Gentlemen.... start your engines !

Lelystad Aviodrome March 12th, 2005
Photos © R.Leeuw

On a wet and windy Saturday in March, the staff and volunteers of the Aviodrome brought the Aviation Themepark to life with the rumbling sounds of the Revered Radials
The venerable Douglas DC-2 brought me out in the rain from the dark and dry confines of the museum, to witness the pistons being testrun after having been silent during major overhaul the past 16 or so months.

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It was quite spectacular !

The wind did spectacular things with the smoke, while no.1 was being started.

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The vintage backdrop of Amsterdam Municipal Airport and some of its non-flying residents.

N47FK C-47 N47FK "Fifi Kate" seems to have taken up local residence here, since its arrival in July 2004.

Update: N47FK left for the US mid-May 2006 and was registered for Martin Aviation Inc of Santa Ana, California on 11May06.

N47FK became HK-4700X, ferried thru Opa Locka (KOPF) 02may10 -

A 1946 photo was supplied to me, operating as NC49538 for Mt.McKinley Airfreight in Alaska: see my Photos by Friends & Guests page 35.

UPDATE: On 08May2014 it crashed in Colombia, all occupants fatal; Aviation Safety Network database

Next to have its engines roar... the Lockheed Constellation N749NL.

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No.3 is running again and quite spectacular too !!

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It looks like it is about to taxi out to the runway... maybe this summer ?!

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