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On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.

With the ever growing popularity of Social Media (Flickr, Facebook, Instagram) the barrier has become much lower for people to share their photographs or scans of slides; imperfection to post aviation images is no longer an issue.
I noticed a decline in requests for publication on my website (a decline I welcome, as I struggle with the workflow) on my 'Guest Pages', so now some of these images shared below will be copied from Facebook & Flickr by me. For preservation of their historic value as I see it; always with proper credit to the photographer, of course!

Btw, while I am on social media, picking up on aviation news, I use it mainly for other interests while my website remains my main focus to share my interest in vintage aviation.


Martin Forster provided a follow up to my 'find' at El Mirage (Aviation Warehouse) in 2018: "Managed to get some photos from the yard owner of the Neptune 209, but didn’t help identify it.
He did say he’d sell it for US$2000 within the US!"
Neptune 209 at El Mirage, for sale!
More on this and much more on other vintage planes: CALIFORNIA 2018

Sean Keating went to check a venue on my Off-Airport Gallery for its current status.

Sean: "Today (22Jan20) I visited Tulare,CA to confirm the existence of the Aero Dog T-29 as most websites show it as permanently closed. Well, the airplane still exists and the restaurant is now reborn as 'Flying Tacos'!
For more follow the link!

Alfredo Rodriguez? shared some Convair images on Facebook:
"Convair 580 abandoned. Oro Negro airport (SVON/CBS) Cabimas, Zulia state, Venezuela. July 31, 2011."
Convair at Oro Negro Airport, Venezuela.
I tried googling YV-2448 + YV-2446 + YV-2448C + YV-2446C: nil found. Fake registry?
Same, no hits, for googling 'convair oro negro'. Hence a candidate for my Help Identify Plane Mysteries!

DC-6 HK-3530X on display in Puerto Colombia; by Fred Streep 12-2019
Fred Streep shared images of DC-6 HK-3530X (c/n 43672) in Puerto Colombia with me, after a visit on 21Dec2019.
For more see my gallery Off-Airport Latin Americas.

Kenneth Swartz shared this photo with me of stored & derelict N287F 'Lynden Air Cargo' at Abbotsford.
The photo was taken on 21Aug06
L.188 N287F derelict at Abborsford, by Ken Swartz
I came across a tailsection at Red Deer in Sep.2019, which is probably what remains of N287F...
See also the item on my Plane Identification Mysteries.

Ken spotted this Consolidated Vultee PBY-6A N9825Z in 2016, see also my US Northwest 2014 report!
PBY at Ephrata,WA 2016
What a strange contraption on the cockpit, a searchlight..?

Dirk Septer shared this photo, Shorts SC-7-3M-400 Skyvan N80GB seen at Ft. Lauderdale Int'l Airport (FLL).
Short Skyvan N80GB of GB AirLink, by Dirk Septer (2015)
Short Skyvan N80GB of GB AirLink, by Dirk Septer (2015)
"Always thought those Skyvans to be somewhat odd but interesting. Any idea why their tails are always painted
black or partially painted black?" EMAIL

Dirk shared the following additional info: "c/n SH-1888 - built in 1971 for the Argentine Navy and has been with GB Airlink since 2003; GB Airlink is a small on-demand cargo operator based at FLL operating Shorts Skyvan and Beech 18 Turboliner aircraft, one of the latter also shown but only partially unfortunately.
I shot this photo from inside an aircraft when we landed there in November 2015."

A few notes from my (RL) database: 'N80GB GB Airlink, Ft Lauderdale,FL. Reg'd 17Jan03. Picture in Propliner magazine No.129 (Winter 2012) flying
Is ex/ Argentine Navy (Dlvd June'71). Also ex/ CAE Aviation (LX-ABC; ca.2005).
Reg'd 19Aug19 N190WW for Win Win Aviation (broker of Short Skyvan in US). GB Airways is about to cease operations (late 2019) for retirement, company for sale; operated 3 Twin Beeches + 1 Skyvan out of a warehouse @FLL.

GB-AirLink ceases operations (2019)
Theirs was a rather simple website:

On 05Jan2020 JoeJoe Prince visited Big Lake airport (Alaska) and came across some long-time stored residents...
Twin Beeches N888E and N8062H stored at Big Lake,AK
Twin Beeches N888E and N8062H stored at Big Lake,AK.
On Joejoe's gallery on my website you'll see some summer photos of these and details on these Beech C-45's.

Ken Swartz shared an unidentified Grumman Mallard at B.C.'s Victoria IAP (YYJ) in 2007.
Grumman G-73 Mallard N628SS at YYJ - Ken Swartz 2007

Grumman G-73 Mallard at Victoria IAP-YYJ - (Photo: Ken Swartz, 2007).
A fitting addition to my gallery of Plane Indentification Mysteries! Bill Bailey provided the identity
here: "N628SS c/n J-28, originally N2970, flown by VISS in the US Virgin Islands. It was heavily damaged by Hurricane Hugo in Sep.'89 and it never flew again, It drifted around to various owners
until finally ending up in Victoria in March, 2006."
More on Ken's gallery on my website

Michael Prophet shared a photos of N628SS in better days, from his website
N628SS by Michael Prophet
Michael took this photo at St Thomes,VI in April 1989.

Kenneth Swartz sent me this Jan.2020 update, off to a good start!
"Here's a photo I took of the DC-3 at Victoria IAP (YYJ) in August 2007, of DC-3 N877MG before its restoration.
DC-3 N877MG, by Ken Swartz (2007)

More details on Ken's gallery on my website

Douglas DC-3C (R4D-6) N877MG c/n 20806 is featured many times on my website: e.g. The DC-3 (page 2) +++ in 2010 with Sealand Aviation (incl interior) +++ at Flabob,CA in 2018 +++ Duxford UK 2019 for D-Day 75.


Jerry Vernon kindly forwarded (jan.2020) photos by Eric Lund and details of research into a number of DeHavilland bushplane wrecks which have surfaced on a farm along the Fraser river near Delta,B.C.
DeHavilland wrecks, River Road (B.C.) by Eric Lund (2019)
More on my Searching for Plane Identities (some of the wrecks here have been identified)

Ron Mak noted the updates on a ceased DC-6 'drug runner'in Mexico and shared an earlier photo, of DC-6A TG-TAO.
Photo Ron Mak collection, photo by Petit Pierre-Alain, TG-TAO at Guatamala City, La Aurora Int'l Airport (Feb.1989)

The entire story of DC-6A 'HK-8221X' (in fact HK-3627X) on my vintage propliners by Miguel Angel Rodriguez.

Its present status and location:
DC-6 HK-3627X preserved in Mexico

Wayne Trylinski shared this on Facebook's 'Aviation Wrecks and relics' in Dec.2019; he added: 'C-46 crash at DEWLINE Station CAM 5, Mackar Inlet, NWT 1961.' No date of photo. No credit to photographer.
Curtiss C-46 Commando, crashsite (1961). CF-IHR?
I think I have it identified, see my Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the North

Don McVicar, having earned his Private Pilot's License in 1936, was involved in aviation for over 60 years. He passed away 15Jan97.
In 1982 wrote first novel THE GRASS RUNWAY which tells of how, in 1980, the combination of high OPEC oil prices, an unscrupulous aircraft broker, a coldhearted bank, and a bitching wife forced two honest pilots into a hazardous drug smuggling flight from Colombia S.A. to the U.S.A.
MORE THAN A PILOT, published in 1986 tells of the struggles of his pioneering aviation company, World-Wide Airways Inc. Also gives fascinating accounts of flights accomplished by aviation giants of yesteryear.
I would also recommend the chapter on the DEW Line in Larry Milberry's Air Transport in Canada (Vol.1, Canav), which has extensive mention of Don McVicar plus a great deal of DEW Line aircraft on photos.

Neville Webb explored a crashsite of a Hawker Hurricane on Newfoundland.
Hawker Hurricane crashsite, Newfoundland
RCAF Hawker Hurricane 1359 crashed near Cochrane Pond, Newfoundland, on 15 October 1942.
More on Neville's gallery on my website

Changes in Tucson's landscape of salvage yards...
Anno 2018 the entire lot of Specialized Aircraft Maintenance, north of the road, has been cleared out.
Anno 2018 the entire lot of Specialized Aircraft Maintenance, north of the road, has been cleared out.
More details on my updated Tucson's Salvage Yards (2017).

Sean Keating visited Shafter,CA on 02Dec2019 and came across N396CG
Convair CV240 N396CG, by Sean Keating (2019)
Convair CV240 N396CG (c/n 93), by Sean Keating (2019)
Here at Shafter Todd Schultz has the Convair stored along with a BT-13. Plan is to clean it up and paint the Convair. The interior is original from 1961 but is in need of a good cleaning, new carpet and headliner. Instrument panel is complete as it was when flying. All this while working on a central location to get the entire collection on display.

Convair CV240 N396CG, by Sean Keating (2019)
Sean wrote: 'My records show N396CG last reported at Camarillo, being dismantled for Lost Birds restaurant near LAX. But I found it here on a back lot at Shafter: wings cut off and in rough condition. Except the museum on
the airfield here is rarely open. Photos taken 02Dec.'

Convair CV240 N396CG, by Sean Keating (2019)

Sean continued in a follow-up email: "Remarkable coincidence! I went back to Shafter as the museum was open
one day, 2-4, and when asked the docent knew who owned the Convair so he showed me the Facebook page and a picture of the owner... Then, the owner walked in the door! Couldn't have timed it better.
He came in for a quick visit, to renew his museum membership.
Well, after my introduction we had an hour long chat about propliners, museums and life in general.
Check out for Todd Schultz of Bakersfield,CA and his plans for this museum.
Seems he is looking for more airliners, but very realistic about money; so once he has firmly situated his building, still being negotiated with airport authorities, he may add more to the collection. But not just yet.
The Convair came out of Camarillo just as you see it now, interior is still there but ceiling panels are in bad shape, wing corrosion so bad the upper wing skins were broken away from rivets, no way was it to ever fly again!'

The history of this ConvairLiner has been described in detail on N396CG Convair History and is also depicted on a 1990s photo of mine at Camarillo on my 'CONVAIR PAGE'.

Follow up by Todd: "I have a hangar at Meadows Field (KBFL), where I keep my Howard 250, Siai-Marchetti Riviera, Waco YKS-6 and a couple of other planes. At Shafter I have two aircaft stored. At Bakersfield Mun'l (L45) I keep the PT-23 and Thorp T-18.
The issue at Meadows field is my hangar doesn't have public access for people to drive up and walk in.
I'm waiting for another hangar to come up, which will work much better and I can get all the planes in one place for people to see and give rides."

You'll find more vintage planes on Sean Keating's gallery on my website, such as this one at Bombay Beach (2019)
Arty weathervane at Bombay Beach,CA

Ken Swartz sent me a few 2018 photos taken at Green Lake Seaplane Base (Whistler,BC) Green Lake Water Aerodrome, Whistler, B.C. - by Ken Swartz
DHC-2 C-FJOS (c/n 1030) was reg'd to North Pacific Seaplanes (Prince Rupert,BC) on 13Jan2004 before
it was reregistered on 05Apr13 to Harbour Air (Richmond,BC). It was modified by Harbour Air and fitted
out with an electric engine
! It made a much publicized test hop on 09Dec2019 and a first testflight 10Dec19.
Photos and more details on Neil Aird's


Through Ken I received some great images by Gary Vincent of that fateful day (10Dec19):
<leeg>Magnix DHC-2, the Electric Beaver, by Gary Vincent
Magnix-powered DHC-2, the 'Electric Beaver' C-FJOS, by Gary Vincent.

MagniX is an electric motor manufacturer for electric aircraft, wholly owned by Singapore investor Clermont Group. Headquarters are in Redmond,WA, together with an engineering center; a 2nd engineering center is on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.
The company was founded in 2009 in Australia to do research on the various technologies for electric motors. In 2017 it developed a motor that became their prototype and led to pivoting the company to focus on Electric Aviaiton and move its headquarters to Redmond,WA (USA).
MagniX partnered with Harbour Air to electrify its entire fleet. [Wikipedia, more..]

Magnix DHC-2, the Electric Beaver, by Gary Vincent
A crowd had gathered on the banks of the Fraser River, to witness this historic event.
Gary Vincent is a retired Air Canada/CP Air Captain of Vancouver,BC. Gary has been photographing propliners,
and all other kinds of aircraft, worldwide since 1970. He and Ken have often teamed up for long road trips to California, Texas, Florida and Oshkosh. His photos are on

Magnix DHC-2, the Electric Beaver, by Gary Vincent
A glimpse of the future, I have no doubt. Who can tell me who is at the controls here..? EMAIL

An update on a 2017 item of mine (Photos by Friends & Guests #47), by way of a post on Instagram
C-47 Spooky gunship N514AC on Mallards Landing, Georgia
C-47 'Spooky' gunship N514AC, on Mallards Landing, Georgia. Soon to fly to a new owner!

C-47 Spooky gunship N514AC on Mallards Landing, Georgia
There are and were several C-47s dressed up as 'Spooky', coded 'EN', which are often confused!
This one is N514AC, c/n 26558 (coded 45-927/EN). It's been around here at based at Mallard's Landing, Locust Grove, GA in 2012 and 2013, when registered to Southern Cross Aviation.
Since 28Jul14 it's been reg'd to Collings Foundation in July 2014. By the time of this post, 06Dec19, it still is.

The Instagram post can be found on 'aircraft adventures'
This post was shared on Facebook which resulted in a reply by Allan Vogel/Historic and Classic Aircraft Sales
on 05Dec19: "We have just concluded the sale of this AC 47 Spooky gunship. Engines are now running!"
As yet no details to whom and where!

A few more details on this here 'Spooky'. On FB's Vietnam War Flight Museum (seemingly a previous owner) one
Larry Mueller posted: "She looked good when we were flying her, trashed an engine about 6 years ago (we did put over 150 hours on her in about 3 years prior) ended up being owned by Collings." So engine problems grounded it in 2013.
Larry also wrote (03Dec19): "Just sold to a French man and will be ferried to another field for some major work
and eventually cross the pond." That is exciting news!
Larry referred in his post to one Allen Maxwell, who is with the CAF Gulf Coast Wing of Conroe,TX...

UPDATE 09DEC2019: C-47B sold to France Large (peculiar name?).
Spooky N514AC sold to French owner

In Scramble magazine (#488, Jan.2020) I read an update. The French aviation group concerned is 'D-Day Wings'.
D-Day Wings intend to restore this C-47 and fly it over to France, where it will be based at Caen-Carpiquet.
The intention is to do 'flightseeing' over the D-Day dropzones. Theit C-47 will be painted as 42-92415 'Miss Annabelle Lee', coded J7 as was flown by the 303rd squadron of the 422nd Troop Carrier Group from Fulbeck in southern England.


Brady resident Karl Ritter has donating his 1945 DC-3 ‘Texas Zephyr’ to the Highland Lakes Squadron of the Commemorative Air Force. In July 2018, the Highland Lakes squadron’s beloved ‘Bluebonnet Belle’ crashed
during takeoff. Everyone on the Belle survived, but the plane was destroyed. The ‘Texas Zephyr’ should be
relocated to Burnet sometime next year (2020).
DC-3C 'Texas Zephyr' donated to CAF
Douglas C-47B (cn33441/16693) Ex/ 44-77109 - KP224 - 12905 - conv DC-3C - C-GGJF - C-GSCB - N346AB
Officials believe the 'Texas Zephyr' might have been assigned to the same Royal Canadian Air Force air wing as the 'Bluebonnet Belle' when the two planes were in military service.

History by online aviation database (Nov.2019):
History of DC-3C N346AB, by

In 2014, the late Lt. Col. Dick Cole, the last surviving member of the Doolittle Raid on April 18, 1942, flew in the 'Texas Zephyr' and signed his name on the aircraft’s bulkhead.
Ritter wishes to see the plane restored to its original glory and believes the Highland Lakes squadron is well-suited to the task. The squadron spent thousands of hours restoring the 'Bluebonnet Belle'.
The 'Texas Zephyr' is currently (Nov.2019) at Curtis Airfield in Brady and will require mechanical work before it can be relocated to the Highland Lakes squadron’s hangar. Officials hope that will take place next summer in time for the Bluebonnet Air Show, which is September 26, 2020.

I visited Burnet in 2015 (MY REPORT) but 'Bluebonnet Belle' (N47HL, c/n 27203) was left behind at Oshkosh after the EAA Air Venture of that year due to engine problems.

Updated Ron Mak's gallery on my website with a fine batch of 1970s photos in Bolivia!
B-17  CP-891 at La Paz - by Ron Mak (1973)
B-17 CP-891 at La Paz - by Ron Mak (1973)

Andreas B. Morgner shared this photo with me recently (Oct.2019)
Abandoned C-45 at junkyard in Nome, Alaska

Andreas wrote: "Thought of you when I came across this pic of the Nome, Alaska dump. 
Didn’t know if you had already seen this particular hulk:

Yes, this Beech C-45 was identified and features on my Mystery Planes gallery!

Mike Smyth sent me this photo with hope to get this Convair identified!
'Las Vegas Express' Convair by Mike Smyth

Mike wrote: "I’ve just been looking through your Florida ‘92 page. (Webmaster: referring to CV580 N584PL (c/n 115) of Lincoln Airlines, stored at Opa Locka).
I have been trying to find the identity of the ‘Las Vegas Express’, which was used in the ‘Cannonball Run 2’ film. This seems to have the identical colour scheme, but N584PL flew on after the date when the film was made.. Which would mean that the third ‘engine’ was removed and the ‘plane was restored to flying condition..?
Can you help at all? [EMAIL]

Some helpful information to determine a timeline of sorts:
"The Cannonball Run is a 1981 American comedy film starring Burt Reynolds, Roger Moore, Dom DeLuise, Farrah Fawcett, and an all-star supporting cast.
The film is based on the 1979 running of an actual cross-country outlaw road race beginning in Connecticut and ending in California. It was one of 1981's most successful films at the box office. It was followed by Cannonball Run II (1984), and Speed Zone (1989).
This and the 1984 sequel were the final film appearances of actor Dean Martin." [Wikipedia]

This is from the book The Convairliner Story by J.M.Gradidge (Air-Britain; 1997)
History of Convair cn115
C/n 115 was rereg'd N584PL on 02Jun81, to Air Traffic Service 11Jun82. ATDB shows the latter was an alias
for Interstate Airlines (1981-1988, based in Detroit,MI), which changed to Air Transport Int'l (ATI) and saw
other takeovers, different names, shareholders etc. Not of interest here.
Would an operator facilitate filming with an airworthy aircraft? Perhaps unlikely.

So I searched ‘Las Vegas Express’ in database and came up with: operator: ‘$Fiction’, aircraft: T-29 (CV240)
53-3546, c/n 52-92
and info "wreck reused 12/88-4/89 in Tucson as 'Jet Convair' with titles 'Las Vegas Express' for movie "Cannonball 3" using parts from 707/727"... Fate: scrapped at Davis-Monthan


On a recent photo, published on Propliners Off-Airport Latin America, I found that preserved DC-3 PT-KZF
('SERH') had one or both wings used from DC-3 PT-KYW (both stored for years at Fortaleza).

DC-3 PT-KYW moved to... nowhere?
While I shared this 'find' with Alexandre Avrane ( online aviation database), he replied:
"Wings from PT-KYW were removed in 2004 and apparently fitted to PT-KZF for reuse at Pacatuba. GPS for
Barra Grande is 26 0 S 52 55 W. Visible are the 2 737s, 1 Hansa Jet (?) and fuselagse of PT-AOB, PT-KYW."

Matthew Harris of Cascade Aerospace confirmed to me the L.188 I photographed (CANADA 2019) is C-GYCG.
C-GYCG at Abbotsford,BC
Matthew sent me this photo (insert by me) and wrote: "You would be correct - Although the aircraft is now
owned by Buffalo Airways
" to my query whether this L.188 is C-GYCG. From a distance I did not have a good view.

On my Q&A-page I have an item on DC-3s stored at Fortaleza, Brazil at one time. This post by Ulrich 'Uli' Hoppe
is of interest in that context. The research concerns 2 DC-3s of 5 discussed: "PT-KYW cn34267 is without wing, being slowly restored; it was previously dumped; see" and "PT-KZF cn20244 was moved to Pacatuba for exhibit, now marked 'SERH' (scroll down 60% of page)."
DC-3 at Pacatuba, Brazil by Uli Hoppe
Now we see 'KYW' under the wing of the DC-3 at Pacatuba... For more see my Off-Airport Latin America gallery

Grabbed from Facebook (Bush Planes Alaska) as an update to my ... visit to Fairbanks
DC-3 formerly owned by Roger Brooks, N95460, moved by road in Oct.2019 to Chena Marina (as per comment).
N95460 is Douglas C-47A c/n 20190. I have recorded this DC-3 on various visit, se my 1995 REPORT, and my
2003 REPORT 'Bliss with Brooks'. Does this mean Roger Brooks boneyard is being cleaned out? EMAIL.

Rolf Larsson wrote me Oct.2019: "With reference to the tragic accident of N24DR (Photos by Friends & Guests #58) I am sending two pictures of this CV440 when it was on the Swedish register as SE-CCV and operated by Linjeflyg."
Convair CV440 SE-CCV by Rolf Larsson

Rolf: "SE-CCV was originally flown by SAS as OY-KPD 'Ravn Viking' and sold to Linjeflyg, being ferried Oslo-Fornebu to Stockholm-Bromma on 20Nov1969. By that time I was a Linjeflyg co-pilot and when looking in my logbooks I can see that the first time I flew SE-CCV was on 13Dec1969, between Bromma and Ronneby as LF631.
My last flight in SE-CCV was on 18Jun73, between Visby and Bromma as LF752.
The last flight of SE-CCV in Linjeflyg service was flown on 02Jul73, between Visby and Bromma; total aircraft flying time after this flight was 34675.52 hours.
It was sold to Brascan International Trading Ltd. and ferried Bromma-Reykjavik-Goose Bay-Toronto on 10-11 July 1973.
Swedish registration was cancelled on 13Jul73 and registered CF-GLM in Canada.
The Convair was a nice aircraft to fly, I flew it until I was transferred to the F.28 fleet and later to the Boeing 737; sad to see the accident of this fine aircraft!"



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