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Early 2017 I bought myself a new flatbed scanner, an Epson Perfection V800 Photo and started scanning my B&W negatives, which I hadn't looked at for decades.
The scanning process will mean I will throw my negatives in the bin and keep the scans, both my aviation negatives as well as my travel negatives (colour and B&W). Can't be bothered with the hassle to make a modest pay out of it.
It will take years as it is a slow process and will give me time to consider if I will do the same with my aviation slides.
Below are some of the results of my scanning, in the order of scanning, going downward.



Fokker F.27-200 G-BAUR (c/n 10225) of Air Anglia in 1979 (I think) at Schiphol (EHAM).
Its career went as follows: to MSA (9M-AMI, rr 9V-BAP), Fokker Services (PH-FEP), Air Anglia (G-BAUR),
KLM Cityhopper UK (G-BAUR), bmi British Midlands (G-BAUR), FlyBE (G-BAUR).
C/n 10225 was parted out and used as a firetrainer at Exeter. History by ATDB-aero

CL-44 EI-BGO Aer Turas
CL-44 EI-BGO (c/n 9) 'City of Dublin', of Aer Turas at Amsterdam IAP Schiphol in 1981.
It also operated for Loftleidir (TF-LLH), Cargolux (TF-LLH), Aero Uruguay (TF-LLH), Bab-el-Mandeb
Airlines (TF-LLH) but was scrapped at Dublin in 1986 after Aer Turas (EI-BGO) retired it. [History by ATDB]

IL18 SP-LSD cn184007102 LOT SPL81
Ilyushin IL-18V SP-LSD (c/n 184007102) of LOT Polish Airlines at Amsterdam's Schiphol (SPL) in 1981
ATDB (april 2017): 'Preserved near Koscielec as restaurant 'Odlot', at 50 54 22 N 19 12 27 E
Moved in 1999 from Podlaski, Kruszyna where it was also used as restaurant 'Odlot') - in Poland.
On I found a 2015 photo of the restaurant interior. And the IL-18 is still there on Google Earth (2016)

AN12 CCCP-11527 cn02348208 Aeroflot SPL79
This shows under what kind of miserable conditions I made the trek for plane spotting anyway!

Antonov An-12 CCCP-11527 (c/n 02348208) Aeroflot at Amsterdam (EHAM, runway 06) in Oct.1979
This An-12 was later reregistered to RA-11527, operated for Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise and leased
by Pulkovo Avn. Ent. out for a while to Voar Airlines. Anno 2017 it seems to be stored somewhere.
I was soon corrected by Eduard Sorokin: "Our Russian sources ( site, which serves as some
sort of observer of our current national aircraft register) state that this particular plane was written off in 1996 as RA-11527, stored for some time, and from 1997 it has the 'Scrapped' status!
Exact date and place of scrapping are unknown though.
I feel sure, this is true information. So, you could correct the information on your site."
Eduard Sorokin

AN12 CCCP-11105 cn01347801 Aeroflot SPL81
Antonov An-12B CCCP-11105 (c/n 01347801) Aeroflot at Amsterdam (EHAM/SPL) in 1981.
And another An-12 that went from Aeroflot to Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise (RA-11105).
Its status anno 2017 is 'derelict / parted out at St.Petersburg (LED)' -

An-12 CCCP-11104
An-12BP CCCP-11104 (c/n 1347710) at Amsterdam (SPL) in February 1979
Fate struck for this Antonov and its 6 occupants: Aeroflot flight 1531 departed Sofia on a flight to Kabul with intermediate stops at Mineralnye Vody and Tashkent. On the last leg of the flight, while on approach to Kabul,
the crew descended below minimum safe altitude in poor weather. The An-12 crashed into Mount VaIsi-Karnibaba.
The wreck was located November 4, 1980. All 6 occupants lost thier lives in the crash. (ASN database).

Anotonov An-12B CCCP-1117 (c/n 2348202) at Schiphol on 11Jan1980
It was rereg'd LZ-PVL for Global Air but perhaps that was not taken up; then reregistered RA-11127
for Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise. It has since been scrapped ( -

An-12 CCCP-12999
An-12BP CCCP-12999 (c/n 1347701), seen at Schiphol april 1979.
Amazing to see it anno june 2017 still around & active! The history from database:
CCCP-12999 Aeroflot, leased to Balkan-Bulgarian Airlines (CCCP-12999), for Ural Airlines it was reg'd RA-12999,
it went on to Azerbaijan as 4K-12999, then became LZ-VEB for Cargo Air, was leased as such by Scorpion Air,
became UN-11019 for Jupiter Jet, which at some point reregistered it as UP-AN212, and as EW-435TI
it is present at the moment for Grodno Aviakompania (from Belarus).

Nord NorAtlas No.186 328-EJ
Nord 2501 Noratlas, No.186 328-EJ; Schiphol may 1979.
My records show it to be ex/ 118-AD, 61-ND, 61-NQ, 62-WM - all with the French Air Force.
Roger Soupart educated me here on the special variant: "Not just a Noratlas, but the Holy Grail of them, a Gabriel !
At the time an ultra rare and ultra secret ELINT version of the type! Only a few were made.
Note the radome at the side of the fuselage."

Philippe Lavigne wrote me in June 2019: "to be more precise, the radome of radar can make think that it is a 'Gabriel', but this plane is equipped with a SNB (System of Navigation and Bombing). The aircraft is registered by the CIFAS
(Strategic Air Force Training Center), whose eagle on the cockpit is its symbol. The special feature of the SNB
system is that in addition to the radar radome, the aircraft carries a circular Mirage IV antenna under its fuselage, which one can see just under the radome."




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Created: 20-Mar-2017