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Kenmore Air

During a vacation in the US Northwest I found the opportunity to plan a few aviation visits en route.
Earlier attempts to visit this location had failed; I had spent some time at Kenmore's seaplane base at Lake Union a few years ago, but after having read 'Success on the Step', by Marin Faure, I was determined to visit this location.
And this time it worked!



Kenmore Air
deHavilland DHC-3 Otter N90422 (c/n 152), modified with turbine engine, has been dragged onto shore.

History of c/n 152 from Karl E. Hayes' monograph on the deHavilland Otter (text abbreviated by Webmaster):

Otter 152 was delivered to the United States Army on 10Oct1956 with serial 55-3296 (tail number 53296).
Although most of the U-1As being delivered at this time were painted olive drab, 53296 was painted in the 'Army Arctic' scheme of white overall with high-visibility red on the tail and wing tips, as it was destined for service in Alaska.
It was assigned to the Arctic Test Center, Fort Greely,AK and delivered from Downsview to Fort Greely. It continued to serve there until October 1959 and 53296 departed to Fort Richardson, Anchorage, where it was assigned to the 568th Transportation Company as a support aircraft.
In June 1961 the 568th Transportation Company moved to Fort Wainright near Fairbanks, soon after the Army took over Ladd Air Force Base and re-named it Fort Jonathan M. Wainright.
53296 was destined to serve with the 568th TC for many years. At some stage during the 1960s, the paint scheme was removed and from then on it was flown in its natural metal finish with red tail and wing tips and was named the 'Silver Salmon'.

In July 1972 the Otter was transferred from the 568th TC to the 12th Aviation Company, also at Fort Wainright.. On 21Jun73 the 12th Aviation Company was formally inactivated in a ceremony at Fort Wainright.
The Otter would continue to have a military involvement.
It was transferred to the University of Alaska, Fairbanks registered N90422, but operated in support of the Naval Arctic Research Laboratory (NARL).
The NARL had been established in 1947, located on the shore of the Chukchi Sea between Point Barrow and the village of Barrow, the largest Eskimo settlement in North America.
To accomplish its mission, the University of Alaska operated a fleet of aircraft for the NARL, including Douglas C-47s, C-117s, a Twin Otter, N90422 the single Otter and four Cessna 180s.
The Otter flew for the NARL for 14 years.
The NARL disposed of it in 1987. In June of that year, it was reg'd to the Interior and Arctic Alaska Aero Museum, and parked at their facility at the Fairbanks airport.
It was in a natural metal finish, named 'Miss Piggy'.

It remained in this retirement for 5 years, until June 1992, when it was registered to Douglas G. Solberg of Juneau, Alaska. This was in connection with its sale to Kenmore Air Harbor Inc to whom it was registered in Oct 1992 and it joined their fleet based at Kenmore in Seattle after re-build & repaint into the company colours.
As with the other Kenmore Otters, it was converted to a Vazar turbine Otter.
During 2001 it was flown with EXPEDIA.COM billboard titles. For summer 2003 its 'logo' colour scheme was for Victoria, BC's Butchart Gardens '100 years in bloom'. Victoria is one of the destinations it serves on its commuter services for Kenmore Air. It retained this 'Butchart Gardens' logo colour scheme during 2004.

But these days we see it back in Kenmore's own smart livery.
Tim Chaloner shared a photo of N90422 now on fleets, sighted at Kenmore's in May 2017: Photos by ... (50)


Kenmore Air
DHC-3T Otter N90422 on the Kenmore Air property. The company started here in 1946; very slowly the company
expanded but it took a while before the engineers got the facilities to work indoors. Even today work is done
outside, but a photo further down th epage will show a wopping big hangar is being built.
Nice to see this company is still growing.

Kenmore Air

deHavilland DHC-2 N6781L sits quietly waiting for business to come along. I enjoyed the peace and quiet
but was also hoping to see some roaring pistons come alive. I was not to be disappointed!
History N6781L c/n 788:
Delivered 15Apr55 as (L-20) 53-7964 to the US ARMY
Put in storage at Davis Monthan 27Mar72 to 10Mar76
Registered as N99837 for El Cajon Flying Service, Santee,CA
As N10LU to Lake Union Flying Service Inc. at Lake Union / Seattle,WA
Reg'd Feb93 to Kenmore Air Harbor Inc., Kenmore,WA
Tailnumber N6781L reservation made 02Nov93, Kenmore Air Harbor Inc.

Following update (through Facebook, oct.2016): "N6781L. On Friday 30Sep2016 she took off for her last flight. All 4 people on board escaped but she now sits around 300' or so under water in the San Juan Islands, near Lopez Island."

Kenmore Air

Kenmore Air

With things quiet at the dock I first had a look 'round at what had been parked.
DHC-2 N900KA is c/n 1676 and it has the following history:
Delivered 01May1967 as FAP-384 to Peruvian Air Force - Fuerza Aérea del Peru
Reg'd as CF-QQH for ?, then to Europe as LN-BFH for Nørronafly (reg'd 24May72)
Through various operators, then sold to USA in 1984.
Reg'd N900KA for Kenmore Air Harbor, Kenmore,WA.
N900KA was painted in special colours ' Evening Magazine' and named 'Maggie', which we still see displayed.
Later returned to traditional Kenmore house livery.

Kenmore Air
DHC-2 N1018F (c/n 710) has led a varied career:
Delivered 19Oct1954 as 53-7902 to the US ARMY
For sale in Germany at the Coleman Barracks (Mannheim - Sandhofen) during Feb74.
Reg'd N1018G for Kenmore Air Harbor Inc, in 1980.
To Alaska Coastal Construction in 1981
Next to Temsco Helicopters Inc., Ketchikan, AK
To Terry R. Wills, Ward Cove, AK
Group III Aircraft inc., Bellevue,WA, reg'd N62SJ in aug1995, but wrecked when it hit a rock
on 02Sep95 at Blakey Island,WA. (hope I interpreted the operator & registration correctly form
For details see NTSB Identification: SEA95LA202.
But leave it to Kenmore Air to rebuild any wreck!
Reg'd 01Apr96 (minor change to previous tailnumber) as N1018F (2nd use of this tailnbr) to
Kenmore Air Harbor Inc., Kenmore,WA

Kenmore Air
DHC-2 Mk.III 'Turbo Beaver' N9744T. That Turbo 'snout' on the Beaver works really well for me!

N9744T c/n 1692TB60 (info again from
Delivered June 1968 as N1944 to Channel Flying Inc of Juneau,AK
Crashed 13Jan75
Reg'd 21Feb89 as N9744T for Kenmore Air Harbor.
ASN has very few details on the crash: N1944 c/n 1692 crashed at sea while en route from Tenakee,AK to Juneau,AK.
I could find no reference on the NTSB accident database either. Details welcomed (EMAIL)


Kenmore Air

DHC-2 N57576 c/n 1168, Rocky's Flying Beaver!
Neil Aird's website [] has the history on this one too, including a nice selection of images.
History: Delivered 28Nov1957 as (L-20) 56-4430 to US ARMY
Stored at Davis Monthan 13Jan1972 to 11Feb1976
Reg'd ..Dec75 N9281Z for State Airlines, Charlotte,NC
Imported to Canada during 1978
As C-GNPQ reg'd on 11May78 for Leuenberger Air Services Ltd., Nakina,ONT
Then reg'd 21Jul2000 N57576 for J&B Products of Houston,TX
Recorded 18Aug2002 with ttl 12,786.5
And for Astra Pacific Aviation LLC of Tacoma,WA registered 06Oct2009.
This is still current, even with the 'Kenmore Air'-titles applied.

Kenmore Air
Nice graphics on N57576!

Kenmore Air

N1117F is DHC-2 Beaver c/n 1369.
Delivered 23Jul1959 as 58-2037 to US ARMY.
After its military career stored at Davis Monthan, 04Feb1972 to 13May1975
Reg'd N47031 School, Grand Rapids,MI
As N26LU reg'd to Lake Union Air Service Inc. of Lake Union / Seattle,WA
Regd Feb93 for Kenmore Air Harbor Inc.
And as N6783L reservation made on 02Nov93, on ..Jul94
As N1117F to Shelley L. Masden of Ketchikan,AK - reg'd 16Apr2003 and operated as Island Wings.

Kenmore Air
A really huge hangar is being erected here.

Kenmore Air
DHC-2 N8523

N8523 c/n 1262 (from
Delivered 16Sep1958 as 57-6161 to US ARMY
Regd Jan72 as N8523 for Western Nebraska Technical College of Sidney,NE.
To J.W. Duff of Denver,CO - reg'd May1995 (JW Duff had a salvage yard but when he passed away a few years ago it changed hands and recently (in 2015) I read the yard was being cleaned out & terminated -Webmaster).
N8523 was rebuilt at by Kenmore Air in 1997.
Wipaire (2005) 03May2000 (reg'd?)
By 20Apr2002 it had a recorded ttl 5,488 airframe hours.
Reg'd 13Mar06 to Richard L. Gee of Seattle,WA.


Kenmore Air
N390CC was manufactured in 2002 (c/n 9944CC, PA-18-150) by Piper/Cub Crafters.
It certainly looks the vintage part!
Cub Crafters, Inc. (often styled CubCrafters) is an aircraft manufacturer based in Yakima, Washington.
It was founded in 1980 to build parts and STC modifications for the Piper PA-18 Super Cub, their
CC18-180 Top Cub was FAA-certified 16Dec2004 and is currently in production.
CubCrafters, Inc also has a service and rebuild facility for PA-18 Super Cubs and other Cub derivative designs.
Wikipedia, more...

Kenmore Air
A quick glimpse on more modern general aviation parked here with Kenmore.
N42125 Cessna 180J
N2849K Cessna 180K
N2803K Cessna 180K
N94061 Cessna A185F

Kenmore Air
N8045Q Cessna A185F
N1102G Cessna 185 Skywagon II Skywagon
N206SP Cessna P206 (mfr 1965)
N185CD Cessna A185F


Kenmore Air
DHC-2 N9766Z and DHC-3T N50KA waiting for customers to arrive.

Kenmore Air

Kenmore Air
deHavilland DHC-3T N50KA (c/n 221) in special livery.
Tim Chaloner visited Kenmore's in May 2017 and shared a colour photo of N50KA on Photos by Friends & Guests (50).

History of c/n 221 from Karl E. Hayes' monograph on the deHavilland Otter (abbreviated by the Webmaster):

Otter 221 was delivered to the Indian Air Force on 04Feb1958 with serial IM-1720. The Indian Air Force continued to fly the Otter until the type was formally withdrawn from the inventory on 31Mar91 and the surviving aircraft were offered for sale. IM- 1720 had been noted serving with 41 Squadron at Palam during the years 1976 to 1980. Other details of its Air Force service are unknown, but it had accumulated 6,174 hours total time when
withdrawn from service.
The successful bidders for the Indian Otters were Mike Hackman Aircraft Sales/La Ronge Aviation, who travelled to India to prepare the Otters to be shipped back to Canada. IM-1720 was one of 8 Otters shipped from Calcutta to Vancouver and then overland to Saskatoon, arriving on 30Apr94.
This Otter and two more of the former Indian aircraft, numbers 37 and 221, were sold to Kenmore Air Harbor Inc of Seattle and were trucked from Saskatoon to Kenmore's base at Kenmore on the northern end of Lake Washington in Seattle.
Here they were rebuilt by Kenmore Air Harbor and converted to turbine power with the installation of PT-6 engines. Otter c/n 221 was registered to Kenmore Air Harbor Inc in May 1995 as N50KA and, painted in Kenmore's smart yellow and white trim, joined the company's fleet.

As well as flying on Kenmore's scheduled commuter and charter network around the Seattle area and up to Vancouver Island, N50KA has also ventured much further afield.
In Nov. '98 N50KA was chartered by Air Serv International, to fly humanitarian flights on behalf of Mission
Aviation Fellowship in Honduras, which had just been devastated by 'Hurricane Mitch'. For this mission, the Otter was flown by Rich Herman, who took time out from his job of flying piston Otters for Aeronautical Services around the San Juan islands off the Washington coast.
N50KA's first flight was the short hop from its Kenmore base to Seattle's Renton Airport, landing on the lake. Here its floats were taken off and it was put on wheels.
It then set off for Redlands, California (where Air Serv were based) and continued to Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, where the Otter was to be based. The Otter uplifted a ton of foodstuffs per trip (rice, beans, etc) and medicines and flew into dirt strips at small villages such as Aguacate, Ahaus, Moc, Koko, Puerto Lempira, Wampu and El Carbon, along the 'Mosquito Coast' of Hunduras. N50KA flew 117 hours on this mission, not including the ferry flights, flew 16,812 miles and delivered 65,000 pounds of relief supplies. It then re-traced its steps and re-entered service with Kenmore Air Harbor in February 1999.

For the winter of 2000/2001, N50KA together with sister ship N87KA (c/n 11) were chartered to Island
Seaplanes of Nassau in the Bahamas. The two Otters were put on EDO amphibious floats and departed Kenmore in November 2000 for a 6 month lease, during which they were flown by Kenmore pilots.
The two Otters returned to Seattle in May 2001 and resumed service with Kenmore Air Harbor.
For 2005, 2006 and 2007 this Otter was operated in a logo colour scheme of the K5 Radio Station in Seattle.
Not sure when the 'Evening' livery was applied (though I'd seen it in the same livery 08Aug13 in Victoria,BC). [EMAIL]


Kenmore Air

DHC-2 Beaver N9766Z is c/n 504 and from I have the following history:
L-20 flew as 52-6121 with the USAF after having been delivered 08Jun1953.
It was built as L-20A and was re-designated U-6A in 1962.
Civilian career started as N13454 for Webber Airlines Inc. of Ketchikan,AK. Possibly registered as such in April 1971.
Then as N9766Z reg'd Jul1979 for South East Alaska Airlines Inc. but its base remained in Ketchikan,AK.
Rereg'd on 20May1985, still N9766Z, for Kenmore Air Harbor Inc.
04Oct1999 at Winslow,WA disaster struck: flying a BBC filmcrew low and slow it stalled and struck trees. It resulted in substantial damage to aircraft, fortunately of the 5 occupants only one was injured.
N9766Z was rebuilt at Kenmore, with extra windows and other modifications.


Kenmore Air

Hamilton Metalplane NC879H / 27 (c/n 65) in the livery of Northwest Airways. What a beauty!

NC879H is the only remaining airworthy Hamilton H47. Designed by James McDonnell (later founder of McDonnell Aircraft) in 1927, the H47 and similar H45 were the first American all-metal airliners certified for commercial flight. Hamilton became a division of Boeing in 1926 and part of the United Aircraft and Transport Corporation.
Northwest Airways was the primary user of the H47, though most people might know it better by its post-1934 name, Northwest Airlines.
This information was copied from a 2013 image on, which shows it moving under own power at Paine Field!


Kenmore Air

I found the following information on The Web when it was offered for sale (could not find a date to this):
1929 Hamilton Metalplane
NC879H was built in 1929 at the Hamilton Metalplane Division of Boeing Aircraft Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Although originally licensed as NC875H, its number was changed to NC879H by Jack Lysdale so that he could restore it using the Northwest Airways logo and number 27 thereby making it more authentic. This H-47 model, powered by a Pratt & Whitney Hornet engine, was sold originally to the Ontario Provincial Air Service in 1930 with Canadian license CF-OAJ. It was used primarily as a float plane.
After going through several owners, it was eventually stored at Deering, Alaska. Its logbook showed it had a total time then of 5183 hours.
In 1951 Capt. Harry McKee of Northwest Airlines learned of the Hamilton which had been pretty much abandoned since its last flight in July 1947.
McKee obtained the Hamilton from Don Cross of Deering, and, with the assistance of fellow Northwest Airlines employees and the Airline itself, it was brought to the Mpls/St. Paul International airport. Utilizing volunteer help from present and past employees, work was begun to make the Hamilton into a static display. The project moved slowly, and finally, due to lack of progress and increasing expenses, the aircraft was placed in storage.
(Continued below...)


Kenmore Air

(Continued from above)

... In December 1972, Jack Lysdale, in whose hangar at Fleming Field in South St. Paul, MN the aircraft had been stored, obtained ownership. Lysdale made the decision to restore the Hamilton to 100% airworthiness. To do this it was necessary to completely disassemble the aircraft which nullified previous restoration efforts.
After taxi tests were made, the first flight of the restored aircraft was made on August 12, 1975. That
same month it was displayed at the Blakesburg, IA Antique Fly-in where it took five first place honors including Grand Champion.
Hamilton NC879H is the only surviving airworthy Hamilton in existence.
It received meticulous restoration, and it has been hangared at Fleming Field, South St. Paul, MN since its last flight on 12Jun78. The aircraft logbook shows it has accumulated 46.25 hours in addition to the 5183.5 hours prior to restoration.

Note: the FAA website showed (check date 21Apr2015) NC879H was reg'd 31Jul2014 to Pole Pass Airways LLC.


Kenmore Air
N56511 Cessna A185F
N756SJ Cessna TR182
N518KM Cessna 208 Caravan

Kenmore Air
deHavilland DHC-3 N765KA (c/n 26), a 1953-vintage (turbine-converted) Otter.
Reg'd 08Aug2011 to Kenmore Air Harbor Inc.

History of c/n 26 from Karl E. Hayes' monograph on the deHavilland Otter (text abbreviated by Webmaster):
Otter 26 was delivered to the RCAF on 31st December 1953 with serial 3671. It was allocated to 408 Squadron, Rockcliffe and served with the squadron until May 1957, although for much of that period it was based at Fort Churchill, Manitoba.
On 2nd May 1957 it is recorded as departing from Churchill for the last time en route to Toronto.
Its next posting in July 1957 was to 111 Communications & Rescue Flight at Winnipeg.
In October 1962 it was delivered to No.6 Repair Depot at Trenton and put into storage as a reserve aircraft.
Repeatedly it was stored and returned to active service on various stations..
In September 1973, 3671 participated in the Great Burlington Seaplane Race, representing 400 Squadron and also acting as the SAR aircraft for the race.
3671 continued to serve with 400 Squadron at Downsview until the Otter was withdrawn from Canadian military service during 1982.
It was one of seven Otters advertised for sale in September 1982 by the Crown Assets Disposal Corporation. 3671 was advertised as having 6,780 hours on the airframe.

The buyer was King's Construction Ltd of Grimshaw, Alberta to whom the Otter was registered as C-GVMO on 19th November 1982, the purchase price being $52,650.
On 25th November '82 a ferry permit was issued for the delivery flight from Belleville, Ontario to Edmonton.
C-GVMO remained registered to King's Construction Ltd for just over two years, until sold to Dan Michel of Sterling, Alaska on 25th January 1985, to whom the Otter was registered as N26DE. Mr Michel's company is All West Freight, which used the Otter to serve the Kenai area of Alaska, flying freight and fish and servicing a gold mine at Flat, Alaska.
For a time during in 1988 the Otter was leased to Charles H. Strapp and based at Dillingham,AK before returning to All West Freight at Stirling. In common with many other operators, Mr Michel* found the Otter somewhat underpowered for the demanding role of a bush aircraft servicing the Alaskan outback, and set about doing something about the problem.
In October 1991 he purchased Otter N338D (338) which had at one stage been converted by the installation of a 1,200 hp Wright Cyclone R-1820 engine taken from a B-17 bomber. That certainly should have given sufficient power, but unfortunately the conversion had not been certified by the FAA and the original P&W R-1340 engine had been re-installed. That Otter crashed at Stirling early in 1992 and was wrecked.
As a replacement, N26DE was taken out of service in 1992 and work commenced at Stirling in converting the Otter with a 1,200 hp turbine engine, a Lycoming T-53 taken from a Grumman Mohawk. This is the same engine which powers the Huey helicopter. The T-53 was installed in N26DE but Mr Michel* was unable to get the conversion certified by the FAA and N26DE has not flown since 1992.
In August 1997 the registered owner was changed to All West Freight Inc, when the business was incorporated, but the Otter continued to languish in the hangar in Stirling. Not having had much success with its Otter operations since 1992, the company flies Cessna 207 and Short Skyvan aircraft.

Mr Hayes published an update in 2008: Sold in August 2005 to Mike Spisak of Kotzebue, Alaska who also purchased Otter N338D (338) which had crashed and the wreck of which was also in store at Sterling. Both Otters were trucked away from Sterling and N338D subsequently restored to flying status.
Noted during a visit to Kenai, Alaska in July 2007 were N338D without engine, N26DE and C-FQOS (398), both being rebuilt.

[On FAA website I found it reg'd 08Aug2011 to Kenmore Air Harbor Inc. -Webmaster]

*) C-123 N709RR of All West Freight crashed into Mount Healy (Alaska) on 01Aug10.
All three occupants died, including All West Freight owner and pilot William H. 'Wild Bill' Michel (I've seen his name spelled as Mikel too).


Kenmore Air
deHavilland DHC-3 N707KA (c/n 106), another turbine-converted Otter.
Reg'd 08May2000 to Kenmore Air Harbor Inc.

History of c/n 106 from Karl E. Hayes' monograph on the deHavilland Otter (text abbreviated by Webmaster)

Otter 106 was delivered to the United States Army on 11th May 1956 with serial 55-3262 (tail number 53262). By January 1962 it had been transferred to Fort Eustis,VA to the Army Transportation School, where it was iused for ground instructional technical training).
It continued under this designation until May 1973 when it was put up for disposal as military surplus. It was however to languish at Fort Eustis for another five years before it was sold.
Parts were damaged including holes in the fuselage and many parts (and instruments) missing including flaps, one seat and all glass; airframe and engine hours unknown; data plate and historical records not available.

The purchaser of the Otter was William H. Magie, whose company was Wilderness Wings Airways of Ely, Minnesota to whom the Otter was registered as N90627.
Despite its evidently poor condition, the Otter was rebuilt and entered service with Wilderness Wings Airways alongside its other Otter N432GR (179), serving the bush country of northeast Minnesota.
The Superior National Forest extends north of Ely, up to the Canadian border with Ontario. The company also flew a Beaver (N11015), a Queen Air and Beech 18. However, it ceased operations in 1983. In March 1984 the Otter was registered to Richard T.Riley of Allston, Massachussets.
In May 1987 N90627 was sold to Red Baron Leasing Inc of Anchorage, Alaska a leasing company which owned a number of Otters.

That month, the float equipped Otter was being ferried from Owen Sound, Ontario to Anchorage.
In the course of the long ferry flight, N90627 stopped at Selkirk, Manitoba to refuel and for crew rest.
As the Otter taxied away from the dock on 11May87 to resume its delivery flight, the engine stopped and the pilot attempted a re-start. During the re-start the engine caught fire and the crew abandoned the aircraft, which then drifted to the shoreline of an island. The fire subsequently subsided, after causing extensive damage. The engine had been replaced in Owen Sound, and the aircraft had flown ten hours since then without any problems.
The damage was repaired and the Otter eventually completed its delivery flight to Anchorage, where it was re-registered N666XX.

It flew for Sound Adventures Air Service Inc on lease from Red Baron Leasing for nearly 2 years, based at Lake Hood. In April 1989 it was re-registered N888XX to Red Baron Leasing Inc.
In June 1989 it was sold to Ketchum Air Service, also based at Lake Hood beside the Anchorage International Airport.
It was flown down to Vancouver where it arrived on 12Dec89 and it was converted to a Vazar turbine Otter at the Aero Flite Industries facility in Vancouver during the early months of 1990.
It was complete by 06April1990 and re-registered N888KA on 29Apr90 and entered service with Ketchum Air, looking pristine after its complete overhaul and re-engining. It was used for the for the most part to fly hunters, fishermen and tourists during the summer months. It flew for Ketchum Air without incident until 20Aug99 when a mishap occurred.
The Otter, with one pilot and three passengers on board, was taking off from an un-named lake about 30 miles west of Port Alsworth, Alaska. Due incorrect setting of the flaps it failed to get airborne.
N888KA struck the 4 feet high bank at the end of the lake. The floats separated from the fuselage, which remained upright and slid about 100 feet across rough tundra. Substantial damage was sustained to both wings and horizontal stabilizers and the underside of the fuselage. The four on board were uninjured.
This accident ended the Otter's career with Ketchum Air.

The insurers offered the wreck to Kenmore Air Harbor, who decided to purchase it for rebuild. It was airlifted by helicopter from the crash site to the small airstrip at Nondalton on Lake Clark. It was then shipped by barge 20 miles or so to the airfield at Port Alsworth and flown from there to Anchorage on board a Lynden Air Cargo Hercules. It was then shipped in a container to Kenmore's base at Seattle for rebuild.
N888KA was registered to Kenmore Air Harbor Inc on 20Sep99.
In December 2000 the damaged Otter was noted in the hangar of Kal Air Repair Ltd at Vernon, BC, awaiting repair. Kenmore Air had contracted out the rebuild of the Otter to Kal Air, who would also fit large scenic windows to the aircraft.
Following completion of the rebuild, the Otter was flown to Paine Field, Seattle for painting into Kenmore Air Harbor's yellow and white colour scheme. It was re-registered to the company on 26th March 2002 as N707KA and named 'Capt.Greg Munro'.
It entered service with Kenmore Air as part of its large fleet of turbine Otters.
It was exhibited at the Otter's 50th birthday celebrations held in Victoria, BC in Oct.2002.


Kenmore Air

From Otters back to Beavers! N72355 is DHC-2 c/n 1164
Delivered 12Nov1957 as L-20 56-4428 to US Army
Stored at Davis Monthan 13Nov1975 to 29Jun1976
Reg'd as N81424 to Department of Emergency (Kingman,AZ)
Became C-GRJE for Taylor Airways,MB
Back to US Registry as N1453Z (2nd use of this tailnbr) reported as such, but seems shrouded in uncertainty.
Then as N62355 it was (probably) reg' d in April 1988.
Reg'd 13Mar2000 as N72355 for Kenmore Air Harbor Inc.
By 01Sep2001 had accumulated ttl airframe hours: 20,100.0


Kenmore Air


Kenmore Air
As if time stood still..

Kenmore Air

C-GUOZ c/n 1103, info from
Delivered 07Jun1957 as 56-0385 to the US Army (type L-20)
Offered for sale at Coleman Barracks in Germany during Feb.'74 with ttl 4,019.0 airfram hours
Imported to Canada during 1973
Reg'd (no date) C-GUOZ Kimsquit Air limited,BC
Reg'd 02Aug90 and 25Mar92 to Fawnie Mountain Outfitters Ltd of Anahim Lake,BC; based at Moose Lake,BC
09Sep93 to Tsayata Aviation Ltd of Fort St. James,BC
Reg'd 23May95 and 24May02 to Kimsquit Air Limited, Prince George,BC
To Kenmore Air for rebuild (last year? from Fraser Lake,BC - Webmaster), which as we can see, has yet to start.


Kenmore Air
N69GV is a 1975 Cessna A185F (c/n 18502725), reg'd 27Apr05 to Clyde Saltz.

Kenmore Air

Now this Beaver has a captivating livery!
N1400z (c/n 1400) calls Ketchikan its home and has the following history (again from Neil Aird's
Delivered 17Nov1959 as 58-2068 to US ARMY and stored at Davis Monthan 14Jan1972 to 03Feb1976.
Reg'd N9300Z for a private owner of Seattle,WA in Dec1975
Reported at Boeing Field, all silver, on 13Mar1976
Next to Temsco Helicopters Inc. of Ketchikan,AK
Reg'd Jan92 for Taku Glacier Air Inc
In May94 to Uyak Air Service Inc. of Kodiak,AK
Regd Sep94 N126UA for ??
To Sheyenne Air LLP of Argusville,ND - reg' d 15Feb2002
Reg'd 01Mar2010 N1400Z for Pirate Airworks LLC. of Ketchikan,AK
Revised 17Aug2011 as/for N1400Z LLC. of Ketchikan.


Kenmore Air
This one gets noticed when floating to the dock..!

Kenmore Air- Seattle
DHC-2 N1018U

N1018U c/n 1381
Delivered 14Sep1959 as 58-2049 to US Army
As N1018U to Pumpkin Air, circa 1983
To Kenmore Air Harbor Inc
Ttl airframe hours recorded as 14,577.0 per 24Sep2001
Reg'd 06Mar12 for Ten Eighteen U LLC of Ketchikan,AK


Kenmore Air
N7LX is a Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser (c/n 12-2687), manufactured in 1947 and reg'd to Lance H Jonsson.


Kenmore Air

Kenmore Air
I checked back at the dock because I felt activity coming up.

Kenmore Air
N9666P flew over Kenmore SPB, turned and landed.
This is a Piper PA-18-150, c/n 18-7509011.
The FAA website showed it had been reg'd 28Jan2002 to Kenmore Air Harbor.

Kenmore Air
Not exactly the rumbling piston sounds I had hoped for, but nice to see DHC-3 N50KA (c/n 221) departing.

Kenmore Air
DHC-3 N50KA was soon followed by DHC-3 N87KA (c/n 11).

History of c/n 11 from Karl E. Hayes' monograph on the deHavilland Otter (text abbreviated by Webmaster)

Otter number 11 was delivered to the RCAF with serial 3665 on 01Apr1953. Its first posting was to 408 Squadron, Rockcliffe where the unit history records its early days occupied with local area flights, pilot training, cross countries and water training at Golden Lake.
In June '53 3665 flew north and spent that summer based out of Goose Bay, Labrador and Knob Lake, Schefferville, Quebec, supporting the squadron's mapping and surveying tasks. Other assignments followed. The unit was one of the most active rescue units in the RCAF.

In Feb. 1962 it was retired from service. It remained in storage for a year, until as one of five Otters which were donated by the Canadian Government to the Government of India, to whom the Otter was formally transferred on 24Apr1963.
The five Otters were shipped to India, where 3665 took Indian Air Force serial BM-1003. For the
next 27 years it was to serve in India. Nothing is known of its Indian Air Force service, other than it was with 41 Squadron based at Palam Air Base, New Delhi between 1976 and 1980.
It was advertised for sale in April 1993 by the Indian Ministry of Defence. The successful purchasers were La Ronge Aviation/Mike Hackman Aircraft Sales, it had 5,882 hours on the airframe. Eight were shipped from Calcutta and had arrived at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan by 30th April 1994. They were then advertised for sale.

The purchaser of Otter c/n 11 was Kenmore Air Harbor Inc of Seattle.
The Otter was trucked from Saskatoon to the company's base at Kenmore, on the northern end of Lake Washington and was registered to its new owners in May 1995 as N8262V. It was one of three former Indian Air Force Otters acquired by Kenmore, the others being c/n 37 and c/n 221. These 3 Otters were rebuilt by Kenmore Air and during the re-building converted to turbine power with the installation of PT-6 engines.
Thus completed, Otter c/n 11 was re-registered N87KA on 23Jul96 (FAA website now states N87KA reg'd 10May95 to Kenmore Air -Webmaster), and painted in Kenmore's smart yellow and white trim, joined the company's expanding fleet of turbine Otters, used on scheduled and charter services in the Puget Sound area and also the Inside Passage.

For the winter of 2000/01 N87KA, together with N50KA (221) went on charter to Island Seaplanes of Nassau in the Bahamas, before resuming its commuter services from Kenmore.
In 2003 Kenmore Air introduced a Cessna 208 Caravan amphibian into the fleet, joining its Beavers and turbine Otters. The Caravan was used to introduce landplane service to Bayview and Port Angeles. The following year, in March 2004, two of the turbine Otters were advertised for sale, one of which was N87KA.
The Otter however continued in service with Kenmore Air pending a sale, though obviously Kenmore Air had a change of heart!



Kenmore Air
Now we are talking: two Beavers creating a symphony of sound with their pistons!
N9766Z had taken its passengers on board, while N6781L is running stationary to warm up its engine.

Kenmore Air
After some 15 minutes of running stationary to warm up its engine, N6781L had shut down,
then boarded its passengers and was ready to depart.

Kenmore Air
N6766Z in take off. I was grateful for the use of my newly purchased Tamron 150-600mm!

Kenmore Air
DHC-2 N6781L is about to follow, but went too far out to get a picture.

Kenmore Air
This is what they call 'an artist impression'

Kenmore Air
Creativity turned spareparts into a lamp and a table. Note that book ' Success on the Step', it is a really good read!

Kenmore Air





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