Propliners Off-airport


KC-97s at San CugatTwo ex/Spanish Air Force are located at a club called "The Music Box" near Barcelona,Spain at a town called San Cugat.

I visted them in 2002, look here.

UPDATE (30Apr2017): these two C-97s at Sant Cugat were broken up following a dispute over land ownership.


Roger Soupart (RIP) came across this Douglas C-47A c/n 11982 @aviation shop in Barcelona,Spain (2007):
Former Aeromarket EC-FDH (ex/ EC-699) 'spent time' at the airport of Sabadell (near Barcelona), surviving as damaged remains after damage incurred during a landing incident in April 1992. It was rumored parts were shipped to Germany (to a museum?). The wreckage was still at Sabadell during 1995.
The forward fuselage went, at some point, to an aviation shop in Barcelona; it has been painted 1 side olive USAAF drab colours and other side is silver&white, as a Dakota of Ala. 36 Spanish air force.
The shop:
[Eric Munk wrote me in Oct.2009 and was able to inform me where other parts went to: the midsection of the fuselage survives in 'Haus der Geschichte' (Bonn, Germany).]


Grumman Goose unidentified at Salou
This Grumman Goose has been displayed at Port Aventura in Salou,Spain.
-Published with permission-

The aircraft is only visible from inside the Water Park 'Port Caribe'. The registration CC37 is fake and as yet this airframe has not been identified.
The photo was published on and made by Stuart Reid in 2009.
Help in identifying would be appreciated!




Came across these 2007 photos on
DC-3 Off-Airport @Salamanca, Spain
"The artifact in question I stumbled upon by chance traveling from Zamora and Salamanca. Scrapyards are usually interesting sites for fans of rust and decay, but specimens of flying pots are rarely found in places like this. However, the owner of this scrapyard must have a certain fondness for these junks, since in addition to the aforementioned DC-3 also has a small plane and a small helicopter climbed on huge metal columns, as if they had frozen in flight forever."

A recent update by Scramble magazine (ceased its printed publication by Dec.2021) showed T.3-28/744-28
(C-47A c/n 9914) was moved from the above scrapyard to another yard of the Desguaces Moderno scrap company
at Castellanos de Moriscos
, N41.00901, W5.61402 (Not yet shown on GE 12Jan22 -RL).

DC-3 Off-Airport @Salamanca, Spain

Info from my (RL) database by 2001/2002: 'T3-28 preserved @ Salamanca (OldProps Census). By 11Dec02 noted on the N630 road N of Salamanca at the 'Desguaces Montero' scrapyard; C-47A T.3-28 (c/n 9914) is preserved next to the Hotel Moderne, 100-200 mtrs from football stadium.'


C-47 at Science Museum, UK
Duglas C-47B KN448 (ex/ 44-76568) preserved at London's Science Museum.



Breguet 763 Provence - in use as restaurant (France)
Turned into a restaurant on this airfield off the N4 road, east of Paris. Fictitious registration, ex FAF 306/82-PP.
Photo by Peter de Jong

Its location current by 2017 as per Google Earth:
Breguet 763 at Fontenay-Tresigny, France
Breguet 763 at Fontenay-Tresigny, France


Vickers Viscount G-AZNA, a roadside eye-catcher at a venue in Zomergem, Belgium
Vickers Viscount G-AZNA, off-airport in Belgium
G-AZNA is preserved in Belgium, in Zomergem at Kokorico night-club. It was trucked/shipped from
Southend on 15Sep92; coördinates 51 07 36.2 N 3 36 28.6 E

Vickers Viscount G-AZNA, off-airport in Belgium
G-AZNA at N9 Dancing Kokoriko
History of Vickers Viscount c/n 350 by

Vickers Viscount G-AZNA, off-airport in Belgium

From (May 2019)
"Withdrawn from service by British Air Ferries (BAF) and stored at Southend Airport, Rochford, Essex, England October 1990.
Registered to Sean T Hulley (Sales) Ltd in January 1991.
Sold to N9 Dancing Kokoriko 15 September 1992. Transferred by road to Waarschoot, Belgium on road N9 between Eeklo and Ghent and mounted with its undercarriage lowered, on three poles next to 'Kokoriko' discotheque / night club in an all white livery still with the name 'Viscount Banjul' on the nose.
Fitted with poorly shaped dummy propellers.
Reportedly now for sale in 2019."




xTwin Pioneer G-APRS at Thornhill, Scotland
Twin Pioneer G-APRS at Thornhill, Scotland

Twin Pioneer G-APRS at Thornhill, Scotland
I remember writing on my 2011 to the air museum at Coventry: "G-APRS has her outer wings removed, recently new
internal wing spars have been fitted. Once some new wing braces have been manufactured, then it is hoped to
complete her airframe overhaul." Sad to see it ended up here like this..

Twin Pioneer G-APRS at Thornhill, Scotland
It was moved here in 2018

Twin Pioneer G-APRS at Thornhill, Scotland

Twin Pioneer G-APRS at Thornhill, Scotland

Twin Pioneer G-APRS at Thornhill, Scotland

Sea King helo at Main Farm campground
Sea King ZA127/509-B at Main Farm campground.
Hopefully G-APRS will join this helo on the campground good and proper.






On my Photos by Friends & Guests (43) I documented the trans-atlantic flight of Beech D18S C-FGNR (ex/ Vancouver Air) to Belgium. A pity that in spite of the perfect ferry from West Canada to Europe it has found a last static resting place in a wildlife park not very far from Brussels, since 2015.

Beech 18 C-FGNR at theme park Pairi Daiza in Belgium
Put on display in Pairi Daiza's Terre di Froid, this Beech D18S C-FGNR (c/n CA-191) arrived here on 07Jul2015, after crossing Canada from the west coast to the east coast and contueing over the Atlantic until, after over 9.500 kms landing at Les Lacs d'Eau d'Heure. It has found a last resting place, unfortunately it is a mere static display.

Taigh Ramey wrote me: "Brad Blois and I flew it over from Campbell River,BC to Belgium where it is now on display at the Pairi Diaza - which is a... botanical garden, wild animal, theme park. Nice place!
They plan to operate the Beech in the future."


Beech 18 C-FGNR at theme park Pairi Daiza in Belgium
Found on Tripadvisor

Beech 18 C-FGNR at theme park Pairi Daiza in Belgium
C-FGNR seen from the air before it was placed inside the hangar

Beech 18 C-FGNR at theme park Pairi Daiza in Belgium

From the above link I quote:
"In het dierenpark Pairi Daiza ( in Cambron-Casteau liggen de resten van een Franse Morane-Saulnier Rallye en een Piper Tomahawk (in de leeuwenkooi, G-BTJJ PA-38-112 38-79A0140 ex N2593B.)
De Morane Saulnier MS880B Rallye Club is waarschijnlijk de ex- F-BSXC c/n 1792.
Het Henegouwse dierenpark Pairi Daiza besliste men om een Antonov An-2 en een heus Beech 18 watervliegtuig aan te kopen.
Voor de aankomst van het watervliegtuig (C-FGNR, c/n CA-191, ex Vancouver Island Air) op 7 juli 2015 werd de Lacs de l’Eau d’Heure met goedkeuring van het Directoraat-generaal Luchtvaart eenmalig omgedoopt tot landingsplaats voor watervliegtuigen.
De Beech werd via de weg verder overgebracht naar het dierenpark waar het in vliegwaardige toestand tentoongesteld zal worden. Op 20 juli 2015 stond het toestel al in Pairi Daiza, echter nog niet tentoongesteld voor het publiek. De Beech zal het uithangbord worden van de toekomstige ‘Terre du Froid.’

Info Guy Viselé, 22 mei 2016: In Pairi Daiza staat de Beech nu in een mooie geschilderde hangar. Het toestel staat er met een Amerikaanse registratie (N18XB) op de linkse kant, en een nog bijna leesbare Canadese registratie (C-FGNR) op de rechtse kant."

On the above, in Dutch, I received a correction by Aad van de Voet, the correct US registry is N18XW i.s.o. N18XB. It was reg'd as such for 'Eastern Stearman Inc.,Trustee' on 22Jan2016.
[Sources: and]

Where to find Pairi Daiza:
Pairi Daiza in Belgium  


Click here   Click here
This DC-3 cockpit section can be found in the Luchtvaart Hobby Shop (Aviation Hobby Shop) at Aalsmeerderbrug, near Schiphol Amsterdam IAP, Netherlands.
It concerns the remains of Douglas C-47A 42-24211 (c/n 10073). It was scrapped into parts at Coventry,UK in April 1995 and apparently the wings went to the USA.
N54607 Its previous identities were: 42-24211, F-BEFA, CN-CCL, 20669, N54607, (N9842A), N54607, G-BPMP.

The photo shows N54607 "Euroworld 20Jun69" (data from slide).
Photo: Ruud Leeuw collection, purchased from Per Schmidt.

PH-UBX Autosloperij/Autohandel Kleyngeld has this Beech D18S on display. Ad Vercruijsse photographed it clearly off-airport in Nijmegen, the Netherlands on April 15th, 2006.
This is PH-UBX (cn A-105) and it is placed on the roof at a car dealers/breakers yard with their titles under both wings and on the fuselage sides.
Kleyngeld used to be located in town but made a move to the present location, industrial area Nijmegen-West (adress: Hogelandseweg 2, 6545 AC Nijmegen) and the Beech (with the company since early 1970s) made the move too.
More can be found on Ad's website:


IL-14 off-airport at Biblis-Wattenheim
Ilyushin (Avia) Av-14T 3114 (c/n 913114) - on display at the Golfpark Biblis-Wattenheim (11Mar2017)

On its location:
IL-14 at Golfpark Biblis (Wattenheim)
IL-14 at Golfpark Biblis (Wattenheim)

IL-14 3114 at Golfpark Biblis, Wattenheim
Photo by Dieter Gorzitze.


Nord 2501F Noratlas preserved off-airport in Koblenz
Nord 2501F Noratlas 199 MF-070 (c/n 199) - 'Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung', Koblenz, Germany (07Mar2016)

Its location:
Nord 2501F Noratlas preserved off-airport in Koblenz


These photos (taken on 21Aug04) were sent to me by Stefan Krause in support of the off-airport plane quest:
(c) Stefan Krause   (c) Stefan Krause
This is a Vickers Viscount at the Silbervogel Restaurant in Hannover, Germany; the website (current Apr.2006) has a map for its exact location (Mercedesstrasse 1, Hannover-Ricklingen).
I had difficulty in finding the identity of this Silverbird, except that is a Vickers Viscount 814 formerly in the service of Lufthansa, according to Tim Corduan's photos on (Aug 2002).
Fortunately Alexandre Avrane of AeroTransport Data Bank - ATDB was able to help: D-ANAB (c/n 369).

A good route description was shared on Classic-Propliners forum by Olaf;
"...going from the Mainstation ( in German: Hauptbahnhof ) you can go with subway line 3 or 7 to Destination "Wettbergen". Leave Subway at Station "Schünemannplatz". From there its about 7 minutes on foot. You go along the Pfarrstrasse to the west. At the circle you follow straight ahead the Bückeburger Allee. At the corner to Mercedesstrasse you already see the Viscount."
"It is parked direct to road B65."

C/n 369 - Viscount V.814
First flight 16Apr59 - delivered to Deutsche Lufthansa 29Apr59 as D-ANAB, It brought the German Chancellor, Dr. Adenauer, to Gatwick on 16Nov59 at the start of a state visit.
Withdrawn from use and stored 04Dec69 (20.600 hrs and 21.212 cycles).
Later used as a restaurant at a glider field, in the Black Forest near Escherhausen. Still there on 23May99; no titles, logo or registration but with a white top, wide blue cheatline and bare metal belly. Dismantled at the end of May 2002 and trucked away and to be completely restored and to be used as a restaurant again. This time in Hanover, reopened as Flugzeug Cafe Am Silbervogel at Hanover-Ricklingen.
Source: "The Vickers Viscount" (- by Rayner G C Kittle; Air-Britain Historians Ltd, 2008)

Axel Klegien wrote me an update in August 2009: "the Viscount D-ANAB here in Hannover has a new red trim since about one year - check my flickr site:" - look for the 'HAJ Aviation'-folder. - "This ex Lufthansa Viscount has spent a lot of years as restaurant 'Silbervogel' (Silverbird) in Eschershausen, SW of Hannover, but recently it was moved into the town of Hannover. To the corner of Bückeburger Allee and Mercedes Strasse to be exact." (28Aug2004) - "Vickers-814-Viscount D-ANAB (c/n 369) - This former Lufthansa Viscount is home to the Silverbird restaurant in Hanover, Germany." (01Oct2009)

A walkaround in 2016 with various photos:

Adres: Mercedesstraße 1, 30453 Hannover, Duitsland (as per 2017) -
Restaurant Silbervogel in Hannover


Stefan also took these photos (same date) of a DC-6 at Bad Laehr:
(c) S.Krause   (c) S.Krause
This Douglas DC-6 has c/n 42855 and linenumber 4! It could very well be the oldest DC-6 surviving on this planet...
After its first flight on 24Nov1946 it was operated by American Airlines (tail N90702) and enjoyed a wordly career: operating for Air Jordan (JY-ACE), Aerovias Panama (HP-361), before moving to Germany where it was operated by Sudwestflug and Germaniar as D-ABAH. In 1969 it was sold for use as a coffeebar and named Möbel-Holsing Flugzeug Cafe, located in Preussisch-Oldendorf (a village between Hannover & Osnabrück).
It was bought by a privat owner and subsequently move to Bad Laehr, which is located about 30 km south of Osnabruck,Germany.
Stefan wrote: "This is the former D-ABAH, which was at Preussisch-Oldendorf as a cafe of a furniture shop for many, many years. I learned that the owner passed away somewhere in 2003 and that is why the DC-6 found a new home.
Here is also a link showing the move of the DC-6 (it states people can also get married in the Dc-6 !"
This DC-6 on


IL-14 DM-ZZB preserved off-airport
Ilyushin (VEB) IL-14P DM-ZZB (c/n 14803001) - This IL-14 is the first one which was built in Dresden by the 'Dresdner Flugzeugwerke' in 1955. The IL-14 is to be found at a car dealer in Reichenbach im Vogtland, Germany.
Photo by Stephan Karl.
(It is actually a little south of Reichenbach city centre: Kaltes Feld 1, 08468 Heinsdorfergrund.

I also found its former identities as: 'Ex/ DDR-AVF, DM-ZZB(?), DM-SAZ'. N.b. on DM-ZZB remark below!
Aad van der Voet: "Formerly preserved at Landhotel 'Waldperle', right on the edge of the Werdauer Wald. After having been on display there for 30 years (!), it was transported to Reichenbach/Vogtl on 08Nov1999.
This was the first Ilyushin 14 to be built by VEB Flugzeugwerke Dresden, and was delivered in 1956.
Its true identity is DM-SAZ, the displayed DDR- reg was only painted on the aircraft after it was brought here, It never actually flew as such!"

DM-ZZB by Marco Barnebeck

I also came across some video of the move on

Some maps to pinpoint its location at 'Autohaus Barnath' at Reichenbach:
IL-14 DM-ZZB at Authohaus Barnath in Reichenbach
IL-14 DM-ZAS at Authohaus Barnath in Reichenbach
The IL-14 'DM-ZZB' (DM-ZAS) can be found @Kaltes Feld 1, nr Reichenbach im Vogtland, 55km from Chemnitz.


C-47 at Technikmuseum, Berlin
C-47B 45-0951 (c/n 34214/16954) - Deutsches Technikmuseum, Berlin, Germany (11Jun2016)


Hasting TG503 preserved off-airport in Berlin
Handley Page HP-67 Hastings T5 TG503 - Berlin, Germany (30Sep2015)
Would welcome details of its exact location! EMAIL



IL-14 SP-FNM restaurant (off-airport)
IL-14 'SP-FNM' used as a restaurant in Poland, near Zwieczyzo (south of Rzeszów) as seen in 2006.

Here's a 2009 update by Piotr Biskupski:
It is no longer current on the above location; read on!

10 14 803 010 4. 14. 5.0000-0    26  Passagier
 17.09.57  Fertigstellung der ersten VEB-14P für den Export.
 04.10.57  Auslieferung an LOT, als Passagierflugzeug mit 26 Plätzen.
 08.10.57  Registrierung als SP-LNG.
 1964   Umrüstung auf 32 Plätze.
 1969   Umbau zum Messflugzeug für Flugsicherungsanlagen, Calibrator.
    Einsatz bei der Zarzad Ruchu Lotniczego ZRL (bzw. ZRLiLK).
 17.08.84 - Ende 1989 Einsatz bei der PP Porty Lotnicze als Calibrator.
 15.08.90  Registrierung als SP-FNM, Einsatz bei Institut Lotnictwa (Institute of
    Aviation) als Calibrator/Research.
 17.07.91  Gesehen, abgestellt in Warszawa-Okecie im äußerlich gutem Zustand.
 1992   Außerdienststellung, abgestellt in Warszawa-Okecie.
 Sommer 1994  Nach Lodz, abgestellt für Museum.
 August 1996  Notiert, abgestellt in Lodz.
 April 1998  Notiert, aufgestellt im Luftfahrt- und Armeemuseum Lodz.
 27.08.98  Kennung SP-FNM gelöscht, letzter Halter: Avia Mark.
 September 1998 Notiert, südlich von Rzeszow, aufgestellt in einem Restaurantkomplex.
 August 2000  Notiert, südlich von Rzeszow, aufgestellt in einem Restaurantkomplex

In my files I had a note that 'SP-FNM' here is a fake registration, this VEB IL-14P used to be SP-LNG (Source).
This is confirmed by, which has c/n 14803010: 'ex/ LOT Polish Airlines SP-LNG, to ZRLiLK /
PPNL-PP Porty Lotnicze, to Instytut Lotnictwa, preserved in Poland near Rzeszow as a restaurant, but
moved (trucked) from Lodz in Sep.2012 to Finow,Berlin)'.

Present location of 'SP-FNM' (SP-LNG) at this museum 'Finowfurt' in Germany:
IL-14 SP-LNG at Finow


Dec.2020: 'The former Strumién (Poland) IL-18 is now at a restaurant at or near a hill named Ríp, SE of Roudnice nad Labem' (Czech Republic). Alas I could not find photos of this move (yet) by IL-18 SP-LSH.
IL-18 SP-LSH, SE of Roudnice near a hill named Ríp
Not even sure if this restaurant, Chata Ríp, is the restaurant referred to. No photo on their FB-page about a plane there.Říp Mountain : Říp is located 20 km south-east of Litoměřice, Czech Republic.
The mountain and the rotunda are among the Czech national cultural monuments.
UPDATE June 2021: location confirmed at Roudnice nad Labem area (Czechia), in a field: N50.45953 E14.19908.
On 28Jul21 it wasn't yet visible on Google Earth.

IL-18 SP-LSH at a car-dealer, in Poland

Petr Nesmerak shared below photograph on Facebook (Aviation Wrecks and relics), he wrote: "Il-18V ex/ LOT
SP-LSH (01Feb2021) 'Resting' somewhere in Czech Republic. Still adorned with its 'Coca Cola'-titles.
IL-18 SP-LSH 'Coca Cola'



IL-14 Restaurant @Zurich - photo by Sandro Mederle.
Ilyushin IL-14T 01146 (c/n 7343408) - "This old lady is still doing well. On display in the restaurant 'Runway 34'. Zurich, Switzerland" (12Dec2011)


Convair CV440 mm61833 31-1 - ex/ ItalianAF CV440 as a pizza restaurant (2004) @Fiumicino,Rome -status?
Convair CV440 mm61833 31-1 (c/n 442; ex/ Italian Air Force) as a pizza restaurant (2004) @Fiumicino,Rome (Italy)

Ristoaereo plane restaurant in Fiumicino, Rome
'Ristoaereo' is what I got googling "plane restaurant in Fiumicino, Rome"
Since the military history of the CV440 Metropolitan I am looking for is 31-1 I felt I hit the jackpot!
Note the adress: Via Trincea delle Frasche 90 in Fiumicino. Next time I am in Rome that is where I will be dining!

Going down to the level of Google Streetview:
'Risto aereo' plane restaurant in Fiumicino

Read an update on (by Erik Sleutelberg): "Despite 'operational Beetle', Ristoaereo was out of business by springtime 2019. No more dining while admiring the rest of the sole surviving AMI CV-440. She left the factory in 1957 as N8464H, was transferred to the Italian air force as I-MIDA and taken on strength as MM61833. Was a VIP and presidential aircraft, served the military until 1978 and after storage was preserved in excellent condition at the current location around 1990. The restaurant was built later. In complete livery, markings and code but condition slowly deteriorates. Find her in Isola Sacra at Via Trincea delle Frasche 90."


We continue our quest in Italy, sadly this restaurant is closed but the planes are still there (2019)
This item was compiled in May 2019 when Sean Keating made me aware of a video & on YouTube

Location: Villamarzana
'At the restaurant-pizzeria Michelangelo da Vinci they spent evenings in a different and certainly original way in the two planes (a Douglas DC-6 and a Tupolev TU-145).
On summer evenings one could stay in the fantastic garden. complete with a swimming pool, under the gigantic wings of the two planes where there was also a large barbecue for grilling meat and fish.
We don't want to specify the exact reason for its closure ... let's say for failure!' (Google translation of text with the YT video; note the airplane on the left is Tupolev Tu-134A, registration OK-CFE)

Villamarzana:  ristorante-pizzeria Michelangelo da Vinci
Villamarzana (on the A13 between Padua and -closer to- Ferrara): ristorante-pizzeria Michelangelo da Vinci.
The Douglas DC-6 is I-DIMA (DC-6B c/n 44251), ex/ mm61965.
The above photo was found on

Villamarzana:  ristorante-pizzeria Michelangelo da Vinci
Screen dump from the video:

‘Ristorante Aereo’ Unfortunately, after 14 years of legal battles with local town, in 2014 it has been shut down'

Also featured on

Villamarzana:  ristorante-pizzeria Michelangelo da Vinci
Titles on the DC-6 show Linee Aeree Italia(ne). Also screendump from the video.
Check out:

LAI Linee Aeree Italiani (1946-1957)
Formed by TWA (20%, later increased to 30% then 40%), same day as Alitalia. Started operations on 14/4/47. Acquired LAI (formed in 1949 by the merger of Airone, ALI, SISA, Transadriateca & SNA).
Merged 31/10/57 into Alitalia. []

Villamarzana:  ristorante-pizzeria Michelangelo da Vinci
An 'urbex' walk in the grounds of the restaurant: Preserved at Villamarzana, RO, Italy (Pub Michelangelo da Vinci, at 45 1 14.3 N 11 39 45.2 E; moved from Bachero di Cingoli, Macareta where used from 1988 as discotheque in L.A.I. I-LOVE c/s).
'An hour’s drive southwest of Venice, around 1,200 people call the community of Villamarzana home. In 2000, Gigi Stecca made waves by opening up a restaurant just a few minutes from the center of town. Today, two abandoned airplanes and a helicopter are proof of his unique, yet ultimately doomed, project.
If driving, take the exit for Villamarzana, then take the first right. After about half a mile, Michelangelo da Vinci is on your left.'

More external links:

Other 'plane restaurants:



Viking in VIE-Schwechat David Ellis sent me this in Oct.2006; he wrote:
"I just got back from Bratislava/Vienna - thought you might like to add this lovely Viking (G-AGRW) to your off-airport page. She is at a McDonalds in Schwechat, a couple of miles west of Vienna Airport wearing spurious Austrian colours.
I wonder how many McDonalds aircraft there are?"
David (© photo, left)

G-AGRW Franc van Vliet sent me another photo of G-AGRW, taken 18Jun04 (photo right, © Franc van Vliet) .

Anno July 2011 I learned that G-AGRW was to be dismantled at Vienna airport that same month and was prepared for transportation to Bad Vöslau airfield,
known as spa town in the Lower Austria federal state, where the aircraft was to be assembled again. For what purpose was not clear.
See update further down!

Eric Tarrant sent me this Dec.2006:
My old friend G-AGRW the Vickers Viking at Schwechat in Vienna!
This was the first aircraft that I flew in... We had taken the port wing off because of a fuel leak at Gatwick Airport when the aircraft was being operated by Overseas Aviation. It needed a test flight and in those days it was easy to get a free ride, so I went for it!!
Eric also provided the following history:
First flight 27th July 1946
Last flight 15th Feb 1968
During that time scale it served with B.O.A.C. BEA division (1946)
Airwork (1947)
Hunting clan (1951)
Overseas Aviation (1959)
Autair (1961)
It was flown to Soesterberg, Holland in 1968 for use as a Restaurant ('Avio Resto') along with two other Vikings: G-AGRU (now at Brooklands Aviation Museum) and G-AHPB (destroyed, apart from a wing and engine which is now in a Hair saloon in Basel...)
As the owner died in 1978 (Avio Resto closed the next year), the three aircraft were put up for sale.
Brooklands Aerospace Museum bought all three, but sold two to raise funds for AGRU's transport to the UK.
G-AGRW was purchased by Air Classic and the aircraft was transported to Frankfurt-Rhein Main
Later it was transferred to Vienna airport for display in the visitor’s area. And later again, positioned on the rooftop of the postal sorting buildings.
1989: ownership transferred to Flughafen Wien AG through a leasing agreement.
1999: transferred to MacDonalds.

Coert Munk sent me this photo (exif data has date 21Jun2014): G-AGRW at Bad Vöslau Airport.
Vickers Viking G-AGRW at Flugplatz Vöslau

And it so happended that around the time I update this page with above photo, I was given to read a Sep.2016 issue of 'Meer-Historie' with articles about Schiphol. This photo of Viking G-AGRW, from the collection of Herman Dekker, was in the article '100 years of accidents & incidents with aircraft at Schiphol' (my translation).
Viking G-AGRW at Schiphol, involved in an incident.
The info provided was that this was caused by a blown tyre upon its landing at Amsterdam 'Schiphol' airport.
Stairs have been placed under the aft fuselage to prevent an uncontrolled repositioning to its normal attitude when the crew left the plane...
The date mentioned is 17Feb1960.

(c) Mike Bursell Mike Bursell discovered the remains of this DC-3 in Poland, at a private adress in Olawa, on March 28th, 2006.
Mike provided the following history:
"Dakota IV,(c/n 15272/26717, 43-49456) d/d USAAF 25Nov44 and passed on to the RAF 28Dec44 as KK136, to Croydon 04Jan45, to 147 Sqn 13Dec45, to 1 TAMU 10Sep46.
To Middle East 16Oct46, to UK 03Feb47, stored 14Apr47.
To Oakington 17Dec49, to G-AMPP 04May52 for Scottish Aviation and operated by Scottish Aviation Airlines from 28Oct54, allocated XF756 for trooping flights in 1954.
To Dan Air 30Mar61; registration cancelled 07Feb71, preserved with the Air Scouts at Lasham as 'G-AMSU', to Aces High at North Weald 20Dec91.
To Euro-Disney, to Museum Bevrijdende Vleugels in Best (Netherlands) 29Aug02.
To Berlin 26Feb05, for use in a crash scene in a Berlin Airlift film "Die Luftbrucke"; painted in RAF colours as KN491 and fire damaged."

Personally I had come across G-AMPP while at the museum Bevrijdende Vleugels in Best,NL.


An-2 5706 in Poland
Antonov An-2 5706 preserved along the A4/E40 road (Tarnow-Rzeszow) at 50.04.12N 21.45.28E. Photo by C. Brent




(c) Peter Bakema(c) Peter bakema

Peter Bakema found in May 2006 this Ilyushin IL-18 DDR-STD (c/n 180002302) for sale, at the Bundesstraße 245a, between Helmsted en Harbke, near the village Harbke (which is close to the former East/West German border).
Peter writes "the aircraft was converted to a bar/restaurant, but the persons who used to run the restaurant ran out of money. The owner now lives, with his wife, near the IL-18, to prevent vandalism. Due to his failing health he is now offering the Ilyushin for sale."
Peter, thanks for the use of these photos!
Ilyushin-Il-18V DDR-STD (c/n 180002302) - "In use as a restaurant. Located along road 245a between Helmsted and Halberstadt. Harbke, Germany." (11Jul2003)

In April 2009 DDR-STD was transported to Teuge ('Vliegtuigsuite Teuge'), the Netherlands to be converted to a luxury hotel accommodation. See photos of its arrival on Photos by Friends & Guests page 19.
Here's there website but mind the prices! 4293113/L -
"This Il-18 was originally delivered in the early sixties to the East German AF as '493' but was soon passed on to Interflug, with which it served until wfu in October 1986. Fortunately it has been saved from the axeman and has now been converted into a hotel at Deventer - Teuge airport." (03Jan2017)

li-2p Lisinov

Michael Blank came across this Lisinov Li-2 on 08Apr07: "Devoid of all markings, this Li 2 sits, well preserved, in its own compound next to a filling station on the outskirts of the small Hungarian town of Bocsa".
Alexandre Avrane ( identified it: "This is Li-2P, serial 504, msn 18439504" (ex/ HA-LIP).



DC-3/C-47 71253 Slovenia
This former Yugoslav Air Force Dakota 71253 serves as a memorial for the partisan airfield at Otok, in what
is now Slovenia, that was used during World War II. I have a dedicated page for the research of this one, HERE..


This was posted on Facebook in Oct.2019: "This cockpit is lying just at the roadside in Dolac, Serbia."
DC-3 roadside in Serbia
Former Yugoslavian AF 7319 (c/n 33250), preserved near Sicevacka Klisura Gorge.

This cockpit is lying just at the roadside in Dolac, Serbia.



Rolf Larsson sent me these two Li-2 photos with hope for identification..
Li-2 unidentified 1980s Czechoslovakia
Rolf wrote: "probably both taken in Czechoslovakia, sofar defied identification. The Li-2 with the OK-roundel
on the fin was taken by my friend Jonny Andersson in Kamenný mlýn on 11May1983. Still there? If not, fate?"

Li-2 unidentified 1980s Czechoslovakia
"I have no info at all regarding the other Li-2 (red star on the fin), any clues? It almost looks at it was taken at
the same location as the one in Kamenný mlýn, could it be the same one but pictured earlier or later than May 1983?"

Images on Google Earth don't go further back than 2002, then and at present shows no aeroplane on display.
Kamenný mlýn on Google Maps pinpoints Kamenný mlyn, Trnava, Slowakia - but seems 2 different locations.
Kamenný mlyn on Google Earth has a nearby airfield: Piešťany Airport next to Kuchyna. G.Earth + G.Maps don't
show hi-res imagery. Here's a candidate, ca.175km NE of Kamenný mlyn at Banska Bystrica...
Li-2 at open air museum of SNP in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.
Li-2 (c/n 23442105) at open air museum of SNP in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. [Website] Also: has a photo with the following caption: 'This Li-2 was delivered to the Czechoslovak AF as D-29 in
August 1952 and wfu (as 2105) in August 1966. The plane has been displayed in these fake Soviet markings in the grounds of the Museum of Slovak National Uprising since approximately January 1985.'
But... has another Li-2 (OK-BYQ, c/n 23442309), in metal c/s 'preserved at the Letecké Múzeum Slávnica of Aeroklub Dubnica', aprox. 60km from Kamenný mlýn... So, yes both Li-2 photos Rolf sent could be the same aircraft
but they could two different airframes, both moved to another location: the distances for ground transport are doable!

From my own files 'OK-BYQ transported 20July2008 from Nova Dubnica to Slavnica airfield for continued preservation. Ln 12Jul11 restored and preserved @Dubnica nad Vahom Airfield, Slovak Republic.'



Ok-WAJ This Ilyushin IL-18 OK-WAJ (cn 187010101) is former CSA Czechoslovak Airlines, now stored next to the highway, off-Airport near Bakov nad Jizerou in the Czech Republic. Photo taken by Jeroen van Leeuwen; click on the photo for a link to larger format on

"It was withdrawn from use on 25 November 1984 and placed here on 17 Sep 1986. It was used as a restaurant named Moto-Auto, but upon my visit (05Aug05) the Moto-Auto titles where removed (you could see them just a little bit...) and it appeared to be empty. Its registration before OK-WAJ was CCCP-75451. "
Other photos of OK-WAJ: on

Jeroen forwarded me these emails by Dave: "I like your photo of the Moto-Auto Ilyushin-18 at Bakov. It sits next to the highway linking Prague and Liberec, right? Near a town called Mlada Boleslav. However you wrote that it's been there since October 1996. I'm pretty sure it's been there a lot longer than that. I distinctly remember passing it on my travels to and from Prague (I'm from Liberec) even before the Velvet Revolution in 1989. It has had a new c/s in the 90's but as you can see, the elements have faded it over the years."
And: "OK-WAJ was in service from 1967-1984, flew 23.578 hours and was used predominantly on CSA's routes to Havana. It was parked at its final resting spot at Bakov on 17Sep86. There is a story about this plane. Some Czech busdrivers pulled prank on about 300 Cuban workers at about 2 am, one freezing morning. They were told that Cuba is was under attack and that President Castro was calling them to arms, this aircraft was awaiting them at a nearby airport to take them back to Havana... Half asleep they boarded the busses and were dropped off at Bakov next to WAJ and were told to wait for the flight crew. After a while they realised the landing gear was set in concrete and that the IL-18 wasn't going anywhere in a hurry! So they started to trash what they could. Anticipating this move, the busdrivers had called the police to say that a bunch of drunk out of control Cubans are rampaging near the aircraft..." - "Ex CSA Czechoslovak Airlines, now stored next to the highway.
It was withdrawn from use on 25 November 1984 and placed here on 17 Sep 1986. It was used as a restaurant named Moto-Auto, but when I came the Moto-Auto titles where removed (you could see them just a little bit...) and it appeared to be empty. Its registration before OK-WAJ was CCCP-75451. (05Aug2005)"
Ilyushin-Il-18D OK-WAJ (c/n 187010101) - "OK-WAJ was assigned to CSA from Aeroflot with registration CCCP-75451 in July 1967. Was nicknamed 'Podebrady', frequently used for long-range flights to Havana, Cuba and during his service flown 23 578 hours and performed 20 829 landings.
Last flown on 24Oct1984 since September 1986 ít is preserved and used as restaurant near motorway from Praha to Liberec.
Bakov nad Jizerou, Czech Republic (02May2010)

Photo by Petr Volek on
Now with 'Kofola'-titles
Petr wrote: "Converted to restaurant at R10 motorway,near Bakov nad Jizerou." (14Jun2014)


IL-18V OK-PAG restaurant in Czech Republic. Status?
Photo by Petr Nesmerak of OK-PAG as restaurant PEGAS but could find no photo later than 1991..? Status/fate?


Zruc Airpark
KC-97L N49548 (c/n 17062) at the Zruč Air Park

From my own files: 'KC-97 53-0280 (N49548) at 24Apr96 at Nancy-Essey, probably to be used as restaurant. Formerly at LeBourget; uncertain if part of museum near by? Still found preserved 23Nov03 @Nancy-Essey, but in a field with shed covering tailsection; Ln 03Jan04 in field, covered with snow, pic, Photos seem to indicate scrapping in process?
Photo on 20Feb04 shows only tail remaining.

This is from a caption of one of the mentioned photos: "Served within USAF until 1978. Became N49548 and was delivered in October 1984 to Paris-le Bourget for conversion by UTA to Guppy 201 but conversion was not undertaken and the aircraft was loaned to Musee de l'Air.
Finaly given to a local air museum in Nancy, France.
Unfortunately scrapped when the museum went bankrupt in 2004. Only tail is preserved at Zruč airpark in Czech Republic."


I realize this one does not quite meet my own standards: off-airport also meaning away from aviation museums (which are mostly found at or near airports). But this seems to be a family project that had gone out of hand!
From their website: "Air Park – Aviation Museum Based in Zruč, the Pilsen Region.
This remarkable museum of technology is a private collection gathered by the Tarantík family.
Karel Tarantík and his son Miloš established the Air Park museum in 1993 and since then, they have enhanced it a lot. The wide range and high quality of exhibits make Air Park one of the most popular technology museums in the Czech Republic.
Visitors to the museum are even allowed to get in many of the exhibits, such as tanks and aircraft including helicopters."
I include it here so the 'off-airport traveller' does not overlook this remarkable collection!




Achim Ludwig Achim Ludwig photographed this Antonov An-2 on 07Apr06 at an Aral gasstation in Leverkusen,Germany.
Published with permission.



An-2 McDonalds Budapest Dr Petér Moys sent me this photo, taken on 23Jan08 by him. It is located at a McDonald's restaurant in Budapest (Hungary), in the XVIIIth district and Petér advised me of its identity: HA-MDR

This Antonov 2 is not to be confused with another An-2 (HA-MHU (cn 1G155-12) in another district at another McDonalds restaurant; see .


Stewart Lanham wrote me in June 2007:
"Someone on your webpage asked I wonder how many McDonalds aircraft there are?
Several is the answer! There is a Piper Seneca on the roof of McDonalds at Springdale, Arkansas and 3 Antonov An-2's in Budapest...
Here are some photos of a couple of the An-2's. I don't have a digital of the 3rd but will look out the negative and scan it some day (below).
The identity of the 3 aircraft are known but there is some debate about which aircraft is at which location. My notes below are based on the best information from the local Hungarian aircraft historian, Endre.
No.3 is HA-MDQ Antonov An-2 1G185-45 McDonalds "Ronald Klub", Ulloi ut, Szemere-telep, District XVIII [this is close to Ferihegy Airport].
The photos were taken October 2004 and you are welcome to use them for your website."
HA-MHU Antonov An-2 1G155-12 McDonalds "Ronald Klub", Kerepesi Street, Rakosfalva, District VIII
HA-MDK Antonov An-2 1G185-42 McDonalds "Ronald Klub", Polus Center, Szentmihalyi ut,
District XV
Here is the 3rd McDonald An-2 (HA-MDQ), as promised, plus the An-2 at the Kozlekedesi Museum in Budapest city.
Unfortunately, the scanner has cropped the images, sorry..
Antonov AN-2

Updates through Airliners net on An-2 HA-MDK: Antonov PZL Mielec An-2R HA-MDK - "On display outside a McDonald's restaurant at Ulloi Street near Budapest - Ferihegy Airport Terminal 1. (25Dec2008)" "Antonov-PZL-Mielec-An-2R HA-MDK (c/n 1G181-42) - Used to Be a Part Of McDonald's Restaurant but now it is unfortunately preserved at LHBP in this condition. Budapest, Hungary (16Sep2014)"


IL-18 HA-MOI restaurant @Abda, Hungary
The above is from Pinterest, but refers to, a photo by Daniel Somogyi-Toth. The text on of Ilyushin IL-18 HA-MOI (c/n 187010002) "HA-MOI, operating as a restaurant in Abda, Hungarian village near Gyor."
But that photo dates from 2007 and HA-MOI has since moved!
Here's another of the situation before the move: "Ilyushin-Il-18D HA-MOI (187010002) - Closed restaurant IL-18. Abda, Hungary (19Sep2010)"

I found "Having served for 21 years as a restaurant, this IL 18 was actually removed in 2011 (2012?) from its position as seen on the current satellite image and will be probably placed at the nearby junction of the M1 Motorway because there is much more traffic there." Below photo shows the move actually happened.

IL-18 HA-MOI @Abda, Hungary - off-airport
I think the small image in the left upper corner is the old position and the larger image the new position..?
This link has photos of the repositioning, but the text is, I think, Hungarian.

Also came across these photos, by Kovács Ferenc (visit website for larger images):
IL-18 HA-MOI being airlifted & moved
There is a date there (can't understand the text) '2012.4.30 10:00' so the move may have taken place in 2012.


C-117D by Eliasson Douglas C-117D 17191 (cn 43379) on an off-airport location at Hnjotur, Iceland. Photographed 10Aug06 by David Alfred Eliasson.
On he writes: "This ex-Keflavik based C-117D (and a Keflavik NAS gate-guard) is preserved in a sorry state at Egill Ólafsson Folk Museum. All other parts (wings, engines, props, tail) are also there, but separate."

Click the photo for a link to a larger image on

This US Navy Douglas C-117D 17171 (cn 43309) survives off-Airport at Solheimasandur, Iceland and this photo on was taken on 12Apr03 by Asgeir Sigurdsson, who generously allowed use of a thumbnail (with link to larger image on
Asgeir wrote: "I don't have the full story of this aircraft, but it has been sitting there since it ran out of fuel and made an emergency landing, sometime around 1973.
It doesn't seem to have sustained much damage (except for the nose and underside maybe).
Usuable items (engines, wings, etc.) were salvaged.
The aircraft hull is located at the Solheimasandur sands by the south coast of Iceland."
I looked this DC-3 up as well as another one, used as a summerhouse, during my trip to Iceland in 2007.

Through the website Nordic Dakota's I ended up at The DC-3 Cafe at Norrtälje...
On transportThis concerns Douglas C-47A c/n 9911, which once belonged to Luftfartmuseet at Stockholm-Arlanda but 'checked out' in 2002, for Norrtälje.

Niels Helmø Larsen wrote me:
"You were looking for info on DC-3 Yahoo Group about the
'Norrtälje DC-3' in Sweden.
In next issue of DC-3 NYT (to be published 1st December) I will cover the Norrtälje DC-3.
how to transport a DC-3 wing
The nose section of the Swedish DC-3 was corroded, and needed a new nose. MFI DC-3 N2401 in Florida was just about to be broken up due to damage from two Hurricanes.
The Swedish brought the nose section (and some spare parts) and after transportation to Sweden it was put on the Norrtälje DC-3.
The DC-3 is now in Norrtälje again (was actually used as a Café from 1949 to 1975), painted in SAS colours."

a DC-3 on ice

This shows the location of Norrtälje,Sweden.
Note: in june 2017 it was moved to another location!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Östergren wrote me in Oct.2006:
"The adress on the site is where you find the a/c. The adress is Hotel Roslagen in Norrtälje.

Fred Lagerquist added:
"The DC-3 at Norrtälje has a 'new' nosesection. This was taken from the scrapped N400MF. There are some pic's on the website."

Michael replied to this:
"We took the nose section from the Missonary flight a/c since it was complete with instruments, radios and everything, not due to corrosion. Our aircraft in Sweden had an empty cockpit."

I know parts of N2401 (former K&K from Bridgewater,VA and sold to Missionary Flight of West Palm Beach,FL in 1996, registration cancelled -as damaged by storm- in 2005) were used, which was used as parts supply by Missionary Flight; it had the same engines as N400MF (Wright R-1820 engines instead of the more common P&W R-1830 Twin Wasps) but N400MF is still very much around so I think it unlikely parts of N400MF were used. -Webmaster.

N400MF was reported to be flying in Haiti during Oct.2006, by Alexandre Avrane

Steve Mitchell added:
"According to the article in Flypast this was C-47A 42-24049 which served in Europe after delivery to the USAAF in October 1943. In the summer of 1947 it was sold to Scandinavian Aero AB as SE-AYM and flown to their base at Norrtalje. It was only ever used for spares. When the airlines ceased ops the hulk was used as a cafe at Norrtalje harbour, until it closed in 1976. It then went to a fire fighting school at Rosersberg."

In Dec.2007 I received an update from Rolf Larsson on the Norrtälje DC-3:
DC-3 224049 as it once was

"Noticed that you have some info regarding DC-3 c/n 9911 '224049' which is now preserved outside Hotel Roslagen in Norrtälje, a town north of Stockholm.
Many years ago this DC-3 was used as a café in Norrtälje before being used at Rosersberg in a training school for accidents/fires etc., after that it was moved to the aviation museum at Stockholm-Arlanda airport but never on exhibition, just lying outside, dismantled.
A few years ago it was taken to Norrtälje and restored and is now, in very good shape, on exhibition outside the hotel. I am enclosing two pictures which may be of interest, one was taken on 18 July 1976 when the DC-3 was still in use as a café and picture number two, below, depicts how it looks today."
Rolf Larsson
DC-3 42-24049 as it is anno 2007

In 2017 I came across:
DC-3 at Norrtälje - Facebook group
Membership to read this group is required as well as the ability to understand Swedish..?

See my page Photos by Friends & Guests (50) for its new spot in Norrtälje
Photo: Henrik Ismarker (21Jun2017)

UPDATE 01Apr2019: 'This summer the DC-3 will be moved to the square at Hallstavik where the renovation of
the square is progressing well. It is expected to become an attraction to the local area.' (Facebook Rädda DC-3)

Annica Nykvist posted this fantastic photo on Facebook ('Rädda DC-3') on 29Apr21.
DC-3 at Rädda, by Annica Nykvist (FB 2021)
Rolf Larsson, seeing this post, (again) shared a photo of '224049', see also further above¬
DC-3 224049 by Rolf Larsson (2017)
Rolf: "As a follow-up to my (further down) and Annika´s pictures, I am sending a picture of DC-3 c/n 9911 taken
at its present position: a shopping area called Norrtäljeporten , Southern part of Norrtälje.
My picture was taken on 18 July 2017 and the DC-3 is still there, not (not yet anyway), moved to Hallstavik.
This is the place to which it was moved from Hotel Roslagen."


This vintage plane, Vickers Viscount SE-IVY, did not do so well..
Vickers Viscount SE-IVY - no longer current
Photos from the auction site:

History of Vickers Viscount SE-IVY
Viscount c/n 375 was damaged while on display at the Wild West Theme Park and sold for scrap in 2019


A Pembroke hanging in a supermarket, "The Pembroke", in Stockholm. Identifiedby Rolf Larsson.
A Pembroke in a supermarket in Stockholm!
Egon Johansen shared this Pembroke on Facebook in 2021,hanging in a supermarket of all places!
The Percival P.66 Pembroke C.52 was the export variant for Sweden, its Swedish military designation: Tp 83.

Wikipedia has two Pembrokes in their list of Pembroke survivors:
83007 – Tp 83 on static display @Svedino Automobile and Aviation Museum in Ugglarp, Halland.
83008 – Tp 83 airworthy @Västerås Flygmuseum in Västerås, Västmanland. Reg'd as SE-BKH (ex/ RAF XK884).

"Just for info , the info on Wikipedia is wrong , I make a correction for you:
Wikipedia has two Pembrokes in their list of Pembroke survivors:
83007 – Tp 83 on static display @Svedino Automobile and Aviation Museum in Ugglarp, Halland.
83008 – Tp 83 airworthy @Västerås Flygmuseum in Västerås, Västmanland. Reg'd as SE-BKH (ex/ RAF XK884).

Correct info is three Pembrokes as follows:
83004 – Tp83, at Barnens Ö, at a camp for children (northeast of Norrtälje)
83007 – Tp83, on static display @Svedino Automobile and Aviation Museum in Ugglarp, Halland.
83008 – Tp83, preserved at Flygvapenmuseum (Air Force Museum), Linköping (see My visit to Flygvapenmuseum)

The info on Wikipedia that 83008 is in Västerås is wrong.  The Swedish-registered Pembroke SE-BKH (ex/ G-BNPG, ex XK884) has no connection at all with the Swedish AF; this Pembroke (SE-BKH) was based at Västerås but has now been scrapped."

Rolf also sent these pictures of this Pembroke
Pembroke Tp83 83004 hanging in supermarket
Rolf added: this photo at ICA Maxi was taken by Lennart Berns.

Pembroke Tp83 83004 @Off-Airport
Former 83004 is still at Solvik, @Barnens Ö, see this picture from summer 2021.

Rolf wrote some info regarding the Pembroke: 'This Pembroke was one of 18 operated by the Swedish Air Force, 16 were delivered new (AF serials 83001-83016) and two were ex-Danish Air Force (83017-83018).
The one on the pictures is 83004 which was delivered on 31Mar55, assigned to F1 in Västerås: initially with code 34, later 4 and 84.
Autumn 1968 it was assigned to F4 in Östersund, with code 84; it was flown from this air force base until it was taken out of service, officially on 19Feb1975 when it was flown to Västerås with a total time of 4680 hours.

It was moved to Zimmermanska skolan in Västerås, to a technical school for use as a training object.
In the mid 1990s it was moved to ICA Maxi, in the shopping area at Arlandastad (close to Stockholm-Arlanda airport).
It has, once again been moved (sorry, no date), this time to Barnens Ö - which is a very popular summer camp for children, located northeast of Norrtälje.

Pembroke Tp83 83004 @Off-Airport
This photo was taken at Barnens Ö by Mats Averkvist

Its location is near the Utti Air Force Base.
Antonov (PZL-Mielec) An-2 RA-60623 (c/n 1G130-01) has served a pleasant purpose for many years in Utti, Finland
Photo by Tuomo Niemi.

In 2009 it was reported 'the plane is in a very bad state..'
The restaurant bought it from Russia (the plane was delivered on a truck). Been here since at least 1999.


Beech 18 at Cannes, 1980 Rolf Larsson sent me these images and information during Dec.2007:

Here are three pictures of a Beech 18 at Cannes-Mandelieu in different colours at different times...

The first one (yellow) was taken on 11 August 1980...
Beech 18 at cannes, 1990 ... and the second (light yellow/green) on 7 August 1990.

The aircraft is marked FBCCI but is actually Beech E18S c/n BA-184 F-BUOP.

Beech 18 at Cannes, 2001
... the third (white/metal-looking) as it was on on 7 August 2001.

It is situated in a roundabout, just at the entrance to Cannes-Mandelieu airport.

Photos of F-BUOP by end of Oct.2009 can be seen on my page Photos by Friends & Guests (22) and Aug.2010 on Photos by Friends & Guests (26)

Recently I started a new gallery when I started scanning my collection of B&W negatives. A slow process but with many rewards. When I added a photo of IL-18 SP-LSD, of 1981, I found it converted as a restaurant, preserved near Koscielec as restaurant (named 'Odlot').
Below is a screendump (28Apr2017) of Google Earth (2016), showing at least the aircraft as still there; not sure if the restaurant is still open... Updates welcomed! EMAIL
IL-18 as a restaurant in Poland; still active?
Also found 'its presence' on - "This is old Polish Airlines plane, now it is preserved near Czestochowa in Koscielec and inside is restaurant called 'odLOT Non-STOP' (23Feb2004)"
Ilyushin-Il-18V SP-LSD - "The IL8l-turned-restaurant along Highway #1. Good to see it still sitting here. Koscielec, Poland (June 2011)"


Petr Nesmerak shared this photo on Facebook's 'Aircraft Gate Guardians & Planes on Pedestals'.
C-47 Dakota at Thens' restaurant Dekatria
Douglas C-47B at Restaurant Dekatria in Athens; it moved here (37 53 26 N 23 44 50 E) 08Oct2005, at HEW-Hellinikon International Airport (source
This 'Dakota' is ex/ SX-ECD of the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (c/n 26232/14787)
Photo by Petr Nesmerak, Athens Hellinikon, Greece 20Jan19.

Douglas C-47B at Restaurant Dekatria in Athens

Douglas DC-3 at Restaurant Dekatria in Athens
Copied this from Google Earth on 29Jan2019.

C-47B at Restaurant Dekatria in Athens (FB 2021)
This photos was reposted on FB in Aug.2021 without any specifications. Seems like a nice place for a brew!

Ron Mak shared with me this 1983 photo of SX-ECD and SX-ECF at HEW.
DC-3 SX-ECF and SX-ECD at Hellinikon Airport, 1983; photo Ron Mak
Ellinikon International Airport, sometimes spelled Hellinikon (Greek: Ελληνικόν) was the international airport of
Athens, Greece for sixty years up until 28 March 2001, when it was replaced by the new Athens International Airport, Eleftherios Venizelos. The grounds of the airport are located 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) south of Athens, and just west of Glyfada. It was named after the village of Elliniko (Elleniko), now a suburb of Athens. [Wikipedia]

Ron Mak's propliner gallery on my website: PAGE 1 | PAGE 2 | PAGE 3
Page 3 has 1993 photos of C-47 SX-ECF preserved at Hellinikon-HEW, seen in 1993.

Fred Streep pointed out to me that not very far from SX-ECD is SX-ECF preserved, also visible on Google Earth:

Screendump from Google Earth (August 2019).

This website (not always up-to-date) European Census has it as
"SX-ECF 16458/33206 Preserved at Civil Aviation Authority headquarters, Athens"
While this website has a report (no date) of a visit to "Hellenic Air Force Museum at Dekelia Airbase (LGTT) with SX-ECF Douglas TC-47J Skytrain on display outside". Text in Dutch.
The HAF Public Relations Dept. replied (23Aug19) to my inquiry: "The aircraft you are looking for is on
display at the Hellenic Air Force Museum



Ron Berghuis posted this DC-3 on top of a café in Methoni (Greece) on Facebook (july 2021)
DC-3 cafe in Methoni, Greece (by Ron Berghuis / FB)
DC-3 on a rooftop of a café in Methóni (Piera), WSW of Thessaloniki.

'CAFE DC-3' - Photo by Ron Berghuis

Identity: Douglas C-47A Skytrain c/n 26372, ex Greece Air Force serial 92641; preserved on the roof of
the DC-3 Café in Methoni, Greece. ¬Erwin Alexander photo on


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