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YK-ADA (cn 3101).
Photo © Gordon Stretch, 04Apr06.
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YK-ADA This former Syrian Air aircraft is now on display in the Magic World amusement park in the suburbs of Aleppo and next to the main highway to Damascus. It was reported as being written off in a landing accident at Damascus Airport on 2 October 1964.

It was delivered on 16Sep43 to the USAAF as 41-37310 and registered as LV-ABN to Flota Aerea Mercante Argentia, which bought it on 30Sep46; A few years later, on 18Jul50, it was bought by LANSA (and registered HK-334), which merged with Avianca in Sep.1951.
(c) Gordon Stretch It returned to North America for Seaboard & Western A/L, which bought it on 20Oct51 and registered it as N1543V; it moved to another continent again as F-OARD for Compagnie Autrex-Lopez-Loreta-Lebreton when it was sold on 27Jul54.
(c) Gordon Stretch Its tailnumer was revised to YK-ADA for Syrian Arab A/L in Feb.1955, but this airline merged with (as?) United Arab A/L on 01Jan61; however, YK-ADA was transferred to Syrian Arab A/L in Oct61 and was found damaged beyond repair after overrunning the runway at Damascus whilst landing on 02Oct64.
(Source: Piston Engine Airliner Production List, TAHS 2002).
Mick West added: "YK-ADA appears in' Vintage Glory' (p.78) by Adrian M Balch: lovely photo at LHR in April 1966 by the great Heathrow photographer Brian Stainer."

The history after 1964 remains undocumented sofar, details welcomed.

DC-3 by M Bukhari I came across this photo on, a portfolio by M. Bukhari; it concerns C-47 AP-AAF (c/n 4562, formerly 41-18470, NC74595, VT-CIG, VT-CPF) at the Shangri-La Resort, Skardu, Pakistan.
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Here is his text and an added comment:
"This is a DC-3 aircraft at Shangrila Lake. It was owned by M/s. Orient Liners. About 30 years back, this plane had to crash land in Indus River due to one engine getting out of order, three minutes after it took off from Skardu Airport. All crew members and pessangers were safe. Later on, the owner of Shangrila Resourte (an Ex-Army Brig. purchased this, and managed to transport it to this place which is about 2-3 km away from the place where it crash landed. Now this plan serves as Coffee Shop for the tourists staying/visiting at Shangrila Tourist Resorts, near Skardu."
The photo has no date.

This link has a 2002 photo and offers the following additional info:
"Actually the registration of this C-47/DC-3 Dakota is AP-AAF and it belonged to Orient Airways. On October 13, 1954, AP-AAF on flight from Skardu to Rawalpindi, minutes after take-off, crash landed near Indus river bed. Fortunately everyone aboard the aircraft survived the accident. The aircraft was purchased by Shangrila Resort owner, moved to its current location and converted into a cafe."
Here is another link:

Accident report on Aviation-Safety Network
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