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Taken during the same tour as below IL-14 is this Ilyushin IL-18 P-835 of Air Koryo at Samjiyon 13May12:
IL-18 P-835 Air Koryo
P-835 is an Ilyushin Il-18D (c/n 188011205 / 11205).

Cabin of Air Korya IL-18 P-835
Cabin staff of the IL-18D P-835: charming!

The tour group enjoyed an hour's flight, from PYONGYANG to SAMJIYON, to see Mig-17s based there.

Chris Mak went on an organized aviation enthusiast tour to North Korea!

IL-14  535 North Korea
Chris wrote:"IL-14 serial 535 at Pyongyang on 15May12, wearing the old titels 'Chosonminhang'
This must have been the highlight of this trip by JucheTravelServices (under sterling guidance by David I have to add!"


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