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On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I would like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.

Roger Soupart wrote me this in Oct.2008:
Geraardsbergen "On saturday 28Sep08 I went to Overboelare/Geraardsbergen ( which is near Brussels,Belgium), where this DC-4 is.
It is fast deteriorating.
Since my last visit in in 2000 it has become hard to photograph, because the small trees have become quite big! So I had to use a 17 mm lens on my fullframe DLSR. But it shows the sad condition of the wing's underside.
This DC-4 is rarely photographed or reported on, which I think is quite odd."
"For photography it is best to go here during the afternoon, we were a little too early (13:00)".

N2894C (c/n 10352) was impounded at Brussels in 1967, with the fake registration N2894C (ex N90443). It served as a clubhouse for the gliding club at Overboelare.

Note that 'the full story' is told in an article by Fernand Van de Plas, "The Smugglers Skymaster", in the no. 61 issue of Propliner magazine (Winter 1994), pages 14-16.
The article features 8 photographs.


Paul J. Hooper sent me this 1972 image of this Douglas DC-4
DC-4 Geraardsbergen
A posting on Facebook (Jan.2020) provided additional details ¬
Location info (& photos) can be found on which shows it current until Dec.2019
One Ronald van der Valk provided the following (possibly taken from another source, no mention of this):
"The Magical Mystery Plane.
This C-54 Skymaster was built as USAAF C-54A-15DC hull number 83, c/n 10352 and USAAF serial number 42-72247, It was delivered on 17 July 1944, making it an original war bird.
In December 1946, the aircraft was sold to American Airlines, where she served as N90443 "Flagship Texas'. From June 1950, she served Eastern Airlines until 1955, when she was sold to Aero Leases Inc, a broker in aviation. In 1958 she began flying for Miami Airlines, flying passengers and cargo around Florida until 1961, when she was leased by Trans Atlantic Airlines (TAA).

TAA was a bit of a shady outfit. While registered in the US, it used a postal address in Frankfurt, Germany and its operational base was located at London Gatwick, UK. From Gatwick and other British airports, she began flying charter flights to many cities around the Mediterranean Sea. To impress customers, the airline had styled the aircraft's paintwork to resemble a DC-6.
After the summer season and the end of summer charter work, founder and president Daniel Walcott started flying cargo and managed to contract freight work between India and Afghanistan. Sometime in the sixties, he ended up in an Indian prison for smuggling ammunition in a Piper Apache, but he made bail and was released. By tricking Indian authorities he was able to smuggle fuel in his Apache and fled to Pakistan!
He was later wanted by Interpol for illegally running an airline, for smuggling gold, diamonds, wristwatches, weapons, etc. And ultimately he was also wanted for espionage on behalf of Israel by photographing Lebanese military installation...

Things get even more confusing and shady in 1963.
Skymaster N90443 was photographed in its TAA livery at Frankfurt am Main on 04Apr63. While this seems to be quite normal, the Air Britain DC-4 Monograph states that this very C-54 was in fact impounded by Swiss authorities at Basle in 1962 due to irregularities about payment of certain fees, even though the aircraft was already leased (on paper) by Panama Airways and carrying a Panamese registration.
The story starts in June 1963, when this Transatlantic Airlines DC-4 (C-54) arrived at Basle airport and became impounded after landing.
The Magazin 'Propliner' reports in its No.59 and No.61 editions that the C-54 during its enforced stay at Basle was allowed to have her engines run up regularly, just to stay 'alive'. Then, on 14 June 1963, the plane was to have another run-up. Early morning 04:00 AM, the crew boarded the aircraft and disappeared in the rain clouds, without any radio contact and not using the position lights to an unknown destination, she followed a departing BEA Comet to the runway and departed illegally!
After a European-wide search for the stolen aircraft, a trace led to Milan (Italy) a few days later, where a DC-4 was seen the day after Skymaster N90443 had disappeared from Basle. There, the crew "re-arranged" the registration by over painting it with the faked registration N2849C and then disappeared with this aircraft again – all, without being prevented by airport authorities or even police.
A few days after the incident at Milan, the DC-4 was found again: at Brussels.
After arrival at Brussels the crew left unseen and she was impounded by the authorities.
The pilot who had stolen her was arrested at Paris on 13Feb64 and transferred to the Swiss authorities the same day.

For years Skymaster N90443 stood idle on the north (military) side of the airfield, where she was slowly stripped for spares by the Belgian Air Force, who operated a few C-54A's of their own.
In May 1967, she was moved to Geraardsbergen to become a bar. This came to nothing and in May 1971 she was acquired by Mr. Coessens and placed a little further down the road at Overboelare Airfield, to be used as a club house for the local glider club.
Unfortunately, Skymaster N90443 is deteriorating fast. The Coessens family is not willing to spend money conserving her anymore and it shows. It is however still possible to see her at the airfield and the airfield maintainer is happy to show you around."

Richard Nash sent me these images from his collection:
DC-3 Air France
Douglas DC-3 of Air France at Tours
caledonian G-AOVI
Bristol B.175 Britannia G-AOVI of 'BCal'
British charter company British Caledonian on WIKIPEDIA
DC-6 Braathens S.A.F.E.
Douglas DC-6 of Braathens S.A.F.E. at London-Gatwick

Martin Mars

John Olafson sent me these images and words in Oct.2008:
I thought you would be interested in these pictures I took last month when I visited Coulson Air Tankers, the owners and operators of the two Martin Mars aircraft. Unfortunately only the Phillipine Mars was there as the Hawaii Mars was still in California where it has seen a lot of work this fire season.
The Phillipine Mars is undergoing heavy maintenance and I don't think it has flown this year. I was interested to see an open drop door so I am including a shot of it.
As well, I was very impressed that they have rescued that nose section which I saw many years ago parked in the bush with trees and weeds growing around and through it. Now it has been made into a very interesting display item and the information plate which is part of the display gives details on all the Mars aircraft which were built. They welcome visitors to the facility in the summer, even have tours and a gift shop. If planning to go outside those times, it is very difficult to access the base as I found out...
I wonder how many more years these behemoths will still be able to fly..............

Martin Mars C-FLYK on


Dealing with government agencies and -departments is always a pain, in any country, as below article (courtesy Vancouver Sun) shows...

Water bombers grounded by U.S. red tape
Sandra McCulloch, Times Colonist
Published: Friday, October 17, 2008
The Martin Mars water bomber based in Port Alberni was poised to assist in fighting raging wildfires near Los Angeles last week but instead got mired in bureaucracy, said the aircraft's owner yesterday.
Hawaii Mars has been in California since early July on a contract with the state. The aircraft landed on Lake Elsinore on Saturday, located 20 minutes from Los Angeles, after flying from its previous base at Lake Oroville in central California.
Before that, the Mars was at Lake Shasta where it worked at extinguishing numerous wildfires sparked by a lightning storm in June.
But despite its unique ability of dropping fire-suppressing foam on structures without causing damage, Hawaii Mars never got off the water last week to help with the fires near Los Angeles.
"We had our first taste of the bureaucracy of the infrastructure down there," said Wayne Coulson, owner of Coulson Flying Tankers of Port Alberni.
Fighting wildfires is an expensive proposition in California, last year costing the state $1 billion.
Last year, Hawaii Mars helped douse fires in San Diego county through its partnership with the state's forestry department. It dropped 163,000 litres of fire-suppressing gel on three fires there.
Last week's fires were all in Los Angeles county, and required a new set of negotiations for the Martin Mars to operate.
"The Mars was available, but trying to figure out how to contract it [to the county] was a major event," said Coulson. "We've never worked with L.A. county before and there's a whole group of different people and infrastructure."
However, the fire situation is under control partly due to the fact that the Santa Ana winds which normally fan wildfires were not as strong as they have been in other years.
"They normally last up to a week and this was only a short burst of a couple days," Coulson said.
Despite the lack of activity, the community around Lake Elsinore has welcomed the Martin Mars and its crew to the area off the Interstate 5 between Los Angeles and San Diego.
Hawaii Mars will return to its base at Sproat Lake in a few weeks and will remain here for the winter to undergo repairs and maintenance, Coulson said.
"We are starting to think about next year and we've got maintenance to do on the aircraft," he said.
It will take time to convince California's decision makers that the Martin Mars is safe to use on neighbourhoods threatened by wildfires, he said.
It is hoped talks over the winter make for smoother operation in California during next summer's fire season.
"We're working with everybody at all sorts of different levels" Coulson said.

A detailed profile on these avionic dinosaurs can be read on

James Bond - DC-3
Bond (Daniel Craig) and Camille arrive at an airfield in Bolivia. 'Quantum Of Solace' (2008 United Artists)

It was interesting to see the DC-3 appear in the 2008 James Bond movie 'Quantum of Solace", as I had seen this Douglas DC-3 parked at Lake Elsinore,CA last may. Skip Evans is the owner and he flew this plane for the movie.
However, it wasn't the only DC-3 used in this movie!
On the Classic-Propliner forum the following information was posted:
"From a pilot pal of mine at Opa Locka,FL DC-3 N12BA was used."
"That is Frank Moss' DC-3. Frank told me about the trip when I spoke with him by phone a few weeks ago."
"Mr. Evans' DC-3 was used for location filming in Baja California. Frank's was used for location filming in Panama and Chile. Frank's trip occurred in March of this year."

N12BA on

James Bond DC-3
James Bond DC-3
James Bond DC-3

Hans Christian Bogstad wrote: "In 2006 I noticed two DC-3 aircraft parked on the outskirts of Havana’s José Marti airport. On my second trip to Cuba, in April 2008, I was determined to photograph these aircraft at close quarters.
At the offices of ENSA, I was welcomed by a friendly uniformed director who told me that Aerotaxi no longer existed, and that all remaining aircraft had been transferred to Aerocarribean. The two DC-3 aircraft were in the process of being scrapped and efforts to place one of them at the aviation museum had failed.
Immediately after receiving this disappointing news, I took a taxi to the outskirts of Havana where the "Museo del Aire" is located. Imagine my frame of mind when I faced a sign 'closed for repairs' on the gate of the museum!
Another disappointment!
Fortunately, the taxi driver and I were able to convince a lady guard inside the compound to allow this European aviation fan into the museum for about 30 minutes. The lady charged the normal ticket price and on top she received a handsome token of appreciation..

IL-14 This Ilyushin IL-14 CU-T825 is a former Presidential airplane. The construction number is not known.
The Museo del Aire is located at Avenida 212 y La Coronela, Cubanacan, Havana.

This website has a list of aircraft on display. has a production list of IL-12/IL14 aircraft.

Douglas Invader

Douglas B-26C Invader '937' is identified as '44-34535' on the Invader Survivor list on Wikipedia.

N711TD Heinz Rentmeister sent me this 1978 photo of N711TD, aftre having seen and read my webpage dedicated to se Sep.2008 visit to the air museum near Rimini... There is a DC-3 on display, registered N242AG with in the cockpit a marker as being N711TD; this complies with the information in various sources.
More photos and info on Museo dell'Aviazione - Sep.2008
Douglas C-47

This DC-3/R4D-5 c/n 12679 was sold in 1963 and operated by various parties; at some point it was reregistered N711TD, which is the tailnumber that is marked inside the cockpit (see photo).
It was ferried to Italy with the intention to reregister it as I-COFR and operate freight (fish) between Italy and Yugoslavia. But its Certificate of Airworthiness was denied and at some point it was purchased by the museum.

More photos and info on Museo dell'Aviazione - Sep.2008


Paul Gross wrote me in Sep.2008, returning from a visit to Alaska this summer; the weather did not cooperate too well (heavy overcast and/or rain during 10 of the 12 days..) but Alaska weather can do that to you. But Paul did return with excellent photographic results and here are some to share!
Propliners in Alaska
Everts Air
Propliner office..
Paul's website is under construction:

Richard Nash sent me these photos, of an era gone past..
"Sorry about the quality, I could only afford a Kodak Instamatic in those days !!"

Iberia Lockheed L.1049G at London-LGW

Air France Lockheed L.1049G at London-LHR

Air France Douglas DC-4 and Lockheed L.1049G at london-LGW

Adria airways DC-6
Adria Airways DC-6 at London-LGW

Lee Holden noticed a question on my Questions & Answers page, about DC-6 EC-AVA once used as a restaurant at Palma de Mallorca... He wrote: "I took a couple of photos of Douglas DC-6 EC-AVA c/n 43118 in 1998. And as far as I know it is still there!
But as you can see it is not in very good health...
Its location is just past Magaluf; I believe there is a waterpark in Magaluf now, across from a go-cart track and as you continue to the top of the road you turn left, head down the road a couple of hundred yards and its on the right hand side.
It is located at the side of a bowling green, hence the titles on the aircraft.
It does appear to have been used as a restaurant at some time, due to it having vents.
Be warned though: wear long trousers as I had shorts on and got terribly bitten by mosquitos!"
Lee Holden, UK.

N14436 Alan Miller wrote me in Sep.2008: "I found these slides and photos in my Dad's attic while cleaning out some old boxes. Hope they are of good enough quality for you to use.
The first one is of a DC-6 at Miami's Corrosion Corner."
The forth was taken at CSG. I rode this a/c to ATL.
I am not sure where the last one was taken, but I think it was at the southwest corner of MIA.

N14436 is a Douglas DC-6B and was probably operated (or had been) for a company called Kimex when this photo was taken.
N14436 (cn 45067/709) was sold to the Indiasa Aviation Corp and leased to Virgin Islands International Airways in 1980. It was impounded in Colombia one year later and transferred to the Colombian Air Force. There is one image on (B&W, 1978).

This DC-6B was delivered to Western Air Lines in 1956 (N93116) and sold in 1962 to Japan Air Lines (JA6208). In June 1968 it was bought by Onyx Corporation, reregistered PH-TRK and briefly flown by the Dutch company Transavia. The next year it was registered TF-FRB for Fragtflug who reregistered it again in Dec.1969 to TF-OAB.
Tailnumber N14436 was assigned for Boreas Corporation when they bought it Feb72; the next year Kimex bought it from them.
Indiasa Aviation Corp. bought N14436 in Sep78 and reregistered it as N120AC on 12Jan79. Virgin islands Int'l Airways leased it in 1980, but the next year it was impounded in Colombia.
The Colombian authorities (Air Force) made use of it and registered it as FAC-902; it crashed near Letica, Amazona on 24Jul85, see Aviaton safety Network Because of a strike among Avianca pilots, Air Force transport planes were used on domestic services. The aircraft was flying in bad weather (rainstorm) when a no. 3 engine fire caused the plane to crash into the jungle.
[History source: Piston Engined Airliner Production List by Messrs J.Roach & A.B.Eastwood (TAHS)
OB-R-1005 Aeronaves del Peru

OB-R-1005 Aeronaves del Peru is on its way to runway 9R at Miami int'l (KMIA).

An excellent website to read up on the individual histories of the CL-44 is This website offers on c/n 6 details when it was delivered to the RCAF, designated CC-106 Yukon, in 1961, was sold to AER - Aerotransportes Entre Rios in 1972 (LV-JZR), wento onto Aeronaves del Peru that same year who stored it ten years later, in 1982. It was sold on 01Nov82 to Vic Air Cargo (9Q-CKQ), which was renamed Virunga Air Cargo two years later but by then this CL-44 may have already outlived its usefulness and been stored.
It has probably been scrapped at Kinshasa.

Martin 4-0-4
The Martin 404 (also written as 4-0-4) of Southeast is at the gates at MIA.
A truly excellent book to read on the Martin 202 & 404 is "The MartinLiners" by Gary L. Killion (Airways Int'l , 1997); it offers on Southeast Airlines:
'formed in 1958 as Cat Cay Airlines and started charter operations the following year. After it had changed its name, the company moved into scheduled intrastate service and, early in the 1970s, used ex/ Piedmont 404s with 44-passenger interiors for service between Miami, Key West, Marathon, Opa Locka and Freeport-Bahamas. The four 202As acquired earlier from Modern Air Transport were apparently used only for charter operations as all flight schedules referred to the 404s. Operations were suspended because of financial difficulties in 1976 and the 404s were sold to PBA. The company was subsequently revived and acquired by MCA Leasing but ceased all activity in 1981.'
Martin 404s operated by Southeast were listed as: N93205 (c/n 14075) - N93206 (14076) - N93208 (14078, for spares use) - N93212 (14082) - N40407 (14107) - N40413 (14117) - N40424 (14130) - N40425 (14131) - N67097 (14145, for spares use).

Martin 404 Of this Martin 404 Alan wrote: "This one was taken at Columbus Metropolitan Airport (KCSG); I rode this a/c to Atlanta (KATL)."

Gary Kilion wrote in his book "The MartinLiners" about Southern Airways (of Atlanta, Georgia):
'Local Service airline Southern Airways acquired a fleet of ex-Eastern 404s and introduced the type in service on 29Oct61 on Atlanta-Dothan-Eglin AFB, Atlanta-Huntsville-Muscle Shoals & Atlanta-Columbus-Dothan-Panama City routes, with the class name Aristocrat.
Southern was the last major US scheduled airline operating 404s (or any other reciprocating engine-powered transport for that matter) when N144S made Southern's last 404 flight on 30Apr78. The former Federated Department Stores executive 404 was only owned for one day in what appears to be a paper transaction for its sale from Lockheed Aircraft to Piedmont.' N141S (c/n 14156) - N142S (14157) - N143S (14237) - N144S (14150) - N145S (14142) - N146S (14223) - N147S (14161) - N148S (14160) - N149S (14141) - N251S (14243) - N252S (14154) - N253S (14158) - N254S (14159) - N255S (14246) - N256S (14236) - N257S (14110) - N258S (14232) - N259S (14233).

Airlines I have come across myself and which have 'gone under' are remembered on my gallery

unidentified 404

Alan wrote on this unidentified Martin 404: "I am not sure where this one was taken, but I think it was at the southwest corner of MIA..."
Michael Prophet may have identified this 4-0-4 when he wrote: "The red/orange cheatline and engine cowling reminds me of an ADSA Martin 404... Did they have only one?
See Mr Vandervord's 1980 photo on"
{Mr Kilion's book state that ADSA flew 2 M404's: HI-285 (c/n 14157) and HI-334 (c/n 14241); 'using the name Dominair, ADSA flew 2 M404's in scheduled services. ADSA was the last operator to use the 404 in international scheduled (albeit often unpredictable) services'.

A few words from Wikipedia on the Martin 4-0-4:
"First deliveries in 1951 were made to Eastern Air Lines (who had ordered 60) and Trans World Airlines (who had ordered 40). The only other new aircraft of the production line were delivered to the United States Coast Guard who had ordered two as executive transports with the designation RM-1G later changed to RM-1 and then in 1962 to VC-3A. In 1969 they were transferred to the United States Navy and they had both been withdrawn from use by 1970. A total of 103 aircraft were built at the Glenn L. Martin factory in Baltimore.
The last airworthy 4-0-4 was ferried to the Planes of Fame Museum in February 2008, where it is on display together with a Martin 2-0-2."

I visited the Planes of Fame Museum at Valle,Arizona; see MY REPORT.

N473DC Drag-em-oot

Douglas C-47A N473DC, better known as "Drag-em-Oot", is seen in splendid form dropping paratroopers over the Ginkelse Heath ('Ginkelse Heide') in the Netherlands, in memory of 'Operation Market Garden' during WW2.
Paddy Green's C-47A "Drag em Oot" Annual ceremonies during september look back to those fateful days. On 20Sep08 approximately 300 paratroopers (4th Battalion The Parachute Regiment, 11th Luchtmobiele Brigade, a reannecment group The Pathfinders) jumped from various aircraft such as Lockheed Hercules and owner Paddy Green put 'Drag em Oot' to the disposal of the organisers.
More photos & history of "Drag-em-Oot N473DC (c/n 19345) HERE>>
paradrop over Ginkelse Heide

These photos were made by Ben Ullings, from a B-25 Mitchell bomber. Ben specialises in air-to-air photography and more of his works can be seen at

N910LC DHC-2 Beaver Kristof Vandermoere sent me these images, taken at the Hella Fly In (Iceland) on 19Jul08.
That must have been a very enjoyable day, esspecially with the apparent good weather!

N610LC (c/n 1446) is expected to reregistered in Iceland as TF-ABK; more of its history (& photos) on Neil Aird's website about the deHavilland Beaver:

Beaver N610LC was registered on 04Jun09 to the Wells Fargo Bank Northwest, Trustee, Salt Lake

TF-NPK Hella Fly In
Hella Fly In Sep.2008 Iceland This is Douglas C-47A TF-NPK (c/n 13861), in obvious splendid form !
TF-NPK is flown by the 'Icelandic DC-3 Friends', but it is still owned by the Government of Iceland.
I have come across 'NPK myself and was also allowed a look inside; see my page Iceland 2007.

Dietmar 'Yakfreak' Schreiber noticed my images of Junkers Ju-52 D-CDLH 'D-AQUI' at the Aviodrome 06Sep08, and sent me these immaculate air-to-air photos!
Dietmar wrote: "Like you, I am a Big Prop fan. Last week I had an air to air session with the Lufthansa JU52.
These photos where taken out of a Cessna 182, close to Wiener Neustadt (south of Vienna), Austria."
More of Dietmar's photos at:
D-AQUI Ju-52
D-CDLH Ju-52

It is excellent to see an important party in the aviation- and airline industry, Lufthansa, going through such an effort to keep the aviation history and -heritage alive... And heart-warming to see enthusiasts such as Dietmar go through such great lengths to capture the initiative through photography and 'spread the word', so to speak.

UPDATE 26Jan2019:
'In an effort to reduce expenses, Lufthansa has announced that they are withdrawing their financial support to their foundation, the Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung. The foundation has been operating the Junkers Ju 52/3m D-CDLH among other aircraft since 1986 and offered paying recreational flights in Germany and Europe. The aircraft is the oldest airworthy Ju 52 in the world and carries the historical Lufthansa colours of D-AQUI in 1936.
Without their prime sponsor the days of 'D-AQUI' may be numbered..
The tragic accident of Ju-Air’s Ju 52 in August 2018 was reportedly not a factor in the decision.'

D-CDLH was disassembled at Munich and put on ground transport to Hamburg for some future preservation (May 2019 update).

Martin Prince Jr from Bethel,Alaska sent me this:
"Here are some shots from H-Marker Lake on 24Sep08; the weather was Special VFR and DHC-2 N734Q was holding along with Renfro's Maule. N734Q departed northwest and N81818 departed northeast.."
N734Q Beaver
Maule N81818

N81818 is Maule c/n 4047C and was manufactured in 1987, according to FAA's N-inquiry website.
It is a 4-5 seat STOL capable light aircraft and variants M-4, -5, -6, & M-7 were built. There is quite a profile available on

Richard Nash sent me this image and while he did not provide a date, he did add the following:
"N1350M when it diverted into Heathrow (LHR), following engine problems I think.."
N1350M still survices albeit not in flying condition. C/n 14897/26342 has been preserved at Rhein-Main (Frankfurt, Germany) as 43-49081. Here is a photo on AIRLINERS.NET with additional history details.

N15501 Bryan Doty sent me this photo, taken on 01Sep08. Bryan wrote:
"I saw your page about this C-119 and thought you may want to add an updated picture... I took this last monday at Moreton Airpark,AZ.
This place is just NW of Wickenburg, by a few miles. That was the only plane there; it is a private dirt strip that doesn't look like it is used very often.
I live in Mesa on the SE side of Phoenix. I could see the twin tail from highway 93 on my way back from Las Vegas, so I made a side trip to check it out..."

Fairchild C-119G N15501 (c/n 10955) has been registered on 23Jan07 to Hans O. Lauridsen, who has various large aircraft to his name and intended to start an airmuseum in Arizona (the website was not online in Sep08 and this cannot be good..?)
More about the FAIRCHILD C-119, on my website, can be found HERE...
N15501 participated in the remake of the movie Last Flight of the Phoenix (starring Dennis Quaid); more about this HERE...

In Oct.2017 I visited Buckeye myself and found N15501 in fine condition!

Last Flight of the Phoenix

Richard Nash wrote me in Sep.2008: "I have been interested in aircraft since the 1960ís and I have some photographs which you might like to see...
I have worked in Air Cargo since 1965 and was lucky enough to fly to Manchester on OH-KDA before it was taken our of service. "
Propliner in flight
OH-KDA went on to become N867TA with Northern Air Cargo; it crashed -fortunately the 3 crew suffered only minor injuries- on 25Sep2001 at Nuiqsut,AK [NTSB Report...]
I have dedicated an information page to the DC-6 SWINGTAIL


Martin Prince Jr is a regular contributor to my website; he wrote in Sep08:
"I am on vacation until September 07th. Here are some sunny shots were on Saturday at Lake Hood..."
More of Martin's photos on pages dedicated to his vintage planes: PAGE 1 and PAGE 2


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