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Going back in time, to July 1983, when Gerben visited Mojave Airport in California
C-133 N201AR, by Gerben Groothuis
Douglas C-133A Cargomaster, N201AR (c/n 45166) stored at Mojave; july 1983.
Ex/ USAF 56-2001, reg'd N201AR for Foundation for Airborne Relief. Later rereg'd N201AB for
Properties Investment Enterprise Ltd. Was to be trucked to Travis Air Museum late 2008: indefinitely delayed?

C-133 N136AR, by Gerben Groothuis
Douglas C-133A Cargomaster, N136AR (c/n 44706)
Ex/ USAF 56-0136, reg'd NASA as 928, rereg'd N136AR (Foundation for Airborne Relief) and N136AB
(Properties Investment Enterprise Ltd). Also had the prospect of a 2008 move to Travis Air Museum...
My records show both at some point registered to Cargomaster Corporation, for spares for the 2 C-133's kept
more or less operational in Alaska, C-133A N199AB (see operational on photos by Stu Sibitzky) and mine 2003
Another was one kept at Anchorage by Cargomaster Corp., but N133B (c/n 45584) was crapped during summer 2000.

Gerben Groothuis shared a number of images taken during 2017 in the US, struggling with their identities...
More of this batch can be seen on my gallery Searchfor...

Beech 18
Beech 18 at Nashua-Boire Airport,NH. (07Jun2017)
Bob Parmerter, expert on the Twin Beech, offered:
"The Nashua, NH head-on view is of 1956 E18S N125X BA-192.
Spent some time as C-FXKG for Gold Belt Air Transport, Pickle Lake 1996-2001 & suffered three (!) accidents (02Apr96 Webequie, ONT. lost control in crosswind landing, hit a snowbank; tail wheel & tail damaged. No injuries. 26Nov96 Muscrat Dam Arpt (MSA), ONT. in gear up landing. And 01Sep01 at International Falls, MN landed gear up. 1 uninjured.).
N125X for Denis G. Lison & Michael J. Farrey, Mason, NH; reg’d 07Sep01. Current."

Unidentified Beech 18 at Aero Traders (Chino,CA)
Gerben wrote: 'I came across a few airframes in the yard of Aero Traders and am looking for (confirmation of)
their identities. Could this be TC-45J N45681/42-5682 ??? EMAIL
Photos taken in May 2017.

B-26/B-50 cockpit at Aero Traders
Gerben wrote: 'Not many B-29/B-50’s left, so one would expect these would have been identified. But no so.
I suspect this nose section stems from China Lake, or perhaps it is a replica used for a Hollywood film..?'

Someone offered: ".. Probably either 44-70049 or 44-84084". Based on
"I think it’s neither of those as the cockpits were still with both of the B-29s at Borrego Springs last year and
this nose has been at Chino for ages." ¬Nigel Hitchman


Unidentified Beechcraft 18/C-45’s in the American Airpower Museum (Farmingdale,NY)

The names on these planes have little significance; "Sack Time (Sally)" (C-47, below) is a tribute to WW2 B-24
while the name "Slick Chick" is also a tribute, to WW2 B-17 bomber (albeit here without the nose art).
Probably been from a collector for whom fun was more important than authenticity. Perhaps all from same collector?
A famous nose art painter was Eugene 'Gene' Townsend, go see Unidentified cockpits at American Airpower Museum (Farmingdale,NY)
Unidentified Beechcraft 18/C-45’s in the American Airpower Museum (Farmingdale,NY)
Titles that can be read: 'The Cockpit' + 'Slick Chick' + (no.3 has badge of AAM) + 'American Airpower Museum' Unidentified C-47 cockpits
On the left, also at Farmingdale's AAM, an unidentified C-47 - named 'Sack Time'.
On the right: a similar nose not far away, on Long Island, in the Cradle of Aviation Museum (Garden City,NY - 04Oct2014)
On all of the above help on whatever details would be much appreciated! EMAIL


Unidentified mockup (?) at AAM, Farmingdale
In the background at the Farmingdale museum is this strange contraption which seems to resemble a bomber/cargoplane?

Terry Fletcher provided the information: " 'Teacher's Pet' is a travelling exhibit!
Listed on Eurodemobbed website , click the photo for 51-0004, note says 'HU-16B N16CA modified to resemble
WWII Bomber'." Which Terry saw back in 2008 at New Smyrna Beach,FL ->see
And did you know: In 1970, Conroy Aircraft marketed a remanufactured HU-16A with Rolls-Royce Dart turboprop
engines as the Conroy Turbo Albatross, but only the single prototype (registration N16CA) was ever built. ¬Wikipedia



Propliners by Gerben Groothuis
4x C-7B 857TAS,908TAG,94TAW,AFRes - Maxwell AFB,AL 04AUG81 Propliners by Gerben Groothuis
63-9760 C-7B 857TAS,908TAG,94TAW AFRes - Maxwell AFB,AL 4AUG81

Propliners by Gerben Groothuis
62-4193 C-7B 700TAS,94TAW AFRes - Dobbins AFB,GA 6AUG81

Propliners by Gerben Groothuis
N5283L/(51-11590) C-45G - Cross City,FL 28JUL81

Propliners by Gerben Groothuis
54-0701 UC-123K 355TAS,907TAG,94TAW AFRes - Patrick AFB,FL 23JUL81

Propliners by Gerben Groothuis
N136AR/(54-0136) C-133A - Mojave,CA,15JUL83

Propliners by Gerben Groothuis
N201AR/(56-2001) C-133A - Mojave,CA,15JUL83



Propliners by Gerben Groothuis
54-2822 C-131D 194FIS,144FIW,CA ANG - McClellan AFBN,CA 28JUL83

Propliners by Gerben Groothuis
141016/016 C-131F CONR - NAS New Orleans,LA 1AUG81

Propliners by Gerben Groothuis
N3782V/(53-7791) C-131B - Mojave,CA,15JUL83

Propliners by Gerben Groothuis
N478KW CV.440-68 - NAS Point Mugu,CA 11AUG83

Propliners by Gerben Groothuis
N8042W CV.440-75 - NAS Point Mugu,FL 11AUG83

Propliners by Gerben Groothuis
N44826 CV440-62 - San Diego-Lindbergh,CA 11JUL83

Propliners by Gerben Groothuis
N87289/51-5159 T-29B - Cross City,FL 28JUL81

Propliners by Gerben Groothuis
53-3489 T-29C 323FTW - Mather AFB,CA 29JUL83


Propliners by Gerben Groothuis
N451AM C.212-CC200 - Tampa-Clearwater,FL 26JUL81


Propliners by Gerben Groothuis
N4991E/(42-92319) C-47A - Fresno,CA 20JUL83
See my CALIFORNIA 2018 report, preserved at Lodi,CA and used as a billboard!

Propliners by Gerben Groothuis
N827NA/(42-92482) C-47H NASA - Dryden Edwards AFB,CA 15JUL83

Propliners by Gerben Groothuis
N756Z DC-7B - Fresno,CA 20JUL83



Propliners by Gerben Groothuis
(N4916V) DH-104 Dove 5A - Mojave,CA 15JUL83

Propliners by Gerben Groothuis
2134 HU-16E USCG Miami - Mojave,CA 15JUL83

Propliners by Gerben Groothuis
7238 HU-16E USCG Miami - Mojave,CA,15JUL83



Texans in Texas, 1999
In 1999 Gerben found some Texans in Texas!
AT-6D Harvard III, N101NZ/NZ1079 / Ft Worth-Meacham,TX 13NOV99
SNJ-5B, N810JF/(BuNo.90800)/'JF-304 USS Lexington' / Addison,TX 14NOV99
SNJ-5, N39403/(ex/ Spanish Air Force, C.6-153) / Addison,TX 14NOV99
AT-6D, N29947/'Spanish Air Force, C.6-178'/'42-85697' / Addison,TX 14NOV99
These were taken at Fort Worth Meacham Int'l Airport (top left) and Addison Airport (just north of Dallas); see my
2015 reports at Vintage Flying Museum (Meacham) and Cavenaugh Flight Museum (Addison).

In March 2011 Gerben again came across N29947 (left, changed colours!) and N101NZ/NZ1079:
Two Texans in Texas


Here are some more propliners & warbirds Gerben rounded up in 1999:
8021Z at Meacham Int'l Airport, 1999
Douglas C-47B N8021Z (43-15978, c/n 20444) at the Vintage Flying Museum in 13NOV99; a little worse for wear I'd say!
I came across N8021Z in much better shape in 2015, nicely restored for display at Fredericksburg,TX!

C-47A N5106X (ex/ 42-32832) 'Hearts of America' (also small titles over the door: 'Praise the Lord').
Photo taken by Gerben at Arlington Airport on 13NOV99. N5106X has c/n 9058.

"The Flagship of Mid America Flight Museums Collection is without question our DC-3 'Sky King'.
This aircraft bearing registration number N5106X with a military serial number of 4232832, is believed to be the most historically documented combat aircraft of WWII flying in the world today!
Hard to believe such a National Treasure is based in Mt. Pleasant Texas!
Scott Glover wrote: "I bought the plane from Rodney Debaun on 04Aug2000 and built a grass strip and hangar for it (XS70) in Mt. Pleasant Texas. A second new engine has recently been installed, and the aircraft is currently undergoing restoration including a paint job that will be representative of the way it looked on D-Day.
The aircraft has just over 18.000 flight hours on the airframe." - Feb.2016


Convair CV640-340D N3407 probably as 'a future project' in mind (13Nov1999, Meacham IAP)

Beech18 N197L
Beech 18 ('KR-411'/'JRB-6' - 'Navy Dallas') N197L - Ft Worth-Meacham IAP,TX 13NOV99
Name written under that cockpit is: 'Capt. Starr Krottinger'

And a 'various' of all types and ages!
Warbirds in Texas, 1999
Clockwise: Bücker Jungmann C.1.131E, N131DW/'E.3B-492/D+W' / Dallas-RedBird,TX 14NOV99
Spitfire LF.VIIIc, N719MT/'MT719/YB-J' - Addison,TX 14NOV99
OV-10A Bronco, 68-3799/SR (20TASS,507TACW 'Raven') - Ft Worth-Meacham,TX 13NOV99
Hawker Hunter F.58, N58HH/'J-4097' (ex/ Swiss Air Force) - Ft Worth-Meacham,TX 13NOV99


In March 2011 Gerben was again in the area and went again on the 'warpath for warbirds'!

B-25 Pacific Prowler
B-25J Mitchell WW2 bomber, named 'Pacific Prowler' (2011)
I think this is N1042B, found it reg'd 24Jan2014 to William S. Glover of Mt. Pleasant,TX (as a B-25N, mfr 1986!)
Elsewhere I found the c/n: 108-34098, and manufactured in 1944 (that is more like it!)

It seems this B-25 also found its way to (William?) Scott Glover's base at Mt.Pleasant,TX; from the website:
"The North American B-25, now named 'God And Country', is one of 41 B-25s that is airworthy in the world.
The B-25 Mitchell Bomber was made famous on the daring Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, which took place on 19Apr1942.
The B-25 Bomber went on to become the most versatile medium bomber of World War II, seeing combat in every theater of operation.
God And Country is a 'J'-model North American B-25 Mitchell, and was built in 1944 at North American's Kansas City plant and was accepted for service in the AAF in early 1945 - which was too late to see combat.
She came out of storage in 1946, and beginning in 1949, served as VIP transport in the new US Air Force until 1958 when she experienced a gear-up landing and was declared as salvage.
She was bought in 1962 by Tallmantz Aviation of Long Beach, CA and began the next chapter of her life as a photo ship for Hollywood!
Pacific Prowler has participated in over 80 Hollywood feature films!"

Information on Tallmantz' Hollywood operation on my website: HERE...
Another informative website on the 'Pacific Prowler':


Gerben Groothuis, propliners & warbirds - 2011
Douglas A-26 Invader, named 'Hard to Get'; that would make it A-26C N7705C (44-35710)
It belongs to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum at Addison,TX - pity I did not see it upon my visit to Addison in 2015!
For years it operated in the Netherlands, by Historic Invader Aviation (owned at the time by Richard Nivo) and I
photographed it in 1999 at Schiphol; 'Hard to Get' left for the USA during the summer of 2001 and was offered
for sale for US$ 595.000 (registered N7705C).

Gerben Groothuis, propliners & warbirds - 2011
Douglas C-49J '41-6531/T9' N87745; I photographed it at Meacham Field too, on 22Nov15

Gerben Groothuis, propliners & warbirds - 2011
Douglas C-47 '320401/C8' 'Mr.C - It's Tuesday'
The Cavanaugh Flight Museum (Addison,TX - website) is the owner and operator of this Douglas C-47 Skytrain
It is registered N33VW (ex/ N12RB) and has c/n 20401.
I believe to belonged to (Branson's) Vintage Air Tours (1992-1995).
I came across N33VW in 1998, when it was owned by Vintage Wings & Things, at Oshkosh. Visit that page for its history.

Gerben Groothuis, propliners & warbirds - 2011
Douglas C-47 '2100903 / F' and an unidentified DC-3 next to it
On the right is N141JR (C-47A c/n 19366) of which I have the previous identities as: 42-100903 NC57278 CF-CUC C-FCUC
N141JR arrived here on 19Mar2010. I have another interesting note in my files: ' Ln 24May08 @Gainesville,TX
with tail missing, owner R.F.Diver." During the 1990s N141JR was operated by Rhoades Int'l ( Columbus,IN).
More details on my 2015 Vintage Flying Museum report

Gerben Groothuis, propliners & warbirds - 2011
A true and impressive warbird, the Consolidated B-24 Liberator (0l' 927)
For several decades the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) has been operating this Consolidated LB-30 Liberator.

40-2366 Diamond Lil (formerly Ol' 927) - Commemorative Air Force (B-24/B-29 Squadron) in Addison,TX
This B-24 is number 18 off the assembly line, and is one of a handful of surviving early-war aircraft.
Most notable about this aircraft is that it is the only surviving 'A'-model of the B-24, as the 'A' was critically under-armed and under-armored.
From the Commemorative Air Force's page on Diamond Lil: "On a training flight from Eagles Nest Airport,NM, prior to its delivery to England, AM-927 experienced a landing accident. The damage was major enough that the aircraft had to be returned to San Diego for repairs. The plane was deleted from the order to be shipped to England and was converted to a transport aircraft.
This was to be the prototype for the C-87 transport and AM-927 served as a flying test bed for further development of important B-24 features, such as modifying the control surfaces to help with lighter control forces for the pilots. For this reason, Diamond Lil was spared from the slaughter in Europe.
In 1971, she was painted in the colors of the 98th BG and given the name Diamond Lil.
During 2006-2007 the aircraft was reconfigured back to her B-24A/LB-30B roots and was given the Ol 927 nose art.
In April of 2012, she was renamed back to Diamond Lil.
The aircraft was involved in a nose-gear collapse upon landing at Charlotte-Douglas Airport in North Carolina on 26May2012. Damage was minimal and none of the 16 aboard were injured.
She was featured in the film 'Beautiful Dreamer' (2006)."

A website to check on Diamond Lil's flying program is probably:

Gerben Groothuis, propliners & warbirds - 2011
deHavilland C-7B N149HF, 'US Army 24149' (62-4149 61AvnCo); at Addison,TX (2011).
It was bought early-2008 by the Cavanaugh Air Museum and ferried in on 06Mar08.

Notes from my (webmaster, RL) database:
C-7B was registered to Patrick M. Murphy in Feb98 as, N9249Q, ex/Westair Int'l and Ex/USAF 62-4149.
Sighted at Los Angeles-LGB on 14Mar98; expected to be ferried to Australia, but instead went to Catalina Flying Boats (15dec98). Reported on 06Jul99 at Bear Creek-Tara Field,GA.
Then acquired by Vanderwall Aircraft LLC, rereg'd N149HF. But on 13Oct2000 still at Tara Field,GA.
Reportedly filed IFR fltplan on 08Mar03 to fly Tara Field to Titusville,FL. Operated by Army Aviation Heritage Foundation.
In 2007 (?) for sale on Jul07, asking $295.000.
Reg'd 01Nov07 as N149HF to 42F LLC (of Nemo,SD). New owner name by the name of Wally Fisk.
Reg'd 05May08 to Cavanaugh Air LLC.


Gerben Groothuis, propliners & warbirds - 2011
Grumman HU-16D (G-111) Albatross, N7027Z (c/n 384, ex/ BuNo.137911); at Addison,TX (2011).
Reg'd 16Mar09 to Cavenaugh Air Museum, Addison,TX.

Gerben Groothuis, propliners & warbirds - 2011
'Heinkel He.111' (actually a CASA 2.IIIB) NX99230/'9K+FZ' at Addison,TX (2011) - one I missed on my 2015 visit!

Gerben Groothuis, propliners & warbirds - 2011
A 1944 Stinson AT-19 (V77) Reliant, 'DH549'/N5490N (77-473); reg'd 03Aug91 to David A. Hughes (Keller,TX)
In the background you can see where it is located: at the Vintage Flying Museum (which is at Ft.Worth-Meacham Field).

Gerben Groothuis, propliners & warbirds - 2011
Piaggio P.136-L1 N40025; I found it have been reg'd on 13Aug2012, but its registry had expired since.
Since this photo was taken in 2011, I suppose it was registered to a new owner in 2012, to Charlyn R. Hospers, but
nothing much was done with it (a failed restoration to airworhtiness, perhaps?).
On the FAA N-inquiry website I found it c/n 216 and its year of manufacture to be 1956.
The hangar it is seen in makes me assume this is also at the Vintage Flying Museum, at Meacham Int'l Airport,TX.

Gerben Groothuis, propliners & warbirds - 2011
And this Sabre jet must also have been at the Vintage Flying Museum, but it wasn't when I was there! MY VISIT
North American F-86F Sabre N8630 / ex/ Bolivian FAB-658 (probably ex/ 52-4689)
This website was very helpful: though it isn't certain if it was initially operated by the
Venezuelan Air Force ( Fuerza Aerea Venezolana, s/n 52-4689). 1985-1994 Fuerza Aerea Boliviana with s/n 658.
March 1994: Recovered by Dixie Air Parts, San Antonio,TX. Reg'd 04Aug95 as N8630. By Oct95 stored @Arlington,TX.
In 1995 to Texas Air Command Museum Inc, Fort Worth-Meacham Field,TX. On 23Feb2011 cancelled from Registry.
Nigel Aylmer wrote in Feb.2016: "That F86 N8630 is still in the storage hangar at Meacham Field, unrestored;
I was told upon my visit in Jan.2016 it may have been sold. It's not the one at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum, btw!"


The area (Addison for the Cavanaugh Flight Museum and Meacham IAP for the Vintage Flying Museum was revisited in Oct.2011
Gerben's Propliners and Warbirds
The Curtiss Warhawk in stages of undress.. (Addison,TX 2011)
Curtiss-Wright P-40 Warhawk, NL40PN / P-8104
I have the previous identities as: 44-7369, N94500, C-GTGR.

Gerben's Propliners and Warbirds
Douglas EA-1E Skyraider (AD-5W) N65164/'135152/HA-152' (c/n 10229); see my 2015 report: now coded 'GE-703'!

And onto Meacham Int'l Airport for the Vintage Flying Museum (see my 2015 report):
B-17 Chuckie
B-17G Flying Fortress, N3701G (44-8543) 'Chuckie'; history on see below

N3701G Serial : 44-8543

Model(s): B-17G / TB-17G / ETB-17G / JTB-17G Flying Fortress
Name: Chuckie (later renamed Madras Maiden, see relevant further down)
Last info: 2013

Manufactured by Lockheed-Vega, Burbank CA
Delivered to USAAF as 44-8543.
- BOC: October 16, 1944.
- SOC: May 1959.
- Allocated to Cheyenne Modification Center, WY, October 1944.
- Transferred to Domestic Project 50A, November 1944
- Transferred to 4142nd AAF Base Unit (Air Technical Service Command), Patterson AAF, OH, September 1945.
-- Designated TB-17G.
- Transferred to 4000th AAF Base Unit (Air Materiel Command), Patterson AAF, January 1946.
- Loaned to Honeywell, Minneapolis, MN. November 1946.
- Transferred to 4152nd AF Base Unit (AMC), Clinton County AFB, OH, June 1948.
- Transferred to 2760th Air Base Group (AMC), Clinton County AFB, OH, March 1949.
-- Designated as ETB-17G.
- Transferred to 2750th Air Base Wing (AMC), Wright-Patterson AFB OH, September, 1949.
- Transferred to HQ Air Research and Development Command, Wright-Patterson AFB, Oh, April 1951.
- Transferred to Wright Air Development Center (ARDC), Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, January 1952.
- Leased to Federal Telecommunications Laboratory, Westchester MAP, NY, December 1952.
- Leased to Federal Telecommunications Laboratory, Teterboro AP, NJ, April 1957.
-- Designated as JTB-17G.
- Transferred to Arizona Aircraft Storage Branch (AMC), Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ, January 1959.
- Dropped from inventory as surplus, May 1959.
American Compressed Steel, Cincinatti, OH, August 18, 1959-1960.
- Registered as N3701G.
Aero American Corp, Tucson, AZ, May 9, 1960-1961.
Albany Building Corp, Fort Lauderdale, FL, February 6, 1961.
- Operated by Leroy Brown, hauling freight, Bahama, 1961.
John B. Gregory, Fort Lauderdale, FL, May 15, 1962.
Donthan Aviation Corp, Dothan, AL, March 7, 1963-1979.
- Flew as sprayer.
- Damaged during fire-ant dusting, Cordele, GA, August 17, 1976.
William D. Hospers/Vintage Flying Museum, Fort Worth, TX, October 4, 1979-2010.
- Restored to airworthy status.
- Flew as 48543/Chuckie.
Gerald Yagen/Military Aviation Museum, Virginia Beach, VA, October 2010-2013.
- Fitted with chin turret and other military equipment.
Tillamook Air Museum, Tillamook, OR, 2013.
./end quote

The Erickson's B-17G named 'Chuckie', after the previous owner's wife, saw the move to Madras offering an opportunity for a name change: 'Madras Maiden'. SEE MY 2014 VISIT TO MADRAS!


Gerben Groothuis wrote me after reading my 2015 Galveston - Lone Star Museum report.
He wrote:"I enjoyed your photos & report of your recent trip to Texas. I have visited this particular aviation museum in Gaveston three times.
The first time was in 2004, so quite a bit earlier before that fateful day when Hurricane Ike did its destructive work here!
The second time was in Dec.2010 and the museum still showed the effects of that 2008 storm. They had to change a lot to deal with all that damage they'd suffered.
The last time I visited was in Aug.2012.
Nice to see you noted yet again other gems in the collection!

Here are a few results from the 2004 visit:
Warbirds at Galveston by Gerben Groothuis (2004)
Lockheed C-60A Lodestar, 'N43' (N43WT (42-56072) US Navy m/s); Photos by Friends & Guests (44) shows larger image
<Michael Bludworth added here:"... the museum wanted the engines of that Lodestar for their B-17.">
Supermarine Spitfire, N97RW ('TE392/ZX-Z'). Is it the same now on display at RAF Leeming,UK: ???
Lockheed P-38L Lightning, N9005R/44-53095); history I found on Geoff Goodall's website
TB-58A Hustler, 0668. Perhaps 'YN-58, 55-0668 (conv. tot TB-58) preserved at in Arkansas at Little Rock AFB'; see HERE
Michael Bludworth added:"that TB-58 at Lone Star was the one used as a chase plane for the XB-70; it came
down from the SW Aerospace Museum in Ft. Worth after it was closed."

Notes from the Webmaster,RL
In Peter J. Marson's Air-Britain publication 'The Lockheed Twins' I found some additional information.
First about Lockheed P-38 Lightning, N9005R:
P-38L (8350) 44-53095 - ex/ FAH-506 Bob Bean Acft 02Feb60. William Ross Enterprise Inc (1970).
To Lone Star Flight Museum, Galveston,TX.
Googling I found on the following:
"P-38L NL38TF was delivered to the US Army Air Corps as 44-53095. Its construction number is 422-8351.
It was modified as a two-pace P-38M night fighter. After the war it was purchased by R. A. Wardell and R. W. Martin of Jacksboro,OR in 1946 and registered as NL67745.
It was acquired by the Fuerza Aerea Hondurena as FAH503 and was later assigned FAH506.
It was struck off charge by the Fuerza Aerea Hondurena in 1960. Bob Bean Aircraft of Blythe, California acquired it on 02Feb1960 and registered it as N9005R.
William Ross of Elk Grove Village,IL bought it in 1969 and flew it as 453095 Der Gabelshwanz Teufel.
Robert L. Waltrip and Air-SRV of Houston,TX acquired it in Nov86 and sold it to the Lone Star Flight Museum in 1988.
It was damaged in an accident at Galveston, on 04May97.
It flew as Putt Putt Maru #100. Tom Blair of Kissimee,FL bought it in 2007.
It has been registered to Commanche Fighters LLS of Houston,TX since 06Nov2008. It flies as Thoughts of Midnight #120."

For c/n 18-2565 I found an extensive history in Peter Marson's 'Lockheed Twins' (published Air-Britain, 2001):
C-60A - USAAF 42-56972 17Aug1943. To Dallas, Mod Center for AAF Training Command, RFC 14 May1945.
Ferried Bush Field.GA to Miami,FL in June 1946.
Sold by WAA to Mason & Dixon Line 05Jun46 as NC66076, tf Mason-Dixon Airlines Inc, 22Jul46.
Converted civil variant 18-50 by Joseph Capece & N Y Webb.
Probably to C-804 Cia Trasandina SA, ret Jean Model as NC66076 29Nov47, reconverted to 18-56 01Dec47.
To Miranda Bros Trading Corp 02Dec47, E-16647 16Dec47 to ZS-DAZ (same owner).
To Bell Aviation South Africa (Pty) Ltd 13Aug48.
Stored Blackbushe,UK Nov48-May49 at least.
Sold Saudi Arabian Airlines as SA-AAH, but never delivered. Stored Gatwick,UK.
Sold by Govt of Saudi Arabia to Peter D. Freytag c/o American Aircraft Corp as N17A, 18Dec51.
Delivered as SA-AAH to USA via Prestwick 21Dec51.
Combs-Hayden Avn Co 01Feb52, Manley Aviation 26Sep52, to Combs-Hayden Aviation Company 12Aug53, tf Mountain States Aviation Inc 12Aug53, J.C. Dozier 30Sep53, Aircraftco [sic] Inc 04Apr56, Mechanical Products Inc 30Apr56, Ray Smith Transport Company 23Oct56, rereg'd N43RS 28Dec56.
To Blake C. Tucker dba Blake Tucker & Company 17Jun66, Robert B. Payne & William M. Peyton 12Dec66, Web Thomas Acft Sales Inc 24Feb71, rereg'd N43WT 21Aug71.
To Alexander C. & Robert C. Sweet dba Flying Circle Enterprises 03May72, John S. Matthews 23Nov83.
Seized by City of Zephyr Hills, Pasco County, Florida for drug smuggling prior 23May85!
To Kermit A. Weeks 05Dec87, Can Am Capital Corp. 11Oct89, rereg'd N107CA 03Jan90.
Stored Zephyr Hills,FL Mar90, still as N43WT.
Registry cancelled Apr96 'at owners request'.
Current at Lone Star Flight Museum,TX as BuAer'29626', US Navy c/s.
Reg'd Texas Aviation Hall of Fame 17Nov98.
The reference book 'Survivors' by Roy Blewett (Gatwick Aviation Society, 2005) showed 18-2565 at Galveston,TX
I also found: Chris Kennedy on Aero Visuals (26Oct2010): "I don't know if it belongs to the museum or should be a separate listing, but there is an aircraft fuselage at 29 16 26.67 N 94 51 23.74 W. It looks like it might be a PV-2 or one of the similar models."
This website (2012) has:"After being hit by Hurricane Ike in Galveston, the plane was pushed off to the side of the runway for a few years. The Lodestar had been completely submerged in salt water from the hurricane storm surge (about 12ft of water!). It went through several owners after the storm and finally it was hauled to a local scrap yard where I (Jason Barnett; 'carlisle1926' WIX forum) stumbled upon it."
When I checked the WIX forum I found a thread about the festive opining of art work, titled 'Waddy's Wagon', done by Jason Barnett, commemorating a B-29 named 'Waddy's Wagon' which flew in the Pacific (20th Air Force, 73rd Bomb Wing, 497th Bomb Group, 869th Bomb Squadron) and was lost with its crew on 09Jan1945, while escorting another B-29 back from a bombing raid on Japan."
And during that occasion Jason told: "The nose art is done on material from an airplane that was scrapped. I used a section of the roof from the badly damaged Lockheed Lodestar that I once had. It has yielded a LOT of art pieces."
The subject here, the artwork, can be seen on my visit to the Lone Star Galveston Museum (2015). A photo of Lodestar N43WT in its prime see Photos by Friends & Guests page 44 (Gerben Groothuis & Michael Bludworth).

Jason added (25Jul16): "Lockheed C-60 N43WT was destroyed by Hurricane Ike in 2008. The wings, entire tail surfaces, and engines had already been removed long before the hurricane.
I was told the plan was for the new owner, who had purchased the plane some time before Hurricane Ike struck, was to truck the fuselage to a new home about 100miles away; but the hurricane destroyed it before that happened. Oonly the wings and other parts had already been trucked out.
I bought the horribly beat up remains and later cut it up to make artwork pieces such as the subject of this thread. It was a sad ending for such a neat plane, but it lives on as artwork now in a lot of homes, offices and museums."

Gerben wrote: "after my first visit here in 2004, I visited again in Dec.2010. The museum still showed the effects of that 2008 storm, Hurricane Ike. They had to change a lot to deal with all that damage they'd suffered."

PV-2D restored from storm damage
Lockheed PV-2D 37634; history of this warbird can be found on My 2015 Galveston visit
The reference book 'Survivors' by Roy Blewett (Gatwick Aviation Society, 2005) showed N6655D
at Tucson,AZ but c/n 15-1600 (same aircraft!) in the index at Galveston,TX - maybe it changed home around that time.

Gerben's Propliners & Warbirds: Lone Star Museum
The imposing TB-58A Hustler also suffered damages when a great flood rushed into the museum.
I did not see it upon my 2015 visit to the Lone Star (Galveston) Museum, perhaps sold to generate funding for repairs.
Could this be 'YN-58, 55-0668 (conv. tot TB-58) preserved at in Arkansas at Little Rock AFB'; see HERE
Michael Bludworth added:"that TB-58 at Lone Star was the one used as a chase plane for the XB-70; it
came down from the SW Aerospace Museum in Ft. Worth after it was closed."

Gerben's Propliners & Warbirds: Lone Star Museum
The famous B-25J Mitchell WW2 bomber, (N333RW) '02344' 'Doolittle Raiders'.

Gerben's Propliners & Warbirds: Lone Star Museum
Consolidated 28-5A Canso A, N68740 (c/n 407)
I've read somewhere that it may also have been sold and will change owner somewhere in 2016

Gerben's Propliners & Warbirds: Lone Star Museum
Since the 1990s this PB4Y-2 N3739G has been with the Lone Star Museum, but upon my visit in Nov.2015 I
found it being disassembled for transport to the Pima Air Museum in Arizona, where its arrival soon after was confirmed.
There is another image, taken in 2012, further down this page.

Since the 1990s this PB4Y-2 N3739G has been with the Lone Star Museum, but Pima Air Museum
The top two, Beech AT-11 Kansan and the Cessna Bobcat are described on my 2015 page.
N75272 is a Boeing-Stearman N2S-5 / PT13D Kaydet; in 2015 I noticed its engine was again in place.
'ANG 04566' is a North-American SNJ-6 Texan; Joe Baugher's website showed:'ex/ USAAF 42-85493 (c/n 88-17274) to civil registry as N777WS; registration N566TX reserved 18Jul2008, taken up 20Aug2008.' When I checked FAA's
N-inquire database (22Feb2016) I found N566TX reg'd 01Feb2008 to Texas Aviation Hall of Fame.



And on 31Jul12 Gerben again visited the Lone Star Museum at Galveston; here are some of the images he sent along.

PB4Y Privateer at Lone Star Galveston
Since the 1990s this PB4Y-2 N3739G/'C30' has been with the Lone Star Museum, but upon my visit in Nov.2015 I
found it being disassembled for transport to the Pima Air Museum in Arizona, where its arrival soon after was
confirmed. There is another image, taken in 2011, on this webpage (scroll upwards).

A-26 Invader
A beautiful shot of Douglas A-26 Invader, serial 41-39359; it is named 'Miss Million Airess'.

Gerben's 'Propliners and Warbirds'
Boeing Stearman PT-17 (N2S-5) Kaydet, N450TG (Serial No. 75-8665). Registry on N-inquiry found unknown (23Feb16)
TF-51D Mustang, NL4151D/(FASalv 404)/'42-106805/CS-F'; 'Galveston Gal' - its sad fate described on my page HERE..
'T-6G'/(SNJ-5) Texan, N566TX/(Bu85053)/'50-4566 TX ANG'
Cavalier T.2, NL20TF/'44-63187/WZ-Y'/(FABol521)


Gerben found himself in the opportunity to visit the Finnish Aviation Museum (Suomen Ilmailumuseo)
in Helsinki, on 05Oct2015. [Wikipedia & Website museum]
DC-3A OH-VKB (c/n 1975)
See a 1972 image by Fred Barnes on my Photos by Friends & Guests (45)

L.18 Lodestar OH-VKU
Lockheed L.18-07 Lodestar OH-VKU ; that contraption built over it must be for some sort of electronic surveillance
This 18-56 Lodestar has c/n 2006 and was manufactured in 1940.

Convair CV440 OH-LRB
Convair CV440 OH-LRB (c/n 73)


Soon after, on 19Oct2015, Gerben took a peek at Pontiac-Oakland County Airport and spotted these three propliners

N151FL CV580
Convair CV580 N151FL, operated by the IFL Group
In my database I have notes dating back to the early 1990s of c/n 51: N5810 Richmor Aviation (converted
Convair 340-38), operated by Westates Airlines; in storage area at Kelowna,BC ('basic TWA'c/s) Jul96;
rereg'd for IFL Group/Contract Air Cargo as N151FL on 30jul98. Noted at London,ONT on 04Aug02, probably
on carparts cargo flight. Then on Detroit/Pontiac as 'looking airworthy' on ..Sep03.
And again at London, Ontario on 22Jun05.

N7813B/(53-7813) C-131B
Convair C-131B N7813B/(53-7813; c/n 265); it is obviously stored here.
My notes stated 'stored at Pontiac, noted there on 16Jul08 as 'wfu', but with Gulf & Caribbean Cargo-titles'.

Convair C-131F N8149P (ex/ BuNo.141009; c/n 292); also owned by the IFL Group but I came across
N8149P when it was operated for the Beaufort County Council, as a sprayer! See MY REPORT, visit to
'Frogmore Int'l Airport' in South Carolina




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