAG also Martin's Air Charter's Douglas C-47 PH-MAB was used until it was sold to Indonesia in 1969.
In 1969 PH-BGA was sold but in 1970 DC-3 N3179Q of Welltrade Inc. was added to the Moormanair fleet. It was registered as PH-MOA with Moorman's Vliegtuigonderhoudsbedrijf NV, Schiphol-Oost, as holder and Weltrade Inc. as owner. On 03Jun1971 this DC-3 was involved in a landing accident on a charterflight with Ajax supporters at Southend.
Registration PH-MOA was cancelled on 27Jun1972 and the aircraft was scrapped.
DeHavilland DH-106 Dove 6 PH-FST was registered in 1972, but sold the next year.
When C-47A PH-MAG was sold too, the book on Moormanair was closed in 1973.

The above information is courtesy Jack Wolbrink's website, where you'll find more detailed information on PH-MAG, on Moormanair as well on the DC-3 / C-47.
Nice to see, among Jack's information, parts of this aircraft survive to this day: "..some parts of the aircraft are present in the RAF Museum Cosford and the nose section is on display in the RAF Museum Hendon." Click the links to see reports of my visits to these museums.


Convair CV580 CS-TMM Agroar
Convair CV580 CS-TMM of Agroar Cargo - Antwerp 10Jul1999.

Frans explained: "CS-TMM (CV580 c/n 375) arrived on a beautiful summer's day at Antwerp (ANR). Its cargo was... a sea otter! It was flown from Portugal to Belgium for the zoo in Antwerp.
It so happened that a few aviation enthusiasts, including myself, had gathered at the ASA (Aviation Society of Antwerp) clubhouse and we rushed out to meet this unexpected guest. We witnessed a truck drawing up to the aircraft to accept the cargo, of which we had no idea of what it could be. The zoo attendant thought we were zoo enthusiasts and were thoroughly disappointed when we showed more enthusiasm for the aircraft than for the sea otter!
Something similar happened when Julio Iglesias arrived and thought his fans had gathered, only to find the cameras were pointed at the aircraft instead on his person; in fact the plane spotters rather wished he would get out of the shot! The superstar was thoroughly disgusted!"

CV580 c/n 375, modified from CV440) was purchased from Canada where the aircraft had flown as C-FHEN. It carried the following identities during its career:
N533SA - N3432 - N5828 - C-FHEN and to Portugal as CS-TMM.
As C-GNRL it returned to Canada (delivered 23Feb2004) and operated for Nolinor Aviation.
On 20Mar11 C-GNRL was damaged at Boeing Field: it ran over chocks during engine testruns! Its registration was cancelled on 15aug11 and scrapping was completed by 08Sep11.



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