Unidentified Douglas DC-3 stored at Winnipeg



When I landed at Winnipeg IAP on 19Sep07 I knew about an unidentified Douglas DC-3 at the airport and noticed it in the distance when we landed. After I collected my car from Avis, I drove to the far side of the airport but could not get close enough to the aircraft for a proper identification or photograph.
So I added my 2x converter to my 400mm telelens and took some photographs as best as I could. Unfortunately the heathaze over the considerable distance effected the image badly.

DC-3 at Winnipeg

DC-3 at Winnipeg: identity?

Unidentified DC-3 at Winnipeg



X=marks the spot of the location of the DC-3. O=location from where photos were taken.

Photos courtesy Google Maps.


The following reactions led to the answer of this 'mystery'-

Sean Keating sent me this:
"Those green colours look like an old Perimeter DC-3, but it could have been sold on from them and given to airport (fire services?) by a later owner..? Could this be C-FBFV, which I last saw derelict without engines and wings in early-1990ís?" [see photo below]

Timo de Vries sent on the same date (25mar08):
"Perimeter Airways used to operate Daks....and this is their C-FBFV, c/n 7340.
It is now owned by the Western Canada Aviation Museum of Winnipeg."

I verified this by Bob Ogden's Aviation Museums and Collections of North America (Air-Britain, 2007) and this magnificent guidebook confirmed C-FBFV owned by the museum and access only by prior permission, confirming the 'remote' parking/storage.
Ogden's book shows previous identifications: 42-15545 - NC49541 - CF-BFV.

Jürgen Scherbarth kindly provided this photo and wrote:
C-FBFV seen in front here of the Western Canada Aviation Museeum's hangar in July 1991.
At that time Perimeter just stopped any DC-3 operations and focussed on the Fairchild-Swearingen Metro (incl. destinations with gravel strips!!). This was the last Perimeter DC-3 we saw at YWG at that time (the Museum also owns/owned another DC3 --CF-TES c/n 11906-- airframe, which is supposed to be stored in bad condition on a small airfield outside Winnipeg, but recent reports suggest it should go to Greenwood,N.S. for preservation). CF-TES (FL547 RAF) will go to Poland in 2019, see item on Photos by Friends & Guests #57.


Sean Keating sent in another photo, taken during Feb.1989, at Winnipeg. It was parked adjacent to the Perimeter hangar

Thanks all!



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Created: 25-mar-08