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June 2nd and 5th were spent in the company of an impressive group of Douglas DC-3 variants. The Americans, identified as 'D-Day Squadron', crossed the Atlantic and met their European counterparts at Duxford Imperial War Museum (IWM) near Cambridge.
On June 5th they flew over to Normandy to start the commemmoration of the June 6th 1945 landing in Normandy France in earnest. Two of 23 had to stay behind at Duxford due to technical problems.
An historic air event never to be forgotten in itself.

The histories described below mainly stem from Air-Britain's (2006) 'DC-3 - The First Seventy Years', ATDB.aero online database and my own records noted from publications and fora over the years.


D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
I had never seen this one before, so was pleased to get DC-3C (C-47B) F-AZOX (c/n 33359/16611) of Chalair in my lens!

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

The years 2018 and 2019 were not good for vintage propliners in Europe.
Lufthansa cancelled the Starliner restoration project in Maine (shipped the parts to Germany Sep/Oct. 2019) and banning their Junkers Ju 52/3m D-CDLH (c/n 130714, 'D-AQUI') to a museum.
Airlines and other sponsors distanced themselves from the industrial heritage of vintage transport, e.g. KLM cancelling their sponsorship of DDA Airlines resulting in one of their DC-3's for sale (PH-DDZ).
Dutch Catalina PH-PBY was sold to the Collings Foundation in the USA, Ju-Air 'Friends of Dubendorf Museum' in Switzerland have their 3 Ju-52 grounded for major overhaul that will last several years, while The Super Constellation Flyers (SCFA) was disbanded after loosing their Breitling sponsorship and their Connie N73544/HB-RSC is permanently (?) grounded due to too costly maintenance required.
Swiss (former Breitling-sponsored) DC-3 HB-IRJ was sold to MSO Air in Turkey.
The Air Service Berlin group, dedicated to commemorating the Berlin Airlift which folded in the year the Berlin Airlift was celebrating the 70th anniversary... Their DC-3's (acquired from Air Atlantique) D-CXXX (ex/ G-AMRA) is for sale while the first D-CXXX (ex/ G-AMPZ) was thought to be up for scrap (A wing was sold and stamped into small key holders) but the fuselage moved to Herdinger Schloss (Arnsberg, Germany) for some future display.
In short, not good at all.
Fortunately we can turn to France for a recent addition of a vintage DC-3 on the European continent.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

C/n 33352/16604 was delivered as 44-77021 on 24May45, transferred as KN655 RAF Montreal on 09Jun45 and to UK on 15Jun45.
No.512 Sqdn Middle East 07Oct45, No. 436 Sqdn 10Mar46, to Canada 02Jun46.
Serial 1000 for the of 0 T Gp at Rockcliffe (Dakota 4VIP, 4ST) 01Aug46.
ATC No.412 Sqdn 14Dec53. Uplands 18Oct65. 101 CF Dartmouth 07Mar68.
Serial changed to 12965 for Canadian Air Froce (CAF) in June 1970. North Bay 05Jun70. MAC VU32 Shearwater 01Oct70. AMDU Saskatoon 02Oct74.
Registered as C-GGJH for Eclipse Consultants Ltd of Oshawa, Ontario. acquired 18Jun75 after reg'd 06Jun75.
Rereg'd C-GSCC for Skycraft Air Tpt in Nov.'79. To Ilford-Riverton Airlines in August 1981.
To Northland Air Manitoba in 1986.

Rereg'd F-GIAZ for Air Dakota in Pontoise, France per 02Mar91.
Rereg'd F-GIDK in June 1992. SA Steven Editions, Le Touquet, reg'd 15Jul97. Named 'Susan Holmes'. Who's she?
At Abbeville Feb.'99. CoA 26Sep04, based Dijon-Longvic.
Chalair has this DC-3 based at La Ferté Alais.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Who or what is Chalair ('Association Un Dakota sur la Normandie'), I had not heard of it before..

Chalair Aviation is a French regional airline with its head office and base on the grounds of Caen - Carpiquet Airport in Carpiquet.
It operates scheduled regional services as well as charter flights for various occasions. with destinations such as Nice. Lyon, Bordeaux, Limoges, Rennes, et cetera.
The airline was founded in 1986. Alain Battisti is the Président-Directeur-Général de Chalair, and allegedly he is a fan of vintage aviation. www.chalair.eu

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Note the starboard engine trailing a bit of smoke


D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
I had come across HA-LIX in 2006 at the Aviodrome in Lelystad,NL. My report on that can be found
on AVIODROME 2006, a unique DC-3 meet in Holland that was never, alas, repeated.
The report has a series of photos of this Li-2's interior and cockpit. In those days it carried 'Sunflower'-titles.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
It was flown by the Hungary Air Force with serial 209, reg'd HA-LIX in 1958 and flew government VIPs.
Declared surplus in 1974, it was stored (or perhaps 'preserved') at Szolnok Kilián Geörgy Aviation School.
The Goldtimers Foundation transferred HA-LIX to Budaörs (former int'l airport Budapest) as along-term
restoration project. It took 30.000+ manhours, 120.000+ euros. The repaint (see my 2006 report) was
sponsored by Lufthansa Technik (Budapest) and Aerocomplex. By 2001 HA-LIX was airworthy.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
That extra window behind the copilot is a telling sign this is a Lisunov Li-2 rather than a DC-3.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

The Lisunov Li-2, originally designated PS-84, was a license-built Soviet-version of the Douglas DC-3. It was produced by Factory #84 in Moscow-Khimki and, after evacuation in 1941, at TAPO in Tashkent.
The project was directed by aeronautical engineer Boris Pavlovich Lisunov.

The Soviet Union received its first DC-2 in 1935. Although a total of 18 DC-3s had been ordered on 11 April 1936, the government of the USSR purchased 21 DC-3s for operation by Aeroflot before World War II.
A production license was awarded to the government of the USSR on 15 July 1936. Lisunov spent two years at the Douglas Aircraft Company, between November 1936 and April 1939 translating the design.

Despite the original intention to incorporate as few changes as necessary to the basic design, the GAZ-84 works had to make some 1.293 engineering change orders to the original Douglas drawings, involving part design, dimensions, materials and processes, most as a part of metrication of the design from U.S. customary units to suit Soviet standards.

Shvetsov OKB-19 design bureau, responsible for the great bulk of the Soviets' air-cooled radial aviation powerplant designs of the 1930-40s, used their Shvetsov ASh-62IR radial engines, a Soviet development of the nine-cylinder Wright R-1820 Cyclone 9, to power the PS-84.
The same Wright Aeronautical Cyclone 9 radial also powered the earliest Douglas DST 'Sleeper Transport' versions, and initial 21-passenger versions, of the original American DC-3 airliner.

By the time Germany invaded the USSR on 22 June 1941, 237 PS-84s had been built at GAZ-84, all in civil passenger configuration.
Production of the Li-2 ended up at GAZ-33 in Tashkent, now the capital of Uzbekistan. After a monumental struggle, the factory was producing PS-84s again by January 1942.
Some military versions of the Li-2 also had bomb racks and a dorsal turret, unlike the military C-47 development of the DC-3.
A total of 4.937 aircraft were produced of all Li-2 variants between 1940 and 1954 and it saw extensive use in Eastern Europe until the 1960s.
The last survivors in use were noted in China and Vietnam during the 1980s.
Several airlines operated Lisunov Li-2s, among others Aeroflot, CAAK, CSA, LOT, MALÉV, Polar Aviation, TABSO and Tarom.
The North Korean Air Force is known to still use a number of Li-2s for transport, although they may have been decommissioned despite their continued presence on certain airbases.

Only one Li-2 restored to airworthy condition exists in Europe.
The Hungarian registered HA-LIX was built in 1949 in Airframe Factory Nr.84 (GAZ-84) of Tashkent, as serial number 18433209 and still flies sightseeing tours and regularly participates at air shows.
[Wikipedia, more...]

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Theodore von Kármán or Kármán Tódor (b. 11May1881 – d. 06May1963) was a Hungarian-American mathematician,
aerospace engineer and physicist, who was active primarily in the fields of aeronautics and astronautics. He is
responsible for many key advances in aerodynamics, notably his work on supersonic and hypersonic airflow
characterization. He is regarded as the outstanding aerodynamic theoretician of the 20th century.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
As with the early DC-3 design it had a rh-rear passenger door. But it has in fact doors on both sides.
Having changed its appearance a few times, it wore a vintage Malév livery since Aug.'08 and Blue Air c/s from Aug.'17.



While not all things went well in the organisation at Duxford (no visits to the participating aircraft, no merchandise allowed for sale by the participants, no para drops) one has to be flexible with these sort of events, it is a gigantic undertaking and one has to be especially grateful that such an initiative got underway.
Having said that, in France things went from bad to worse. I expected as much knowing how the French cannot organize themselves out of a paper bag and how I experienced that at Cherbourg 5 years ago (why I went to England this time), I don't think this report is complete without some of the criticism expressed left and right.

"The weather in the latter part of Friday June 7th curtailed all flying. Even the final scenic flights were shelved. Granted, the weather is out of human control, however if you are planning on going to Caen-Carpiquet tomorrow, please read the comments on Facebook and Twitter before you make a decision.
A vast number of people are requesting refunds. The organisation is beyond awful and unfortunately Daks Over Normandy seems to have been a non-event."

"I know this organisation [Daks over Normandy] . I declined the opportunity to work with them. I dont wish to be drawn into any big discussion, if as reported Peter Braun has had a suspected heart attack then we all wish him well and hope he makes a speedy recovery."
"The public details for the company [Daks over Normandy] can be found on the UK Companies House, I can tell you that as of March last year the company running this multi million Euro event (their words) had £279 in net assets."
"Brauns miracle recovery from a heart attack has now been compounded by his claim he also suffered a complete mental breakdown."

"There's more than a few pointed comments & character assessments on the DoN FB page. Apparently 200 jumpers were left without their bags etc for 3 days & are going to be billing DoN for the clothes etc they had to buy. They did a great job getting the Daks over but it seems event management was a shambles.
Thankfully they had the IWM's infrastructure to rely on at Duxford, but it did seem pretty amateurish at times. Yes the weather caused problems but the Caen event in terms of no buses, hardly any food, access for veterans and flights was a disaster.
Also the photo flights in T6's paid for months in advance never happened & the photo opportunity for the punters at the airport never happened either... Dididn't help matters that they had the Daks facing away from the crowd line."

"It's rapidly becoming apparent that the whole deal in France organised by Braun was a scam from the start. All those photo flights he sold in T6's were illegal, There were never any NOTAMs filed, He didn't bother asking the tower to open at 7am instead of 9am. No permits etc. It appears all he did was collect money & lie to everyone. There's a LOT of people very angry over all this & Braun has dropped off the radar."


D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
K-682 'Foreningen for Flyvende Museumsfly (C-47A OY-BPB; c/n 20019). The last time I would see it fly!

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
'DC-3 Friends'. Manufactured in Long Beach, California in 1944 as type C-47A.

C/n 20019 has a somewhat consice history:
Delivered as 43-15553 on 09Apr44 to the US Army Air Force, it went to Norway in April 1945, where it was registered 315553 for the Norwegian AF (serving with 20 Transport Flight) later that year.
It was leased by DNL in Oct.46, to be reregistered LN-IAT on 09Oct47 (named 'Nordfind'); purchase registered per 15Dec48.
Registered for SAS and named 'Terje Viking' 01Aug48.
Went to Royal Danish Air Force 16Sep53 and was reg'd 68-682/K-682. Flew with Esk.721 (1979).

Registered OY-BPB for Bohnstedt-Petersen (lease?) 03Mar83, Reg'd 21Feb85 to Flyvevabnets Historiske Samling Vedback of Billund - loan to Bohnstedt-Petersen.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
I think its summer home is at Vaerlose (Roskilde?) in Denmark and winter accommodation is in a hangar at Karup AB.

Scramble magazine reproduced on Facebook (05Dec19) the following statemennt by 'Danish Dakota Friends'
" It is with deep regret that the Danish Dakota Friends had to inform the aviation community that due to a number of unfortunate circumstances the Danish DC-3 OY-BPB is permanently grounded.
Technicians recently found iron filings in engine #1 that are over the safety limit (792 with a limit of 10).
The DDF is trying to locate where these fillings come from, but the crank house is the most likely cause.
The decision to permanently ground OY-BPB was made on the basis of the high costs that are expected.

In its newsletter, the DDF states the aircraft would need two new engines, two new props (within the next two years), a repaint, and, judging by the sum of money it mentions, extensive maintenance.
The DDF also says it suffers from a shortage of skilled volunteers, as both engineers and pilots who have DC-3 experience are becoming rarer and rarer. But, short-term, the engines seem to be the most expensive problem.
After more than 75 years of service the aircraft will now be retired and placed on static display at a museum."

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
C-47A OY-BPB, its history in even greater detail by Niels Rosengaard

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
K-682 was named 'Den Gamle Dame' ('The Old Lady').



D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Douglas C-53D 268823 of Stiftelsen Dakota Norway (LN-WND, c/n 11750)

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

I have a page on the DC-3 with background information and a page on the many (Skytrain) variants

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

C/n 11750 was delivered to the USAAF with serial 42-68823, operated with 8th AF (08Oct43).
Was stored at Oberpfaffenhofen in Germany 01Jan48; delivered to FLC Finland 14Jun48. Reg'd OH-LCG for
Aero O/y (trading as Finnair, aircraft named 'Perhonen'), delivered 19Jul48.
Reg'd DO-9 for National Board of Survey, acquired 15Apr69. Operated with Transport Squadron of Finnish AF (18Jun69- ). Declared surplus ('wfu') 19Sep83.
Ferried Utti to Helsinki-Vantaa 27Feb85. To Nordic Air Service per March '85, but not registered.
To Aces High Ltd as G-BLYA, reg'd 19Apr85. But not taken up. Registration cancelled 25Apr85.

N59NA for Business Air Inc. of Vermont,USA on 30May85 - to get a Norwegian CoA.
Reg'd LN-WND for Warbirds of Norway of Sandefjord, Norway. On 30Jul86.
Reg'd 28Nov86 to Stiftelsen Dakota Norway of Sandefjord-Torp. Painted as 'KN452' for filming in 1992.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Dakota Norway has a long record of keeping LN-WND in the air, participating in events such as 'D-Day 75'.
So sad that their starboard engine gave problems which prevented them to join the crossing into Normandy!
Fred Barnes photographed WND while landing with the port engine shut down; see my Photos by Friends & Guests #58.



Douglas C-47 N431HM (c/n 9995) in sparse vintage Swissair livery

Its history is described on my Duxford 'Flying Legends (2017) page.
Normally based Dubendorf,Suisse and owned by Hugh Mathys same as 315087/P-9X (N150D) (D-Day 75 page 1)



Another 'Skytrooper': C-53C 'Airveteran' and wearing titles 'Aero OY' + 'Finnish Airlines'
OH-LCH, c/n 6346, was part of a batch of DC-3A's (6345-6355) ordered by Pan Am but taken over by
the USAAF or US Navy as C-53C's and R4D-4's off the production line.

I also came across OH-LCH at the 'Daks over Normandy (2014) event at Cherbourg in France

C/n 6346 DC-3A-447 reg'd by Douglas Aircraft Company as NC34962, destined for Pan Am but cancelled 03Jul42, instead became 42-2033 for the USAAF designated a C-53C (27Dec42).
Wright 31Dec42 - Bolling 26Jan43 - Presque Isle 08Feb43 - North Atlantic Wing ATC 29May43 - European Wg ATC 30Nov43 - 8th AF 14Oct44. At Oberpfaffenhofen in Germany 01Jan48.
Foreign Liquidation Commisson (FLC) 14Jun48.
Reg'd OH-LCH Aero oy/Finnair, delivered 14Jun48. Stored as surplus, used for spares, 31Dec60.
Rebuilt with cargodoor 25Jan63, sold to Finnish AF (Suomen Ilmavoimat) 05Mar70. Rereg'd DO-11 Finnish AF 29Jul70, operated by Transport Squadron. ELINT equipped. Wfu 13Dec84.
Ferried Utti-Helsinki 28Jan86. Reg'd OH-LCH for Airveteran Ry on 12May87.
Based Helsinki-Malmi.

OH-LCH has also been docuymented on my website: DC-3 Fly In (2006) Aviodrome and Daks over Normandy (2014)

OH-LCH joining the massive DC-3 formation crossing The Channel and into Normandy for 'D-Day 75'.


Participants listed, those that were noted both in England as well as in France

From Scramble magazine #482 (july 2019)

Perhaps we should take stock for a moment which DC-3's we are missing at 'Daks over Duxford'?
  • PH-PBA of DDA Airlines. Intended to come, joined in Normandy. British CAA did not have sufficient time to process DDA's new AOC and DDA intended to recupreate the costs by flightseeing flight form nearby Cambridge
  • ZS-NTE (documented on my S.Africa 2004), ferried to Germany (2015?), repainted in Aer Lingus retro c/s in Ireland (July 2017), went back to Germany and seen little or nothing of it since.. Reserved D-CUNP, ntu?
  • N473DC, 'Drag'em Oot' - based at East Kirkby, in some sort of disagreement with 'Daks over Normandy' and did their own thing in France. My page on this remarkable C-47A, but found elusive in recent years.
  • N308SF, should have been there, but 'Night Fright' wasn't restord in time (ongoing).
  • F-AZTE ('F-BBBE') obviously based in France and saw no reason to come to Duxford IWM.
  • G-ANAF recently overhauled by new owner Heritage Air Services in RAF c/s and as 'KP220'. Present Normandy
  • ES-AKE ('9Q-CUK'). The reason 'Congo Queen' was absent is explained on my Photos by Friends & Guests #58
  • One or two Russian DC-3's were promised or expected. N12BA (@Oreshkovo Aerodrom) was expected but declared a no-show; 2019 crowdfunding in progress by Lytham St Annes Spitfire Ground Display Team from Blackpool to buy this 'Dak'.
  • Others? EMAIL

    From Flypast Forum threads 'Daks over Duxford' and 'Daks over Normandy':
    "... organization for spectators was not great at Duxford and poor at Caen. Not much in terms of maximising the opportunity in terms of flypasts at Duxford or mass formations anywhere.
    The mass departure from Duxford was delayed two hours or so by a 'VVIP' not being in place and that hoped-for mass formation flight to Normandy ended up late, and as a line of two's and three's at best.
    Yes, weather played a part but a great, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see D-Day type formations over England and France seems to have been squandered.
    Ditto access by the public to the aircraft.
    Can't comment on how the jumps went."

    "Sounds like everyone should have gone to the Hotel SNAFU to have a few drinks at the FUBAR!"

    "There's been some comments about the safety of the drops from the Daks in France from the actual jumpers, including one having to abort a drop when another Dak flew under it & another of a near collision between two aircraft.
    One dropped some jumpers over a town resulting in them landing in the roads & yards of houses etc & another dropping jumpers over power lines."
    Reactions? EMAIL - please state url of this page so I know to what you are repsonding; thanks.

    C-47A SE-CFP (c/n 13883) of Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS), named 'Fridtjof Viking'

    History of c/n 13883-
    Delivered 05Oct43 as 43-30732 to USAAF, Oran 20Nov43, 9th AF 20Feb44, 53 TCS in 1945, ATCO 14May45 - Morrison 23Sep45, RFC Bush 29Oct45, Canadair Ltd and reg'd LN-IAF for DNL 12Sep46, became named 'Nordfugl'.
    To SAS, named 'Fridtjof Viking', 01 Aug48. Operatd with F13M/76 and F13M/796.
    Struck off charge 09Apr84. Reg'd for Swedish Air Force as 79006, accepted 01Dec60 - F7/76, F13M/76, F13M/796 - and again declared surplus 09Apr84.
    Reg'd SE-CFP for Stiftelsen Flygande Veteraner (Bromma), on 26Jun84.


    Why there was no UK representation among the Daks over Duxford:
    Aero Legends, which is built on making a profit selling warbird rides/experiences, were doing their own thing that week in marking the D-Day 75th anniversary. From their Facebook page:
    "On the 4th June Aero Legends, who are now based at the historic North Weald Airfield, will be setting off to Normandy as part of the 75th commemoration of D Day which took place on the 6th June 1944.
    Aero Legends will assemble their veteran Douglas Dakota 'Drag 'em Oot' (N437DC) and three Spitfires (NH341 'Elizabeth', TD314 'St George' and RR232 'City of Exeter') at The Squadron, North Weald Airfield on the morning of the 4th June and will depart from there late morning to 'The Dispersal Hut', Headcorn Aerodrome before heading for Cherbourg in Normandy.
    Drag 'em Oot is named after it's role as a glider recovery equipped aircraft and is a genuine Normandy and Arnhem veteran and has 40+ bullet holes as testimony!
    Both the event at North Weald Airfield and Headcorn Aerodrome are free to attend for members of the public who will be able to get up close to the aircraft and meet the pilots (!).
    The event at North Weald will begin at 09:00 before the aircraft depart at 11:30 for Headcorn Aerodrome.
    The event at Headcorn will begin at 12:00 at the aircraft arrive from North Weald and will end at 14:00 as the aircraft depart for Cherbourg as part of the 75th commemoration of D Day."

    Operating outside the 'Daks over Normandy' organisation allegedly stems from previous coöperation and subsequent disagreements with Peter Braun. Reactions? EMAIL - state url of page you are responding too, please!



    My focus on those days at Duxford IWM was on the 'Daks' but in between the action there was time to shift the focus to other subjects, albeit briefly.
    DUXFORD IWM - June 2019
    Classic Wings did brisk business taking paying customores to the air with their Harvards.
    Top: Noorduyn AT-16 Harvard IIB, G-BDAM / ER-992.
    Bottom: North American Harvard IV, G-BGPB / 1747 'TAZ'

    DUXFORD IWM - June 2019
    Canso A, G-PBYA / '433915' (c/n CV-283)
    I have summarized its history on my ENGLAND 2017 PAGE

    DUXFORD IWM - June 2019
    Clockwise: G-BGPB / 1747 'Taz'+ Harvard T-6 'AJ841 Wacky Wabbit' also of Classic Wings
    North American AT-6C Harvard IIA, G-TSIX (c/n 88-9725) + N.A. AT-6D Harvard III, G-BGOR / 14863

    DUXFORD IWM - June 2019
    Top: Beech Expeditor 3NM (D18S), G-BKGM (c/n A-853 / CA-203)
    Bottom: Beech C-45 Expeditor, G-BKGL ('1164'; c/n CA-164) 'Good Vibrations'.

    DUXFORD IWM - June 2019
    Supermarine Spitfire LF.IXc, G-BMSB 'MJ627 RAF' (full details on www.aerialvisuals.ca)

    DUXFORD IWM - June 2019
    Clockwise: Spitfire G-BMSB 'MJ627' + P-47D Thunderbolt 'Nellie' - F4-J/549192 (G-THUN)
    N.A. P-51D Mustang, (G-BIXL) '472216/M' 'Miss Helen'
    North American P-51D Mustang, G-SHWN 'GA-S' (Norwegian Spitfire Foundation)

    DUXFORD IWM - June 2019
    A brief glimpse in the hangar; more on these on my DUXFORD 2017 report

    DUXFORD IWM - June 2019

    DUXFORD IWM - June 2019
    Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress ‘124485 / DF-A’ ‘Memphis Belle / Sally B’ (G-BEDF) c/n 8693(A-VE).
    Its actual US military serial was 44-85784. To see it fly go to my Duxford's Flying Legends air show, 2017.

    DUXFORD IWM - June 2019

    DUXFORD IWM - June 2019

    DUXFORD IWM - June 2019
    A tremendous sight to see so many DC-3's trundle to the runway, pistons pumping, engines rumbling

    DUXFORD IWM - June 2019

    DUXFORD IWM - June 2019

    DUXFORD IWM - June 2019
    The fun of vintage aviation!

    DUXFORD IWM - June 2019

    DUXFORD IWM - June 2019
    Europe only has two flying Catalina, Britain's Canso A G-PBYA 'Miss Pick Up' and
    Canso A N315KM at Tatoi, Greece (made airworthy in 2019 and for sale).
    I saw G-PBYA participating in a fine flying display at Duxford's 2017 Legends air show.

    DUXFORD IWM - June 2019

    DUXFORD IWM - June 2019

    DUXFORD IWM - June 2019

    DUXFORD IWM - June 2019
    When it was time for the paratrooper to board, departures got under way and closed a very fine day!



    ENGLAND 2017:


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