Scanned (colour) images from my archive


Early 2017 I bought myself a new flatbed scanner, an Epson Perfection V800 Photo and started scanning my B&W negatives, which I hadn't looked at for decades.
The scanning process will mean I will throw my negatives in the bin and keep the scans, both my aviation negatives as well as my travel negatives (colour and B&W). Can't be bothered with the hassle to make a modest pay out of it, don't want to hang on to them until my daying day.
It will take years as it is a slow process. I will do the same with my aviation slides.
Below are some of the results of my scanning, in the order of scanning, going downward.



Convair T-29 'Flying Classroom'.

T-29B-CO 51-3802; VT-? NAS Corpus Christi,TX.
Via Public Affairs Office (PAO), 1972.



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B&W scanned archive


Created: 14-Jan-2022