C-47A OY-BPB, a history in detail

by Niels Rosengaard

Douglas C-47A-85-DL
c/n 20019
43-15553 USAAF - Delivered 09-04-44 Available on 07-04-44. - To 1. Troop Carrier Command
43-15553 USAAF - Ferried 09/14-04-44 Ferried from Long Beach via Love Field (10-04-44), Tulsa - Oklahoma (12-04-44) to Baer Field - Fort Wayne - DC-3 Nyt/Vol.2000 No.3/Sep 2000 Indiana, arriving 14-04-44
43-15553 USAAF - Note 29-08-44 George Field - Lawrenceville, IL, USA Transferred from Fort Wayne to 805. Base Unit, George Field.
43-15553 USAAF - Note 24-04-45 George Field - Lawrenceville, IL, USA Made available for the Royal Norwegian Air Force and transferred to Ferry DC-3 Nyt/Vol.2000 No.3/Sep 2000 Division of the Air Transport Command, George Field, 25-04-45.
43-15553 USAAF - Ferried 26/30-04-45 Ferried from George Field via Nashville Municipal Airport - Nashville - Tennesse to Montreal - Canada, DC-3 Nyt/Vol.2000 No.3/Sep 2000 arriving 30-04-45.
315553 Royal Norwegian Air Force - Delivered 30-04-45 Montreal, Canada - under Lend and Lease program
315553 Royal Norwegian Air Force - Ferried 24-05-45 to Oslo via Prestwick. - Delivered to No.20 Transport Flight, Oslo-Fornebu - Coded "X"
LN-IAT Det Norske Luftfartselskab "Nordtind" - Leased 16-10-46
LN-IAT Det Norske Luftfartselskab "Teje Viking" - Re-named Oct 1948 Repainted in SAS colours.
LN-IAT Det Norske Luftfartselskab "Teje Viking" - Bought 15-12-48 from the Norewegian state.
LN-IAT SAS "Teje Viking" - Transfered 08-02-51
LN-IAT SAS "Teje Viking" - Last Scheduled Flight 30-07-53 for SAS (CPH-GOT-FBU)
LN-IAT SAS "Teje Viking" - Cancelled 16-09-53 from the Norwegian register.
68-682 RDAF - Bought 01-10-53 Painted with Danish cocardes Nov 1953. - TT: 11228:07
68-682 RDAF - Note 02-01-55 Copenhagen - Kastrup (CPH / EKCH), Denmark Painted in camouflage colours.
K-682 RDAF - Re-serialled 15-12-60 Radio call sign: OV-JBM
K-682 RDAF - Note 09-12-66 Vaerloese - VL (VL), Denmark Repainted with white top and black cheat lines. Day-glo painted on nose, rear fuselage DC-3 Nyt/Vol.1996 No.2/Jun 1996 and plane tips.
K-682 RDAF - Withdrawn From Service 31-07-82
K-682 T°jhusmuseet - Transfered 16-10-84 Danish Military Museum in Copenhagen.
OY-BPB Bohnstedt-Petersen A/S - Delivered 21-02-85 According to a contract between T°jhusmuseet and Bohnstedt-Petersen dated 13-12-85.
OY-BPB Foreningen For Flyvende Museumsfly - Transfered 25-06-92 Operated by DC-3 Vennerne (Danish Dakota Friends)
OY-BPB Foreningen For Flyvende Museumsfly - Note 19-04-96 Repainted in original SAS colours from 1946 to commemorate SAS 50 anniversary - DC-3 Nyt/Vol.1996 No.2/Jun 1996 Named "Arv Viking".
OY-BPB Foreningen For Flyvende Museumsfly - Note 17-10-97 Repainted in RDAF colours.

To OY-BPB at the DC-3 2006 fly in at the Aviodrome

To OY-BPB at 70th anniversary of D-Day at Cherbourg in France

To OY-BPB at 75th anniversary of D-Day at Duxford IWM

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