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Ceased operations: 2007
Homebase: Munich, Germany
Founded: 1992
ICAO callsign: Speedway
Operations: Passengers

Boeing 737-31S D-ADBW (cn 29267/3093) is seen here at Cologne-CGN on 23Mar03. By the time the takeover by Air-Berlin was announced, the tailcolours had changed to a pale-green with 'dba'-lettering.
Tailmarkings as shown above bear witness to the foundation of this airline by British Airways as Deutsche BA.

After a series of name changes, originally founded in 1992 as Deutsche BA, Dba or Fly-dba, was taken over by Air-Berlin in 2007.
On 27Aug06 Air-Berlin announced the takeover of Dba, but the brand was to remain in operation until April 2007, when the company would dissolve into Air-Berlin.
By that time, investors (Intro Verwaltungs Investment Group) which had a share in Dba also had a share in LTU; the strategy was that LTU would concentrate on long-haul operations, while Dba would do short-haul operations. LTU was also taken over by Air-Berlin, as announced in March 2007.

Dba on

Source: AeroTransport Data Bank
JP Airline Fleets, 2002 edition

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