Vintage Transports, photos by Friends & Guests (43)



On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I would like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.

In reference to below 'DC-3 News', Peter Layne responded with some more 'DC-3 Good News':
Peter wrote: "Another DC-3 has made a welcome return!
ZK-AWP started scheduled airline services between Auckland and Whakatane, New Zealand last week-end, resuming a service ZK-AWP first flew in 1962. I was fortunate to be invited to fly on it."
DC-3 ZK-AWP by Peter Layne
Peter shared these images taken on this occasion (that would be 24Oct2015), when Air Chatham opened
the (special) summer schedule AKL-WHK-AKL, which are scheduled to continue until 20March2016.

Douglas C-47B ZK-AWP has c/n 33135 and held the previous identities: 44-76803, NZ3543, 5W-FAI, ZK-AWP, A3-AWP.

Peter Layne hails from Tauranga, New Zealand and is a specialist in research & writing about early New Zealand airlines; he has the following website
Mr Layne is co-author of:
-SPANZ South Pacific Airlines of New Zealand & their DC-3 Viewmasters
-Taking Off - Pioneering Small Airlines of New Zealand 1945-1970
-The Illustrated History of NZNAC 1947-1978

Air Chathams' website is:

Peter Layne expanded on the varied career of ZK-AWP:
"ZK-AWonderfulPlane: that aircraft has a diverse history stretching back to May 1945, when she arrived in New Zealand to join the Royal New Zealand Air Force.
Initially used as a transport, soon to serve to bring returning WW2 servicemen home from Asia and the Pacific.
Many years as an airliner with NAC, replacing 5W-FAC (ex NAC’s ZK-APA) after its 1970 accident.
Returned to NZ to replace (ex NAC’s) ZK-AOI, which had crashed as a topdressing aircraft.
Twelve years herself as a topdresser, until a loading gantry crashed through the roof. Repaired with parts from ZK-CQA and eventually retired to storage.
Won a coin toss (!) with ex NAC’s ZK-AWO, as to which would be scrapped and which would be kept to become a freighter in 1986.
Worked as a freighter till 1993.
Restored to DC-3 Skyliner status (big windows), in which role she flies till this day having survived a take off incident in snow.
Her crew, astounded Christchurch Air Traffic Control suspecting she was just on a local scenic flight, called for clearance direct to Melbourne Australia... where she landed over ten hours later having crossed the Tasman Sea with a long range fuel tank!
She’s flown all round Australia on package tours. Similarly, she flew from New Zealand to Tonga in 7 hours 30 minutes where she served the Tongan airports .
She survived riots and was locked away out of harm’s way for three years.
She flew home to New Zealand in 2013, just in time for Christmas.
A true survivor and long may she stay that way!"

Dennis Fisher has been contributing images from the very early days I started this gallery Photos by Friends & Guests.
For Page One he sent me a few images of DC-3s of Point North. Well, today (Oct.31st) he contributes here to Page 43 and again with a DC-3, marked with Points North Air titles!

DC-3 C-FCQT by Dennis Fisher
The above image dates from 1996 (probably). Dennis wrote: "Here are some photos I took yesterday (30Oct15 -Webmaster) at Saskatoon's John G. Diefenbaker International Airport (IATA: YXE, ICAO: CYXE).
I first photographed this classic bird in 1996, when Points North was doing good business out of Saskatoon.
I will keep in touch with you as this bird is reconditioned".

C-FCQT on transport, by Tim Munro
DC-3 C-FCQT put on transport; image supplied to CBC by Tim Munro. This is the link to the article:

Some text of the CBC report: "This 1943 DC-3 was used in the Second World War and as a passenger plane
around the world. It spent the last 10 years of its working life in northern Saskatchewan. 'They've added
to the mysticism of aviation,' Tim Munro, the Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Aviation Historical Society,
said about the plane. 'It was designed to go into some pretty rough northern places in Saskatchewan and
land on gravel runways or secondary roads.' (Tim Munro/Submitted to CBC).

"DC-3 C-FCQT travelled down Saskatchewan highways where it has a new home in Saskatoon and will be on display.
The DC-3 was built in 1943. The plane transported troops in the Second World War, worked as a passenger
aircraft travelling through countries including Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland, and finally ended up in Saskatchewan's north."

"To get to Saskatoon, the plane has been trucked from northern Saskatchewan to Saskatoon.
It is now at the location of what will be the new Saskatchewan Aviation Museum and Learning Centre.
Construction of the building will start in the spring. When it is open, several aircraft will be on display."

DC-3 C-FCQT, by Dennis Fisher

Points North Air Services was founded in 1988 and operated 4 of these DC-3s:
C-FCQT (cn9813), C-FNTF (cn12344), C-FNWS (cn12419) and CF-QHY (cn26005).
Photos I saw dated 02Jun2016 showed no change to 'FCQT, same parts missing. See below 3-2019 update!

This new aviation society has the history of c/n 9813 in detail:

A few notes from my records (gathered from magazines, reference books and online sources):
C/n 9813, ex/ 42-23951, VH-AFA, VR-NCO, 5N-AAO, EI-ANK, G-ATBE.
CF-CQT North Coast Air Svcs.
C-FCQT Ilford Riverton Airways.
CF-CQT Air Manitoba.
C-FCQT Western Canada Aviation Museum @Winnipeg, gift of Air Manitoba.
Buffalo Arws, purchased 25jan94, ex Air Manitoba (with 50.000 hrs on clocks).
Points North Air Svcs C-FCQT, La Ronge (Sask) '97.
Points Air North Services C-FCQT. Up for withdrawal (spares supply to C-FNTF, cn12344).
Replaced by Cessna Caravan ('98 Full Article Propliner magazine no.75).
Image on dated 09Sep2003, @ Points North Landing (YNL / CYNL)
Jan06: der @Winnipeg-YWG.

Dirk Septer added this to the history of 'CQT in Nov.2015:
"Jack Anderson of North Coast Air Services (Prince Rupert, BC, Canada) purchased 'CQT for the bargain basement price of 7.500 British Pounds from Handley-Page, with the help of his friend Bill Bright.
Around 1971, Handley-Page went broke when they lost government backing. Their complete Jetstream 31 assembly line was sold to Scottish Aviation.
One of the more interesting jobs Anderson used this DC-3 for were the cloud seeding flights for the Vancouver International Airport."

the history, status and plan for C-FCQT is told on a Plane Savers episode (E63), dated 05Mar19.

David Bernshouse published this photo on Facebook group Beech18/C45 and it seems that this Beech 18 is a bit of a mystery!
Beech 18 mystery bird: N5606NA?
David published this image in Oct.2015 with the following comment:
'June 2013, Lake City, SC. sad sight.'

I tried to find the identity of this Beech 18 (C-45?), but could not find any thing on -what I think the tailnumber could be- N5606NA.
In the comments someone suggested it was a bogus registration, the aircraft may have been used for illegal activities, such as drugs trafficking; and left behind.
David also wrote that on a revisit in August 2015 the aircraft seemed no longer present. It still showed at Google Maps though, Google Earth too (parked near two buildings).
Details welcomed ! EMAIL

Do you like mysteries? Here are some more planes found out or in need for identification: Search For...

Here's a photo dating back to Dec.2012; it seems to have lost parts rapidly. The text does not help in establishing its identity, the author/photographer also noted that N5606NA is/was a fake identity.
I could find no images online of Beech 18 N5606. Anyone?
Beech 18 with fake registration N5606NA
Marion is not that far from Lake City; so any seizure because of illegal activity must be of relative recent date (assuming it was grounded at Lake City). Why can't I find nothing about the legal action online?

Tom Singfield recently (exif data shows 05Oct2015) visited Jackson,MS and shared these images with me.

Jim Hankins Air Service DC-3 N8061A at Jackson,MS by Tom Singfield
Douglas C-47 N8061A (c/n 6085) seems in a fair condition here. History HERE..
Reg'd to Preferred Airparts LLC in march 2017; see also update below, with the image of N3BA.
On my page Photos by Friends & Guests #53 Andy Mac shares a photo of N8061A making it way up north!

Jim Hankins Air Service DC-3 N3BA at Jackson,MS by Tom Singfield
Douglas C-47A N3BA (c/n 12172) has a similar (almost) 'ready to fly' appearance.

In March 2017 I noticed N3BA and N8061A were reg'd to Preferred Airparts LLC of Kidron,OH (per 15Mar17).
Preferred Airparts LLC (Ken Stoltzfus and his sons Ken jr & Brian) acquired exclusive rights to the AMI/Greenwich STC of Dodson, which allows them to perform DC-3 turbine conversions, so maybe N3BA will be up for an upgrade..?

Jim Hankins Air Service DC-3 N1030D at Jackson,MS by Tom Singfield
N1030D is a Douglas C-53 (c/n 4810) and its parts must have kept N3BA & N8061A flying.

Tom wrote: "I was recently in Mississippi and was given access to Hawkins Field, Jackson to photograph the derelict Daks there.
Jim Hankins Air Service started out in 1958, but the fleet has been grounded for many years.
Present in October were engineless Douglas C-53 N1030D, in pretty derelict condition, while DC-3s N3BA and N8061A were complete with engines and full titles displayed.
I would like to you know when the company ceased flying..?
Apparently Hankins had/has a Lockheed 18, but saw no sign of it. Three non-airworthy Beech 18s accompany the Dakotas."

My reply was: " (a.k.a. has Jim Hankins Air Service still current.
On FAA’s N-inquiry I found Beech N22R still current (certificate due to expire 31Oct2015 though..).
Maybe Mr Hankins doesn’t stop but gently fades into the sunset of history.."

I decided it probably was best just to dial that phone number displayed on the DC-3.
I had found a page on Facebook, but the last update dated from nov.2013. But the phne nbr was the same.
A woman answered the phone on what seems like a skype line, you know bits and parts missing, fading in strength.
But I gathered that a while ago Granma Hawkins (wife of Jim) died and the company caused a lot of dispute between siblings. Someone of the family took over but things did not go well for the company. It did not help that a contract with UPS expired without renewal.
The person I spoke to said Mike Hankins was taking over and hopefully a restart could soon be made. What this will mean for the DC-3s and Beech 18s presently stored, I could not establish on the deteriorating phone connection; probably too early to tell.

Rutger Hofma shared some information and an image of a DC-3 (C-47A-40-DL, c/n 9831) in a less travelled part of Ecuador.
He wrote:
Here's HC-BOT! Photo taken on 04Jun15.
It was demolished in 2012, at Guayaquil, but the cockpit was transferred to Shell airport (Wikipedia) to be converted to a simulator.
History: Ex USAAF 42-23969, then Royal Canadian Air Force 655, then CF-QJZ and N8064A, before being turned into HC-BOT."
HC-BOT, Shell (Ecuador) by Rutger Hofma

My own files show: 'N8064A bought by Basler from Gateway Aviation in 1980. Reg'd HC-BOT for Aeroshell. Last noted @Guayaquil feb.1997'. And now we have a sighting of 2015!

Terry Fletcher wrote me in Octobre 2015, sharing some recent photography results.
"Just back from a fortnight’s vacation with the wife in the beautiful New England’s colourful 'Fall Season'.
As you know my vacations have to be punctuated by stops at places of aviation interest - and this one was no exception!
Here are some results of a nice experience we had last Saturday, 10Oct2015.
The torrential rain of the previous day had given way to cloudless, windless weather - perfect for our visit to The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome (Wikipedia) for the last flying weekend of the 2015 Season.
Four museum hangars plus 'Restoration and Airworthy' hangars - you would love it. Every aircraft is built before 1939, excluding replicas!

W.W.1 aviation at Old Rhinebeck, by Terry Fletcher
N176H, New-Standard D-25

W.W.1 aviation at Old Rhinebeck, by Terry Fletcher
N3529 / ‘G-ACDB’ - 1934 built DH82 Tiger Moth

All of Terry's photos from Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome can be viewed in a 1 page view of large thumbnails at


Buffalo Airways C-46 made a hard landing near Deline, N.W.T. (from CBC News North website)
C-46 of Buffalo Airways crash-landed near Deline,NWT on 25Sep2015

This Buffalo Airways vintage transport, a WW2 Curtiss C-46 Commando (of which Buffalo has two, this concerns C-GTXW) with 4 crew members crash-landed while making for an emergency landing in Deline, N.W.T., on Sep. 25th.
Initial reports showed that nobody was injured in the incident.
It seems there was an engine problem and the C-46 while fully loaded has great difficulty staying in the air on one operating engine. So it diverted to the airport at Deline, but ran out of altitude shortl;y before reaching it.

I visited Yellowknife (and Buffalo Aws) in 2007, SEE MY REPORT

UPDATE Dec.2015:
"Transport Canada has grounded the operations of Buffalo Airways, the popular northern airline chronicled over six seasons on TV's Ice Pilots NWT, due to safety compliance issues."

From (part):
The Hay River-based company was notified around 4 p.m., Jan. 12 by the regulator that the suspension issued Nov. 30 had been lifted, said Bruce Jonasson.
"It means that we're going back to work," he said shortly after receiving the update from Transport Canada
A spokesperson with the federal department did not immediately return a request for comment.
During the six-week suspension, the company was prohibited from flying. To maintain service, it hired chartered flights for cargo and passenger service.
However, on Dec. 24, the company ended chartered passenger flights to Hay River.
The company's cargo flights will be the first to resume service within days, Jonasson said.
"The passenger service to Hay River is on hold for the moment," he said.
That's because the company won't immediately be able to jump back into regular operations.

The company also hired Sol Taboada with DTI Training as a consultant to help address issues raised by Transport Canada.
In a news release last year, the department said it acted because of the company's "poor safety record."
Jonasson said the company worked hard to address the corrective actions required by Transport Canada.
During the suspension, Jonasson said the company was still paying its employees.
"It's been awful over the Christmas season," he said about the impact on staff.
He estimated the financial impact was in the range of $1.5 million.
Transport Canada has previously said it would only allow the company to fly once it had demonstrated it could safely operate. ./end quote

I recently came across a nice news update, applicable to my Greybull,WY 2014 pages in sofar that this is about the pre-H&P days.
Morris Avery at Greybull,WY -aviation pioneer

"(Greybull, Wyo.) — Morris Avery, one of Wyoming’s first helicopter pilots and a pioneer in aerial spraying, firefighting, search and rescue and mountain flying, is the 2015 inductee into the Wyoming Aviation Hall of Fame."

"In 1949 they formed Christler and Avery Aviation in Greybull, purchasing a surplus Douglas B-18 bomber and converting it into an agricultural sprayer. It also was retrofitted to haul ore from a uranium mine in the Big Horn Mountains."

"Late in 1958, the company purchased four World War II-era Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateers from the U.S. Coast Guard. A variant of the B-24 Liberator, the large four-engine bombers were retrofitted for aerial firefighting, making Christler and Avery Aviation among the early companies to contract with the U.S. Forest Service to use large aircraft to fight forest fires."

Gerben Groothuis was in July 2015 in the USA and visited a few locations for preserved 'propliners'.

Martin 404 N40400
Martin 404 'N40400' (c/n 14233) - Glen L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum.
Baltimore-Glenn L.Martin Airport,MD 18JUL15

Terry Fletcher pointed out a detailed history of this airframe, on Flickr, by Alan Wilson:
Martin 4-0-4 ‘40400’ (N259S,c/n 14233 )
Built in 1952 as N485A for Eastern Airlines, it became N259S with Southern Airways in 1964. It flew with them until 1976, after which it had several different operators.
Its last flight was in May 2000.
It is now on display with the Maryland Aviation Museum as part of the Strawberry Point Flightline and is painted to represent the prototype Martin 4-0-4 ‘N40400’, which was actually a converted Martin 2-0-2.


A visit to the Air Mobility Command museum at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, 29jul15.

KC-97 53-0230
Boeing KC-97L 53-0230, TN ANG (151ARS,134ARW)

42-55918 C-60A
C-60A 42-55918 (255918)
Dover AFB,DE - 29JUL15

59-0536 C-133B
C-133B 59-0536
Dover AFB,DE - 29JUL15

49-0258 C-124A
C-124A 49-0258
Dover AFB,DE - 29JUL15

(RCAF22118)/"51-2881" C-119G 512ALW
C-119G '51-2881' (ex/RCAF 22118)
Dover AFB,DE - 29JUL15

A-26 Invader at Air Mobility Museum, Dover AFB
Douglas A-26C Invader '435523' (44-35552)
Dover AFB,DE - 29JUL15

C-7 Caribou at Air Mobility Museum, Dover AFB
deHavilland C-7B Caribou 63-9760/KA, 483TCW
Dover AFB,DE - 29JUL15

Beech C-45 at Air Mobility Museum, Dover AFB
Beechcraft C-45G 51-11795 (N7950C)
Dover AFB,DE - 29JUL15

C-45  at Air Mobility Museum, Dover AFB
Beechcraft C-45G 51-11795 (N7950C): the other side of above airframe
Dover AFB,DE - 29JUL15

C-47  at Air Mobility Museum, Dover AFB

C-47A Skytrain 42-92841/Q9
The Air Mobility Command museum began in 1986 with a single C-47A that was rejected as 'beyond salvage' by other museums. Today it stands immaculately restored, complete with D-Day invasion stripes, as it was when it served with the 61st Troop Carrier Squadron in World War II.
Its extensive combat history is meticulously documented, with actual photos and memorabilia donated by former crewmembers.
This plane, 'Turf & Sport Special', was the centerpiece of a reunion in July 1990, which included the D-Day pilot, aerial engineer and three of the 82nd Airborne Division paratroopers, who dropped into St. Mere-Eglise on June 6, 1944—forty-six years earlier!


C-123  at Air Mobility Museum, Dover AFB
Fairchild UC-123K 54-0658/WM (310ACS,315ACW)
Dover AFB,DE - 29JUL15

Douglas C-54 at Air Mobility Museum, Dover AFB
Douglas C-54M 44-9030
Dover AFB,DE - 29JUL15

Lockheed C-121 at Air Mobility Museum, Dover AFB
Lockheed 'C-121C 54-0315' (L.1049E-01, N1005C)
Dover AFB,DE - 29JUL15

Convair C-131 at Air Mobility Museum, Dover AFB
Convair VC-131D 55-0295

Military transports at Air Mobility Museum, Dover AFB
An impressive amount of military warbirds preserved here at Dover AFB,DE

Gerben shared more images of this trip on my page Photos by Friends & Guests (44)

Hans van der Vlist copied me in a request for help to identify this undated image of a Douglas C-47.
Through his research he was able to identify it and he sent me the details, including the map location.
C-47 wreck in Amazona (Colombia)

Hans explained he had come across this image on Facebook; he included the following caption that went with it:
"Dc 3 fuerza aérea colombiana accidentado hace unos años en Camanaos Vaupes. Esta unos 100 metros despues de la pista de arena de la comunidad camanaos."
This did not help me in locating it on Google Maps.
No details of who posted this or who made the photograph.
But Hans provided the details ('C-47B 43-48715 FAC1125'), and I have included the following screen dumps from Google Earth for 'N1.722529 W69.844881' (as per 15Sep2015). ('ATDB.Aero'): FAC1125 C‑47B‑DK (c/n 14531/25976) SATENA Colombia. Destroyed 17Feb1977 (Camanaos, Mitu); ex/ USAAF 43-48715.
Aviation Safety Network (ASN) provided the following details of the 1977 mishap (no fatalities!):" The DC-3 started the take-off roll 15m behind the runway 27 threshold markings. Take-off was aborted when the left gear ran into a wheel track, 395m down the runway. The aircraft swerved, struck a tree trunk and came to rest with both engines and the main gear separated."

Two fascinating images from Ed Stewart's collection; he wrote:"I have had these pictures for ages and don't know
who they came from. This airplane had an engine fire near Miles City Montana with a load of military who bailed
out. Circa 1953. I don't know all of the details, but came across it in search of an Aero P-38 that crashed near
Miles City in 1952."

Northstar C-46 N1673M

Northstar C-46 N1673M (c/n 22460); this one was easy to find: it also appeared on this link (+text): North Star Curtiss C-46.html
"Bill Larkins took several night shots at Oakland. This one is his personal favorite.
A 3 minute exposure at f.11 with his 616 camera in March 1953. I have nothing on Caribbean American Airlines except that it appears to have been founded around 1948 and ran psuedo-scheduled cargo and passenger services from its base at Oakland. It operated under the name 'North Star' with a couple of C-46s.
N1673M was a former C-46F-1-CU (44-78637) leased from the USAF in 1948 by All American Airways. Caribbean American continued the lease in 1950.
It was sold to Continental Charters in 1955 and then, in 1959 went to Paraguay as ZP-CCE.
It was written off in a crash at Asuncion Airport on 4 January 1964."

Considering the below image, the last bit of info is probably incorrect!

Unidentified Boeing B-17, crashed

Compare the two tails of these photos and if you think they are the same, you are correct! has tailnbr readable, an obviously uncleaned slide scan-
"North Star Airlines crash early 1950s Plane crash just north of Miles City, MT airport,September 22, 1953, Tail Number N1673M.
Although an engine was on fire causing the crash, the rest burned after landing and no one was killed."

Here are the details of the crash landing near Miles City-
A bit of the text, by a local historian who seems the owner of that 2nd image: "I recently (2013 -Webmaster) posted pictures, to the MilesCity Flickr group, of a plane crash that happened near the MC Airport in the 1950s.
Since the official 'tail number' was clearly visible, I did a quick Google search and found an earlier picture of the same plane, and its history. Interestingly that history says it was destroyed in 1964 in Paraguay!
A remaining question is the exact date and circumstances of this crash. It was apparently after March 1953 when the earlier picture was taken. And it can't be much later than about 1955 from the context of the crash pictures and the place I found them in my parents partly organized slide box.

This was posted in reply: "This crash happened September 22, 1953.
It was loaded with soldiers from Korea. It flew over CCHS with an engine on fire, dropping pieces as it flew over. I was in Ina Olson's math class and was the first to see it.
We ran to the window and watched it crash up on the Yellowstone hills. It was a C-46 and engine fires were not uncommon with that plane.
Furthermore, I was a bellhop at the Miles-Howard Hotel and that is where the pilots stayed that night. No one was killed."

While this Carvair hasn't flown much in recent years (decades!), the Carvair is one of few survivors and as such has earned itself its own Facebook page!
Nigel Hitchman photographed N89FA 'Fat Annie' at Gainesville,TX on 08Sep2015 where it has been stored now for a number of years.
Carvair N89FA by Nigel Hitchman (2015)

Carvair N89FA moved from the 'US Deep South' to Texas with a role for the oil business in mind. But it did not bring N89FA many airmiles and hopefully someone finds it a new flying career soon!
My visit to the Deep South (2000) has images plus a history on ATL.98 Carvair N89FA, when I found it at Thomaston,GA (at that time owned by Custom Air Service).
See also the Facebook page of 'Fat Annie'/'Miss 1944'.

See MY TEXAS 2015 REPORT, for my images of N89FA at Gainesville while it was being prepared for a flight out, to a new future!

Fred Barnes had an article prepared for Propliner magazine, which quite suddenly ceased publication this year.
I am pleased and honoured he asked me to publish it on my wbesite: AN AUSTRIAN ODYSSEY
An Austrian Odyssey (1969)

DHC-2 Beaver N101TE delivering its cargo in 'the bush': "Yantarni Salmon Camp gets a new ATV." (17aug15, Facebook)
DHC-2 N101TE
DHC-2 N101TE (c/n 2000SC). I'd seen it at Lake Hood,AK in 2006, equipped with floats. Nice to see it with 'tundra tyres' this time. N101TE was registered to Crystal Creek Lodge LLC (Wasilla,AK) on 08Jun2015.
Lake Hood is the best place to go spotting sea- and bush planes, see my 2012 report

Wayne Klotz shared this image, a bit unclear by the heathaze, on Facebook's group Beech18/C45 in august 2015, asking for info on it. It is however not a Beech 18...
He shared that the airframe had been where it was, at Louisville,KY for at least 37 years.
N119J Lodestar stored at Louisville

The answer was soon provided: 'it's N119J, c/n 2359, registered to Casablanca Airlines.'
Checking my own files I came up with the following: Lockheed L.18-08 LODESTAR N119J (c/n 18-2359); stored by Casablanca Airlines of Louisville-Bowman,KS.
And I do hope a museum will pick it up for a proper restoration some time!

A Feb.2016 pictorial update was provided by Kenneth 'Ken' I. Swartz.

This photo, among others (without credit to a photographer), was on eBay in august 2015, offering this DC-3 for a starting bid of usd 8.000,-

C-49 NC91008

There was also this on information provided for this airframe:

This aircraft was built as a DC-3-455 for Eastern Airlines and registered as NC30035.
No evidence that it actually was delivered, but records show that on 27Jan1943 it was impressed into USAAF service as C-49K 43-2013, and used as a 28-seat trooper.
Inland Airlines operated it (most likely under USAAF contract) during 1943 until 06Mar44 when it was assigned to the Alaska Wing of Air Transport Command for about three weeks before reassignment back in continental USA.
On 12Mar45 it went to Reconstruction Finance Corp. as NC17885.
Sometime later it was re-registered as NC15748.

The aircraft changed hands several times until November 1979 when it suffered double engine failure on take off from Coeur d’Alene Airport, ID. Pilot managed to return to the airport and left the plane.
Over the years it suffered vandalism, until recovered in 1984 by Salair of Washington state, and brought by vehicle to Spokane airport, the intent being to restore it to add to Salair’s cargo fleet.
Determination was made that restoration would not be cost-effective, so it was donated to the Boeing Museum of Flight in May 1987.
The aircraft was painted in Alaska Airlines livery, and marked as one which crashed in Alaska in 1954, NC91008. Aircraft was later used for parts to restore the Museum’s N138D, probably because this hulk wasn't even in a good enough state to restore it for satisfactory museum display or deemed too expensive to do so.
This aircraft reported in July 2010 as being without wings or rudder and no markings, sitting derelict
Credit - Glenn E. Chatfield.

Also provided on eBay was the following information:
Aerometal International LLc. is offering 1942 DOUGLAS DC-3 - Aircraft S/N 6337 for sale.
The aircraft is currently located in the Pacific NW.
This 1942 DC-3 is derelict and is offered for sale as is / were is. She is in poor condition and is sadly almost certainly never going to fly again.
She is essentially complete with engines and outboard wings. Most 'major' components are present - landing gear major components are still installed, propellers are missing, fuel and oil tanks are also missing. Flight deck has been pretty much stripped of all useful parts.
But the cabin is remarkably intact. Both left and right wing tips are also missing. The interior retains an original floor system and many fixtures but all seats are missing.
It is Aerometals intention to preserve her in some form. Approach us with a proposal that will culminate with her (or her major components) preserved in some fashion and we can discuss options for her purchase and transportation.
Contact us in Aurora Oregon for additional details.
(The above is a reproduction off add'l details in part).

In 2003 I came across it at Boeing Field in a much better condition, see HERE my report.

See my Photos from Friends & Guests (46) for a july 2016 update: it has arrived at its new home!

Fred Barnes wrote me in august 2015 and sent this photo along:
DC-3 CG-JGQ 2011
Fred wrote: "Was interested to read Karl's article 'Bad Day at Scottsdale'. I have memories of the Millardair C-117s and I did see CG-JGQ in metallic a few times." For more on this follow the link!
I have an update on this DC-3 on my CANADA 2019.

'DC-7 Steakhouse' in Georgia.
DC-7 Steakhouse

I recently picked up a secondhand copy of a book titled 'Roadside America', by John Margolies. I was really pleased with it, and as a bonus there was this 'propliner' photo of a DC7-turned-restaurant!

By googling I found the following information:
"For many years a landmark on I-75 at Georgia Hwy 49 in Byron was the 'DC-7 Steakhouse'.
DC-7B N51700 (c/n 44700), formerly of Pan-American Grace Airways (PANAGRA), stood here for many years serving out the last of her days as a novelty steakhouse for tourists bound for Florida.
Guests would ascend airstairs and dine in the fuselage.
Prior to being dragged to this site the DC-7 was shorn of its wings outboard the nos.1 & 3 engines. Kitchen facilities were in a small building attached to the rear of the fuselage.
Restaurant closed and the remains of the aircraft were scrapped sometime in the late 1980s-early 1990s.


Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer N2871G (c/n 66302) 'Tanker 121'; that is one massive warbird!
PBY4 Privateer

For more info on Tanker 121 and other former Greybull,WY residents, see Rick Patton's gallery on my website


I was looking for an update on a Beech D17 Staggerwing, NC9885H; after restoration at Antwerp in 2014 it was rumored to find a new home at Lelystad Airport in the Netherlands...
But this photo was taken at Moorselle in Belgium, flying on June 16 this year; is has been suggested it is based at Antwerp...
For more info on its rich history see my page Photos by Friends & Guests (14)
Beech 17 Staggerwing NC9885H


Paul Weston wrote me: "The photo quality is poor, however the experiences of this time in the early 1970s were spectacular for me!
I took these shots of a DHC-3 Otter docking at the Channel Flying hangar in Sitka Alaska. The hangar was my temporary 'residence' with a sleeping bag on a cot…
While I can't pull the names at this juncture (other than Bill 'Pollock' Novcaski on the far right of the second pic), the pilots on the dock were very well known in Southeast Alaska for their bush-flying acumen.
I was the rookie…
This was the first single Otter I had seen up close and actually flew in. I couldn't believe how loud the PW-1340 was in the front seat! David Clark headsets weren't around then."

DHC-3 N3382 by Paul Weston



This Beech 18 is on a ferry flight from Canada (Campbell River) to Europe.
This photo was published on the Facebook page of Akureyri International Airport, without credit to the photographer.

Beech 18 at Akureyri, Iceland july 2015


I found this to be Twin Beech C-FGNR (c/n CA-191, D18S), former Vancouver Island Air (VIA). It is on its way to Belgium, to its new owner: the Pairi Daiza Park (located southwest of Brussels). The Park is a combination garden and zoo in which the floatplane will be featured. End of an active career?

In an article I read afterwards, detailing its stopover in Labrador, the following additional details: "Brad Blois and Taigh Ramey are flying from Vancouver Island to Belgium in a 1952 Beech 18 seaplane. Blois is a Canadian bush pilot and Ramey owns a vintage aircraft company in California. They love flying the antique plane, which they say is much better quality than most modern aircraft. Once in Belgium, the plane will be parked at a large wildlife park and museum, where it will continue to fly." It arrived at its destination 07Jul2015: Natura Parc - L'Eau d'Heure (Facebook)

In the sep.2015 issue of Vliegende Vleugels I read an update of sorts, written by Henk Wadman; here are some details-
C-FGNR arrived in Belgium on 07Jul2015; it landed on La Plate Taille, an artificial lake and the largest lake in Belgium. This lake is a part of an artificial landscaping project named Eau d'Heure, near Charleroi.
C-FGNR docked at the Centre Sportif le Cierneau near Froidchapelle and was after a few days disassembled for transport to particpate in an exhibition 'La Terre di Froid'; hence the location of this Beech D18S-3NM is a in a zoo, Pairi Daiza, near the town of Brugelette.
End quote.
It certainly does look like its fate is a function as a static object, not a flying career; a pity since the ferry flight all the way from Vancouver Island to Belgium proceeded without serious malfunctions!

See my updates on Off-airport Europe, at its new home Pairi Daiza.

Super Catalina PBY-6A N85U got itself into a less fortunate condition here!
N85U Catalina beached in Florida during filmwork

Taken from a news item on the internet, on It was involved in filmwork and took on water. First attempts to salvage it failed. The reason behind this poor situation was quoted as "a hasty restoration job" for this film, the location being Orange Beach,AL and the film 'USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage' featuring Nicholas Cage (details per An update showed the failed salvage attempt led to a total loss when it broke apart.

I came across PBY-6A last year at Arlington,WA and see for my report USA Northwest 2014.


Avro York G-AGNW being loaded with cargo; see for more The Richard Nash Collection on my website
Richard Nash collection

Del Mitchell sent me this image a year ago, in june 2014; he asked for help on its history.
C-119 48-0352 at Edwards, by Del Mitchell (copyright)
What a truly magnificent photo!

Joe Baugher's great website had this: "48-0352 (msn 10334) converted to C-119C 1955/56. To MASDC Dec 3, 1966. To civil registry as N13746."

80352 is currently stored at the Air Force Flight Test Center Museum on Edwards Air Force Base. CA.  The Museum is trying to find history and ownership on this aircraft for possible restoration, but cannot start anything until they find out who owns it.  Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated!

I would welcome more details, about ownership and also (e.g.) about its service record: EMAIL


Andreas Morgner sent me this image in june 2015; he wrote: "I found this pic of the old Carvair wreck by Venetie, AK. Looks like it was taken circa 2003".

Carvair wreck at Venetie,AK

More on this Carvair plane wreck see my page ABANDONED PLANE WRECKS OF THE NORTH

Due to circumstance my time for the website has been limited, but on occasion I do 'catch up' and check a folder with emails sent to me in response to my website. That way I came across this photo, but alas I don't have the details except what was written on the image and the identities added...

Propliners stored at Santo Domingo
Planes stored at Las Américas Int'l Airport (SDQ), in Punta Caucedo (near Santo Domingo), Dominican Republic.
Photo used with permission.
The following aircraft and identities were listed:
DC-6 - HI-292CT /// 707- HI-442CT /// 727 - HI-212CT /// Connie - HI-393
Good to see the DC-6 and the Constellation surviving; there is a Convair there too.
Updates welcomed! EMAIL

A few words on that Lockheed VC-121 Constellation HI-393 (c/n 2603):
This classic propliner once was a USAF VIP -transport (48-0611), sad to see it in such a state.
The aircraft was retired from active service in 1968 and went through several owners (N611AS) before it ended up here in the Dominican Republic, with Argo AS (I photographed a different Argo Connie HI-583CT visiting Miami, see my 'Surviving Connies') in nov.1981.
In 1994 Vern Raburn bought many useful items (engines, props, etc) for restoration of the socalled 'MATS Connie'. That ended any chances for restoration of HI-393.

A march 2019 update found on Facebook is shared on my Photos by Friends & Guests #57.

C-117D cn43309
This image, showing grafitti added on it, was published on Facebook (june 2015) without credit to the photographer or source. In my opinion grafitti is no worse than shooting holes in it, just more obvious.
It seems that by June 2015 it had been removed again!
More info on this C-117D in Iceland see my Iceland 2007 report.

Dirk Septer sent me a few recent images of Beriev flying boats at Murmansk.
Beriev Be-6 at Murmansk

For more on this click the link (his name above) and read all about it!

John Vogel sent me these remarkable images; he explains:
You mentioned this aircraft, N460WA, in your 'USA Southwest 2008' visit to Ryan Field, west of Tucson, AZ. My pictures of this propliner are as follows:

C-54 N460WA by John Vogel Above and below images were taken at Fox Field, Lancaster, CA on 30Nov2002; they show N460WA (c/n 27359/305) after its tail section had been removed following major damage to the tail caused by a fork lift.
C-54 N460WA by John Vogel

N460WA received a new tail, and this picture shows it, again at Fox Field on 25Oct2003.
C-54 N460WA by John Vogel

The next photo was taken at Grass Valley, CA on 13Aug 2013 and shows N460WA without the
underbelly retardant tank and ARDCO titles and tanker number removed.
C-54 N460WA by John Vogel

Below image shows the aircraft on 06Aug2014 at Mather Field, Sacramento, CA.
C-54 N460WA by John Vogel

Notes by Webmaster:
N460WA received its tailsection from N44910 - see my visit in 2008 to Chandler-Memorial.
In Oct.2013 N460WA was painted in this USAAF green colourscheme. See Sean Keating's gallery on my website I have photos of N460WA (23Jan2020) undergoing maintenance.

May 2015 saw JoeJoe visiting Lake Hood again; one of the many DHC-2 Beavers he noticed included
N343WB (c/n 1644) , on wheels.
N343WB at Lake Hood
N343WB was registered on 25Jul14 to Sportsman Leasing LLC here at Anchorage,AK.

More of JoeJoe's photos on my website can be found HERE and HERE

My last visit to Lake Hood dates from 2012, see MY REPORT


Dirk Septer sent me this 'work-in-progress' photo of WW2 B-25 bomber 'Grumpy', getting a new paintjob at Campbell River,BC.

B-25 'Grumpy' at Campbell River getting a new paint
Dirk wrote (May 22nd): "Grumpy is scheduled to fly home on Sunday, May 24th.
Sealand Aviation spray artist is seen doing the finishing touches."

More of Dirk Septer's aviation photo on my website HERE and HERE

This B-25 Mitchell bomber belongs to the Historic Flight Foundation (HFF) based at Paine Field,WA. See my 2014 visit


Baldur Sveinsson opens this page with a glorious photo of Lockheed 10A Electra OK-CTB staging through Reykjavik (REK), Iceland on 24May2015!
Lockheed 10A Electra by Baldur Sveinsson

Reinhard Zinabold noticed and photographed this stunning looking 1937 Lockheed L.10A at Hamilton,Ontario (Canada) 24April2015 (see his image on I copied some of his information:
N241M (OK-CTB) - Lockheed L-10A Electra - reg'd. to Aircraft Guaranty Corp. Trustee (Onalaska,TX -webmaster) - for BATA Shoe Corp.
Now on its way to Prague (Czech Republic), returning to the land of its first owner: the Bata Shoe Company.
It underwent a 5-year, multimillion-dollar restoration in Wichita,KS, after which the Electra still needed repairs on its electrical system repairs and for this it was flown to the Hamilton aviation museum.

On May 25th 'OK-CTB' departed from Iceland and flew via Wick (Scotland) to Duxford (UK) for a nightstop. Below routing was taken from

Route L10 Electra N241M departing Iceland

I looked N241M up in my files and found: "Bought by Czech individual in March 2009, for a museum at Prague-Tocna, but during 2010 still in Texas painted in Canadian c/s and serial '7656'.
Restored by Wichita Air Services, located at the Newton City-County Airport in Kansas; had arrived Dec 2010, f/f 12Mar15."

Fortunately OK-CTB stopped at Lelystad May 26th, where I was given opportunity to photograph it at the Aviodrome.


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