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On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I would like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.


Arctic flight operations

Rich Hulina wrote: "Today's "high" was -28 C and the low this morning was -36. Even the pre heater had an attitude this morning chugging out some black smoke. It didn't really want to work either..." (Jan.2013)


BJ Stander (website) wrote me this:
Catalina N427CV

"I photographed the Catalina N427CV doing some flying around Jo'burg - Rand Airport yesterday (28nov12). I was very surprised to see it flying for the first time.
Don’t know if it flew already, but the first time I saw it flying…"

Richard Nash sent this undated (around late-1990s) photo of Lockheed Starliner N974R at Sanford,FL:
Starliner N974R in Florida

Starliner c/n 1040 was delivered to Lufthansa December 1957 as L1649A D-ALAN.
After conversion to freighter it was returned to Lufthansa on 27Jul1960.
It had an 'interesting' career, please read up on it on:
Anno 2012 it is preserved on Florida with the Fantasy of Flight Museum; a nice selection of photos at various stages of N974R's career can be found on

Parts of this aircraft were used to restore the Lufthansa Starliner Project in Auburn,ME

See also on my website Vintage Aviation Recollections by Richard Nash

Gary P. Bell wrote me in nov.2012:
"I saw your write-up on the DH Otter CF-ODQ (Red Lake 2007) and thought you might appreciate these pics from Lillebelle Lake, Cochrane, Ontario (the Cochrane water base for the Ontario Department of Lands & Forests), taken in November 1957.
So this was about 17 months after the plane was delivered to the Ontario Air Service.
The pics were taken by my dad, John G. Bell, who was a forester with L&F.
That's my mom, my brother and me (the short one) in the picture. Enjoy!"
Otter DHC-3 CF-ODQ 1947

Lars Opland sent me this (undated) photo of Waco UIC N13409, seeing I had seen it partly disassembled at the Lake Hood Museum last summer.

The photo shows NC13409 still at Wasilla's Transportation Museum

More photos of Lars Opland's collection see HERE...

Terry Fletcher sent me some photos after a 2012 visit to the Tillamook aviation museum in Oregon,USA

Mini-Guppy N422AU
Aero Spacelines 377MG Mini-Guppy, N422AU (cn 15937)

PBY-5A preserved at Tillamook
Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina, NX2172N / 46522 (cn 1886)

DC-3 N56V at Tillamook
Douglas C-47B N56V (cn 16405/33153)
Most of the collection relocated in 2014 to Madras, see MY VISIT TO ERICKSON AIRCRAFT COLLECTION

Bellanca Aircruiser N2191K
Bellanca 66-75 Aircruiser, N2191K (cn 721)

Fairchild N3779C
Fairchild GK-1 (24W-40) N3779C (cn W40-171)

Another excellent aviation museum in Oregon is in nearby McMinnville, see my 2012 report

Dennis Fisher sent me these: "Here are two photos I took, likely at Edmonton Municipal Airport".

DC-4 CF-QIX Air Commonwealth

DC-4 CF-QIX Air Commonwealth

Larry Westin's photopage showed the following information:
"Douglas C-54A-5-DO Skymaster, delivered to the USAF on March 25, 1944, serial number 42-107457, c/n 7476, line no. DO84. Later to the US Navy as Navy Bureau Number 39179. After the end of WWII, this airplane was sold to Colonial Airways as 'Skycruiser America' N93267 in 1947.
Taken over by Eastern on June 1, 1956, then sold to PSA in June 1956, to Mercer Enterprises in 1962 and based at Burbank still with Colonial paint scheme.
To Arctic Coop of Canada as CF-QIX, then C-FQIX in 1969, to Air Commonwealth, then later Aero Trades Western.
Then damaged beyond repair Jun 1, 1979 at Thompson, Manitoba when an engine caught fire after takeoff!
Plane landed with engine still on fire and plane was consumed by fire."

Following was learned from (
Air Commonwealth Alberta was short-lived: 1969-1970. It had a fleet of DC-3s to its name: C-47A CF-DXO (cn 12437), C-47A CF-UZA (cn 19028), C-47A CF-KAZ (cn 19345), C-47B CF-PIK (cn 27202). Plus one DC-4 / C-54A CF-QIX (cn 7476).
Keir Air ((1967 - 1969) was renamed / merged into Air Commonwealth.

Rolf Larsson sent me this in oct.2012: "When looking through my DC-6/C-118 pictures I found this C-118 which was pictured at Opa Locka on 10 March 1986.
I am sure I had the identity somewhere, but it has been lost somewhere in the cyberspace; there is no visible identity on the aircraft.
Perhaps publication of the picture on your website can be of help to reveal its identity.
The picture was taken by my friend Tommy Lakmaker."
Unidentified DC-6/C-118 at Opa Locka 1986

By posting a request for help on the Classic-Propliners (Yahoo) forum, this mystery was quickly resolved:
Paul van de Horst replied:
"I have a photo of a C-118 with a similar (I believe non-standard) window configuration, taken at Houston in october 1987.
Registration is N64695. All the antennae are the same as in Tommy Lakmaker's photo. Also, I can find no differences in what paint their is on this aircraft.
At the time N64695 was owned by Ken Clary of Clary Aircraft Services for trading purposes and he was trying to sell it."

Alexandre Avrane, of, provided a link to a photo on
Caption with that photo, by Gerard Helmer, provided a detailed history:
'N64695 (cn 44635/573). Delivered as 53-3264 to the US Air Force before it was re-registered N64695.
It belonged to the Trident Technical College in Charleston, SC and was stored there for some years before it was made operational again.
The special windows in the left front fuselage might have had to do something with its stay with this college.
Shortly after this picture was taken it was re-registered N66TR before it went to Kenya as 5Y-SJP in 1994.
It was seen in 2003 at Lokichoggio, Kenya without props.'

Dick Gilbert sent a photo in 2007, taken by Rajesh Shah, of N66TR at Lokichoggio (Kenya) in deplorable condition. See Photos by Friends & Guests (10)

CV580 (c/n 318) is currently (nov.2012) in Guatemala City undergoing repairs after an eventful landing...
On the photo one can see repairs to the top of the fuselage: this the result of a right prop blade entering the lower right hand side and exiting though the roof! No injuries thank goodness!

CV580 N171FL of IFL Group undergoing repairs

A selection of photos of N171FL can be found on

Here's some history as I have it in my files: since '59 in continued service with Ford Motor Company (tail N300K) and dec94 sold to IFL Group (N330K); sold to Contract Air Cargo during 1995, reconfig pax to cargo, rereg'd N171FL (1995).
The airline was established and started operations in 1983 and is wholly owned by the IFL Group.
Contract Air Cargo on Wikipedia.

Dirk Septer wrote me and sent this photo 08Nov12: "N877MG just before leaving Campbell River, BC (CYBL ) for home at Historical Flight Foundation, after two and a half year rebuild at Sealand Aviation."

N877MG at Campbell River
I came across N877MG once more, at Flabob airport in California; see MY CALIFORNIA 2018 page 2 REPORT.
And see my D-DAY 75 (2019) REPORT, Daks over Duxford in which N877MG participated too.

For more history on this historic transport see my visit to Campbell River's Sealand Aviation in 2010.

For more photos by Dirk Septer on my website see HERE and HERE


Mike Clayton forwarded this update and photo by Merv Prime to me (Oct.2012): PK-GDC sep.2012
Merv Prime (photo) reported the following, kindly forwarded to me by Mike Clayton (Oct.2012):
"The aircraft (C-47A c/n 20041) was moved over the weekend of 1st / 2nd September from Armadale to Amelup (north of Albany), in the Stirling Ranges, where it will be restored and act as an attraction outside the Lily Dutch Windmill restaurant / accommodation complex. See the photo of the aircraft on arrival at Amelup."


Vince Yonemitsu wrote me on Oct.2012: " A guy I know saw this wreck while hunting in Ontario; do you know what kind of plane it is? Its location is north of Thunder Bay, crashed sometime before 1988 as there is a date someone scratched into it. Near a lake, maybe a forced landing on the ice…?"
Twin Beech wreck near Thunder Bay
For more details on this aircraft and other wrecks see Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the North

Wreck PBY Catalina near Tofino, BC
Jason Pineau published this beautiful photo on his Flickr account (link) and added following information:
" PBY Canso from World War II. Parked on the side of a hill near Tofino, BC. "

More on this and other wrecks, see my page Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the North

Dirk Septer took this fine photo at Ketchikan on 25June2012:
DHC-2 N67671 at Ketchikan
deHavilland DHC-2 N67671 (c/n 489) of Pacific Airways; reg'd since 01Feb06 to Radial Power Enterprises.
More of these at Ketchikan, and of other roamings, see Dirk Septer's page

Transavia DC-6B at Amsterdam's Schiphol on 23Aug1968.
DC-6 PH-TRE Transavia 1968

Ron compiled its history:
N5118V DC-6B c/n 44118 Pan American delivered on 03Apr1954, 'Clipper John Alden'.
TF-LLB Loftleider bought it 09Mar1961.
PH-TRE Transavia (leased) 24Apr1968.
TF-LLB Transavia rereg'd in 1969 as PH-TRE for Transavia.
Rereg'd Feb.1969 asTF-AAH for Flughjalp, bought Oct.1969.
TF-AAH to Joint Church Aid, leased Oct.1969.
FAP-379 for Fuerza Aerea Peru, delivered to Peru, donated July 1970.
Declared 'w.f.u.' and stored in Aug.1970
[Info from Piston Engine Airliner Production List, TAHS]

Ron Mak's propliners showcase on this website HERE...

Fred de Ruiter visited Sacramento, 17Aug12 and noticed the stored fleet of Aero Union parked here.
Aero Union P-3s stored Sacramento

On July 29, 2011 the U.S. Forest Service announced that it had canceled its 6 plane contract with Aero Union after the company's planes failed their required safety inspections. In April 2011 Aero Union had voluntarily disclosed that its planes were not current on inspections and were in violation of the contract.
The contract, worth about $30 million a year, made up about 95% of the companies income. Less than a month later Aero Union informed its employees that they were out of work and that the company was shutting down operations.

In February 2012 PMI held an auction of Aero Union's aircraft assets, including 8 P-3 Orion aircraft, various spare parts and their intellectual property (MAFFS II and FIREHAWK firefighting systems).
Only 2 aircraft were bid upon and those bids were rejected as being too low.
In May 2012 another auction of tools and equipment, but no aircraft, parts or intellectual property, went through with the majority of it selling.

In 2008 I visited Aero Union, at that time they were still based at Chico,CA.

Phil Brooks forwarded me a message & photo taken by James Hanson, at Cape Cod 12Sep2012:
DC/3 N15MA Cape Cod
James wrote:
"I was driving home from work (I work for Cape Air, at KHYA, in 'Schedule Planning') and this DC-3 passed over the highway on final...
So, I exited the highway and got there in time to see them closing up the airplane. This was a few weeks ago. On Monday (09Oct12), as I was leaving work, it came over to HYA and did a touch & go, then headed west.
Such a rare sight these days - just love seeing & hearing it!"

N15MA was reg’d 12Jun12 to Mills Air Service, Marstons Mills, (based Cape Cod airport). This is Chris Siderwicz’ company.

In recent years, N15MA was registered to Skyway Int'l LLC of Bay Harbor Islands,FL on 11Jun10. It was used for freight hauling to the Bahamas from the south of Florida; it has been reported with Monarch Air Group titles on it, at that time.
But perhaps we want to look back much further..

C/n 19286 was delivered with tailnumber 42-100823 on 20Dec43 to the USAAF and assigned to the 8th AF (25Feb44 and 9th AF 91 TCS MARKET (Sep44).
Declared surplus by the military in 1946.

Assigned tailnumber OK-WDP for CSA (Czecho-Slovakian airlines) on 05Nov47, but returning to military use becoming 100823 for the French Air Force 24May60.
Units: GSRA 78, Oct61 - GLA 45 FSCDB, Mar62 - GTLA 2/60, Apr64 - ELA 41 FUJGU - GOM 88, May66 - GAM, Feb68 - For sale, Chateaudun, 1971.
Registered F-WSGV for Rousseau Aviation, Dinard in 1972. Registered that same year N18265 E St Strul, Tucson,AZ. But it remained stored as F-WSGV during 1973...
Then, on 14Dec73, it was reg'd to Mannion Air Charter (Ypsilante,MI)
During 1975 it was assigned its present tailnumber: N15MA.

Century Airlines became owner in Jun82. On 29Oct90 it was reg'd to the IFL Group Inc of Waterford,MI. On 10Mar96 to Contract Air Cargo, but there seems doubt this was ever put in effect.
South Florida Aircraft Leasing of Opa Locka bought N15MA on 05Feb96. To Florida Air Cargo in 1997. Became damaged on 17Feb99 at Nassau,Bahamas.
N15MA was operated as/for Corporate Express, continued operations from the south of Florida until CofA was revoked; next N15MA was reg'd to Skyway Int'l LLC.

These history details were learned from the veritable bible on the Douglas DC-3: 'The First Seventy Years', published in 3 volumes by Air-Britain (Historians).

Mills Air Service of Cape Cod is Chris Siderwicz’ company. Chris is a true fan of radial engines and I am sure N15MA couldn't wish itself a more caring owner.
It so happened I visited Chris in 2009, see HERE..

Lars Opland sent me this photo, taken at 26Jun12 at Big Lake airport (Alaska).
I'd told him I'd been looking for 2 stored Twin Beeches at Birchwood and he sent me this image to show me they'd been moved to Big Lake airport (near Wasilla). I don't know the identity of the stored Grumman C-1A Trader (?), the small plane in front is N486V.
Stored propliners @Big Lake, AK

History of these Twin Beeches can be found at Photos by Friends & Guests (03), look for images by John P. Stewart, and on Guestpage 21 -->Plus a 2017 update on Guestpage 52

You may want to see my USA 2012 tour images.

Grumman C-1A Trader N27PH seen landing at Umiat, Alaska in august 2001.
C-1A N27PH Umiat (AK)

More photos by Frans Truyens on this website HERE..
I came across this Grumman C-1A Trader N27PH at Wasilla,AK in june 2012.

Richard Nash sent me this vintage photo, unfortunately without a date or mentioning the location.
Viscount G-AZLS

BMA Viscount G-AZLS.
C/n 348 V.813 series Viscount was built for SAA - South African Airways as ZS-CDV; it first flew on 07Nov1958 at Hurn, Bournemouth,UK - powered by Rolls-Royce Dart 525 engines.
During its career it was also operated by BMA - Cyprus Aws - Dowty Aerospace - Technical Aeroparts and ended up as a firetrainer at the Civil Aviation Authority Fire Training School.
For more detailed information see

Richard did me the pleasure of sending me photos in the past, see Photos by Friends & Guests 15 and Photos.. 18

DC-3 at Ilopango

Roger sent me this photo after a 2011 aviation photography tour:
"This DC-3 is seen on the civil ramp at Ilopango; I asked a pilot if he was aware who was trying to restore it and he told me that a very rich El Salvadorian family was trying to restore the aircraft, so they can fly it to Rio for the 2014 world cup...
I asked the history of the aircraft but he was not sure, he thought it was an ex/ El Salvador Airforce machine."

Could it be this FAS 106 (c/n 11867), seen on ?
"No", 'eLaReF' wrote, "Looking at FAS106 the various aerials, lights and astrodome mounts are different, especially the fintop light. The rear door hinges on FAS106 are very noticeable with their fairings.."
See below for its real identity!

Ilopango is a town in the San Salvador department of El Salvador. It is a few miles east of the nation's capital, San Salvador. It is located near Lake Ilopango, the country's largest lake at 72 square kilometers. [Wikipedia]

The following contributions were made on Classic-Propliners (Yahoo) forum:

Martin Pole wrote: " I think a l likely candidate would be YS-53C c/n 12435; an older image I have on record of this DC-3 matches more closely than FAS 106.
A 2012 cockpit image of YS-53C on may also help, as the view from the cockpit window matches it's position on Google earth."

Aad van der Voet had done research on this one and closed the search (06oct.2012):
"I can confirm that this is C-47A c/n 12435, ex YS-53C, TG-AMA(2), CF-CTB, N6680, KG400, 42-92615.
More info and photos here (in Spanish):

It is currently owned by Luis Eduardo Poma, who acquired it in 1998 and has been working on its restoration at Ilopango since 2001 at least. It hasn't carried any registration since then.

I researched this aircraft, because various sources quoted it as c/n 12393, others as c/n 12435.
The identities of its older registrations (YS-53C with TAES, TG-AMA(2) with Aviateca, and CF-CTB with Norcanair) were also clouded by this same problem.

I obtained close-up photos of the two dataplates in the plane.
One turned out to be the original USAAF plate, which clearly showed '42-92615' (this is c/n 12435).
The other was a plate from Northwest Industries Ltd in Edmonton (AB), dated 27Jan49. This correctly showed the RCAF serial KG400, but for unknown reasons it also showed incorrect c/n 12393, in a text that read: "Reconditioned and converted from Mk.III. Maker's ser. 12393".

This second plate caused CF-CTB to be officially registered as c/n 12393 in 1972, an error which was copied when it was later registered as TG-AMA and YS-53C.
Before CF-CTB it was registered as N6680 in 1968, which may also have had this same error (I have been unable to check).

It is safe to assume that the original USAAF plate is the correct one, as is the reference to KG400 on the Northwest Industries plate.
This makes this aircraft c/n 12435 and not 12393, despite what the official registers say.

To complete the story, C-47A c/n 12393 was USAAF 42-92577, which has no known history after 1945, and which was presumably scrapped in the mid or late 1940s.

Adding to the problem was the fact that registration TG-AMA was also carried by another DC-3: c/n 13484. This was TG-AMA(1), registered in 1948 and destroyed by fire in 1975.
TG-AMA(2) c/n 12435 was registered in 1979."

Aad van der Voet




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