Vintage aviation photos by Martin ('JoeJoe') Prince Jr

H-Marker Lake, Alaska - JoeJoe Prince (24Jul21)

Martin 'Joe Joe' Prince Jr lives in Bethel,AK and in 2006 he started to send me some photos for use on my website.
Since they also an offer an insight in the planes that visit such a remote community in Alaska, I like to share them here for other propliner and vintage bushplanes enthusiasts to enjoy.

JoeJoe's introduction:
"I live in Bethel, Alaska (about 400 miles west of Anchorage). Here are some pictures of mine, mainly taken here at Bethel. I was looking at your website and saw some planes in there that I had photographed and thought you might like!"

This page 3 was started in August 2022.


JoeJoe wrote: 'Bethel this afternoon [25Sep22].
DHC-2 N5143G at Bethel,AK 25Sep2022, by JoeJoe Prince
N5143G (c/n 466) was reg'd to US Dept of the Interior on 01Oct2008 (according FAA's N-inquiry website)

DHC-2 N5143G at Bethel,AK 25Sep2022, by JoeJoe Prince
DHC-2 N5143G in take off.

JoeJoe described 23Aug22 as '..a busy afternoon at Bethel!'
Hercules N402LC of Lynden Cargo
Lockheed L.100-30 Hercules, N402LC (c/n 4698), of Lynden Air Cargo
Temp reg'd as F-GFAR, HB-ILG, F-GFZE, HB-ILG, TU-TNV, D2-TAB.
During lease outs also reg'd ZS-JJA (Safair, P2-LAD & P4-LAD (Lynden Air Cargo PNG)

Basler Turbo Dakota N115U
Basler BT67, N115U (c/n 33567; ex/ 44-77235, KP265, XH-ANC, XH-SAI, HR-SAI, N146Z) of Desert Air
Information by (online aviation database), 8-2022
BT67 N115U of Desert Air

DC-6 N251CE of Everts Air
A regular into Bethel, Everts' N251CE hauling fuel.
Douglas C-118A (c/n 44612/532). DC-6 variants C-118A and C-118B is explained on my DC-6 Info page.
Detailed history of N251CE can be read on my Fairbanks pages of 2003 and 2012.


Bethel airport (PABE) on
Bethel Seaplane Base (Z59) on
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Location of Bethel,Alaska
JoeJoe's photos of Bethel,Alaska: look for 'joejoe prince' or 'jojo'.

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